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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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juliet: good morning! it's going to be a very happy monday. you are the type of person that likes nice weather and you can go outside and sip your cappuccino. nice temperatures today and possibly hitting 80 or maybe not . >> aubrey is looking at me like, don't spread it. >> the upper 70s. okay! aubrey has all the details, coming up.>> 28,000 supporters shop for the rally in brooklyn. donald trump has a huge
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new york primary. we have a team new york primary. we have a team coverage for teresa for yolo in cary drew. >> police need your help . they want to catch these guys went on a horrific rampage.they beat up eight of these guys, beat up one man outside of a brooklyn bar. he was hit with a barstool and stabbed. camera. >> they are back. get ready for the return of spending 17 years underground. no joke this makes me cry. i get so upset . >> i get so upset right your mother! >> of course we will show the video nonstop .>> that's awesome!>> good morning! i am robert moses. >> is a good morning? >> i feel like i will need to come for you this whole
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when you see these insects , they have a floppy wing and this should be horrible. >> they will be buzzing all around us. >> maybe it will not be a great summer. how long does it last? how are they out there?>> i might not leave my house! i have a great story for you. when i was in mississippi , oh boy! they were so bad that they put me in a hotel and i had to sweep them off the front door because it was a motel and you had to sweep the the room. >> oh yeah! i feel your pain! please let that not happen here! >> i hope you're not having breakfast. let's talk about pleasant things like the weather. we'll experience across the tri-state.
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are down to 300 and sussex and we recover nicely at 510 starting off in the park. it's 500 in newark and 54 out towards islip . let's check into northern new jersey where we are 39 and want age and 37 in berkeley heights. 450 and it's nice and comfortable in westfield. he dropped a degree at 50 and 51 in hoboken. let's look at our satellite and radar. things are quiet. we stay that way with high pressure in the northeast. it will set us up for another beautiful fun filled day. with all that sunshine, with temperatures warming up nicely and we go into the high numbers in the mid- upper 70s. we could squeeze out and 800 reading a cost new jersey. out towards the rest of the week , tuesday, wednesday and thursday, temperatures taking a slight drop but still above average. breezy and comfortable for
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overnight low in the 40s and 50s.287 moving fine between 78 and 80. putnam county checking in a4 in 684. no problems at the connick. let's head to the cameras. at the bronx river parkway is moving fine with no problems northbound making your way towards the parkway. trains are running on or close to schedule in street cleaning rules are in effect. >> think you, ines. it's down to the wire with the presidential campaign before the new york primary. hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders in the latest.
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outside the hilton where she will show up later today . >> both hillary and bernie scheduled. clinton will be here behind midtown. sanders will be holding a rally in long island city and over the weekend, both are out there making a final push for the boat . >> days before the primary, hillary clinton kept up her busy schedule in new york. on sunday, bill de blasio was stumped with the republican front-runner, donald trump. >> i was just up in washington heights and i said , enough! stop with the hate filled rhetoric! you will not divide this country we are coming unified! >> clinton visited grace baptist in westchester county and addressed hundreds of supporters at
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center. >> i think staten island values are new york values and new york values are american values. >> bernie sanders visited the first corinthian baptist church in harlem. >> sanders was introduced by danny devito. >> i want to hear bernie! bernie! >> this is a campaign that's on the move.this is a campaign that one year ago was considered a fringe candidacy with 70 points behind secretary clinton
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fringe anymore! >> 247 delegates are at stake in new york. a new poll shows clinton leading 53% 43%. other polls show it could be tighter. donald trump has a huge lead ahead of the primary. >> ted cruz is not even campaigning in new york and he is calling it a wash. he bailed! he is out! he is off to other states. >> the candidates are spread out. they are in western new
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schenectady. ted cruz is headed off to maryland. this is as he is expected to walk away with a very big when in tomorrow's primary. check out the pole. it shows 54% of the backers will vote for donald trump in the race is certainly a close one with ted cruz's neck and neck. >> you heard his statement on the values. i can't imagine any new yorker voting for cruise. >> the push is on for any last vote in new york state. it's considered to be a total and complete disaster. one third of the states major highways and 45% of its major roads i know
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potholes. condition. >> trump and kasich have spent a considerable amount of resources here hoping to score big with the 95 delegates up for grabs. >> ted cruz spent his weekend out west. >> he won the state's gop convention on saturday picking up 14 delegates by appealing to the party's conservative base. >> in just a couple of years everyone will be able to fill out their taxes like this . [cheering] only do that , we should abolish the irs! >> the latest victory comes as the new wall street journal poll shows six in 10 republican voters believe that if no candidate wins the majority before the convention, that
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>> it's a major sticking point in this campaign especially with donald trump . rnc chair addressed it on sunday's meet the press. >> of donald trump was winning the majority of votes , he would likely have the majority of delegates but that's not what's happening. >> speaking of that , the wall street journal poll shows 20% of those surveyed show that he has not run in the primary, 71% is unacceptable. >> we will keep our eye on whether or not there will be a broker convention. it's 5:10 am. for the latest news as we head towards the primary if you go to fox 5 following us on facebook or twitter. >> obama heads to saudi
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could be some very tense meetings. the obama administration could decide if it will be the sealed documents. it's into terror attacks. >> this is huge! the evidence provided aid to the terrorists. it funded the operation. >> they are feeling there is no sanction against him to fund terrorist activity and train the next generation of terrorist in schools that are financed by saudi arabia. >> the white house is reportedly pressuring members of congress to block the proposed bill that would allow the saudi government to have beheld responsible and us court for any role that it did
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check out the wild bar fight . this is in brooklyn. it sent one man to the hospital. there is a man against one. >> the victim was rushed to the hospital randall myrtle avenue. >> if you have any information, call police . hopefully you can recognize these guys. there they are. the number is one 800 577 tips. >> the nypd also looks for three suspects . they beat a man in the bronx and then robbed him. >> they attacked the 37-year-old vic at the intersection of union and east 163rd street. they beat the man with a metal garbage can and a shovel.
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any information that can help the police, they would like for you to call them at the crimestoppers number. >> the good thing is that these are fairly clear pictures and a lot of these guys it's not the first time they were in trouble with the law. >> these guys become familiar faces around town to so even with the police hopefully they will catch them. >> the campus was temporary lockdown at suny for reports of a person with a gun. the clampdown was lifted late last night and in a statement, they say the campus is safe and secure. all classes will go on as normal. it's not clear what caused the situation and some say some slashed a gun before a party. there were no shots fired. no arrests have been's a midnight deadline to file your taxes.
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all right. get ready for some loud night! these horrific creatures are coming back! they are called cicadas. it's not funny! i am the one who sweeps them off the door. >> i thought you were wanting to do housework. >> six states will be inundated by billions of these horrific things! they are part of a brood that hatched.i can't even handle the story. >> they hatched in 1999. they make that hideous noise.they are meeting. it's their mating ritual. once that happens, the female lays hundreds and
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eggs and when the larva hatches, they make their way to the ground where they will wait until 2033 to crawl out again ! this is hell! >> this is the stuff that she is not joking in between the story, she has been needed to towel off. >> i have to listen to heavy metal to get all my anger out. >> anyway you are not excited about it. apparently, this one is. the last hedging happened in 1999. >> they are 17 years in a cycle. they go dormant . >> had to sweep them off the door. >> i forgot to mention the car. >> they don't bite, do they? >> is a sound that they may. >> they are not like mosquitoes. >> their mere existence is torture.
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menu here the crunching! >> it's awful! >> hopefully you are not having breakfast . >> it's nature! let's talk about the pleasant day that we are expecting. we are starting off with readings and poughkeepsie and monticello. is 440 in islip and 51 in central park . we are starting out with 500 and down the shore at belmar. temperatures at 41 and the temperatures are slightly warmer than they were. that's telling us that we are going to be off to a mother day with above normal temperatures. the winds are relatively light and it looks like it will get breezy or as we go into tomorrow and wednesday. the satellite shows were nice and clear and will see that for most of the day. high-pressure in control taking us to another day with warm temperatures across.. looks like highs will be
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squeeze out a reading in new jersey. we go into tonight with clear skies dropping to the same numbers we could see this morning. city. we go into tomorrow with plenty of sunshine and cooler air with temperatures dropping into the 60s. we will have a breeze for tuesday and wednesday with sunny skies continuing and we start to see rain coming into the forecast. we see on and off showers throughout the day and they should clear out for saturday. >> the weekend looks great with plenty of sunshine and high temperatures averaging for this time of year. it's in the low 60s. let's see how it looks on the roads.we will head over to ines. >> the commute is okay. westchester is an overnight closure at sawmill between
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it will go on sunday thursday night because of overnight construction. it should be wrapping up soon. in may broke with 687 there is an accident blocking all lanes heading towards the new board can bridge. expect delays involving a truck. that's take a look at your commute on the lie. no problems westbound in east gone. everything is running on or close to schedule. >> i am just reading about these cicadas. >> this is a whole different thing. >> it's just horrible. >> at last four six weeks. billions! >> this is for all of you procrastinators. you have to the only have a little bit of time to file your taxes. >> it will be a nice day,
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>> the deadline normally is april 15 but that was last friday and because it was a holiday , the deadline was moved back to midland midnight tonight . 5 million tax returns are expected to be filed. the extension will force you to give you the government more money. i percent per month or a portion per month. is up to a maximum of 25% of the amount owed. the tax policy center estimates 45.3% of american households not paying your taxes this year.
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ecuador is terrible. they are digging out from one of the most devastating earthquakes to hit the region. it's a magnitude 7.8 quake and hit on saturday with 272 people killed. the number might go up. they say more than 2500 people were killed. the us military is helping with relief efforts. two powerful earthquakes rocked the region early on sunday. 42 people were killed and
5:24 am
. rescue workers are scouring the mountainous terrain in the southern part of the country looking for survivors and working to restore power. teams are picking through the rubble and toyota says it will suspend work due to park shortages. >> we will read more about these and we have more to bring you after the break. atm scanning is so bad that
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use a
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fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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there is atm card scanning. the facts could have you thinking twice.pico says skimming instances increased 546% between 2014 and 2015. part of the reason is criminals rushing to cash in before banks send out more secure chips enable cards. 60% of skimming happens at non-bank atms. it advises not to use those and they say you should use chip enabled cards if you are not able to have them anyway. >> 5:27 am.
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>> they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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from fox 5, this is "good day wake up".>> i was excited about this week's temperatures. it made me feel positive . robert: and then we found out about it is the caterers billions of them. larva and nest. get ready for great temperatures. it will make the ground and soil warm-up so they go hatching and flying all over the place.i can't wait! >> rj will tell us about this for now.>> we will be one week away from the new york primary.
5:31 am
make their final push. live team coverage is coming up. >> shot in the hip during a robbery. police are asking for your help in looking for a suspect. kind of heard him speak out after smuggling her dog into australia. you will hear what she had to say. good monday morning. i'm robert moses in four been seminal. >> name juliet hardy. >> let me redo something quickly. they have a 17 year lifecycle. it begins under ground and culminates in the air. they scream and sing issuing deafening cries as the males seek to meet . >> this is what we have to look forward to . >> happy summer! >> the ground or the soil has to be 640.i did not realize how much of this morning would be consume
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console you over these were in the 40s in poughkeepsie. 42 in montauk. 510 is the current rating in central park. we are waking up with mainly clear skies outside. high-pressure is in the northeast and it will bring us a great stretch of some filled skies.
5:33 am
into the upper 70s. highs in the 60s. it's in the 60s for wednesday and thursday. the rain enters into the picture here on thursday night and it goes into friday will make spec showers clearing out just in time for next weekend. lets see how clear it is on the road. ines is here with the traffic up a. >> problems in maywood. 84 with all roads closed. it's some delays there. no word on that. >> as for the trains the metro-north is fine.
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commute . >> oh boy. >> continuing with the social media campaign. >> ted cruz won all 14 delegates over the weekend. chop is expected to win here in new york. teresa perillo . siri is apologizing. the candidates are spread out. donald trump is in western new york and john kasich's in schenectady. ted cruz is headed to maryland. donald trump is expected to walk away from tomorrow's primary with a very big win. a new poll shows 54% of voters are backing the. if the race for second
5:35 am
of the workers have cruz and 19% show john kasich. >> i can imagine a new yorker voting for cruise. >> the push is on for the last vote . donald trump and john kasich have been crisscrossing new york addressing issues big and small the infrastructure is considered to be a total and complete disaster. one third of the states major highways and 45% of its major roads. >> i know that . >> i had a lot of potholes they have spent a considerable amount of resources here to score big with the gop 95 delegates up for grabs. >> ted cruz spent his
5:36 am
>> winning the state's gop convention on saturday picking up 14 delegates. everyone here will fill out their taxes on a postcard. we will abolish the irs. >> six in 10 republican voters show the majority of delegates before the convention that person with the most votes should gain the nomination. >> the rnc chair address that on sunday's meet the press. >> if donald trump was winning the majority of
5:37 am
majority of delegates. happening. >> it only shows 20% of those surveyed showing it's acceptable for public delegates to run the primaries. he is fit for the job. >> we'll see what happens. >> thank you very much. ask her what she thinks of donald trump. >> do it! >> siri, what you think of donald trump . >> it is your opinion that counts teresa. >> hillary clinton bernie
5:38 am
voters. >> clinton held the leads and sanders says the campaign is one with the momentum. carrie drew continues live coverage from midtown. carrie i don't know if siri will make an appearance but we will settle for just you. good morning. days before the primary hillary clinton held up her schedule new york. >> on sunday bill de blasio spoke with the secretary of state . clinton spoke about donald trump. >> i was just up in washington heights and i said to trump enough! stop with the hate filled rhetoric! you are not going to divide
5:39 am
together and we will be unified.>> clinton visited grace baptist church in westchester county.staten island values are new york values. bernie sanders visited the first baptist church in harlem. >> thousands gathered at a rally for the senator in prospect park brooklyn. sanders was introduced by danny devito. >> bernie! bernie! >> this is the campaign that is on the move. >> this is a campaign that
5:40 am
a fringe candidacy. 70 points beyond secretary clinton they don't consider us french anymore! two men robbed the grocery store gunpoint. one suspect is taking the money from the register of the store any other suspect has begun. he's holding the arm of the worker. the suspect shot him. he is in stable condition. if you have any information
5:41 am
hundred 577 tips. >> this is according to the insurance incident. 3200 lives could've been saved over a two decade period at the national speed limit if it was at 55 miles per hour. before it was raised there were 291 fatal crashes. from 2009 2014, 252 friday 5:41 am. great way to start the week. close to 80? >> yes. we are expecting highs in the upper 70s. he could squeeze out and 800 reading. we are at 510 and at 60 out
5:42 am
belmont checking in at 43. bridgeport, you are waking up at 460 at the moment. high-pressure is in control of the northeast. it will bring us another dry day across the area. temperatures also are well above average and it's this time of year. the high is going to dominate the weather today and tomorrow. it's right through thursday and the system brings wet weather out to the midsection of the nation. we get to our area and we see rain thursday night into friday. until then we have a dry stretch and today we go for a high number into the 70s. tomorrow will be breezy with highs in the 60s. download weather app at fox 5 weather or the app at fox
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>> he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the
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5:45 am appointments available now. a lopsided bar fight in brooklyn leaves a man in critical condition.
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carrows restaurant. police say the victim was attacked by 8/10 man. you can see their faces. they were catching and stabbing the guy. >> a lockdown has been lifted on the campus of suny and westchester. police got word at a campus party and they say no shots were fired but no arrest have been made. the campus will be open today. >> if you haven't filed your taxes you better get a move on. the deadline is tonight at midnight. file for an extension but it only applies to your return forms. use of to play what you owe. if you don't, you will be hit with could be a huge win. it's not the type you might be thinking about. his new board son could go home. the next picture was based
5:47 am
and he has been in florida ever sent his son was born yesterday. terry collins says the ground was a exhausted and he will miss his last start before it's good news. >> sounds like he's doing well. >> to be find out information? >> they are keeping a very tight and very private. >> obviously our thoughts are with them. >> this sounds like good news! >> we will start with playoff hockey. islanders in the panthers in the third ever playoff game. robert was there. florida was up 2/0.the play was offsides. the power play goal passes and no scoring in the third.
5:48 am
thomas hickey scores. two games to one lead in the four with wednesday night. >> the nets were in cleveland. this is a type of game they needed. it's on the mound. the young guy gets it done. it's doubles up the bag. cabrera scores to give them a lead. the yankees in america struggle.
5:49 am
order. it's a two run homer. the left is here and that will break over 19 in the stretch. it's another good time for the yankees. it became the first pitcher to go seven. he started out six for the first of the year. the yankees win 4/3. >> trying to basketball the search continues for the new head coach. the next president says warriors with nick walton. >> according to the news he is not interested at this time. he is the man on the left. many think jackson wants brandis because he wants to coach the team next year. in la. other nba news with the nets having a new head coach. the hawks continue in the
5:50 am
he was an assistant coach. reaching almost 80.>> temperatures in the 70s across the tri-state. we start out nice and the 40s at poughkeepsie. central park is checking in at 510.these numbers are running much more mild as they were at this time. high-pressure in the northeast bringing in great weather from new england all the way down towards the mid atlantic. we are expecting plenty of warms up the numbers into the 70s in many locations. they squeeze out an 800 reading. it's later today. >> tonight will be mostly
5:51 am
night. tomorrow is breezy with slightly cooler air moving into the 60s. the same thing for wednesday and thursday. for thursday night we have the chance for some rain and they break out the umbrellas once again. for the most part, the roads are looking good. it's a problem in orange county. 84 is found at exit 5. it's a mate mild delay because of the closure. we tried to head towards the bridge at route 80 down towards 52. no problems there either direction. the upper level level and no delays in the holland tunnel. >>. >> thank you, has to get a lot more coming up.
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whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. 5:54 am on this lovely morning. time for the entertainment news., today. no surprise. the hit musical hamilton is the odds on favorite to
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that's according to your critics. they say there is other candidates but none could be with the much loved helps the columbia university hand them out. if hamilton does when it will be the first musical to take on the coveted award sense and external. he was filming pirates of the caribbean. >> i do remember that. it was dubbed the war on terror. he was in australia today and acting quite humble. >> protecting australia is important. >> is everything when you enter australia. >> why does he not move his mouth? >> he looks very different. >> he looks
5:56 am
>> they were in court today. miss her pled guilty to illegal importing her dogs. she could've received 10 years. the judge realize she's not some horrific criminal. he just gave her one month good behavior. she is basically having to behave herself. >> i don't think she will get any more trouble there. >> two stars from the hit talkshow empire taking time off from the on screen.. >> this is so cool! trey byers and grace played andre lyon. she is known as boo-boo kitty. >> that's an attractive couple. >> they posted this on their instagram account saying they are married. the couple got married in a supersecret ceremony at the
5:57 am
>> luna simone stevens. stevens is legends real last name. >> he was getting so me questions about her health that she took to twitter and posted to everyone asking, john is hearing healing perfectly. >> they are very open. they are very public. they are gracious. then, it always invites the haters.>> hobby, you have any of those? >> occasionally. >> have a few. stop sending juliet pictures and video.>> i can handle it! this is no joke! we'll get into that another
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> he does so much good who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton.
6:00 am
>> juliet: good morning everyone it will be a beautiful week. i cannot wait for the warm temperatures to come out. we have a warm, warm, sunny day. audrey is telling us how long does the state sticking around. >> ben: one day away from the primaries. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders have event planned for today. >> juliet: the reason we have team averages work covering republicans were crisscrossing the state hoping to cash in big


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