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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  April 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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so as for when the sentencing will happen, that's going to be next tuesday on the 19th, the same day of the primary. we'll have another report and tell you about what happened in brooklyn. this is the latest from where we are. we'll send it back to you. steve: tuesday will be a busy day. breaking news in midtown where a 16-year-old has been stabbed. dari: fox 5's dan rice is over the scene in skyfox. what do you know? >> reporter: well, you're looking down here at fifth avenue around 31st street. at 3:40 this afternoon, that 16-year-old was involved in an argument with 13 other people when he was slashed in the chest. what the argument was about, we are unaware of. he was taken to bellevue hospital in stable condition. three of the people involved in the argument are under arrest. police continue to do their investigation. coming down to the area, you see a couple of lanes closed south of the empire state building. back to you. steve: thank you. a former nypd officer has been sentenced to nine years in
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he was charged with attempted murder when he opened fire on a man at a stoplight in pelham. he was off-duty and drunk at the time. the victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds but did survive. police say his carelessness perfectly affected his life and his family. >> just because i wasn't physically injured in terms of shots fired and my body receiving bullet fire, the mental trauma is physical trauma. it is something that sticks with you. steve: he pled guilty to two court. he said he was truly sorry for nearly killing those two men. dari: a fifth high profile officer has been reassigned after a federal corruption investigation. borough manhattan north. the latest move is coming as mayor de blasio continues to distance himself from a pair of brooklyn businessmen with ties
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offered gifts to several nypd officers in exchange for favors. >> it's very simple. i did not know them -- to the best of my memory, did not know them before the fall of 2013. we went and checked campaign records for previous campaigns. we have no indication of any donation from either one of them before the general election in 2013. dari: four other senior nypd officials have been reassigned as a result of the federal corruption probe. steve: three people detained for their alleged involvement in the terror attacks in paris have been released. they were taken into custody yesterday. authorities say they were questioned, but not charged with any crime. brussels home to many of the terrorists. dari: authorities in spain have arrested a man they say provided weapons to one of the gunmen
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in paris last year. the 27-year-old was taken into custody yesterday. authorities say that he supplied weapons to the paris attacker who killed four people inside a kosher supermarket in january of 2015. he killed a police woman before dying in a shootout. steve: the trial of dylan roof has been delayed. his lawyers requested the trial be delayed while additional psychiatric testing of roof is completed. he's facing federal charges in the shootings last june. dari: now let's talk the race to the white house. hillary clinton and bernie sanders continue their push to win votes. steve: joe is here to show us who the candidates are trying to win over. >> reporter: that's right. if hillary clinton or bernie sanders wants to win in new york, a major step in the process will be winning the african-american vote.
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this afternoon, hillary clinton made her case. hillary clinton courting the african-american vote. >> it is time we face up to the reality of systemic racism in all of its forms. >> reporter: speaking to al sharpton's national action network, she went after republicans and bigotry from donald trump and ted cruz. >> when the frontrunner for the republican nomination was asked in a national television interview to disavow david duke and other white supremacists supporting his campaign, he played coy. and not to be outdone by his primary primary rival, ted cruz would religious profile muslim neighborhoods. >> she repudiated her opponents, saying she celebrates new york's diversity. >> our diversity is a strength,
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and new york represents the best of american values. >> reporter: if she wins new york, it may be because of her strong support among african-americans. the former secretary of state leads bernie sanders among black voters by 37 points according to a new poll. 65 to 28. meanwhile, bernie sanders stopped by the verizon strike saying he was proud of their decision to walk off the job. >> this is just another major american corporation trying to destroy the lives of working americans. americans. >> reporter: showing solidarity with those working americans as the senator scored a pair of endorsements today, one from the transit workers union, local 100, and the other his first endorsement from one of his senate colleagues, jeff mercly. he is scheduled to speak to the national action network tomorrow and tonight he's holding a rally
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that's the latest for the democrats. for the gop, linda schmidt is in the newsroom. >> reporter: that's right. the war continues within the republican party. it gets nastier and nastier. donald trump saying that the system is stacked against him and he called in to "good day new york" this morning. republican frontrunner donald trump is campaigning in pennsylvania. last night, he laid into the republican party as he has before, accusing the party of conspiring to prevent him from clinching the party's nomination. trump called in to "good day new york" today. >> the system's rigged. it's not meant for a person like me to come from the outside. >> reporter: the feud with the republican party erupted again over the weekend after ted cruz picked up all of the delegates in colorado. the candidates had to woo the delegates. >> it's a rigged system. the people never got to vote. it was picked by essentially
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>> the chairman of the republican national committee shot back at trump with a biting tweet saying nomination process known for a year plus beyond. it's the responsibility of the campaigns to understand it. break. trump is holding a rally tonight in pittsburgh. ted cruz has a rally in erie, pennsylvania, and john kasich in maryland. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is not pleased with donald trump's position on immigration. he slammed trump at a conference this week. >> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. for blocking free expression, for slowing immigration. >> reporter: with the big focus on the new york primary next tuesday, trump, cruz and kasich will be back here in new york this week. back upstairs to you.
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a new poll show donald trump keeping his lead. on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders keeps creeping up on hillary. 52 to 42. that's only eight points when you work in the margin of error. the last month the poll had her lead at 10 points. dari: tens of thousands of verizon workers are manning picket lines instead of phone lines. land line and cable workers walked off the job this morning after contract talks failed. two east coast unions have been working nearly eight months without a contract. the workers say that verizon wants to freeze pensions, make layoffs easier and rely more on contract workers. they say they're prepared for a long fight. >> we have just to brace ourselves for any impact that this causes and there's going to be more game plans along the way. once we get a fair contract, we'll be back at work.
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we have to fight. dari: verizon says it has trained thousands of non-union employees to fill in during the strike. the last verizon strike was in 2011 and lasted two weeks. steve: gaming just got a lot more real. dari: simone boyce steps into virtual reality to test drive the latest headset. steve: we'll never leave our houses soon. incredible. plus a hands on lesson in marine science for students on long
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steve: starbucks customers steamed over the coffee giant's new loyalty program. dari: and teens have a new favorite social media platform. alison morris here is the day's business headlines. >> i'm going to save that for last. steve: we'll work in a plug. >> reporter: there's big news about the big banks. five of them have failed a crucial test from the fed and fdic. after the financial crisis, congress said the banks had to come up with an emergency plan. consider this a living will, if you will, explaining how they would handle bankruptcy if they ran into trouble so we wouldn't see a financial meltdown. today the fed said jpmorganchase, bank of america,
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they have until october to fix their plans. scary we haven't sorted out that issue eight years after the crisis. >> starbucks officially launched their loyalty program yesterday. they're getting a lot of flak for it. deutsche bank downgraded them. customers get a star for every dollar they spend, not for each visit they make. it's better for big spenders, but not for the guy who buys a basic brew. starbucks warned customers there might be some glitches yesterday. they're getting inundated with complaints. nobody is patient. everyone is saying their stars aren't carrying over. the app isn't working. it is a matter of patience. i had both problems yesterday but they're resolved today. >> moving on to steve's favorite topic, social media. snapchat is winning the social wars when it comes to teens according to a new study. snapchat is the social network
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28 percent of the teens said snapchat is the no. 1. this barely beats instagram, which took 27 percent of the vote. if you go back to last year at this time, instagram had snapchat beat 32 percent to 13. that is a big move. facebook is way, way, way behind. facebook and twitter are like at 17, 18 percent. it's really clear the teens are loving snapchat, instagram. steve: it's a big shift. the difference between having a photo album with you and doing temporary things that disappear. >> reporter: they don't use their cameras. they're going straight to snapchat. steve: that's right. thank you very much. let's talk to audrey about the weather. she loves to snapchat. dari: she does. >> i'm looking at musically.
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it never ends. >> all right. folks. let's talk about what's going on as far as the weather is concerned. we are starting to see changes in that. temperatures are now closing in on where we should be for this time of year. our high, 57 in central park. we should be at 60. looks like we'll get there as we go into the week. today's high numbers, mostly in the 50s across the region. it was a little below average. it felt good in the sun, but in the shade, it felt a little chilly. right now numbers are close to the high readings. we're at 57 in central park. that's the same towards newark liberty airport. 51 in belmar. it's in the 50s across islip and montauk and bridgeport, you're checking in at 53 degrees. these numbers are running a few degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. we are going to see a trend to above average readings further into the week. the winds are light. windchill really isn't a factor. tonight's lows are going to be dropping into the 30s. that's going to be the trend over the next couple of days even though our highs are going to climb up.
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off with a bit of a chill. the national weather service has a freeze warning in effect for counties to the north. this starts at midnight in some location and goes until 9:00 tomorrow morning. now, as far as right now is concerned, we're nice and clear. the cold temperatures are going to be focusing in across the region. any heating we have will be reradiated into the atmosphere. there is a weak disturbance that's passing through right now to our west. this will give us a couple of clouds. i think overall we'll see dry and clear conditions across much evening. a look at our futurecast shows we're clear right now. in. they'll clear up by tomorrow morning. high pressure will be our dominant feature, not only for us, but for the entire northeast and towards the mid atlantic. that's going to keep us nice and dry for several days. tomorrow expect plenty of sunshine from sunrise to sunset. we're expecting more of the same friday. a northeast wind will keep
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for this time of year. once that high shifts to the west and we have a return flow on the backside coming from the southwest, that's going to help bump up our numbers well above average. tonight we're going with partly cloudy and chilly conditions. lows will drop into the 30s across the area. tomorrow, expect plenty of sunshine. temperatures will be nice again, in the middle to upper 50s, like today. as we get into friday, plenty of sunshine as highs move into the low 60s. mid 60s on saturday. check out sunday and monday. we're going to have highs well above average. we're going to move into the low to mid 70s. so i'm sure steve will be out in his shorts. steve: i'll be outside tweeting. >> untanned legs will be out there. ladies, get your pedicures ready. the flip-flops are coming out. overall we have a nice stretch of weather for the next several days. don't put away the winter coat yet. dari: stop it. steve: it's cool.
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it was warm, then cold, and now we appreciate it again. it's cool. thank you. dari: thank you. forget having a class gold fish. students in south hampton are taking care of more than 100 tanks. steve: nick loves his gold fish. jodi goldberg shows us how kids are learning a new appreciation for marine life. >> reporter: >> i'm cutting up fish to put in with the sharks. >> reporter: feeding, cleaning and learning all about fish. >> it's a puffer fish coming in now. >> reporter: it's part of the wet lab at south hampton high school. students are given an opportunity to study some of the marine science and aqua culture that surround their east end community. >> today is going to be tank cleanup day. >> reporter: there's a hands-on curriculum using fish and other species that were bought, donated or caught locally. >> we have 130 individual tanks.
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we have hundreds of individual fish that represent probably close to 40 or 50 different species. >> this algae room is one of the most important rooms because it's the beginning point of the breeding process. without the algae, they couldn't feed or keep the newly hatched fish alive. >> i sometimes come in 10th period to help out or even after school. i feel this is a great thing. i've always loved oceanography. >> ever since the first day of school i've been hooked on it. >> they're assigned to a tank and graded on how well they maintain it. pablo is testing the waters, trying to see if a shrimp can be trained to differentiate color. >> i train it to hit the red target. now that it means food, let's see if it does it right now. there you go. now he gets his food reward. >> reporter: from seahorses to to -- it's safe to say it's one of the few classes this sophomore will miss over the summer.
5:20 pm
that's how much i love it. >> reporter: jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. dari: got to be therapeutic. steve: absolutely. slows you down. dari: take a walk on the virtual side. steve: simone boyce shows us which vr headsets get you in the game. this is something she is very knowledgeable on. dari: plus having a baby and getting a divorce. tmz on why megan fox will not be getting back together with her estranged husband. american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy
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dari: the virtual reality revolution is here. steve: several companies have released devices in hopes of bringing the technology to the masses. so which one is the best one? dari: simone boyce took a view of them for a spin. so what you think? >> it's pretty overwhelming. we're hearing virtual reality all the time. especially in our area, we have a couple of things that we need to be thinking about when it comes to finding the perfect fit for new yorkers. and these are a few factors to consider. the price and the space. virtual reality making a splash. how many devices do we have to choose from? >> there are a ton but only four real available headsets i would
5:24 pm
one is the htc vibe. >> reporter: she has been exploring virtual reality for over two years. so far, the htv vibe is her favorite. she let me take it for a spin. >> it's really fun. i haven't tried any vr where you're -- you can use your body to play the game. you see me crawling around on the floor, but in my head, what i'm seeing through the headset is this amazing spy world, this mission that i have to complete. as immersive as it is, it requires a lot of extra space new yorkers may not have. >> just for the two base stations that fill the room with infrared light, you need 16 feet between those two. >> the vibe is 799. >> i got lucky.
5:25 pm
reality headset we've herd more about. >> that's right. it's 599. it comes with a sensor, an xbox one controller and wireless adapter. you just plug it into your pc and install the software and you're good to go. >> welcome to your samsung vr. >> the gear vr is enticing. it is only $99 with older samsung models and ships for free with the s 7. >> this is my f 6. this is the starter set. you say can i do vr or not? >> i tried out the playstation vr. they'll do well. they have a built in audience. who doesn't have a ps 4? right now they're enticing everyone saying that the headset is 399, but not so fast. if you don't have the playstation camera, the move controllers, then you're talking
5:26 pm
>> reporter: let's say you live in an outer borough or maybe even better in the suburbs, if you have the room for it, her pick is the htv vibe. that's where you saw me crawling on the floor. it requires 16 feet to set up. if that's too big, the samsung gear vr is an affordable reaction. don't have a samsung phone? suggest the oculus rift. steve: you have to wait for it. >> or google cardboard which is $15 and not a joke. it's a real thing. it's the most rudimentary form of this. but -- steve: it gives you a sample of it. i'm going to spend my money on virtual reality, move to the middle of nowhere and i'll be good to go. >> reporter: live in your own world. dari: live in the woods. have everything droned in. steve: sold.
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dari: miller lite. chlt . tmz on the latest divorce drama. steve: and getting more help for the homeless.
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steve: more people are hitting the streets to help new york city's homeless problem. dari: sharon crowley shows how new outreach workers are being trained to help make a difference. >> reporter: a group of homeless men gather on a mattress in the bushwick section of brooklyn. like many of the homeless, they've set up camp outside, refusing to go inside into one of the city shelters. >> we're going to increase constantly our efforts to inspect, to make repairs, and to remove from the inventory entirely buildings that shouldn't be there or providers that shouldn't be there. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio insisted the city has made it a priority to improve shelter conditions. at the end of last year, the comptroller issued a scathing audit. it showed a majority were filthy and dangerous. this non-profit breaking ground is part of the program and hosted a training session for new workers.
5:31 pm
the city's department of homeless services and has hired more than 140 new workers. >> engaging individuals, these homeless individuals, is a very profound work. society as a whole, we've neglected, we've shunned, ignored, even abused these individuals. >> reporter: julian fitzgerald started with the program three weeks ago and they're learning more about how to deal with the mentally ill homeless on the streets. he finds the work extremely rewarding. >> they deserve to be loved, helped, protected, respected. >> reporter: the non-profit breaking ground has the ultimate goal of getting homeless families off the streets for good. since 1990, breaking ground has helped more than 12,000 people move into permanent housing, which is what is the best scenario.
5:32 pm
dari: thank you. hundreds of people in east new york brooklyn to the streets today trying to stop a new zoning law. >> whose city? >> our city. dari: the group protested outside the office of brooklyn city council member rafael espinal. a number of arrests were made. they're demanding he vote no on the plan unless it includes affordable housing and better jobs. they believe without changes action more than 50,000 residents will be left homeless. >> out in front of every city council member that's voted for this rezoning. he is just the first. the entire city council that goes down with this mayor will be our target. dari: east new york is the first of 15 neighborhoods up for rezoning. the full city council will vote on the plan later this month.
5:33 pm
threats made against at least 21 schools in northern new jersey this morning, including some that were on spring break. students waited outside for an hour and a half before the all clear was given to return to their classrooms. nothing was found and no arrests have been made. dari: actress megan fox and her husband, brian austin green, are expecting their third child, but that is not stopping fox from going through a divorce. steve: tmz joins us now to explain why divorced or not, she's going to wind up paying in the end. >> yeah. this is going to end up costing her a little bit, but i think she wants to be all right with it. we broke the story last summer. she filed for divorce. but then lo and behold, we've seen them out together a lot. we thought they were co-parenting. turns out not long after she filed for the divorce, one of those times they were hanging out, something more happened. because she got pregnant.
5:34 pm
megan was pregnant when she showed up at an event and had a baby bump. we have spoken to people close to the couple and found out that he is the father. she didn't let on at first. we confirmed that brian is the father. she is still going through with the divorce. they've been close is what we're told. they've been co-parenting but have remained close and things happened and so they're now expecting their third. she is the bread winner in the family at this point. brian has had medical issues with his back and dizzy spells. so he hasn't been working which means when the divorce goes through, she's going to end up paying more child support to brian because now they have three kids. steve: ultimately it's a happy story. seems like they're on amicable term which is better for the kids and makes their life easier. as far as hollywood goes, this
5:35 pm
could hope for. >> i like your use of the word amicable. one word to describe it. very amicable. steve: a third child on the way. doesn't get more amicable than that. we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> exactly. steve: it would take a lot to get new yorkers as a whole to become safer drivers. one company may have finally found the right motivation. dari: see how a new app is encouraging new yorkers to be more mindful behind the wheel. steve: plus no more waiting for your next drink to arrive. how restaurants are giving cocktails a more personal touch. dari: it's very decadent. first here's tonight's new york minute. minute. dari: a special tree planting ceremony in prospect park. the governor of tokyo joined city officials to plant a weeping cherry tree from japan. it's actually a seedling from a 1,000-year-old tree from the fukushima region, which was
5:36 pm
tsunami in 2011. >> the tree is presented to new york by the children in a show of appreciation for the support given to them and their determination to recover. dari: kosher volunteers at the food bank bagged 11,000 pounds of produce. it's for jewish families in need. >> last year we provided over 5.7 million meals to kosher communities. we're really excited. this year alone for passover exclusively, we'll provide over 1 million pounds of fresh produce. dari: and that's your new york minute. taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals.
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dari: yanks, red sox, rangers, bruins, the rivalry between new york and boston hits the road. steve: the new app encouraging competition and friendly driving. >> reporter: after we receive our licenses, driving encourages little self-improvement. >> basic things you learn when you go to driving school. people should start to adhere to. >> reporter: we focus on arriving quickly and safely and avoiding tickets and insurance premiums.
5:40 pm
reward drivers for improving skills behind the wheel. as chief technology officer, he teamed up with ever quote to launch ever drive, a phone app that draws upon hundreds of millions of miles of driving data to score your driving. >> how odd is the braking that you're doing? how hard? are you speeding? >> reporter: it monitors how many times a driver checks his phone behind the wheel. >> we started off with a search for the safest driver in massachusetts and new york. >> reporter: andrew believes social interaction in the form of contests and head to head comparisons will incentivize drivers to download the app. to publicize the release, he launched a contest between new york and massachusetts in hopes of igniting state pride. >> it's bad in the city. >> drive like animals. they have no respect for each other. they're going to get somebody killed.
5:41 pm
>> horrible. >> reporter: new yorkers refused to acknowledge any other state might harbor worst drivers than their own. >> nowhere. if you go just up north in new york state, those are the most pleasant people in the world to drive with. >> not a lot of regard for the laws or the lines. >> reporter: according to a car insurance study, the worst drivers in the united states lived in montana. new york was the 28th worst driving state in new york. >> no concern for any other drivers. >> reporter: i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: think the competitive element of that is very powerful. dari: it is. steve: but you get drawn into driving poorly depending on where you are, especially in a city environment. dari: very true. a lot of rage here. >> well, this sounds nice. having the bartender come to you. steve: the restaurant trend that has diners raising their glasses
5:42 pm
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dari: fox 5 health news. and get this. the cdc says there is no longer any doubt whatsoever that the zika virus causes severe birth defects. steve: joining us, dr. manny alvarez. the doctors have been cautious. this is basically where we figured we were going. >> the cdc has been busy. yesterday they had a press conference saying the epidemic
5:45 pm
we started with a handful of states south of the u.s. now we're up to 30 states where the mosquito is present. not only are we looking for neurological injuries in the unborn, which has been 100 percent documented that the zika virus leads to that, but m s types of diseases in adults, guillaume barre syndrome, and this is really pressing. congress is asking for $1.9 billion. the money isn't there yet. there might be a vaccine trial at the end of the year. steve: scary. how do we have no idea this was coming? >> one of the big things that happened was i think brazil held information back. there were outbreaks in brazil happening a year ago. they were holding on to the information for a long, long time, not sayre -- sharing that data. now here, they have to prove the fact that the virus is the
5:46 pm
but now we have an epidemic, a public health problem [indiscernible - talking over one another] >> it's really, really serious. steve: sean parker from napster, he's a big facebook guy, donating $250 million to cancer immune therapy research. this will allow them to pursue radical forms of treatment than just using government money. this is sort of training the body to help cure itself? >> what he did is something that needed to be done. we have come a long way in cancer treatment. we have the classical cancer treatments, the chemotherapy and radiation surgery. immuno therapy is the next frontier. what happens is a lot of scientists don't share the information. a lot of universities, for instance, scientists are careful in giving away that info to other scientists. he said i'm going to put $250 million down. i want to create a sandbox. you play in it.
5:47 pm
discoveries. when a solution is made, we are going to license that to pharmaceutical companies. now the scientists don't have that pressure that they can't share the information. steve: like an incubator. >> an incubator. he gave $250 million, completely philanthropic endeavor. there is a business component down the road. he has the seven big cancer centers, one in new york, sloan, and everybody is very happy. i think this is going to be magnificent and new discoveries are going to come out of the sandbox. steve: takes away the fear of giving away your million dollar idea. great. good stuff. dari: okay. and finally, your doctor may have told you to get rid of the butter and use vegetable oil. >> this is a readjustment to the
5:48 pm
when the story came out in the '70s, they said animal fat is bad for you. it gives you heart disease. scientists went back and looked at the raw data that was not published and found a bunch of patients that were doing the vegetable diet and dying of heart disease. they said how could this be? it seems if you eat too much vegetable oil and back in the 70s, the only vegetable oil you had was corn oil, now you have other things. avocado, whatsoever. if you eat too much vegetable oil and especially if you're over 65 and you use vegetable oil and you fry food, the oxidation of vegetable oil can kill you. so the bottom line is vegetable oil is good. too much of a good thing is bad for you. and it's better than the animal fat. for sure. there you go. simple. steve: it was a weird -- growing
5:49 pm
seems to be proven wrong. >> a lot of data was not fully put out there. now we have the advantage of -- dari: all that fat-free added -- >> feel good. it's too good of -- dari: carbo loading. steve: thank you, dr. manny. dari: we were saying no carbs. >> no carbs. we'll see how that goes. all right. let's talk temperatures. temperatures were a little below average across the tri-state area today. we hit 57 in central park. we're closing in on where we should be this time of year. a few degrees below that average of 60 degrees. we hit that high at about 3:30 this afternoon. we're still at the number at 57. our winds are light. they're coming at about 8 miles an hour. area-wide, we're mostly into the 50s. we're at 52 in islip. 48 in montauk. we're at 50 in belmar. elsewhere across the northeast,
5:50 pm
to 50s. 46 is the current reading in buffalo. 55 in williamsport. 57 in philadelphia. same number down towards d.c. and pittsburgh is checking in at 54. so we're pretty quiet. we have a disturbance we're watching towards the west. it's providing a couple of clouds from syracuse to binghamton and central portions of pennsylvania. that's going to pass through tonight. i don't think we'll see any rain, but it will shroud our skies with cloud cover. that will clear out quickly. we're watching two systems. there's an area of low pressure sitting down towards the gulf coast. there's one developing to the west that will be a big weather nation. we're under the influence of high pressure sitting off to the north. it will keep us nice and dry and protected from the systems for several days. we're expecting a nice dry stretch of weather as we go into the weekend. it's pretty mild to our west. we're seeing temperatures in the 70s for tomorrow, from the northern plains all the way down
5:51 pm
looks like we'll see a little shift of that warmer weather heading towards our area. we're going to see readings like this in our region starting on sunday. that's going to be a nice warm change. in the meantime, we'll have clear skies giving way to partly cloudy conditions. clouds will be out of here by tomorrow morning. high pressure will be the nominate weather feature. as it slides to the east, we'll have plenty of sunshine and eventually we'll see a southwest wind flow bring in the warmer temperatures out towards our west. it's nice and dry for friday as well. clear skies by then. nice, dry weather right into the weekend. tonight, partly cloudy with that weak disturbance that will pass through. it will be chilly with clear skies starting now. temperatures will drop out into the -- drop into the upper 20s north and west. we'll be in the low 40s in the city. tomorrow, expect plenty of sunshine with temperature readings like today, nice. middle to upper 50s. still a little bit below average. we'll be just about average for friday with plenty of sunshine and high temperatures in the 60s.
5:52 pm
let's take it up to the 70s. we'll say there monday. nice and dry in the middle part of next week. we'll have a cool-down, but overall, it's going to feel a lot more like spring over the next seven days. steve: very nice. dari: thank you. steve: prince william and kate middleton going wild in india, venturing out for a safari. they baby fed -- bottle fed baby elephants. they leave tomorrow before returning to india this weekend to visit the taj mahal. dari: no. i would like to. that's amazing. i bet she would have liked to have worn sweats. sometimes i bet she'd like to be regular and real. >> why wait for a drink from the bar when you can have your own bartender right at your table? >> jen shows us the restaurant trend that keeps the cocktails coming up.
5:53 pm
the show at daniel on the upper east side. marcy wields out a custom made wood and marble trolley topped with a shaker and all the ingredients for ingredients. >> i'm going to pour it into this tea cup to continue with the disguise of actually not drinking a cocktail. >> reporter: it's not just the drink but the story behind it. slowing down the cocktail experience. >> the fact of being prepared in front of them brings some excitement into the experience. so we tie everything to a story and the whole prohibition theme. down the road, we'll have other themes to keep it exciting for them to come. >> reporter: the service director got the inspiration from france where it's common for the server to prepare parts of a meal at the table. >> it's very well known for the dishes prepared in front of the
5:54 pm
roasted duck or a roll fish. >> reporter: tableside drink service is gaining ground all over the country. most of them use it as a way to showcase their rare and prize liqueurs. daniel began its service in january and since then, it's become a huge draw in the dining room. >> about 20 cocktails a night. it's funny. once you roll it out in the dining room, it has that infectious effect where people are wondering what it is. so you start by making one cocktail and you end up making five because there's two other tables that were interested about trying one. >> reporter: jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. dari: i'm in. steve: you want it. that's how it works. pretty straightforward. dari: we'll see you at 10:00. steve: here's christina with what's coming up at 6:00. >> tonight williamsburg as you've never seen it before. a gritty look back at decades before gentrification made it what it is today. we talk to one of the people behind it next on the fox 5 news
5:55 pm
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. christina: hello and good evening. i'm christina park. ernie anastos is off tonight. a former nypd officer was supposed to be sentenced for manslaughter tomorrow. instead the entire case could get thrown out because of one juror accused of lying in court during the selection process. antwan lewis has more from downtown brooklyn where that juror was questioned today. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, christina. at issue here is what exactly is defined as close between a father and his son. the judge must decide if michael vargas lied during jury selection. he was juror no. 9 for the trial for the shooting death of akai gurley. attorneys ask the him if anyone close to him had ever been convicted of a crime.
5:59 pm
he revealed after the trial was over that his father, seen in a picture he posted on his facebook page back in january, had been convicted of manslaughter. vargas said he never knew his father nor had a relationship with him. it was enough for the attorney to ask for the conviction to be overturned. >> i think we showed today that mr. vargas is not an impartial juror, that he's got a strong anti-cop bias, and sad to say, i think we showed he's not an honest man. >> reporter: defense motions resume tomorrow in brock oklyn at 2:15. as for the sentencing of liang that was supposed to happen tomorrow, that's been postponed for a week. christina: all right. thank you very much. we're joined by a criminal defense attorney who's been practicing for over 30 years now.
6:00 pm
jury no. 9, michael vargas? was he lying? >> if you look at the interchange between him and the court during the jury selection process, he was pretty cagey with the judge. he was asked if anybody close to him had been accused of a crime. he said something like none that made the papers. the judge asked him to clarify. he said, well, friends do silly things. the judge honed in on the issue and said what about any close family members, which he's saying his father wasn't close. he responded no. christina: yet he remembers this suddenly a couple of months later. >> a short time later. christina: he volunteers the information information. if you take that -- christina: the facebook post in which he said police officers are not being held accountable for violence. that's a nail in the coffin. >> put them together and they seem to indicate that he had an agenda in not disclosing one thing and disclosing it later. let me tell you, these claims


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