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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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call now. from "fox 5 news", this is "good day early call" . juliet: it's not an inconsequential day. it's the primary day. donald trump is looking for a big home run victory. monday five republican delegates are at stake. ben: hillary clinton is looking at stealing any hope that bernie sanders has. she needs a big win today . speak to one . juliet: sentencing for peter liang today. that is not him. he will find out if he is going to prison for the
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kai gurley. ben: it's tuesday morning, april 15. juliet: i am juliet huddy and it's tuesday morning. temperature started to skyrocket. temperatures got toasty and i loved it. ben: my wife was in miami yesterday and it was warmer here when a flight took off that was down there . it was like anyone there and 82 here . i had daddy duty while she had a gathering. i understand that well. lenny and i will have to hang. >> let's talk about the great weather we had around the tri-state.
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time of year and highs in the low 60s. we were 200 warmer in central park in the 70s across the island and it was a nice day down the shore with a high of 70. in the hudson valley got up to 800 in poughkeepsie. we are starting out nice at 610. line 62/63. 470 in montauk. down the shore in belmar, we are starting out at 540. with all the dry conditions , a red flag warning was started at noon /8:00 and we do have trite air condition so anything that's flammable could spread quickly. lets be aware of this so if you are doing things like barbecuing or dealing with any flammable materials
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spread quickly on a day like today. satellite and radar shows the main action as part of a back door cold front. we see a slight change in temperatures and they drop a little bit . yesterday were in the 80s and today will be in the upper 60s low 70s. tomorrow, eyes back into the 70s on thursday in rain will be here on friday with a chance of scattered showers lingering. let's see how it looks on the roads.ines is here . >> the commute is starting off pretty good. things are fine if you are making your way to the tappan zee bridge. no issues on the westchester side of the's the new england freeway looking great . the woodbridge area looks like construction here and delays are possible with nothing significant. garden state parkway is
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there is police act the westbound. orleans look at they are closed because of an overturned truck. it's a little tough to see. you could see all the activity could expect closures westbound.on the metro-north, it's in the trains running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect citywide. >> hello, ines. we are 90 minutes away from the polls . ben: hillary clinton looks to put an end to bernie sanders. this is a state where she was once our center. robert moses takes a look at the democratic presidential race. ben: robert: today, the voters will speak. hillary clinton spent the last full day shaking every hand in greeting every voter and eating every scoop of ice cream possible.
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thousands in long island city and polls show him trailing clinton but you would not know it from the thongs he has drawn. >> it's a movement getting the establishment very very nervous haven't seen someone this coherent about most issues are long time. huge rallies have been a fixture of the campaign but he spent part of the day meeting with voters one-on-one. he strolled through the town and he again showed his support for striking rising workers. >> i want to thank all of you for the courage to stand up for justice and against corporate greed . >> clinton was out and about. she visited st. john's riverside hospital in yonkers and met with workers at a car wash in
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sunday name at mike c mikey likes it ice cream. the shop's owner had high praise for her. >> she has been fighting for is for people in many years. >> she held a get out and vote event . >> we all have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we all have a stake in america. >> now, to the republicans. donald trump expected to win big today. 95 delegates at stake and taking them all would be a big boost for his campaign. sharon takes a look at the republican race. >> it's a great honor for me to introduce donald trump. >> the nfl coach, >> ryan, shows his support for donald trump at a rally in buffalo. the former holds a double-digit lead
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polls hours before new yorkers go to vote in the primary . >> we are going to bring buffalo back . we will bring new york back ! we will bring the united states of america back! >> truck met with the national diversity coach . the group was led by homero cell. trump is hoping to win most or all of the 95 delegates at stake. big win would help him sendoff to the convention. the closest rival, ted cruz, has moved on from new york to campaign in maryland. >> if we unite, we will win this primary. if we unite we will win the general and beat hillary clinton to turn this country around! [cheering] john kasich is
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support campaigning in upstate new york. >> what's happening with me is that some of you saw this in court on . a lot of people know my name . where we are now is that we are caught in this place where my name is come up but people haven't decided. >> they like and . >> he is very sally fields. >> the balance of power could shift today. voters decide who will replace two former lawmakers who are convict it of corruption. it's big players! voters on the lower east side will choose a replacement for him. long island voters will decide who should lead with
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db seats will serve out. if you have problems voting, you can see them in a special hail outline. there is attorneys and staff in the civil rights bureau debate back in 2012. here is the number 100 771 , 7755. >> peter liang learned that he was convicted of manslaughter after killing 28-year-old akai girly in brooklyn housing complex back in 2014. he could face up to 15 years in prison. brooklyn district attorney has recommended five years probation and six-month home confinement with 500 hours of community service. the family is infuriated inadequate. we'll see what happens. >> the first rest made in the connection with the nypd probe . he was once boasting that
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for carrying guns charging up 225,000. the brooklyn native tried to get a police officer $6000 for a license last week. corruption probe has sidelined several to businessman at the center. jeremy rick berg is also a generous donor may advise your. >> i hold myself in the administration to the highest ethical standards. anyone who does something wrong should suffer the consequences. >> someone does something wrong and they should suffer the consequences. >> the nypd has transferred officers from the firearm licensing division. they have them placed on modified duty including the deputy inspector. >> a deadly house fire broke out inside this home. it's on fennimore street and prospect and it quickly spread to the attic.
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was found on the second floor. her neighbor was treated for smoke inhalation and it firefighters were taken to hospitals with minor injuries . no word on what caused the fire. >> still had a dry breezy and mild day. the breeze started kicking up down to the beach. >> was it chillier?>> it was. not when you're sitting in the's blazing down on you . >> it was spectacular yesterday. it's going to be pretty nice today. only around 70 720. >> audrey have the forecast coming up.crime is up underground.
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>> hi dad. uh huh. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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good morning. a very nice morning across the tri-state. we start out at 610 in central park. dew point is nice and dry at the moment and it could be problematic if there is a fire danger warning. 56 in philadelphia and 49
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it's sparking off showers to the northeast . we see clouds rolling in and not much there for us happening with this front . we will focus more on this one to the west and bring us in some rainfall as we go into the end of the week. look at the future cast we have clouds in place and things clear out quickly bringing us and lots of sunshine for the tuesday. wednesday looks great and the thoughts of beautiful. friday you will need jambalaya. we see temperatures warming up into the 70s. we will be in the 60s on the coast. 72 on thursday and you can track the weather with us
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weather out at fox 5 ny weather app. it will give you daily and hourly forecast as well as an interactive radar that you can monitor things on. let's look at the rose this morning. ines is monitoring that. >> is a present wide. staten island has no problems on the expressway. let's go to long island and look at an accident on the lie here. it's been 110 respond . there's a truck that flipped over. you could see all the activity with the truck there in the center part of the screen. all lanes are close on the westbound. the george washington bridge in the upper and lower level with no issues and things will be fine. 495 moving to the lincoln tunnel. both approaching with no issues. >> new statistics from the mta are backing up a lot of
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it is more dangerous underground. >> major felonies on the rise. jennifer spoke with the writers. >> as they lose their stance on the victimless crime of swiping return style climate the subway has gone up. >> new policy kicked in last month . now you could just face a fine. they were arrested 10,000 people and this will allow the police to focus on real crime in the subway. >> in a statement, joseph fox says enforcement cards white rules is maintaining the ability for millions of writers. the writers seem to think the bigger problem is
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>> you are alone and anyone can come up and do something crazy. >> you ride the subway and people like to be on their phone and listen to music but keep your eyes open. >> it's 499 last year february 5, 1972 this year. the biggest spike is assault and robbery. >> commissioner bratton did acknowledge that subway violence is a problem. he launched operation cutting edge. they will track in detail , occurs. >> israel is dealing with a possible terror attack. police understand explosion on a bus and jerusalem.
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there was confusion over the nature of the explosion. the mayor says it was definitely a bomb. israel's president called it a terror attack. no group has claimed responsibility the death toll struck saturday and it's now more than 400. doesn't are still missing. rescuers in the city of martha rescued eight people. it's a shopping center. >> the mets and phillies
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>> can we give another day like today? >> i was sitting on my balcony yesterday and thinking , why did knight invite aubrey and others? >> she was walking from madison square to central park. >> is a nice walk. >> it really is. i had to get on the subway.
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>> if you could not enjoy yesterday, maybe had to stay indoors but you had another chance today and it won't be quite as. it will be very nice with plenty of sunshine coming through. it will be breezy and dry. we are expecting more sunshine through wednesday thursday and the next chance coming in on friday which will seem unusual. it's a great stretch of weather.we are starting off very nice at 610. 54 and bellmawr. we are looking at satellite and radar we see some clouds out there. we go from highs to 60s along the coast and 70s in and around the city. >> duke is here. >> you had one of those
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>> i think it's safe to say that they have replaced every day.its opposite field in the home run. it's the first of the season. 21 homeruns there. it's one earned run and that stellar. >> right at the place and at another home run at 22 now. he has made an outstanding play last night. it's the best i've seen in two years. the mets win 5/2. look at that they are back to 500. it's wonderful news for jake and his wife.
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after the birth last week . they are now scheduled to pitch with a simulated game in port st. lucie. team makes a decision and he could pitch this weekend against the braves. he did have that injury and has back so that could factor in. stanley cup playoffs continue. game three of the rangers matchup the question is, with ryan mcdonough playing he bought the shot and it's against columbus. he says he doubts he will play but he did not rule it out. the big season might be over but there is still
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the interim coach with kurt radish reviewing the offense. shouldn't they have done this in the preseason? steve carter says phil jackson failed to get permission to speak with his assistant about the next head-coaching job. he did not deem it tampering because he did not think it was a job injury. you think it was?
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john's hopkins. tennis ball boy coming up in the next half hour. we like seeing that kind of stuff. it's primarily. polls open in over an hour. at stop & shop, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread."
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it matters today. your vote matters! are you going to be out there for the primaries? enjoy the lovely weather. aubrey motels about that in a second >> hours before the primary, donald trump has a big wonder when it comes to the 9/11 attacks. let's say he mixed that up in a inconvenient train store. >> the polls open in just about one hour. >> the big day for peter liang. he will find out if he is headed for prison for the accidental shooting of a kind gurley. live. >> i will never stop. >> you might want to hit


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