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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news, it's time for more good day new york. >> how do you spell lion's head? >> why are you screaming so -- >> l-y, i've heard 'em pell it e, i, n, appositive to to my. that donald trump, he had a rally last night -- >> on long island. >> bethpage. >> dud you go, by chance? i feel like you're all riled up today. >> you know, it was such a spectacle, i would like to see one of these things. i'm not choosing sides here. it was too close to my bedtime, rosanna, to make it all the way out there. as you know, i'm a wild, crazy guy, i live in the city. anyway, what did you think, rosanna? what was going on? >> i knew a lot of people would show up, and they did. there were some protesters there as well. of course, there were a few
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two, you know, manager minor. >> a priority for him though is stopping, as he puts it, lion's head, after he did so -- lyen ted. this is where he wants to turn things around. i actually almost forgot what ted cruz said about us in the debate. >> well, the new york morals, don't forget about that. new york values, sorry. >> a lot of new yorkers were offended by it. >> right. >> he's been running with it ever since. >> there was never anything like it in this country, the worst attack in the history of the united states. the bravery that was shown was incredible. we all lived through it, we all know people that died, and i've got this guy standing over there looking at me talking about new york values with scorn on his face, with hatred, with hatred of new york. so, folks, i think you can
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>> you know, rosanna, i remember that debate, and that was an amazing moment. again, if you don't like donald trump or if you love him, doesn't matter, that was a great moment. >> he really handled it beautifully. >> for new york and for him. i feel like at that moment he defended all of us. now after that perhaps he offended some of us. [laughter] >> it'll be interesting to see how ted cruz does because he's going to certain points of the city today. he was supposed to be in the bronx yesterday, but he got wind that some of the kids were going to wake out of his event -- >> i think he was still campaigning in the bronx. there's an interesting strategy about how he can get delegates. there aren't that many republicans in the bronx, i think it's safe to say, and he's got a strategy that could win him some delegates. but here's a little bit from ted cruz trying to explain what he said in that debate. >> the people of new york know exactly what those values are. they're the values of liberal
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like anthony weiner, like eliot spitzer, like charlie rangel, all of whom donald trump has supported, given tens of thousands of dollars throughout the years. if you want to know what liberal democratic values are, follow donald trump's checkbook. >> not how it came off the first time he said that about new york values. it really seemed like he was going at all of us, not just a political class. >> exactly. anyway, it'll be interesting. he was at some convention about a week or two ago when i was on vacation. i had come out of the dentist, and he was right next door. >> you wanted to thump him. >> i did! i waited outside with all of the people, and then i realized it's ten minutes, this is my vacation day, i'm not going to wait that much longer for him. >> you've been boasting about that on air for a long time. i think his people have your picture. >> i so wanted to do that. i really was waiting outside for him to come out of the building, but it didn't happen. >> could be a win/win.
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little bit for you. the primary is -- >> april 19th. >> a week from tuesday. >> and the democratic convention -- the democratic debate is april 14th. next thursday. >> okay. hillary and bernie sanders going back and forth. getting kind of nasty there too. all right, who remembers love boat? of course we do. >> times were so simple then. you hear that music, and it just makes you feel good. >> great tv show. take a look. come aboard -- love -- >> hey, look who's guest starring? >> i know. of course you are. >> this is going to be a great episode. watch. rosanna! the village people? >> charlie brown, i don't remember him on one of these episodes. was he with us? >> i don't remember that either,
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then. >> it makes you feel like saturday night was okay. it was cool to stay in and watch tv. from 1978 to, like, the late 1980s this was television for a lot of people. i remember captain steube, my favorite. he was a little crazy though. [laughter] >> really? so cute. i loved julie, the cruise director. because, i mean, come on, don't you always need a cruise director, somebody to tell you what to do, the activities? >> i liked the doctor. he was a very good physician. i think fred grandy went on to become a two-term president of the united states -- no, congress. how about the bartender? >> the bartender is key to any party. [laughter] you need a good bartender. >> mike woods as isaac and -- >> julie! >> look at that hottie. everybody knew that she was awesome on that show. hey. [laughter]
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celebrate one of our favorite shows because one of our favorite songs from if tv is the theme song to that show, and the singer, jack jones, joins us right here on good day new york. >> jack jones right here on good day new york? >> let's go talk to him. sir, welcome. >> everybody wants to get into the act. >> of course we do. [laughter] >> the spotlight is about to be yours and yours alone. >> hey, this is it. >> welcome. >> were you ever a guest star on that show. >> >> yes, i was. i wrote a segment of it. it was a christmas segment. and my father played my father in there. >> how nice. >> jack, you have an amazing voice, and people are fascinated by that song. any insight as to why? >> i have no idea. as a matter of fact, i raised millions of dollars every year over the years from people begging me not to sing it. [laughter] >> really? stop it. >> they don't know what they're talking about. >> we have no money to give you, so we want you to sing it. >> okay.
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>> well, sir, if you don't mind, we'd love to hear the legendary jack jones singing the theme from the love boat. >> sure. there's two whirl wind campaigns going on in this town right now, and i'm going to sing the love boat? [laughter] go ahead. this is paul. he jumped in here. he's my executive producer of this, my new album, and we realized that we needed a pianist. and mine is in philadelphia. went to the wrong town. paul williams and charlie fox wrote this, and paul called me and asked me to do it, and of course i was glad to do it.
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come aboard, we're expecting you. and love, life's sweetest reward. let it flow, it flows back to you. the love boat soon will be making another run. the love boat promises something for everyone. set a course adventure, your mind on a new romance. and love, it won't hurt anymore.
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friendly shore. it's love, it's love, it's the love boat. it's love >> whoa! [cheers and applause] >> wow. >> at 4:00 in the morning -- >> that was amazing, man. >> thank you. >> i like that version better than the -- >> i didn't know if i was going to need one of these. no, you didn't need that at all. you were good. >> what is that, a trunk? >> yes, good day new york love boat. it was loungey.
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>> yeah, that's good. >> so, jack, you've got a new album out. it's called seriously frank, i believe? >> that's right. >> a tribute to old blue eyes. >> yeah. >> and i heard you're doing something at the friars' club? >> jerry lewis is turning 90 years old so we're going to get up there, and i'm going to close the show. >> we're both friars. >> good for you. >> jack jones is going to sing a little bit more later in the show. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> all right. when we come back -- >> mike. >> we're going to do weather. >> yeah, let's do it right now, it's easy. >> hello, mike. >> i'll throw it back to you, we can figure out where we're going after that. all right, first of all, it's a warm day outside, and the wet weather, it's closing in on us. long island's been getting showers for a little while, islip, 53. of course, you've got the ocean waters affecting the temp. 54 at central park, 57 in poughkeepsie, winds coming from the south at around 7-17 miles per hour.
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it's significant, and it will continue to pick up. speeds 20-30 miles per hour once we get closer to lunchtime and kind of a hang like that through the evening. gusts could go as high as 50. we do have wind advisories from monmouth county down to the south. everyone else has been in pretty good shape here, maybe a few sprinkles here and there. but the main event is right there. that's coming through, again, once we get closer to lunchtime, that's when the bigger showers will come through the tristate. it'll come down pretty good at times this afternoon and wrap up this evening. tomorrow a mixed sky, clouds and a little bit of sun, not too much going on with the rainfall, but it's as we get into friday that things get interesting. another potent area of low pressure comes to us at least according to the rpm future cast model. rain at first, snow on the backside, and there's a lot of cold air, and it bombs out
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monster low off the new york harbor, and that's going to potentially bring us some solid snow into the day on saturday. it starts saturday morning and continues throughout the day. if this remains true as it stands right now, this is primarily snow for us. not just rain, but more snow. of it's a heavy, wet one and then it gets out of town later on. sunday it'll be sunny. high temp getting up to 60 today, windy and wet, look out for the potential for damaging winds, and then tomorrow a high of 52. there's that rain/snow mix on saturday, by sunday it's all out of here, more rain chances on monday and tuesday. if you happen to get any snow accumulating, it should go away pretty quickly. got a couple birthday shoutouts, dylan's turning 2 years old. handsome with that blue tie. your family loves you, and also happy birthday to this guy, james. hope you have a fantastic birthday as well, james. >> rosanne ma and greg. >> all right.
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>> we just had some enjoyable pop culture. let's try high culture. >> i readed in high school, how about you? >> the play by arthur miller. i know it was assigned to me. arthur miller who, by the way, married marilyn monroe. rosanna, let's meet the stars of the crucible. you can see it on broadway. >> at the walter kurt theater, two of the stars are with us this morning. she's been on broadway before. i went to see you in this is our youth not too long ago and, of course, ben withshaw, you've probably seen him in a million movies, but there is your first stint on broadway, right? >> yeah, it is. my broadway debut. >> congratulations. who read the crucible in high school? anybody? >> yeah. >> both of you. so when you found out that you were in this movie, what did you think? what did you do? is that true? >> yeah. i e-mailed my english teacher from high school and told him
9:14 am
going to try and come see it. and my dad was teaching the crucible while we were in rehearsals, so i was being, like, i don't understand this one part, what did your students think of that, and that was very helpful. >> that's so funny. >> really, that's great. >> you're 19 years old, you're going to be 20 this month? >> that's right. >> congratulations. >> thanks. >> ben, you know, your observations on the crucible. >> well, i had done it when i was 15, we performed it when i was 15 in school, playing the same role, john proctor, so it has been strange and wonderful to return to it because i understand it in a totally different way as a 35-year-old than i did when i was 15. >> let's put the playbill up one more time. there's a dramatic picture there. for those of us who did not get around to reading it when we were supposed to -- [laughter] what's it about, tavi? >> it's about the salem witch trials, and arthur miller wrote
9:15 am
mccarthyism in the '50s in the u.s. >> you play mary warren. >> yeah, that's right. i play a girl who's a servant for ben and his wife in the play and who has committed witchcraft. secretly. >> are you okay with playing a witch, basically? >> absolutely. [laughter] it wasn't a big leap for me. [laughter] i am a witch. [laughter] so it's easy. >> and it's genuine -- they're guilty of witchcraft, or is it just alleged? i remember kind of through history it was a lot of -- >> well, there's a lot of hysteria. >> yeah. >> right. >> what transpires that a lot of people who have nothing to do with witchcraft are accused of it. yeah. >> so, ben, i know you've done movies, and this is your broadway debut. little nervous? is the technique different, being in front of an audience every night? >> yeah, it's very different, but, i mean, i've done a lot of
9:16 am
but it's different here. the audiences are just wonderful here. not that they're not lovely in england, but it's different, a different kind of energy and very much more warm, more expressive. >> ben, you're different. you change your look a lot. you're the guy from the bond movies, you play q, the gadget guy. >> yes. no, i don't look like that at the moment. >> you give james bond all those fancy weapons. it's very cool. how'd you get your start in the business? >> oh, goodness, i think i was 15 or something, 6. someone came to see me in a play, came to see me in a play. >> great break. >> how about you, tavi? >> well, i, when i was younger, i started a blog with, and that became a web site, and it got attention for -- >> oh, just a little attention, tavi. i mean, she's one of the biggest socialing commentators on youth
9:17 am
i mean, you're looking at her right here. >> well, from that i was approached by agents who were, like, if you want to write screenplays, if you want to try other things, and i was, like, well, i've been acting at school and community theater since i was a kid, and i'd like to try doing this on a larger scale, and then i did this is our youth -- >> which you were fantastic. great acclaim for that role. what's on your headlines these days? what are you talking about on your blog? >> oh. well, the online magazine that my blog kind of became, there are a lot of -- there are hundreds of teenagers who contribute. so i kind of feel like i had a lot of time to express myself and people paid attention, and i want other teenagers to have that outlet, so it's whatever's going on in their lives. >> tavi, are today's young people, let's say anybody under 30, happy? sad? what's the status?
9:18 am
question, but how are we doing for the under-20 set? >> gee. probably pretty mixed. me, i'm sad. [laughter] >> why? >> because i'm, i cry for like an hour on stage every night. [laughter] which, but that also is a great thing to get to do. >> so you cry every -- how do you get yourself out of that when you go home at night in. >> well, i'm very lucky because at the end of the scene with all the crying, i do get to experience some kind of catharsis, so it's not left -- that ends up kind of leaving your body by the time you are off stage. >> you get really affected by that. >> yeah. i mean, maybe as the show goes on and it becomes more routine, but just physically it's, this production is really involved, and there's a lot of, you know, we staged all the hysteria in the courtroom. >> it's very powerful, what she does. it's like she really is possessed.
9:19 am
hold of her every night, and she's a little body, but -- [laughter] i have to really wrestle with her. >> the under-20 set has demons. [laughter] >> we talk about the guy who wrote the play for a little bit, the late, great arthur miller. you know he married marilyn monroe. i think we have a picture of them from way back when. what have you learned about arthur miller in this process? other than he was a genius? [laughter] >> well -- >> like ed norton there, i'll tell you that. >> do you understand him a little bit more than when you read about him in high school, read his works in high school? >> yeah. i mean, my dad teaching the play right now, he was sending me all these materials about mccarthyism and why arthur miller was motivated to write a play about the blacklist.
9:20 am
translating political ideas into a story about real people. so i think we learn -- like, i tried to learn about that in the beginning, and then i just had to focus on the girl i was playing. >> we're going to plug the play one more time. let me refine my question. what the number one issue that teenagers are writing about on your blog? what concerns them the most? we have done so many segments about bullying -- >> online, social media, stuff like that. >> with all the awareness, i would think it's gone away, but something tell me it hasn't. >> well, i find when i, when we do a book event or a signing or something and i meet our readers in person, there seems to be a pretty unanimous concern with projecting an image of perfection because we all, we're growing up with these outlets to kind of brand ourselves, and it starts at a really young age. i kind of hope that rookie can be a place where teenagers don't feel that pressure to look like they have a perfect life and like they're happy all the time.
9:21 am
>> and good luck with that. >> yeah. >> that is a huge undertaking. [laughter] >> a worthy one. >> you have to go see hem in the crucible right now. i mean, they're fantastic. it's moving, it's part of our history. tavi, ben, so nice to have you here. >> walter kerr theater on west 48th street. you've heard of the show, house of lies. the season five premieres sunday on showtime at 9:00.
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side effects. ask a urology specialist pif botox can help pcalm your bladder. pvisit pand learn how botox pcan be a low cost option. >> all right. hi, everybody. man, gotta see that crucible. >> i say the crucible. by the way, tavi said the crucible. >> i noticed that. >> she's in the play. >> you don't have to be uppity about it. >> [inaudible] >> you think so? the first question we're going to ask our next tv star. >> yes. whoa. >> by the way, he was in parks and recreation. >> house of lies, season five premieres sunday at nine on showtime. here's the trailer. >> your people can buy my people. >> filled out all the paperwork, just walk in and start squatting if in your old office. >> really?
9:25 am
with me? >> no. no, no. i filed the sexual harassment claim against you. >> any chance you can stop by and play with her this afternoon? phoebe is my daughter. >> i'm going to get my company so pumped up that my evaluations are just jacked. >> looks like another great show we've got to watch, rosanna. >> i know. this is on sunday night, 9:00 on showtime, and then you can watch andrew dice clay at 9:30, and then you can watch billions right after that. what a night i'm going to have sunday night. >> make it a night. look at that beautiful picture, guys. >> don cheadle, by the way. our next guest is -- >> ben schwartz. >> and he stars in the house of lies. >> there's my camera. two and a half hours in your three hour show, how do you feel? is this when you stop caring a little bit? [laughter] you're sitting, you have a full catcher's mitt right now. [laughter] >> this would not be legal on the subway.
9:26 am
>> that's what it's called. >> no disrespect. >> no, i understand. >> he's from westchester, so he gets this whole -- >> yep. i grew up in riverdale and moved over to westchester. only took subways. i love subways in manhattan. >> is the family still in the area? >> yeah, yeah. >> did you move to l.a.? >> i did. >> you said it like pi is shpish. >> that's where his job is. >> it's very different. >> you know. it's the house of lies. >> you yelled so loud -- [laughter] yeah. the work that i do is all over there. but the human beings, i love the human beings here. i'm always so excited to come back. >> very first question to you -- >> wow, here we go. >> crucible? >> i'm going to ask you another question, let's put another word that has a c in the middle of it, so what's another word that has a c right in the middle of it. this is going to take us a long time to figure out. >> consecration. >> oh, my goodness. >> i think it's concentration.
9:27 am
>> how would you say it? >> if you're johnny carson, you say crucible, right? ed sullivan? i thought it was crucible more my whole life until they showed up this morning. >> let's talk about you -- >> i feel like we don't talk about you enough. >> i know, we don't. >> you days -- guys talk so much -- >> i'll can -- >> rosanna and i are a little bit behind. >> this is our sixth season on television. the show's about don cheadle, kristin bell with, myself and a gentleman named josh lawson, we kind of screw over the 1%. we try to work more them, at the same time screw over the 1%. >> is it legal, the little scheme? >> we do a series of illegal things. i'm in the tiny box in the big box over there. yes, we do -- so the whole idea is it's like a mishmash of comedy and drama at the same time, and then you get to watch don cheadle be don cheadle and
9:28 am
bell, and they are so incredible. >> do you have major drama this year? anything going on with you? >> let me tell you guys, last year i killed my father which is kind of a beautiful episode. not in real life, just the show. >> justifiable homicide? >> yeah, yeah. it was justifiable homicide. >> you're in the show still. >> yes. that's exactly correct. >> you could be crucified for that. >> uh-huh, i could be crucified there are that. >> don cheadle's pretty good, let's see how good you are? >> oh, really? >> they have a solid reputation of standing, coming out of the financial crisis without any major scars, so why change, right? >> nice. making me nervous, right? you know why? what's her play? what does she want from us? >> corporate jeannie is terrifying. on top of that, she knows all our little tricks, so i'm scared. >> yeah? >> marty, i think you're going to have to hold me.
9:29 am
>> i'll just go to my new office, because if i'm in there first, it's mine. >> that's not true! >> well done, ben. >> oh, thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> how'd this all start for you? >> comedy? acting? >> before -- show business. let's put it that way. >> talking about show biz, baby. i started in a comedy theaters in new york right here, there's one in chelsea and on the east side. >> you do a lot of your own writing and write for other people, right? >> i juiced to free -- used to freelance jokes for letter orman. >> what are you working on now? >> i'm writing a -- i can't really talk about it, but i'm writing a big old movie for a really cool stewed you call -- studio. >> you're kind of a similar trajectory as woody allen. >> he's in parks and recreation -- >> house of lies, sure, did some back books. i mean, what about you guys? in what would you like to know? >> what was the first thing you did that made you realize you
9:30 am
>> i had another career, i was a pilot. >> is that true? >> a fighter pilot in the marine corps. >> this is so beautiful. >> i should save this for the podcast that we should probably start someday. >> called lot that info? >> i was a rocket scientist and then, yeah -- >> you were a rocket scientist? that's amazing. >> wow. you pulled it off. [laughter] >> why not? >> we love you, ben. >> oh, fine. >> congratulations on the new season. >> thank you, guys. you're very sweet. >> sunday night, 9:00, showtime. house of lies. i'm just going to keep it on from 9 to 11:00. >> showtime will love that you said that out loud. >> love boat memories for you? >> we heard the theme. the most beautiful thing in the world what's better than that? i hear he's coming out again to sing one more song. a fetty wap song supposedly.
9:31 am
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of this song. the theme song from the love boat. i find it awesome. >> are you sick of this song, jack jones? he's sitting right next to us. >> one of my best friends, charlie fox, wrote it. i can't say that i'm sick of it. >> good. >> why should i be sick of it? it extended my career. >> i'm glad you're not, because we can't get enough of it. really about a month ago i played it having no idea you were going to be coming on the show -- >> well, i didn't sing it to remind everyone of ted cruz. >> oh! >> this is one chapter in a very long career. you've been making music for over 50 years. >> 50 albums, won two grammy awards -- >> i even got an emmy for a voiceover i did on a cartoon. >> what cartoon? >> over the garden wall. i narrated it and sang a song in it -- >> you are just as interesting as i thought you'd be, the voice -- again, we've all kind of -- >> over the garden wall. [laughter]
9:35 am
i know you're getting ready to do a friars' tribute -- >> to jerry lewis. >> to jerry lewis. >> he started my career on his original talk show on abc which didn't last very long, but with i was a regular on the show. anyway, the point they kept asking me to sing wives and lovers over and over again, and that's when that was a hit. >> wow. >> when i town out they wanted me to do this -- found out they wanted me to do this thing -- >> and also you've been doing some tributes to frank sinatra who you actually met as a kid because, believe it or not, he was nancy sinatra's classmate. >> no kidding? >> yeah. she asked me to go to her assembly at 3:00, you going to go? i said, yeah, i guess i will because if i don't, i've got to go to study hall. >> she said, no, no, you don't understand, my father's singing and he came to school and sang her his daughter, and that's the moment that i decided to be a singer. >> that is so wild. well, jack -- [laughter]
9:36 am
>> yeah. something old, like something loungey, casual, sing a little something for us now? >> well, it is -- i have the album, it's brand new, it's called seriously frank, but there's a lot of songs on it, and my way is not on it. >> okay. >> because you can't follow frank singing my way. i was just in the philippines, and they told me it's the number one karaoke song in -- [laughter] >> what are you going to sing for us today? >> so it's number one in the philippines and a couple of years ago some guy was singing "my way" in the karaoke bar, and somebody shut him. didn't like it. >> oh! >> great story, jack. >> stay away from that song. where are woe going to -- >> true story. >> so this is the last song. this is written for the album by a friend of mine, vinny falcone and joe -- [inaudible] and it's a thank you to frank.
9:37 am
do it. how do we thank him, what do we say for the dreams he made us live for and the ones we put away? a thousand and one nights, and
9:38 am
the man came out singing about losing, about winning. who was this tough guy, this only-happens-once guy? who sang puccini and bassey, hung out with bogey and tracy? he wrote his own book and lived every page. the moment he walked out on stage. he hung out his tears to dry can. how can i is say it? -- i say it?
9:39 am
not just for me, but it's for every guy and doll whose thousand and one lights, they were something to see. all flashing and dancing around caesar's marquee. the lights were splashed with colors and the words read bright and clear. and the marquee is simply said : he's here >> thanks, frank. >> oh, jack jones, that was beautiful. >> beautiful. jack jones, so beautiful.
9:40 am
stay with us, we'll be right back. >> okay. >> amazing, pal.
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9:43 am
that's challenging, you become stronger, and i really, i really feel that way. and writing the book was extremely therapeutic. it was hard, yes, but i really want to help people. i want to raise awareness. this is the book that i wish i could have read ten years ago. >> because it has great advice in the book as well. i notice that you start off, your parents lived on long island at one point. >> yeah? what town? >> port jeff? >> port jefferson. it's before i was born. >> they were writers for newsday, and they dreamed of being foreign correspondents. >> yes, and then they were, they went to england and, whoops, my mom got pregnant, is they had to come back. [laughter] >> it was years later when you started to notice some signs. there was one where you talk about you were with your father, it was one afternoon in 2004, my father was sitting on the living room couch when my mother came down the stairs naked. >> i wasn't there, but he told me about that, yeah. that was strange.
9:44 am
thought, oh, well, that's weird, you know? maybe she's stressed out or maybe she's tired, maybe she's working too harold, you know? it was actually at my wedding when i look back that we saw the first signs -- >> what did she -- >> how old was she? >> well, at the wedding he she was, like, 59. she got up to read a passage in the ceremony and couldn't get through it, was stumbling. >> and this is early onset of alzheimer's? >> she was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia. it most often starts with speech problems. and it's a very rare form of dementia. she was officially diagnosed when she was 62. >> in the book you struggle, you don't know what to do. how do you treat her? >> yeah. >> who watches her? how do you help her? >> yeah, exactly. and part of the problem was we were so isolated for so long. we didn't reach out to people, and that was because my mom was embarrassed. unfortunately, there's a stigma
9:45 am
often people who have it don't want to talk about it, and my mom certainly felt that way. so now, of course, i'm screaming from the hilltops, but i do believe that i would have had her blessing to tell this story. she was a fundraiser for the michael j. fox foundation for parkinsons, and she really admired him what he was doing with his story. and she raised millions of dollars for them talking about michael and his story, so i believe she would have been cheering me on. >> michael j. fox, by the way, forward by michael j. fox. >> yeah. he wrote a beautiful forward. he was the perfect person to do it. >> so when you see your mom, does she recognize you? >> she doesn't very up. it's hard to tell -- very often. she's non-verbal. but i saw her yesterday, and we had a really special visit. i showed her the book, and i told her i believed she was going to help a lot of people, and she responded to me with words which she's never -- i mean, i haven't heard her speak in a year and a half. >> wow.
9:46 am
help a lot of people, and she said, "i am," like that, which was huge. >> i heard you also sing to her a to lot. >> i do. music is a great way to communicate9 with her. playing songs that they listened to when they were well, when they were young, i played her a little brad paisley yesterday -- >> your husband's music. [laughter] >> fantastic. >> only to find her again, how so? >> my mom went into long-term care in 2012, and it was so painful for me to go visit her there. while she adjusted, and she was okay there. she was actually better at the home than she was alone with my dad at home. but it was so hard for me to visit because all i could think of was who she used to be, and that was torturous. but i had this revelation and talked to a couple friends of mine thatted that had really amazing communication and connection with their parents
9:47 am
and year of their lives, and i realized i was missing an opportunity to connect with her on a different level. i was able to let go of that sort of ghost of who she was and embrace this new person in front of me who was someone who was living in the moment, someone who had great moments of joy and emotion and who was still empathetic and vibrant in ways. and it was just really healing for me to embrace that new person in front of me. >> so beautiful. >> yeah. it's a beautiful book, "where the light gets in: losing my mother only to find her again." nice to see you. >> thank you so much. >> all right, next time you've got to come back and talk about nashville. >> well, i got shot through the heart. i don't know, maybe you need to catch up. >> are you dead? [laughter] >> i'm way dead. >> damn! >>
9:48 am
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>> the united states marine corps -- >> is that you? >> the best decision i ever made. >> you look good there. a young greg kelly. >> thank you. i was in the process of learning to fly that jet. they take care of their own. marines look out for marines. the marine corps law enforcement foundation, they raise money for the sons and daughters, their education, of marines who have died. who we've lost. >> last night they honored hedge fund manager steven cohen -- >> because this guy has been
9:51 am
he has given time and money, a lot, to the marine corps law enforcement foundation which, again, is all about helping the sons and daughters of fallen marines. >> yeah. with us this morning is the executive director of cohen veterans' network, anthony hasan. nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> what kind of work do you guys do? >> right now we're trying to address the problem. as you know, men and women have deployed over the last 14 years of war, they're still deployed, and when they come home, things aren't always easy. so we're trying to address the mental health challenges they bring home. about 40% of the men and women are not getting help. the veterans network is designed accessible, confidential care near their home. so we're building 25 clinics across the country to provide free mental health care to veterans and their families. >> that's beautiful. >> wow. >> in addition to what the marine corps law enforcement foundation does which i think is more geared toward education, tell us a little bit about
9:52 am
seems like -- well, he's got deep pockets. >> mythical in the hedge fund world, right? >> very philanthropic. >> i'm a very lucky man. $275 million, that's the largest single donor investment to the veterans a's cause that i know of. >> wow. >> he gave $275 million. >> we are taking $275 million of steve cohen's to to build these 25 clinics out across the country -- >> that's beautiful. >> over the next five years. >> and it's free? >> free mental health care. >> families aren't eligible for care in the v.a. we want to make -- we want to give them the opportunity to get care. free -- i'm not only going to provide you with free care, but i'm going to bring the care to your health through telehealth, and we'll give you a ride to the clinic. >> you need that kind of support. >> you're a vet, by the way. support from the commandant of the marine corps it looks like and the marine band? where was that? >> pardon me? >> did you have a big event last might?
9:53 am
>> and the top brass of the marine corps, they were there -- >> they were all -- >> honoring your boss. >> awesome. and my boss received the leadership award for all that she's done -- he's done. >> anthony, count us in, okay? whatever we can do to help. >> thank you so much. and thank you for your service and thank you for all you do -- >> well, thank you so much for what you're doing for our community. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and say hi to the boss, okay? >> i will. >> he's a fascinating guy. i'd love to talk to him.
9:54 am
take a quick
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@carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. >> donna, thank you for saying nice things about us on our fox 5ny facebook page. >> who wants to see a classic episode of the love boat featuring the cast of good day new york? [laughter] >> did you make this up, or did this really happen? >> i'm surprised you forgot, rosanna, because we each had
9:56 am
>> i do love that julie. >> remember that, huh? >> looking so good and handsome there. >> i did not like working with loni anderson. >> what? >> how about the village people? i thought those guys were fantastic. >> i personally liked charlie brown. how did he get invited to this? >> snoopy was so upset he wasn't included. anyway, what else happened? gavin mcleod was, there was something weird about him, captain steubing? he was just off, i thought, when we were on the show. there was just something weird about him. >> i didn't notice that. >> you know, the captain -- >> i didn't notice that. >> i thought he did too much socializing, not enough driving the ship. look at this freak. >> i have nothing -- [laughter] about him wanting to socialize. i think it's fantastic. and when there are drinks involved, it's even better. all right, listen, we're going live on our facebook page coming up in just a minute. thanks so much for watching. >> special thanks to isaac.
9:57 am
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it's the wendy williams show. >> they have come to play. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. with all due respect, high my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you so much for watching my show.


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