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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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that this morning. all the candidates crisscrossed the empire state to make some games . juliet: it is monday morning. april 11. thank you for being with us. ben: is 5:00 straight up. good morning . juliet: good morning. ben: you are in florida for the weekend? i bet it was beautiful. it was snowing here . juliet: did snow? mike: there were wet notes snowflakes. it was like hard-core snowing in new jersey. we were talking about the possibility and we said it would be out there but you made it ! the roads were fine but it
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april we are done! >> this week looks good. the next couple days are little bit gray or white. here's the high temperatures. yesterday was a beautiful day with sunny skies . it's showing up on the radar all over the place but it's late stuff that takes a while for the air to saturate. they are getting some scattered showers as we head into the morning commute. we have 440 at central park in the same thing in newark . it's 41 in sussex and 360 in monticello.
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cold that we are frozen precipitation and we have rainfall that will be dealing with as we head into the day. we start out with putnam county. it looks good out of the tie contract. new jersey transit wraps up from the weekend. it's back to normal with
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amanda baggio plays this morning with an investigation into his fundraising activities. >> he joins us live from city hall. >> the mayor is assisting saying that he has seen four officers demoted. whether or not you believe it , one thing seems certain stars the scandal is growing.>> i haven't heard anything about any investigation that hasn't been question posed to me or my team. >> the mayor assist if there is a federal probe into the fundraising no one told him. >> do you believe you will be cleared of anything? >> we have no information about the investigation happening to begin with.
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treated them for favors. it's the mist of the sprawling investigation by the ei and the us attorney. it involves tubes to businessmen . they are both political donors with ties to the mayor. >> he directed 50,000 to the non-for profit and 10,000 to his campaign. >> everything we have done is appropriately with many layers. >> the quick vocal investigation is top ranking nypd. the mayor announced that he was returning the donations. sunday he says he is not even that close to the two men ask haven't seen them in the past year or more. >> now, if you are keeping track, the grand jury is convened and none of the main players, including the
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officers , no one has yet been charged with a crime . >> that's the latest from city hall. >> thank you very much. >> you decide the long island to rochester and they are all over the empire state . >> robert moses has latest on the tivoli from over the weekend. good morning. >> good to see you both. hard to remember a primary when so much attention was lavished on the work. the results of the primary might be in little doubt. the polls show its strength and clinton's to lose and delegate counts as what's key. competitors can pick up enough to deny the convention. >> with eight days to go, the prime the candidates are in a new york state of mind. today, clinton visits port
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on preventing violence. she will be in holbrook for the democratic annual spring dinner. clinton has been heavily focused on the work for days . she and her husband visited churches in the city yesterday. >> i do not think obama gets the credit he deserves for digging us out of the ditch. >> this is where the republicans dropped us into. >> bernie sanders campaigns of state with visits to binghamton and buffalo. yesterday he went to nathan's hot dog slathered with sauerkraut. >> one of the differences is a pretty important one how we raise money for the campaign. >> the news poll shows clinton leading sanders in the empire state along
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37%. rochester will bloom again. it will bloom again. >> the whole country is going to bloom again! >> trunk criticize the boston globe for publishing the front page. they envision what a presidency would look like. deportations were ablaze across the page and trunk called the paper stupid. >> his republican competitor would be busy on the trail today in case it would be upstate and albany. crews will be in california. >> the new associated press poll shows americans trust hillary clinton more than they do donald trump on issues like immigration , healthcare and supreme court justice nominations. if you are a political above, you come to the right place.
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anticipation building for the debate on thursday between clinton and sanders at the brooklyn navy yard. it takes place in park. i am already anticipating having to adjust my sleep schedule accordingly. >> thank you very much. >> we are learning more about a shooting outside of the campus that left one person dead. another person was injured when shots were fired around 10:00. this happened near central avenue and police were called . no word yet if they were students.three people are in custody marking the 25th homicide in new york so much this year. >> two men are recovering after crashing their small plane. >> it was a single engine plane crashing in the middle of the revenue around 7:00 last night. firefighters got the two men out of the plane and the pilot was burning. the paper 28 experienced
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trying to return back to the airport that was nearby when it clipped a tree and hit a utility pole.the witness describes the scene. >> i was looking out my window and installed. it was twisted around it landed . >> he clipper his pilot and he is in serious condition with two broken legs. it's a head injury. the passenger was michael rome and he is expected to be okay . no one on the ground was injured. >> still to come the latest on the road rage of will smith.>> mike is keeping track of the forecasts. >> when will we see really nice weather? >> defined really nice. >> 70s is not near. it does get back to normal. the next couple days are
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we'll have cloudy skies now in central park and 450. mostly cloudy at this point we will see scattered showers coming through the part of the day. it won't be as cool as it was. we get the weather at where you can zoom in on. find out what's going on with the rain. it's free! will be back i little bit. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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feverishly tweeting. >> i don't know if i've ever seen more reaction to a question that i've asked about this window rule. if you sit at the window on the plane you don't pay more money for it unless i'm missing something? don't think you do. >> unless you are in a premium row and then i think all the seats are window seats. >> there are other people in your row where we have a regulation where you are supposed to be able to look out the window and have the shades up when you are landing. >> landing and take off, the window shade is supposed to be up. >> put the laws aside what about the other people in the aisle that make you nauseous?
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in and they can't get the seat because they are taken. it's a matter of consideration people. >> if you do not ask me i might not know. >> that make sense. >> just speak up . >> that's your message? >> is it a comfortable day? are we back to normal? >> we are going back to it today. we have average highs at 590 and we dropped it down to 440 . it looks like a typical day gauge. we are looking at showers that are falling from the cloud base . cloudy skies at central park and when coming from the south at 10 miles per hour.
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radar shows us we have showers across the majority of the tri-state that haven't made it out to the east of long island. it's made it midway through in the tri-state. keep in mind it's been like stuff that we've seen and a lot of it hasn't made it down to the ground just yet. expect the rain to start up not immediately. >> 450 at central park and a cloudy sky there. 45 in islip and bridgeport at 44 in poughkeepsie and 30s to the northwest. you could see maybe some flakes of snow around the catskills or maybe the poconos. i don't think it will be much of a problem with the radar and satellite set up here. it does show the precept moving in from west east. there is a one front coming to the north and brings in the warmer air. we have cloudy skies and the patchy rain moving
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shows we are getting scattered light stuff today but as we head into tomorrow, the solid rain comes through and it will be midnight tonight and tomorrow morning noon. we start to back off as we head into wednesday. partly cloudy skies today and mild with a high temperature 56. tomorrow's high as around the same with most of that rain in the first part of the day with sunnier skies making a comeback wednesday the end of the week. amateurs are normal for the end of the week. let's bring in ines. >> the commute is off to a good start. staten island between the barrels are looking fine. the lie with the bqe and nothing to report there. let's take a look over there on the island westbound and eastbound traffic very's still early. as for the george washington bridge of the
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watching no problems on the tunnel. >> police say it was a case of road rage that led to the shooting death of will smith. >> gary drew is live in the newsroom with more on the investigation. what do we know? >> good morning to both of you. will smith spent the early part of the day taking in the local festival just before midnight that night. the couple was driving through the lower garden district when the hummer rear-ended the mercedes. the force caused them to hit another crash . smith and the driver , cordell hayes, got out of their cars, exchange words and that's when hayes pulled out a gun and shot smith and his wife.smith died on the scene and mikell was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds to her leg. >> at this time, we don't have any information to suggest they knew each other or that it was
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accident that turned into a dispute . >> hayes remain on the scene until police arrived. he was arrested and held on a $1 million bond. he is charged with second-degree murder. his client is not guilty of murder. smith helped the saints capture the championship in 2009. he was loved by fans and he and his wife had three children . . >> terrible story. >> think you, carrie. a historic moment over the weekend with the us secretary of state visiting the atomic bombing memorial. neither the government or the survivor asked for an apology. us officials said one would not happen. he is the most senior official to visit since world war ii.hundred and 47 japanese were killed when the us dropped the bomb on the city on august 6. another was dropped three days later and japan
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obama will be in japan for the summit and he is not yet made a decision on whether to visit the memorial. investigators say the terrorists that pulled off the subway attack had planned to attack france. all jim's federal prosecution office is the group plan to follow-up the deadly was another assault on the country. they were surprised by the speed of the investigation and instead, they rush the attack on brussels which is where they live on march 22. the twin bombing killed 16 people in another 16 were killed on the subway. >> good news for animal lovers. for the first time in a century, the tiger population is on the rise. more important than numbers is that the trend is going
5:20 am
leonardo dicaprio pledges through the group and he says he is proud of the efforts but there's so much to be done.>> it's lovely news. >> we have a lot more coming up.where is the kepler spacecraft. it's 75 million miles away.
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were talking about this last week. if you mail things, it just got cheaper.
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price of stamps yesterday and it went into effect at $.47. congress did not make a lasting crease permanent so expired on sunday. the last time the cost went down was nearly a century ago. >> prices don't usually go backwards. >> they say the reduction adds $2 billion to the annual. >> the wall street journal reports that the media company reports an offer for the internet company. the spokesman says the talks are at a very early stage. there is no certainty any transaction will take place. yahoo has not commented. >> nassau is trying to provide the spacecraft. >> wake up ! the planet hunting probe went into emergency mode. it is exhausted, clearly! it's 75 million miles from earth. it's about to turn towards
5:24 am
>> it has decided doesn't need to know about any other planets. we get it. >> the geek squad is getting new wheels.>> yes, indeed. the tech support team trades in the vw bug. it's a fleet of 1000 toyota hybrids. they say the switch reflects how the service evolves. the company officials say they will fix computers but they spend most of the time delivering and installing the theaters and internet connected appliances. >> it's 525. >> the debate rages over whether you have the window seat . >> you have the sole right to decide whether the shade should be up or down. >> we will take a break and i'm sure it will continue
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juliet it's monday. that's the bad news but i do have good news. it will start to warm up today. i think by the weekend we will be sitting pretty nice. it will be rainy today. then, the rest of the week looks nice. juliet: the mayor is on the record. it's a federal investigation. >> when it comes to winning new york, hillary clinton comes out on top. double-digit leads in the race for the party nomination. a wild final-round with jordan speaks just tanking . we will tell you what went on and who one. >> if you have not done it yet , i suggest you check out the twitter feed of the
5:29 am
>> he was live tweeting as he was watching television. it's pretty good. >> one of the tweets , if it sticks, i have shared a bath with a masters winner. >> that's cute. we have a twitter battle going. we will talk about people who sit in the window seat. >> i think you are isolated on this. >> i am surprised. >> the shade has to be up during takeoff and landing. if there is anything deadly going outside like fire, fuel, that kind of thing the flight attendant have to be able to look outside before they just deploy the shoot . then you should be considerate to your passengers. >> if you have an issue, my suggestion is to speak up . >> would you mind, serve, raising the window shade. >>
5:30 am
>> that's a whole other thing. >> i don't know. >> people are getting very nasty on twitter over this. they are offended on both sides. >> wow! i did not know. >> everyone, take some xanax! [laughter] let's show you what's going on out there firing up the radar. it's showing rain over the tri-state and it hasn't been on the ground. i went out to get coffee. have sprinkles on the upper east side. scatters are around the tri-state region to the east end of long island but it will be there soon enough. it takes a while for the atmosphere to saturate before the rain gets to the ground. you have to deal with somewhat other. >> be ready. >> bridgeport is the same temperature at 44 in poughkeepsie and 34 in monticello.
5:31 am
and they will hang tight for the day even coming and going throughout the day. it's not a solid day but it's late moderate that we are dealing with. the cold front passes and the one front makes a comeback . it passes with scattered showers throughout the day. high temperatures at 56 tomorrow. for the rest of the work week . >> let's bring a nine as and see if we have any trip ups on the commute. i'm sure that we do. >> we have a problem on the fdr. things are fine and sussex county and there is no issues. the same in the new jersey commute in the parsippany area. let's go to our cameras and see how things are moving.
5:32 am
parkway heading towards the cross box. let's go to the fdr drive. here's the issue as the tractor-trailer is northbound with unauthorized tractor-trailers not on the fdr drive. even the light right lane will hold you have trafficking through on the northbound side. >> back to you. >> the mayor says there is a report of an investigation into the fundraising activity. >> let's go to teresa live at city hall. looks like the scandal is growing.>> the plot thickens. good morning. the mayor is being dragged into it specifically , this deals with the way his team used the funds that helped him gain a seat at the occupies inside the very building behind me.
5:33 am
at issue here is what we are hearing and it's the mayor's campaign trading donations for favors. this is a quick pro quote that involves rewarding very generous donors like to businessman who served on his inauguration committee. the mayor was involved in a fbi and us attorney investigation. it's two businessmen and their political connection. if the mayor is involved, if his campaign finances are being screwed is, no one told him. >> everything we have done is carefully done with many lawyers are you sure you. >> you will be totally cleared of anything. >> we have no information about the investigation happening. >> he also went on to say
5:34 am
the idea that the scandal has ensnared for police officers were connected to . the mayor said he would given. he said he made the decision after the police commissioner decided to demote the officers. teresa is downtown.thank you very much. >> you decide. it's the race for president remaining in a new york state of mind.candidates campaign all over the state.robert tells us all about it. >> rochester is beautiful. let's take a trip . attention port washington! you have one candidate for president headed your way today . you have been warned spec this is the week to be a
5:35 am
york.>> with eight days to go before the empire state primary, the candidates are in a new york state of mind. hillary clinton visits port washington for a discussion on preventing gun violence and she will be in holbrook for the annual spring dinner. she has been heavily focused on york for days . she and her husband visited churches in the city yesterday . >> i do not think obama gets the credit he deserves for digging us out of the ditch. the republicans dropped us into it.yesterday he sampled coney island's fair of nathan's hot dog slathered with sauerkraut. >> one of the differences between secretary clinton and myself is a pretty important one.
5:36 am
leading sanders in the empire state among likely democratic voters and its 53% at 37%.on the republican side, donald trump has a commanding lead over john cusick and ted cruz. trump will be in albany and he was in rochester yesterday promising better days ahead. >> if i get a wreck did , rochester will boom again! it will boom again!our whole country will boom again ! jump criticize the globe for publishing this envisioning what a presidency would look like. headlines like deportation to begin blazed across the page. trump calls the paper stupid. >> his republican contenders will be on the trail. crews will be in california. >> even though cruz is out west today, his wife heidi
5:37 am
today in mineola and bellmore on long island. even if the results of the primary here in new york are in little doubt , trump and clinton are head. the key thing to watch as the delegate count. crews in case they might be able to steal some delegates and that lessens the chance that trumbull get the nomination. i defer to the faa regulations. [laughter] it needs to be a bright it needs to be up . in between not , there should be a decorum between passengers and negotiation. >> some said to me that you are telling me to just buy the seat . >> so you have to buy the seat to ensure that you have a say? >> a lot of people have a
5:38 am
so you have to have a certain level of decorum but if you are sitting by the window of responsibility. i think there has to be some negotiations. >> thank you, robert. >> spoken like a true journalist. >> hello, michael. >> he is a nice guy . juliet: what you think? mike: i am like him. same way i would do whatever i wanted unless you told me otherwise. then i would do whatever you wanted. >> speak up! 450 so bring the umbrella. i will speak up on that regard. it's already wet outside. just sprinkled in like stuff but we will be in the situation throughout the days of you don't like the rainfall, bring your umbrella. 440 and that's the temperature at newark. 34 in monticello and there
5:39 am
to the northwest. it's main that we will be dealing with and it's spring after all. it's a good amount of rain trying to work its way through the tri-state moving in from the west to the east and it takes longer to saturate. if you are in long island, you might not have it but it's coming.we have the front right there crossing through the tri-state. i think it might be underplaying the event with scattered showers throughout the day and heavier stuff coming through tomorrow, during the morning commute so be prepared. after that we have dry skies making a comeback from wednesday on. today is cloudy skies with light rain patchy and it's breezy with a high of 60. we are done for the rainfall with temperatures
5:40 am
that's where we should be. let's bring in ines. >> more on the fdr things are looking fine. more problems heading to the bridge. as you come off, you cross 287 in the w. river pkwy. and there is no issues there. both directions are very quiet. the fdr drive will back him off northbound and they left the roadway open after backing him off with some delays and they are pretty mild on the southbound side doing fine.
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above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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checking out your headlines at 543. a fellow investigation into mayor diblasio's campaign fundraiser. the us attorney's office is looking into whether they traded donations for favors. the mayor said everything was done appropriately and they have lots of lawyers
5:44 am
>> it plane crashed into a neighborhood last night. the pilot experienced engine trouble near bayport . he crashed onto the seat. his passenger was treated for minor injuries. >> the football community is mourning the former saints player, will smith. he was shot and killed during a raid incident on saturday night. his wife was shot in the leg. the suspect has been arrested and held on a $1 million bond. >> thousands of people lining greek independence day parade. >> let's have a look. >> greek pride was on full display. mayor diblasio helped carry the event. two of those three were
5:45 am
>> they celebrate the victory over the empire back in 1829. the establishment is an independent greece.>> of the great greek culture i love it! i love the greek climate. >> you love the greek ladies. >> definitely. >> 5:45 pm. let's check sports. duke you have to read that. >> the winner of the masters. >> his brother was live tweeting and he was criticizing everyone. >> it was pretty funny. >> check it out. >> i tweeted the link . >> i will reach with it right now. it was unbelievable. he was live tweeting and drinking. >> you could tell. >> there is some language in there. >> it's not so family-friendly . duke: danny wouldn't even play because he and his wife are expecting their first child. he came two weeks early and
5:46 am
the rest is history. jordan speak dominated the first nine holes. four in a row . he fell apart after that . he puts one in the water and he does it again. a quadruple bogey i know how it feels. he finishes and denny will it finishes with a five under par. it's in the final hole. he gets the green jacket from gordon speak . >> it's just crazy! it's just surreal. you can describe your feelings and emotions. you are so much involved in what you do on the golf course. you do something special and you're not thinking about what you have achieved. >> danny got 28 years old ranked 12 in the world. he wasn't even supposed to play. i guess every journalist in the world wants to play.
5:47 am
>> islanders wrapped up . it's a game that sets up the matchup in the first round.islanders defense struggled with the flyer scoring early in the second period. he wins at 5/2. islanders play florida in the first round. the rangers will play the penguins. >> stick around in the 7:00 hour. i will be joined by the goaltender mike richter. he led them to the 1994 championship with a preview of the matchup. they scheduled in detroit and the game is post on because of inclement weather. >> agnew! it's a flat injury. the mets chose the phillies with matt harvey wearing the throwback jersey. it's from 1986. he pitched into the sixth and he got a man on here with a two run homer. the nets got on the board
5:48 am
tomb run homer. he cuts 3/2. it's all they get . he puts this away with the rbi double. it's 5/2 for the final score. the mets with those 86 jerseys they were starting to see them too. the basketball in the second to last game of the season. toronto breaks the tie over one minute left beating new york at 93/89. it's good facing indiana with a 129/105 over the nets. the end of the season can't come quick enough. elsewhere it's a historic night for the warriors. they beat san antonio . it was their 72nd when. the 1995 chicago in the
5:49 am
>> yesterday, maybe you are watching the next game. this caught our attention. christophe porzingis. >> you have gray with a splash of blue. >> they are very conservative. >> he has you and they are really nice. >> today is not too wild . >> what's going on. >> 's last night before i went to bed. >> he is a tweeter and he is an aviation expert. he weighed in on this and you guys have to check it out. he says he will get the window seat if you want to look out the window. if he's not, he defers to the person there any hopes they are a nice person.
5:50 am
>> she says she was wrong. >> there are airlines that charge more for window seats . >> i did not know that. >> there you go. thank you, phil. >> let's get you rocking and rolling. this monday morning with some weather happening on the average. 59 is the average and 43 is the low. we will be close on both of those numbers and we start to see the light rain around the tri-state. it's officially cloudy at central park and we see sprinkles here or there. wins come from the south and you can see the gaps in the rainfall. you can see the live radar picking up the rain across the entire tri-state making it from the cloud base from the ground. you're not seeing the rain at the ground level but you
5:51 am
light scattered showers for the majority. 440 at newark and 45 in islip. it's a nice partly cloudy sky and it will be a little bit while before we get in the clear. the one front is riding by to the north and the scattered showers are ahead of the cold front. it looks like scattered later showers today but the heavier stuff won't come through until we get into the morning commute tomorrow. after that, we see a dryer sky and its rider whether after we get through tomorrow. today it's on the mild side and high gets up to 56. easy tomorrow with rain mid way through the day and we see dryer weather make a comeback wednesday next weekend. >> it does not look like things got any better. >> let's check in new jersey. no problems on the 280 and let's go to our cameras to see how things are moving.
5:52 am
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what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good. entertainment news this morning the kiss front man is not giving up his fight . rap music should dive
5:55 am
looked for it lacking melody. then w.a. fought back into the rock 'n roll hall of fame saying jen simmons hip-hop is here forever. simmons didn't let it go tweeting, let me go let me know when jimi hendrix gets into the hip-hop hall of fame. >> then you will have a point. >> mtv movie awards takes place last night. doing johnson and kevin hart had one of the most memorable entrances in the social history. >> have a look. >> . [cheering] it was an entrance inspired by mad max. dozens of extras dressed in costume/ he was even wearing a face mask. shirley is there and one for her role in the movie. it was the 25th anniversary
5:56 am
popcorn trophy. >> she was stunning. i don't know about that dress but she is incredible. >> there is a new bus at the box office. >> the hardest thing right now in hollywood. she took another one in a spot for her movie the boss and its debut weekend. 23.5 million bumping superman to the number two spot and it was a close one. he brought in 23.4 million in rounded out the top three. let's do it . >> the disney animated utopia brought in 14 million. >> who cares? >> saturday night live poked fun at hillary clinton and it was really funny. >> .
5:57 am
>> they poke fun at the president who rode the subway last week. it took her a five swipes with the metro card before she got the candidate now. she was one with cameras and reporters. we talked about it last week. yes snl always nails the political stuff. >> time is flying. >> coming u hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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6:00 am
answer. >> good. >> mayor de blasio has not been contacted by investigators for probing his fund raise. de blasio claimed he learned of the investigation during the media are. >> shooting outside the newark campus. at least one victim dead. a second victim treated at hospital. what happened here? >> two men recovering after a small plane crashed on long island their single engine plane slammed around 7:00 last night and let you know how they're doing morning. >> basically live under the flight path. >> and jfk. sometimings they are low. lower than other times and it's like a little nerve-racking. hello everyone. >> ben simmoneau. >> juliet huddy happy mondays to you warmer than it was over the weekend. >> it is. it was sunny but it was cool . up to 50 for a high but the no


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