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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> juliet: good morning everyone it will be a beautiful week. i cannot wait for the warm temperatures to come out. we have a warm, warm, sunny day. audrey is telling us how long does the state sticking around. >> ben: one day away from the primaries. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders have event planned for today. >> juliet: the reason we have team averages work covering republicans were crisscrossing the state hoping to cash in big
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>> ben: there's a lockdown on the campus after reports of a person with a gun last night. >> juliet: good morning everyone, i'm i'm juliet huddy at. >> and i met robert in for ben. it is 6:00 a.m. on this monday. thank you for being with us. i have been tasked with finding out more about cicadas. we want to know if they are going to be as bad as the prediction said. >> juliet: would be in all of new york were in the city? >> robert: is it a brooklyn problem. >> juliet: or a nature problem, we really need to know the answers to these questions. >> robert: juliet has been hyperventilating for the most part of the morning. >> juliet: it's one of the most horrible things you've ever experienced if you haven't experienced it yet. very quickly i want to say hello to the people at paramount
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they were so cool. it was an incredible band, controversial. it was maybe the best i've ever seen in my life but it was incredible. they were wonderful there and adam was a cool guy who works there. a marketing person. a very nice man. they had the school members only, founders room. it was snazzy. >> robert: and there is no cicadas. >> audrey: while it was a great weekend because temperatures were nice across the tri-state area. we'll see that numbers rise. we are starting up nicely across the region 40s in poughkeepsie in monticello. forty-five in bridgeport, 44 nicely.
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towards west chester we have 41 -- 43 in white plains. 50 degrees in the bronx as well as out towards rosner. mainly clear conditions it will bring us a sun filled day. high numbers in the middle to upper 70s. we could squeeze out an 80 across parts of new jersey. tomorrow breezy or in cooler with temperatures in the 60s. it's nice until thursday where we expect rain thursday night into friday. let's look at the chances to getting to work on time. >> ines: if you're taking rude 84 you'll have a problem there. eastbound lanes are closed, this is by exit five with an accident. traffic is backed up.
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woodbridge is no problem, driscoll bridges find both ways, 287 looks good. let's go to the cameras a look at the l ie. one oh six, one oh seven are no problems. trains are running on or close >> juliet: thank you ynez. we are covering politics, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are making their big pushes in new york ahead of the primary. >> robert: kerry drew joins us live from the hilton where clinton will be later this afternoon. good morning carrie. >> reporter: good morning. it is back to the campaign trail today clinton will be holding an event at midtown this afternoon while sanders holds a rally in long island city, queens.
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last-ditch effort for voters. days before the primary hillary schedule in new york. on sunday mayor bill diblasio spoke with the secretary of state in brooklyn. she talked about republican front runner, >> i was i was just up the washington heights i said to trump last summer, enough, stop at the hate filled rhetoric. you country. we are coming together. >> reporter: it clinton also visited grace baptist church and addressed hundreds of supporters. >> i actually think staten island values and new york values art american values. >> reporter: meanwhile, bernie sanders visited the baptist church in harlem.
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gathered at a rally for the senator where sanders was introduced by actor danny devito >> i want to hear it, bernie. >> this is a campaign that is on the move [applause]. this is a campaign that a year ago was considered a fringe candidacy, 70 points behind secretary clinton. well they don't consider us french anymore. >> reporter: clinton is a leading sanders in new york 53% to 47% but that cap could be smaller. 247 delegates up for grabs in
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to. >> juliet: thank you. >> robert: that is half the story now the republicans. they are are keeping up their presence in new york state as well. >> juliet: tresa is joining us now. >> reporter: she said it was my vote that's counted. my my opinion that matters which at the end of the day is true. when she answered differently if we asked about another candidate, i don't i don't know. today donald trump is going to make his case in buffalo where back is a great resume. john kasich is in the capital region ago. today he's in maryland.
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who will come in second? ted cruz and john casey gardner can that can. >> will have a big day hopefully in new york because i love new york and a guy like cruz, you heard his statement i new york values and i cannot imagine any new yorker voting for ted cruz. >> reporter: the pushes on for the relapse vote in the empire state. donald trump trump and john kasich has been covering new york addressing issues big and small. >> i'm not a neutral party when it comes to israel, you commie foursquare in their corner. >> the infrastructure in new york state is considered by all to be a total and complete disaster. one third of the major highways and 45% of the major roads, i know i had a lot of potholes are in very bad conditions. >> reporter: they have spent a considerable amount of resources your hoping to score big with the gop's 95 delegates up for grabs. ted cruz, he spent his weekend out west. winning that states gop convention on saturday picking
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the parties conservative base. [inaudible] >> reporter: the latest victory comes as an nbc news wall street journal poll shows six out of ten republican voters please if no candidate wins before the convention the person with the most votes should gain the nomination. a major sticking point in this campaign especially with the front runner, donald trump. rnc chair address that at sunday's meet the press. >> if donald trump was winning the majority of votes, he would likely have the majority of delegates but that's not what is happening. >> reporter: let's talk about the nbc new job wall street
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that shows this idea of a white knight nominee only 20% of those surveyed think it is acceptable if republican delegates to someone who has not been vetted in the primary process as the republican nominee. >> juliet: very interesting. >> reporter: i would like her to be a little more controversial. >> juliet: it is 6:10 a.m. right now. the campus was like down last night after reports of a gun. >> robert: the statement says the campuses safe and secure and all classes will go on as planned this morning. it's it's unclear what caused the situation. some reports say a man flashed a gun at a party on the westchester campus but he ran out before police arrived. no shots were fired, no arrests have been made.
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but you'll have a few more hours left hand over your hard-earned money to the government. >> juliet: tonight at midnight is the deadline for filing your 2015 tax return. normally it was april 15 but because of emancipation day was observed on friday. more than 5,000,000 tax million tax returns are expected to be filed overnight. if you haven't done it yet you need to file for an extension or give the government even more money. serious money as a matter fact and penalties. >> robert: 52 degrees, 6:11 a.m. more coming up including the latest of recovery efforts in ecuador after a massive earthquake. >> juliet: audrey is here watching the weather for us. >> audrey: we are expecting a beautiful day across the tri-state area. starting off nice in central park, 52 degrees and expecting sunshine for monday. a cool start north and west of
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they' re the snack patrol. saving the world from bland snacks with new hershey and reese' s snack mix. snack patrol! it' s snack justice. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one.
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a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. >> juliet: we are hearing updates on the cicada thing that might be okay here.
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clear. >> juliet: unfortunately nicole and paulette in long island will be suffering. >> audrey: we have beautiful weather. where expecting plenty of sunshine across the tri-state area. temperatures above average this time of year. starting off nice this morning. central park at 52 degrees. fortys across the island as well as towards bridgeport. the current readings are milder than they were 24 hours ago. were in store for all day with above average temperatures across the region. high pressure is in control. that will continue to sit over the northeast and ring beautiful weather. were keeping our eyes on a system that is well out to the west. this will slowly make its way east but not get here until very late on thursday night. that's when we expect our next chance of rain to come in.
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as well. until then, this nice a dry weather will be over the weather for the next several days. enjoy it while at last. as you send out the kids to the bus stop this morning you may want to have a light jacket, wheels dart off a little cool. today temperatures will be in the 70s. we could see 80 degrees reading across new jersey this afternoon. tonight a beautiful night ahead with mostly clear skies and very nice temperatures. overnight lows in the 40s and mid- 50s. tomorrow a little more breezy and slightly cooler with temperatures in the upper sixties. stay in the 60s on wednesday and thursday and late thursday night we anticipate rain chances to increase a with friday being the wettest day of the next seven. though showers will be out of here in time for the weekend. plenty of sunshine for saturday afternoon and into sunday with temperatures in the low 60s.
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>> ines: a few issues out there. we'll start up with orange accident with the truck this is by exit five. now just two lanes closed there. cross island parkway expect delays, little slow as you approach the grand central northern parkway exit because of an accident. take a look at your commute this morning on the l ie, there's no problems westbound or eastbound. washington bridge is starting to see volume there. fifteen or 20 minutes, no no problems on the lower level. the holland tunnel about a five minute to delay. >> juliet: ecuador, the poor from a devastating earthquake ever hit that region more than >> robert: a magnitude 7.8 quake hit on saturday.
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than 2500 were hurt. the government is reporting that hundreds of homes and buildings have been destroyed and roads are closed as the area was hardest hit by the quake. >> juliet: in japan, the u.s. military is helping with relief efforts after two powerful quakes hit that region late thursday and sunday. at least 42 people two people were killed, more than 1000 injured. rescue workers are searching the mountainous terrain searching for survivors and trying to restore power. they're picking through rubble of destroyed building. toyotas will suspend car manufacturing because of shortage of parts. >> robert: is 100 20th running of the boston marathon. security is tight because the bombing three years ago and also because of the recent attack in paris and brussels. more than 5000 officers around officers around the room, some in uniform and
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>> i, to my friends that a lot of cops are on the route and unfortunately events happened years ago they're not stopping anyone or scaring anyone. >> robert: please stress there's no specific threat against today's marathon. 6:19 a.m. what happens when in university actually sent out thousands of acceptance letters? >> juliet: when they were not supposed to be accepted. the students that it receive them it happened in upstate new york. it's like your dream school and then a few arse later you find out that you're really not.
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>> robert: welcome back. breaking news now, sky fox over a impressive house fire in new jersey this morning. >> juliet: this is on west 26 street, 124, this looks like it's isolated to one house. we know how these things go in the houses are so close together. a lot of these houses are very close together and it's a two alarm fire. it looks like that's in a heavy stage. it looks like a residential neighborhood, near some delis, we will keep you updated on this.
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new jersey on 26 street. >> juliet: let's take a look at the healthwatch. another reason to stock up on sunscreen the summer, it may prevent melanoma. we all know it can prevent sunburns and burns race the risk of melanoma but now researchers at ohio state university have created a model for testing it on mice. they. they say it delays the development of cancer. sunscreen is generally classified as cosmetics. they have their new testing methods will lead to more advances in melanoma prevention. >> juliet: that's great to know. i had skin cancer my nose. i. i lived in miami, was in the sun as a little kid. not good, we have to keep ourselves protected. let's talk
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the school is apologize well the administrators are apologizing. they accidentally sent out to 5000 acceptance letters to prospective students. >> robert: the mistake was sent out to students whose applications we have not been fully reviewed yet. the school sent a second email a few hours later telling students about the mistake and apologizing. the university posted a statement on the website saying the miscommunication occurred when an incorrect e-mail list was generated from an applicant database. >> juliet: okay. >> robert: the story of the morning. >> juliet: screaming and shrill's. i don't know what's worse this of the mosquitoes. cicadas are back. six states including new york will be inundated by many of these horrific things.
6:25 am
because it's horrific as they really are. they are part of a brood that first hatched 17 years ago in 1999. the sound they make is part of the insect mating ritual. the insect mating ritual. the men are going after the the little wing to women. once that happens and all this screaming and yelling happens the female lay tiny horrific looking eggs. then the larva had to make their way to the ground where they will wait until 2033 to crawl out again. this sounds like the stuff of nightmares. >> robert: we have done research, on cicada apparently the bugs in new york will be worst in suffix county. juliet is a nassau county resident and his breathing ac ai of relief. >> juliet: i will not be going to suffix county. forget it. >> robert: then they will be out
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juliet sussex until october. >> juliet: amazon is looking to go head-to-head with netflix. how it's changing the way you can pay for prime.
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from fox five news, this is good day wake up. >> juliet: good day, it's going to be a great day. the weather is weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous today. the base 70s and sunny today. audrey is bringing up all the good news. >> robert: with one day to go before tomorrow's new york primary. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are making their final push across our area. >> juliet: while the republicans are doing the same, they're focusing their time mostly upstate today.
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ante on streaming video. it will again offering video streaming option for the first time for $8.99. >> juliet: good morning everyone. good morning robert moses. >> robert: i'm in for ben, he will be back in tomorrow. >> juliet: is like you did the pregnant pause, he goes been simoneau. >> robert: maybe his personality is trying starting to rub off. >> audrey: he picked a good day to be off. >> juliet: what is he doing, >> audrey: whatever it is it should be outside. where expecting a beautiful dad from the area. hopefully you can enjoy the day.
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bridgeport is 45 degrees and 40s and poughkeepsie and towards monticello. heading towards northern new jersey we are in the 30s. forty-four in pinebrook and 49 in montclair. hoboken is in the low 50s. everyone should see readings in the 70s today. mainly clear skies at the moment. the area of high pressure will bring beautiful weather from new england to the mid atlantic and extended westward toward the great lake. were in store for us sun filled day. we will be in the 70s by lunch time. a day where you may want to be outdoors. seventy-seven for the high-end central park. sixty-seven tomorrow with a breeze. breezy on wednesday but try through thursday. our next chance of rain arrives late thursday and that will bring us out wet friday with highs in the low seventies.
6:32 am
let's take a look at the roads. >> ines: while we have our hotspots this morning. watch out for an accident avenue. there's a lane blocked causing delays. in orange county eastbound earlier this morning. two lanes are closed but is slowing down a lot to people. let's take a look on long island. the l ie by 106, 107 the traffic is moving fine. the george washington bridge upper fine. the george washington bridge upper level see in normal delays, 20 minutes inbound, 55 to ten at the lower level. is your approach. >> robert: you decide 2016, both, both hillary clinton and sanders are making their final approaches in new york.
6:33 am
drew where clinton will be this afternoon. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. another another busy day for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. as you said hillary clinton will be at the hilton in midtown this afternoon while bernie sanders will be holding a rally in a park in long island city queens. what time running up he for the primary, both candidates are making a final push for votes. days before the democratic primary hillary clinton kept up her busy campaign schedule and new york. on sunday, mary bill diblasio spoke with clinton. she look beyond the primary and spoke about republican front runner, donald trump. >> i was just up in washington heights and i said to trump last summer, just stop, enough, stop with a hate filled rhetoric. you are not going to divide this country. we are coming together, were going to be unified. >> reporter: she also visited
6:34 am
addressed hundreds of supporters that the cultural center. >> i think staten island our values are new york values and new york values are american values [applause]. >> reporter: meanwhile, pretty sanders visited the first corinthians baptist church in harlem. >> reporter: later, thousands gathered at a rally for the vermont senator prospect park brooklyn where sanders was introduced by actor, danny devito. >> i want to hear it. bernie! bernie! >> this is a campaign that is on the move [applause]. this is a campaign that a year
6:35 am
candidacy, 70 points behind to secretary clinton. well, well, they don't consider us a fringe anymore. [applause]. >> reporter: there's a lot at stake in new york, a total of 247 delegates up for grabs. the latest latest poll shows clinton leading sanders 53% to 43%. other recent polls show it could be even closer. that's the latest, now back to you. >> juliet: thank you. on the republican side those candidates making their final push. >> robert: donald trump and john kasich have been going across new york. they spent a number of resources here hoping to score big with the gop's 95 delegates up for grabs. >> will have a big day in new york because i love new york and a guy like ted cruz, you heard his statement of values and new york values that i i cannot imagine any new yorker voting for ted cruz. >> it might not be a neutral
6:36 am
you coming forswear their corner >> robert: ted cruz won the wyoming primary and picked up 14 delegates. >> juliet: we want to go to our helicopter that is over fire and bayonne. this is on 124 w. 26 west 26 street. can you tell us what is going on there. >> that's right the fire broke out about 6:00 a.m. this morning. between 6:15 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. we notice the amount of flames greatly increase. flames greatly increase. flames are shooting through the roof and in the last few minutes were able to see the firefighters get more water into the scene. their significant damage to the roof in the upper story of this building. there's concerns with the adjacent homes that firefighters earlier were putting water on the adjacent homes so the fire
6:37 am
at this point. no injuries have been reported. it's a multiple long fire. it's not known how many people were inside the building. we believe everybody has been evacuated and it's an ongoing situation here. now back to you. >> juliet: thank you. you can see the latter going up to the main and then to the left of it up screen. there's another latter latter going to the second half. hopefully they can keep those adjacent homes safe. fox means a business. >> robert: lauren is joining us. >> reporter: hello. >> robert: so tell us about the >> reporter: a lot of people have amazon prime but some say i don't really care about this two day shipping that is free all year long, i have to pay $99 per year. i really want the tv and movies
6:38 am
so what amazon is doing is getting letting you pick. if you want to be a prime member don't want to spend $99 a year you can do it month by month. if you just want the video you can just subscribe to amazon video that would cost you 899 per month. netflix net asked month for about 17,000,000 subscribers is that raising prices to $9.99 per month. there's a lot of different options right now for them to get into their ecosystem for those who don't want to pay an annual subscription. >> juliet: i guess more options, we like that. >> reporter: sometimes people feel better month-to-month than a big number up up up front i'm with that. good seeing you. >> robert: be sure to catch a lauren weekdays on the foxbusiness network.
6:39 am
day, one of them at least an audrey is going to tell us about it. >> audrey: where expecting a beautiful day had with temperatures well above average across the tri-state area. much of the the northeast will be in the high pressure area temperatures in the middle and upper 70s across the region. we can squeeze out an 80-degree reading in new jersey. let's. let's look at traffic this morning. >> ines: eighty-four eastbound traffic is slow because of an accident with a truck. two lanes were blocked there. that will be a problem. if you take in the trains, metro-north, metro-north, long island railroad and others are doing fine. hi duke. >> duke: hockey last night at berkeley center. first time that is happen islanders and panthers, what a thriller. this went into overtime.
6:40 am
>> robert: plus johnny depp in a public apology for their dog smuggling incident.
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>> robert: let's check the headlights. a bar fight in brooklyn cleaves a manic critical in critical condition. watch the video. happen light saturday night, police say the victim was attacked by a-ten men kicking, punching, stabbing him and hitting him with barstools. >> juliet: a lockdown in westchester police got word of a man with a gun at a party last night. no shots fired and no arrest yet. the campus will be open as normal. >> robert: the mets say jake up
6:44 am
jackson was born last monday and he has been recovering from a medical issue. the mets pitcher has been by his side the whole time. the manager said he is exhausted and will miss his next start against phillies tomorrow. but the headline here is that it appears that he is not able to go home. and that we are happy about. >> duke: first ever nhl playoff game at the berkeley center. they scored to make it three - zero. the may challenge saying the play was offsides. a great challenge here. they cross the lines be for the puck did. look at the left side of your screen. the goal was overturned. it is now three-two panthers. it was a power-play tide at three.
6:45 am
he's scores and islands when it four-three. he seems comfortable in that spot. hitting in the three spot. mets up one - zero. in the second mets are up four-zero. off the bag at first, another score, more than enough runs a career-high, 99 batters, mets when it six-zero. off to the bronx we go for the yanks and the mariners. struggling they come through in the first inning with a two run
6:46 am
yankees are up two-one. he struck out six, first win of the year yankees when it four - three. turning to turning to basketball, the search continues for next had coach. phil jackson has spoken to the assistance about the job. according to daily news that he is not interested in the job at this time. many think jackson. other mba news atkinson is currently being assistant coach with the hawks will continue with the postseason and then he was also assistant coach for the next in 2011 at 2012. back to hockey. a massive brawl that was so bad even the coaches threw punches in this one.
6:47 am
and the devil's this game had two huge brawls on the ice. 248 combined penalty minutes. eleven fighting majors. it was complete complete chaos and as you can see on the bench as well the assistant coach in albany had coach go at it. it was so bad they called intermission early. i cover the american hockey league every three years and it seemed like every friday or saturday night there is a fight. in the playoffs it was a little different. but american hockey league, there's guys that are prospects and a couple guys from bridgeport will dig last night
6:48 am
>> juliet: thank you duke. let's check on the weather with audrey. >> audrey: we are starting off nice across the tri-state area this morning. 52 degrees in central park. forty-one in poughkeepsie and 46 towards monticello. upper 40s in newark, 43 in islip and a little cooler in montauk at 39 degrees. nice across the northeast from new england to the mid atlantic. 46 in. forty-six in buffalo right now, 51 in pittsburgh. high pressures and control over the northeast. that will will bring us out more sun filled day. the high is going to keep things quiet up and down the eastern seaboard today. our next focus will be on the rain system out toward the west. it will be slow to make its way eastward as it does will see increasing chance of rain showers late thursday night into friday. until then a nice stretch of dry
6:49 am
expect plenty of sunshine today into the 70s may be an mainly clear skies tonight and temperatures in the 40s to the mid- 50s. tomorrow cooler with upper 60s which is still above average for this time of year. breezy on tuesday and wednesday as temperatures stay in the 60s were much of the week. by the end of the week will need are on brawl us. showers should clear out time for the weekend. >> juliet: we don't want any showers. how dare mother nature. >> robert: it's just a little blip on the radar. >> juliet: entertainment news coming up for you. >> robert: beyonce continues to
6:50 am
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
6:53 am
>> the monday commute has its problems in queens. a few issues with the cross island parkway way backing things up to the southern state parkway. the vanwyk the vanwyk northbound by the grand central parkway is a stall. traffic is backed up on that one. but let's look at the george washington bridge driving into the city upper level is 20-30 minute delay. the holland tunnel is a ten-15 each. >> juliet: thank you. the beehive is buzzing. superstar beyonce is beginning her tour and fans are waiting for her to drop her new cd. >> robert: then there's this, it's it's called lemonade. the trailer was released for the event. it remains dark and
6:54 am
lemonade is this saturday on hbo you may remember johnny depp and his wife made headlines when she was accused of smuggling her two dogs and australia while he was filming pirates of the caribbean >> juliet: it was dubbed of the war on terror year. they were in australia today and acting very humble. >> i'm truly sorry. protecting australia is important. >> juliet: i don't know what he said but were concerned about his lack of facial movement. mouth at this point, now he's
6:55 am
big of a superstar that doesn't even warrant his lips moving. they are in court today. they pled guilty for illegally importing her dog she could receive ten years behind bars but the judge gave her an easier one. one month, good behavior, month, good behavior, bond. two hits from the show empire took time off to make happiness in real life. >> robert: he plays andre lie and she is better known as boo-boo kitty, they got married and posted this picture in the instagram account telling the world that yes, they are married. they were married in a supersecret ceremony last thursday on the grand cayman island. >> juliet: john legend and his wife are celebrating their birth >> juliet: stevens is actually legends real last name. she was giving so many questions about her health and posted and said john is healing perfectly. good day today, the pulitzer prize for drama will be announced in the hit broadway musical hamilton is the odds on
6:56 am
>> juliet: i could sing every song. new york critics say their other candidates but not to possibly throw the much loved musical, if it does when it will be the first musical to take home the coveted award sense next to normal back in 2010. i just want to say, hello to some really cool people i met them in the founders room at at the paramount theater in huntington, long island. kristin warren and my boyfriend we had such a great time talking to them. they watch the show and they're like we don't need to bother you and if anybody says that to me again i'm going to hit them on the head. we love say hi to guys. please say hi to us when you're out. >> juliet: also give a shout out your boyfriend john who is very cool.
6:57 am
we saw a great band and paramount was really incredible. thank you everyone for tuning in today. robert, always a, always a pleasure. >> robert: thank you for having me. then is coming back tomorrow, greg greg and rosanne are getting set up over there. it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate, can't sleep. before long it's all
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you feel anxious and uncertain. until one day you realize, this could be it. you've done it, you've quit smoking for good. a little suffering now can save a lot of suffering later. stop before the real suffering starts. you can quit smoking.
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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> all right. good day, new york. monday, april 18th. i'm rosanna scotto. >> hi, i'm greg kelly. it's going to be close to 80, something like that today!
7:00 am
where i hear it's about 100. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are campaigning in new york city on this final day before the big new york primary tomorrow. mrs. clinton holds an event this afternoon in midtown with senator gillibrand while mr. sanders is set for a big rally in long island city this evening. >> okay what's going on with the republicans? all of whom appeared on good day new york last week. there were events in the weekend in the city, upstate. so tomorrow is the big day, primary day. >> sunni purchase was locked down last night after reports that a gunman was on campus. no arrests were made. >> all right. usually april 15th is the deadline for getting in your paperwork, taxes, but it's april 18th. today is actually the kidline, even tonight at -- deadline,


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