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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  April 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> there are three tests that anybody asking for your vote for president should have to meet. the first, can you make real positive differences in people's lives? don't just make promises. deliver results. >> reporter: sanders trails clinton big in the latest poll, down 56 to 38. but he's hoping he can close that gap before the primary on the 19th. >> there is a democratic primary coming up soon. we can win this primary. >> reporter: now, next up for bernie sanders is a rally in greenpoint starting soon. hillary clinton, a rally in rochester at 6:00 p.m. it's all out in the empire state for the democratic candidates. much. family members of sandy hook victims gathered on the steps of city hall to discuss the personal impact of bernie sanders' gun record.
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the daily news he does not support a connecticut lawsuit filed by the families of the school shooting victims who are seeking to hold gun manufacturers liable for the massacre. family members say sanders owes them an apology, claiming he dismissed their concerns. it was a quiet day for the republican presidential candidates as only governor john kasich was on the campaign trail today. dari: the frontrunner, donald trump, though has cancelled events in colorado and california today. he was scheduled for a press conference in l.a. but will stay in new york to campaign. no reason was given. >> john kasich held a town hall gathering at sacred heart university in fairfield. he is the first candidate to campaign in the state. connecticut's primary is set for april 26th. dari: ted cruz didn't hold any public events today. his campaign did get some good news. they raised 12-1/2 million dollars in march.
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we have this developing now. new york state's top cop has unexpectedly resigned. he reportedly tendered his resignation as superintendent of the new york state police this morning. no word on what prompted the decision. sources tell the post he has not been asked to resign. prior to his role in albany, he served 27 years with the nypd and was a deputy chief in 2007. christina: the nypd is investigating a slashing at a greenwich village subway station. a man in his 50s was on the 6 train platform just before 3:30 a.m. when he was slashed in the neck and hand. the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect took off. so far, no arrests have been made. dari: a man suspected in last month's terror attacks in brussels is now in police custody. mohamed abrini was captured in a terror sweep in belgium in the capital.
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believe he is the man in the hat shown in surveillance footage with two suicide bombers at the brussels airport just before the blast. he is also suspected of having played a key role in the paris attacks that happened last november, which left 130 people dead. christina: pope francis wants the catholic church to be more welcoming and less judgmental. dari: sharon crowley has more on the pontiff's plea for compassion. >> reporter: pope francis makes worldwide news calling for catholics to be less judgmental. the pontiff details his positions in a lengthy document called the joy of love. he doesn't change church doctrine, but shifts the tone, addressing sex, marriage, divorce and love. >> don't use more rules, as he says, as stones to throw at people. don't just apply rules to people. listen to where they are. >> reporter: he stresses couples need to look to their conscience when deciding how many children to have and suggests being kirnd
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the pontiff did not say whether divorced and remarried couples should be able to receive communion but indicated it goes against the notion of stance. >> he asked people to take people where they are and to appreciate the complexity of their lives and how they struggle. we need to meet people where they are. >> reporter: his message reflects tolerance and kindness. >> ultimately the pope reminds us that god speaks to us powerfully in our hearts and our consciences. we have to take that seriously, which has been something that's been forgotten in past decades. >> reporter: catholics seemed to welcome a more accepting pope. >> we have to extend and find ways to embrace. >> your stances in terms of marriage should not interfere with your whole development of
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>> he's moving in the right direction. >> reporter: the bottom line is the pope wants catholics, including clergy, to deepen their personal relationship with god on all matters, including gender and feminism. he says the aim is to integrate, not alienate. dari: without a doubt. hopping on a plane should cost the same, no matter when you're buying the ticket. we know that's never the case. now one lawmaker wants to change that. >> antwan lewis tells us how a senator is trying to put an end to price gouging. >> concerns for price gouging has bob menendez crying foul. >> it comes in the form of higher costs for buying a multi city trip. >> reporter: he and his staff
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liberty to san francisco with a connection in l.a. using a single round trip ticket and three one-way fares. round trip came in at 1141. the one way tickets amounted to just over 600, a difference of $521. >> that makes no sense. you're riding the same plane with the same crew using the same amount of jet fuel, even sitting maybe in the same seat. it shouldn't cost hundreds of dollars more. >> reporter: he says delta, united and american are the worst offenders and the discrepancies became evident last month. he asked the u.s. department of transportation to open an investigation, adding the industry is pursuing sky high profits at the expense of travelers dealing with endless extra fees. american airlines said the call for an investigation is unfounded. united disagreeing. here's what flyers at newark-liberty had to say. >> how come one time the seat is 800.
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it does happen. >> right now these plane tickets are really expensive. >> join all the clubs. join the sky delta, jetblue, hawaii airlines. join them and you'll get special e-mails on special rates. >> reporter: antwan lewis, fox 5 news. dari: well, it's the day mets fans have been waiting for, opening day at citi field. >> expectations are high this season after the team's surprise run to the world series. russ salzberg joins us live from citi field with more. russ: how you doing? let me say this. fortunately, it wasn't as cold as it was in the bronx for the yankees home opener on tuesday, but nonetheless, let's just say it was a bit chilly here at citi field for today's mets home opener. mind you, i tell you what, mets fans had a chance for a nice warm feeling because three very
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hoist the 2015 national league championship flag to start the day. then to the game. bottom 2. crowd getting a chance to be warmed up. bases loaded. nobody out. there was a ground out to second. a 1-nothing lead on the phillies. after they tied the score in the top of the 6th, bottom 6th, following a lead off double, neil walker sends him home from second. 2-1 mets. not for long. up steps michael who ripped a double into right, sending walker home from 1. 3-1 mets. the mets were not done. bottom 7th. neil walker coming through again. this time with the bases loaded. it's a single giving him the fourth rbi in three games. they would score three more in
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a 7-2 home opener victory. terry collins after the game, excited to have the home opener behind him. >> 2015 is over. and fortunately today hopefully we're very, very excited. a great crowd. opening day should bring that. with what we accomplished last year, there was a lot of excitement. we've got to get focused on the remaining 159 games we have. i'm glad we won. glad our fans got to see us win, are excited. we plan on winning a lot more. but now it's time to focus on 2016 for sure. russ: one minor note. the pitcher starting pitcher taken out of the 6th. he seems to be okay. that's it from here. back to you. dari: thank you. younger may not be better when it comes to finding a job.
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why it may be easier to land a great gig later in life. dari: get ready to dish out more to binge watch your favorite shows. netflix, it's no longer going to be what you think it's going to
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dari: we are all business.
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dari: all women, all business today. looking for work is overwhelming at any age, but this is good news. christina: older workers might have an advantage in the current economy. alison morris is here to explain. that's wonderful news. >> reporter: there's a long held notion if you lose your job and you're older, that you're in trouble. we are here to bust that myth. people thought the closer you get to retirement age, the less employable you may be. for years that may have been true. what we're seeing in this economy is a lot of young and inexperienced workers, the millennials we talk about, and we're seeing fewer senior workers with valuable experience. >> there's a lot of opportunities out there for people of all ages. >> reporter: think you're in trouble if you lose your job later in life? the district president of robert hess staffing agency says age could be an economy. >> now that the stock market has recovered, a lot of individuals that put off retirement are retiring.
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level of individuals in the marketplace. >> reporter: older workers are extremely valuable. they just need to know how to market themselves. >> they've got a breadth of skills. they've worked and done a lot of things. they should be really confident to showcase those opportunities, let them know how to coach and mentor and develop other individuals in the organization that hasn't had as many years of experience. >> reporter: if you've been let go after working for years, remember the job hunting game has changed a lot. make sure you're networking online and in person and putting your resume online and on paper. >> some people like their paper. other people will only have technology. you might go to swap a business card with someone that pulls out their phone. you have to be prepared. >> customer service is a hot industry with a lot of job openings, even if you don't have prior experience. >> if you're a strong communicator, willing to work hard, willing to be trained, organizations are hiring
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them on their systems, on their product, on their services, and really helping individuals understand what it's like to be a customer service representative at that company. >> reporter: and it's not just customer service. this week alone, dawn showed me openings in accounting, i.t., graphic design. a lot of these are not entry level jobs. they're looking for people with past experience. don't be discouraged by your age. people who are older go in and think that's going to be an issue when it's not, so they're not confident in their meetings. they don't really fight for themselves. that's the problem. dari: that's right. christina: like a self-fulfilling prophecy. all about the confidence. dari: there's value at every age. think about it. it's a good thing nick knows what he's doing. he's got it going on. >> reporter: speaking of people with great experience. nick: well, i'll take the compliment. dari: we want you to have that compliment and we want you to get that right. it's not really the nicest forecast coming up.
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coming into play as we go into the weekend. while we only got to 50 today, that should be a sign we're below average in the temperatures. 58 should be the average high. we touched the average low this morning. record high 90. record low 25. we might be close to a record low sunday morning as the cold air pours in. don't expect to see sun tomorrow. right now clouds are thickening up. 46 degrees. the pressure is 29.67. it is holding steady. as the clouds move back in tonight, nothing nearby on fox 5 sky guardian. our storm system is well off to the west in the ohio valley. it has some time before it gets here. it's been a chilly day. the wind a factor, too. the breeze gusty out of the west. that kept a chill in the air with temperatures in the 40s to 50 as you went from the hudson valley to newark and lower 50s on long island. right now the temperatures are holding in the 40s and that's where we'll hold the next couple
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we're down 10, 11 degrees or so a lot of places from 24 hours ago. there's the westerly wind, breezy. it will stay breezy the first half of the night. then it will get gusty tomorrow as the storm center comes from the west. we have this break here. the snow showers stay to the north. this storm center is the one we're watching. it will be diving south and eastward and track along that direction here. so the result will be clouds tomorrow. by mid to late morning, rain and wet snow will develop. that will take us into the afternoon and probably end as a period of snow in the evening as it turns older again. it could accumulate a coating to an inch, maybe as much as two inches north and west of the city. we're talking the colder surfaces. the roads will be okay although they may get slippery tomorrow night. 30s to 40 middle of the day, ending with snow in the evening. take a look at the futurecast. we'll clear out tomorrow night. sunday, bright and sunny, a little breezy, back in the mid
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we'll watch the next system approach. that's going to get going for some unsettled weather here monday and tuesday. but it will be warmer. we'll be talking about rain in the forecast. freeze watch isn't for tonight. that's for saturday night into sunday mork ning. lots of clouds. rain and wet snow develops by mid to late morning. expect a coating to an inch on the colder surfaces. we only get to 40 or 42 tomorrow. 46 sunday. breezy morning. 29 in town. teens in the suburbs. back in the 50s monday and tuesday. it will rain both of those days and stay in the mid 50s wednesday and thursday and maybe we'll start turning the corner and get milder by the time we get to friday. maybe. christina: maybe. dari: we have to turn the corner at some point. nick: we always do. dari: thank you. christina: netflix customers will be paying more to watch their favorite movies and shows. dari: beginning in may, about 17
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monthly bill jump from 7.99 to 9.99. last year netflix increased prices for all new customers to 9.99, but those with accounts were able to wait out the hike until next month. premium netflix account members will also see their costs rise to 11.99 a month. netflix notes it is planning more original programming during the year. and they rocked their way into the history books. christina: certainly did. the deserving artists being added to the rock 'n roll hall of fame next. every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members
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christina: barclay center is getting ready to rock tonight for the rock 'n roll hall of fame induction ceremony. dari: simone boyce is here to tell us about the event that turns legendary artists in icon. >> reporter: so cool it's going down in our hometown. very exciting. the majority of the inductees are what you'd expect from the rock 'n roll hall of fame. nwa is shaking things up just as they always have.
5:23 pm
pic straight outta compton may have been shut out but... it's a huge box office success. it's come at a time when a lot of the issues they were talking about in '89, '88, '89, are still relevant. >> reporter: he doesn't doubt the film's commercial success nudged 700 voters towards capping nwa as the fifth group to join the rock 'n roll hall of fame. >> the main ones have been public enemy and run dmc. and beastie boys were inducted, too. >> reporter: that's because the definition of rock 'n roll is evolving. >> it isn't just about white guys with guitars. rock 'n roll is not just a certain kind of music. it's a state of mind. >> reporter: the other four inductees evoke a traditional
5:24 pm
>> chicago, steve miller, cheap trick and we've got deep purple. i think it's great to have nwa offset that and have something with a contemporary feel to it. >> reporter: straight outta compton renewed interest in the ground-breaking first album of the same name, which lives on as one of the most important albums in hip-hop if not music period. >> the musical legendary continues. kendrick lamar is a perfect example. he can from compton. he grew up and now he is trying to address those similar problems. so it makes sense he'll induct them. >> reporter: a lot of people were hoping he might take the stage with nwa tonight and replace easy e but not going to happen. ice cube told the "new york times" he expects the living members to reunite tonight. unfortunately, they will not be
5:25 pm
cube claimed they weren't able to put on the type of show they imagined, so they'd rather not do it. no disrespect to the voters who are giving them this huge honor, but they'd rather leave it with that, with the honor. dari: a great night anyway. >> reporter: exactly. christina: going to be exciting. dari: thank you. this is fantastic. a four-month-old boy seeing his mom clearly for the first time. christina: his reaction couldn't be any more adorable. >> hi, honey. hi, honey. christina: he was born with a vision. he was fitted with rubber baby safe specs. stop -- dari: look at that. christina: grinning from ear to ear. dari: wow. christina: a touching moment. it was posted on youtube. he's starting to reach for things and is seeing the world so differently.
5:26 pm
having a bad day, look at video like that. that changes it all. christina: delicious. dari: delicious. christina: two college roommates teaming up to fight poverty. dari: how they're making a difference in the lives of others in between classes. [ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn' t look good. no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt. it' s like lugging this around... it' s dragging down your fuel economy. [ breaking glass ] but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. [ scrubbing bristles ] so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i' ll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate... our best fuel ever! at stop & shop, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you
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christina: there's a connection between a recent ponzi scheme arrest and the ongoing nypd corruption probe. the fbi is investigating four high ranking nypd officers for allegedly accepting gifts and cash from a brooklyn businessman and real estate investor. minutes ago, a source close to the investigation told fox 5 there is a connection between this case and a former restaurant owner in georgia. he allegedly took more than $12 million from investors and used that money to repay other investors for personal expenses. he's charged with wire fraud. dari: election day is quickly approaching and the campaign commercials, you know they're hot and heavy. christina: they are. but who are the ads aimed at? stacey delikat takes a look at who the candidates are trying to target. >> i'm hillary clinton and i
5:30 pm
>> i'm bernie sanders and i approved this message. >> reporter: you'll see the majority of ads on local stations from the democrats as the battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders heats up, both trying to appeal to new yorkers and the black lives matter movement. >> trayvon martin, shot to death. >> reporter: clinton's ad is narrated by morgan freeman and shows her speaking up for victims of police brutality. >> i got to see my dad die on national tv. >> reporter: in this ad eric garner's daughter gives a moving endorsement of sanders. >> i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. >> i think that's a really strong gamble in terms of bernie going after hillary's base of african-americans.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: james cooper says the spots are successful at tapping into emotion. >> it is designed to activate people to get up and vote. usually the best motivator is emotion. >> reporter: will it sway votes or win over undecided voters? >> if you're an african-american person and who is this bernie sanders, who the hell is he, you see an ad with eric garner's daughter, it might affect you. >> reporter: siegel strategies has worked on campaigns including hillary's 2008 run. >> they're good ads if they grab your attention and evoke an emotion, if they speak to you. then they can work. >> reporter: whether or not the ads translate to votes, expect to see more and more of them as we get closer to april 19th and the candidates fight it out for each and every vote.
5:32 pm
christina: two students at fordham university are running a business in between homework and exams. dari: liz dahlem shows us how they're profiting personally and financially while helping others. >> reporter: fordham university juniors are roommates and best friends. >> we spend all of our time together. >> reporter: they're also international business partners. >> i'm going to do an inventory dashboard. >> reporter: after a service trip to the dominican republic, they noticed local artisans were relying solely on tourists to make money and came up with an idea. >> they had a market system that was really dependent on tourists coming through. it wasn't a sustainable source of income. they had really cool stuff. they were like you should take stuff and sell it to your friends. i text'd her and said we ought to do this. >> they launched radiate market. they buy from a dozen different artisans and sell their products
5:33 pm
>> we work with a women's cooperative and they make the seed beads jewelry. this artist using fabrics and weaves it to maik ke pillow cases. >> reporter: and this haitian immigrant couldn't find work. now he sells their work. he's been able to create a better life. >> he's got a bigger, nicer house with a more substantial work space for the stuff he makes with us. he has a new motorcycle. >> reporter: they run the business out of the fordham foundry, a student business incubator across the street from campus. on top of their regular class load, they do all of the bookkeeping, inventory, and shipping themselves. neither of them is a business major, but they have nearly
5:34 pm
and more than $7,000 in sales in just six months. >> the greatest measure is how big of orders can we give to them and how reliable can we be? that's a huge part. >> we're so passionate about what we're doing. i can't imagine doing anything else. >> reporter: once they graduate, they plan to keep the business going and want to start working with local immigrant artisans here in the bronx and throughout the city. from fordham university, liz dahlem, fox 5 news. dari: wow. that's pretty impressive for them to do that. >> the wait is over. hot 97 summer jam lineup officially announced. christina: we'll tell you the big names hitting the stage coming up. dari: first, here's tonight's new york minute.
5:35 pm
show where we're going to have a showcasing all dominican actors. dari: it is now underway. the last day is tomorrow. if you go, you'll get a chance to meet the featured artists. tickets are $10 and you'll get them at art >> a new exhibit you'll see viking ships and bits of culture. today it was visited by actual vikings. >> we're descendants. they've come to see the vikings exhibition here at discovery times square, getting in touch with their ancestry. they're going to try our interactives. they'll test the weight of a viking sword. tomorrow they'll be taking part in the spartan day parade. dari: you'll find out more about
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dari: summer jam is just around the corner and fans are finding out who will grace the main stage. christina: jessica was at the hot 97 studio today for the big announcement. >> reporter: this morning they gave away the names of nine artists who be hitting the
5:39 pm
it is said to be the biggest hip-hop concert around. >> like we do every year, every single year, summer jam never disappoints. >> reporter: for 23 years, they've been hosting summer jam. last year, fat joe, chris brown took over the sold out concert. about 58,000 people packed metlife stadium. >> summer jam is one big party. i think every time we have artists, every one wants to outdo each other. they plan little surprises. >> reporter: the rest of the crew gathered together in the same booth to announce the highly anticipated lineup. >> young thug, asap rocky, push it t, big sean and good music.
5:40 pm
bigger than last year? >> we try to do it bigger than the year before. i think if you're -- if you've been coming to summer jam for 23 years, you'll probably remember some moments where you're like they'll never outdo jay z and michael jackson. that's hard to do. i think if this is one of your first concert experiences, it will probably be the biggest thing you've ever seen. >> artists just show up. jay z, rihanna. >> reporter: there's more announcements to come and the summer jam is june 5th. i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. dari: gym rats, beware that workout equipment may be dirtier than you think it is. christina: actually filthy. why you should worry about all those gym germs coming up. dari: from college cooking to a hometown hotspot. kerry drew has the dish on turtle and the wolf.
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5:44 pm
illegal conversion of a commercial space to residential units. the mayor's office says it's committed to getting to the bottom of what happened and holding accountable anybody who needs to be. christina: in your fox 5 health news, your morning cup of coffee may do more help than waking you up. it can also improve reaction times, especially in older adults. dari: joining us is dr. kerri peterson from lenox hill hospital. thank you for being here. sounds very promising >> i love caffeine. it is the most common stimulant in the world. and now the question is does it help people who suffer from dementia? these researchers decided to look at can it improve cognitive reaction times in healthy adults. if they find that to be the case, studies will look at people that are cognitively impaired.
5:45 pm
adults and gave them tasks to do action things like showing them a red sign on a screen and they have to touch the red or blue button. they timed the reaction. there was absolutely a difference when they were given caffeinated tablets versus decaffeinated tablets. now it's being studied in patients with multiple sclerosis and parkinson's and eventually patients with dementia to be on medication instead of a morning cocktail. dari: there's nothing like the brew and the smell and all that. christina: maybe on time release? do they have to continue drinking through the day? what's the recommended dosage? >> they did 65 to 100 milligrams, which is smaller than a cup of coffee. dari: i'm a germ-a-phobe. the gym is loaded with germs. we know this even though you
5:46 pm
especially on free weights. researchers say they have more than 300 times more bacteria than a public toilet. no. [indiscernible - talking over one another] >> the free weights are the dirtiest of anything in the gym, worse than the bikes and treadmills, which makes sense. everyone that lifts the barbells, you don't see them wiping down the handles. they can be dangerous germs. 63 percent is the common cold. the biggest concern is mrsa. put the towel down on equipment. don't touch your face in a gym. don't touch your face in a gym. i can't say that enough. as soon as you're finished working out, go to the sink and wash your hands and even change your clothes right away. you'll carry the germs on you or
5:47 pm
you mentioned 62 times more than a toilet. bikes are 39 times more dirty than a cafeteria tray and treadmills 75 times more dirty than the faucet handle. christina: how can it be dirtier than a toilet seat? >> they don't get cleaned. dari: there's your excuse to not do anything. >> don't touch your face. >> and towel on the equipment. dari: i hear a run on the dvd's and working out in the living room. >> bathe in clorox. dari: do you believe this, nick? nick: you grossed me out. workout gloves. but make sure you clean those at some point. you can't escape it is what it sounds like. dari: you're sweaty. the pores are open. yikes. nick: i don't know. work out at home. what do we have here? temperatures that have been
5:48 pm
we should be in the upper 50s. 40 to 50 in new york city. that was the high in midtown. again, north and west didn't get out of the 40s albany to williamsport and 30s to buffalo and we're still on track for some wet snow and rain as we move into tomorrow with the storm system coming in from the west. right now nothing on fox 5 sky guardian to be of concern. the clouds will be increasing as the night goes along. figure by late to mid-morning, that's the timeframe for this to begin as it moves from west to east. these snow showers you see on the northeast satellite radar composite is going to advance to the north. this area is just breaking ground across michigan into the ohio valley through columbus, that's will be arriving here tomorrow morning and last into the first half of tomorrow evening. right now we're in the 40s from poughkeepsie to sussex down towards newark. 36 at monticello. back to 47 bridgeport and islip and middle 40s towards eastern long island. we're finding the westerly wind, which has been a factor of
5:49 pm
it's been gusty. 15 to 25-plus, occasionally 35 miles an hour. that's really put a chill in the area. the wind will diminish. the breeze will kick up again as we get into tomorrow afternoon with the storm center making its approach to the south. let's look at the big picture. this one storm is heading to the north and east. no concern. this is the next one that will be moving in our direction. it will be sliding to the south and east as we head into much of tomorrow into the first part of tomorrow night. we'll get better weather for sunday for one day because as we head into the early part of next week, we'll have trouble again. are we talking accumulating snow? possibly. maybe a coating, up to an inch on the colder surfaces, the grassy areas. there could be two inches that might fall in some of the chillier spots north and west of the city, particularly west of the city. we'll see how that unfolds as we head into tomorrow.
5:50 pm
look at the blues chicago to the northeast. new york, 42 tomorrow. 50s atlanta. a lot of 70s moving through the plains states. we'll find the clouds thickening up tonight. tomorrow morning, the precipitation moving in about mid-morning. a combination of rain and wet snow likely going to all snow tomorrow evening before it ends and pulls out of here. the sky clears out late on saturday night. cold. it will be in the 20s in the city. sunday, beautiful, sunshine, with a gusty breeze. it will be chilly, back into the mid and upper 40s sunday and you see the clouds coming back sunday night. 27 in the suburbs tonight. 37 in midtown. a fair amount of clouds with a north wind. tomorrow, rain and snow starting mid to late morning, ending in the evening. maybe a coating to an inch in some spots. that will be the average. not a big storm, but you get the
5:51 pm
42 tomorrow. sunny, breezy, 46 sunday after a low of 29. occasional rain, staying in the mid 50s, drying out wednesday, thursday. dari: stay inside tomorrow. christina: don't touch your face. dari: we're still obsessing about the germ thing. christina: triggered ocd. dari: here hungry. a restaurant in new jersey is sticking to its hometown roots. christina: kerry drew introduces us to turtle and the wolf in the latest edition of "the dish." >> reporter: for this chef, opening the first restaurant, turtle and the wolf in upper montclair was like coming home. >> it's nice to walk down the street and have the familiarity and say i've come full circle. this is where it started.
5:52 pm
>> it was an idea he and his friend came up years ago when cooking in college. >> i don't know if we knew we'd end up opening a restaurant. it was the start of the conversation. over a beer a couple of years ago, he was like we talked about this a long time ago. let's start considering doing it. and we kind of stumbled upon this space and went for it. >> reporter: everything about the place celebrates upper montclair, from the name, which references the history of the town, to the art on the wall. >> this is a local artist named tom. somebody said it was a great first date place. you can point out an interesting piece and start a conversation that way. >> reporter: or the conversation might turn to the food. >> i really love the home cooked nature of a lot of food that is southern that is being with family, being with friends, being at home at the stove and having that.
5:53 pm
is the shrimp and grits. he starts with shrimp stock. >> we make that by roasting off some whole shrimp and add some vegetables, carrots, celery, onions, and a bunch of peppers. we let that roast together, add tomatoes, white wine, brandy, and then some chicken stock to give it some body. we let it simmer for 20, 25 minutes to get the flavors together. that's going to be the sauce for the dish. >> reporter: next on to the grits. >> we've taken white grits, cooked them with water, added butter and cream, nice and creamy. >> reporter: then he poaches an egg. egg. >> it was a dish from spain.
5:54 pm
then cooks the shrimp in the shrimp stock. when everything is ready, he plates the dish, layering the ingredients to create a complex mix of color, flavor and texture texture. >> i try to get a little bit of everything in one bite. >> reporter: yum. this is a winner. it gets high marks from new customers and old friends. >> a lot of my friends come in and have the shrimp and grits. we have the open kitchen. it's cool to see that, the immediate gratification, people calling to make reservations and say is this lauren? i haven't seen you in 15 years, we used to play hockey together. >> reporter: a former hockey player now scoring in the kitchen. for the dish, i'm kerry drew. dari: we have to figure out what our dish is. since we're at dinner time.
5:55 pm
christina: we'll see you at 10:00. here's ernie anastos with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you christina and dari. we have a lot to tell you about. paying women the same as men. how gender inequality really impacts women's wallets. we'll talk about that. and robert de niro's next production isn't starting on broadway. we'll take you to new jersey's paper mill playhouse. all that and more coming up at 6:00 and i hope you'll join us. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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5:59 pm
our lidia curanaj is joining us right now with a new report that shows the impact of this gender pay gap. >> reporter: unfortunately, this is not anything new. this report finds that over a lifetime, the average woman will earn nearly a half million dollars less than her male counterpart. it's 2016, yet when it comes to the pay gap between men and women, we're apparently still decades away from real progress. >> we know that in '63, we were at 59 cents to the dollar. we're now at 79 cents. we got a raise. but it's still unfair. and what this report shows, if we continue at the same rate, it will be 2059 before women get the same equal treatment. >> reporter: released today by congresswoman carolyn maloney, the report, gender pay inequality, examined the pay gap and its effect on women, families and the economy. >> reporter: right now the
6:00 pm
countries that does not give paid leave for the birth of a child. we're with new guinea. >> the women's soccer league filed a complaint requesting an investigation into the pay disparity between male and female players. today's study found that lifetime lower earnings hit women especially hard in retirement. heidi heartman, president of the institute on public policy, says in order for the pay gap to close, at the very least laws must be enacted and corporations held accountable. >> all of them with equal pay would reduce poverty by half in the united states. it would be tremendously important for improving the standard of living of so many people in america. ernie: this issue has so many consequences. >> reporter: absolutely. it affects women once they hit retirement age. according to the study, women are twice as likely more than men to live in poverty. it's because of the wage gap.


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