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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this is a good day wake up from "fox 5 news". juliet: it's an allergy kind of day. my throat is scratchy. nice sunny weather continues . temperature start to creep temperature start to creep up slowly but surely. audrey is here and she tells us all about it. >> it's a battle in brooklyn with hillary clinton bernie sanders facing off in a democratic debate. they sparred over everything from minimum wage. >> the gala was directed by antitrust protesters. they push their way into the hyatt.
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>> the town supervisor is accused of cooking the books. >> the project was funded after taxpayers refuse to pay for it. >> it's friday morning april 15. it's not texting until monday. it's some weird holiday in d.c. >> let's check the weather. audrey is here. >> it's a little bit chilly this morning. it's tolerable. >> you will need to be bundled up in the afternoon you will shed the outer
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pinebrook is a 360. westfield is checking in at 400.we have mainly clear skies all across the region. we are expecting plenty of sunshine from sunrise to sunset. we are expecting more of the same as we go into the weekend as we have high pressure in control and the northeast saying right over us keeping us in this nice dry and tranquil weather pattern. for today, plenty of sunshine that warms us up into the 60s. we will be a little bit cooler out towards the north and i temperatures stay in the 50s. looking ahead, we will into the 70s by sunday and we will be in the mid-70s by monday temperatures above average into next week . that's a check at your weather . >> not too bad. 78 was found with an accident blocking two lanes by exit 40 causing minor slowdowns.
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looking good and let's go to the cameras at the lie. it's by the eastbound traffic moving fine. in the cross brown cross bronx, no issues they are in no issues with trains running on a close. >> thank you, ines. ben: sparks blue between sanders. juliet: it was contentious at times. they went after each other on a bunch of different fronts. robert will tell us a little bit about it and he is 5 feet away from me now. i wish i was 3 feet away. >> setting a date for this debate involves haggling and sniping between two campaigns. it was just the appetizer. we should have known! >> do not let the smiles for you.
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clinton bernie sanders attacked each other. as he has before, he questioned clinton's judgment.>> we do really feel confident about the camp candidate saying that she will bring change in america? she is so dependent on the big money interests! i don't think so! >> president obama trust in my judgment enough to ask me to be secretary of state!>> biting sarcasm using it with clinton going easy on the big bang. >> she called them out. they must have been really crushed. >> was that before or after you receive huge sums of money by speaking engagements. >> as for those, clinton says she would release transcripts as soon as others do the same. >> clinton and sanders frequently spoke over each other as they did in this exchange or raising the minimum wage to $15. >> wait, wait !
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with senator sanders eight times! i have said the exact same thing! >> glinting knowledge of the crime bill , which her husband sign, had consequences like harsh prison sentences for low-level offenders. >> i supported the crime bill and my husband had apologized he was the president who signed it! sanders slammed clinton for using the term super predators to describe gang members. >> it was a racist term and everyone knew it! another point of contention was israel. sanders criticized clinton for using site losing sight of the palestinians. >> we will have to treat them with respect and dignity. >> clinton said the us must be a staunch defender of israelis. >> they do not invite
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their town and villages! let's look ahead to what's next for these candidates. hillary clinton travels to california for a fundraiser and bernie sanders heads to the vatican today. he says his campaign will also release his 2014 tax return today as clinton called for him to do. that is the latest! back to you! >> next time you can be 3 feet away. >> you have to be 18 inches. >> he just wants to sit . robert, thank you. juliet: a wild scene last night when anti-trump protesters storm the gala. ben: other news in the endorsement field for the gop candidates. teresa joins us live outside trump tower in midtown . >> another hometown paper
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they whined the assigned and when it comes to trump, these are his negative values. it's one of the great cities of the world and is called new york. >> capitalizing on the home field donald trump introduces the big apple to big-time donors. he explains what your values are all about. you don't want to sleep when you were in new york. the reason why is because you are afraid you will miss something. >> i will admit that i haven't built any buildings in new york city . i have spent the entire
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constitution. i have to suggest to all of you , when we live in the dark , when we practice politics in the dark, overtime people don't like it . >> if you wage war against the united states of america , if you seek to murder innocent americans we are coming to get you! this comes after trump takes up this endorsement. new york post says he needs more work on being more presidential and better informed. the paper believes he reflects the best of new york values. >> outside the gala, hundreds disappear and some try to storm the lobby. 31 people were arrested and all. >> america has a tried-and-true history. it's civil disobedience.
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supporters on hand.>> he puts people around him to try to make them better. >> trumps lead is also growing. it's in a sizable way with a new poll showing he is up 18 points. the poll found among likely voters, trump is the best suited to be hillary thing we want to mention is that this poll shows that trumps numbers come from gop voters without a college degree and others that describe themselves as very conservative. that's the latest .>> teresa thank you.>> inside the hyatt last night greg and roseanna had a chance to interview ted cruz. >> roseanna went one-on-one about comments with new york values. >> you will not win new
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do you wish you could take back what you said about your values? >> not remotely. >> the people are suffering under them in the city. under bill de blasio, last year we saw moderates go up and we see homelessness go up ! blah shield cancel the stop and frisk and stop monitoring neighborhoods where terrorists potentially congregate. that doesn't make any sense! those liberal policies are hurting the people of new york!>> you will see more of the interview later on. that starting at 7:00 . we have more still to come. the feds are crying foul over the stadium in rockland county. how it was funded after
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don't you just love it we are back . >> let's get over to audrey. there is lots of things going on at the grand hyatt . >> last night i was fortunate to be there. >> the canine coalition is new friends i made by also made to the day new york fans. it was anne-marie and mary. they wanted to be there in
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there is anne-marie and mayor mary. it's big fans of juliet. >> hello! they told me kerry would be here. >> i'm not usually up this early. >> kerry has been there but where is juliet? >> good morning to both of you. >> let's talk temperatures. we are in the 30s north and west of the city. it's 42 out towards montauk point. we are seeing clear skies out there and they stay with us throughout the day. plenty of sunshine for your friday and much of the northeast is experience high pressure for the next few days. sunny skies today, we have numbers with an average for this time of year. in the 60s and the city and out towards the east, we
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>> we have lows in the 20s. in the city will be around 200.we have a beautiful day as we take it up to 640. plenty of sunshine on sunday with a high of 70. we will go into the mid-70s on monday with temperatures above average rate into next weekend. temperatures are above average throughout the middle part. let's see how it looks in the roads. >> it's looking okay! there is problems already in new jersey at 78. the south bound and traffic is moving fine. you drive into the city and the upper and lower level
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>> think you very much. the town supervisor is accused to of building a glorious and beautiful . let's bring in stacy as she understood . >> good's christopher st. lawrence . the two were arrested yesterday and face a 22 count indictment . in 2010, he rejected a 16 and a half million dollar plan to finance the construction of a minor-league baseball park . st. laurent said he use private funds to build the stadium but us attorney says he lied and use public money. he says he inflated the town assets to obtain 25
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the us attorney says they have a town that's already struggling financially. >> the town will have to assume more debt. there is higher funding in the market and it will operate the stadium losing money. >> it's thereby creating a hardship opposed on the citizens. >> st. lawrence and trevor have not pled guilty. it's the first case brought against the city officials for a fraud against the connection of the municipal bonds. states in. we'll see how it turns out. >> how will these people not think they would get caught.
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>> a convicted murderer and the charles manson colt is actually one step closer to freedom. >> this is a very shocking thing to a lot of people. the parole board has recommended did releasing him. she was found guilty in the 1969 murder of a wealthy supermarket owner .this happened one day after the sharon tate murder was described. this was the 20th time he had come up for parole. jerry brown could decide to reject it. her lawyers say she has changed so much in prison you don't know who she is. you're looking at her based on her she was in 1969, others say you are giving these punishments for a reason she was 19. she is 66 now. >> a lot of questions around. >> how do you feel about
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>> i swear to you i do not. i am incredibly considerate about other people. >> i don't like it at all. i don't like people talking in the movies either. >> my boyfriend is energized and crazy tell him to be quiet. >> i do. they squeezes leg .>> a
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what is the most annoying thing at the movie theater? >> is the lights coming from the front of the patron? get used to it. the new ceo says no texting policies are outdated and below the screens is a worthwhile sacrifice. text away! he says it's a millennial to turn off the phone and it's like telling them to cut off their arm. >> be added the company will have to figure out a way to not allow them to sister the audiences. >> is an hour -and-a-half . put your phone away. >> if you're going to do it just get out and go powder your nose. >> i love that!
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something else. it's a battle between the government and the tech giant. microsoft is suing the fed and it wants the right to tell you . it searches of remote servers with the cloud as opposed to the pcs.they say the lobbying used to justify the search without telling the customers is outdated and it's to routine. >> do they seem longer and longer? the new airline agree that they are blasting tsa for the ever-increasing security line. americans say 6800 of the customers just during spring break week . >> can i say something? that's why you have to get to the airport very early. >> we taken our flight . >> you have to get there had of time.
5:25 am
i get it! they should get the job done quicker. >> what happened to you? i love it! >> tsa says the budget will be reduced. you can think congress. >> get them , then! thank you, congress. >> they lost 70 workers just in 2014. travelers are being told to arrive two hours early for flights during the busy travel season.>> you have kids you get to the airport and what he supposed to do? frankly, we all know they are terrible. you get through security and there is no restaurants. there is nothing to do. >> i blame the port authority and congress! [cheering] juliet: we will have a little quiet time for ben . let's relax him a little bit. top stories are coming
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we are in the longest stretch of dry weather.
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nicer. i wonder what it will be like. it's all about 100 cooler quickly moved there. >> i am not complaining. he last night and broken during the final debate for the new york primary. they were spine over all kinds of things and we will tell you all about it in just a second. there was a massive protest last night with demonstrators in the gop gala. >> it's a crucial ruling with the former officer . it claims german misconduct should not one for the new trial.
5:30 am
>> we like it when you were a little crazy. >> it's very true. >> audrey, good morning. >> good morning. >> i was at the santana journey concert. it was incredible! i will tell you more about it later. i said carlos santana was doing some in between song talking and who did he your father. very nice!it was a man near and dear to his heart. friends. >> it was very cool! >> here is a little fact. we have a huge black-and-white concert photo down the family room. it's like to pay homage because my father wrote it check. going on
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>> i love your history and your life . >> keep listening. >> right now it's 330 in poughkeepsie and 28 and monticello. is 24 in central park and 38 in bridgeport. montauk is checking in at 420. 400 in paramus and 440 in hoboken. 31 as the current reading and it's berkeley heights coming in at 300. satellite and radar shows that we have mainly clear skies out there leading us into a sun filled day across the tri-state area. we are not the only ones enjoying this dry stretch of weather. it extends across the northeast courtesy of high pressure. it goes all the way out towards new england. there is some lows situated near us. we will talk about that
5:32 am
let's start temperatures because we are expecting them to go up this afternoon. plenty of sunshine, not only for today but for the weekend. we will warm things up into the 70s by sunday and we will be in the mid-70s by monday. that is a check of the weather let's look at the roads for ines. >> good morning! >> the commute has some hotspots. grand central parkway near this interchange plucking a lane and in the bronx there is an accident on the cross box by the interchange with one lane blocked. is the long-term construction that you can see in the red. let's take a look at the cameras on the moving fine in the westbound in the eastbound with a train looking good running on or close to schedule. strickland was identified citywide. ines, i'm sure you are looking forward to them
5:33 am
>> you are engaged. >> you remember that? >> i am not over it. >> poor ben. between hillary clinton and bernie sanders during the democratic debate .it was not surprising. it was contentious at times. they did attack each other on a number different issues. let's go to robert moses here with all they had to say. >> we got you a chair.>> sparks fly. i can see the connective tissue it's pretty nice there. bernie sanders and hillary clinton attack each other on pretty much every front. how do they attack each
5:34 am
let us count their ways. fingers went easy on the big banks who paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches that she gave. clinton said she would release the transcript only if other candidates did too. there was foreign policy battles over israel and libya and syria. we want to show you this exchange. there was emblematic of the debate . >> interesting comment! you did not answer the question! the night went on much like that with smiles on their
5:35 am
it's more from contempt and exasperation with each other than anything else. no word yet on when the next democratic debate will be. there has been talk about one taking place next month in california. remember the primary on june 7. no date for the democratic debate version 10.0 has been set. >> i could do without it . >> i think i have gathered enough information.>> they have been getting progressively more entertaining as the weeks go on. >> robert next time you will be sitting here! >> who knows, next time it could be a little bit creepy. >> in your lap? >> i just meant thank you, robert. >> 5:45 am. a busy night for the republicans in the city. the gop held the gala at the hyatt. >> they were protesters as expected. some tried storming the hotel lobby which is always a great idea. 31 people were arrested in
5:36 am
case taking the donors and telling them what their values are all about. >> you talk about values and what are we seeing? >> it's a really incredible thing. you're still alive when you're in new york. the fact is that you want you don't want to sleep. you don't want to sleep because you are afraid you will miss something. i have spent my life fighting the constitution. >> i guess if you live your . >> a new national poll shows donald trump with an 18 point lead over ted cruz. john kasich is third. he is a close third. >> no new trial. the former nypd officer
5:37 am
for a mistrial. it's the accidental shooting death of a kind early. he is in the pink houses in the darkened stairwell in november. 62-year-old michael vargas lied to get on the panel by withholding information . he says he was asked for any close relatives if they were convicted of a crime. he said no and he said he was estranged from his father growing up in orphanages. >> the judge says he did not believe he hid the details. he upheld the manslaughter conviction and he is scheduled to be sentenced on tuesday. they have recommended probation with no prison time. >> it's 537. it's friday. it will be warmish . it's a nice friday with nice temperatures. it started off might want to be layered up. sussex is checking and i
5:38 am
well as new york city. we are in the mid-40s in the bronx. it's not giving a sequential at the moment. boston is checking in at 390 this morning. there was instances across central florida. it will continue to play that part. there is another low
5:39 am
it's another one that is particularly of attention. it's blocking the area of high pressure and moving out to the east. it will keep us in the next weather pattern. they start to shift and it looks like we will be nice and dry any northeast. we will take you right into next week. we take a look at the temperatures and we see the high temperatures in the upper 50s to the east. clear skies this evening with chilly temperatures north and west and lows dropping into the mid-20s in the hudson valley. tomorrow, we are in the 60s and 70s this sunday. mid-70s in monday and it's continuing into next week. that is a check of the weather.
5:40 am
>> no problems there. the staten island commute is in great shape between the bears on a bridge. let's go to the cameras and take a look. it's on 287 eardrum avenue. here is the northbound side . as for the tappan zee bridge, coming in from rockland county, no issues to report . is a beautiful shot there. is heading towards the brooklyn bridge. >> thank you! we have a lot more coming up. some of the best video that we have seen. i have only been here three days.
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1/0 yankees with the bases loaded. henley's is a wild pitch any scores from there. moving on to the fifth, the jays at the play ripping a blast in a deep center making it 3/to toronto. the stanley cup playoffs and the first-round matchup between the florida panthers. in the second.
5:45 am
past. they finally take the lead in the third when kyle fires a shot at roberto longo. there it is! 4/3 hanging onto taking one in the series. it's down in florida tonight . the nfl release the regular season schedule >> let's start with the jets . they open against the bengals. they have thereby into the 11th week playing the patriot on the road . the cowboys on 11 september. in week eight, they are one of only four teams . >> i guess because christmas is a sunday this year. >> this guy was out playing. he said he wanted to play
5:46 am
named cha-cha was on the list for two hours hanging out there. he just stayed perch there. he started to dangle from the power lines and that's when things got the dress. he was eventually caught right there in a blanket by workers below. the officials are investigating how the . >> after years of political fighting, the ufc can call new york on. >> government will sign the bill into law utilizing professional mixed martial arts. he was joined by rhonda rossi and chris brotman who comes from long island. it's the first big event expected to be held at the garden in november. >> chris's existing. >> i was at the berkeley center the
5:47 am
i was therefore a concert . he was fantastic, by the way. he was bartending there and i was hanging out. he's such a cool guy. i said i would give him a shout out. this is mark called cherry tree. it was right around the corner from barclays. they had pizza next-door and at some of the best i've ever had in my life. >> i would forgive them for
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>> he might be coming in nothing happened after midnight. >> it's chilly outside, especially to the north. we are checking in at 280 and 44 in central park. 390 towards islip. numbers are similar to where they were but maybe a degree or two cooler. we start out chilly and later on you might want to shed your jacket. the satellite and radar shows clear skies this morning.not only for us but the northeast and maine and the mid-atlantic. that is the courtesy of high-pressure keeping us nice. its sting to the west in
5:49 am
one that offshore is blocking the high from leaving the northeast. that is good news. it will keep us in the dry weather pattern. as we go through friday, expect sunshine. images are similar to yesterday with highs in the 60s. at the east end, we stay in the 60s. >> clear skies help drop numbers into the 20s. we could be in and around 400. looking good for the weekend! just go for the high in the 70s and we stay above average next week. we are not seeing any rain in the forecast for the next seven days. it will be nice and dry and comfortable across the
5:50 am
track the weather at fox 5 . >> let's head over to ines. >> let's start with queens. these bounds blocking elaine. eastbound slows some people down as you approach approach the interchange. the new england freeway looks good.northbound and southbound with an accident blocking elaine. lincoln tunnel is a good option. no problems and bound in the gwb. trains are running on or close to schedule. >> we have some carlos santana hair. it's a good friday!let me step in. i have another good story.
5:51 am
dragged to the nightclubs to hear my dad play. we would sleep on the restaurant tables because it was at night. this song i brought my dad always played as an encore. whenever i would hear it , i would know we were going home soon. it always brings back memories. >> . [laughter] by the way that was not the reaction of the garden! there was a standing ovation.>> that doesn't mean you can go home! >> you have to be here until 10:00. >> it's a good start to the day. entertainment is up next. >> taylor swift is revealing the cover story. what he is revealing about a plan for the future. >> alright guys. i want to show you some
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as soon as the sun comes out it warms up quickly. let's say by one or 2:00, we will take out the jacket and go to lunch. we see the 30s in bridgeport and montauk and they are coming in 420. we do have mainly clear skies out there this morning.that will take us through a son field day throughout the afternoon. high pressure will keep dry, not only for today but for the next few days. dry weather from maine
5:55 am
and it will take us, not only through the weekend but into the beginning of next week. for today, expect plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the upper 50s. it goes into the mid-60s in the city and tomorrow we will be in the 60s once again moving into the 70s on sunday and monday. temperatures will drop down on tuesday and wednesday with rain free conditions. look so great . >> kelly clarkson is officially mother of two. >> she gave birth on tuesday. it's her second child husband. she is the stepmom to his two children. she tweeted yesterday that little baby boy has arrived. remington alexander. he is born on april 12. >> congratulations. >> taylor swift always gets congratulations because she is everything! she is very fashion forward. >> her hair is shorter and lighter. she still has her signature
5:56 am
she models rather futuristic things and talks about her boyfriend, calvin harris. she talks about relaxing. she wants to have to save someone from drowning and make a good drink. >> interesting . >> aretha franklin celebrated her birthday in style. she turned 74 . a big bash with 100 closest friends. it was held at the ritz-carlton here in manhattan. you can see clive davis there in the audience at the santana concert. >> very cool! her birthday came with vanilla. it was wheeled out with stevie wonder happy birthday play over the sound system. >> liam hemsworth is shooting down rumors that he and miley cyrus are engaged. >> the gossip was reignited after he was spotted wearing an engagement ring a ring that he gave her before they split up.
5:57 am
were spotted holding hands at the premiere of his brothers normally. hunger games star says they are definitely not engaged. >> they look like they were back together.>> maybe she is just wearing the ring. they are trying to rekindle . maybe she is wearing the ring to remind her about the possibilities. >> look at you! best of luck . >> he did not know that demi moore asked kosher had broken up . >> let's take a break!>> not at all. >> they were together for a long time. >> it was a long time ago. >> time flies when you're having fun. >> we have to run. be right back
5:58 am
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6:00 am
>> >> good morning everybody. it's grapefruit that lipstick color they tweeted that. >> that you have on opinion. >> a lot of people are asking about the color. i have no idea why. a beautiful shot. highs should reach the 60s. tomorrow should be nicer. this is so exciting. audrey has the details coming up in just a second. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders battled it out a debate with the in thes liveliest war of words so far as you can see there they just hopped oh each other. >> over manhattan demonstrators


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