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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 7, 2016 10:06pm-11:00pm EDT

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announcer: at 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. steve: the democratic race taking a nasty turn. bernie sanders taking the gloves off in his battle with hillary clinton. tensions mounting as the it closer to the new york primary. less than two weeks away. dari: several candidates looking for votes today. sharon has more with today's campaign roundup. reporter: new york is turning out to be quite the battleground
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first, new yorkers are facing the strong competition. >> candidates are trying their best to look like regular new yorkers. ted cruz was in brooklyn. his gop rival dined on arthur avenue in the bronx. after a little bit of help, democrat hillary clinton rode the train uptown in rush-hour. >> i love it. it is the best way to get around and it's so convenient. reporter: new york's primary is less than two weeks away. ted cruz is trying to cut into the lead of donald trump. >> our friends in the media tell us that donald trump is unstoppable in new york state.
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the new york liberal who supported andrew cuomo and hillary clinton and chuck schumer for decades. reporter: cruz is trying to bounce back from his comment, something that donald trump reminded everyone of last month. >> looking at me, talking about new york values, thrown in his face with hatred of new york. so folks, i think that you can forget about him. reporter: democrats seem to be feeling the pressure to do well here. now he is accusing the other of not being ready for the oval office. >> maybe the american people can recover from this disastrous blunder. reporter: the new york primary is still april 19.
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the candidates during their big push. expect to see them crisscrossing the city and state in an effort to swing your primary voters and we will be following it for you. steve: rudy giuliani says that he's casting his ballot for donald trump, the two of them go way back. but he says don't take that as a formal endorsement. dari: it has been rather cold and very wet today. steve: where do we go from here, neck? nick: you're you have probably been hearing the rumors of some snow. and those rumors are true. it could affect parts of the area on saturday. a few rain showers to get through tonight.
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rockaways. showers scattered into the eastern sections of pennsylvania 60 earlier. mid-fifties around town. the wind is still a bit gusty out of the southwest. not as bad as earlier. gusts of about 25 miles per hour as the night goes along. take a look at the sky guardian 3-d. sharon is holding together. you will likely get some shower activity here on long island. trying to slide in from the west, couple more areas dying off to the far west. future cast showing a fair amount of clouds hanging in there for tomorrow. and then the next one comes in on saturday with some wet snow and rain regularly by mid-to-late morning. forty-three in town, 48 in the suburbs. so tomorrow morning. fifty-three in the afternoon and again, that is chilly for this
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dari: new surveillance video showing the suspect wanted in last month deadly bombing at brussels airport can be seen leaving the airport just moments after the bombs went off. walking the streets of a nearby town. the so-called man in the house was originally seen walking alongside the two suicide bombers dressed in black. carrying out the deadly bombings. another bomber struck at a brussels subway station. the attacks killed more than 30 people. steve: bill bratton taking action against high-ranking officers at the center of the georgia ei investigation. >> based on information we know today, we have modified and transferred the deputy chief. we have also transferred david cohen and eric rodriguez. steve: the "new york post" reporting that he accepted
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the ongoing investigation has been going on since last year. the commissioner says all department members with the rank of captain and above will be reminded of the roles including conflict of interest. dari: a mix of involving several funeral homes that have left her grieving family and even more pain. they say that there mothers are made have been lost. jennifer explains how such a mistake could happen in the first place. >> it is horrible. >> when consuelo died on march 22, her body was brought to the screen a home in new jersey for burial. and her family says that that is where the problem started. >> me and my husband and brother-in-law felt like that the owner wasn't happy doing what he had to do. and so i heard good things about this.
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worked with them. he was then taken to the funeral services and it was there that her family received shocking news and to make it even worse when they asked for the remains, the family was given the remains of another person. >> they can't earn back what they did and i'm sorry. >> after an exhaustive search, her son finally found what they believe to be their mothers remains in new jersey. but as it turned out ,-com,-com ma their heartbreaking hunt wasn't over. incredibly for a second time they were given someone else's remains. in a statement they write that it is broken by the responsibility to the family ended when the funeral home arrived at our funeral homes to remove mrs. rivera.
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their mother's death and still her sons cannot find her remains. they say by far the toughest part of entire ordeal is not being able to say goodbye. steve: demanding the department of education come up with new regulations to address violence in schools, claiming students have the constitutional right to be safe and that the doe has failed to do its job to protect them. >> the children are subject to violence. violence is increasing. we are seeing the tragic results almost daily. steve: the mayor's office released statements saying that
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do but school safety is showing us consistently that they can will continue to drive down crime in schools and keep all students and staff safe. and a 16-year-old boy was arrested for threatening a student with a dagger. it happened at newtown high school in elmhurst. he held a dagger to the throat of a 17-year-old girl and threatened to/her. the suspect has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon. harassment and medicine. dari: near bill de blasio expected to sign a bill putting limits on costume characters in times square. the city council passed legislation allowing the dot to restrict where they can panhandle throughout the city. the officials are saying they will have the zone in place by the beginning of the summer. steve: delays on the subway. outlying service changes on the lines. it comes a day after the audit by state controller's office found that the mta misled writers about just how late the "the force awakens" running
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service was less reliable in 2059 the year before. >> it is very frustrating. steve: they acknowledge the bias and delays but they say that it also includes misinterpretations, misunderstandings and outright misrepresentation. dari: uber agreeing to settle a civil lawsuit filed by district attorneys in los angeles and also san francisco, creating the company misled passengers about drivers background checks and also certain fees they will have to pay an additional $50 million if they don't comply with the terms of the agreement. steve: the senate blocked an amendment reducing size of seats on airplanes. the minimum amount of space for
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required, they would also have to post the size of their seeds on their website. >> for the first time in nearly a century the post office is lowering the price of stamps. starting sunday the cost of mailing a standard letter will be 2 cents cheaper going from 49 cents to 47 cents. the lower price was part of an agreement with congress. steve: healthy eating can lower your insurance premiums. john hancock is a first life insurance company to offer discounts for shopping for for healthy food. it's part of their program that rewards healthy living. policyholders receive points by shopping with the loyalty card. they also have discounts of cash back at dozens of grocery stores across the country. coming up next, american idol. >> the winner of american idol
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dari: taking you live to los angeles where he was crowned the final american idol. >> we had a very good family dynamic played out well on television's the one who could forget her love-hate relationship with simon cowell? we will have a one-on-one with paula abdul. dari: and the latest body
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how women are using iphone six >> it was the ultimate american idol reunion. a trip down memory lane. they hit the stage to kick off the series finale and crown the last american idol. julie chang has a more in los angeles right now.
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very emotional night. >> it is so good seeing you all the way in new york. i don't think they realize where we are talking to right now. we are live in new york. [cheers] >> we are waiting for the american idols to come out. in the meantime let's talk about this historic journey. tens of thousands of people tried out the season and millions have tried out over the course of last 15 years and all of that history wraps up to the contestants tonight and this very moment. >> the winner of american idol season 15 is trent harmon. [cheers] to i was inside the theater for that crowning moment.
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i could not help but think back to a story that he told me not to long ago. he said that his journey on american idol has been nothing short of a hollywood script. kids from a small tiny town in mississippi. both towns have fewer than 10,000 people in population. it just being the last standing on that stage, not to mention for the 15 season. he said this is who he would think if he won tonight. >> i thank god and my family and also american idol. they have done everything for us. we decide to show up insane. and it is just incredible what they have accomplished throughout this last 15 years. spawning 17 other untalented
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and i think i could just go on and on. we don't want to miss any of the other american idols. i'm told the final two will come out in 20 or 30 minutes or so. i am afraid that we won't have them. but another you guys are going to have them live on "good day new york" tomorrow morning. so it's not so terrible. so bittersweet about this moment. because i think that i was hired in new york at "fox 5 news" to cover entertainment but more so to cover american idol. so i just feel like it is a tiny way in which i have been a part of this journey. a big thanks to american idol and fox on new york for letting me live out my american idol dream. >> great seeing you as always. >> we thought you were going to be a contestant on your. >> i am not going to quit my daytime job. [laughter] >> thank you for singing.
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steve: is american idol judging is over? harry connick junior has a new daytime talk show that is expected to be a mix of music and comedy right here on "fox 5 news". dari: with the primary less than two weeks away, the candidates are fighting to see who can be most new york. we want to know what does it mean to be a real new yorker. >> state your name for the record speed to. dari: a first look at the new "star wars" movie today and why more and more studios are putting out a teaser trailers. fios is not cable.
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dari: lismore new york? .trump who is talking up his queens roots at a rally last night or a former senator, hillary clinton, or bernie sanders that was born in brooklyn? pulling out all the stops to show that they are worthy to be in new york's primary. steve: we sent mack king to talk
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new yorker. >> bernie sanders sound like a new yorker. >> he is a genuine renegade. >> billionaire donald trump spent here his entire life. >> according to ms. thomas, of the three presidential candidates with ties to new york only hillary clinton who served eight years qualifies as a new yorker. >> by the way she works and how she acted after 9/11 as well. >> new yorkers are known by
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all kinds of people. >> many identify them in vague terms. >> someone that is opinionated. it's an attitude. >> i think there is a hidden attitude, the better the new attitude. >> however you describe it seems to incorporate the ability to multitask and puzzle success of any situation and rebound from the setbacks. >> i read somewhere if you took a cab you're definitely a new yorker. >> it still may not guarantee them to be considered legitimately by fellow new
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news". dari: we cannot forget about our new york values. getting a new lift from a fresh take on a lingerie staple. it combines exports while with a more embellished elements of a fashion brought. it is becoming very popular. and women are using their iphone six to measure their knees to show how skinny they are. it went viral this week and has many concerned about body image problems. it is unclear whether the challenge is calling for an iphone six or hopefully does six plus. steve: national beer day that many love to celebrate. this is the scene of grand central station.
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special deals. getting all the way back to 1933. since then there has bloomed into a 106 billion-dollar your business with no end in sight. new craft breweries springing up every day, everywhere. >> movie studios have a new way to create their upcoming upcoming films previews. our reporter shows us how they are designed. >> good news for "star wars" fans today with the release of a teaser video for the new film. the beyond all that excitement, there is a lot of buzz about the idea of a trailer for a trailer. bottom line, hollywood is becoming a real tease. >> this is your first peek at the new film. a "star wars" story. but it won't be in theaters
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and this isn't even the full trailer. it is a teaser of the trailer. >> i like to see everything right on the side to that is what a trailer is supposed to do. many say that this is smart business. >> this is a little bit shorter than that and it gives a very broad glimpse of what is to come. >> i think it is just from the marketing standpoint that it's kind of genius. you give people little pieces of food before the meal. so just using him along. >> it appears to be a trend beyond "star wars."
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in cloverfield films. >> jj abrams is the master architect. he's he is the master of giving you these very big looks at his home. >> stay tuned and until then may the force of patients be with you. steve: backstreet is back, all right. i want it that way.
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say after that. [laughter] i feel like you mr. moment. [laughter] looking for another boy band. another middle-aged boy band. steve: what would it american idol have been without the lab will? revealing her favorite moment in
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dari: the backstreet boys are the latest music act to take up residency on the vegas strip. it is part of their upcoming
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ricky spears, jennifer lopez and others. >> lots of individuals. >> they have also set up shop in vegas. steve: they will not be performing in tomorrow's rock 'n roll hall of fame induction ceremony. founding member of ice cubes saying that they wanted to take their performance to the next level but organizers were not supportive and said that kendrick lamarr will induct the group tomorrow they say that they are totally appreciative for being inducted. dari:
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abdul really thinks about simon
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share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. dari: one of the original american idol judges, paula abdul. she was the nice one that often bickered with simon after one of his mean comments. simone boyce caught up with her to talk about her legacy. >> there would be no american idol without you. talk to me about some of your favorite memories. >> oh, my gosh. i have so many incredible
10:47 pm
just the fact that i was there from day one. >> that was back in 2002. the humble beginnings of a phenomenon. >> during her seven years on the panel she ushered in some of the biggest names. including kelly clarkson, jennifer hudson and carrie underwood. >> she left the show in 2009. and a huge void in her wake.
10:48 pm
generation of fans and a new tv family. i think you're patronizing me. >> i learned very quickly what it is like to have an annoying brother. and he was like from a different planet. we all have a unique entertaining personality family dynamic that played well on television.
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all the judges in the final half-hour. nick: lots of great memories. steve: i think that everyone who watched it casually thought oh, wow, i forgot about all of these people. nick: we could get some nicer weather for the weekend. we are going to have some cool weather. today is where we should be. only nine hundredths of an inch of rain in central part. ninety-two and 21 are the records. tomorrow there will be some of it out there in the morning but not really a lot. fifty-five, went out of the southwest. is sky is cloudy just kind of holding steady. highs for the day, readings that
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and in 50s as you move on long island. forty-seven and i flipped coming east end at 49. forty-three months. acta 55. occasionally gusting at 20 miles per hour and breezy. thirty is to the west. fiftys near the coast. storm heading towards canada and moving up sure. and that is moving on down as we get the wet snow and rain on saturday's forecast. in the 40s the released lunchtime, 53 tomorrow afternoon, below average for this time of year. late morning getting into rain and wet snow. it could be enough for the
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system moving along. nice on sunday but chilly bright and sunny. and then limited sunshine in the morning. fifty-three. rain and wet snow on saturday going back to 41. forty-five on sunday after a low of 29. fifty-seven, jumping to lower 60s with showers and i'm going down on wednesday and thursday. cool and maybe that will be last of it as we get some spring weather in here. steve: coming up next we have sports. >> i have your toyota traffic tracker. the right lane is going to be closed tomorrow from 7:00 a.m.
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>> how you doing, everyone? ett needs in the sands in the bronx this afternoon. this 26-year-old shortstop continued to swing collecting two more hits. batting 583, eight runs batted in. a man on third. alex rodriguez in the center. calling the yankees up five apiece. and then here in the bottom of the seventh continuing and he went the opposite way for a bye-bye, so long, farewell job. second of the season, making it 8-5. that is your final in the bronx. now heading to motown with the tigers this weekend and they play with the phillies this
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at citi field. down in augusta, georgia. picking up where he left off. and the lightning strikes the doubles by the score of 4-2. steve: that is yours news for tonight.
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so, are we ever gonna hang out with this girl? i'd love that, but she's not really comfortable around people. yeah, i used to be uncomfortable around people, but then i learned a trick. i pretend everyone i meet is a beloved character from star trek. how's that been working for you? oh, like a charm, unnamed crewman in a red shirt. leonard, i may have gotten you a job. i have a job. sheldon: yes, he does. he caters to my every whim. no, in a couple of weeks, stephen hawking's team is sending an expedition to the north sea to test hydrodynamic simulations of black holes. one of their experimental physicists dropped out, and i recommended you. well, do you really think i have a shot? yeah, i've worked with hawking. i talked you up. he knows your research. i think this could happen. he knows-- wow! well, now, but do you think that's a good idea?


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