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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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rosanna: knowing nothing about the -- returning some of those questionable donations. greg: a small plane crash on a residential street in suffolk county. the pilot and passengers survived, but it was a very close call. they are both in the hospital. rosanna: what happened to all the bikes? did someone take them? are they just not being were punished? greg: it is winter time. well, i know it's not really winter time. what else?
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greg: what else about that? rosanna: chicago. greg: my honda accord, by the way, is almost dead. i may get a honda accord with leather seat. how about that. anything else we should talk about? mike: i went with ines when she got a new card. rosanna: you want us to come with you? i need to make sure i have room. >> i want to make sure that you look good. chicks dig it.
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mike: things look okay for us. showers around parts of the tri-state. it has around the maturity of the tri-state. 45 degrees in islip. forty-six in bridgeport. forty-five also in newark. cloudy skies. now, we're seeing showers all the way down to the ground level. we are not going to be in the clear for a while. the area of low pressure reiki are. this cold front has the slight curve here. once that goes by, then we will be in the clear.
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it will be a little wet outside. tomorrow is when the main event comes through here. we will see some solid rainfall for your morning commute tomorrow. perhaps a few isolated thunderstorms. after that, you will see it drier sky tape back over. the week and looks pretty good for us here. mostly cloudy skies. temperature gets up to 52 by mid- day. highest 60 and still breezy. let's bring in nine is right now. ines: good morning, mike. a couple of issues this morning. this is the expressway. let's go to our cameras.
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traffic moving slow. i will fill you more in a second. bqe heading toward the brooklyn bridge. in accident cleared away. you will still have to deal with those delays. a little slower than normal. let's go to cheerapp smith. >> for vehicles involved. the left lane is blocked off. westbound. we will start to see those two leas. the lat is moving better as an alternate going westbound into queens. greg and rosanna, five to you. rosanna: a rutgers university
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double shooting. greg: one student shot and killed. the other wounded. two people are being sought. in their early 20s. if you know anything, please call the police here. rosanna: veritable osseo is playing defense this morning. whether the mayor's campaign traded favors for donations. greg: he may want to make a few phone calls. look at the headlines over the last few days. reportedly looking into how people osseo raise money to run for mayor. this stemmed from the nypd corruption stories.
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she is outside city hall. >> reporter: also what he did with that cash once he became mayor. big news this morning. the americans is that he knows nothing about this and he certainly is not connect it to the fbi investigation. he has already seen for officers devoted. one thing is certain, this scandal is growing. mary defazio insisting if there is a federal probe into his fundraising, well, nobody told him. preferred you believe you will be totally cleared of anything with this. >> yes. you are were never told about an investigation to begin with. hitting campaign and progressive
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a sprawling wolf that level investigation by the fbi and u.s. attorney office. involving two businessmen. donating $50000 to the nonprofit. >> everything we have done is appropriate and carefully done with many, many lawyers. the investigation has already spirit for top ranking nypd officers. it was after that announcement that the mayor announced he is returning some of the donation. the mac i met them first around the time of the general election. really have not seen them in the last euro more. >> reporter: as far as the main players are concerned, none of them have been charged with a crime.
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greg and rosanna, that the both of you. greg: thanks a lot. rosanna: a small plane crashed on a street in long island. greg: a single-engine. this happened last night at about 7:00 o'clock. experienced engine trouble. it was trying to return to the faith toward aerodrome when equip a tree. >> i was looking out my window. rosanna: wow. the pilot is in serious condition. his passenger, he is expected to be okay. this was like a miracle.
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injured. greg: okay. time for politics. it could be a wild week. hit the videotape, if we can. donald trump, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, they are all kind of tearing up new york. rosanna: fox5 robert moses is kind of digesting all of this. greg: so is bernie sanders. he ate a hotdog at coney island yesterday. reportedly no onions. his wife prefers that. he likes sauerkraut. you can see that. [laughter] what is going to do? it is not just about who wins in new york. hillary clinton and donald trump are well-positioned to do that.
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of them to prevent 12 from getting the nomination before the convention here at with eight days to go before the empire state primary, the candidates are in a new york state of mind. today, hillary clinton visits port washington. she will also be in holbrook for the annual spring dinner. clinton has been heavily focused on new york for days now. she entered had her husband visited churches in the city yesterday here at. >> i do not take precedent obama gets the credit that he deserves for getting us out of the ditch that republicans blocked us into. >> reporter: is yesterday he sampled coney island's fair. hotdog slathered with sauerkraut . >> one of the differences
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myself is if pretty important one. it is how we raise money for a campaign. >> reporter: a new fox news poll shows went to leading sanders. on the republican side, donald trump has a lead over kasich and cruise. >> if i get elected, rochester will bloom again. it will bloom again. our whole country is going to boom again. put her trump criticized the boston globe. headlands late deportation were blazoned across the page. trump caught the paper stupid.
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the troops of the. >> new ap poll finds that americans trump hillary clinton more on certain issues. if you are a portal cult buff in new york, this is your week. we are looking forward to that debate. greg: you can watch it on tv. rosanna: president obama is reflecting on his last few days in office. greg: here he is walking around with chris wallace. a walk and talk through his old office and library. here he is talking with chris wallace. reflecting on the highs and lows of his president the. >> biggest accomplishment? >> saving the economy from a
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>> failing to plan for the day after what i think was the right thing to do and intervening in libya. greg: he somewhat controversially commented on the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail. he does not believe she compromised national security. we also got a look at his old office, which is like a little cubicle. when he was in that office, nobody knew it of the time, he was the next president of the united states. fox news is reporting a lieutenant commander, a son to a maritime work on the skins --
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death penalty. he was arrested five summer and other charges may be filed. other people may be arrested. he is also charged with using a prostitute and adultery. they are all in the same complaint. >> one for the history books. these are the japanese government. apology. they said that one would not have been. secretary carries the most world war ii. just a day earlier, he was in kabul, afghanistan. he was the intended target of at least three taliban target site hit near the compound.
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someday. the peace park memorial. they have some ruins from that date. you cannot see it here. i'm surprised in all these years, where has it been? the highest-ranking official to visit that will memorial. rosanna: 7:15 a.m. let's talk about the weather this morning. greg: what did you call it? [laughter] we do have some white rain. we will be picking up. tomorrow morning at this time, and looks like that rain will be coming down pretty heavy at times. maybe a quick thunderstorm
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this is the live radar. we have solid ran rain across the northern tier in the tri-state. it takes a while for that heir to saturate. the air has been saturated by the rain falling out of the cloud. it is on the light side or on the majority of the tri-state. allentown, check in at 43. it looks like today we will get a good amount of scattered light or showers. it will go on for a while. you can see the showers extend all the way back into the ohio river valley. it takes about one day and a half to two days to get this all clear from the tri-state region. we are stuck with this for a little while. sixty-four you tomorrow. still breezy. heavier rain comes through in
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things are looking pretty good. let's bring in ines rosales right now. ines: always something going on. when to get off the tappan zee bridge, things are fine. new jersey commute, parsippany. looking good. let's take a look at our cameras. westbound traffic, here is some volume. driving into the city, which washington bridge. this is backing things up, extra slow. at least a one-hour delay. greg and rosanna. greg: thanks a lot. let's take a look at jim smith on his way home. he is canceling his mission this morning because of the clouds.
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the lens there. greg: it looks like you are going pretty fast, too. >> reporter: doing about 120 miles per hour. rosanna: be careful. alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is.
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it is coming out. it looks windy. greg: what community are you over this time? >> reporter: to sclerosing over queens. the queens village. hollis area. greg: fee of kennedy airport off on your left-hand side. when should the airport yesterday. in and out. no problems whatsoever. rosanna: are you planning on going somewhere? greg: dropping off a buddy. >> reporter: it is a bit bumpy. we're seeing the wind gets over 30 miles per hour. a little different the higher you go. of about 1000 feet where we are,
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greg: i save my buddy $75. about two hours, they had taken the train. rosanna: now you know for next time. do not be a hero. [laughter] rosanna: new information, the same player that was shot and killed. will smith. he was shot saturday night in an apparent road rage attack in new orleans. he and his wife were driving through an upscale area just before midnight. their mercedes was rear-ended by a home these. smith and the driver of the humvee apparently exchange words. that is when police say that driver took out a gun and shot full smith and his wife. will smith died on the scene, you know, the football player. his wife was treated at the
7:23 am
>> anything other than an accident that turned into a dispute. greg: will smith was born in queens. defensive end with the saints. rosanna: attorneys for kordell said that he was not the aggressor. greg: he leaves behind a wife and children. a fire sparked by potentially illegal fireworks tore through a hindu temple. rosanna: police say most of the attackers, where the fireworks were stored, collapse. searching for members that were running from that area after the blast. they may charge them with culpable homicide and illegally storing explosives.
7:24 am
belgium tax. the terrors that pulled that off last month was at the airport subway attack. they actually plan to attack france again. cultural federal prosecutions office says the group wanted to follow-up the attacks in november with another assault, but they were surprised by the speed of the investigation. instead, brussels on march 22 instead. twin bombings at the airport. greg: india. where that terrible explosion took place. nassau. there is the cup lard deep space probe. rosanna, it is missing. rosanna: how could it go missing? greg: a very small spaceship. birth controllers cannot charge
7:25 am
rosanna: since last monday. 75 million miles from earth. it was about to turn towards the center of the galaxy. hard to fix. even at the speed of light, sending commands takes 15 minutes. greg: they will track it down eventually. what do we have going on out there? warmer this week. rosanna: we have a great guest stopping by in just a few minutes. 1994 stanley cup championship.
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greg: beautiful. natalie. early 90s.
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room naked. i think that comes up. rosanna: okay. greg: anything else? rosanna: no. it is monday. greg: rosanna and i partied at the rock 'n roll hall of fame. rosanna: i was in bed by 11. greg: it was a lot of fun. thank you, by the way. mike: i worked the greek independence day parade. i will be making another truck out there this summer.
7:30 am
mike: i kind of like a toga. college years. i hope everyone had a good weekend here. it was sunny, but it was very cool outside at the same time. we have the clouds back again. our temperatures will be milder. scattered light or showers. crossing the tri-state region. not a tremendous amount of rain. we have 46 out of central park right now. 42 degrees in sussex. 34 degrees and monticello. scattered showers on the radar and satellite. we are pretty much stuck in this for a while here. that area of low pressure drives all the way through the tri-state region.
7:31 am
to work its way entirely through. today, you may see some peaks of sun. high temperature gets up to about 56 degrees later on this afternoon. fifty-six is your high today. breezy both of those days. look at that streak of high pressure. time to get you over to ines rosales. i know we have had some issues coming and going throughout the morning. ines: absolutely. and accident westbound by that garden state parkway. connecticut, at your normal delays. northbound, you are fine. let's go to queens, take a look at our cameras. traffic moving better than before. most of the act to the off to
7:32 am
before, -- it was that. as for the trains. everything running on or close. greg: a couple years ago, citibank started in new york. very popular. rosanna: some of the racks have been mostly an the in the weeks. are lots of people using them so early in the morning? have they been stolen? greg: not everyone likes these bikes in their area. rosanna: carried through his checking things out for us. >> that is a really good question.
7:33 am
bikes. you had better hurry if you want to grab one from this whole patient. there are just read bikes available at this location. this is not the only station experiencing a shortage. fox five cameras captured footage on three other mornings. remember, these are some of the most densely populated neighborhoods in all of new york city. documenting the lack of bikes by taking pictures of completely empty stations. city bike is supposed to replenish bikes regularly. writers say that that is just not the case. they say at this location, it is usually empty.
7:34 am
72nd street, there are 50 bikes. there are never any bikes here. same thing when you get to make down. some of the kiosks have no bikes and some of them have 40 bikes. sometimes you see them and they are doing a really good job of it. it is kind of the luck of the draw. my experience has been i know that they are repairing some bikes. this one tends to be the most empty. forty-four fox5 did reach out to city bike about this issue. often challenging to prebuilt stations during morning rush hour. shifting to more innovative techniques. providing valet services in high use areas. those valet station that was
7:35 am
to go and be guaranteed a bike. you can only be guaranteed a fight or in the evening rush. still a question this morning, where our office i. let's take a look at all but empty bike racks one more time. what are you going to do. this is not exactly peak white grading season. rosanna: people write these bikes and all kinds of weather. fiftys is not chilly. people, certainly on the weekends would like to use them. greg: if you ride a bike, we are trying to help you out. rosanna: we are going to take a little break. good day is coming right back
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of the playlist. greg: 1979. rosanna: could have been. rosanna: this is amy stewart. what do you think? is is better than having that depressing music. greg: rosanna in the house. rosanna: i am bringing it up. i like that song, too. i do not want to get down.
7:40 am
we have some wet weather out there. just scattered showers that we have. you will probably want to. it could be an issue. a few showers will be coming through for short. forty-five in montauk. our temperatures are pretty mild out there this morning. there will be some breaks in the cloud cover from time to time. for the most part, a mostly cloudy time. there will be more and more of it making its way to the ground because the air has become saturated at this point. it will take a little while. expect more of the scattered showers for about another 36 hours. temperature wise we should go to 56 degrees by 11:00 a.m.
7:41 am
seven-15 miles per hour. tomorrow we make it up to 64 high. it will be breezy as well. high temperatures will be in the upper 50s to low 60s which is where we should be. we have a live-in or a different art. $0.00. it will come in handy on a day like today. let's bring in ines and see what is going on with our commute. it could be a lot worse. ines: we are not dealing with flooding or anything like that. traffic slow approaching exit six. new jersey, you have an accident. let's go to our cameras. westbound traffic a little below the speed limit.
7:42 am
hov lanes find. gwb 45 on the upper. thirty on the lower. 495 had an accident earlier. you are still dealing with delays. holland tunnel, 15-20. greg: it is time for duke and days very special request. duke: 22 years ago. the rangers beating vancouver. one of the heroes of that great run. mike richter. great to have you here. rangers opened up the playoffs wednesday night in pittsburgh against pittsburgh did this is a team that they have knocked out of the postseason the last two years.
7:43 am
going? >> i am a ranger fan, so i'm going to be biased. it does not matter who you are playing, it is when you play them. the dangerous thing about their opponent right now is they are on a hot streak. they just lost both starting goalies. that is a good? for pittsburgh. rangers will have to play their best. duke: responded really well under him. a different season. battling some injuries here and there. had some tough games. is he still the type of goaltender that can lead this team deep. >> absolutely. i do not mind if things do not
7:44 am
theme for the year. you have to learn how to overcome it. these guys comply. leased. duke: to the rangers win the series? >> yes. [laughter] speak to you get your number retired february 2004. who can remember that. getting your degree in economics, politics environmental policy. there was talk that you would run for office one day. still in aspirations? >> i am waiting for donald trump to need a running mate. [laughter] >> it is public service. it is amazing.
7:45 am
from doing it initially is a family that comes from an intense world of sports. i think i have a lot to learn. i have a different perspective on things. you need experience. it is something that i will always consider. a pretty noble calling. >> that is really cool. tell us about the great cycle challenge benefit coming up in june. >> i was asked to participate in this thing and it was and easy answer. right now, the greatest cycle challenge is doing amazing things. for every mile that you ride, it
7:46 am
sponsor you for $10, great. this is out of minneapolis. last year, i think 1 million people -- sorry, 12000 road over 1 million miles. we are hoping to get over $2 million this year. you are going out and getting yourself in shape and you are creating money for a great cause. duke: as i said, if you still live in the area. is there a day that goes by that you are not asked about the great saves? or the great run? four shutouts in the postseason >> yes. you win and lose as a team. we had a great team. we are as tight as you can be.
7:47 am
talking about the good times. a really very special year. >> you ended a 54 year drought. what was it like? >> is the pressure on the teammates for this? you cannot answer because you were not there, but, if you do have a responsibility. it becomes personal. you feel that wait a little bit. duke: the great cycle challenge. the whole month of june. >> get money for a great cause. >> politics still not off the
7:48 am
>> back to you. >> the scariest piece of athletic equipment. they have gotten better. let's take a look back. made famous by mike myers. that was entertaining as heck. good day is coming right back
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rosanna: funny town. p5 this is all i wanted to do. greg: nyc was funky compared to nassau county. rosanna: now you are in the city. people want to move somewhere else. >> live outside of city hall. rosanna: let's talk about puff daddy. he made the announcement last night on staff chat. greg: it only happened once. don't those staff chat veins disappear? >> the first show set at the barclays. tickets to the second show, go on sale today at 10:00 o'clock
7:53 am
it is going to be fun. >> the bus to him. mtv, they handed out trophies for best movie last night. take a look. >> samuel l jackson. [cheering and applause] rosanna: oh, my goodness. no plans. greg: sure enough, he is not wearing pants. rosanna: playing tarzan. greg: it is funny because he is cute. can you imagine if i did that? [cheering] rosanna: dwayne johnson and kevin hart. one of the most memorable entrances in the show's history. both of those guys wearing a
7:54 am
greg: there is batman. looks a little extreme. rosanna: the 25th anniversary of the show. meanwhile. a lot of fun to be at the rock 'n roll hall of fame out our quays on friday night. steve miller. greg: he has a great performance. really nice. i was kind of shocked to hear from steve miller. he was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame. they gave him a ticket and his wife to attend. you want another ticket, $10000. he was upset that his band members, their wives had to pay money to buy a ticket. that is crazy. rosanna: a lazy kind of night
7:55 am
dinner table. greg: he did not insult anybody from the stage. rosanna: afterwards he did say that the rock 'n roll hall of fame should be inducting more women. they were not asked to perform. greg: i heard that they wanted to perform, but they won it. greg: thank you. i had a nice time. rosanna: it was great to see chicago. greg: did you go to the movies? it was number one. rosanna: melissa mccarthy. greg: batman versus superman was numbered two. another $23.4 million. souter opl, my big fat greek
7:56 am
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only fios can. rosanna: all right. "good day new york." it is monday, april 11. greg: excuse me.
7:59 am
live tv. whatever. same difference. friday third team. same difference. rosanna: just about 8:00 o'clock in the morning. we are early this morning. we are on it. it is going to be a little wet today. greg: meanwhile. the mayor. have you heard the headlines? the feds are coming after him raising questions how we raise money. he says he has no idea that the feds are investigating. no one has called him. this has been front-page news now for about one week. running for president. coming to new york city in a big way. sometimes donald trump versus
8:00 am
rosanna: if you live on the upper east or west side, city bike. the racks, some of them, seem to be empty. we are trying to figure out what is going on. are they being used? are they broken? are they've stolen? >> it has really changed the way that we live. anyway. the monthly rate has gone up by $2. it is still pretty cheap did 20 years ago if you rented something from block buster video -- rosanna: sure. like $5 a rental. greg: who remembers if you did not rub wind? rosanna: you are right. greg: be kind, rewind.
8:01 am
friday. rosanna: it was fantastic. greg: we sold all kinds of things. it was spring cleaning here at "good day new york." >> we were raising money for charity. once again, you undermine me and gave away all of my stuff. there were people that were willing to buy it. greg: do not make it sound like i took money away from children. rosanna: trying to figure it out. greg: rosanna, i am telling you. rosanna: so many things to be aware of.
8:02 am
page of the paper? rosanna: -- greg: anyway. are you back to normal? rosanna: take it all. greg: go back to the videotape. greg: why did i painstakingly say -- it was not like i was trying to break the bank. greg: / chair is trying to make money. this year you are in a different mode. it is hard to keep up sometimes. greg: outgo hall on the street. rosanna: it broke. greg: how much money do you think you could've gotten for that? rosanna: 300. mike: from your table? rosanna: just from my table.
8:03 am
rosanna: sparkly shoes. greg: rosanna was selling her stuff. i was getting my stuff away. which would you rather do business with? mike: the tag was still on some of them. mike: raising money for awareness. have a great weekend. at least we have some sunshine out there yesterday. some showers, two. it is not all that heavy. it is making it a little inconvenience out there. anyway, scattered showers on the esa radar. we are going to see scattered showers coming and going throughout the day here.
8:04 am
coming up. islip. forty-five in montauk. thirty-six and monticello. a lot of clouds. they are still coming through on the radar. going in for a while. the area of low pressure. all of this working its way through the northeast. it is not in and out quickly. it will take about a day and a half drop the area. high temperature gets up to about 56 degrees today. also, that southerly winds. a few degrees warmer than what we had yesterday. fifty for you tomorrow. upper 50s, lower 60s. dry throughout that stretch, two. let's bring you back over to ines rosales.
8:05 am
ines: we have our problem spots. 143 blocking a lane. in queens, an accident did the northern state parkway, the grand central has a knack for that. let's go to our cameras. see how things are going we do have problems with the trains. lirr. overhead fire problems. facing a 30 minute delay. new jersey transit cross honoring tickets. greg and rosanna. greg: bank you. have you seen the headlines lately? the feds are reportedly investigating his fund-raising operation geared how that money was spent.
8:06 am
me it. rosanna: juries are priolo is looking into things for us this morning. she is outside city hall. >> reporter: there was talk about this last week. it was just speculation. the fbi has nothing to do with him and they are not looking into his campaign finances. this seems to be growing. >> i have not heard anything about any investigation. >> reporter: a federal probe into his fund-raising. nobody told him. >> you believe you're going to be totally cleared with anything on this. >> yes. we have no information on an investigation going on to begin with.
8:07 am
the mayor's name was invoked last week in the midst of a multilevel investigation by the fbi and u.s. attorneys office. both little cold donors with ties to the mayor. donated $50000 to the nonprofit and nearly $10000 to his campaign. >> everything that we have done is carefully and appropriately done. >> it was after the announcement that the mayor announced that he was returning some of the donations. sunday he said that he is not even that close to the two men. >> i had known them previously. have not seen them in the last year or more. >> no charges for just anyone yet.
8:08 am
this is the end of it or if there will be more to come. that is the latest from city hall. back to you. rosanna: lots of people here. trying to get your vote. greg: they are campaigning left and right. they used to go to the iowa state fair. rosanna: here they are eating hot dogs. going outside their old boyhood home. greg: hillery did not know how to use a metro card. anyway. let's go to bobby moses. >> reporter: good morning to you. you have a presidential candidate headed your way today. another reminder that new york
8:09 am
running for president. >> the candidates are in a new york state of mind. hillary clinton visited fort washington. also in holbrook for the suffolk county annual spring dinner. clinton has been heavily focused on new york for days now. she and her husband visited churches in the city yesterday. >> i do not take that president obama gets the credit that he deserves for digging us out of the ditch. reporter: bernie sanders campaigned upstate today. yesterday, he sampled coney island's fair. hotdog slathered with sauerkraut. >> one of the differences between secretary clinton and myself is safe for the important one here at it is how we raise money for a campaign.
8:10 am
leading democratic voters. donald trump has a commanding lead over john case they can test crews. trump who will be in albany today was in rochester yesterday and promised better days ahead. >> if i get a leg date, rochester will bloom again. our whole country is going to boom again. >> envisioning what a trump presidency would look like. deportations to begin word blazes across the page. he called it stupid. case it will be upstate in albany. crews will be in california. the mac the spouses of the candidates will be busy today to.
8:11 am
island. bill clinton have scheduled visits today in brooklyn and the bronx. another reminder that the way to be two places at once is to spend your spouse. rosanna: campaigning on the subway is against the law. i did not realize that. you cannot campaigned on the subway. she could ride the subway, she cannot campaigned on it. greg: how is that different? rosanna: i do not know. greg: all right. see you later they are, bobby. you had a fantastic special over the weekend. got a lot accrued a cool buzz.
8:12 am
what did i miss? >> the phenomenon that, trump is. we look at what may be a bumpy road to the republican convention in cleveland. >> traveled with the campaign. a behind-the-scenes look. some of the bumps in the road like the chicago protests, some of the other things that he has
8:13 am
front runner. you all know that it is ground zero politically in new york. getting over 50% is really the question. >> six people in his organization. did he really ever think that he would get this far? >> that is a great question. you are starting to see the evidence of that. swept by organizational strength. getting 34 delegates to trump's zero.
8:14 am
they are getting a delegate battle. and colorado, it is a fairly new system. having a prowler's. greg: when you run for president, you have some helpers. hillary clinton, either way, campaigning on the subway. rosanna: she was fine. >> did she say vote for me?
8:15 am
i was not there. it is also illegal to do a lot of things. something tells me it happens. rosanna: a special report tonight on the fox news channel. greg: here's snl making fun of her when she tries to get on the train. [laughter] >> that was funny. >> i don't think she realized
8:16 am
regular new yorkers. rosanna: she was fined. her campaign was fined. greg: how much? 50 bucks? the headlines. >> illegally parked. rosanna: i'm just googling it. >> contending with the research. >> 59. a little bit of rain is coming to town.
8:17 am
18 miles per hour here at pretty good wind. we have 47 in newark. wind is now coming in. depends on where you are. it is coming to around 8 miles an hour. this front will take a little time to pass through the tri-state region. we see drier skies coming back for us here. wednesday through the end of next weekend. it is all set to go for free. have a happy 44th birthday. let's bring in ines right now.
8:18 am
we still have some accidents. you have an accident they are. all the act timidly off to the shoulders. you have a little volume here southbound. it is moving. no problems heading towards the triborough bridge. this is the bqe westbound. eastbound side no issues. forty-five on the upper level. lincoln tunnel, about a one hour delay. the staten island rail rate, to laze in both directions. overhead wire problems causing a 30 minute too late. greg: okay.
8:19 am
the law. >> the president with her. some people think that it is more of a campaign opportunity. >> she is running for president. hillary, i think that she deserves a break. what else? >> the tribeca film festival. >> talking about some of the clothes from the movie. >> this is a crime. watch this. >> i grew up in a top
8:20 am
>> you are rolling today. >> he is good at his own movies. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. hi dad.
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8:23 am
rosanna: such a beautiful building. >> the apartments were designed to be like little music videos. >> they wanted to serve their neighbors. greg: the old swing club, rosanna. of course not. rosanna: i would not know firsthand. let's get down to business.
8:24 am
>> grandfathered in. these are the early uses. 799. 999 a month. why? it has been a while. would you pay more? there are other ways we can get our contents. those analysts are saying maybe three or 4% of folks will cancel as a result. it is $0.09 an hour. look at all the other standalone apps.
8:25 am
remember bob buster. paying $10 a month and you do not care. greg: i think that that is legal. >> let's talk about our taxes. you have to be ready by friday
8:26 am
greg: this is news to me. greg: that was a great day. now, all these years later, our taxes are not due until monday the eighth teens. the irs is off on friday. >> take a quick look outside. rosanna: let's try to find some of the city bikes.
8:27 am
where do they we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it' s the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us.
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8:29 am
>> pace university fine school. downtown. >> very nice school. >> remember felix. i mean, tony, he had a great, theater program there at pace. >> he did? >> u how do you remember these details, these minute details? >> one of the minute details things couple become to me . to the left is police headquarters.
8:30 am
you don't sew as many school buses in manhattan as you do in other boroughs that is one. >> my son went to palestinianly pick them pally pick them up and take them to brooklyn. anyway, welcome back to "good day new york" show. >> 8:30 in the morning. week? >> needs to be conquered. >> don't you have a plan of attack. don't you look at what you have planned. laid down and vender did you coyour taxes? [inaudible] >> things are happening. you can actually file for an extension. beg for government to allow you to do that . an give you four months. i think i owe nothing. foxive too -- >> very fun thy.
8:31 am
damp start out there at least our temps come up for a little bit. that's a good thing. because a lot of that cool weather we had over the weekend you know sunny and nice but man cold temperatures. rain snow mix that we had on saturday wow and no one wants that this time of the year. 46 out at central park. 47 in islip. same in nuke. sussex 43. same in poughkeepsie, and 45 in montauk. cloudy sky everywhere, winds coming in from the south 8 to 18 miles per hour and looks impressive on ray or dare and satellite with an awful lot of rain because it took a while for or to saturate. uh-uh now that it is we're see showers to the ground and we're seeing scattered lighter showers but the main cold front is well up up to our northwest and that's going to come through here a little bit later on. as we head into tonight into tomorrow. that's when the cold front right
8:32 am
so ahead had of that yeah scattered showers coming to you today. not a ton of rainfall but some will be coming through. main line comes through as we head through the commute tomorrow morning up until lunchtime or so tomorrow and then drier skies talk back over and may get a peek of sun in latter half of the day for you on tuesday but today mostly cloudy out there mild with high showers. up to 56 degrees with morning prain and then it starts to break down it later in the afternoon. and then sun sheen back again for you wednesday through next weekend. things look pretty good. over to ines rosales find out what's whatting with roads and rate this is morning. hello ines. >> good morning mike still keeping an eye on westchester 287. issues first sprain brook northbound. accident cleared away on 28 eastbound past exit 6 but dealing with residual delays on that one. queens a crash over by exit 16 greenpoint avenue one lane blocked with that. northern state parkway from
8:33 am
delays on grand central parkway and accident blocking lane by cross krield. cameras with your commute in l.i.e. by terry road move okay but the most part. george washington bridge 30 to 40 with lower level. lincoln tunnel 495 an hour wait howard. and trains problems with new jersey transit that is morris and essex and glads stone branch experiencing 35 minute delay because of overhead wire problems into penn station and hoboken so buses cron honors instead. >> crazy by that program. you rent a bike and return the beak that works very well. however, lately we've noticed what has happened to all of the sphwhiewx look at that empty bike rack rosanna? >> day in and day out no matter what too many you past it, it's empty. we have a bike or shortage what's going on here? where are they going?
8:34 am
these bike racks essentially have no bikes. >> kerr kier on upper west side right now. kerry what do you think? we're here on 70th and amsterdam if you're planning to ride to work morning you're out of luck. there's one city bike left in this this location take a look this bike is inoperable. not the only station experiencing a shortage. captured a footage of three recent mornings of empty bike stations on upper east side and west side some of the most densely popular lated in new york city. riders complain on social media as well and documenting by taking pictures of these empty stations. this as the price of the annual city bike membership goes up from $149 a year to $155 a year. city bike is replacing but
8:35 am
case. >> just this morning i actually noticed a bike station near me had a bunch of bikes. but for the last couple of months almost every morning there's been no bocks. a lot of location where is you can't find bikes. where i go on 4 nd street you find bikes over there. like this primarily there's u usually none. giving us a statement that says it is challenging for us to refill stations during morning rush hour but shifting to more innovative technique including bicycle driven trailers through short distances and valet services in high used areas. by the way we met this gentleman jay here ride city bike every simg day into winter. he said jay what's your experience with this station? >> first time -- yods love city bike and i signed up when had i first saw it.
8:36 am
of the five majoring dog stations you cannot get a bike. simply not possible. work at chelsea not an issue. but in this area it is possible. >> thanks so much for stopping to talk to us this this morning. greg and rosanna question that everybody is wobd ring this morning is where are bikes particularly at this location like i said one with bike left an you can't use it. back to you in the studio. >> indicator we heard from the program it is popular. ito it. i must have one in the city but it is a big hit started by mayor bloomberg by the way. >> all right kerry drew thank you. i'm too afraid of hurting migs or somebody else on a bike. so phil keep walking. meanwhile did you hear about this medical examiner who worked tirelessly after the september 11 attacks to identify remain has passed away. >> that is dr. charles had hirsch dieds at 79 complications are from several illnesses. he led that office for a long
8:37 am
on duty on september 11, 2001, in fact, his staff had set up a temporary morgue near the world trade world trade center site. >> he was hit by debris. when that happened every rib that he has was broken. but he performed heroically and dedicated himself to identifying as many remains as possible in the aftermath. by the time he retired they had identified just 59% but it was a huge, huge challenge. >> right no word on the cause of his death by the way. two men are recovering this morning after their small plane crashed on a street in long island. a single engine plane that crashed in bayport around last night. twoncht guys were on this piper cherokee by the way from a airman reportedly trying to make it back there and engine may have malfunctioned.
8:38 am
they couldn't and instead clip the tree and utility lines. listen to this. >> looking out my window and he went down. oh, twisted around, landed, went outside. identified as scott clifford in serious condition. also we had the passenger, 65-year-old michael rome also in the hospital. his condition not as serious . no one on the ground injured. you have to be careful in those things. >> yesterday big day for greeks, thousands eve people lined fifth avenue for the annual greek independents day parade. yes greg kelly pride on full ?ri. mayor glsh owe helped carry the greek flag. >> only kidding.
8:39 am
nick gregory, mike woods on hand broadcasting the event. i'm sure parade celebrates that in 1829 and independent greece. a great day for a parade. a little cold. >> how did that go? >> fantastic one of the best one in recent years. >> we're a tv station hosted by you, ernie anastos we'll have to take your word or for it because we have no pictures sorry, unfortunately. >> i was there. meanwhile coming up here on "good day new york" lee why -- you be her the voice of princess jazmine. she was in miss saigon going to sing for us and happy that leah when a car gives you sound you can feel... for an experience you won't soon forget.
8:40 am
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8:43 am
friday night on monday morning. wouldn't that be mastery? it's hard, though. ming they say being grateful for everything help its put you in the right -- >> how about sunday night boy oh boy i feel like i'm -- sunday night. >> not so bad. by the way, did you work out yesterday? >> let me think -- why, no? of course not. day of rest. day of rest on sunday. >> i walked but i had any fitness tracker. >> the bible says -- don't, rest so bible sore not to be sacreligious. >> we're talking about fitness trackers that are popular rosanna has one on her wrist and may help doctors treat patient. there was a report that in an er here in new jersey one man came in with having a seizure and
8:44 am
doctors or were able to pin poit the possible cause of this seizure she had abnormal heart rhythm a few hours prior to the episode and not only do they know what caused it, they can tell it was chronic or acute because that affects what treatment you give to someone with this abnormal heart rhythm is they track their fitness now doctors say in the future it might be something that will help medical care as well because it tracks heart rate ab important sign that doctors look at when talking about seizures, that kind of thing. >> question for rosanna does that thing in you track when you eat and know when you're eating? >> no, you have to enter it in. [laughter] >> that's a big part of the equation. >> like ding ding ding -- overrule what you just said. that's up to you to put it in if >> that is good for people who forget to kind of get up and
8:45 am
exercise. when you see how low your steps have been it motivates you to go for a walk. >> wearing that for how long? >> you said. where were you going with this? undergone a transformation? >> no healthier in general. keeping her on track let's talk about mastectomy -- which is type of surgery that breast cancer women undergo to remove breast. reduced dramatically 2005 and 2013 over 36% increase. it has more dramatic when talking about both breasts this is surprising considering that fact that we now have or more breast sparing surgery that means you don't remove the entire breast and take radiation therapy but you could conserve breast. they're saying many women out of perhaps fear koangt want to have
8:46 am
although it might not be the right medical decision but those who don't have cancer can get it removed as angelina jolie did and high genetic risk. so just a trend that doctors are noticing. more women undergoing mast eggmy in higher numbers is the right thing to do. it depends on individual case by case basis that you speak to your doctor about. >> who is that doctor honored with you -- >> susan she's -- fantastic best in the city. i do spin class with her on saturday. she's in great shape. >> give her regards to the old man because he watches the show. she's terrific. a great family, and really the first step is training -- absolutely screening early detection. mammography i had my last week. >> everything is good. thank you. >> happy to what are that. >> thank you. >> no discounts.
8:47 am
>> u you work there . >> you would be surprised. >> good health insurance? >> copay and all no special breaks. but you know. >> greg is surprised. >> i'm surprised everything is by the bock and everyone is treated the same that's probably how it should be so -- i think i do get earlier appointments to a little vip treatment in that. >> u friend of rosannas. >> sat down and chatted with jane rosenthal two founders of the tribeca film festival. >> excuse me. rival of rosanna scotto. enemy. >> no. >> acquaintance. i respect him. both of them very much. >> every year you sit down with them you have something going on. >> met a lot of people and don't get that opportunity to do that. that i you're going to see the
8:48 am
8:49 am
most weekends only last a couplef days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at to get a guaranteed discount. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy
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8:51 am
>> brian adams i believe is from canada mog making news morning in mississippi. canceling his concert there because of the state's new law that allows religion and private businesses to refuse service to gay couples. he says that he can't in good conscience feral in a state where certain people are denied their civil rights because of their sexual orientation. bruce spring teen canceled a show yesterday in queens burrow north carolina for the same reason. supporters of the laws say they offer protections for christians. harrison ford's name accidentally entered into police arrest records recently. >> harrison ford.
8:52 am
warnght out for his arrest? no, but for a little while it looked that way. so some cops undergoing initial training in huntington beach, california, learning in and outs of the computer system and you have to practice putting names in. so like john dough sally dough and ran out of those names it's like harrison ford. let's put it in here and delete it, guess what they forgot to delete it and cops showed up with guns drawn. no way let me take that back. he was in there for a little while and they finally figured it out. but for just a few minutes a real live fugitive. remember that dr. richard kimble. we love to see where duke and dusm eases are in india. kate wanted to go to india so entertainment. >> they're playing cricket which
8:53 am
kate just got a hit. there's will i guess pitching whatever. i don't understand cricket. >> they were all over attending memorial and tribute stuff like that. so royals still royal. >> coming up. on "good day new york" -- leia you know her from miss saigon and she was allegiance with george teka you can hear had her at feinstein 54 below. you don't voice.
8:54 am
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or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum >> that bridge in central park. >> so pretty over there. that's instagram photo filter because this guy -- >> thank you so much for that great picture this morning. >> go outside shall we might rain but we have cool things in
8:57 am
8:58 am
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8:59 am
>> a little classic. upper west side. that -- >> thought that was bernie sanders over there? hillary, no, however, you keact
9:00 am
days without running into a presidential candidate. >> don't talk about the cats. but they are out in full force new york is crime place to get delegates. lots of delegating up for grabs today. around the iowa state fair now all about new york city. who saw hillary clinton riding subway? it was somehow controversial. why? why, rosanna, they sometimes they can't win these candidates. >> several reasons why it is controversial. once you have a problem swiping her metro card. >> guess what who hasn't had a problem swiping metro card those things are 20 years old. not her fault. here she is on the train. educate god good for her riding train. you and cant do anything about someone having a bad time about it. ing she broke the law according to the mta rules of conduct subway system is for trpghting


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