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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 11, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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days without running into a presidential candidate. >> don't talk about the cats. but they are out in full force new york is crime place to get delegates. lots of delegating up for grabs today. around the iowa state fair now all about new york city. who saw hillary clinton riding subway? it was somehow controversial. why? why, rosanna, they sometimes they can't win these candidates. >> several reasons why it is controversial. once you have a problem swiping her metro card. >> guess what who hasn't had a problem swiping metro card those things are 20 years old. not her fault. here she is on the train. educate god good for her riding train. you and cant do anything about someone having a bad time about it. ing she broke the law according to the mta rules of conduct subway system is for trpghting
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nothing pells. >> guess what i don't see her actively campaigning for anything right here but standing there granted news media is in tow. granted she's without a politician. but so what -- pick understand the president. >> she gets on the subway, and we give her a hard time. >> not saying she should be fined someone else mentioned it and it made news this weekend. >> in london telling us how to do things and who should be paying what. bernie sanders went to your old stomping grounds koney island there's donald trump. berps ate a hot dog u.s. j the way you like it. >> with a lot of sauerkraut and you like onion. you and mike slobbered with the onion and the sauerkraut andering.
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york city to campaign or for our vote. and rosanna we are holding up on our support lobbying us for our endorsement. >> it is convention on republican sides. and you know bernie did win what had the last sex -- caucuses and primaries. he's heavily ifer fad. donald trump that is to win in new york state. so that's why they're all here. they want your vote. j a week from tomorrow by the way, back to hillary clinton all right i tried to stick up for her, but s and a l got her good rosanna. >> that was really funny.
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is working -- [laughter] >> it is the best way to get around. they have been brilliant. i'm sure hillary clinton got a chuckle out of that. >> she should have because it's happened to lots of people that retro card reader is too old and it told me swipe again. this turns -- swipe again. >> didn't somebody say you have to use your left hand like a certain angle you need to have if you use your right hand it gets -- >> as the guy who runs the station lew leone should show you that tomorrow. we went underground days ago. the technique now. >> it does work but too awkward with the left hand. anyway, what else do we talk -- city bikes.
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loves riding them if well if you go that way. i personally find them too scared to ride a bike in manhattan honestly. >> to dangerous but people feel comfortable to do it. and, obviously, it's a very successful program. so successful that had several racks around our area on upper east side and some on upper west side are empty so you know got us wondering what are people using bikes, are they stolen? >> show us the video of the empty bike racks that's what we've seen over past couple weeks in new york city. you saw all of those from like last year, two years ago. this was what we've been seeing a lot of. empty bike racks. what happened to those bicycle no straight answer here. >> so they might be tweaking things. look leak they're supposed to maintain these bicycles . but apparently not putting them in different dogs all over o the city. >> what happened to all of the bikes?
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quick answer or for you. but we have a little explanation. good morning to you greg and rosanna it has become a frustrating occurrence. here on 70th and amsterdam not a single bike left to ride. there's one parked here but this red light here mean this particular bike is inoperable. this is not only station experiencing shortage of bikes. fox five camera captured footage of etchty bike station on upper east side and upper west side. some of the most densely populated in noshing and riersd begin to notice and complain about this issue and documenting the lack of bikes by taking pictures of empty stations as city bike membership rose from 149 a year to 355 a year. city bike is supposed to be replenishing bike but riders on
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the case. came from the gym 73rd and central park west and 72nd street there's 50 bikes. and there's never any bikes here. so it's -- the same they think in when you get to midtown. some have some and some are 40. but they're supposed to move them around, and you sometimes see them doing a really good job of it. sometimes they're not. it's a luck of the draw. >> sometimes we have absolutely nothing and sometimes it's very full. my experience has been lately that i know they're ring bikes so saying that location would be easyier but this is most empty. fox 5 did reach out to city bike to get answers about this issue and they released a statement that reads nart qot it's challenging for us to refill station during morning rush hour but shifting to more tin no vattive techniques including trailers to move bikes over
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services in high use areas. so greg and rosanna a little bit of an explanation there. one gentleman said thank you for doimg this story it is a really issue especially or for people looking to ride these bikes in the morning. we've been here for a couple of hours now and no bikes really to ride. so back to you in the studio. >> so on friday night we went to courtesy of this girl the rock 'n' roll hall of faming. >> i went for free and i'm thritted. the hall of fame center. inducted chicago, deem purple. steve medical -- is awesome on the guitar. >> he's awesome got up there and paid some of my favorite songs, cowboy time keeps on ticking, ticking into the future.
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campus behind the sanes unknown us to -- >> let me tell you how crummy this ceremony has been. >> this whole process is, quote, unpleasant, and that needs to be changed from the top to the bottom. he said they don't respect the artist that they're honoring, and -- >> how bout whole thing about detectives he got a ticket and so u does his wife but if he wanted to take a friend -- or what about the band? 10,000 bucks a ticket. his band got in but guess who didn't, wives if you want to bring your wife, you have to pay. so funny because miranda rule is beginning on rock 'n' roll fame up. go sits over there an learn something. [laughter] that must have been fun so glad i wasn't there for that one. but anyway, it was really for those of us who came to watch the show it was great nwa
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with a great speech. very powerful. >> not any women that's another problem the rock in ron hall of fame is trying to address. >> next time we have to protest going for free. and thanks to your family. all right what else is going on? >> let's talk about the weather right now because it is not raining. but threatening to, mike woods. smg we've had patchy should you should you showers here and there but that come and go thing and not necessarily getting rain right now. but likely to see showers throughout day here. but a cloudy and mild day with scat turd showers swinging through region, and there's or more rain on the way for you tomorrow and that looks look heavier showers coming through too, an by the time wet get to midweek, wednesday from that point forward looking at e clearer skies but right now cloudy and mild. temps 46 degrees central park. 48 newark. 45 allentown. 48 in bridgeport and 47 in
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upper 40s on radar and satellite locally we've seen passing showers again the first of the showers not all the way to the ground but now that air is saturated patchy light shower but notice how broken up refuel is this radar and salt light and not solid rainfall but. y lighter rain showers but forward through the day here there's not much out there to change things up. so i'm expecting most of this day will be like that. but as a the cold front itself gets a little bit closer to us and actually swings through tristate region we're going to see more solid rainfall but during the day. patchy light rain shower but 4:00 tomorrow look like leading enof the more solid rainfall works its way through so morning commute tomorrow could be nastier or for you. definitely bring a little -- better umbrella at that time. that can withstand the wind. because that keep on cranking up with the rain.
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mitd midday so today cloudy sky. high up to 56 with showers around tristate. not too many problems with showers and storms. storms not a problem until tonight into tomorrow morning. and then a few isolated showers out there. but it will be wet tonight with lows drop between 43 and a 51. through the next sen days got a high of 56 today and then of 0 torming. 60 tomorrow. wednesday, thursday, friday all sunny looking. high temp in upper 50s low 60s and stays that way as we head into next weekend there are some indications that it starts to warming up from sunday on. but even now with the temps as they are pretty much where they should be this time of year here. rosanna and greg over to you. >> thanks a lot. tribeca film festival is -- about to start. and -- who made the that thing happen had robert de niro let's face it. >> and jane rosenthal. by the way, what they've created is unbelievable. initially they started this film
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manhattan after nemp i got a chance to ask if they think people forgot about the original purpose of this festival. >> sometime it is bothers me that people don't know the original intention of the festival or think that we've been around for 50 years, and it's only 15. that said it's the community of filmmakers and story tellers that come back to tribeck year after year supports diverse story telling and how you can heal a neighborhood or heal anything through film. >> is this film festival access only to masses? some think that you have to be fin vieted to go to the film festival? >> go online. we're a festival that is for the audience. for an audience festival if it's a people's festival, and we've
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york city. is there a highlight for the festival for you? >> i mean i'm looking forward to doing a taxi driver 40th anniversary screening and pulling after. looking forward to it. >> do you have any of your line? >> no -- talking to me? >> you talking to me? >> i may have a thing -- [laughter] you don't want me to say -- >> heard them enough. so that's going to be one of the highlights, any other film, documentary that you're excited about? >> excited about -- family thing jason bateman did with nicole kidman is in. there's the bomb which is an immersive -- film making experience that plays a live track in and
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here with michael shannon and elvis and nixon, and a terrific picture called wove. it's about discovery and that's what's fun about the festival. you can say that festivals are original binge watching. pmpleg a lot of people were interested in the movie that -- that documentary that you were talking about, vast. why were you hoping to bring that to masses? >> i was surprised when i heard some people didn't -- were sort of against it. but at the same time i didn't want to make it a whole controversy with the festival and that, this and that so i said let me just pull it, we'll deal with it later. so on, so it did get a lot of attention. >> hope to bring that movie -- >> not in the festival.
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but not at the festival. obviously, it hits close to home. >> sure. for being my own experience not one of my kids, and it's just -- but i think key thing is anti-vaccine movie it wasn't an antiin my position is not anti-vaccine it's what was put into the vaccine and how it was dealt with. it's very complicated i still love get information from people who are much more into it all of the time. so we'll see. >> do you think that's i'm not showing this movie do you think? >> some might say we did, some say we didn't i get it from both sides. some away good you did that. other say why -- they're all pissed off but that got intentions. >> a controversial issue and fort of the issue issues we dealt with is who it's from, and you know, we're known for our documentary films and that
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>> all right last time i was here i did name that movie with quotes i've got a little bit more deep into some of your movies some of your new ones. okay i was wondering if you might be able to guess those quotes. it's my fault -- >> joy. >> ding ding. >> retirement is an ongoing reelectless effort in creativity. believe me i've tried everything. >> the intern. >> ding ding ding -- i grew u up in a u tough neighborhood. >> us ied to say you can get further with a gun rather than just a kind word. >> untouchables.
9:17 am
>> better to be -- king of comedy one of my favorite lines -- >> are you -- [laughter] i guess that's the meet the parents? >> do you have any plans to do any of those meet the parents? >> i don't know if they ever approach -- at this point, it might be over. >> what else can we expect to see you in mr. de niro? >> i did the the comedian i don't know when it will be out. i finished it i did a movie called hands of stone venezuelan director, very good and i did with barry we produced risen of lives from hbo. >> you do so much. how are you juggling all of these movies? >> it'sable. it is a lot but it's manageable. >> is it because you like to work?
9:18 am
>> i like to say at home too. but you like to be active. anyway, congratulations look forward to seeing the film. >> thank you. >>keep up -- [laughter] >> he was actually -- i have to say we had a great time because the minute i sat down he said did you bring any food -- i swear. so excuse me. you have 18 restaurants. you need my food, anyway he went on to say about how he remembered coming to my restaurant with leo dicaprio and used the office which is in the basement and they just -- remembered it he said he's going to come back. i don't know. >> what to they need at the office? >> he and leo they had to talk. >> anybody who is anybody 52nd street why not rosanna. >> check out o the film. >> here's what you guys are talking about taxi driver 40 years ago -- this movie was something else. he played a taxi driver, obviously, but he had a dark
9:19 am
>> disturbed taxi driver. mistaken i think about killing a guy so he can impress a young jodie foster do something like that in real life. right, quoit a movie and celebrated tribeca film festival. tickets available right now. thank you so much bobby and jane. all right coming up, you know her from miss saigon on broadway below this week. and she'll be performing first
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and acne won't last forever. won't walk in on you... forever. clearasil works fast. >> so decades for hamilton miss saigon must see show. i wases there. i was. >> i saw too lee salonga tony award winner. that show took such a twist. wow look it up. trust us on that. she went on to a whole new world. a whole new world after miss saigon. married long and successful career. lea salonga, performing welcome back to 54 below. >> funny thing about miss saigon
9:23 am
our opening on broadway today. today. it is really nice that i'm here and showing all of these memories and everything -- and it had to be one of our cast members from original company to remind us. it was our rehearsal and orchestra keyboard 25 years and to the day. today. that we opened up that theater. >> what do you remember about that day? >> scare out of your mind? >> no i don't think there was show because i had done the show for over a year in london when we came here it was like -- there was an excitement. there was an electricity. >> costar? >> jonathan won tony award for best performance by an asht and musical. willy and belittle who won tony for miss saigon as well. so many wonderful people who have also come and gone and well chase a nashville now on the tv
9:24 am
have oh, my gosh who have careers. >> are you singing any of the miss saigon songs? >> i really can't say. a little about you and broadway. to the show that is not particularly broadway heavy and down from 54 below and upstairs you get a lot of musical theater. this is part of up to where you get all of the that. so this is a little different and stuff i like to do besides musical theater. : that's goods i like that. so we close on valentine's day so i've had my fellow here. so >> with george. it is great. >> we were one was people who turned out -- >> so it sets him off. so japanese word for expensive so he doesn't mend that too much. but what do you got for us right now?
9:25 am
>> okay. beautiful. thank you. he touched me he put his hand near mine and then he touched me i felt a sudden tingle when he touched me oh sparkle, a glow he knew it was not accidental no, he knew it he smiled and seemed to tell me so all through it
9:26 am
i know he's real and world is alive and shiny i feel such a wonderful drive towards valentine's he touched me i simply have to face the fact he touched me control myself, u try to act as if i remember my name but he touched me
9:27 am
and suddenly nothing is nothing but he touched me he touched me and suddenly nothing is the same he touched me -- >> oh, i have chills. >> that was beautiful. smg that was beautiful. >> so by the way, you have long
9:28 am
>> i did. >> nice haircut when you said it was called me touched me this could go either way. it was very pleasant. >> absolutely. >> meenl while april 12th through the 17th. >> from tomorrow we open, and then we end on sunday. every performance is at 7 p.m. except for on thursday at 9. upstairs is that megago disco from the 70s and 80s all right lea thank you. fng thank you. >> look great and sound fantastic jack thank you so many so much. >> get ready for dogs welcome makeup, true confessions from rosanna. >> makeup stars will be here. i want to be a youtube star. emmy crazy greg, you can't hang
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spring is just around the corner. we need to get ready with this. joining us right now is patrick. nice to have you both here. both of you say that it is all about the lift. >> it is on trend. rosanna: let's see how we are going to have fun. >> we are just going to go ahead. >> do you do the line over the map? to make the line bigger? >> i will just treat it as i go. a great trick is just to go a little bit about the cupids bow.
9:33 am
nothing too crazy. >> on your instagram, i know you have a few million followers. how did you get that many followers? >> just putting ourselves out there online. just caught on fire. what makes us stand out, we are best friends. it is not just make up. greg: i never thought that you had personality with this turbine on. [laughter] let me talk to you.
9:34 am
what are we doing? >> matt lipstick is very, very popular. coral looks so good on that. >> if you want to rocket, just rocket. if you want to do something, make it happen for yourself. >> a beautiful color for summer. >> out of my own personal line. probably one of the first. >> where can you buy that, by the way?
9:35 am
that was last month for the nail polish. i love pink. who does not love pink. >> i love pink. i am worried about anything too bright on the left. >> concerned about wearing anything. a lot of women just go in and buy it and they try it and they get really scared. if you have a little eye makeup, a little bit of bronzer, it will balance out. >> are you appealing to all women? is your audience boys who want to wear makeup and some women? >> predominantly women. it is pretty cool.
9:36 am
really intense dramatic craziness. i want to appeal to women. any girl can do it. rosanna: when did you break out on social media? i was a huge fan. [laughter] he helped me a lot in social
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rosanna: i have eaten a lot of fried chicken in my day. inside that restaurant, some of
9:40 am
rosanna: she started at sylvia's. she got her feet wet. and then she was actually it doing these gospel brunch is. she worked the sunday before the attack. greg: we are so glad that you are with us. welcome to "good day new york." >> how could we have missed you all of these years? >> i am with you guys every morning. >> you are a native new yorker. >> all right. gorgeous things that your restaurant. >> thank you. mac & cheese.
9:41 am
wonderful memories. i will start doing that a while ago. >> it is totally not an obvious owning the place called wells chicken and waffles. a lot of people from the industry. a lot of musicians. a lot of factors. they were hungry. a lot of them did not have an opportunity to have dinner. chicken and waffles. >> now we know. great story, by the way. rosanna: is there a secret ingredient that you are putting in here? >> you have to make it yourself.
9:42 am
i kind of cheat at home. we put a little eggnog right in the batter. this looks like a very special waffle iron. this is comforting. >> it is double-sided. >> we will start over here. here is what we have. we will put it into some nutmeg. there we go. some baking powder. there we go. this is waffle batter. rosanna: there will be no more fried chicken (.
9:43 am
>> i am a southern girl. my family is in south carolina. then we will add some butter. >> i love butter. let me get some of that eggnog. it is eggnog. there you go. can you say yum? now we will take the egg whites. we will take some of them and we will put them in here. the other half we will fold them. what this does for me, that gives us a really, really white waffle. we want a light waffle. then what we will do with these,
9:44 am
>> have you ever tried in a go waffle. >> that is all i have ever really had feared outside of a waffle house. you just wake up and do it. i am a mom. a single mom. i will do that for them. we will spray a waffle. we will take this matter. this is the cool part. we will take this batter. it is thick. actually, it will be really great.
9:45 am
signing tomorrow. >> posted i my very dear friends. seeing on the view. >> amazing. open seven days a week. >> seven days a week. >> these waffles are amazing. >> thank you. >> you moved on on the fried >> fantastic. >> melba, thanks a lot. greg: these dogs that help people. rosanna: today is national pet dave. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised. to install fios and set up the wi-fi that
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9:48 am
are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for cheerios well you've come to the right great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast >> we have lulu and spike in our lives. compared to the dogs for canine companions. these dogs can help you.
9:49 am
>> aar really trained dogs. >> let's go through some. i think we have pictures of dogs helping people. this woman is in a wheelchair. next picture, please. this is all from canine companions. they have a very important event coming up. >> the fox5 news. >> good morning. the northeast regional executive there. and marie. who was that? welcome to you all. >> a big deal. they have it every year. one thing that i really want to stress here, this is their big
9:50 am
be able to raise these dogs. they give these dogs to people that desperately need them. soldiers who have come back from iraq or afghanistan. they are not seeing eye dogs. they actually perform tasks. how many dogs would you say that you placed with families? >> re- hundred nine dogs last year. >> that is a lot of training. >> it is. >> a modified wheelchair. >> cerebral palsy from birth. greg: how does domino help you? >> domino were trees things off
9:51 am
he also helps me in the supermarket. carrying grocery bags. rosanna: what was life like without domino? >> it was all about given independence. >> we have been apparent for three years. >> many of these folks feel like. suddenly they have these dogs. >> a lot of people would not
9:52 am
everybody wants to approach me. >> sometimes, i want to pet dogs. is this a do not pet situation? >> it is they do not pet situation. he needs to be able to focus on me. >> it is not about you. >> i am just trying to give the dog comfort. >> we call it a release. rosanna: a little dog show. >> you will be seeing this stuff on thursday night for the greg: are these dogs up for
9:53 am
they do not need homes. >> a british design. by the way, the hundred $60. >> more than the dog. [laughter] >> a gray leather leash. the winner of the film festival. >> it is nice to have you here. >> this right here. she also does lots of demonstrations. >> $45. rosanna: do not go anywhere.
9:54 am
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out. >> wendy: hey! thank you! thank you!7` oh, my gosh. here we go again. hi, everyone. thank you for watching. my co-hosts, my studio audience. how yo u you doin'? so much to cover. let's get started with "hot


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