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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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answer. >> good. >> mayor de blasio has not been contacted by investigators for probing his fund raise. de blasio claimed he learned of the investigation during the media are. >> shooting outside the newark campus. at least one victim dead. a second victim treated at hospital. what happened here? >> two men recovering after a small plane crashed on long island their single engine plane slammed around 7:00 last night and let you know how they're doing morning. >> basically live under the flight path. >> and jfk. sometimings they are low. lower than other times and it's like a little nerve-racking. hello everyone. >> ben simmoneau. >> juliet huddy happy mondays to you warmer than it was over the weekend. >> it is. it was sunny but it was cool . up to 50 for a high but the no
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where we should be for this time of the year. let's take a look at what's going on out there. milder. temp managed to go up one degree despite the fact that sun is not happening but that south wintd is helping us out. anyway 45 central park right now. same in newark with a cloudy sky and showers trying to pop into the tristate region and scattered throughout new jersey through lower hudson valley and over the city. but it's really light stuff that we have so far or. air still saturating but once it does so a good chance had of scattered showers. but a warm front lifting by to our noters. a cold front pressing through and not going to rip through here in the next day or or so. but take about a day and a half to two days. anyhow future cast bring us scattered showers today but more solid rainfall coming to you later tonight as we head into tomorrow morning through the commute. i think that's what heaviest of the rain will be coming by that's what future cast is indicating. it doesn't indicates that we're
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but there's that chance that you'll see a few isolated storms tomorrow too. that's for the first part of the day. and then a drier day into wednesday and beyond. things look pretty good. today scattered showers coming through. temps up to about -- actually temps off here and adjust that 56 for a high. breezy as well. tomorrow 6 230r a high. and through next seven days yep sunny skies. highs upper 50s low 60s through the upcoming qeengd. temps are basically where we should be this time of the year. you might want something warmer but no this is normal. let's bring in ines and show you what we have as you get out there and head out to the ruse and rails. >> you know whatnot so bad actually. start off with rockland westchester county off a the throughway to tappan zee bridge no clay and traffic moves well to saw mill or throughway into the bronx. go to our cameras with the the
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long island this is l.i.e. by northern state parkway connect or tore heading westbound. traffic looking good. picking up in volume and heading to work on eastbound side not bafd a ride. fdr drive tractor-trailer unauthorized cleared away so traffic move again here no problem on southbound side. trains on or close to schedule. ben and juliet. >> thank you very much. >> you do fall in on this issue, airline issue and deciding whether the stage should be up or down? >> because we're having this conversation this is take off and landings and don't have a -- >> the entire flight. yeah. if you were to ask me, that if you wanted up, i would say yes. that's just my -- >> you're saying that you work with the people in your aisle. >> yeah compromise, but if i want to go to sleep -- if you told me you can put it up. sure, not a problem.
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>> not going to read your mind and say u how's she flying? >> but you have to ask, speak up. ask nicely. >> there you go. thank you ines. let's talk about may or your de blasio he said he's been left in the dark about have federal probe an no idea that it was happening until media started talking about it. this is probe that's looking into his fundraising activity. examining ties to businessman accused giving lavish gifts to members of the nypd in exchange for special favors. let's go life to teresa priolo live outside city hall with the latest on all that happened in this story that grew quite a bit at least what we knew of it over o the weekend. good morning teresa . j i don't know that we've seen the the end of it. good morning ben and juliet. good morning everyone. this not only dealing with mayor's inauguration but his time as may or your is a seat that he hold it is inside of this building behind me here at city hall. mayor insists that he's not the focus of this fbiing
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seen four officers demoted busy as we mentioned the scandal sure seems to be growing. >> i haven't heard anything about any hasn't been any question posed to mess or my time. >> insisting if there's a federal probe into his fundraising and use of campaign finances no one told him. >> do you believe you're cleared much anything of this? >> yeah, we have no information about investigation happening to begin with. at issue is whether or not the campaign traitd donations for ifer pas quid pro quo with generous donors to his campaign for one new york. the may yore's name was invoked last week in the midst of a sprawling multilevel investigation by the fbi and the u.s. attorney's offings. involving two businessmen, and jeremy both political donors with ties to the mayor. donated 50,000 dollars to de
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10,000 dollars to his campaign. done with many -- it >> invest is insneered four top ranking nypd officers after that announce want that mayor announced that he was returning smflt donation. sunday he said he isn't that close to the two men. >> i met them around the general election. i hadn't had known they had seen them in the last year or more. well should mention none was main players a the this point that includes four officers, businessman and may or your charged with any crime. that's the latest from city hall morning. ben and juliet back to both of you. >> all right teresa priolo thank you very much. >> thank you. >> u 07 one person is dead following a outside rutgers newark campus. >> another person scwhrird shots were fired.
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near central avenue and houston street they found both victims. not word if they were students. three people of interest are reportedly in custody this marks 45th custody in newark this year ago. >> crashing plane on a single engine plane in the middle of third eave and bayport 7:00 last nights. firefighters rescued the pilot and passenger from that burning plane. nfertle say piper 28 experience engine trouble and reports of stalling, and it was trying to return back to the airport when it clipped a tree and hit utility lines before crashing. here's a witness. >> iftion looking out my window. landed it and within the -- scott clifford is in serious condition with two broken legs an a head injury. the passenger 65 yeertd michael
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luckily no one on the ground was injured. one week from tomorrow voters across new york will head to the polls in latest presidential primary. >> this is crucial, crucial place this new york state ours for the top candidates from both parties twall. robert moses is watching their activities, on the campaign trail and he joins us. good morning. >> ben and juliet good morning to you. you don't need me to it will you that we're big fans of the native new yorker up in harlem down on broadway but this isn't just about the city. upstate is important too. donald trump, john kasich and bernie sanders will all be spending tule there today in the race for votes and delegates. with eight days before the empire state primary, candidates are in a new york state of mind. today hillary clinton visits port washington for a discussion on preventing gun violence. she'll be in holbrook for the democratic city spring dinner and clinton heavily focused on new york for days now she and
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the city yesterday. : i do not think president obama gets the credit he deserves for digging us out of the ditch. that's a republican dropped us into. bernie sanders campaigns upstate today with visits to albany and buffalo and sampled coney io's fair slattered with sauerkraut. >> difference between secretary clinton is porpght one. it is u how reraise money for a campaign. >> new fox news poll shows complin ton leading sanders 53% to 37%. on the republican side, donald trump has a commanding lead over john kasich and ted cruz trump in albany today in rochester yesterday and promised better days ahead. >> if i get elected rochester is going to boom again. okay.
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[applause] a whole country is beginning to boom again. >> trump criticized the boston globe for publishing this mock front page yesterday in visioning what a trump presidency would look like. headlines like, deportations to begin were emblazened across the page and trump called it stupid. republican competitor busy on the trail aide. kay success upstate in albany, troy, and saratoga springs. cruz will be in california. >> all right here's a riddle for you. how can a candidate be in two places at once? that's easy a while ted cruz is in california, his wife heidi will be in mineola in long island and with hillary clinton on long island her husband stomping for her in brooklyn in the bronx. beaming these candidates are enlisting their spouses as well. >> hopefully spouses are down with this. and they like the campaign trail. a lot of hard work. >> it is.
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york . >> big place. >> it is. robert moses, rude smiles you have going on -- is there going to be -- >> scheming about -- >> a lot of extra scrutiny here in new york. >> that's true pep we're o pin opinioned filled people. top stories coming up in a little bit. we have weather coming up this morning. >> mike -- >> yep a little bit of wet weather it's out there again. now, u right now they're all reporting officially cloudy skies. clouds did i skies and during the day today with scattered showers coming here and there. but milder as well. our startoff temperature this morning 45 degrees, and what we have "fox 5 ny" weather app with a live interactive radar to check out the rain and see where it is down to your street level as a matter of fact.
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>> all righty 6:15 it's time to check the weather forecast because we need some spring weather. >> you know, mike i was down in
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the reason i was down there day and a half -- >> spring hits three months early. >> man, that weather was nice. we get that here with we have a decent winter. so yeah -- >> only like one big storm really. and yeah now but here's the thing. average high this time of the year about 58, 59 degrees. >> better than last couple of day. >> yesterday 50 but up there in next few days. not so bad. a little bit of rain to deal with for the beginning of the week todays and tomorrow. out to the west mostly cloudy skies but morning temperatures 35 degree so cool as well. but we've worse. here's live radar. scattered showers they pretty much come across the entire tristate region. took a while for air to reach east but saturate in terms of radar. even though it is picking up on
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ground level yet but it will be coming to you. montauk 45 degrees in islip as well as bridgeport. same in central park and newark. fairly uniform temperatures. winds cooling from the south, southwest to 6 to 14 miles per hour. breezy but not incredibly windy. mostly cloudy sky. scattered showers today but extend to the west of us. quite a distance as a matter of fact. but rain we're looking at here is on lighter side to patchy light rain for the morning commute u through a good part of the day here today. but when it comes to heavier showers, that's probably going to come through here into tomorrow through the morning commute that ran will be pretty solid at that time. maybe even heavier town pours maybe an isolated thundershower and drier sky ises take back over from wednesday on. clouds did i with milted with showers. still cloudy and mild later on this evening into tonight with more showers out there.
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here. high temp of 60 for you tomorrow. then we dry it out into the end of the week. highs 50s and low 60s through this upcoming weekend. if you want yo the weather forecast text to you text the word whre to 70377 and we'll accepted you a text inier text plan. you're all set to go. and handy. let's bring in ines and see what's going on, oh, man we've got a problem out there. and for a while -- >> fdr drive cleared. that was goods. hearings a new one. belt parkway mike sees flashing lights he gets nervous. skyfox in queens belt parkway by jfk report a car that flipped over there. that's the activity. car you can see on the right side. this is the belt heading eastbound by 150th street heading to the airport all of this activity is beginning on. you can see talk of the driver there. you have some lanes blocked eastbound. all of them and then left lane blocked on westbound side so
6:18 am
through there as there's the situation there. it's not until eastbound the activity. westbound that's rubber necking everyone is tag a look with that flippeds over vehicle. so get ready to deal with that one. become to our maps, and then to or our cameras show you the rest of your commute. as far as commute in the bronx go to those cameras by bruckner expressway. traffic well you have volume but moving okay. normal stuff here westbound towards castle hill avenue. no problems eastbound. lincoln tunnel into the city, normal delays. about five minutes inbound. holland gwb good. bqe slow this morning heading to brooklyn bridge. someone is slowing on traffic because it's a bit of a crawl there. grand central in front of laguardia slow and go. ben and juliet back to you. tfnlg thank you very much ines. football community is mourning the loss of former saints plair will smith shot and killed saturday night in road rage didn't in new orleans. >> they were driving through the upscale lower garden district
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mercedes rear end by a humvee. smith and driver the got out, exchanged wors and police say that driver 28-year-old cartel hayes took the a gun and shot both smith and his wife. smith died on the scene. wife treated at the hospital for minor injuries. >> at this time we do not have any informs to suggest they knew one another or anything other than an accident that turned into a disputes, disturbance, that turned violent. >> smith helped saints win a super championship back in 2009 and leaves behind three children. >> all right director of the central intelligence agency says his agents will not waterboard anybody again even if ordered to by the next president. john brennan told nbc news agency will not engage any, quote, enhanced interrogation tack it can. waterboard banned in 2009. republican candidate donald trump said he would bring it back and worse. he says, ted cruz says he would
6:20 am
but as president he would use whatever enhanced meth to keep the country safe. historic moment u.s. secretary of state john kerry visited atomic bombing memorial in hear hiroshima japan. they neither asked for american apology some think it was prior to his arrival there, and u.s. official said one would not happen. kerry is most senior u.s. official to visit hiroshima as i understand world war ii. 140 u.s. killed when bomb troped and then another dropped in japan. japan surrendered the next day. president obama will be in japan next month for the g7 summit and hasn't made a decision whether he'll be at the moral. >> ink he's going to go. >> last year in office. he likes doing his groundbreaking things. i think he's going to go. >> if there's in i imagine he probably will. >> we'll see.
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sigh that i was right and a you were wrong about the window seat thing. much more still to come this morning.
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this is everything i have, my family. i got to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders
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this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you' ve lost your game. literally. your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. and your sneezes are a force to be reckoned with. well, allergy muddlers, muddle no more . try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin , because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . and children' s zyrtec takes care of your child' s allergies with just one dose, all day and all night. >> 6:24 in the monday morning "health watch" alarming new
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deaths in suffolk county than any other county in new york state. report by the state says more than 330 peel died in suffolk county from overdosing on heroin between 2009 and 2013. the bronx came in second with just over 200 heroin related deaths. one lawmaker says inpatient treatment is the best option to fight the epidemic in a state run strick center in brentwood has had the room to do it. >> i'm calling on governor to repurpose and open up pilgrim site center to get beds available immediately. >> assembly men wants to increase penalties for drug dealers that sell to anyone who dies from an overdose . >> a florida man says he received a starbucks order with insulting joke pringtd on it. man who would not reveal his name sad he ordered a white chocolate mocha a nearly 500 calorie drink, ben. and order label red diabetes here i come. well, he said local tv station
6:25 am
but his two sisters do. >> i can understand his personal concern with that then. but 500 calories in a beverage. >>ing>>ing and barista note brought up memory of their struggles but starbucks said it will offer an apology and pushing measures in place to stop comments luke this from happening again. you do work for the company that sells the 500 calorie drink. sk a few of you back there. >> so easily figure out who it was. >> do you have the time to do that while you have time to frost your milk. and then guy stands out even more. whole thing is confusing to me. anyway stupid thing to say. >> not going to -- let's talk about what happened had over the weekend. thousands line fifth avenue
6:26 am
independence day parade. greek pride on full display and carried it along the route. chilly yesterday. you know greeks like things warm. fox five's ernie anastos, nick gregory and mike woods two greeks on and and celebrate over the empire back in 1829. >> i remember it well. >> ahamin establishment of independent greece. >> your children are greek. >> part greek yes. no we department go yesterday. still a fun time and good food usually at those thingings. top story when is we return after a month of falling gas price could motorists feeling a twitch in the pump.
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>> in florida . hot in florida. great this time of the year. but a couple of months in the summer is egg extraordinarily hot a gray monday morning u up here in the north and it's going to get wet unfortunately. showers headed away of us -- the way of us, our way. trying to be creative and sounded stupid. mike has the full forecast coming up. >> investigators looking into mayor bill glab owe fund raising ties but mayor says that nobody involved with the probe is contacted him at the first he's hearing of it. officials in belgium say terror group responsible for bombings there originally plan to attack paris. belgium federal prosecution office says terrorist orange original plans derailed when they determined that authorities were closing in on them. average price of gasoline up $8 a gallon. still up i saw kght a new survey experts say they expect hikes to
6:31 am
>> starting to get accident expensive again. >> 2 is better than four. >> thank you for joining us hope kwr0ud a nice weekend. chght a nice weekend down in florida. >> del rey. >> lots of palm trees. lots of beautiful water. >> until she took the plane ride back and gentleman seated would not put the window up -- >> he had his earphones on and his eyes closed i was like i'm going to wake him up but you know -- >> dark when you were land. >> but i grow on landing you want to know how far away the grounds is. but sometimes when you forget and nearly hit. >> any fire engines on the ground you know what i'm saying. look the huge they think from above. [laughter] not me. i wanted to be fair.
6:32 am
>> anyway, jet setter. >> rock star, 45 degrees central cloudy sky. light rain passed over area. 45 in islip and bridge port. 34 montauk. 34 monticello a milder start to the day and feel like spring and showers passing by tristate. most of the showers nots that impressive but they're out there. everyone at this point has rortd at least a little bit of light rain and going to continue through mancht day. cloudy sky with a -- few showers passing through here and there. heavier stuff probably doesn't come through until really late tonight into tomorrow morning. today scattered stuff throughout the day. temps up to 56. maybe warmer for you later this afternoon. but yes it is beginning to be kind of soggy for you monday and tuesday here. 60 is your high tomorrow. also on breezy side is this all passes by, and then after we get yondz tuesday we're looking good
6:33 am
skies for rest of their workweek. over to ines rosales who has been kept busy by different things going on, and not good. >> no. not very good. belt parkway skyfox hd over by queens jfk let's tack a look at skyfox hd there. belt parkway, eastbound by 150 oth street as you make your way towards jfk airpght. that flipped over. they flipped it right back as you can see there. a lot of activity with a lane closure and also westbound side rubber necking delays also your normal slowdown so extra delays if you're heading on belt parkway with really, really slow. back it our maps with regs of your commute this morning on staten island thingings fine this morning. a little buildup approaching verrazano bridge normal delay. cameras see things moving this morning on northern state parkway traffic at a crawl by cross island park wisconsin an accident by francis lewis bull regard so causing this backup. grand central parkway, this
6:34 am
state parkway. on eastbound side you're fine. you've rubber necking with that one. trains on or o close to schedule. street cleaning rules in effect. ben and juliet. >> bill de blasio defending fundraising activities in reports that federal nfts looking into his ties to two businessman in the city. >> l hear abouting these businessman at the center of a problem into whether high ranking members of the nypd accepted lavish gifts in exchange per special favors. let's go to teresa priolo outside city hall this morning with more details for us. good morning once again treetion. >> good morning to both of you. good morning everyone it seems this scandal is growing and growing. today the focus is mayor de blasio and the money that he raised in his bid to gain the seat behind the inside of city hall. let's first start request some specifics according to established reports at issue here is whrorkt the mayor
6:35 am
exchange for favors. a quid pro quo of sorts that involves rewarding generous donsers including two businessman who served on the committee in midst of an fbi as well as u.s. attorney office investigation into these two businessman as well as their political connections. but if the mayor is involved and campaign finances are scrutinized nobody told him. take a listen. >> everything we had done was appropriate and carefully done with many, many lawyers i assure. >> are you cleared of anything with this? >> yeah, we have no information about investigation happening to begin with. >> and that was the mayor appears on nbc "meet the press" yesterday morning this morning of a quid pro quo with four top nypd officer who is had been demoted. they have connections to those same two businessman, and as a
6:36 am
come out mayor sod that he's going to give back not all but some of the money that was given to his campaign by those two guy. that's the leapts from city hall morning. ben and juliet back to both of you. rng thanks very much. 6:36 at least 110 people have died when an explosion and fire sparnged by illegal fireworks tore through a hindu temple in indiana. >> most happened where they were stored collapses. police are searching for 15 members of the temple board who fled the scene after that blast an may charge with culpable homicide and illegally storing explosives. it was packed with thousands for a religious festival at the time. >> gosh, awful. investigators in belgium say terrorists that pulled off last month airport and subway attacks well they had planned to attack france instead. bel gym prosecution office saying group planned to follow-up of no debtly attacks in paris. with yet another assault but they were surprised by the speed
6:37 am
and a instead rushed on an attack in brussels march 2nd. twin bombings at the airport killed 16 people ppg another 16 were killed by bomber on a subway. >> all right. talk business now. >> indeed joining us from the fox business studio is lawn lauren who has been watching gas prices rise as summer -- approaches. >> everything else rise like airline a flights and things look that. hello lauren. >> there's demand. no one will complain because gas prices are cheaper than they have been. paying not a dollar 90 that's the state average. here in new york it's 2.28 but up 25 cents in the past month. why is this happening? well looked into this and said that gas stations are raising prices two times fast as refineries are raising them.
6:38 am
tacks wheel for gas prices to drop and as soon as there's a speculation in the price might be going up. it is expensive for refineries to switch over so you have to eat that cost if you're a driver and oil prices above $40 overnight they were up 8% last week eventually that trickles down like you say faster than it goes up faster than it goes down but gas prices follow oil prices higher. >> i pay a buck 89 on that new jersey -- >> what you should have paid. >> and jersey is -- why anywhere else? >> 220 sthng down in florida. >> good to see you lauren. >> florida should be 1.97. >> thank you, lauren. pretty in pink by the way. >> thank you. >> saw you coming a mile away.
6:39 am
>> my girlfriend's father, but that's nice of you, ben. monday. so we'll forgive him. >> zero minutes sleep last night. one of those nightings. >> i know about those unfortunately. as you head out the door and get going, work, school it is cloudy and mild with scattered showers for us today but ran is on lighter side today. rain is coming at us tomorrow too and that will be heavier at times. and then by midweek yep clear skies come back to us here and looks like pretty much seasonal temperatures for rest of the week too. all right let's bring in ines whereby and see what our hangups are. we've got for sure on this morning's commute. >> we do for the most part doing okay right now. keeping an eye on belt parkway cameras by jfk airpght 150th street go to our cameras. maybe -- there we go. [laughter]
6:40 am
here on immediate i can putting it on tow truck opened up lanes but westbound a combination of rubber necking delays as well as your normal delays. that's l.i.e. heading towards queens midtown tunnel not mid town. traffic normal delays westbound. duke is leer with a look at sports. >> it was a historic night for golden state warriors. 72 mets never. can they make it 73? we'll talk about it when we come back. >> juliet still entertainment news to come as well. >> yes box office. god we just wait. we wait with with baited breath about this. numbers people are fascinate it be. talk about the box office this weekend.
6:41 am
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play scratch-off games from the new york lottery.
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>> monday morning 6:44 checking headlines for you. police are investigating a shooting near rutgers newark campus. one person killed another grave rei injured during it shooting around 10:00 last night . the prosecutor said he's a stunted there. three people reportedly in custody.
6:44 am
island neighborhood and experience engine trouble. he clipped utility lines and crashed into a tree as you can see there, the passenger suffered only o minor injuries. >> a week to go until new york primary. hillary clinton and donald trump hold big leagues in respective parties contest. clinton leading sanders 53 to 37% sidable gap there wheel truch has a 54% to john kasich 32 and ted cruz 15%. >> dug this heated political climate president obama took time to reflect on his time in office. he spoke with fox news chris wallace about what he kiers to be biggest compleshment and biggest failure of his time in office. have a listen. >> biggest accomplishment -- in the economy from a great depression.
6:45 am
>> failing to plan for -- the day after what was the right thing to do in intervening in libya. >> it was the president's first appearance on fox news sunday since he became president. >> 6:45 -- what's going on, with duke? >> everybody talking about '72. everybody talking about it all year long. and historic night for golden state warriors they beat san antonio in san antonio. this is pretty big right here. their 72nd win of the season chicago bull for most ever in a regular season. they go for the record wednesday night. against meches within will they get it? elsewhere in the n berk a knicks and succeed to last game of the season. not heading to playoffs this we know toronto break asti with over a minute left in the clock they beat new york 93, 89. out of contention fast enough
6:46 am
night, and andy with 129, 105 over brooklyn and that's two or more games left this season. wild rounded a masters tournament. danny who wasn't going to play in masters because he and his wife expecting their first child this weekend. due yesterday. baby supposed to be due. we their baby boy came two weeks early. play mast rs and rest is history. jordan speith and jordan lost it. fell apart on 12 after one in the water doping it again. bogey and he would finish three strokes off a the leads. i've been there. five under par tapping in first ever masters victory. jordan had had to give him the green jacket.
6:47 am
>> it's just -- you do something special an doesn't sink in quite what you've achieved retweeted this brother's timeline while he was watching has brother play. hilarious. you know, so he was drinkingening. >> you think? >> posting photos of the beverages he was had doctoring. so he was posting and live tweeting. >> so excite because he's shared a bath with a masters winner. i'm assuming -- >> pratt funny. wrapped up regular season and game that would playoff matchers in the first round. struggled again age they wanted to win this game but -- breaks 2-2 in the second.
6:48 am
florida in first round and raping rs play pittsburgh, penguins. coming up in the 7:00 hour joined by legendary goalie who led blue shirts in the stanley cup championship. we will have a preview of the playoff matchup. baseball now yankees an tigers scmgd to play in detroit that postponed because of bad weather. mets pitcher jay sob degrom will miss the start with that injury. waking up -- >> hasn't had the baby yet. >> throwback 198 l6 jersey hit this making it 2-0. mets on the boor. zestcespedes deep, two run homer to left. cuts it 3-2 but that's mets get. andrej blanco put game away with a rbi double in the ninth. 5-2 final score.
6:49 am
mets won 86 jerseys maybe that's o omen. summer around corner and looking to get in shape you want to go to our website "fox 5 ny".com. go to the good day page that's where you can watch one of the editor in chief of fitness for her and myself and audrey puente talked to shawn it be get about in shape for the summer it's not about killing yourself in the regime but more about dieting. you know, with exercise and that type of thing so really good advice. >> we going to see you sure the shirtless. >> shawn is in great shape. practice what is he preaches. you know, but i think we were hanging out with him the other day. looking for tips summer right around the corner.
6:50 am
line you see that baseball video and looks so sunny yesterday but it is look 40 degrees out there. >> friday at the game it was freezing. >> but there wasn't a cloud in the sky. >> hopefully we have some warm weather coming up. michael. ferlg held in there couple of more days. but today it is warmer today but lacking sunshine. we're going to see some showers around the area. scattered showers with mostly lads did i sky off to bus stop and 45 degrees which is what we have right now. we have scattered showers around area as well. fox 5 sky guard i eve where but light or showers this morning but a lot of that already heavy. that before it hit the ground so a lot of folks not reporting much when it comes to rainfall. 45 central park. newark, and bridgeport and islip
6:51 am
44 montauk and 34 month sell low with a mainly cloudy sky around the tristate region too. again passing showers, with a lot of that evaporated before hitting the ground but it is saturated so legit scattered shower throughout marmingts of the day as that cold front continues to make its approach. now it's just scattered lighter showers today but heavier stuff we're expecting tomorrow comes through during the morning commutes and fairly windy at times. so you need more intense umbrella, more substantial one coming up tomorrow. but then after that gets through here mitd day tomorrow a drier sky makes a comeback and sunny skies from we wednesday through end you today. high up to 56. breezy too. 60 your high tomorrow with still showers, in fact, early part of the day looks like terrain could be heavy before starts to break down. sunnier skies return wednesday through friday. clouds on fridays, sunday looking pretty good with a high
6:52 am
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>> looking right now on northern sate parkway l.i.e. normal delays. but on grand central but francis lewis boulevard an accident blocking one lane so traffic backed up to northern state washingway. show you the bqe to broork linn bridge at a call because of an accident. trains fine this morning. ben and juliet back to you. >> thank you ines. brienl adams canceling a performance in mississippi taw about the new law in the state allows religion group and service service to gay couples. health care not perform where certain people are deny ited civil rights through sexual orientation after bruce springsteen and east street band canceled in queens burrow north
6:56 am
new law blocking anti-scriewmtion rules for lbgt community. kevin hat had a memorable entrance. >> yes it was a "mad max" inspired entrance. dozens of extra, flame, along with johnson and heart wearing face mask and melissa mccarthy like hottest thing nld right now. got the comedic award high-fiving people. >> read the box office numbers >> the boss tbhurm one spot with 23.5 million bumping that man, sowp man dawn of justice to the number two spot. >> that's it for us. we'll see you guys tomorrow.
6:57 am
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to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. greg: hello. welcome. rosanna: hope you had a great weekend. it is going to warm up a little bit. was it cold over the weekend or what? mike has all the details for us. greg: a university student shot and killed. another person was also hit.
7:00 am
rosanna: knowing nothing about the -- returning some of those questionable donations. greg: a small plane crash on a residential street in suffolk county. the pilot and passengers survived, but it was a very close call. they are both in the hospital. rosanna: what happened to all the bikes? did someone take them? are they just not being were punished? greg: it is winter time. well, i know it's not really winter time. what else?


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