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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sunny skies mild temperatures on the horizon. mike has a full forecast. it's looking nice coming up. >> two young children >> two young children sisters confirmed that confirming a fire in the bronx housing project. foxfire learn the mother was doing laundry when the fire broke out. hillary clinton bernie sanders take the stage tonight in brooklyn for the ninth residential primary debate. they are coming off of a big dave rallies. >> the city is bracing for what's expected to be largest anti-donald trump protest in the campaign season.
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a new york state republican gala . >> good morning.thank you for being with us. >> i am been seminal. it's 5:00 and is thursday morning april 14. how are those taxes coming? we are almost there! taxes this year are not due until monday. >> it's a d.c. holiday tomorrow. >> all of these regional holidays somebody's taxes are doing so good. >> i think it's new england. >> they always run the marathon where is the new york extra holiday.we have to make our own. >> good morning. it's a chilly start to the day. it's not ridiculously cold.
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at clear sky. it's the same thing in poughkeepsie in the same thing in monticello. sussex is sitting at 330. some spots to the north and west have a freeze warning. there was a lot of places and they haven't quite got there for the higher elevations. there is another cold start to the day. it's 8 miles per hour and is not a big deal with a leak week disturbance stirring by it's a clear sky at this point in time with high clouds in the area. high pressure is still in control and you have to find wet weather down to the mid-atlantic region. you have clouds and skies there and the closest thing
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pressure not looking like there's any clouds there. >> the warmest day that we saw was 790 on the first and call us. we are still running a little bit behind. we have a clear sky coming through at 11:00 am. tomorrow you will see a high of 620. we have some 70s in the not-too-distant future. small chances come through with late monday night and tuesday morning.
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and even that look sketchy. let's get you over to ines and see if you have anything that will be a big problem on this thursday morning. >> good morning. a couple of things are going on at 287). there is a accident there blocking the lane and we are not except thing the commute. 78 is doing fine and it's looking good on the bronx river parkway. let's go to the camera to see how things are moving. a look at the lie with no problems westbound or east on. the parkway as you pass jfk looks good . is take a look at the camera shot. traffic is fine with reports of an accident blocking a lane and trains are running on or close to schedule. >> two younger sisters a two-year-old and an 18-month-old were killed in a bronx apartment fire. >> the mother was not home when the fire broke out. she was at a nearby laundromat . no charges have been filed
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the fire broke out around 6:40 a.m.. they were pronounced dead with minor injuries. no word yet on what caused the fire. >> bernie sanders are coming off a big rallies in the city. it's ahead of tonight's democratic debate. >> it's a nine time they faced each other but this time it's going down brooklyn style. in the glare of the new york media, robert moses joins us. good morning, robert. >> good morning. it has been since early march that we have heard any presidential candidates to be . finally, the drought will end here . there was a whole lot of haggling between two and they are trying to set a date for the gathering. now, the big days here. >> call it the battle of brooklyn.
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tonight hillary clinton bernie sanders tangle at the navy yard. the democratic campaign has become increasingly contentious and that likely will be on full display. clinton leads in new york but sanders has gained ground. >> there are a lot of people here tonight! [cheering] the sanders camp says 27,000 people came out to washington for a rally last night. that is more than the 20,000 who rallied for barack obama and the same park in 2007. >> i look at an unbelievable crowd like this and i believe we're going to win here in new york . >> sanders and clinton hopscotch across the city . sanders picked up a key endorsement from the union who represent the transit workers. they are feeling the burn.
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solidarity with striking verizon workers. he also appeared at the action network which is the civil rights organization. >> despite our best efforts and highest hopes americans long struggle with racism is far from finished. >> she has turned her attention to the man she thinks will be her publican component. >> mister trump wants to set americans against each other.he wants to build walls and i want to build bridges. >> bernie sanders does at 12:15 am. he will speak at the national convention. it's the same one that clinton spoke out yesterday. after that it's time to prepare for the two hour rally in brooklyn.
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robert, you can watch the debate tonight. >> the democrats debate the republican candidates are gathering for a republican gala. it's expected to be disrupted by antitrust protests.let's go to teresa. she joins us from the grand hyatt in midtown. >> i believe it's a job for use of correct me if i'm wrong. in recent memory, i believe it's one of the only time police had all of the candidates from both parties in the city. when it comes to this election cycle tell me if you are right or wrong. when it comes to the gop , all eyes are here in midtown. >> all eyes are on new york city which has found itself squarely in the middle of the political universe. tonight donald trump,
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are putting on their tuxes to play nice.they will be at the gop gala at the grand hyatt. it's a $1000 dinner that aids the republican party. what happens inside my make news and what happens outside might also two. 30 different causes are planning to disrupt the gala and they dislike trump and his message. among the masses is a past apprentice contestant. there is tens of thousands of demonstrators showing up . there is some concern that this rally could mirror what happened at an anti-trump rally in chicago that turned violent earlier this year. >> tonight's event comes when voting delegates greatly matter. >> we have to bring it in. the bad part is that i could win . >> donald trump rosalie but ted cruz is shopping for delegates. the new poll shows john
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>> there has been 11 elections in four states and with donald and all the elections. >> we will keep on going. >> there is more good news. the new york daily has endorsed him at never trump, never cruise either. casing is the only choice for gop and in the corresponding article , they talk about his record of achievement. they talk about his temperament. they talk about how they feel as though trump and cruz would be disastrous as a president. >> that's the latest from midtown. >> teresa, who develops the grand hyatt? >> robert moses. >> i don't know? >> donald trump! >> you should know that. >> i am sure he will remind the audience 38 times this evening.
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>> midtown eastside it somewhere in the vicinity. >> thank you so much. >> in other news, a judge has only the sentencing of peter liang. >> he was supposed to be sentenced today following the man slaughter conviction for a chi girly but the judge is now considering whether to toss the conviction after that he was accused of lying during the selection process for a jury. michael vargas said no one in his family was accused of a crime but he later admitted in the interview that his estranged father was sent to prison for manslaughter in the accidental shooting of a friend. >> he is not an impartial jury.
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bias. the da is recommending probation without prison time. much more still to come. it's one of the biggest murder mysteries. lisa has some exclusive new details from the nypd investigators. >> mike is keeping track of the forecast. >> we have a little bit of a change coming up here. it's a sunny day coming to you and it's a chilly start making it sunny and nice out there. right around 500 today and we start out at 450. the fox five weather app has daily and hourly make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly,
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counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring
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welcome back. thursday morning. time to get you up and out the door. is around 9 miles per hour and is not bad at all at 350. nice out there in long island . 390 in bridgeport or indiana. :-) clear skies around the tri-state with clouds passing by from time to time but no console and so who cares. over an hour. high pressure is in control and we were keeping an eye out for what be what would be coming out . there is a frontal boundary over the states keeping things stirred up. there is enough moisture so high pressure will block that out for us here. this will be an area of low pressure developing out
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r that will not bring a lot in the tri-state. it will bring in high clouds and you could see it develop here in the future cast. it's out in the atlantic waters and dropping down to the south and east with a suspicious looking storm. it looks like it stays off and it is suspicious looking!you see this and you start thinking hurricane season. >> we have another couple months. >> will not be a tropical system for us but it's an area of low pressure developing off the atlantic. it pushes back the cloud cover and it could bring us some increase in the surf. it reminded of the tropical season is coming up on us. these are the storms that could come off the atlantic. anyway, we have high clouds and surf out of it but that's it.
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up to 580. a week fun brings us a quick sprinkle on tuesday morning . it's 600 on wednesday.
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let's bring in ines. there is oversight for the nypd with the chairman resigning after being accused of making sexist remarks. >> record emory is his name. he stepped down from the review board after the executive director filed a lawsuit against them. he claims he used a gender faced slur against her last september. it's the same one that donald trump used in a rally referring to ted cruz. anyway, she filed a complaint soon after but nothing was done. her lawyer says the investigation started in march and when emery found out he retaliated. >> after she complained and after he found out, he started to strip away her responsibilities and her reports.
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credibility in the office. its according to the daily news interview. fox five has the details on the unsolved murder . the suiting did not happen on queens boulevard but on main street. at that intersection. it was not a drive-by but more like an assassination. >> he unloads multiple shots inside the vehicle. >> we believe the shooter
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the car.>> the rapper was not involved with drugs. his widow has repeatedly called for anyone with information to come forward. call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. >> officials are saying the vehicle virus definitely causes severe birth defects. the cdc says it came to the conclusion after weighing all evidence. the virus causes microcephaly in unusually small skulls and babies who contracted the virus. the cdc says it's clear the virus causes other brain defects including dangerous calcium buildup . it's continuing to warn william women to avoid travel. it confirmed had more than 1100 cases sense october. >> much more is still to come. that's including the new study linking fast food with higher levels of chemicals.
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time is 521. according to a study published yesterday, the study looked at two specific dhp din p. it's saying they may expose them to the harmful chemicals. the national restaurant association has not yet commented.
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feature. android users are now attaching the mod to a specific object in the videos. the module rotate move and get smaller . it might speed like i am it might sound like i'm speaking a different have to add the mod through the sticker button to make it work. i have no idea what the sticker button is. >> you need to get a tutorial from a 13-year-old. >> my wife said yesterday she just downloaded snapshot and she had to get a tutorial from the 24-year-old in the office. >> talk about making you feel old! >> elizabeth holmes is the founder of fairness. there is major problems in
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the company has efforts to shut the lab. the spokesperson says the company has taken corrective measures and it's working to resolve the government concerns. >> she was staring like that. >> i think she is one of the youngest billionaires . >> how old is she? >> there is new efforts to change the alcohol while. >> the panic released recommendations into modernizing the roles. one proposal is to reduce the amount of licenses to nine. >> wire there are nine different licenses.this allows them to fill alcohol earlier than noon. >> don't you get it like a blood he married with your branch? >> it would eliminate that. i am against that one.
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the state lawmakers for review . >> we are lucky if we can get out of the house. >> went you have kids realize . >> if they give you the , you get the blood he married. top stories when we come
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and i approve this message. we are talking about
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five 30 a.m. 450 and you can look at the tappan zee bridge. this will be a pretty nice day out will feel like spring. you will see a big history between the sunny side of the street. it will feel better today. mike has the full forecast coming up. >> all five of the remaining candidates will be in the city today. hillary clinton bernie sanders will be debating as attend the gala. >> the fallout continues from the ongoing investigation of the nypd. it's another high-profile . he says he did nothing wrong! kobe bryant is going out with a bang. he is scoring 60 points with his last ever game in the nba. >> good morning. i am been seminal. >> 5:30 a.m. on this thursday. thank you for being with us.
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weather continuing. mike woods keeping an eye on everyone. you could kick your feet up and just put up the seven-day . >> there is not much to talk about. we have a freeze warning in effect for parts of new jersey. that's it weatherwise. it's pretty quiet. 580 is the high and he made it to 550 in sussex. today it looks like we're going up to 58 for the hyperion we are a little bit below normal and it's 850 for the record today. that will stand and will have 80s in the future but we will do 70s here soon enough. not just yet . >> 350 of central park and 39 poughkeepsie. it's only a few high clouds passing over the tri-state region here and that's all thanks to a weak disturbance that will basically fall apart as it makes its approach to the tri-state region. now we have high clouds and
5:32 am
have sunshine out there today with sunny skies and high temperatures where they should be. 580 is the high and 620 tomorrow. 73 on monday the little bit better than that. >> let's bring in ines and see what's going on. we will see if this weather translates. >> the commute so far is doing fine. we were keeping an eye on the accident i exit 12. i don't hear of any delays but we will have a lane closure with the crash. connecticut is going there with norwalk and sanford making its way towards greenwich. let's go to the cameras and see how things are moving. in the lie, westbound traffic looks good.the metro-north and long island railroad with new jersey transit running on or close. >> thank you, ines. call it the battle of brooklyn. hillary clinton bernie sanders tangle at the navy yard. >> not to mean it since
5:33 am
>> they got pretty testy over the past few weeks. that will likely be on full display. the sanders camp says 27,000 people came out to watch the washington sq., park. it's about 7000 more than the rally for barack obama in the same park in 2007. clinton held a rally in the bronx and increasingly she is ignoring sanders and trying to turn her attention to the man will be her republican opponent. >> mister trump wants to set americans against each other.he wants to build walls and i want to build bridges. >> i look at an unbelievable crowd like this and i believe we will win here in new york. [cheering] sanders and clinton both show their solidarity with striking verizon workers. >> the democrats to be in
5:34 am
will gather for a fancy black tie new york state republican gala. >> the gal is expected to be disrupted by antitrust protests.teresa joins us now from the hyatt in midtown with more. >> we have every presidential candidate in the city at the same time here. when it comes to the gop, you better believe all eyes will be here in midtown on the grand hyatt. they are hosting the gop gala and it will feature donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich there. they are all expected to attend as been mentioned earlier they will arrive
5:35 am
developed by donald trump. they might be joined there is a small potential that they will be joined by tens of thousands of protesters from 30 different groups mostly antitrust . it's something we are used to here. it might not be our values but sometimes the way business is done here. speaking of new york values ted cruz attempted to clarify them. >> listen, when i talk about new york values what i'm talking about is the liberal democrat who had been hurting the people of new york over and over again i am talking about people at bill de blasio one of the first acts he did was go up to harlem and try to shut down charter schools that were educating low income african-americans and hispanics because he was with the teachers unions. >> cruises fighting for every last vote since
5:36 am
lead. the boxer knocks down his girlfriend leaving her in critical condition. investigators say early on tuesday morning, he punched his girlfriend in the head . he was rushed in critical but stable condition. the ongoing probe to the
5:37 am
top official. 20 officers have been interviewed about whether the accepted gifts in exchange for favors for two businessmen with ties to the campaign. it's starting to be one of those days where you don't know about your coat do you need it or not i'm talking about people trying to dress their kids. >> that part. >> man up you are two years old.
5:38 am
>> you need a light jacket. here is what we have on the weather headlines. it's another sunny day coming at you with high temperatures in the upper 50s. you have warmer temperatures as you get into the weekend and there are no major storms on the horizon. most locations are not freezing here. there are still some freeze warning in effect for the
5:39 am
early. there is a significant wind and a pretty high pressure system way down to the the carolinas are out towards georgia and alabama and those are the locations that are seeing some wet weather here. we are fine but we will have to focus on what's going on here in the atlantic. there is a strong developing with an area of low pressure . it's backing and towards the eastern seaboard which is not the direction that you want to see in less
5:40 am
like that. it's 580 and mainly sunny skies. there is a high of 62 tomorrow and 70 on monday. 730 on monday. the fox 5 ny weather app is available on the app store. >> good morning, mike. people are okay out there. no major problems. lets take a look at
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a terrible stories out of the bronx. two sisters a two-year-old and an 18 month old died after fire tore through their apartment. their mother was not home. she was at a nearby laundromat down the street when the fire broke out. no charges are filed against her. defense lawyers accuse the juror lying during this selection process by not disclosing that his father was convicted on a similar charge. the juror , michael vargas, taft faced taft tough questions. almost over for mixed martial arts fans. he lifted the state band during the ceremony. one of the sports organizers wants to hold the event at the garden later this year. >> it's an interesting time
5:45 am
around the stuff . duke, there was a fighter that died after a match a few days ago. >> it was overseas. >> the top two goalies are out. what happens? the only goalies* and he gets hit with a stick. it goes into hank's eye there. i was watching and i said, ouch! it was a short delay and he was trying to give it a go but this is at the end of it too.
5:46 am
rebound. he will be reevaluated later today at game two. it was born before the islanders began playing. >> bottom of the seventh.
5:47 am
he tries for the double. he hits it down the line. it's making a catch and he will be okay. they went to in the final store. score. did he ever put on a show? the pregame festivities were all about colby and right to the he scores a season-high at 60 points. jack likes it. he scores since 2009 and the lakers riled rally back. 643 regular-season points. he is the third in the league five
5:48 am
>> bill russell with michael jordan at and a half. >> more nba history. he broke with number 73. it's a score of 125/104. with the last game of the season they do it .is 95/96 chicago bulls. he made 400 three-pointers of the season. >> tomorrow it's jackie robinson day in major league baseball. 69 years ago , as a member of the dodgers, jackie robinson broke the color barrier becoming the first african-american to play in major league baseball. at such an important event in our nations history. jackie had a teammate and a lifelong friend. he was 21 years old on 1947 when jackie made history that day and he's the only living member in that team. ralph and i talked about that day with his good friend jackie robinson and whether the dodgers chose
5:49 am
>> jackie was capable of it because he was smart and strong and aware of what position he had to break the color barrier. >> to hear ralph talk about that yesterday and to hear what jackie robinson went through it was so hard. there was players on the dodgers that did not want jackie to play their. >> as the story goes, there will be a petition that does not allow jackie to play for the dodgers. he and jackie were lifelong friends.
5:50 am
>> everyone wears his number tomorrow. >> it's great! >> thank you. let's check the weather forecast. >> it's good running weather out there. >> yesterday was was a little bit brisk. it's good. >> they say the ultimate running temperature is 51 degrees. >> that's for your body to perform optimally . >> we start out 42 and we go to the midmorning run. here is what we have out there. actually one is coming up . the nice temperature drops to 420 for the's a little bit cool but you get the son going and it will feel just fine. 450 in central park and the winds coming from the north and northeast.
5:51 am
temperatures at white plains. 450 in the bronx with a mainly clear sky. so far this morning, a goes into the overnight hours and it doesn't look like any consequence as far as rain is concerned. that's not happening for quite a while. high pressure is in control and it's coming up down the pipeline. there's nothing in the mix up there to get things going in terms of rain. >> let's look at april so far. are we warmer than normal or cooler than normal? >> 470 is the average for the month of april at 3.1 above normal. as far as precept goes we are at 1.9 inches so far for the month. >> anyway here's what we have for the day@skies coming in. it's a high temperature of 580.
5:52 am
as we go through the next seven days there is a high on saturday. highs are in the low mid-sixties and they are pretty much on par. >> it's going to be good. >> thank you for leaving. >> exit 24 with an accident there dropping the lane. 287 n town with putnam county doing fine. 84 and 684 with smooth sailing. let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute. no issues heading towards the bridge southbound and with the trains, everything is running on or close to schedule. carrie and ben back to you. >> we will discontinue our little sports conversation talking about the dodgers. >> there is a lot more
5:53 am
north carolina takes another hit with ringo starr taking a stand. >> hey, we're opening up a second shop and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses?
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welcome back. another superstar rocker has canceled a concert in north carolina. >> ringo starr protest the state with the bathroom bill which forces transgender people to use public bathrooms. according to their biological sex and that ours other protections for gays. he is following bruce
5:56 am
canceled his gig to take a stand against them. social media was on fire yesterday after the olsen twins posted their first selfie . >> the private 's nest mellows took over some for as instagram and posted this. they give everyone a brief glimpse into their lives as the inspiration between their label could be one of the first few times we would see them because they would not be on the full or house reboot . >> i think they will show up in the second season. >> i don't know. how did the first season do? >> i think it did pretty well. >> it was good? >> i did and i liked it. >> how do they reference the fact that they weren't there. >> they are fashion moguls in new york.there were little jobs there. >> real-life . >> they leave the door open. >> maybe there will be an appearance.
5:57 am
>> it's not that hard to act on a show like that. it can't be that hard.>> from doctor strange to doctor seuss after benedict, back has a new gig . >> after the trailer , doctor strange was released. universal announced that they will be the voice of the grinch with the grinch stole christmas. he will replace jim carrey who started the live movie. they are making a new animated version? >> the original is a classic. >> good question. >> is expected to be out in november of next year. >> there is to animated versions and a life. it seems unnecessary. >> the start of the unbreakable , kimi schmidt is pregnant. ellie kemper announced that she and her husband are expecting their first child. according to e-news, she
5:58 am
when she shot the series. it happens to drop tomorrow. >> financial . >> for house come seek the royal caribbean. adventures starting from 799. (harold) looks like australia. western omelette.
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come seek the royal caribbean. >> good morning, beautiful shot there on this thursday morning. clear skies continue today with highs in upper 50s. tomorrow the temperatures start to warm up in time for the weekend. mic mike has the full forecast. >> looking nice out there already. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will battle in brooklyn tonight. they're meeting for one and only tuesday's primary. >> meanwhile three republican white house hopefuls at a gop state dinner. protesters tbatter outside the venue. we have a live report coming up. >> governor cuomo legalizing mixed marshal arts and eager to host events at madison square garden before the end of this year. >> good morning everybody great to have you with us i'm kerry


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