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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 13, 2016 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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sip in a refreshing iced tea, iced green tea, or iced tea lemonade today. america runs on dunkin'. the most famous man the world trunk. a lot of people don't like him and a lot of people really love him. >> the polls are saying that in new york , in the republican primary, he is going to do very well here in new york. >> there he is june 16. we were in the room when it happened.
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we had the sense after listening to the speech that a big portion of the american people would be receptive.>> a lot of people writing him off. at that point, the field was very crowded. there were 17 people running. he did not think he could go all the way. he would make a point that a lot of people would make a point .
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political reality kicks in. he kind of admitted not really >> we had read that on the campaign trail, he would take his plane back his trump tower and he says there is plenty of holiday and that he stays in any make sure they are very clean. >> he campaigned the way very few others have. maybe the campaign president for reelection he has his own plane at his disposal for the primary season.>> by the way, he still spends last than his opponents.a lot less. >> some people are coming home to roost here. he does not have much of an york magazine detailed this last week a lot of people know it. he is not hired like the
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the grunt work. there is stuff behind the scenes i don't fully understand. the mechanics of politics have to be done and he does not have the troops to do it . >> that is one of the questions we posed to him this morning. we thought it was a fascinating interview. we want to share with you again. >> we hope it was. here's what happened. >> i stay at wonderful holiday inn's and lots of other places. all i ask for is cleanliness a lake clean. some of them are good . i don't come home. i heard you say that before . >> not a big deal but generally speaking, it's a lot easier to stay in a location. >> you don't get a lot of credit for your accessibility. you do sunday shows all the time. when you get them to do the show they go into hiding is a big deal. you are the most accessible
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it helps. it's been good for me with the debates being good. it worked out well and it's been amazing. we are leading by a lot . we are leaving in new york. i love new yorkers in whole stay in the city! i've employed thousands of people over the years. a lot of providing for health and education and other things and when i look at the polls, it feels good. they are amazing people. >> yesterday talked about the republican nomination called it corrupt and you said it was rigged . the new york times has a big story on the front page and they basically say that
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campaign. in colorado the people did not get to vote and it was picked by politicians out there. it's a rigged system there is no doubt about it. according to the new york times they should focus on managing themselves. they use a lose a fortune . i read the story and i had to laugh because i have one twice the number of states and i've millions of votes more than the second-place person, ted cruz, who hates new york.he talked about your values and he was mocking all of us. i have one many more states. i have one millions of votes more and i spent a fraction of the money that all these other characters are spending because they are spending special interest money and i spend my own. >> we were there on june 16 and you heard , you said the system was rigged. you saw it coming. seems like you did not plan for your success. you seem to be lacking rather seriously in the organization department.
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magazine is you and a couple of guys around pool. ted cruz what he did in colorado. operatives on the ground arguably, you could've stopped it . it looks like you did not strategically plan for this phase in the campaign. >> these people were already made up. i think if i went out there and did a lot of work there were delegates that were picked . the people doing the picking and they were on the establishment side. they were set up in florida. because of jeb bush was the governor, they said it's where the winner gets all the delegates. i said it was very unfair. they did a poll and i was way out ahead. i liked it.they wanted to change it . they wanted to go back. i won florida in a landslide and picked up the delegates. >> sometimes you can work to your own favor. they are all getting their money from big special interests and look all i
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a lot and we are doing well. the system is rigged and is not meant for a person like me to come from the outside without taking all these people's money. those are the people that control the government. i used to be one of them. >> is your campaign hiring more insiders to help you finish the race? >> it is. we have great people that we have hired. we have a big staff. that's why we are doing well in new york . the people like me and i've been good to new york . they have been good to me but we have a lot of great people. >> lack to the planning part. new york magazine says you don't have much of an operation in california. my question is this you declared and you did not think you could win and you measure yourself as milani
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that if you run, you might win. when i heard that i thought is she trying to convince you? is this something you did not necessarily expect? therefore, you are not ready right now , organizationally, to bring it home. >> i think when i announced it , i wasn't sure if i could win. i was listening to pendants and said you are running against senators and governors. we had 70 people. one by one i beat them and it was me that lead them because i'm the one who brought up jeb bush and i'm the one that knocked out the governor of wisconsin. i'm the one that beat rubio in florida. it was a landslide. it would be the future of the party. i beat all these people and what i be surprised? you have to be a little bit surprised. everyone is talking about it.
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if you would've told me and i was looking at you a little bit as i was speaking if you would've told me that i would be leading by this much, this late in the game it could be a little bit surprised. >> let's talk about paul ryan. he made a big announcement that he does not want the nomination. he feels that whoever is in the campaign should get the delegates. what was going through your mind? we saw paul ryan make the announcement. >> with the ones that are in. a lot of people have run. to bring someone else in, it would be unfair but they haven't gone through their . these have been big wars. it's been a vicious campaign. i think it would be tremendous supporters. we have the most loyal. every poll says it.some
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supporters and they leave them. we have tremendous support and were incredible people. i think those people would absolutely revolt and they leave the party. it would not vote. i think he understands that. he's doing the right thing. >> i want to the back to last summer. you said some stuff about john mccain i heard you complain but you dissed him. he will go higher in the polls and you did. now that it's past i would like to the back to it. people have wondered, can he apologize? looking back now wasn't that just a terrible thing to say about john mccain? i am curious if you've apologized to him personally because of you say that about his service you think about another veteran service? a lot of us say there is no argument and is not a close
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hero.>> i have no problems with john mccain. the problem i had at the time was the way the vets were being taken care of. if you look at these professional politicians, they are not taking care of our vets. the money is being poured out and is a very corrupt system. you look at what's going on.the vets are not being taken care of. i always held john mccain responsible because he is so involved. it was interesting.i never knew your brother was so much smarter than you. >> you implied that he was shot down basically because he wasn't good enough or something like that. >> it was an implication that he failed and those who didn't get shut down were somehow superior. >> i never implied that.i like john mccain and john is a hero.i think anybody that fights for us is a hero. >> i have no problem with john mccain whatsoever. >> will be c&a rallies in new york city?
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island to someone just tweeted i wanted to know if you would do anything in manhattan. >> were planning something and i will tell you what the numbers of people are at 20,000 people. we were in albany the other night and we had 21,000 people. we had crowds like you would never see before. we were in rochester and rome and we went to new york rome that supports the other one. >> we were in rome yesterday was 7000 people. we had tremendous been incredible because they are losing all their jobs . you look at the numbers and we are 75% of the jobs where they are taken and it's so sad. >> verizon workers are on strike in new york. where you stand on that? thousands of workers walked off the job. >> they will negotiate for pay and come to a solution. verizon is smart and the workers are smart.
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eventually. we have been watching this from subway strikes and seen more of this than any other people in the world . we are not exactly shocked but it will work out. you look at upstate you see what happened in the state and it's incredible. it's incredible how they hang in there. they are leaving. it's hundreds of thousands of people unemployed. it's ridiculous. >> they are very cut and dry. he wrote the checks all of them. >> were open to money coming in from sources. as the general election and if the nominee is donald trump paying for the campaign . >> i am self funding. it's been a big thing. it's been an important factor and they have made a determination.
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billion dollars or more. >> i will make that determination. first, i want to get there. >> little marco you said he could be in the administration. what about lying ted? >> we had a pretty contentious fight . he is fine. we used to get along very well. i said eventually that it would end. i had no idea he would be one of the last man standing. i did not expect it. he is so we will see what happens. he poles poorly in new york. he should be. he's bad to new york. he would not give the money for sandy relief.
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against. you catch a cold and the man came into the office the other day. he hugs me and shakes my hand and i said, how you doing and he said i am so sick i have the worst flu. i am like oh man this is brutal! it's amazing i've gotten so used to it. i make a speech and i will shake 1000 hands after that. they are great people! they are great people it's been good. i don't know what is going to happen but it's been an honor and i'm so glad i did
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an incredible experience. >> seems like donald trump is enjoying his time on the campaign trail. >> some people saw the interview and hated it and some people but it was fantastic. some people thought it was pretty's all over the map. >> we can't please everyone. >> the bottom line is that we will book the information and put it out there. >> you did not see this part. we showed him what we did for him last halloween. when i play donald trump and you played hillary you did not see it. he said he would look at it. i wonder what he will think about what he saw . >> i don't know! in the meantime, i guess you can find it online at "fox 5 news" fox 5
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through. 44 at central park and 46 in newark. it's a lot of sunshine around the tri-state region. high-pressure control keeping the sky nice and clear.that's the way it will be for quite a while. the only thing we see sliding in is an area of low pressure across the great lakes. even that won't have a whole lot of potency. as it comes to you , we have some high clouds working their way through but nothing that does anything more than filter out the sunshine a little bit . it looks pretty nice and comfortable.
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coming up little by little. in today's book club we have the mother can you not ? it's kate siegel. >> used .your mother was not. >> her mother is kim friedman and they join us on the couch here. it's a great instagram account with a crazy jewish mother. over 800,000 people follow them. welcome again. i want to put the text message. apparently this book is based on a lot of your communications electronic and otherwise. what goes down here? >> are you picking me up from the airport? the daughter says rosanna, i might have to get you a
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>> oh, wouldn't want to interrupt plans with the boyfriend won't marry you . time to pick your mother up? it's not like she is the woman who drove you around for 16 years , wiped up your poop and boy oh boy. >> that's kim. that's my mom. >> don't worry about me i will just hitchhike. >> your relationship is very complicated. >> i think at the core is a lot of love. i think that she is a very funny woman and she says a lot of things but a lot of moms would not say them to their daughters. >> we would start a revolution. >> we had a revolution all growing up. it was constant. i say things other mothers think and tell their friends about but they don't say them to their daughters.>> what is the worst thing you ever said to your daughter that we wish you could take that?
9:20 am
into college that was bad. >> she made me wear a full super girl costume to my student election. i will set myself up socially attention, she won the election! >> can i come back to that? >> i think i was looking for a:-) at the end. >> she had a conflict of plans that did not jive with yours and you unloaded! >> her plans are with this guy who won't marry her. >> how long was it? two years now. she is single ! >> i am not single! >> you are dating him but you are not married. >> can we talk about my book? >> there is no ring! this is a young man in question? >> you think is a deadbeat?
9:21 am
she is single. she is also unemployed. it's double. we are publicizing the book you need to get her a boyfriend. >> i like writing and i don't know . >> you two need to put it on a book. >> it exposes your relationship, which is there is nothing you get arrested for. i think what is wonderful about the book is that you get this small slice of our relationship in a dynamic on instagram and in the book you really get the full story and the full picture. it really goes a lot more in depth. >> kim has a problem with it. >> there is some stuff in the book that i will lose friends over. i wasn't consulted in the book . >> let me tell a story! >> i was a television director and i was at a meeting in my agent said
9:22 am
because the higher women to do action movies hundred years ago so exactly! i went to the meeting and i said, i know it's a courtesy meeting and on not getting the job and i know i have something that you really want and you think i can do this but i got one ! i pulled out a big can i say the word? >> it's getting interesting. >> i put it on the table . >> what was the point? >> i said so i have one snake and hire me to do an action movie. >> call the police! >> i did not get the job. >> i thought it was only with your daughter that you really walk the line but that's the way her whole life has been. >> that's one of the things i was really excited to write about. you get this intense marriage talk and she gets labeled as this woman that
9:23 am
years but in reality, she's a raging feminist. that comes through in the book . >> you are thinking it wouldn't work for you because you went in with a bad attitude. >> agent informed her! angeles. >> of all the weird places to grow up, she grew up in atlantic city and what else? when did you realize your mother was a bit unique ? >> i always knew she was unique but i decided to start the instagram account at this bachelorette party. i got a overly eccentric text message that i would get that she is the only one not getting ready. >> there were no strippers. >> there was glasses shaped like the thing i'm not supposed to say and i read it out loud and everyone started laughing hysterical and it was just this aha moment where i said, maybe
9:24 am
>> it puts everyone mother in perspective. we are all mothers. i have a mother. it's all good! she is lying. she said a few friends will read it and i didn't realize that she was going to expose me to the whole world. >> i sense a movie or a t.v. show in the future. >> you are on board. >> mother, can you not? it's not edited by her mother, kim friedman. >> you so much! >> she is good friends with courtney and all the kardashians. like a hawk she is here and she has her own show coming up. she is part of hey there, heard the good news? spray 'n wash is back... and even better. it's powerful formula removes everyday stains the first time.
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down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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you? unfortunately we oil.
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work. i miss acting and i miss where i started. i want to expand and i want to grow. i am trying to push myself but it's not easy. >> you are in the make up business. >> yes! >> you are looking at the lips. it's a beautiful color. where can we see you and hollywood divas? >> we hope lamarr straightens out. >> we are rooting for him.
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>> coming up, we are talking to the start of the path and emma greenwell is here. we will talk to her in a second. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good,
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>> hello and welcome! we are catching up .
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>> we will talk all things brit. first, there is a show called the path. it stars emma greenwell. clear days as husband let's do the trailer and we will break it down.this
9:36 am
>> nice to have you here. it's a movement. >> really ? >> sounds like a youth and is him. >> it's going on? >> it's based on a fictional religion centered around a family. it's about relationship and power in what you're life should be. >> i am a new member and scene. my house has been wracked and i joined them and they are my saviors. sounds great. i figured out the blue
9:37 am
>> a smart t.v. so i just hit polo . it's a monthly subscription. it's like amazon or netflix. >> do play an american? >> you guys can totally do your accent we can do yours. >> she plays an american and she lives in real life in chinatown. we saw them in nyack. sean and i signed up from the park yesterday. i believe in you. >> we believe in the
9:38 am
number number i believe in you. >> if it's any colder been associated with, he's not only trying on you but six other girls. >> i do say that to him. >> you are suspicious? >> i am suspicious. >> is from tonight? >> it's from effort to. that's where you can watch full episodes today. >> it seems that we. >> where did you choose acting? would you like about it? >> i love the escape. didn't realize it's a real
9:39 am
my family wasn't into it. waitress. >> i was for two years. >> it's a great restaurant. >> not to be confused with the river cafi here. >> i start to go to that. it's fantastic. >> are they cousins? >> not related at all. >> emma greenwell new series on blue . episode four is released .
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that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. it is crystal young's turned. >> and doing good today and the sun is shining. i have no complaints. >> ui resident fashionista. what did you do this time? >> we talked about fashion that curvy girls can wear. one of the things is . >> what you mean by kirby? >> i wanted to call it plus size. they said it's curvy. >> you think of curvy and they are beautiful. it's a great style that has
9:43 am
you could be caribbean rack rock of the trends.i am here with the associate fashion editor here at glamour. she has racked up some trendy looks for model number one. that is cute! where did you get it? >> i think curvy girls feel like they can't rock a cropped up and you can. >> the trick of this outfit is with a higher wasted skirt . you can feel a little more comfortable and i cropped up. it's not all hanging out. you have a little bit of skin and its tasteful and comfortable. >> this is by the april issue and the viewers went nuts.
9:44 am
>> oh my goodness! how much for the top? >> is 19! wow! that is a lot for a low price. she looks fantastic. >> model number two with something totally different. she is modeling addendum trend of the season and i know you are thinking dunham is not a trend. it's always around! it is. it is back! it's in a way that it's a statement making. there is a top here that's off the shoulder . it's what we are seeing everywhere. everyone loves this little piece of skin. i love that the flare is so 70s but it's perfect. it's perfect for weekend pieces.
9:45 am
you more . >> i like that. we will come back and we have a date. >> lots of color. >> where did you get that? >> this is what i call the lady look. it's the new river island collection. the pants come in at 80 and the top is around the same. what we love about this look and this trend is that it's all about really going for it . the trick is to say it's in sleek modern shape . she has a nude pump. she wanted to take this playful outfit to work. you could cost some folks around and you would look good doing it. >> that's the goal!
9:46 am
bryant. you could put a leather jacket or a denim jacket . you could even pop it with a blazer is a little bit more serious. it's a primary color like green or red. just have a little bit of fun with it.>> easy pieces to mix or match. grace great price points. it's a win-win . >> there you have it if you are a size 2, curvy he will take plus size. >> don't look at me when you say that. >> i have plenty of curves. >> i learned it from you. >> they are for dogs! i like that! coming up, we will meet a very special artist. she does her own artwork .
9:47 am
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today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to
9:50 am
two bowls in the china closet. >> if you broke something at the museum, could you get away with it? did the music . stephanie hearst here she is working away. she works with beads as a local artist. beads and beading. somehow a very special and spiritual message. it comes to her artwork. stephanie welcome to good day new york. >> nice to have you here. >> a lot of you have artwork and it's about the empowerment and really positive thinking. >> it's about connecting to a higher consciousness. it's the most authentic and true self. >> we like that. greg is fascinated.>> this has flowers and things but it's a slogan here patience is power. >> it on a surfboard and not unique . >> it's done very intentionally. it's figurative.
9:51 am won't always have the best ride with a perfect condition. in life, it's the same thing patience is power. >> it's not very surgery. you do not serve on it . >> the street just a piece of artwork. >> why did you decide to do beading and sequence? why is that the medium rather than the oil. >> i use these because it's an illumination. it's about connecting to the light . it's very intentional. it gives us the feeling of emotion.>> waited to beads? >> all over >> when you get these?>> i have someone that dies the beads and make some. >> is a process. >> this is a butterfly. >> to do a lot of those. >> i did a series of them and i have done others. right now, for the past year i have done butterflies.
9:52 am
>> that's what we are here for. we will evolve to continue to grow as a person. >> who said that? >> stephanie tell us about your next one. >> it's all about turbulence in can let it make you or break you. >> i like makes you feel better about what you are going through. >> life has its challenges. you can either be a victim or a can rise above or let it bring you down. >> stephanie we have more butterflies here and it will all make sense and time. >> i hope so! right now i am very confused. >> i guess you believe that what you are going through you don't understand it. >> you are never going to always understand it.
9:53 am
journey and trust there is a higher place and consciousness taking you to be. that guide you and peel the layers in yourself and come >> i hope you are right . how do we find this artwork. >> i represent the gallery. >> landsberg gallery. >> it's at 542 w. 24th st. you can always look at the website . look at my instagram at stephanie art . >> fantastic it's great. the butterflies right now for my next show, i will have this year at the gallery on november 17. i will be doing a work based on the first thing into life. >> stephanie hirsch. we applaud you! congratulations! this pimple's gonna last forever. aw com'on. clearasil ultra works fast to begin visibly clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours.
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it's a busy morning here. >> busy morning. let's see the interview was solid but it did not redefine the race. >> are you talking about donald trump? >> you are looking from a headline? >> i guess it is that he appears on good day new
9:57 am
>> that's good . anyway like him or not right now he is the most famous man in the world. you tell me more people are talking about him now than barack obama. >> it could be positive and it could be negative. >> there is a lot of buzz. we appreciate him coming on good day new york. >> we are going live on the fios is not cable. we're wired in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month,
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new garnier whole blends. wholesome loving care r blended for naturally beautiful hair. find your blend. live from new york city dwb it's "the wendy williams show." >> the kids will play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> have a seat. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. >> now, here's wendy. [ cheers and applause ] . >> thank you for watching.


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