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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 6, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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highs in the mid to upper 40s. my quilts of all the details for us this morning. >> bernie sanders. giving hillary a hard time. space six donald trump is shaking things up. greg: the fbi investigating officers. rosanna: for the fourth year in a row, the u.s. women's uconn basketball team wins. eighty-two-51. greg: young high school girl off to college soon. there she is.
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league schools. rosanna: surety looks like she is a success story. you can tell that she's got it. greg: i just hope she does not go away to the ivy league and come back a snob. rosanna: you have to have a safety school. look at us. we are okay. we did not go to any of the ivs. greg: for now. rosanna: how are you doing? greg: great. donald trump will be at bethpage. we have seen these rallies coast to coast. rosanna: how many people are they expecting?
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and haters. this is where they constructed the lunar model. it was built in the same building trump is going in. rosanna: all right. 7:02 a.m. nice to have you with us. what did you do yesterday? do you watch the yankee game? greg: i cannot get into it. how did it go? rosanna: you will see part of that interview today. about eight . played newer movers. he has been in a bunch of new movies. greg: what a pair.
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up on sleep. i only had two hours the night before. it was a celebration for a friend of mine that is an artist. remember javier gomez? rosanna: i remember. mike: the sexiest artist alive. greg: congratulations, javier. rosanna: he is handsome. rosanna: good morning. it is cold outside. not as windy as yesterday. it does make a difference out there. we will have another cool day. there is some rain that comes along with it. look at the temperatures. often down for the next couple of days. forty-six for a hike today.
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out there today at our temperatures start coming back down. it swings right back up into the low to mid 60s next week. a lot of up-and-down the next couple of weeks. we have 30 degrees out at newark. 20 degrees and 50. 12 degrees right now in monticello. wind is all over the place. not as bad yesterday. yesterday was rough. a lot of sunshine coming up for you here. it will be closing in on us. high-pressure loses its grip. forty-five if your temperature by 3:00 p.m. forty-five-46 degrees.
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a high of 54 tomorrow. let's get over to ines rosales. plenty going on with the commute. ines: of course there is something going on. north bound, 125th, the right lane is blocked. this is a fact in the southbound side. traffic moving slower there. having some delay's heading toward the corridor highway. let's go to our cameras. little neck parkway. westbound moving slow. partially blocking the offramp. slowing everyone down. you have a problem there as well. a lot going on. of course, this is affecting the upper level. new jersey transit was suspended
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expect delays. greg: okay. what happened last night in politics? hard-core to the right. evangelical communities. doing well with mainstream more secular republicans. rosanna: doing well and was confident. now they are all setting their sights on new york. how will they do in our town? greg: they can be wild. they can be very entertaining. one will be tonight on mom ireland untrimmed untrimmed untrimmed -- on long island.
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showing up. greg: lythgoe to robert moses. he is live outside the factory there. hi, robert. >> reporter: security authority type their. already security is building. this is a historic site. with the apollo lunar modules were manufactured. the big question is what happened in wisconsin just a temporary setback or is it a turning point? more than 13 points. it could win a primary in a big state. it also increases the likelihood
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necessary. >> tonight is a turning point. it is a call from the hard-working men and women of wisconsin. we have a choice. a real choice. >> reporter: speaking publicly last night before they came in. ted cruz is worse than a puppet. attempting to steal the nomination from mister trump. we have total confidence. with wisconsin on the books, the attention shifts. thousands are expecting tonight. far friendlier to trumpet was confident. crews will be campaigning in the
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he beat hillary clinton comfortably. >> the media determining that we were a fringe candidacy. >> tweeted her congratulations to sanders. pouring their hearts into this campaign. foreword. let's set the scene again here in bethpage. we are expecting a huge crowd. somewhere between eight and 12000 people. it will be boisterous. and equally raucous group of protesters. we sell digital boards out on south oyster bay.
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tonight. that is the latest live from bethpage this morning. greg and rosanna, back to you. rosanna: the city council will vote today. keeping those special characters in special zones on times square. greg: the naked cowboy it is said to like it. little zones that they would have to stay in. if you did not want to intervene goal, you would not have to. rosanna: that would be you are right. it would let people choose or not whether they want to interact. greg: officer peter liang. former officer peter liang. he was convict did it a while back.
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been a cherry misconduct. having a relative who was arrested and sent to prison. allegedly, the juror lied about it. rosanna: the brooklyn da office released a statement. we will respond to the motions in court. >> coming out publicly and say that he should not go to jail. that upset the family. we will see what happens. >> the fbi investigating why several members accepted lavish gifts for special favors. greg: let's go to to resell priolo.
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these problems so untrimmed untrimmed -- they did serve and protect, but for a hefty price. tickets to the super bowl. golf outings. in exchange for preferential treatment. now the fbi is investigating. >> we just have to see where the investigation goes. something that we would participate in. now that one of his top defect is has been placed on modified duty.
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>> he is based on modified assignment. that is all i am able to save. >> reporter: an investigation into these poetically connected assessment. both friends of mayor deblasio who served on his inauguration committee. wiretaps raised red flags because there were so many phone calls to and from police. former chief of the nypd philip thanks. correction officer norman seabrook is also reportedly involved. receiving quick throw quarrels in exchange for providing private police exports and crowd control and also other favors.
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to pick up other jobs. a lot of these officers were allegedly in uniform. rosanna: dramatic police body camp footage. already shot once by an officer. >> kill me. kill me. kill me. kill me now. >> shots fired at shots fired. >> kill me. >> he has a knife. rosanna: the guy keeps saying to me. kill me. he is seen walking right there along interstate 35 when an officer pulled over and began
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the officer drew his untrimmed untrimmed -- the officer drew his gun. greg: i do not see the knife here, do you? i am not saying that it is not there. rosanna: he is wanted in murder in maryland. greg: the government saying it is okay for individuals to not do business with same-sex couples if they think it violates their religious beliefs. rosanna: arguing that it will
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>> so is our governor. greg: the lg bt community. what is going on there? >> moving right towards what we have seen does not work. americans do not like discrimination. rosanna: georgia, missouri and washington have considered similar bills. greg: the test log. take a look at this one. racing a bowling 737. i think that the tesla wins. rosanna: a head to head race. it started off close. the tesla takes the lead before
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greg: set up to promote a collaboration. working together to create fuel efficient transportation. also a great class-action. they are our masseuses aboard i heard. rosanna: you know you're playing. greg: it is not a 747. they all look alike now. definitely not a 747. rosanna: in the meantime, that is pretty sad. greg: all right, mike e woods. what is happening? greg: sunny and cold. morning temperature right around 30 degrees.
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have to bundle it up. used in the winter. we have 30 in central park. thirty-one in philadelphia. we have a may make your skype. nothing really going on other than the cold temperatures. bottom line is, doing what you have to do to protect your plans and whatnot. it is a little too late right now. we have another cold front on the way. area of low pressure going to drive it in. no rain with us just yet. there will be some scattered showers coming into town. brain scattered throughout the middle of the day. right through the lunch hour. you have some showers in the
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pretty much out of here. the instability on the backside of the storm. sunny and chilly today. 46 degrees. mostly cloudy with late showers. you have some rainfall out there. going to the next seven days, a high of 46 today. fifty-two for you on friday. little's untrimmed untrimmed untrimmed -- a little shower action. ines: good morning, mike. yesterday we have a retaining wall. please untrimmed untrimmed
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did not hear much about it. it has been a problem. let's go back to our maps. no issues. let's go to our cameras and see how things are doing on the l.i.e. westbound traffic, a little volume. george washington bridge, upper-level, not a bad option. twenty-30 on the lower put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn.
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greg: a little classic j lo. i find it fascinating. they are doing tv there now. what do they do there back in the old days? rosanna: actually assembled some very interesting things to put on the moon. greg: a great facility out there. i am glad it is being put to use. greg: they converted it. they did a lot of amazing things back in the day. there will be lots of supporters. protests, two.
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in this case, hundreds of subway passengers were late to work because of an accused iphone thief. greg: a guy stole a phone from a 13-year-old girl on a manhattan bound train. the man ran away in a tunnel where he was struck by a train. rosanna: because of this, the trained was canceled for about an hour. expensive to waste. massive backups. both the man and teenager are expected to be okay. greg: pick problems on the subway. people in queens depend on the seven train. complaining about unreliable service for a while. rosanna: saying it directly to
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jersey transit. greg: 800,000 people ride the seven train every day. we are here now up by the 46th street station in sunnyside. the mta is completing three capital projects. this work has brought on major commuting headaches. unreliable service. crowded train them platforms. mta new york city transit was there. writers finally got a chance to voice their concern. >> track work. this has been going on forever. >> really the only way many of us have get to work.
7:26 am
of time. we really need an outlet to have our voices heard. >> reporter: there is even a facebook page. some good news that came out of last night's town hall meeting, there will be two new evening seven trains beginning next fall. track work will be wrapping up in just a few weeks. that is the latest live from here and the new site queens. greg and rosanna, that you. greg: was go to the sky. the helicopter. rosanna: let's do it. greg: rosanna went for a helicopter ride for me around valentine's day. rosanna: it was romantic. [laughter] i just get a little nervous.
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-right-guillemet ever attend it will be okay. greg: you do this every day? get back to us. see you tomorrow. refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in a refreshing iced tea, iced green tea, or iced tea lemonade today.
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greg: home of the, what these. what is fair? rosanna: the home of greg kelly for how many days the five oh, that's right. i realized it was not for me. a lot of homework. expensive. rosanna: i wanted to get into the workforce. i needed to spend more time thinking about you. greg: you are not part of "good day new york" at that time. >> as a matter of fact, i was. i realize the workflow.
7:31 am
rosanna: i did not realize it was around that time. like after you graduated college. greg: i was so happy, i still have my columbia acceptance letter. rosanna: you stop going to school. greg: my dad went to law school at night. rosanna: how did he do that? greg: hard. ask my mom. i don't remember. chasing bad guys by day. [laughter] what else is going on? rosanna: it is cold out there for sure. how about you? greg: along for the ride. mike: waiting for a warm-up. we will get it. you know all the tulips. that cold weather really got
7:32 am
it is coming in with some wet weather at the same time. you will need the umbrellas and all that good stuff. here is what we have out there this morning. another chilly start to the day. we will end up in the 40s later on. right around 46 degrees or so. it will be a warmer day out there today. not one by any means for this time of year. coming along with the rainy weather as well. it looks like it is school all over again. what we have out there right now, sunny skies. 30 degrees. the wind is a lot less than what we had yesterday. bedford, 20 degrees. thirty-three in the bronx with them in the clear sky right now. there are some clouds back to the west of us. we will see the high clouds
7:33 am
the rain and so on, that will not be here until sometime later tomorrow. cool temperatures getting up to 45 degrees by 3:00 p.m. as we go through the next seven days, a high of 64 you tomorrow. a little light rain for you early on friday. all right. let's find out if we have any big backups on the commute. ines: we have some problems. a stall westchester found. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the grand central parkway. traffic doing okay. that is that used outside. problems on the cross bronx this morning.
7:34 am
this is affecting the upper level of the george washington bridge. fdr drive. a little tough to see. blocking a lane. there is the grand central parkway. normal delays there. greg and rosanna, fact you. greg: the ivy leagues. you have brown, harvard, gail. columbia right here in the city. you have like a one in 10 billion chance of getting in. rosanna: what about getting into one of the ivy league's. anyone would be excited to get into one. getting into every ivy league school. rosanna: congratulations. seventeen years old. from belmont. you are on fire. >> thank you. rosanna: nice to have you both here.
7:35 am
where were you? >> i was actually at a game. most of these decisions came out. the decisions all came out at five. i thought that i would check later when i got home. my guidance counselor kept calling me. i just checked each school one by one. i just started crying. it was weird. it was such a heart wrenching time. >> have you made a decision? do you know where you're going? >> no. i literally found out last thursday. >> what are your safety schools? >> i applied to other schools
7:36 am
greg: mit. wow. >> not necessarily. one would only dream to get into one of those institutions. >> biochemistry with environmental studies. >> which is the least expensive? you guys will be footing the bill over there. >> we are waiting for her to make a decision. when she does, we will be able to take care of it. rosanna: when you found out about your daughters except it's to all of the schools, what was your reaction? >> so proud. >> i knew that she was happy.
7:37 am
high school. he got into all eight ivy league schools as well. >> i honestly believe that it is the community and the students and the teachers. we grow up and raised in communities that sees our potential. it is something that -- 630 in the morning. leave late at night. 8:30 p.m. it is their dedication. greg: elmont. the shadow of belmont park. financial aid. are they talking scholarships at this point? >> i have not looked at any financial packages yet. i have outside scholars. that should hopefully help. i am just looking to go where i
7:38 am
rosanna: did you visit any of these places yet? >> no. greg: any older brothers and sisters? >> yes. i have an older brother that attends cornell. two younger sisters. rosanna: what is your, what do you tell them at home? >> we just explain to them where we are coming from. rosanna: you are immigrants, right? >> yes. we just can't let you know, tell them stories about our beliefs and education. what you want. it is up to you what to do from there. greg: fantastic. rosanna: i feel like you will
7:39 am
you will find a cure for cancer. >> i've been doing research for the last three years. initially, it is actually not. up to 70% of emissions. having the opportunity of conduct in a project. my goal is to engineer a cement field for offshore drilling. what researchers found was it was caused by inadequate field. my goal is to prevent and fix that problem. greg: so cool. >> we are not worthy of you. >> no, you guys totally art. greg: what do you like to do for fun? >> i like to dance.
7:40 am
from nigeria. to be honest, i look good in that video. i think i look good. it was something i really have to work on. catholic university. you know, i went there. i am a graduate. did pretty good for myself. they have a great dance program. i do not know about gail. [laughter] >> they are humoring you, rosanna. good luck. >> thank you. you are on your way. good day is coming right back.
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greg: i think these places here, they have the best of both worlds. show us one, if you could. a backyard. a front yard. all of that stuff. right across the river. jim, show us what they are looking at. manhattan. so close. right there. greg: rosanna: beautiful. greg: just got into all ivy league schools. greg: those are really tell
7:45 am
rosanna: though she cannot. do not encourage that, greg. rosanna: they will call you personally. greg: they could not do that when i went to school. greg: you know what i mean. mike: after i got into my school of choice, all right. the forecast will turn milder with rain. sunny and chilly. it will be okay. clouds gather later tonight. as we go to tomorrow, it will be cloudy throughout the day. scattered rain. it will be you wet, but warm at the same time. thirty out of central park. as well as new work. twenty-seven in bridgeport.
7:46 am
wind is very light and variable. lots of sunshine out there today. the showers that will be coming to us here. it will pretty much be a solid day of rain tomorrow. thursday until friday. it is school and barely dry over the weekend. the apple itunes and google play store. downloaded today. you are all set to go. i want to say happy birthday to bernadette. i hope you have a great birthday. let's see what is up with our commute this morning. ines: new jersey doing fine. you do have your normal delays. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the lad. not a bad ride, actually.
7:47 am
about a 25 minute delay bolton. a 15 minute delay because of an accident did single tracking. that is why there are delays. greg: okay. what is happening? rosanna: let's talk about yukon. >> they won big again. duke: yukon versus syracuse. was there ever a doubt? 24 points and 10 rebounds. most outstanding player for the fourth straight year. fourth straight national title. uconn seniors finish with a career record.
7:48 am
his 11th national championship. good news is it was drier. 36 degrees. a lot of wind. game tied at two. giving up two earned runs. striking out four. on the throwing air. joe girardi would argue. inside the baseline. supposed to run and that
7:49 am
>> game under protest. duke: i thought that they were going to overturn this. i really did. >> a runner on the back of the ball. yankee fans who watched the game on tv at home. two teenage mutant ninja turtle sitting behind the plate. greg: here they are. duke: i solve them in the stands yesterday. you can thank the comedian for that. buying some premium seats. greg: what a great start. rosanna: dress like they had
7:50 am
before. >> allegis comments made by top officials. all right. matt said royals. neil walker goes deep. a two run homer. sam scored in the sixth. bases-loaded. unbelievable. three straight pitches. 95-mile per hour slider. a 93 slider again. six shutout innings. nine strikeouts. rangers one. islanders one against the capital. thanks, buddy.
7:51 am
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generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at rosanna: greg, do i look fat in this? greg: stop it. amy schumer is hilarious. she has that great inside ap schumer show. what happened to her?
7:54 am
>> included her in her plus size issue. plus size is considered size 16 in america. i go between a size six and eight. they put me in their plus size only issue. it does not feel right to me. glamour responded by saying it did not describe her as was size. they apologized saying that they are sorry if they offended her in any way. it does not matter who you are. women are very sensitive about the way they look. >> she has been sensitive lately. what else? >> his paintings are coming to life on film. look how pretty this is. it tells the story through his paintings. the first fully painted animated feature film.
7:55 am
trained to deliver this work of art. >> we had to find painters and teach them animation. we obviously with the latter route. rosanna: about halfway done with the artwork and animation. greg: if i remember, van gogh had a very tough life. was not very good at selling paintings when he was alive. now they go for tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. van gogh. that sounds like a great project rosanna: they are still doing three contestants will be singing for the title of "american idol" tomorrow night here at before they take the stage, it will be a trip down memory lane.
7:56 am
before we had viral videos. rosanna: original cohost will open the show. greg: i heard about this guy. brian the crest had about a cohost. you have not heard about him in a long time. rosanna: working on bringing every winner for a big performance. kelly clarkson's appearance will be pretaped since baby number two is about to come. tonight at 8:00 o'clock right here on fox5. that is it. the end of "american idol." i do not know. could it be that they welcome back again? i do not know. greg: our facebook fan of the
7:57 am
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rosanna: hello. "good day new york." greg: hi there, i am greatly. it is still cold. going to get better, we hope. kind of adjusting in terms of time. a big night for senator ted cruz. ted cruz saying this is a
8:00 am
rosanna: donald trump. greg: still calls him lying ted. even an official statement put out by the campaign. rosanna: donald trump getting ready for his big event tonight. more than 12000 people are expected to show up. greg: a problem with turkeys. wild turkeys all over the place. having a bit of a problem with this on staten island. too many turkeys in the street. rosanna: that is just right over the bridge. starbucks. wait until you see this. the biggest store ever in our
8:01 am
greg: it is coming to chelsea. rosanna: are they going to have wi-fi? [laughter] wi-fi and a coffee. that is all i need. greg: it is always an adventure. couple of things. donald trump having a great big rally. bethpage. thousands of people expected. giving those very wild into attaining, propelling, for some, disturbing speeches. greg: interesting. long island. that factory there is now a tv studio. back in the day, they used it to fill the lunar module. things are still sitting on the
8:02 am
builds on long island. they built a lot of airplanes there as well. rosanna: a vacant airport hangar. greg: yes. they did peter pan a couple of years ago. they put that building to good use. donald trump will be there tonight. expect protesters. >> it will get warmer in the next 24 hours. it will bring up the warmer air. it is a little bit of a trade-off here. here is the overall temperature trends. your forecast highs, 46 degrees. tomorrow, all the way up to 60 for a high. it will be a lot like what we have the next couple of days
8:03 am
temperature trend definitely doing the up-and-down thing. right now, 32 in central park. it looks like it is pretty clear throughout the northeast. albany, sunny there as well. some high clouds are starting to fold in. we have the area of low pressure right now coming from the upper midwest. the warm front, cold front in this general direction. it looks like a pretty significant storm coming up for us. it will be more like the light to moderate showers that we have to deal with tomorrow. it starts dropping back down. only drops a hair. our temperatures more or less hold steady. we're we are going to see a temperature of about 45 degrees
8:04 am
in. we have a little break they are in the rainfall. more showers trying to make an appearance. cooler temperatures taking back over. let's bring in nine as into in c what is happened with the commute this morning. >> a lot going on. the van wyck southbound approaching the belt parkway, one landlocked with a crash. pictures from sky fog eight should be. -- skyfoxhd. causing some problems. this affecting that evening commute. some stop and go rubbernecking delays. construction vehicles, they are closing that lane. making sure that that wall does not close or anything.
8:05 am
island, let's go to our cameras. eastbound looks good. gwb, at least an hour delay on the upper level. lincoln tunnel, about an hour inbound. greg and rosanna. >> last night wisconsin spoke. bernie sanders on the democratic side. a major setback for donald trump. >> everybody is sitting there. hillary clinton was not even in wisconsin. she was in our area. >> did put out a statement criticizing lying ted. rosanna: it should be interesting to hear what he has to say tonight.
8:06 am
to show up. some of them will not be big supporters. >> get them out. >> it is still about 11 hours away. perforations are still in full suing. those will be in use tonight. making sure that no one who was not supposed to be here is here. security will be very tight. there will be protesters galore. extensive street closures. inside, of course, that rally with thousands of people. right in the middle, a candidate in trump. >> ted cruz won the badger state
8:07 am
it was an important date rape. it also increases the likelihood that donald trump will not get the necessary delegates to secure the nomination before the convention. >> it is a call from a hard-working men and women of wisconsin. we have a choice. a real choice. >> neither spoke publicly last night after the results came in. a trump campaign released a blistering statement. he is a trojan horse being used by the party bosses. we have total confidence that mister trouble go on to win in new york where he holds a substantial lead in all the polls and beyond. the attention shift to new york. thousands are expected tonight
8:08 am
trump rally. far friendlier to trump in wisconsin. crews will be campaigning in the bronx this afternoon. he beat hillary clinton comfortably winning his sixth straight contest. >> 11 months ago. the media determining that we were a fringe candidacy. >> a town hall in brooklyn the other night. she went on to say to all the voters and volunteers that porridge or hard into this campaign, foreword. >> we shift our attention here to new york where hillary clinton is expected to win. bernie sanders says that he thinks he can win here in the empire state. all eyes will be on bethpage tonight.
8:09 am
hear what donald trump has to say about his chances of winning here. i am sure that he will be confident. graded rosanna, packed to you. greg: a lot are anticipating our endorsement. evening meaning by nemo. rosanna: is that what you are going to do? rosanna: i cannot even vote in the primaries, by the way. you have to be registered to a party. i am kind of disappointed. greg: i have to look at the rules. i do vote in the general election. the common core test offer this week. a lot of kids opting out of that test. 58000 students on long island. more than half of them opted out of the new common core reading test.
8:10 am
classroom looked like he had those that opted outside in the auditorium. a 20% off outraged here in the city. 20% of the students refuse to take the test. many parents determined to have their kids opt out again this time around. >> unfortunately, it is not. rosanna: scheduled for next week, just so you know. critics say they have developmentally inappropriate questions. >> some top ranking officers under investigation for except the gifts described as lavish gifts.
8:11 am
>> some of the gifts were meals. overseas trips. teresa priolo has been looking into this this morning. >> not giving you a ticket. things like that. twenty officers involved in this click for oak grove investigation. the majority of them, senior members. >> tickets to the super bowl. golf outings in the caribbean. in exchange for preferential treatment. at least that is the allegation. >> all of these results in the investigation. we just have to see where the
8:12 am
cooperating fully with. bill pratt in speaking about these allegations. the detect if pleaded the fifth when he was questioned by a grand jury. >> modified assignment. that is all i am able to save. >> an investigation into deep pocketed businessmen. both friends of mayor deblasio. there are so many phone calls. night team. norman seabrook is also
8:13 am
receiving quick perl quotes. providing private police exports and crowd control. >> the detective says the grand jury was interested in whether or not he had ever fixed a ticket for these two businessmen. this may all circle back. two years ago, the fbi began looking into him and whether or not he lined his own pocket while running the correction officers union. >> thanks a lot. turkeys all over the place. >> there is a meeting and place. 20 a or homes to the public.
8:14 am
way to scare away the turkeys. some of them have cars and people. one of them even flew through a kitchen window. >> there was mud flying everywhere. water everywhere. >> i never heard of a turkey doing that. rosanna: traumatized by that movie. >> they are not allowed to touch the birds. only the state has the authority to do that. >> a little latitude. so. rosanna was hanging with, i call them robert de niro. they are friends. >> i got a chance to sit down
8:15 am
the two people involved with the tribeca film festival. bringing business back to the tribeca area. it was so devastating. >> i think that it was great. hanging with your good friend hobby. >> creating the controversy. valid in some ways. others i am not sure about. i was a little surprised. at the same time, i did not want to make it a controversy. let me just pull it. we will deal with it later.
8:16 am
home. >> and anti-vaccine movie. it was what was put into the vaccine and how it was dealt with. it is very complicated. i am still getting information from people that are much more into it all the time. >> some people may say we did. some people may say we did not. some say why did you do that. it got attention. >> robert deniro wants to show this documentary. they want to show this documentary at some point.
8:17 am
tribeca film festival. it may be very well contributing to a significant health crisis. >> leading to the increased rates of autism. >> the pressure was on tribeca. >> jane, i think they wanted us to be part of the tribeca film festival. i feel from this interview that robert deniro wants this distributed. even the guy behind it was discredited. he thinks that the information should be out there.
8:18 am
it was spectacular. you are my wing man. a very cold raise for this time of year. 24 degrees in poughkeepsie. a mainly clear sky. a lot like what we had yesterday. once he got through the wind, they were able to handle the day even though it was much colder than normal.
8:19 am
decent amount to work with. it gets showery as we head into the evening hours. we get up to about 45 by 3:00 p.m. as we go to the next seven days, a high of 60 tomorrow. rain coming through. it dries out as we head into the weekend. more showers are possible. interesting looking forecast. daily and hourly forecast information on it. also want to say happy birthday to this little guy. justin is turning 1-year-old. my friends say one year. happy birthday to you, pal.
8:20 am
i'm as. seeing what is going on. ines: route 40. traffic jam. your normal delays as you merge. let's go to our cameras. 233rd street did you have to laze with the new haven line. new jersey transit, newark light-rail. there is only one track open. everything else is running on or close. street cleaning rules are in effect. rosanna: a
8:21 am
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8:24 am
greg: the former leader of iceland. he was forced to step down. have you heard about this? a law firm in panama city. some people do all kinds of things to hide their assets. rosanna: a lot of money. the economy was in crisis. showing how very wealthy people use tax havens to hide their wealth. a panama city's law firm. he and his wife had. all of their taxes. >> political pressure was too great so he stepped down. >> lauren simonetti.
8:25 am
>> january 204 team. what other officials are getting incriminated right now. it will be a developing story. greg: .shove. we have a smaller issue here. rosanna: i am having a contact problem. greg: we have to deal with this. >> starbucks is opening a new store. the ninth and 15th. think me packing. chelsea. kind of where they meet. you can sample the prayer blends and truths. talk with them if you want to. in that neighborhood, they may
8:26 am
blue bottle nearby. a new building called 61. she will be back in a couple minutes. let's take a look at our upcoming guest. a number of fine restaurants.
8:27 am
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> e we're outside. about let's see if i can figure out --
8:30 am
great uncle ray live there. blanket queens. >> yep from breezy point to sunny sides. kelly there but clark from brooklyn. >> i like that. so rosanna had had a moment here. what happened to you? >> i don't know, my contact actually was bothering more for half an hour and decided to do somersaults so i started crying. flipped in my eye. if take a look at rosanna in glasses. i think it's grat. remember ashley. she started this look on tv. you look like kind of hot. [laughter] in a naughty kind of way. >> like a naughty teacher? >> not too carried away. right? >> anyway i do like wearing glasses because it gives my eyes a break.
8:31 am
>> let's get to work for us -- >> coke bottles. >> wow. i know this is what happens. >> anyway glad you feel a little bit better and still see at the same time. >> i'm watching both of you. eyes in back of my head are working. still working. >> anyways, all right let's show you what's going on out there. first of all we have sunshine back again, and yeah nice and sunny outside but u cold at the same time. not quite as cold as yesterday but still let's take a look at what we have today compared to what is normal for this time of the year. whoops. average high is 57 degrees few what we're going to manage up to 46 for a high later this arch. above normal but not too far off the mark. yesterday we were about 15 degrees off the mark. 79 is record high. record low is 21 so not close on either one eve those either. 32 is your temp at central park with a sunny sky.
8:32 am
wantage there, new jersey 23, and staten island you're got 34 degrees there as well as in west field with a -- mainly clear sky. high clouds are rolling closer to us. i see them encroaching upon tristate region and continue to do so later on in the afternoon as great lakes and master's degree wrn states continues to work its way in this direction so you're going to notice mother clouds coming in deeper into the day. but stills it has cool regardless. high temp later on this afternoon up to about 46 degrees. we're with at 45 by 3 p.m. but 46 is your high. 60 for dwrowrm you with rain coming through at that time. warm rain and overnight lows don't drop. and harng around from 46 till tomorrow morning. vegas wet for you early friday. and then we xach a break later friday into early saturday. or more showers pop by the area. later saturday, and then sunday you've got finally a sunny day
8:33 am
okay one last check on what's happening with the commute. a typical wednesday, ines? >> good morning mike typical queens traffic slow to queens boulevard van we can and process of clearing an accident southbound. excuse me approaching belt parkway. northbound just cleared away aning by lyndon. take a look at suffolk county by terry road. stop and go westbound. eastbound side doing fine as for gwb an hour delay on upper level inbound because of an accident over on alexander hamilton bridge that was just cleared away blocking left lane. lower level 45 minutes. lincoln tunnel about a 30, 40 minute delay pin bound moving better off of route 3 and turnpike. who'll 20 to 30. mechanical problem with a scattered delay. new haven line. newark light rail with a 15 minute delay because of an accident leading one track open
8:34 am
greg and rosanna back to you. >> donald trump a great big campaign rally first one this close to new york that i know ofs at this size since he started back in june. donald trump will be campaigning big rally tonight in bethpage, long island. >> taking place 7:00, it's going to be huge, greg. because if there's any indication of other rallies in other city look like i think his hometown will also come out and support him. now his rival ted cruz will be campaigning in bronx tonight. >> we mentioned this before but that's where they made the old mooner module that went to the moon. they made it right there at bethpage on long island flrt side? >> mayor de blasio scheduled to join hillary clinton's campaign manager. not hillary clinton. but the campaign manager for a rile at the headquarters of the teachers in lower manhattan. >> there's serious tension. i believe --
8:35 am
>> rosanna you can see it from space. bill de blasio waited and waited an waited before he endorsed hints. now keep in mind bill de blasio kind of made a name for himself when he manage haded for a time senatetorial campaign back in 2000 and hillary clinton people are known to be mythed he was so high maintenance about endorsement. we went into iowa to campaign for her. >> about to say he was like -- one of those interns that go door to door shaking hantsdz. >> hand out pamphlets on the corner. [laughter] >> there's a campaign rally for hillary clinton tonight. her manager will be there. she will not. so will mayor de blasio will be with the manager. >> on to seven train a big feign in the neck for lots people who take this. rmts last night they got a complains to say it directly. people who usually tack it. they got a chance had to say it
8:36 am
noarks transit. got testy at times. >> kerry drew live in sunny side queens. good morning kerry. >> good morning to both of you if you ride seven train on a regular basis chances are you are deal why overcrowding shutdown and delays live in sunny side. you can see a lot of people are heading to work you can see that crowded platform right there. more than 800,000 people ride seven train every day. mta is completing three capital projectses on seven line right now that sayses it will update signal system and infrastructure. but riders say the past few years it has brought on commuting headache it is from unreliable service to weekend disruption and crowded train and plat forms. last night a big town hall meeting and mta president ronny ftion there. riders got a chance to voice their concern. we caught up with some riders this morning here in sunny side to hear their frustrations. >> seems look seven trains bunch up on their way to manhattan
8:37 am
and they get delayed a lot from that and then supercrowded. the platforms are really crowded, and you know it's a delay. i'm a patient man. so it doesn't kill me too much. but a lot of people get upset about it. >> track delays, signaling delays i've heard sometimes so those are usually some of the i think things that i hear. >> a lot of it is people not moving to the center of the car oftentimes and people move to the center of the car. i think that would be not so noticeable. but typically rush hour is train is overcrowded. >> we don't have to go too far to people upset with thes service with the seven line and a facebook page called seven train blues are riders can vent their frustration were. good news came out of last night town hall meet there was an announcement there will be two new evening seven trains this fall and weekend track work wrapping up in just a few weeks. people concerned with weekend
8:38 am
that that service, track will be ending that will open up more trains. that's latest live from here in sunny side queens. back to you. >> thanks a lot that guy is right, though, a big kind of bunchings up of people bit door. easier on eastbound but during rush hour there's nowhere to go. >> meanwhile today sconl will votes on a bill that may eventually keep your friends, greg, in about zones. special zones those costume characters if that vote passes bill will give department of transportation authority to regulate all of those pedestrian plazas. and that could lead to rules restricting costume character in special areas. those of us who go there know how busy it can be to walk through that area. >> i have a lot of sympathy for costume characters. sometimes that get out of hand when not tipped adequately but against it with a notable exception with the naked cowboys he thinks zones are a great
8:39 am
anyway vote it today then implement it that could be a while and what would be the reaction? keep an eye on that. meanwhile real house wive of new york city premiers tonight. part of the cast eve characters >> her mother-in-law is the sister of -- late great jackie kennedy. american royalty. so was her mother-in-law. her husband is inside. cal -- >> one of the more tame warns crazy on that show? >> got a nice young boyfriend, what do you think? >> whatever floats her boat. >> talk to carol and get up to put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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>> don't walk under the that ladder. superstitious. >> i would not the ladder. you know who did that -- episode of chip. eric. >> what happened? >> in the episode i think he fell off his motor bike. anybody going rptd that thing there? >> i'm sure they're walking aired it. nobody will take a chance. other bad luck thing. >> black cat. breaking a mirror.
8:43 am
inside. >> he's working under it. working under under it. that's fine. health news with dr. raj talking berries. strawberry, blueberries they was high anti-ox dent qualities. but now there's perhaps yet another health benefit this is a large study looking at over 25,000 men and found that those men who consume regularly berries as well as citrus fruits had a decreased rick of having erectile dysfunction this is a common problem that is affecting millions of men in the u.s. and they found that if you had just a few servings per week eve berry or citrus fruits or imiption they have up to 20% decrease in their risk of erectile dysfunction. berries help with inflammation and a risk of alzheimer's and
8:44 am
erectile dysfunction a large study looking at men over several years questioning them about their sexual health an found decrease risk of that if they have just a few servings of blueberries, citrus fruits, berries per week. at the that to the the list. midlife crisis do you believe in that? rosanna and i are big believers. that concept that as you reach your 40s, people start to feel not as satisfied with their lives, not as happy men buy carries have, have affairs, and basically it followed several thousands eve people starting at age 18 followed them for self years into their late 30s and 40s and a questioned them about their satisfaction midlife and happiness. they actually found it increase as you got older. especially compared to the teenage years and they found that people in late 40s were
8:45 am
they were younger particularly married and in good physical health. god for everyone. >> you said men. you know about it but it was men who have affairs and buy motor bikes. now you -- expressed awareness, though, can women have a midlife crisis? >> expressed in different qais. >> want to be younger, get look a young girlfriend -- and then they start doing -- the crazy stuff. we can get young boyfriends too. for us all. >> how are things in the office there? >> i work at nyu and office downtown trinity center. yeah. >> how's the emergency room? >> i don't head over there much but they're busy as always. >> do you have any colonoscopies on the calendar? >> today and today i'm seeing people in the office.
8:46 am
eyes closed. >> point is for me to be looking. so -- eyes open. you can close your eyes. >> one more is one -- look all of the same? same procedure? >> all different. everyone's colon is different and that makes it -- maneuvering around. >> if you did at the tv -- that is a -- >> it's been done. but you can do it and be different. dr. raj could did it. close her eyes. she'll close her eyes. >> let's go water skiing instead. dr. ramming is only one who can do that. no offense. he doesn't do it. >> he does heart. i don't know if you want somebody who has never done it -- >> my physician. rob delaney listen to this.
8:47 am
they do every morning. s first thing they do is hook and industrial hoover up to your heart and they suck out everything that's good about you, and then it's gone. >> you have nothing left to offer. i understood amazon called catastrophe. >> is that bad? >> if you have kids you know u how seems it can be trying. we'll talk to robert about it, coming up.
8:48 am
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8:50 am
>> all right i've been watching that show the "people"'s court by tszuj milian. >> and in this case she wasn't fantastic, she was grossly affair. >> totally right on the money. guilty of judicial misconduct. but more importantly mike woods went into the judge's chambers recently. and --
8:51 am
this time. >> behind the scenes. big fans of "good day new york" as you know. been in here several too manies and like greg watching with judge loughner but we want to go backstage and did a peek at what goes on and chamber with judge. >> how's it it going? >> fantastic. but glad to have you here. that is right. but got rid of the snow in time. >> i bring the warmth here when i come. >> you bring the heat. >> so this is where it all happens. thinking happen hads. happenses out there. but i'll be advancing. this is where it's really happening. you have your research here. you have a big stack of papers, now i have ipad a few things that didn't get a chance to make it in here make it into the folder. >> all rise. >> how many cases are you typically going through at a
8:52 am
>> on a tbifn tape day we go through anywhere from 9 to 11 cases so we work -- it's a lot. a lot to be able to think through everything that people are saying. but do it at rapid speeds. keep it all going at a high level is kind of hard. >> a lot of different personalities that you run into out there. >> god bless them. bigger personality better the cases. but watching a mixture of education and entertainment so as long as you have both then people keep watching. >> rosanna is asking -- >> now i understand. now you have this part down, -- >> bringing your own gavel. i have a gavel for you are. hold on. >> there we go. nice. [laughter] >> rosanna eat your heart out. >> gives off glitter too. it does a lot actually. and when do you stop doing it,
8:53 am
knuckles off. that's nonstop. let's go. [laughter] >> that is pretty intense mike. she is intense. [laughter] >> hike. we've been to her courtroom. we know. >> i think her judicial common sense is right on the money. because greg tried to pretend he had broken his arm. >> what did you do? >> five and dime and brought himself an eighth -- >> rosanna sued me because she was getting injured on the show and it was my fault. >> you don't have to explain that to the audience. they understand that. countersued for a hundred trillion dollars and i love it. i think the audience a was with me on this. she -- basically -- >> no amused by you. >> on my and i said ruling it in her favor to your court i.e. judge judy. >> come on now. see -- anyway.
8:54 am
that was a lot of fun we thank judge milian. >> you owe restitution to me. >> case is under appeal. >> i asked him to peel some potatoes. that's it. >> next month let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
8:55 am
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9:00 am
>> my aunt and uncle's old neighborhood. sunny side queens. sunny out there and chilly. >> rosanna i thought iftion going to the city for the fall. >> you can see the big building, and it was queens. technically new york city and talk about how they have to go to the city. like we're already here. mans was a city in those day. >> i catch myself saying that. i'm in the city. [laughter] >> now it's backwards brooklyn is the place to be. some say. >> so funny when i was in brooklyn everybody can can't wait to get become to brooklyn on the wrong side. [laughter] >> one step behind wherever you are. wherever you go there you go. who said that?


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