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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day new york". rosanna: i am rosanna coto. greg: i am greg kelly. it is warm. rosanna: a school district in new jersey to use bathrooms and locker rooms based on the gender they identify with. many parents have concerns. ben: a bank robbery in brooklyn. somebody made a whole in the roof and got away with several hundred thousand dollars. they did it so skillfully the alarm bell didn't even go off. these guys are good. ben: hillary clinton is talking equal pay, candidates continued to drum up support before the
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greg: the centers for disease control are warning about the zika virus. this is much more serious than we originally thought. could this be the summer of zika? >> i am already on my guard about lyme disease. don't worry area via about zika. hang in there, you are going to be all right, just stick with me. and the reporters make fun of the politicians and vice versa. hillary clinton with bill diblasio, a cast member from hamilton. the joke went something like this, hillary clinton was endorsed by bill diblasio but rather late. listen to this.
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a good way. >> thanks for the endorsement, bill. took you long enough. >> sorry, hillary. i was running on cp time. i don't like jokes like that. cautious politician time. >> i have been there. ben: it took a day or so but people are saying that cp time comment was racial, insensitive, politically incorrect and now it is front page news in a daily news, they are calling it skip for brains.
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politically however, there are certain limits. rosanna: he crossed the line? greg: we have never gotten into something like that. >> that was a scripted joke. >> should we call for his resignation now or after the show? rosanna: he has a racially diverse family. >> that doesn't mean you can make racially charged jokes. i would like your opinion on this. >> it was a little shocking. rosanna: it is cautiously -- >> meteorologist: they take it
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>> meteorologist: i am not easily offended. greg: caucasus politicians time, hillary should know better too. i am surprised which i guess it is not about me. you know what they are talking about. a lot of people don't like it. i'm surprised two people of their stature made that crack. we will figure it out on facebook. that is unscripted. that is unscripted. this is scripted. this is rehearsed. someone wrote it for them and they thought it was funny. they said it, like somebody wrote it, it was okay. conversation continues go to our facebook page. we will get your forecast and
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it is a little messy outside. let's look at esp radar and show you where the rain is, pretty solid line of showers cruising through new jersey or sussex county, morris county seeing heavy showers, the line holding together and solid rain and high winds coming in as well. so far nothing as far as severe weather warnings. we will keep an eye on things. a solid line of rain with heavy rain. temperatures on the wild side. 59 in bridgeport and 54 and islip with a cloudy sky here and that is the cold front pressing through here and it will do so as we get deeper into the day, in and out of the picture fairly quickly. when we get to lunch time it is out of here. that is what future cast is
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of your beyond 1:00 in the afternoon, in long island and connecticut but it will swing through fairly quickly. morning showers leading to a partly cloudy sky, gradual clearing, high temperature 60 , and 59 is your high thursday, 60 on friday. and things got real sloppy with rain coming through. it will get worse before it gets better. >> a lot of red and a lot of problems starting with the staten island expressway. traffic flow before the accident towards the verrazano bridge and the bronx on the and the bronx on the deegan, 2 30th st. and accident on the
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let's check the lie, traffic moving find, and the 4, 5 and 6 trains this morning. the northbound express, then 125th st. and the southbound trains making local stops between parkchester and third avenue. the rest of the trains running on or close, street cleaning rules on a fact today. >> our primary is a week today about, are somewhere in new york city. or at least the state. rosanna: robert moses in midtown. who are you trailing? >> reporter: hillary clinton is expected at the time center at security and side the lobby is quite tight. she will be here for a panel discussion advocating equal pay for women.
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candidates, securing every vote possible. a roundtable discussion on pay equity between men and women popping up all over new york. she stopped at a diner in queens, in port washington and attended a dinner in holbrook and challenged bernie sanders who she said she looks forward to debating. had trouble answering questions about the core issue, namely dealing with the banks and had trouble answering questions. >> reporter: they remain steadfast in his belief that he is best equipped to win in november. >> this is a campaign in national poll after national poll the feeding donald trump by double digits. >> she is the one tough enough to stop trump.
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slammed trump for his rhetoric. trump held a rally last night in albany, criticized the political process that awarded all of colorado's 34 delegates to ted cruz. >> the system is rigged, a rigged disgusting dirty system. for his part ted cruz says trump's words are sour grapes. >> the latest thing he sees upon is when people vote against him they are stealing the election. >> reporter: trump is counting on every vote possible when new york holds its primary a week from today, two votes he will not be getting are those of his children who missed the registration deadline. john kasich will campaign in the city, a longshot candidate, his opponents have no chance.
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consistently beats hillary in >> the odds are long for john kasich who starts in midtown today, then he heads to factory. we saw ted cruz do the same thing last week. at this point john kasich is banking on a brokered convention. that is the latest live from the time center in midtown this morning. back to you. >> let's look at these guys who are running for president. in the middle you see donald trump, big analysis, 1 $32 million spent on negative ads by candidates and $70 million have gone to commercials assailing donald trump. he is poised to do very well. >> let's talk about new york. another stabbing in the city happened on every side, a
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police said happened at 1:00 on the intersection of east 94th st.. >> the victim was walking on the side of the street when he got in an argument with another man and was stabbed multiple times in the chest. someone drove the victim to metropolitan hospital, he died two hours later, no arrests have been made in the case. a bank robbery in brooklyn. they went through the roof and these guys were good and by good i mean bad. by that i mean good. they pulled this off, got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars and did not trip the alarm. rosanna: police a 2 $80,000 was taken by thieves who cut a hole in the vault. they were over the area, hsbc branch on 3rd st. avenue as police investigated, the bank was closed over the weekend and employees only discovered it monday morning. the daily news says the alarm was never tripped. no word on how many thieves took part was the bank says the money is insured but some valuables were taken from safety deposit
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usually they find them and they take a little time. >> a debate and resolution on the new jersey school district. ines: the regional district in new jersey voted to allow students to use restrooms and locker rooms based on their gender identity. juliet: greg: if you see yourself as female you can use the female restroom. that is acceptable and about time according to many but some don't like this. teresa pre-always live in hillsdale, new jersey. >> reporter: that is the tip of the iceberg. good morning. six students in this school district identify as transgender but it does not just affect six people. at the vote last night so many on both sides riled up, some
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rights, some say it puts security in jeopardy. >> our school is taking the right steps and affirming the lives of people like myself and implement a policy that will save those lives in the future. >> what about mental distress on our children, my child, nothing is getting addressed. >> reporter: contentious issue on a topic debated nationally. now students who are transgender, the bathroom corresponds to their core identity. >> it is great for all our kids that we are teaching them about the people they should be, the kind of community and society they should be part of. >> reporter: monday's vote 6-numone a the second time the board allowed public comment on this but in the past and parents have been so vocal about this proposed change, the issue was
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antidiscrimination laws, not only opens up the bathrooms and locker rooms to transgender students but requires the school staff to address the students by the names and pronouns they associate with. those on both sides of this issue believe it will take some time to adjust to the new policy. >> and affirmation the transgender people exist in our community, we are a great people, we are human beings and not something hypothetical that people like to portray as predators or immoral or perverse. >> it will cause trouble, possibly getting into fights or things like that that i am worried about. how to feel. it was a touchy situation. sports teams and activities that are offered here, that students can participate in those activities that correspond with the gender they identify with. i asked for some people's
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most people who reached out to here's the response. this one from charlie, he has a picture, my child's safety in a public restroom is more to dress up like a woman. the trans-but the door has been opened, affirmation equals continuing new demands. andrew supports the measure saying someone who is transgender is not the same as a dry clean and broadway blue adding some levity saying i naked. that is the latest from hillsdale. back to both of you. greg: policies in effect, they approved it last night. >> reporter: they approved it last night. affect? >> reporter: my understanding is it goes into effect immediately. greg: thank you. rosanna: confusing for kids. i am sure the boys who are
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they will get in trouble. greg: there may be some giggling, times have changed, we have all grown a bit. in high school i didn't know if i was arthur or martha but things work themselves out. the policy, got to respect both sides but the policy is approved, hope it goes well. rosanna: when i went into the non-the bathroom, we had a lot of different people in the bathroom. i thought it was kind of fun. greg: most were doing something else. rosanna: thousands of union workers at verizon say they will go on strike tomorrow if they don't get a new contract. greg: they work on the company's landline phone and internet operations that haven't had a contract since august. unions say they are trying to improve pension benefits and prevent verizon from transferring jobs to outside contractors but verizon said
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a lot of people don't even have them anymore. >> verizon includes the cable company fires. a lot of people have been signing on. >> people cutting the cord for cable. i disagree with you on that. that will probably affect them as well. >> the company has trained take over. keep an eye on that. rosanna: we don't want people to lose their jobs. greg: tell me more about the non-blooge rosanna: it was a lot of fun. maybe i shouldn't talk about it. >> meteorologist: let's show you what is going on, another wet day, temperatures going up, a lot of son with clouds and rain, 56 at central park, 51 in bridgeport, 52 in montauk, cloudy skies everywhere, showers starting up early but now it
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of showers coming through sussex toward passaic county and dropping to the southeast of the still holding together and has solid rain and gusty wind but it will be in and out of the area fairly quickly but everyone has wet weather for the morning commute from this point forward. we have more rain to deal with. future cast that 1:00 in the afternoon when the last of the rain leaving in the city. in long island another hour or later in the day and we should the much clearer, drier day coming up tomorrow as well as front the air is significant he called her but we have another freeze watch going into effect for blue shaded counties from 2:00 in the morning until 8:00 if you have done early spring planting or anything like that just be prepared because you could see frosty conditions and
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plants that have been planted. high temperature 49 to 60, cloudy and mild, showers wrap up later and we will these guys clearing out nicely, cool and dry tonight as well and through the next 7 days, 60 with early rainfall, drier in the afternoon, as we head into the rest of the week, 70 next week, so there you go, elizabeth is turning 100 years old. happy birthday to you, let's bring in ines and we have wet weather out of the tri-state affecting the commute. >> queens, traffic really slow on the lie, and no issues this morning, by the water middlebury area.
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in new jersey on route 80, westbound, normal delays, is down moves fine. the george washington bridge driving into the city 45 on the upper level, lower 30 minutes. and 45 to 50 minute delay, the holland tunnel 20 from each approach. ben: drizzling outside. hang in there, greg kelly.
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coming right back. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can' t even imagine. that' s the job. and she' s the one who' s proven she can get it done. securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she' s the one who' ll make a real difference for you. i' m hillary clinton and i approve
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greg: wolfgang steak out. they give you a huge piece of bacon. just come. it was like bread. oh man, it is magnificent. forget strips of bacon. it is like a big hunk, they got a couple of them in the city. rosanna: let's look at this on "good day".
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greg: prosecutors named them -- they were the men, using a hideout in the bomber. the accomplice blue up the subway train, 16 victims, were killed in bombings. rosanna: a short movie about tsa tsarnaev will debut. greg: it does not glorify him. and in high school, a range of emotions after learning their friend was responsible after wounding 250. somebody they grew up with was a terrorist.
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appears at the trifecta film festival this saturday. >> officials say he body slammed the 12-year-old girl. did you see this video? it happened march 29th in san antonio. and they decided to fire him. and the treatment of the 12-year-old girl. he may contest this but he is out of a job. rosanna: going to take a quick break, it is raining but not for long. >> left over by a shake after a
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it is -- took a long time.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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greg: everyone has an umbrella. 80% of the time i don't have an umbrella. you can buy one, usually $10 or less. it gets the job done. look at that thing, the black-and-white one. rosanna: that will last forever. greg: every umbrella has those little spikes that the edge of the umbrella designed to take somebody's eyeball out, should they put plastic? rosanna: it is hard to close
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and it opens up on its own. rosanna: how do you make the the day? tough being me. we 20 doesn't look like it is raining. a lot of folks coming from the port authority, the big garage. okay, what else? rosanna: nice to have everybody with us. greg: have you seen anybody running for president? they are all over the place. rosanna: i almost had a run in with ted cruz. a place he is campaigning in, it was my day off and i had to ask about new york values, i had my phone ready to go. and take him down, 10 minutes later i am like this is my day off. why am i chasing ted cruz, he was on his own. greg: probably good for him and good for you that you took off. he has secret service these days.
7:31 am
greg: be careful with the language, take him down. mike was, very passionate about that. rosanna: the liberal politicians, i am sure that is not the way he meant it. >> meteorologist: rubbed people the wrong way. we are all good. of the 20 ted cruz is invited to the "good day" show. rosanna: we have a few people signed up and ready to go. rosanna: everybody will be coming here. >> meteorologist: we had some wet weather, the gust busters and tell you what, they are going to need it for the morning and later in the afternoon, toss that to the side because the gusty wind and heavy rain will be out of the picture. there is still that line holding together, not as strong or impressive as it was coming
7:32 am
still there and it is going through passaic towards union county and bergen county, getting closer to you as well. that line of showers making its way to the southeast and they have to deal with that as they continue through the commute but things get later this afternoon. it is not an all day thing, central park, 59 at newark, 51 in bridgeport, 52 in montauk with the cloudy sky, losing its punch and steam, plenty of wet weather with it and gusty wind too but behind that cold front we see high pressure that will take over and bring clear sky and colder temperatures, canada and that is what we have tomorrow morning and we have another freeze watch for the northern tier of the tri-state but mild with high temperature getting to 60, breezy as the rain comes through, 56 is your
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weekend is nice and sunny and dry. let's get over to ines and see what is happening. ines: expect delays on the throughway, staten island expressway earlier accident cleared away but delays remain, bridge. westbound. with the trains two problems, 4, 5 and 6 trained police activity by 77, and without express by grand central station and 125th st. and they are making local stops by third avenue. new jersey transit, 15 minute delay because of a stalled
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greg: we have been through a lot of disease in this town and this country. rosanna: remember ebola? greg: more recently legionnaires' disease. now the zika virus and we have heard from the federal government that the zika virus situation much more dangerous more than we were initially told. rosanna: we thought you can only get it going to the caribbean, then miami too, now we are hearing it is in our backyard. greg: let's bring in stacy. >> reporter: there have been 30 cases of zika diagnosed. all of them got zika when traveling in other countries but the big concern is as temperatures get warmer across the us the mosquito responsible for zika will show up in more states than the cdc thought, that includes new york, new
7:35 am
>> everything we look at with this virus is scarier than we thought. >> reporter: the centers for disease control delivering a bombshell report on the fast spreading zika virus saying more americans could be at risk than previously thought. already more than 300 travel related cases have been reported in the united states, us territories like puerto rico and the virgin islands, hundreds have been infected by transmission and health officials say the mosquito the carry the virus lives in more states than previously thought. >> 12 states, the mosquito is present and 30 states have the mosquito present. >> reporter: that includes new york, new jersey and connecticut. the cdc is worried the us could have a big problem on its hands as the weather gets warmer. >> i am concerned about it because the cdc rarely makes statements like that. >> reporter: pregnant women remain most at risk there is also evidence some adults may suffer serious side effects from zika. >> reporter: for the most part we have been focusing on this because pregnant women are at risk, you worry about the baby developing birth defects or
7:36 am
but people can be infected with zika virus and in brazil some of these folks have symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis and other diseases. >> reporter: so far there isn't a vaccine and any hope of having a possible vaccine ready for testing later this year is contingent on more funding. >> this is a very unusual virus we can't pretend we know everything about that we need to know. >> reporter: president obama asked congress for 1 $.9 billion for zika research but the request has stalled in congress. the administration did they it will reallocate the money for ebola research for zika but cdc says that would be a stopgap, a lot more is needed if they want a vaccine. rosanna: you are pregnant.
7:37 am
five month along. i feel good. it is a big concern. i know friends who are pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant, a big topic on the chalkboards, it is a concern during the winter, you get to new york and traveled a little but anyplace south has been off-limits. it will get warmer here and we will see what happens because of the mosquito in question. august, late august. rosanna: that is nice. boy? name yet. we talked about when we would start talking about the name. well, cover up. >> a lot of people say poisonous but the doctors say better -- especially if you travel to
7:38 am
was at a wedding in florida and she was concerned there. >> reporter: it is good that there have not been people who have been bitten in the united states but they are worried that the change. greg: we are the least qualified people within miles to help you. good luck. we have a lot of good doctors and experts. rosanna: we have got to go to newark, the problem with lead in the water. they are calling for legislation in washington to test the drinking water in schools across the country. rosanna: it would require schools to test for late of those states receive federal funding for safe water programs. it would require schools to notify test results within two days. newark turned off the water in 30 school buildings after finding elevated lead levels
7:39 am
to those schools every few days. greg: a growing corruption scandal that may engulf the nypd and the bill diblasio administration. the mayor talked about it but made an announcement he is not going to be talking about it in the future. he is not being investigated, no federal prosecutor has called him or people he knows. we 27 the fbi is looking at two businessman from brooklyn who donated to the mayor's campaign. they are at the center of an investigation involving alleged gifts given to the nypd brass in exchange for favors and special treatment. greg: he said i am not talking about it after yesterday. listen. >> i am happy to take questions today but i won't be speaking about this after today. i have answered a number of questions, i will answer more and move in their. greg: not so sure, it may not be
7:40 am
i would be expecting a few more. rosanna: the mayor has not been contacted by anyone from the us attorney's office and has not seen any need to get an attorney. speaking of an attorney, did you see the finale of billions? greg: on sunday night. i lost it. rosanna: i need to talk about this. it was so good. two men meat, a showdown. it was so good. of the 20 paul giamatti and the rosanna: the capital. show.
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he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. greg: the thing that bothers me, about billions.
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was us attorney? the scenario is, and -- not going to happen, maybe in the 1800s. rosanna: prosecutors only work by the books, by the rules. together prosecution. greg: you have a beef with prosecutors? in this particular scenario it is perfectly plausible. it is ludicrous. rosanna: i know it is unrealistic but i'm gripped by the whole thing. people on twitter, billions, when the is the shrink that works at ask capital is great, marion says the same thing, that she loves the show. greg: wendy and deirdre and
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air, play with your friends, skip too much tv. too much tv. what is going on, mike? it is a good show but too much. >> meteorologist: it is. rosanna: there is me who doesn't get any at all. >> meteorologist: let's show you what is going on with the weather this morning. a cold front coming into town will spark a pretty good line of showers, still holding together, not as potent as it was a while ago but going to bring a good amount of rain for a period of time and maybe high winds as well. a wet tuesday morning commute for sure. pretty mild temperatures, 56 at central park, 57 in newark, 51 in bridgeport, 53 in pick up the, cold front dropping through the tri-state region bringing the rain we have to deal with for the first part of the day but once we get beyond lunch time or so most of the rain will have cleared the city in any event but it takes a little longer to clear in long island and connecticut but it will do so within the next couple hours
7:46 am
afternoon everyone is dry and we will see dry skies the next several days afterwards, today morning rain showers, temperatures back to 60 for a high later today. the next seven days 56 tomorrow, look at that low, we start at 40 only, frosty conditions to the north of the city and the west, freeze watch in effect a good part of the tri-state from 2:00 tomorrow morning until 8:00. lots of sun through the upcoming weekend, temperatures a little above normal. don't forget the weather apps. live interactive radar, let's get to ines rosales. we have problems on the road and rails. >> reporter: the way, new jersey transit, light rail. queens, traffic always slow on the lie. in nassau county a slow ride, not bad commute.
7:47 am
state parkway by mile marker 135, slow because of an accident in the area, southbound doing fine, another accident by exit 140. a police investigation by 77 affecting the 4, 5 and 6, grand central station and 125th st. they are making local stops, and some mechanical problems, trains running on franklin, 5 southbound, and bowling green, they are terminating at church avenue. the newark light rail, a 15 minute delay. greg: thanks a lot. do castiglia and, our sports guy, what is up? duke: all day yesterday.
7:48 am
rosanna: you need to watch billions. greg: this girl is going out and married to the prosecutor. rosanna: it is all about wendy. greg: this guy is the target of the investigation. that is paul and the redheaded guy from homeland, here they are having an argument. that is the gist of it. rosanna: the acting and that show is over the top. greg: it is your turn. duke: yankee starter series, on the mound for the yankees, first pitch, match opening a 3-game series, marlins jumped all over stephen madden ii, and to the
7:49 am
it was done and they win 10-3, the sixth inning every marlins starting position player had a hit and run scored 2 and 4 on the season, don mattingly is the manager, tough team, tough out. i am not ready to push the panic button. are you ready? met are numtwo-numfour. you are upset about the mets? >> these games in september and they will not be as bad as they were. and basketball nets and wizards at berkeley center, fourth-quarter, nets down 5 and the free-throw later in the
7:50 am
he throws it down, the mets wrap up the season. a new study found 40% of living former nfl football players have signs of traumatic brain injury. and it is often a precursor. and headache and sports, 45% of subjects have memory problems, 42% had attentional concentration, 4% had spatial perception problems. more football news, jason pr paul speaking out about the fireworks accident the customer finger and part of his thumb.
7:51 am
>> we hear more about this later today. back to baseball, and at a baseball game. rosanna: i would like. to be 14 all the games i have been to, america park in detroit watching tigers/pirates. and after a lifetime -- greg: he brought his own mitts to the game. duke: a lot of people do. i am not a big mitts to the game guy.
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. greg: led zeppelin classic rock group. stairway to heaven classic rock song. did they stairway to heaven. greg: i have always found this
7:55 am
every beginning guitarist has probably learned this song. rosanna: a judge in los angeles will be notes are similar to a song called taurus that was written four years before stay awake by randy wolf of the band spirit. greg: a judge says they have grounds. rosanna: let's listen. greg: i can hear the similarities. it is there. rosanna: randy wolf brought this suit. he drowned in 1997 trying to rescue his son. is a state of the two bands toward together in the late 60s and led zeppelin owes millions of dollars in royalties. greg: i am a little surprised this didn't become public much earlier. rosanna: this has been going on
7:56 am
the 20 the similarity is there. the trial on may 10th, you remember that whole thing with that kid being sick who had that song. robin thick and marvin gaye and they ruled against him, said he copied that song. rosanna: the shorty awards, the oscars of social media. apparently they honor the best uses of snapchat, instagram, youto, winners are chosen from entertaining, fashion and beauty, philanthropy, last time a ceremony was held at the new york times ctr. and was streamed live. greg: can you see all those people taking pictures of themselves. >> you are the one guy from that one viral video.
7:57 am
myself and putting good energy out there. rosanna: who won? here is a list that two of them. hannah heart won the best in food, and hinson won best actress, kevin hart for best
7:58 am
air b&b for tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing,
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from "fox 5 news", this is good day new york. welcome!i have been around for a while. this is our eighth season. 7 1/2. high , everyone. it's tuesday and i am greg kelly. nice to have you with us. it's a little bit messy this morning but not terrible. a little bit of rain and it should end at lunchtime. mike says the rest of the day should be nice. he has all the details. a 22-year-old man is dead after being stabbed repeatedly on the upper east side. it happened early this arrests have been made. >> police have a mystery to solve in brooklyn. they told directly into the bank. they make up with $280,000. no alarm was 's trip. they went through the roof. does anyone remember the thief with james con ? it's a great film.
8:01 am
with politics hillary clinton is scheduled to deliver a campaign speech. it's one of several candidates holding events and the empire state. >> it's pretty exciting. >> one week from today is primary day. adderall have you heard about the drug? it's designed to combat the attention deficit disorder. it's being abused. routinely by kids and adults. there are some things the drug can make you do. it can make you study more effectively but what about the side effects? >> abuse is rampant. currently two other things? is it doing to your brain and your heart? we have people here with great experience. roseanna and i are both members of the inner circle. year. >> anyway they make fun of politicians and the them .
8:02 am
show. it's called shelton. it's a satire and they make fun of politics. roseanna and i did not go this year. we were working. >> here is hillary clinton and bill de blasio and mister odom from the hamilton. he plays ehrenberg. >> what happens is as the journalists put on the show, the mayor puts on a rebuttal show and he makes fun of his self and reporters. how they made fun of it is gaining controversy. watch and listen.
8:03 am
. [cheering] sorry, hillary. i was running on cp time . i don't like jokes like that, bill. [laughter] it's politician time . >> it is getting some attention today. >> front page news and daily news. skit for brains blasted for joke invoking racist colored people time. it's in a gallery team. what do you think? cp time? for many you heard the reaction that people were shocked. is he talking about colored people time? it's the stereotype. >> it's a cautious politician.
8:04 am
you and me are not too politically correct. that i am shocked. that? >> i am surprised and they are getting abused on social media. we will have some comments coming up.the mayor says during an evening of satire, the only person that it was meant to mark as the mayor. certainly, no one intended to offend anyone. >> the first time that is there interpretation. >> it was a scripted joke! >> that potentially makes it worse. off the top of your head you say something and i get it but i did not like it. mike woods what is your opinion. >> it caught me off guard. were you offended? >> i am not easily offended. >> will you write the mayor? will you to anything about it?
8:05 am
your thoughts.>> they were taken back a little bit . when you are speaking about it you know what the punchline is. the comedians get away with everything so i think it comes. >> if he would've said it would've been okay. >> yes! they will get a front time. the conversation will continue.
8:06 am
>> we will check things out and it's still raining. you still need the umbrella and it's going on for a little while longer. not too long at least it's not all day long. let's take a look at the map and show you where the rain is. it's at its height right now peeking out as the heavier showers are approaching. you will have to get up there and do you have to do. it will get messy and it starts to back down. it's close to lunch or so. anyhow this is what we see on the radar and there is a solid line of showers and it still has a lot of rain and wind with it . expect that to mess up your morning commute . it gets a little bit better at 580 in newark. 56 in central park and 53 in montauk with a cloudy sky. if you are way out to the east and long island, the rain hasn't quite arrived. it will be coming soon.
8:07 am
rain is moving from the west to the east and we have a dryer sky back behind it with high-pressure taking over. it will come with a trade-off and that's the colder temperatures. they kicked back over tomorrow and we will keep it a little bit cooler for the next few days. it's a little bit colder tomorrow morning with a freeze watch in effect for the blue shaded counties. need to protect your plants if you can because they will be damaged if not killed in situations like this. morning showers make a comeback and the high temperatures go up to 640 today. as we go through the next seven days, the high temperatures are back up to 56 and back up to 59 on thursday. >> we have a lot of sunshine with slightly warmer temperatures. let's get you over to ines rosales and she will give
8:08 am
rails. >> 2045 mile-per-hour speed restriction. hopefully we'll get it out of the way soon. we have heavy delays with issues on the garden state parkway. there is a accent by 135 blocking the lane. as you continue northbound, there's an accident off to the shoulder by 280. it's a slow ride as you make your way to the cross island parkway. we have a update with the four, five and six train. in the southbound between
8:09 am
six train they are only making local spots between third avenue. there is a stall with the new jersey transit affecting the north rail. it was a 15 minute delay. >> a guy last night stabbed on the street in manhattan. third avenue and 94th st. and 22-year-old man fatally stabbed. ben is near the scene this morning.what is going on. >> heavy police present here on the upper east side. please do not have a suspect in custody and they don't have a description of a suspect . take a look. it happened near 94th and 95th st. it happened around 1:15 am. he got into an argument police say with a man he did not know. that man pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the chest.
8:10 am
it's not clear whom but it's a couple of blocks north. he was pronounced dead at the hospital around 3:00 am. the individual walked away and they did not have a suspect in custody. it's a high-end high-rise. it's a condo starting in the $3 million range. we spoke with neighbors who live around here and they say it's concerning. >> it's a big police presence and it's
8:11 am
>> there's a lot of streetlights around here on third avenue. you hope between that and the surveillance cameras that they can get more information. it too is responsible of the murder. no suspect in custody and not even a description at this hour. that's the story along third avenue between 95th. >> back to you. >> things, a lot . police made an arrest in the slashing in greenwich village. marvin taylor uses a sharp object to cut open the pocket of a man who was sitting on a inch at bleecker street station. when the man noticed his pockets were being ripped, he resisted and he was slashed on his hand and face.
8:12 am
hospital. that's why robert moses is in midtown. he is outside. there are people lined up with their umbrellas .
8:13 am
you can see inside. it's battleground new york. men and women. she popped up around new york yesterday. it's bernie sanders who she looks forward to debating on thursday. >> it's a core issue in dealing with the bank. she had problem answering a foreign-policy question.
8:14 am
ahead to try. it's a rigged and dirty system. crew says the words are sour grapes. >> the latest thing he sees the pond is when people vote against him. >> they are stealing the election. >> he is counting on every vote possible when he holds the primary one week from today. they missed the registration deadline. john kasich remains a longshot candidate yet he says it's his opponents who have no chance. >> i am the only person who consistently beats hillary .
8:15 am
focused on a convention. he has only one. it's a target of a lot of negative ads how many are talking about donald trump? >> half of that has been directed at donald trump. >> $70 million. that's crazy! the time say it's a relentless barrage and it's beginning to have an effect
8:16 am
he looks like he will bump everyone on that one. >> he's got more than 50% of the likely republican voters for next week. >> he does seem to have the advantage. he is from new york . let's go to brooklyn new york. he got away with $300,000. >> that gets him in trouble. >> they cut a hole down into the vault . he's over the branch on 13th avenue police investigated in the bank was closed over the weekend. employees discover the whole on monday morning. the daily news says he was never tripped that's amazing. >> a handful of people work there. >> the police are talking to everyone. this is unsolved and going through the roof. >> the money is ensured. however, it's fdic.
8:17 am
deposit box or they are and it could be a problem.>> i recommend the film with james con and he is a professional bank robber. >> how about to catch a thief? >> cary grant it's a good one. i can't believe people thought it was a good movie. >> it's good. let's talk about the lawsuit. a lawsuit claims the teenage actress who voices dora the explorer that special treatment. her name is fatima and she goes to the school in chelsea. it's an exclusive private school. they were caught beeping in the bathroom. they were doing the e cigarettes. she was suspended for three days and the payment of the girl who filed the lawsuit say their daughter was expelled. now, they sue to get her back into the school and
8:18 am
her publicist has not commented on the suit and the school says disciplinary actions are private and confidential. >> it's on the news! a big deal! smoking in the girls room? >> let's leave it at that. >> they are commenting on the mayor stroke. the majority is expected at four 107 inch at central park. it will get a quarter to a third of inch of rain before we are all said and done. we dropped it down to 54 550. we are now at 56 and thanks
8:19 am
have warmer temperatures with us. it's late moderate rainfall at central park and there is a line that was holding together decently. it starts to weekend and they will be pretty heavy showers coming through for a short period of time. we will see the dry weather take over this afternoon. it's 570 in newark and 54 in poughkeepsie. 53 in islip and there is a cloudy sky with temperatures falling through the morning commute. we will downloaded at the google play store for free and put it to work. here comes ines. here is what's going on. >> here is what's going on. >> it's a busy one in the weather. we have problems in brooklyn. it's outbound in an accident is blocking to
8:20 am
the staten island has a regular delay to the bears on a bridge. it's an earlier accident. let's see how things are moving. it's very wet as you can see. it's no problems northbound. street cleaning rules are in effect citywide. >> make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can' t even imagine. that' s the job. and she' s the one who' s proven she can get it done.
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8:23 am
p?p?o?gv don't you just love it goldman sachs what happened? >> goldman sachs is in a list of banks that list a
8:24 am
settlement. they accused him of lying to mortgages.the bank pays $2.4 billion in penalties. the mortgages are underwater. let's get more about the business community. it's something big happening. it's f8. it's annual developments conference. they are here at the development conference . mark zuckerberg is here. we have to start to introduce this artificial intelligence the computer and technology into our lives.
8:25 am
app. you could pay your friends with it. back to the robots.we will find out more. i haven't personally seen it but there has been testing with robots in storage. the customers take the order at fast food restaurants. it's more uses of robots in everyday life. >> that person at walmart says welcome. >> she has a job and can contribute as best as she
8:26 am
>> the robot takes the job. >> think you so much.
8:27 am
about that. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders.
8:29 am
8:30 am
the rain means business. it's a 90s song. >> mike knows it. >> there is funding on the roadways. i can picture that.>> is blowing in the wind out the window. >> if i had a convertible don't you want us to come with you car shopping? adventure! disruptive. >> i want to be comfortable in the car.
8:31 am
seat, generally. [laughter] you could be comfortable. >> i am the one paying for it! do you want to come? >> it's more ways than one. >> pistol has enough punch to it. you will get really a quick minute . it comes on through and it's about to head in by right now. a lot of folks are dealing with it. it's breaking up . it comes in and gets out very quickly. it's a morning commute and
8:32 am
we have 540 in allentown and in sussex at 53. it's a little bit cooler and you have to take some time to clear the tri-state region. it's starting up in the eastern long island and it's a substantial cold front. not because of the rainfall it's coming through but because of what's behind in the area of low pressure. the rain is out here and we have a clear sky making it pretty cold tomorrow. below is tomorrow morning in the city and it will drop down . the suburbs are in the 20s. freezing conditions are coming at you again. morning showers in the afternoon with a high temperature making it breezy.
8:33 am
christine luster. . the lie and the weather combination dinner jersey at root 80 is bumper-to-bumper. it's towards 287 and its southbound that's jammed as your traveling pastor 80. let's take a look at the verrazano bridge. we prepared for delays. driving into the city, 45 minutes on the upper level. there is a 15 minute delay in both directions because of a stalled train. everything else is running on or close. street cleaning rules are in effect citywide.>>
8:34 am
than what we thought. it's getting scary around here! >> it's not just in the caribbean. the zika virus is carried by mosquitoes. if you are infected and you are pregnant , your child could have a smaller head a smaller brain than usual. it's very scary in that regard. how much of a risk is here in new york? they upgraded that assessment with stacy getting more. >> to all of the people who have contracted it got it when they were traveling overseas. the issue is that our temperatures get warmer across the united states. the mosquito that is responsible will show up in more states . everything we look at is scarier than we thought .
8:35 am
bombshell report. travel cases have been reported in the united states. the us territories like puerto rico and the virgin island with hundreds affected by transmission. the mosquito that carries the virus lives in more cities than previously thought.>> 12 states is where the mosquito is present. we believe 30 states have the mosquito present. >> that includes new york, new jersey and connecticut. the cdc says it's worry that the us could have a big problem as the weather gets warmer. >> i am concerned about it. the cdc rarely make statements like that. while pregnant women remain at risk, there is evidence that adults could suffer serious side effects. >> we are focusing on this about pregnant women and the baby.people can be
8:36 am
in brazil they found they get symptoms to multiple sclerosis . >> there is not a vaccine . we hope to having one ready for testing later this year is contingent on more funding. >> this is a very unusual virus that we can't know everything about. >> in addition, they say they are studying various medications with a treatment 15 drugs out of 60 could prove effective but they say it all comes down to funding. they need more money . the obama administration did say they are real we are locating to the zika virus to study it. >> you are pregnant. that is right. >> did you talk to your doctor? >> of course. they cautioned not to go , florida, texas
8:37 am
warmer there sooner and the mosquitoes are there. if you are there , wear long pants and long sleeves. where repellent. you think of it as a poisonous substance but they say it's better to protect yourself . >> in the meantime, you said the baby is due in august. it's a baby boy! >> that is right! when will you pick up the discussion about the name? >> it's any day now. >> only people are asking us i am already getting pressure like we need to start deciding on the name. >> my husband's name is robert . >> it could be a bob junior. >> it would be weird. >> did they ever call him bobby? >> he goes by rob . robert will be very particular about that.
8:38 am
>> it's a future bobby, maybe. >> the social media sensation. >> there she is. >> she is the one with the long blonde hair. >> she wrote the book.>> she is on the right. >> she got knocked down. >> this is one of the biggest deals on the internet. >> like millions and millions of followers. they will knock this guy down.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she' s the one who' ll make a real difference for you. i' m hillary clinton and i approve
8:42 am
was a special opening for breaking points. three people have been very involved.christine mack is speaking for the drug-free kids. hi, christine. a recovery coach nice to have you back. cheryl paul is the one to
8:43 am
>> what are we talking about here? kids who have add and adhd? school. we are talking about doctors prescribing it for everyone. >> is that we are finding? >> they are not prescribing it for everyone to what's happening is there are teenagers that need the balance. they needed to focus. when kids take them that don't need them for that reason they can find the drug easily in schools and on the streets.this becomes illegal because they are taking them and there are drugs that are amphetamines and it's basically math. it's taken by someone who doesn't need it. >> it in the high school level. >> they suffer from more stress than ever before.
8:44 am
drug, i thought it was a miracle drug. i wish i had known it wasn't a reaction. there has to be side effects. >> this is a controlled substance. it's a level ii controlled substance. it's a stimulant. it gives you the small sense of security and a sense that you can do it. you learn to procrastinate. you think you are learning all this and some kids might perform better but it's not lasting. >> what are the risks?>> there is a debilitating cycle and it looks like 1000 cups of coffee where your heart will reason you have anxiety. what do kids do? they reach for xanax, volume, you get uppers and downers. you can mix it with alcohol in it could be deadly. >> do you think it's been overprescribed or overdiagnosed? you hear about the symptoms
8:45 am
boys. >> know the pressure is academics and extracurriculars. they have ap classes and sports, social life, studying for the sats. it's all these unrealistic expectations. it's impossible. >> i want to go back to the attention deficit disorder. it's like being a 10-year-old kid i am just curious has it been overdiagnosed? >> i think it's wildly overdiagnosed. to get an accurate doses, you need to go to a evaluation doctor. >> you can't just get it from a pediatrician. >> pediatricians are prescribing it. they don't do the same thing.
8:46 am
are on their own. it's much easier for them to say that there is not a full evaluation. >> doctors are prescribing it with children's and students thinking it's okay and their friend is giving it to them. he is selling them at school or in the street and all of a sudden you have people who are supposed to be taking it because they are sick and they are sharing it or selling it. >> what did you find in the new documentary? >> it's made by a partnership . it's the's an organization screening and partnership with silver bell and drug-free kids. we are doing it tonight. to expose the parents and families and others about issues. this is about this drug issue. >> we want them to really have a conversation with their child about it. it's about having a
8:47 am
>> got you. what about the negative characteristics? >> what can you tell us long-term? what you just mentioned they have seen somewhat mild as far as the side effects. >> is a false sense of reality. you are teaching your children not how to cope with life but how to fail and how to go through adversity. what are we teaching them? tim reach for a pill and make it better? how does that lead to a successful life? >> i have also heard that it . >> absolutely! it really comes down to the stress. we come home and grab a drink. is that being a proper role model? maybe we need to pop a xanax to relax are we being a good role model? we have to show the students and the young people how to control their stress. >> in the documentary, we touch on that and it's for
8:48 am
to make sure that we have time management . it's crucial that we get it in. it's exercise. it's having some social life. they can't be good at everything. >> they are teaching mindfulness. it's how to meditate. recognize it . we are putting that and because it's brilliant. it's what students need. we asked them we need you to be the best at sports and academics. even with social media it's all about saying, great i can manage it all. i can fix it all. >> we have great experts. it's a 31 minute's 31 minutes of your time to learn about what the long-term effects are and the devastating
8:49 am
>> 210 e. 86 street between second and third avenue. >> we are non-for-profit educational organization. they expose people to the issues. they engage them in the conversation. it inspires you to make a change. >> good luck. christine and latasha. >> it's free. >> think you. >> thank you for your information it's appreciated. >> we will tell them who else will be on for good day. >> it's a founder of sam adams. >> it's fine.
8:50 am
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8:53 am
the universe. >> is it really historically accurate? hamilton head's up. >> people will start nitpicking. >> they were interviewed in the new york times this past sunday. it's in his record in the final year of his life showing little or no action . >> that is up to point out his elitism. it's the love for large banks. >> he calls for a president as a monarch with a senate serving for life. >> one professor of history says it's an amazing piece of theater. it concerns me that people are seeing it as a piece of history. someone else is quoted saying one of the most interesting things we when it's fun.
8:54 am
chill. don't take them off the $10 bill. >> coming up, maybe it does leslie is here from 60 minutes. she is a fantastic correspondent. she wa let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
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go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. it will be one of those days. the sun will come out today. >> that's not today but tomorrow. >> it will be nice. >> all right, everyone. welcome.what's going on? not a lot. actually it took a while for people to be included in as to what happened on saturday night. >> we did not go. the inner-circle is this great big annihilation. he basically raised money for charity. at the same time, they lampoon the city hall and politics.


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