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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 13, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day new york". ben: welcome to the middle of the week. rosanna: nice to have you on this beautiful sunny day. it will hit 70s this week and. mike woods has the details. ben: we can see a big strike, thousands of people walking off the picket line is up. one of the issues we will break rosanna: democratic candidates holding big eventss, hillary clinton will be in midtown and holding a large rally tonight in washington sq. park. greg: guess who is showing up to get donald trump on the day new york not for the first time, famous man in the world right now and the republican front
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at 7:30. rosanna: you have no ability to the metro card, you had problems with the metro card swiping to get in but it soon may go the way of the token. they are looking for other ways to get on the subway. greg: those are 20 something years old, it wasn't hillary clinton's fault. everybody gave her time but those machines rolled. they will have a new system in a couple years. kerry: the red light robin hood was busted again. he is the man who obviously is amused with himself, he is disabling the red light traffic cameras in the name of the people. >> he seemed delighted about it in his mug shot. he put a bag or point the camera up to the sun.
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rosanna: he says they are doing it to generate money. greg: it is a good idea to stop at a red light. donald trump himself will be on "good day new york". has been here before. donald trump, arguably again, you he is the most famous guy, more people are talking about him than president obama. rosanna: tweet us, question you may talk about donald trump about or facebook us. we have formulated our own questions. interesting to see what you want to know. greg: an interesting conversation with donald trump. he deserves credit for this. let's bring it back here. he is accessible, the most accessible presidential candidate front runner.
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people. shows like he is walking around on the phone, more accessible more than any candidate we have seen in a long time. rosanna: in the meantime, glorious day out there. >> meteorologist: a little cooler than normal. sunshine back again, it is not raining like we had yesterday, just school for starters, winds temperatures are not far off the mark for what is average, these are your forecast highs, 57 your forecast high for the day today, 60 your normal high, record high 88 . we won't see anything like that but temperatures will be ramping up over the next few days. 32 in allentown. and also the wind from the northwest, a lighter wind but out there from the northwest
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yesterday we dealt with the cold front coming through which kept showers going until midday but it started to slow down, high-pressure taking over again, and the northeast there is the area of low pressure which looks like it will slide across the great lakes. the only thing it will bring is a few high clouds which temperature 57 , 58 tomorrow, 60 friday. and low 70s sunday into monday. and we are watching several issues this morning. how does it stand right now? rosanna: the garden state pkwy. north bend, southbound by exit 90, trying to clear that out of the way but rubbernecking delays on the northbound side. farther north an accident by exit 114 on the local lanes,
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the vanwyk northbound a stall blocking a lane by main street so traffic backed up to the parkway, jackie robinson parkway eastbound working on an accident by metropolitan avenue. let's look at the major deegan facing major delays southbound. and an accident on the northbound side where a car flipped over, close all lanes and block one lane on the southbound side so those things cleared away but left this delay to yonkers avenue. everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect citywide. rosanna: thousands of verizon workers around the country walking the picket line this morning. greg: on strike. landline service and self-service affected. let's go to teresa pelo in midtown. what is going on?
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see for yourself we have been experiencing for the past hour or so this rally, this protest, this job action stretches almost an entire block, one end to the next, people are requesting verizon to give better benefits and their cries here, and a lot of people in traffic beeping and honking their support. a couple hundred, probably a conservative insect, probably 40,000 workers standing massachusetts to virginia who have walked off the job today. this is one of the largest verizon strikes in verizon history. verizon customers will be impacted by this, how exactly we don't know. many of these are verizon wire
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in your house but some are wireless retail customers from brooklyn, and almost numb 100 workers are wireless technicians, cell towers. and because of this, we talked about what they want, what they are asking for. they say they want the company to stop outsourcing jobs overseas and want their company to stop asking them to do out-of-state work that takes them away from their families. listen to these workers. >> they want to take away for me. i have to work 70 hours a week. how is that right? i get paid a good salary. the rest of the world doesn't get paid is good as we do, i don't know. when does it end? today we start. >> job security, freeze pensions, any state, any time. we are there for the cause to fight, we won't accept it.
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wrong and we are not going to take it. >> that is the part -- we are all waking up and seeing that every time the unions take a hit, the middle class takes a hit, working people take a hit, there is a lot of support out there for this. rosanna: they are trying to freeze the pensions they worked their whole lives for. verizon has been trying to negotiate in good faith, they are simply attempting to maintain a viable company. strike in 2011 lasted two weeks, these people say they are willing to go longer than that, months if it means getting what they want. greg: no problems with service in the area. greg: politics, the primary less
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and hillary clinton going at it. tomorrow night. they have a lot of activity before then. donald trump puts on a major town hall meeting with his family, major town hall meeting and republican front runner will be our guest at 7:30, calling it -- rosanna: very nice. let's talk about the democrats all around town. robert moses in washington sq. park. >> reporter: already the park is off-limits to the public, you will see people scurrying about, the massive setup is underway. rally beginning at 5:00. it gets underway at 8:00. this as we are hearing news, a new siena college poll shows
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over bernie sanders according to this paul sanders is narrowing the gap. thousands expect to show their support for bernie sanders in washington sq. park. spike lee, tim robbins and rosario dawson will make appearances. security will be tight. the secret service has requested the park be closed all day. sanders hopes his message will resonate loudly enough for him to win in new york. >> there has got to be a change in the culture of corporate america. >> hillary clinton will be in the city speaking this afternoon at the national action network's 25th anniversary convention. tonight she hosts an organizing event in the bronx was yesterday in midtown she spoke about the importance of equal pay for women. >> failure to ensure equal pay for women also impacts families and the broader economy. >> reporter: polls show donald
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that colorado awarded all 34 delegates to ted cruz over the weekend without holding a primary or caucus. >> the republican national committee should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> ted cruz said trump is just whining. john kasich who made a stop in a bakery in the city yesterday among other places tried to distance himself from the back and forth between trump and cruz. >> i will not take the low road land. any road to the highest office in the land. 11th hour candidate and secure convention. to rest. >> i believe you should only choose from a person who actually participated in the count me out. >> reporter: major endorsement news, the daily news has thrown
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clinton saying she is more qualified than bernie sanders. as for sanders, he says he has an endorsement of his own to announce although his campaign has not revealed who that will be. as busy a day as we have untapped today, tomorrow is even busier. all five candidates will be here in the city tomorrow and the day culminates with a big debate between sanders and clinton at the brooklyn navy yard. that is the latest from back to you. ben: we expect donald trump in a couple minutes, the republican day new york". you heard what he said about the system. he has been focused on that. rosanna: meanwhile let's talk a man grabbed a little girl in east new york and exposed
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of elton street and pitkin avenue. greg: police believe this is the man who did it, the girl just 11 years old was on her way to school at the time. when the man exposed himself the girl screamed and the man ran off, the young girl wasn't hurt. if you know anything please call crimestoppers at 800-577-tips. rosanna: we told you about a stabbing on the upper east side. now we know more about that stabbing. a 19-year-old man has been charged with murder accused of stabbing his friend, someone he knew on the upper east side. greg: he was working with his girlfriend when they were confronted by xavier olivarez, the woman's ask and father of their 2-year-old. rodriguez stabbed him, police say the woman took the victim to
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police believe they have the man responsible in custody. rosanna: amanda damaged red light cameras has been arrested again. greg: he looks delighted. rosanna: he is not so sad about it. greg: some call him the red light robin hood. he is accused of breaking 18 red light cameras, cutting wires in some cases, now he is in trouble charged with two counts of felony criminal mischief. rosanna: he was accused of turning cameras towards the sky. of the 20 he posted videos of himself in the act. >> texas, carolina, they don't have to pay these tickets. if you want to see what i just did it is very simple. push the camera upward just like that. greg: take the law into your own hands in other words.
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county's $30 fee on top of the $50 fine breaks state law. greg: run for congress or county seat. rosanna: they racked up $27 million in revenue in fees from the camera last year. greg: supposed to stop at a red light. rosanna: tough questions for a juror who charged on the manslaughter trial, nypd officer peter liang. greg: peter liang shot and killed girly in a stairwell and was convicted of manslaughter. a juror failed to mention his estranged father served time for an accidental shooting death, the same charge liang face. he mentioned it during jury pool in an earlier case but he didn't in this one. is the verdict in jeopardy?
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thrown out. we 20 the district attorney says the officer, the former officer should not go to jail. we will see what happens at sentencing tomorrow, controversial case. listen to this. >> no matter what happens at the sentencing, it would not divide our community. we will use this moment of tragedy to turn pain into purpose. rosanna: he is calling for calm. the judge may sentence mister liang to 15 years in prison. greg: the da is recommending no jail time. metro cards, swipe them, a couple times, then you get on the train. they are thinking hillary had trouble. those machines are so old it takes seasoned commuters like us
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rosanna: those metro cards keep generating. the mtas looking for alternative rains to pay for a ride. and commuters tap a smart card for their mobile device like we do when we go to starbucks. greg: you don't have to stop or do anything, they are looking at it and then a couple years you are seeing that. expect some pilot programs. sooner or later will be gone for a token. rosanna: maybe by 2018. >> meteorologist: that sounds
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>> let's go out the door here. 37 in bridgeport and islip, 40 in montauk with a light wind from the northwest at 3 to 13 high-pressure in control. i clouds possible in the area, that is it over the next couple days, we don't have any rain, it won't be windy. high temperature this afternoon, 57, we got to wait till sunday and monday, 74 monday. let's bring in ines, has its issues but could be worse. >> staten island expressway towards the verrazano bridge, brooklyn side of the verrazano
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as far as the tappan zee traffic backed up to the palisades, don't forget your sunglasses. as far as westchesser, sawmill, the bronx parkway is good. let's look at the lie by terry rd. suffolk county moving slow, hov lanes are fine, 60 minute delay on the upper level, 40 on the lower level, lincoln tunnel, inbound if you want to take the holland tunnel, 15 minute wait from each approach. ben: let's go outside as we wait for donald trump's phone call. rosanna: a nice, clear, crisp day, in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business
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and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income
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my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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greg: the black building in the middle is trump tower, take a look. see if we can see the donald getting dressed. show us a little closer that building from the early 1980s, trump headquarters. >> donald trump makes it home at
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greg: sounds like a great deal. an interesting design when he came out, it is kind of graded there. kind of like charlie brown's shirt. rosanna: i never looked at it that way. greg: or bart simpson at haircut. we believe donald trump is in that building and will call us in a few minutes. rosanna: liza minelli died 62 years old, best known in the united states. one time for a short time, liza minelli, what did that happen? he was found dead in his room at the four seasons hotel in london.
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the name of the show, david guest is not dead. he was not well and using pills or something. sean parker giving 2 $50 million. >> the parker institute for cancer and the goal is to speed up the development of breakthrough immune therapies. 40 laboratories, 400 researchers will be part of the project, it would be great to find a cure and end it all. the donation is the biggest
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it is one of the big recipients in the neighborhood. greg: across the river in queens you have seen the pepsi sign at some point. after decades of debate it is finally finally a landmark, landmark status, you can't chop it down and make way for a building. rosanna: sky fox hd is over it in sedate park where it was first built in the 1940s, it sat on top of pepsi's giant production plants but it sold off in 1999, they kept the sign. greg: landmark status, very difficult to remove and it is celebrated because of its unique role in the city. by the way colin powell legend has it worked at that pepsi factory when it was on top of the pepsi factory, he used to mop the floors and would think about that as he went to the un to give a speech, look across
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of the 27 have you seen this video? a video three brothers pranking their sister, it has gone viral, it involves zombies and dental surgery. she and her brothers are driving home from the dentist when an emergency broadcast comes over the radio. >> control in washington dc, an outbreak warning. rosanna: after surgery she is a little loopy. of the 20th she has been operated on and now they prank her. rosanna: she actually believes there is a the apocalypse. greg: orson welles tried this and people jumped out the window. the 27 her mother called and said come home now, they have to stockpile weapons, some think the best part is when she has to make a decision about the pets. >> you can only take one pet.
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he is the worst. he is already dying. greg: what a traumatic little episode, she will have nightmares for the rest of her life. and the zombie attack. donald trump on june 16th, he declared he changed the world. don't you just love it the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can' t even imagine. that' s the job. and she' s the one who' s proven she can get it done.
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in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she' s the one who' ll make a real difference for you. i' m hillary clinton and i approve this message. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more,
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highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good,
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[inaudible] >> trump tower headquarters of the trump empire. donald trump is calling in as we speak right now. talk to him in just a few minutes and let's get started with mike woods and find out what's happening with the weather. hello. >> sunny skies back again, temps starting off just about two to five degrees cool earl an what we normally see. weather headlines a cold morning out there but places have frosty temperatures but get better with all of that sunshine out there. upper 50s below normal and then we have more sunshine on the way for rest of the day. sunny skies central park . 40 degrees, in fact, throughout the northeast your in pretty good shape. winds are fairly lying and a very quiet day but stretch of weather u coming up for us.
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up to 72 by sunday, and nice and tocky by end of this coming weekend. let's see the commute this morning. hello there iendz. >> problem on throgs neck bridge into the bronx expect delays because of an accident. stick to white stone bridge bauds of an accident. 287 by jerome avenue no problems heading northbound or southbound. watch out for traffic jam on garden state parkway southbound by exit 90 a flipped over car causing rubber necking delays northbound. trains everything on or close to schedule. grg and rosanna. >> thanks a lot ines. so june 16th, 2015 donald trump announces for president we were there rosanna and i in the lobby of trump tower. >> we saw electricity -- we listened to that speech. it was a long one, controversial at time but rosanna and i had a feeling this message could go places in the republican party. resonated after the speech they
7:32 am
>> might be a game changer in this race it is going to go over well in iowa, new hampshire this is a big deal. not a joke. teleprompter i wases impressed that this really came from are within. it was not scripted. there were not talking points. >> well that sometime appealed to a lot of people and we know that donald trump is front runner and arguably most famous man in the world an joins us once again on the phone. welcome donald trump. >> good morning. >> you know this campaigning you're all over the countries and -- going back at home every single night. is it wearing you down a little bit? >> no i stay at wonderful holiday inns and i ask for:liness. i like clean. so some of them are really good so i don't come home.
7:33 am
no we have to correct them. generally easier are to stay in a location. >> accessibility you do sunday shows all of the time. when you get them to do the sunday show they go into hiding it's a big, big deal you're a that i can remember. >> it helps that's it's been good for me, and debates are good for me. debted that a long time and worked out well for me and leading by a lot. we're leading in new york this is exciting to me because i love new yorkers. i love this whole state. and the city, and you know, implored thowtion and for health, education thing, when i look at l pos it feels good to me because amazing people. yesterday you talked about the republican nomination process. you called it corrupt. you said it was rigged.
7:34 am
big story on the front page and they're basically saying that maybe it's the deficiencies in your campaign quarters, and not so much the system. in colorado it was by politicians outs there. it's a rig system no doubt about it. as far as "new york times" should focus on managing themselves. they lose a fortune and a business within a couple of years. and i read this story, i said after myself i've won twice the number of states. i have millions of votes more than second place person ted cruz, who hates noshing by the way. and he talked about new york values and mocked -- he was mocking all of us. one with of these guys have, but i've won many more states. millions of votes more, and i've spent a fraction of the money that all of these other
7:35 am
they're spending special interest money but i don't take special interest. >> we were there june 16th you heard and you said then that the system was rigd. you saw this coming but it seems like according to many you didn't plan for your success. you seem to be lacking seriously in the organization department that big article in new york magazine last week. you know it's you and couple of guys around a pool. ted cruz what he did in colorado with operatives on the ground you could have stopped that. it looks like to some you did not strategically plan for this phase was campaign. >> i think these people were already their mind was made up. if i went out there and did all of the work thrrm delegates that were picked and people doing picking we are people that were on establishment side and it was set up, same thing in florida. you know in florida because of jeb bush who was former tboarch, they said it where winner gets all of the delegates which i felt ftion very unfair. then all of a sudden they did a
7:36 am
of a sudden i liked it and wanted to change it and go back to get proportional and i won florida in a landslide and pick up delegates sometimes you can work your own favor. but these people are all special interest money xaints and getting their money from big special interest, and no, you know, look i can say greg i've leading by a lot. we're doing well. but system is rigged it's not meant for a person like me to come from outside without taking in all of these people's money and those are people that can grow government. i used to be one eve them. >> right. so is your campaign hireing or more insiders to help you finish up the race here and get more delegates? >> it is. we have great people that we've hired, and some wonderful people. we have a big -- about we have actually a big staff that's why we're doing so well in new york. dong well in new york because people like me and i've been good new york an they've been
7:37 am
people, a great staff. >> back to planning part and new york magazine again said you don't have much of an operation in california. my question to you is this, i've heard rumors frankly when you declared you didn't think that you could win and you've mentioned to yourself, great lady, your wife been on this show she told you if awarding if you run you might win. was she trying to convince you something that you did not except from the outset and therefore, you're not really ready right now organizally to bring this home. >> no, i think that when i announced i wasn't really sure if i could win. i was listening to pundits they said you're running against senators, governors we had 17 people originally if you remember. and you know, one by one i beat them. and i beat them and it was, you know, really me that beat them because i brought up jeb bush and knocked out o governor eve wisconsin and i bet rubio in
7:38 am
which was a landslide and he was going to be the future of the party, and you know, i beat all of these people. and would i be surprised? you have to be. everybody is surprised. everyone is talking about it. but no i'm prepared to win. you want to win. but i'll say if you would have told me back then when i remember you two standing there watching, i was looking at your a little bit as i was speaking. but if you would have told me, i would be leading by this much and in this position this late in the game you know could be surprised. >> let's talk about paul ryan speaker of the house yesterday he made a big announce the he doesn't want nomination even if they want to throw it in his lap, and he feels that whoever is in the campaign should get the delegates. how did you feel? what was going through your mind when you u saw paul ryan make this announcement yesterday? >> i think so he's right about that. it is ones that are in. because we've gone through a lot of people.
7:39 am
bring somebody else in at this point would be unfair, but they haven't gone through wars. these very real wars you ever seen it a vicious campaign according to many, and these are or with as. i think that people because i have tremendous supporters. we have the most loyal supporters by far, and everybody admits that every poll says it. some of these guys supporters if he's wrong supporters leave them. with me we have tremendous support and incredible people. i think those people would, you know, absolutely revolt and i think they would leave the party and i don't think they would volt and i think he understands that >> last summer you said stuff about john mccain. you complain about how it was covered but i thought he's done and my brother said watch he's going higher in the polls and you did. now that's passed i'd like to go back to that.
7:40 am
looking back now, wasn't that just terrible thing to say about john mccain i'm curious if you've apologized to him personally because if you say that about his service, what had do you think about another veteran service because there's no argument, it's not a close call he's an american hero. >> i've got no problem john mccain. the problem i haded a time was the way the vets are being taken care of. if you look at professional politicians it is a corrupt system. you know the v.a.s in phoenix all of them and vets are not being taken care of and i held john mccain responsible for that because he's so involved in it. and i viewed that ands it have interesting i had to idea nor brother was so much smarter -- [laughter] >> but you implieded that -- he was shot down you know basically because maybe he wasn't with good enough or something like that. implication that he failed and
7:41 am
were somehow superior. >> no i never plight that and i like john mccain and john mccain is a hero anybody who fights for us frankly is a hero. i have no -- no problem with john mccain what so far. >> will we see any rallies in new york city? you did one on long island but somebody tweeted me they want to know if you're doing one in manhattan? >> we're planning something, and i tell you what numbers in bethpage 20,000 people in albany the other night with 21,000 people. we have with crowds like you've never seen before. we were in rochester and rome. we went to rome. our rome the new york rome. one that's important as opposed to the other one. in rome yesterday. we had 7,000 people. we're having tremendous receptive they're losing their manufacturing you look at the numbers where 75% of the jobs are being taken, and it's so sad
7:42 am
>> i'm wondering because workers are on strike in new york. where do you stand on that, thousands of work walked off the job today. >> negotiate pay and come up to a solution and work reverse smart and end up coming to a solution eventually. we all as new yorkers have been watch this from subway strikes. we have seen more of than any people in the world so we're not shot by it but it'll all work out. but if you look at the state it's incredible how people hang in there, you know they know i'm going to bring jobs back and take them out of mexico. we're not going to let our countries move like they're moving, they're moving to mexico. they're leaving hundreds of thousands of people unemployed it's ridiculous. >> couple of quick things i've heard wiggle room when you talk about self-funding and general is election with mike bloomberg it was cut and dry he wrote
7:43 am
you're open to money coming in from sol sources. general election if you're the nominee is donald trump paying for the campaign, period? >> i'm so funding now. i think it's been a big thing and important factor, and i haven't made a dernlings when you self-fund u you're talking ab billion or more. >> but you have that kind of money. >> i will make that determination but first i want to get there. >> little things little marco you said he could be in the administration but what about lying ted what you call him? >> we have a contentious fight, he's fine. i think we used to get along very well but ultimately i said eventually that's going to end. i had no idea he'd be one with of the last men standing. i didn't expect that frankly. i didn't want ted would be one of the last men standing and he is. we'll see what happens. he's polling very, very poorly in new york he should be. he's very bad to new york and wouldn't give the money for sandy relief.
7:44 am
he's voted against new york and he made his horrible statement about new york city values. i think that he's going to start losing big lead based on what had i'm seeing in pennsylvania, connecticut, in all of these, you know, places that we love and that we know so well he's doing very or poorly. so we'll see what happens. >> i know you're a famous germaphobe and hate shaking hands had. you're on the campaign trail you have to kiss babies. how's that working out for you? >> really it's fine. you have to do it and it's something that i've been proven by science to be right. you know you catch a cold, guys come in. man came into my office the other day hugs me, shakes me hands i said how are you doing? he said i'm so sick i have the worst flu -- and i'm luke oh, man. this is brutal. but you know what -- i didn't catch it. at least yet -- but you know, it's something you do as a politician you do it and you smile.
7:45 am
amazing i've gotten used to it i make a speech and i'll shake a thousand hands after that. and they're great people. they're great people. it's been -- i don't know what's going to happen ut ultimately you don't know what will happen and i'm glad i've done it because it's been an incredible experience. >> it's wild to watch. when you're at the all rallies i see you get them out. a protester -- a little worried that someone is going to take it into their own hands and someone is going to get hurt. who are you talking to? >> talking to security, talking to the police. >> aren't they on it and know what to do? >> sometimes they don't. sometimes they don't know where it's happening if i have an arena with 21,000 people like very little protest. i tell you what i think safest place states when i'm doing this are at our rallies they are very, very safe rallies. >> donald trump great to have you become on "good day new
7:46 am
>> great thank you greg i know i've been watching the show long before this. >> did you see our halloween special by the way? we were -- we were celebrating you -- did you i think we have a picture. rosanna was hillary. i was you, did you catch that? >>s i was hillary in a straight jacket. >> i did not catch it but i have to see it and check it out. here we are i don't know if you're watching tv. you might get a kick out of it or then again maybe never speak toes again. be safe on the campaign trail. we appreciate you joining us. rntion thank you very much. i appreciate it.
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>> 7:46. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning everyone. well we've got a beautiful day coming up for us heres in the tristate with a clear sky. up to a high temp of 57 degrees this afternoon. it does warm up all the way through the end of this week. 70s coming at you sunday and monday of next week. that's apple itunes and google play store. he can it the with daily an hourly forecast an happy birthday to johan has birthday is today an beautiful outside. enjoy. bring in ines and see what's
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traffic slow on saw mill approaching u the road staten island expressway by clove road and driving into the city from new jersey, an hour delay on upper level of the george washington bridge. 45 lower, 45 to 50 lincoln tunnel. holland 20 from each approach. greg and rose. >> all right lepts talk sports with duke castiglione. >> mets and royals. no, qa versus jose fernandez amazing in this one. 12 batters through seven innings one shy of the career high. 13 gave up one roam. dominating performance in the sefnght tied at one. ichiro lines to first but throws safe and lucas duda to the plate he's out. wondering where that was last night in the world series. still tied jeremy pitching. marti n back by center.
7:51 am
get on base. scores, marlins up 2-1 stay that way and that would be final score. mets drop to 2-5 on the year a wasted a great pitching performance by noah syndergaard. tanaka racking up strikeouts 6-5 innings and gave up 6. solo home run second of the yore game tighted at 2. next inning, stull still tie. ellsbury at the plate. in for a single, and yankees take it a 3-2 lead that would be your final. yankees 4-2 in the young season. had to leave the game with a injury and we have to keep an eye on that. they can be serious especially for a catcher. >> a beg interview coming up. >> john coming up. he's got a great show that actually i've seen preview
7:52 am
>> a wrestler movie star. >> all right, coming up we're going to talk about lindsay lohan. did she get engaged? >> check out washington views. this is looks like you're in some village in new england but right in the middle of new york city. look, i don't think they say cars but pedestrians a little there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need
7:53 am
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compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at
7:55 am
all right lindsay lohan out and about last night, and she jumped on same during u duran duran's concert at barclays center. >> in concert? hungry like the wolf. >> that must be simon lubonne that him? >> yeah. if you get up there you can see her left hand look like she's wearing big ring on her finger done that before cause rumors that maybe she's engaged been dating this russian business -- billionaire by the way. >> named e-gore nobody knows if they for sure. duran duran what's your favorite song? >> hungry like the wolf? >> i like rio. she dances like crazy. anyway.
7:56 am
too coming to queens this summer perform at the forest hills stadium on june 25th. old glad they're doing con certs there. : i went there years and years ago. >> 1980 something. stones powerfulled there now dolly parton's turn. >> going to be one of the stops on pure and simple tour on upcoming biggest hits album first major tour in 25 years. going to be in 60 cities. tickets go on sale for forest hills on saturday at 10 a.m. sofnlgt we have a facebook fan of the hour, and let's tack a look please -- who is it? [inaudible] strawberry. i felt like everybody was making fun of him but celebrating. cheryl -- good day is coming right back. fios is not cable.
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8:01 am
8:02 am
you know there was so many people vying for the republican presidency. was it 17 at one point? >> i'm surprised he did not declare that he would fund for the election. he doesn't get as much credit. he will cost $1 billion in general election. he has $1 billion, right? >> he doesn't want to go through the entire empire. he wants to leave something for a longer. >> a vodka can't vote in the primary. i think we should give her a break . she is pregnant or just gave birth. she did not have a chance to change your independent status to republican to vote for her dad in the new york primary. >> laws or laws. it looks like you will end. >> she was with baby. give her a break!
8:03 am
your mind. >> no one is giving her a hard time. you think? and i was like mike wallace. >> you forgot to ask about the ambassadorship . >> i thought about it.>> he did promise.>> i think it was a good idea. >> let's skip that one this time. >> nice job. >> let's see what's happening now. >> we have another nice one. sunny skies are back again. cool temperatures this morning and they did drop down into the frosty range. we are on our way back up . look at the temperature trend. forecast high for the day is 570 in the average for this time is 60 so we will be a little bit below normal for the next few days. we go back to normal and even above as we go into the weekend. on sunday and monday, high-temperature's are
8:04 am
this morning it's a little bit cooler but we are bouncing back up. 420 at central park and 42 in belmar. reset in islip. windsor coming in from the northwest at five 10 miles per hour. even schwab at montauk. the cold front has gone through here yesterday and we have a mainly clear sky and it looks like it will be nice and dry and quiet as we had throughout the day.not much as you looked on the pipeline. we have high pressure and control. he wants to swing in but it does come in and it anything we get out of that is some high clouds. high temperatures are heading up to 530 by midday in the high temperatures going up to 570. it's not too far off the mark. 6041 friday and 63 on saturday with high temperatures sunday and monday .
8:05 am
problems on the sawmill. it's an accident southbound. the tappan zee bridge is westchester bound. it's on the southbound side but on the northbound side you will have rubbernecking delays. southbound they have closed lanes with an alternate route. over by the lie it's no problems westbound. expect traffic heavier than normal. let's go to the camera shot. it's by the grand central parkway. exiting you have the normal delays but here, the right lane is block so you make your way towards queens and you have a slowdown . normal delays they are and as for the trains everything is running on or close to schedule.
8:06 am
everyone wants to win new york. most of the candidates are here in town today. hillary clinton is downtown and bernie sanders is somewhere else. >> he will be a big rally tonight in washington sq., park . at least he hopes it will be a really big rally . that's where robert moses is now. they already closed it down, right? >> they have been towing away cars from this area. the secret service has really lock this area down. the only people in the park are those who are getting set up. you could see some of the set up under way. the rally doesn't start until 8:00 tonight.the public can access it beginning at 5:00. it's free and open to the public. it's expected to be a very boisterous affair for bernie sanders who is closing the gap, according to polls with hillary clinton. >> thousands are expected to show their support . spike lee and rosario dawson are expected to makes it the appearances.
8:07 am
part because all day. sanders hopes his message will resonate loudly for him to win in new york. >> there has got to be a change in the culture of corporate america. >> hillary clinton will also be in the city today. she speaks this afternoon at the national action network 25th annual convention. tonight she host and organizing event in the bronx and yesterday she spoke about the importance of equal pay for women. >> the failure to ensure equal pay for women is also impacting the families and the broader economy. >> like clinton, the poll showed trump leaving in your he is still saying colorado awarded all the delegates to ted cruz without holding a primary or a caucus. >> the republican national committee should be exchanged of themselves for
8:08 am
>> john kasich wants to make a stop in the city yesterday.he tried to distance himself from the back and forth between trump and cruise. >> i will not take the low road. not to the highest office in the land. >> paul ryan says he won't take any road to the high office in the land. some say he could become an 11th hour candidate and secure the party's nomination at the convention but ryan put that speculation to rest. >> i believe that you should only choose from a person who is actually participating in the primary. count me out! >> the cover of the news says the big endorsement is that support behind hillary clinton saying she is better prepared to be president and bernie sanders. he will be announcing the key endorsement later on this morning. who will be making endorsement is still not clear. for as busy of a political day as today is in new york
8:09 am
all five candidates will be in the city tomorrow. that all common aids between sanders and clinton. >> that's the latest live in washington sq., park. to you. >> a young girl was dealing with a man exposing himself. this happened in east new york. police say the man seen in the video well, he grabbed an 11-year-old girl yesterday morning and exposed himself to her. this was at the corner of elgin street and pickton avenue. there is no name given and police say the man grabbed the girl and she screamed. the man ran off. she wasn't physically hurt. he is now in police custody. >> another slashing to report. we had a lot of those lately. this is new surveillance video of a subway slashing
8:10 am
the nypd released the surveillance showing both suspects running down the street . it happened early last tuesday on the southbound train near jackson avenue. police say the suspect fought with the victim over his book . they reportedly/him on the head and hand . he got away but police say they kept his bag. the young man was treated and released. if you have any information to help police, please call crime stoppers at one 800 577 tips. >> verizon, the phone company/cable and internet egg strike! we will go live now to midtown. teresa perillo you are there now. how is it going? >> there is some estimate of 700 people join the protest. it looks a lot different now. the reason being is there were a lot of people moving on to another location in
8:11 am
the call center says 800 employees are striking this morning and they walked off the job as a part of this job action. we will show you some video of what we experienced earlier today of the height of the job action. these workers are part of 40,000 stretching from massachusetts to virginia. they walked off the job today. these were not only people who deal with the fire files cable line but the landline in your house. it's your home telephone. some of them are wireless retail workers. others maintain the cellular towers as well. this is the largest job action and verizon history. what they are asking for , plain and simple job security. they are working without a contract since august and they say the company is attempting to outsource jobs overseas and they claim verizon is trying to
8:12 am
to any state at any time to do the jobs which takes them away from their families. take a listen. >> my signed up at 19 they said work your 30 years and will give you pension when you retire. i said, when do i start? i was a kid and i've given my whole life here. there is no more that when your parents had a job and they work their whole career. they did the right thing and they got a pension we don't get that. nowhere.i will fight for it. i will fight every day with my last breath . i will spit and there i. >> that's good!>> we are all waking up and seeing that every time the union takes a hit the middle class takes a hit in the working people take a hit. there is a lot of support out there people for this. it could be weeks or months. we have to brace ourselves for the impact that it causes. there will be more game plans along the way but once we get a fair contract we will be back at work
8:13 am
we have to take it for what it is. we have to fight . the main point here is that healthcare costs are out of on that. they also say they have tried to resolve this for a while. late last night they said they would be willing to accept federal mediation . i just talked to one of the main union reps and he says there is no chance at all that the union will accept federal mediation. they want to talk to verizon one-on-one and not have any out sort influence.i did mention that donald trump was commenting on this protest and how he said they will work it out. i asked if they would allow donald trump to come and mediate and he said, you know and that case , maybe we would. they feel the concerns of the people do resonate with donald trump's message about the middle class.
8:14 am
send things back to both of you. >> i don't think he will get involved he is low bit easy. teresa, i always think donald trump is not going to take sides in that.>> in the past, he has said he would keep jobs here . >> we have footage of the moment he found out that he was convicted . a chi gurley was a 28-year-old man who was shot in a brooklyn stairwell by officer liang accidentally. he died. mister liang will be sentenced tomorrow. >> some of the people on his jury are apparently not totally forthcoming. this was talking to attorneys about his background. he failed to mention his estranged father had served time for an accidental shooting death. it's the same that officer liang had faced. >> those are things you're
8:15 am
sentencing is tomorrow. he could get up to 15 years in jail. it will be interesting to see how the judge decides. >> waldorf-astoria a great place to get married. you'll remember that things got out of hand at one wedding last year. during a reception, a guy fired his gun. >> someone was hurt . >> he was vladimir got a mouse key and he says anna goldsmith, his cousin who was the bride is still mad at him. of course she would be. that's why he is facing criminal charges. his gun accidentally went off and the bride was forced to cancel her billion-dollar wedding. >> now the da did not initially press charges
8:16 am
six months went by and he was actually indicted. the insurance wasn't a factor here because the wedding was scrubbed. how much money would she be reimbursed and that was on dispute. he probably should've left the gun at home. he is mad his cousin. >> let's talk about the rangers legend. he wants to send the mayor's to the box over the kingsbridge arena project . he is suing the deblasio administration accusing them of conspiring to kill the project. the project was greenlighted under mayor bloomberg. the deal was somehow sidelined when mayor deblasio took office.
8:17 am
will be a great thing. anyway, they are suing. he is suing the dimaggio administration. >> all right we have this in the news. take a look at this piece of acquired by the nassau county police department. it's the rock! it's a heavy duty bulldozer . it can be used in tactical situations where police need protection. it's part battling ram and a lot of force. >> it's only one of 18. should be interesting. there is plenty of uses for it. >> we could physically remove the window and take the person out . >> they use it in san bernardino.
8:18 am
>> hopefully this thing doesn't get too much use. i cannot use about much they means they don't have to.>> let's talk weather. the sun is out. >> temperatures are going up. today is on the cool side for starters but we are starting to recover from the early morning show . we had to tonight and things look pretty good. here is what we stand at central park. wind is coming in from the northwest and that's throughout the northeast. 340 right now with williamsport and they mainly clear sky. we will see sunshine as we had throughout the day. high temperatures go and
8:19 am
high temperature in the low 70s and they stay 70 throughout the forecast. we have the hourly available on the fox five weather up . there you go. happy birthday christina! she is turning 14. have a great one. >> hi, mike. they are pretty bad out there. the staten island expressway heading towards the bridge low on the bqe so we are dealing with that this morning. let's look at the long island expressway. service road is doing fine. the traffic lane is heading westbound and we have an accident in the area via the george washington bridge is busy. it's an hour delay on the upper level at 45 on the lower. traffic is normal and it's an hour delay. the holland is at 33. >> thank you, ines.
8:20 am
it's a beautiful day. duke says there is a wwe superstar. john sina. he has a new show on fox. will you mind if we ask if it's fake? make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile.
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lady gaga performed for our raw amusement in this room. >> good for her. she went on to get a huge drawing hall. >> she sells out of arenas all over the world. >> anyway, let's do the business's burning up the internet. i suggested highly. facebook it's taking over quite literally. they unveil a 10 year plan yesterday. the big developers conference with the item i want to focus on is the fact that they will be the everything at . you know how amazon is? that's what facebook is doing to the app economy. messenger it will work with businesses now. they will literally use artificial intelligence .
8:25 am
isn't that annoying? want to locate flowers. maybe they give you a coupon. maybe hopes to be seamless. one of the items that they unveiled is at the big conference. it's a virtual reality. it's all about the tech stuff. it looks like it's isolating but facebook argues that the technology is personal and it connects us to other people. >> the virtual-reality thing? >> you think of someone putting on the headsets and playing video games by themselves but facebook's argument is no, you can do awesome things by using the virtual-reality and connect in different ways. >> good luck. >> everything is on social media. i do have to say there instagram and this is one of them. she is a crazy jewish mom.
8:26 am
this great rapport and this mother says things that we wish we could say to our daughters. here's one example it has to do with the new year's resolution. she says, lose weight, make more money, get engaged, have babies?. my new year's resolution is to not set myself up for disappointment.the daughter has turned her text into a book called mother, can you not.
8:27 am
8:28 am
and they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester,
8:29 am
and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at okay. it's just about 8:30 a.m.. let's get a warm up here in new york. yesterday is change in the morning and it's raining and miserable. that's until 2:00 in the afternoon. the sun came out and people said it's like nothing. that's funny how that happens. >> the weather is sometimes wildly sensitive. >> weather comes in the weather goes.
8:30 am
us. are you ready for the hump day? >> i think so. it's nice. sunshine is back and temperatures are comfortable. it's not bad at all. we did get the rain over with in the first half. it was like nothing ever happened. here is what we have with the average. it's 570 for the forecast high today. the average high is 60s so we are one hair below normal. the record high today is 880. i think a lot of folks would not be too upset with 88-year-old there. it would definitely be hot . 420 in central park and its 37 in sussex. we have frosty temperatures across the tri-state things have come back a little bit. the winds are coming in from the north at five 12 miles per hour.
8:31 am
it's a pretty quiet one for a while. high pressure is in control and gives you the first guy . 57 today and 60 on friday. it's a couple of low 70s out there. let's get you back to ines. we'll see how we are doing on the roadways. >> it's getting busy. garden state parkway. it flipped over around exit 90 and another accident. both of these have caused the roadway to close down. it's a north bound delay. there's an accident in the area westbound in the george washington bridge is an hour delay this morning on the upper level.the lower level is 45 minutes and at the lincoln tunnel with the holland tunnel at 30.
8:32 am
close to schedule. >> thank you so much. let's talk politics. they tried to convince all of us new yorkers to vote for them. >> ernie sanders hold the rally at washington sq., park tonight. thousands are expected to be there. hillary clinton is speaking to the national action network . she will hold an organized hold leader tonight. she will lead in the polls here in new york is a big endorsement from one of the dailies. >> donald trump lead on the republican side and he is very upset that colorado gave all the delegates to ted cruz without a primary. the republican speaker of the house is paul ryan and he insisted that he would neither seek nor accept the gop nomination. by the way we talked to donald trump about it . he says he is taking his name out of the race and it's the right thing for him to do. >> we will see the
8:33 am
at 9:00. but a lot there to break down. we all know about the breathalyzers. drive around and get pulled over. the cop may present you with the breathalyzer machine. you could find out if you are drinking or not. what about a new one that figures out whether or not you have been texting . just prior or during an accident there is a device that can figure that out. it's called the textile isa. if you are texting, it's just as bad as drinking. >> linda schmidt says it could help us distracted drivers.>> it shook us to the court. >> ben and debbie know the pain of losing a child. their son, evan, is killed by someone who is texting and driving. we subpoenaed the phone and it took us six months to get it . we found texting leading up to cross.
8:34 am
work closely who proposed a bill allowing police to use the device called the textile isa. it's similar to the breathalyzer. >> if you are in an accident, police would be able to scan your phone with the device and it will tell them if you had been texting at the time of the before. >> it's about saving lives. >> the brooklyn state assemblyman is cosponsoring the bill. they will be able to detect if the driver is texting but it will not be able to read the text. it won't be able to gain access to the contacts or any other information. i think that there is much that needs to be done. there is much that can be done to address the problem and respect the privacy
8:35 am
>> under the legislation, they could lose their license. the assemblyman is hoping the bill passes before the legislature breaks for the summer on june 20. we have to put the phone away for all of our own good! >> the honda accord is dead . there is a god! >> yesterday i had to move it or get a ticket and it would not start.i think that's it.hundred and 50,000 miles and 13 years. it served me's time to move on! mike and i want to come with you as you look for a new car.>> i will consider anything. i'm wide open. >> coming up, don sina john sina, he has a new show on
8:36 am
it looks intense. john sina is coming up. >> american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we are a 100% fiber optic network... and fiber optics move at the speed of light. over the last 10 years, our cable competitors have received a few awards.
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i think i could do it . it's not so elitist that you are watching a spectacle that you can't attain. i think the show's physical journey is attainable for everyone. it's just a matter of if you have the grid or not lexi watch the preview
8:43 am
come across clear is that he is a true passion for the show. not only is he the host and executive producer, he was involved in the recruitment of many of the contestants . >> i think it will be a breath of fresh air. >> i do. i honestly think the country is ready to see it. they want to see what drives the military and they want to see the dna with how normal people can function. along the way, you will see people's will tested. you will be able to watch at home questioning if you would have given up then. can you resist in kenya i show you my grip . >> it's the #. the reason we launch this global campaign is as it will be a special time for everyone i think they will see it on fox. >> only talked about american grid, i managed to sneak in more questions. we talked about his career and his shoulder injury that healing faster than expected. his movie career he will
8:44 am
>> is 12 rounds. legendary. >> there is some you will see in some you will never's just a position where i kind of want to do cool stuff. if i find something that's cool, i want to work with those folks. show. >> i sit next to the strongest man at the sanction and that's what they told me. >> we demonstrated it before. the one other lesson? just come right here x good luck. >> coming up here keeping up with the kardashians. cocktails with chloe.
8:45 am
she is one of the best friends there.she is joining the cast of hollywood divas and she will be here coming up. >> american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy.
8:46 am
dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. (music plays) in this city,
8:47 am
waiting for you to go beyond. to find the other side, to find yourself... greater. daring past limits and delta, right there with you, saying together:
8:48 am
the city is looking good. it's working! is it: people are getting ready for working for the day. [music] does anyone work 9 to 5 anymore? dolly parton. it's fantastic.
8:49 am
people work all hours. especially with the internet. 9:00 people get to work earlier now . >> depends on when you work . >> we know because we are at work by 5:00 . >> our good friends at bloomingdale's open at 10:00 so they can sleep in and catch the show. >> the lead singer at u2 bono very socially conscious and a bit of an activist. he is calling on the united states to make a major aid package for the middle east. similar to the marshall plan which help rescue europe after world war ii. >> he testified yesterday before the senate subcommittee. humanitarian aid and economic development will defeat isis . >> the fact is that aid can no longer be seen. it's a nice thing to do when we can afford it. if there's one thing you can take away from the testimony it's that aid
8:50 am
national security. >> the eight package that he was asking for has been proposed by republican senator lindsey graham. other republicans want title restrictions on government spending. >> then aflac is fresh off the movie. they are actually getting ready for a sql and then aflac may direct it. ben's current turn as the crusader has made $800 million at the box office. in addition to directing, there was rumors that he might write the script . >> he has done that before. >> no word when the next batman flick will come out. >> harrison ford he played han solo it's the jacket he wore in the latest star wars movie. they sold it for 100 and $91,000. >> $191,000 with the money
8:51 am
harrison donated the cash in the faces foundation which funds the research for epilepsy. >> if that got hundred and 91,000 i think you were a vest in the first movie. that would have gotten a lot more money . >> that's amazing. harrison's daughter has epilepsy and he is being treated. i think it's nice the way he is getting back. >> carlos santana let's see they will perform tonight lex is a new album out called santana four. it features members of the original band. the band is in the rock 'n roll hall of fame and they played woodstock. simone caught up with santana and asked what he love most . >> its energy. it's being connected with everyone . it's a social experiment country in new york is a
8:52 am
nothing like the united states. ever since we have been here since 1969 somehow we were embraced. >> the new cd will be released on friday . >> he is a cool dude. michelle branch invited him and rob thomas to. >> i am channeling black magic woman in my head. >> we are talking with the mother and daughter. >> when we come back will get to it. in the meantime let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times.
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this comes from nyc. it's a classic santana. >> mikey what's happening. >> it looks picture-perfect . it's a beautiful sunny day coming up. it starts out cool but we
8:56 am
to be this time of year. the forecast ties 570 in the normal is 60. mark. we are still staying away from the record. the high is 880 and we have 35 in belmar and 420 at central park . it's a mainly clear sky . high-pressure and control and the one thing to look forward to his warmer temperatures that are not too far down the road. today we take it up to 570 and is the high today at 600. 58 high tomorrow and 60 on friday. we climate up at 63 on saturday and 72 on sunday . sunny skies with a beautiful day out there. daily and hourly forecast downloading for free at the itunes store. you are all set to go . you could rock 'n roll and it travels well with you too. was on a come over to you. >> the kardashians are
8:57 am
is that still hot? >> one of their good friends, malika hawk from keeping up with the kardashians will be here. she has her own show coming up.the mother/daughter crazy duo. they are behind the instagram with the crazy jewish mom. that account will make you bust a gut. it is so funny. they will be here and find out about their relationship coming up on the day new york. >> make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors
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sip in a refreshing iced tea, iced green tea, or iced tea lemonade today. america runs on dunkin'. the most famous man the world trunk. a lot of people don't like him and a lot of people really love him. >> the polls are saying that in new york , in the republican primary, he is going to do very well here in new york. >> there he is june 16. we were in the room when it happened.


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