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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ben is being mean to me today. >> that's not u true. just back being my old self. >> worse than cicadas. highs in low 70s. cereal are stabbed my gum and in pain right now. >> so many problems -- one day afternoon the next. >> hazy out there. >> what is this nonsense? hold on a second kind of like my heart. >> wow. >> what was that audrey? >> clouds this morning. >> not listening, about ben. she hassed full forecast u coming up for us. >> discuss that in a moment. primary day here in new york for the in democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders hoping to
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each of them made a last dimp effort in the city for voters. >> donald trump wants to win new york an he's on his way to doing that he's going to make a big win. despite aghast, though, yesterday we'll tell you what that was. >> other news feds made their first arrest in connection with the corruption probe. a brooklyn man accused of bribing officers to get gun licenses. >> smoking, what's going on? a cigarette or a straw -- >> could be a cigarette there. >> no biggie. the crank let me smoke first. all right good morning everyone i'm juliet huddy. >> and i'm ben simmoneau primary day april 19th. warm with out there 63 degrees. nice day to go out a envote. i meant it kind of looks summery out there had this morning. there are clouds, haziness but
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>> spectacular start. >> yeah. we start out with some clouds morning. this is all morning long where -- where are people that have been watching all morning? dean, star samantha back me up. tell them clouds but sun will afternoon. red-flag warning has been had issued by national weather service because we have drien cans. couple of days. today a gusty wintd so working with any flammable earl it or barbecuing today and one of the coals jumps off the barbecue for some reason be aware that any fires that start could rapidly spread in atmospheric conditions so that's something to be mindful as you go about your day today. other than that expecting relatively nice conditions across the region. temperatures are feeling pretty good. up to 65 degrees in park. our normal hie temperature of 3 and above that in the park.
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where temperatures are in 40s. 50s out at newark and down the shore in belle or mar. winds are relatively light right now but breezy and gusty at times later this afternoon and it looks like we have dry conditions once this cold front works through. that's what's bringing clouds across the area and also squeeze out a couple of showers up to north in across connecticut probably pass through parts of long island during this early morning hour. time frame -- we are expecting things to clear out, though, by middle part of the day and mostly sunny skies for remainder of our tuesday. under the influence of high pressure and that's going to bring us very dry conditions as well as cooler conditions behind the front so temperatures will be ten degrees cooler than they were yesterday but still above average for this time of year. for april we're running below normal with average high temperature and precipitation is also below normal so we'll be needing that rain that's coming here by friday. so look at our planner shows
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clouds clear out and warm us up to low across the area. tomorrow more in the way of sunshine and rain arrives for friday and exits in time for the weekend. let's seat roads morning. ines has the traffic update. >> good morning audrey a big headache on long island expressway nassau can want this morning. start off with queens. l.i.e. there normal delays westbound approaching queens boulevard. new jersey commute good morris county in parsippany rockaway with section 890, 287 no issues. go to l.i.i. show you that headache this morning. tractor trailer flipped over. debris spill here westbound past route 110 lanes are close the at 110 exit 49 where traffic are is diverted. you have heavy delays there. northern state parkway a better alternate. trying to get it out of the way. looks like it might be at least another hour there. eastbound side doing fine. holland tunnel into the city doing preagdz here. new jersey turnpike no problem. one and nine everyone stopped at
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delays you're fine heading inbound. lincoln tunnel gwb minor delays. trains on or close to schedule. ben and juliet. >> thank you. >> it is primary day. finally here in new york and democrats find out if state will be leading to hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> they're saying finally too. a lot of work for them. robert moses is live home of bill and hillary clinton and where they'll both soon be voting. good morning. >> ben and juliet good morning to you. yes bill and hillary clinton expected to vote at this elementary school behind me 7:30 this morning kept to few hundred yards away by the secret service but trust me the school is back there. and the clintons will be voting in about an hour and a half in this -- their adopted hometown. you know, on the democratic side, this race has been a whole lot about which of the candidates has the most new york
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learn what voters think. candidates have spoken today voters will speak before the primary shaking every hand. greeting every volter and eating every scoop of ice cream possible. sanders held a rally before thousands in long island city. polls show hem trailing clinton but you wouldn't know it from the throngs he has drawn. >> this is a movement getting the establishment very, very nervous. [applause] >> i vpght seen someone coherent politic. huge rallies have been a fixture of the sanders campaign he spent parts of the day meeting with voters one-on-one. he strolled think midtown and pressed flesh and again showed his support for striking verizon workers.
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the courage to stand up fur justice and and this corporate greed. >> clinton also out and about. she visited st. johns riverside hospital in yonkers, melt with newized works and indulged in east village. >> that's a virkts. shop's owner mikey coal had high praise for clinton. >> she's been -- since a long time ago fighting for us as people for many years. clinton held a get out the vote event along side gabby giffords and gillibrand. >> we have a right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. we all have a stake in america. bernie sanders will be spenting day in pennsylvania. he has a rally scheduled in eerie and then a big rally at
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as for hillary clinton she'll be here in new york after she votes here in chap watching return come in from sheraton and midtown perhaps the fact that sanders is out of state it's that he's conceded indeed polls shop clinton leading by healthy margin in new york and have to see how close it ends up being. that is latest live from chappaqua this morning back to you. >> yeah as we've heard bernie sanders and polling crowd to get out and volt so you never know. on republican side polls are predicting a landslide victory for donald trump in his home state. >> live in midtown. good morning. >> yeah good morning ben and juliet. good morning everyone. if they're worried about street credit republicans are worried about new york values for donald trump, this is his home turf she's expecting to win big.
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slow down the trump train. >> upstate -- down state, out of state, and then back to new york state. the three remaining republican candidates for president are mounting a herklian efforts to get your the vote in the democratic primary. in the 24 hours leading up to today's contest, donald trump was joined by a diverse group at trump tower organize od by form or apprentice contestant rosa and shuffled off to buffalo and introduced by famed football coach rex ryan. >> a great honor for me to introduce donald trump. >> but it is ghast that's making hlgs. >> i watch our police down in 7-eleven to world trade center after it came down, and i saw the greatest people i've ever seen in action. >> embarrassing, yes. detrimental, unlikely.
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york is donalds to lose who is 55% of voters supporting him only 21% support kasich, and 18% support cruz. kasich is hoping to capitalize on his late surge swrum state. >> 20% of the country have no opinion of me because they don't know. where we are now is we're caught in this place where my name has cool up but people still haven't decided. >> cruz spent his had day between the big apple and next big contest. maryland, appearing at two big buck fundraisers in new york city including this one at the harbor club last night. he was also on the o'reilly factor. >> i think this this election comes down to three issues, jobs, freedom, an security and those are all -- >> so there are 95 dell the gas up fur grabs on republican side they're basically split among congressional districts with the
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winner. ben and juliet, trump will vote at 9:30 this morning. not far from here, and he's expected to watch results here trump tower. latest from midtown. back to both of you until studio. >> teresa priolo along 5th avenue thanks very much. here's all of things in you need to know for voting this morning. >> polls are now open in new york city. nassau, suffolk, westchester, rockland. orange, putnam and erie countieses. all open at 12 moon and they close at 9 p.m. all of them. new york primaries are closed. that means you have to be a registered democrat to vote in the democratic primary or a registered republican to vote in the republican primary. however, voters of any party or no affiliation in four legislative districts can vote in special races to fill vacant seats they are in lower manhattan, brooklyn, staten island, and nassau county. do you approve? >> those pretty, you know, hotly
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and a dean skelos had in long island. >> much more still to come including connection with the corruption probe. >> auld drink is watching forecast and hazy skies this morning. >> closes this morning but sun will break through and that will warm us nicely later this afternoon. we're already at 65 degrees currently in the park. normally high should be about 63, and we're going for high numbers in the 70s later today. you can track the weather along with us and get your daily and hourly forecast by clouding "fox 5 ny" weather get it free at your google play store as well as your itunes store. stay tuned were more of "good day new york" will be right back. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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>> all right juliet surviving from the cereal -- >> they go the wrong way. >> is that what happened? all right audrey puente checking forecast fur us. >> hanging out. >> yeah. >> so ben was about about so say something. >> nothing. >> you just add -- >> all right folks we're expecting very nice whre. which i'm sure everyone will be talking about as we go through
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we have some clouds out there this morning but front will break through and a breezy and dry afternoon across the region. we have sunshine and spring-like weather taking us right through thursday. and then we have our next chance of rain coming in on friday but it's been a while and we're below average for this time eve of year so we need it. 65 in the park. dew point humidity dry at the moment that is problematic later this afternoon as there's a red-flag warning in effect meaning that any brush fire that starts could spread quickly. so be mindsful if you're around or using any flammable materials around region today. temperatures are nice all across the northeast down to mid-atlantic. starting off in 40s in albany. to boston in 50s philly and 60 degrees to nation eetion capitol. so we have a back door cold front and showers along that front moving through portions of the hudson valley as well as up towards connecticut.
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zoom on it here and we have light rain combing through portion of southern connecticut along the coast and it will pass across long island sound so could be sprinkles squeezed out of that front across long island. maybe clipping parts of the bronx and into lower westchester. other than that most of us stay dry. we have clouds out there once those clear out. plenty of sunshine through the afternoon. high pressure behind that front and bring in drier weather and also knock down temperatures just a little bit. probably down about ten degrees from yesterday. then after the west we have another firm working to our region to brings a chance of rain here by fridays. but not today. expecting sunshine once it breaks through to last through sunset tonight and highs move into upper 60s along coast to 70s in city and points westward. tomorrow 60s but it clears out in time for the weekend. let's see how clear roadways are this morning. ines is here with your traffic update. >> good morning audrey. kind of a busy morning actually for a tuesday.
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route 80, westbound that's blocking lane there. l.i.e. this jam here take northern state as your alternate. reason for this accident or for that delay it is this camera at the l. pi. i. by route 110 where that issue is. tractor trailer that flipped over cleared but now trying to clear away this debris spill before 4:40 in the morning so causing that delay westbound. use northern state parkway by route 110 exit 4 . so eastbound side rubber necking delays to worry about. as for lincoln tunnel starting to see normal delays. ten to 15 noted baa of a delay. holland wb minor. >> that is a mess. >> can you tell where that is? >> garbage that's usually what they carry. >> thanks iendz. what a pain in the neck. feds made their first arrest in connection with ongoing nypd corruption probe. >> part of a private security
6:19 am
community in the large hadder part of brooklyn. kerry drew here now with details. >> alex is accused of being an arms dealer he was released on 500,000 bond. according to court papers he was secretly record last week bragging that he got 150 people permits to carry guns sometimes charming up to 25,000 dollars. but he reportedly needed a new connection so court papers say he offered a cop 6,000 declares to continue his scheme. one cop of nypd license division reportedly confessed telling fbi that he and supervisor took lurnlg money from him. his corruption probe has declined several top and two businessman right here at the center of the investigation. jonah and jeremy had also generous donors to mayor de blasio. >> i hold myself and my administration to the highest ethical standards. i believe anybody who does
6:20 am
consequences as some of our police individual chiefs are at this point. they should suffer consequences. >> nypd has thus far transferred three officers from the firearms licensing division. they have all been placed on modified duty including the deputy inspector michael. no charges filed against endall or other officers. ben and juliet back to you. >> kerry drew for us. kerry thank you very much. 6:20. former nypd officer poort liang going to learn his fate today. >> yes convicted of manslaughter after accidentally shooting and killing 28-year-old akai gurley back in a brooklyn housing complex stairwell in 2014. he could face up to 15 years in prison but brooklyn d.a. recommended five years probation. six months home confinement and 500 hours of community service. u gurley family victim's family not happy had about that. they call the recommendation inadequate. >> all right time no to take a break. >> we have a lot more coming up.
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are a force to be reckoned with. well, allergy muddlers, muddle no more . try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin , because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . and children' s zyrtec takes care of your child' s allergies with just one dose, all day and all night. >> u 23 in the "health watch" forced to undergo chemotherapy for her cancer says it has come back. cassandra has hodgkin's lymphoma and wanted naturally treatment but state stepped in and ordered her to undergo chemo. it wept into the remission but now come back and now 18 and can legally make her own million choices.
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alternative treatment. big problem out there on physical long island expressway. >> that's right a headache on l.i.e. this morning it stinks. show you skyfox hd over long island expressway. a tractor trailer flip other carrying garbage causing this backup westbound l.e. exit 49 because of that accident enclosure causing this huge delay in service road is backed up. if you want to use northern state as your alternate that's a good idea to void it pull all closures closed westbound by exit 49, 110 because of a debris spill from a garbage truck there that flipped over. that's garbage they're trying to clear out of the way before 4:30 in the morning.
6:25 am
the survivors was adrian haslett she was a professional dancer before she lost her leg. >> president obama tweeted thank you for being boston strong terror and bombs can't beat us. we carry on. we finish the race. it's great. two other survivors who finished yesterday were patrick downs and mark they lost a leg during the bombing also. >> terrorism is really perverted thing, peace, and love and goodness will always prevail. and something that we have felt for the last three years -- but i've felt where i was up there running. >> this like so intense. his wife by the way jessica -- she lost both legs in the attack. she was waiting for him at the finish line. u wow. >> nice to see. yeah.
6:26 am
get out and vote. hope you're rdged. we have complete coverage of the candidates coming up at the bottom of the hour.
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>>well, start with westbound expect serious delays because of what you're looking 589 right now. they're cleaning u up a complete mess. it happened hourses ago. but you know, it takes a while to deal with this kind of thing on such a busy road. iensz has traffic report in just a moment. >> primary day here in new york an important one of the delegate count polls polls are open in some parts of the state including around new york city so go out and vote. smg it's not your imagination or fallacy or fantasy. subway krill is way up. mta officials say that total number of major felon i-in in transit system has gone up from
6:30 am
>> and hamilton wince another prize pulitzer making it ninth musical ever to win that award. j i can't wait to see that. i really can't wait -- >> very good i saw it months ago back in january actually. i do highly recommend it. [inaudible] >> happy friday day even good morning i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy thanks for joining us today what are you going to do to make the final half hour fun? >> talk about the weather. let's do that. >> a great day to go out to vote. >> great topic of conversation we're going to experience nice weather across the tristate area. this morning starting out with a few clouds but those will clear out and become sunny later this arch. right now stawrgt off with temperatures in motionly from upper 40s to low 60s. but later on we all be in 70s. 65 or already in central park i might tell you that will be in store for a very warm day. not the case with a back door cold front working through the
6:31 am
low 70s as we go through the afternoon. so that's about ten degrees cooler than yesterday. but still above average for this time eve year. starting off in 50s in outlying locations. it is sparking off isolated showers across portion of connecticut along 95 and mort and hudson valley and clipping portion of orange county and the bronx across portion of long island over next couple of hours or so. once clouds clear through and front clears through. clouds clear up and plenty of sunshine towards afternoon. temperatures today rising into lowe 70s for highs, and we'll have plenty of sunshine by middle part of the day. ines is here with your traffic. >> i.i.e. this morning and this headache. skyfox hd over scene 59d long island expressway others happened by exit 49 a truck
6:32 am
morning and garbage spill so clearing it out of the way. all of this activity westbound so crews are out there i trying to clean but a delay really bad morning. show you how far back that delay goes. route 110 exit 49 where it's closedded you have traffic backed up to deer park avenue. northern state parkway starting to see sol you mean there. go to our cameras by wolf hill traffic is moving but see a slowdown westbound. so still a better alternate than l.i.e. because service road jammed up. upper level get ready for delays. 30, 40 upper level. accident underneath apartments so 30mens, 495 lincoln tunnel. 495 inbound at least if you want to take holland a ten to 15 minute delay. not bad but big story is l.i.e. ben and juliet. >> all right thanks very much. iendz, other big story is that it is primary day here in new
6:33 am
all about trying to sway undecided. >> robert moses joins us live from chappaqua new york where hillary clinton and her husband will be voting later on this morning. good morning, robert. reporter: ben and juliet good morning to you. yes hillary and bill clinton expected to vote in chappaqua around 7:30 this morning. now, both clinton and bernie sanders were very busy on the last full day before the primary it had in new york trying to meet as many voters as possible. clinton stopped by st. johns riverside hospital in yonkers and also met with recently union oized workers at a car wash in queens. a stop of the day by far in the east village where she stopped by at an ice cream shop to sample a sunday for her and held a get out the vote with former congresswoman gabby giffords an deer stand gillibrand now
6:34 am
stroll through midtown and pressed the flesh. also he showed his support for striking verizon work rs. he's done that before, and then last night in long island city he headlined a huge rally, a rally that has become a fixture of his campaign. polls show him trailing clinton, but you wouldn't know it from those huge crowds and he sounded quite confident last night. this is a movement getting the nervous. >> i never count anyic whichens before they hatch. we're going to work hard. clinton is leading in every poll however narrowed ins last several weeks. so she doesn't want to take anything for granted again she and her husband expected to vote here in chappaqua in the next hour.
6:35 am
in westchester this morning. ben and juliet, back to you. >> scenic there. >> it is. robert moses thank you for that. now to republicans -- the polls are preincompetent iting a landslide victory for donald trump, of course, this is his home stated as well. >> yes. let's talk to teresa priolo about it. she's outside trump tower in good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning ben and juliet. good morning everyone. it's been quoit a while since new york played such a big role in primary process. for front runner donald trump who happens to be waking up at trump tower today well taking this contest is everything. he is hoping that he has that home field advantage, cruz, trurp, and kasich all have mounted a considerable effort especially in the last 24 hours attempting to gain your support. and all or o at least some of the 95 delegates that are up for grabs today. remember, though, a candidate must get at least 50% of the vote in each congressional district in order to gain that
6:36 am
matter speact exactly how they do. this is trump's to lose. real clear politics took average of the polls that shows trump is up more than 30 points. second in third is kind of a tight race between cruz and kay success. if we look at the latest emerson poll it shows trurp has 55% support here in empire state is. kasich 21% and cruz with assessment of new york 8 have value gains 18%. 20% don't know me. so where we are u now is we're caught many in this place where my name has come up, but people still haven't decided. >> if we unite, we will win this primary. if unite, we will beat hillary clinton we will turn this country around. trump are did make a major, major ghast yesterday.
6:37 am
but you can take a listen. down there i watch our police in 7-eleven and world trade center after it came down and i saw the greatest people i've ever seen in action -- >> it's unlikely that ghast will have any significant impact on his showing, and today's primary. some people are just chalking it up to his grueling schedule and just being tired and mixing two words u up. who knows. he votes today at 9:30 just a u few blocks away from here at central synagogue. that is latest from outside up trump tower this morning. beaming back to both of you. >> a lot of work, a lot of sleepless nights so yeah i know they're going to make mistakes along the way. thanks t.. if it seems like subway is getting more dangerous, it is. >> crime stats confirm what
6:38 am
499 at this point last yore and 572, though, this year. the biggest jump came in assault, 75 have been reported on the subway so far this year. compared to 52 last year. >> all right fox meenls business. >> joining us from the fox business studios is lauren simonetti. hi there lauren. >> so wall street marks major milestone. >> so thetdow is back at 18,000 for the first time in nine months there was some hesitancy clearing that level a milestone level around that number. haven't seen it since july but not only close above it yesterday but pushing even higher this morning. dow futures higher by about 60 points. why do we care about 18,000? because we want to see market keep going up and we want to retrace everything that we lost in the months since the summer. last time we were at 18k. there were four that you know that hit had all time historic highs yesterday for recent ones
6:39 am
pimple home depot that stock high they're fixes up their home nicer. disney up in a big way yesterday are. jungle book what a success. other big wins, mcdonald's historic nier them all day breakfast is working. starting to make sense, and i'm going to work fullmo into a business report. on wall street so fear of missing out on future gains. other people would sate opposite they say if you look at how many times the dow crossed zero in final mommies you look at the volume it's 13% below the average for past month. then there's skiddishness out there. >> he didn't know what that meant. >> what? >> millennial had no idea what it meant. >> i know yo o lo -- >> i don't know that -- >> you only live once. >> yolo.
6:40 am
>> he didn't know demi and ashton were divorced. >> and i prefer granola. lauren thank you very much. >> great -- is that the other -- >> you're a fan of the grape nuts? >> no, not a big fan. i go to mcdonald's to get my all day breakfast. all right audrey puente nice day. >> yeah are. that looks beautiful. expecting another beautiful day across the region once we get through clouds moving in at the moment. we have sunshine coming through. breezy and dry conditions are are expected later this afternoon and it will continue to have this spring-like weather right through thursday. our next chance of rain on friday and we actually need it. we're a little bit below average pr this time eve year. ts, though, are going to be above average. we're already starting out very mild with 65 in central park on normal high. it is 63. our satellite and radar showing clouds cover.
6:41 am
through and through the rest of the afternoon expect sun to break through and temperatures warm it up into low 70s. that's the weather now roads this morning with ines. >> good morning auld drink l. l.i.e. not looking goods. heavy delays westbound and now affecting northern state parkway. live pictures from the long island expressway all of this activity over at exit 49 route 110 there's a truck that flipped over rooght there on shoulder. and that garbage is what spilled. carrying that so right now they're i trying to clean that out of the road. this has been closed for two, three hours now so westbound still closed over by exit 49. route 110, northern state parkway an alternate but expect delays on that. ben and juliet back to you. >> u coming up in sports on the mound in philly sensational plus
6:42 am
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>> all right tuesday primary day checking headlines a arrest in master's degree of a man at a city homeless shelter police say william smith killed marcus friday morning inside the 30th street men shelter in kips bay. smith is also accused of slashing cabbie hours earlier that day in queens. the cabbie survived. rages house fire in prospect leopards garden killed 64-year-old patricia thomas. her neighbor treated for smoke inhalation and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no word on what caused that
6:45 am
>> phasing out metro cards and pair payment system in june of next career. commuters on long island railroad and metro-north first to use it. mta wanted to go online but experts are telling "daily news" that's -- an unrealistic goal. >> delayed. big problem on l.i.e. this morning. more on that in a k. minutes. yankees off yesterday back in action tonight they start a three-game series with oakland a's safe to say florida replaced harvey day he was awesome last nights. more on that in a moment. but first david wright deep in the first. he crushes this pitch right here. opposite field home reason. first of the season 21 home run and noah singed gift card on the mound for amazings she was bringing. i mean, 101 miles per hour. he was hitting last niewght, strikes out the side in the sixth.
6:46 am
you want to check that out duke castiglione. >> that's your man crush. strikeouts unbelievable. 0.9era. >> nothing bad to say about him. going other way. outstanding play in the field. that is best i've seen him look in years. but now back to 500 at 6-6. wonderful news nor pitcher jacob degrom home from the hospital there have been complications after his bit last week. degrom put on medical emergencies list that was going on. mets ace one of their aces now scheduledded to pitch a game in port st. lucie and make a decision what to do after that and could pitch against braves but remember he's dealing with that lat injury.
6:47 am
it >> who is better him or noah? >> world series if they share hair tips? >> i bet they do. hair comerl this is year -- going for syndergaard. >> less bushy. game three matchup with penguins and 7 p.m. this is tied at one game a piece. will captain play? he missed last five games on regular season. last five in general. when he blocked this shot with his right happened on april 4th against columbus. clearness of the practice from head coach, but he didn't rule it out. knicks season finally over pv been work says new york post says interim coach will gather players today to work with on reviewing triangle offense.
6:48 am
maybe in the preseason. meantime golden state warrior coach steve kerr says phil jackson failed to get permission to speak with his assistant walton about the on coaching job. did not deem a tamp because they get get an interview. >> shouldn't jackson know he should hold u off on that? >> you think there was tampering issues with oklahoma city couple of year ago. >> they get old friends. catching up -- it's a natural flow on a conversation. >> football and brian will will visit jets today this is interesting. hoyer was recently released by houston texanss. how about this college across action. major play you have to see. women of stony brook, all for stony brook incredible falling behind the back, scoop shot right there.
6:49 am
and -- beat excuse me john hopkins 10-7 finally check this out. watch ball boy here. wouldn't wait to get to this story. he trips into the wall -- recovery is great. i mean recovery -- >> this is me hit the ground -- >> hops right back in. give that kid a contract. [laughter] >> player turns around the and he's like -- >> i mean, that is -- a cool kid. he stands still as a statue. [laughter] >> that's -- who is player. he doesn't know by the time he turned around --
6:50 am
let's get over to audrey for biggest tennis fan. >> very good recovery, duke. >> we're going to recovery nicely from the cloud cover. see plenty of sunshine and warm up into the low u 70s. normally in the low 60s but above average for today. starting out above what should be or normal high 65 degrees in central park. it's 54 r -- 53 in islip. winds are relatively light. breezesy through afternoon and we have a couple of showers passing u through as a cold front is working through the region that front will cool us down into the 70s later this afternoon and another front by friday giving us a chance of rain by then. no rain todays. plenty of sunshine once clouds clear out and highs upper 60s low 70s. ben and juliet over to you. >> thank you very much. all right hamilton gets a big, being win. a big one with. pulitzer.
6:51 am
6:52 am
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>> u 6:53 dealing with a problem
6:54 am
heavy day delays on l.i.e. and no i affecting northern state parkway. live pictures over the long island expressway. this is by exit 49 route 110. that's the delay you're dealing with. earlier accident at 4:00 this morning involving debris spill and all lanes closed since then. truck flipped over but still debris. they did clear it out of the way. meantime theying to clean garbage off the road. northern state parkway dealing with this and service road also a mess. show you mess this morning on northern state parkway so that delay back sagtikos. l.i.e. backed up to deer park avenue. accident underneath the upper level traffic here. 45 inbound. lincoln tunnel 45 to 50 if you're taking holland tunnel 10 to 15 from one to nine. ben and juliet. >> that is a mess will. thank you very much.
6:55 am
loves raymond star darth roberts has died. >> like we have nothing to offer. we've been married 46 years. we've seen low, we've seen the highs. but this were the highs -- [laughter] >> together. they were. roberts won four of the five emmys on sitcom. before that she was a character ac actress also in movies including national lampoon christmas vacation and passed away sunday night in her sleep in los angeles she was 90 years old. we expected this broadway hot fest musical. might have heard this took away pulitzer. >> hamilton is musical to win
6:56 am
peask and rent moon others. hamilton has won a grammy and spot on the bill board charts. favored to win the tony awards. actress olivia wilde is pregnant with her second child. >> stunningly beautiful that one. vinyl star made announcement on instagram posting this adornl picture of her and two-year-old son otis and captioned matching baby bumps wilde and father of her son were not married when asked when they plan to tie the knot they joked when weed is legal. >> it is -- so maybe around the corner. >> it is eva's ninth birthday. she's from hoboken and she's honestly -- just a little model and actress can you tell absolutely beautiful. i love her. she's adorable.
6:57 am
have a great day. >> if you're registered in one today. have a good tuesday everybody. >> if you sew si eva say happy
6:58 am
6:59 am
they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
7:00 am
>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> we're very fancy around here. >> it's tuesday pretty much, i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto. not as warm as yesterday but, hey, listen, still very nice. highs will reach the low 70s, audrey puente is filling in for good time charlie. >> yesterday was paradise. >> it was gorgeous. >> the election is today, it's the day for voters to come out and vote if you're a republican or democrat and you can vote. not everybody is, by the way. >> stop looking at me. >> rosanna keeps it neutral. >> i know. >> she has to. polls close at nine.


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