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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning everybody. >> good morning juliet. >> good morning ben. good morning ines, and crew. our nice stretch of weather is about to come to an ends. today it will be warm and sunny. but then the rain returns. mike is running in here -- he's not prepared. >> we need the rain, though, a little bit actually. >> we do. >> not on a friday. >> you're an allergy person. wash that pollen -- >> pollen out of my hair. >> mike has full forecast coming up. >> a jogger fights off a man who tried to sexual assault her in prospect park around this hour yesterday morning. now police need your help to
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>> hillary clinton and donald trump are back on the campaign trail as they both look to clinch their nominations. >> hairriet tubman on the $20 bill. 601. 41 degreeses. tfnlgt that's your friday. you're off tomorrow. >> my bro? is in town. i never get to it see him, thank you very much, ben. >> welcome back john huddy doubting he's watching. >> probably at my house watching. awe -- michael e costa rica first time, how was it? >> not the easiest place to get around but state in the reso the
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while. roads are tricky. >> hairy. >> but it's worth it. global entry thing fantastic. when you come back at the airport you know what i'm talking about. so fast -- i've had it for a while but oh, my gosh. >> i want to do that. you have to do it a world traveler, do it. show you what's going on out there. thursday but feel like almost friday. anyhow here's the day 72 degree is forecast high. 63 is is average high, sost that's telling you that you know what temps it is that we've seen as of late warmer than not. 8 a record high and see warmer than normal temperatures for a while here. we've got 44 newark. 42 in belmar. 45 degrees in bridgeport and 46 in montauk with the southwest wind coming through around 3 8 miles per hour. clear sky. a lot of sunshine out there today. here's the next storm that will come on through.
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pressure with a warm front, they're all going to work their way into the northeast for next 36 to 24 hours. high pressure is in control that brings us sunshine. high temp today up to 67 by midday and a high of 72 degrees later on this afternoon. a if few more high clouds in the afternoon and evening and breezy too. tomorrow up to 7 or for a high. there are some scattered showers and maybe a quick isolated thunderstorm that doesn't look like it's going to have a whole lot to it and not that organized and not a lot of energy to bring rain. showers bleed into saturday morning early, and it should be done after that. high of 689 on saturday. breezy too. 63 on sunday that looks like a cool day but that's normal for this time of the year warmer than normal. another chance of showers on tuesday of next week as well now over to ines that has been busy this morning with traffic situations happening early this morning.
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>> incidents out there l.i.e. a stall by woodhaven boulevard so slower than normal as you head westbound. bqe ramp to grand central parkway that's partially blocked with a flipped over vehicle. westchester rockland county fine no issue on tappan zee bridge. this is because of overnight crux you should be fine there both directions right now. no incidents reported. let's go to our cam dlption era commute no problem, as far as crossings problems with lincoln tunnel, though. let's go to that camera shot sowpt tube inside south town a stall blocking a lane. opened up center tude and that is helping with the delay. but right now it's about 20 minutes heading inbound. 20, 25 holland a five minute delay there. with trains things on or close to schedule. ben and juliet. >> ines thank you very much. police on the hunt for a man they tried to sexually assault a
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>> jogging about an hour ago this time yesterday. let's the go to teresa priolo following this story for us. teresa, good morning. >> it's what we do guy we get out early or maybe escalate at night when it's dark outside. we go for a run. that's how new yorkers do things but she was trying to exercise one minute and next minute victim of a crime. plus are asking for your help. it's not much. but they believe is is man who attempted to rape a 23-year-old while she was out jogging yesterday morning. >> very concerning. yeah. >> you're the running on your own. >> yeal, i didn't know this happened just now -- >> when you hear about it -- >> i get scared. >> police sent wednesday looking for clues and why this man chose
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young woman was running on a path near prospect park west and garfield place after 5 a.m. when the man ran up behind her, threw her to the ground and brandished a knife. he tried to pin her down, but victim fought back. >> now that this has taken place, it's beginning to make me start to think more about just being more safe. >> that woman u unharmed with the exception of several cuts to e her index finger that needed stitches. this incident is rippling brooklyn. >> it's terrible. shouldn't happen. >> very new to new york so i think i would -- definitely just run when there's sun out and people out just the most populated time and stay on the road not so much of the trail when it's darker. in addition to that brooklyn borough president and former nypd officer is asking you to consider this especially before daybreak.
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the park which you have -- winds where people can see and run in packs. >> even that might not have stopped this criminal from doing harm. one of the things we heard from people this morning they said they would like police officers to be patrolling this area not only outside on the sidewalk. but also inside the park. ben and juliet, they feel as, though, in light of this it is certainly needed. latest from park slope outside o of prospect -- park this morning. going to say heights but back to you in the studio. >> best to go with a friend. go when it's light out and more people around. man suspected of being staten island's ninja burglar will plead in court today. >> 100 burglaries a 100 but because of a five year statute of limitations had faces three
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staten island d.a. says e he targeted primarily wearls neighborhoods sometimes hiding in the homes actually white people were there so he could spy on them. the d.a. says over the years he got away with about $4 million in jewel is rei and other ovallables he was arrested it last year. he's also previously served time for a string of rapes in it'll an one here in new york. >> that's really scary. girch the fact that he was sitting in people's homes spying on them. got a ninja nickname because he wore dark clothing with a face covered could face years in prison with burglary charges. >> 2016 a day after decisive wins in new york hillary clinton and donald trump become on the campaign trail. >> robert moses might know a little bit about the presidential race. >> i don't know. >> covering it for the last i don't know -- ever since it began. >> will continue doing so until the election happened ben and juliet good morning to you. easer morning appearances today
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head to it pennsylvania and connecticut respectively. those are two of the states holding primaries on tuesday it's not super tuesday. but it's an important tuesday all the same. >> after taking a day off to regroup following a bruising loss in new york, bernie sanders return it is to the campaign trail today with three stops in pennsylvania. a state he must win. hillary clinton who holds a town hall in city and discussion on gun violence in hartford today it was in pennsylvania yesterday. >> but here i am in pennsylvania because i really want to work as hard as we can together for the next week to get a good result on april 26th! >> like clinton drumple had an extra spring in his step yesterday following a decisive win in new york and held rally in maryland and he'll be in harrisburg, a l to go of the campaign staff is trump shows no sign of shelving nicknames for
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>> look at hillary clinton -- will not have a chance. lying ted. lies oh, he lies. man for whom trump was referring ted cruz insult new york again when he implored people to not follow in the foot steps by trump's other win. [inaudible] pennsylvania will -- [inaudible] i've got a lot more faith in the people -- john kasich is counting o a strong showing in pennsylvania too. he -- >> going to be the nominee. >> chris christie doesn't think so.
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>> new jersey will clinch the nomination for donald trump on june 27th. it will take it to the bank. return now to new york's primary talk about a tale of two campaigns. bernie sanders a distant second to hillary clinton spent $9.03 for every vote he received in empire state. but donald trump he spent 13 cents for each vote. that's telling us that couple of things one trump barely spent night on is iting and air time he did receives totally free. >> did get a lot of air time. especially in the beginning. days when there were still a lot of contestants in republican party. but i mean four of them are getting a lot of -- that's why i said four, but five. there we go. kasich has -- >> kasich will be the nominee if you listen to him. robert moses, thank you as always. >> 20 dollar bill is getting a
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>> andrew jackson south. he'll be replaced by harriet tubman former slave and leader of the underground railroad during 1800s helped slaves get to freedom . tubman will be first aron american on u.s. paper money and first woman to be depicted on currency in 100 years. on the paper money. >> 6:12 -- 6:12. : it is. wemuch more still to it come including why con ed could be soon paying you some money. >> mike is watching the weekend forecast for us. >> weekend is pretty good here and coming down from today but still okay. 50 degrees sunny skies out there right now. breezy, it will be at times today as well with mild temps altogether. highs go into the low 70s but daily and hourly forecast they're available on fox 5 weather app that's the itunes and google play store and
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pain from your day can haunt you at night, don't let it. advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. >> all right welcome back everyone. show you what's happening out there. first of all a warm sunny day coming at us with high temps into the 70s here. but tomorrow will be warm. but we don't have as much sunshine out there. increase clouds tonight and showers tomorrow, and then for the weekend will be clearing it up for you. but cooler everies come in at the same time.
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cooling to you today. one of the nicer ones. 50 central park. 38 in allentown. 35 bridgeport and 46 in montauk with a mainly clear sky. winds from the southwest around 3 to 7 miles per hour, and yeah it's a good looking day coming at us here. high clouds working to the tristate region at the of late they broke up so we doapght expect top to happen until late in the day. area of low pressure right there working into the tristate bringing in warm front, cold front coming through and replacing area of high pressures pressure that is with us right now and bring us a chance had of showers tomorrow into early saturdays. for the most part today looks good. nice and clear and high clouds by this evening into tonight. shower chance hads start picking up into tomorrow. don't expect it to be a wash of a day but scattered showers cool through from friday and everyone perhaps into very early saturday
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for you. future cast not that impressed and i'm not impressed with forecast models so we won't squeeze much out in materials of rainfall through tomorrow into saturday. high temp today goes up to 72 degrees. edas we go through 7 days 76 tomorrow with shower chances out there, and it looks like yeah rainfall for you yeah friday into saturday another shot at it on tuesday next week. by the way i have to say good morning to my new pal judith at the costa rica the other day. huge fans of good day so -- >> you ran into fans in costa rica. >> it is like the seventh borough. so many people from new york it's unbelievable. >> a lot of friends -- you wouldn't believe it. more than perhaps anywhere i've ever been before. let's bring in ines rosales i know who knew. a place to be. see what's going on, the commute man you're busy out there. >> yesterday was quiet.
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talk about the commute couple of problems l. i. i.e. cleared away a stall. traffic slow there combination of normal delay. bqe ramp from there to grand central parkway eastbound expect some theys. go to our call are as take a look at the commute this morning over in new jersey garden state parkway 7 on top no problem northbound exit 134. southbound side good. lincoln tunnel cleared away a stall inside one of the tubes in south tube there. so traffic move again kind of all lanes open but 20 minute delay inbound. holland gwe15 minute. as you know by now federal and state investigators aring loo into may yarr bill de blasio fundraising oarntion e-operation. >> here's interesting thing, though, they're ig tay a look at effort to ban horse carriages by the mayor. which he was very, very aggressive about. >> questions about did he get
6:19 am
from people who wanted to ban horse carriages and then he said he was goig to, you know, make that a priority. >> let's talk to kerry drew about this. good morning. >> this is all according to a bombshell report in "the wall street journal" that report are says nfertle looking into whether laws were avoided while a politically connected group tried to end horse carriage rides in the city. this report is connected to probe that is trying to determine whether campaign contribution limit avoided by a nonprofit group and also whether donors promised or given official benefits. two donors behind that >> to ban horse carriages wendy and steven are not accused of any wrong doing. they did give american 100,000 dollars to a nonprofit group run by the mayor allies that campaign for one new york that ungrow was disbanned early this year.
6:20 am
it is a felonytosis solicit. in "the wall street journal" report a spokesperson for mayor said this, quote, mayor de blasio are holds his administration to highest standards of integrity. we will cooperate fully with investigation end quote so that's the latest live from the newsroom this morning. back upstairs to you. >> conedison customers getting break on their bill. >> utility reached a settlement after federal officials uncovered a kick back scheme. ten employees arrested as parts of the investigation. coned is going to pay $171 to customers sort of a big check they have to write but juliet they admit no wrong doing under agreement. >> reportedly works out to $14 a piece for average electric customer and 22 dollars for gas companies. >> a huge, huge fire that could be seen for miles ripped through long island. blaze started on east santa
6:21 am
afternoon. thick smoke seen for miles you have the high winds, though, and that caused fire to 13red to four other homes and then the embers jumped to indian island igniting a massive brush fire there. 200 firefighters from across long island worked for hours putting out those fires. thankfully, no locals were injured but two firefighters did suffer minor smoking inhalation. >> all right still to come this morning new words are added to miriam webster diction like fomo. >> didn't know demi moore -- >> stop bringing that up.
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. muddle no more . and children' s zyrtec takes care of your child' s allergies with just one dose, all day and all night. >> in today's health windchill i'll tell you what i said in a second. flynt, michigan water crisis has become a criminal case. two state regulators and flyntout worker charminged with evidence tampering and other charming hads refused to order chemical treatments that could have prevented release of lead in old plulling and covered it up. that was just a disgrace. attorneys haven't commented. flynt has been under a state of emergency for four months, and people who live there are are forced to use water filters and drink bottled water. >> poor people who live there.
6:25 am
vinnie on twitter former baseball particular kurt shilling fired from espn over socially media comments on transgender people. >> former red sox pitcher reposted image that mocked state laws over that by transgender people saying qoat a man is a man no matter what they call themselves end quote those are his words. espn said his conduct was unacceptable and they fired him been with the new york since 2010 and thereined to comment. he has a reputation of kind of being well -- >> warned many, many times by espn they said keep politics out of that. so -- 2,000 new words added to latest version of the miriam webster dictionary. 2,000. fomo o means fever missing out
6:26 am
clothing worn for comfortable use. revenge porn. >> what is that? [laughter] >> that opportunity make any sense to me. tell me. >> top stories including the search for action and story out of brooklyn. sex assault victim on the loose.
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>> good morning everybody. our nice -- nice shot. say that word talking about creepy things right now. nice stresm of weather is about to come to an end today. warm and sunny. but tomorrow -- some rain coming.
6:30 am
flghts police need your help tracking down a man who tried to sexually assault in central park and pulled a knife on her. >> hillary clinton, donald trump returning to campaign trail today and look to clinch the party nominations. >> volkswagen might have a duel tweenl the xan and u.s. government following volkswagen emission scandal. >> revenge porn is the sexually explicit portrayal of people consent during the medium. i thought you made -- made a new one to make had other person sad. but release the fist one without person's knowledge. >> shameful. >> it is you 6:30 this is juliet huddy. >> i'm ben simmoneau.
6:31 am
>> all up to speed on my porn knowledge. j i can't believe we're talking about this >> good day. we have a clear sky. winds from the south, southwest around 6 miles an hour. it is oughts mild day out there. beautiful clear shot. live shot earlier that's what we have coming up for you here. the traffic -- maybe i'll be coming up with a little more. 72 today. i have to go back back on vacation. >> the problem spots let's go to skyfox hd at the cross bronx a problem there accident over sheraton. live pictures from skyfox hd so that blocking right lane there, of course, you have a slowdown. heading towards that area back
6:32 am
have had this morning by bay parkway food cart flipped other blocking a lane there. queens, bqe ramp to grand central parked because of a flipped over vehicle. grand central normal delays in front of laguardia. take a look at new jersey your commute along 80 here to 87 traffic come oing towards usest doing fine no problem on westbound side. trains are checklist everything on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. ben and juliet. >> thank you very much. police on hunt for a female jogger in prospect park yesterday. let's go to teresa priolo live from prospect park brooklyn with the story. good morning. >> good morning everyone. when you talk to joggers here in the park they're concerned as a matter of fact you can see a woman run by me here. we've seen this time and again a lot of people out exercising by themselves especially before
6:33 am
take a look at the sketch police have given us. hopefully someone will recognize this man and we can e help bring him to justice. had this is man that police say attempted to rape a 22-year-old -- 23-year-old jogging yesterday morning. according to police, he's a dark skinned male six feet tall with a goatee and he was wearing black swelts. they also gave us surveillance avoid. the young woman around 7:5 in prospect and garfield place when this man appeared out of nowhere and try her to the ground and brandished a knife and attempted to pin her down and rape her. but she fought back and she was able to get away. that woman unharmed with exception of cuts on her index finger that needed stitches. this is rippling through this treeline section of brooklyn.
6:34 am
>> it is going to make my start to think more about just being more safe. >> you just look around kind of -- assess your situation before you -- you know and keep moving. very new to new york so i think that it would definitely just run when sun out and most populated time and stay on the road not ill trays when it's darker. that's the good piece of evidence advice same from borough president as well as police here. tack another look at this guy. police are saying if you are going to get out before daybreak or after sunset make sure you don't have ear buds in your ears. make sure you stay on the part of the streets that has a sidewalk not inside the park. there's just a greater livelihood that other people would be around and should something happen that somebody else might be able to come to your rescue. we don't know if this woman had ear buds in or certainly didn't do anything wrong.
6:35 am
latest from prospect park this morning. back to both of you in the stewed studio. >> we can feel so safe around the city but best to be around more people at this hour. thank you very much t.. >> federal prosecutors asking a judge to sentence former new york assembly speaker sheldon silver to a decade in prison. >> 72-year-old democrats contradicted convicted. silver wrote a letter to judge apologizing basically admitting guilt saying he failed the people of new york end quote. hiss lawyers, though, say he deserves or o no time behind bars because they say o. health is not great and given years of public service. >> so millions of dollars. that balances it all out. silver scheduled to be sentenced on may 3rd. rental car companies getting squeeze.
6:36 am
more than they are renti cars. last quarter u ber accounted for 43% of ground transportation during business trips. redges or cars up 40% this this is the sending straight quarter in which ride hailing services outpaced that and taxi ewe. new york now behind them working on yanked, and pennsylvania. >> states vote next week. bense will be in pennsylvania today making three sos. york . she's gopg to speak it be gun violence in hartford later today. donald trump will be in pennsylvania's capitol of harrisburg for a rally and event here in the city this morning. ted cruz and john kasich there yesterday. clinton o told the crowd to vote and trump kept up up attack on both candidates on both parties. >> here i am in because i want to work as hard as we can
6:37 am
get a good result on april 26th! [applause] look at hillary clinton will not have a chance. >> lying ted. lies oh, he lies. >> so nicknames there are back. hillary clinton has a very good chance to secure delegates to win nomination before democratic convention but likely no candidate will get the 137 delegates needed to win before gop convenes in cleveland in med july. >> 6:u 37 and fox means business. >> joining us now from the fox business studios is lauren simonetti. good morning lauren. >> i love how you said my name ben. it is almost friday. >> so volkswagen will have money for those companies but is it enough? >> different reports this morning but try to break it down
6:38 am
about 600,000 people asktsed in the u.s. they have that major issue where they use sophisticated software to -- rig the emissions. so basically you are your car u saying it emitted less poisonous gases than it really did so cars affected audi, et cetera, if this is you you could be getting money from company there. expected later to announce what we think is beginning to be it a one billion dollar compensation fund. well with, deaf divvy that money up. not split behind the middle but that's 1700 each. it's not going to be that simple but there's an idea of how much you could be getting back. german newspaper says 5,000 or you might be able to got your car fixed for free. we'll see but like i said details later today. >> yeah, if it's 35,000 or 1700 i don't know. there's a lot of people who
6:39 am
cars back. whatever the value is. >> glad you said that because there's another report saying that they absolutely will buyback half a million cars and they'll give drivers the value before this scandal when car was worth more. >> all right. thanks lauren. >> lauren simonetti -- >> be sure to catch her on fox business network on weekday mornings. >> all right checking with michael woods. returned from costa rica. >> he has. allow you to do your full weather report this morning? >> this is only 25 seconds -- anyway. a nice day. >> going to rain tomorrow. >> are you done yet? >> here's what we have more sunny day here's what we have lower 70s. tomorrow is still going to be warm. but we're go to bring in more clouds and showers as well. into the weekend well sunshine macs comeback but we bring back cooler everies. even then high temps low to
6:40 am
time of the year. not a bad looking snapshot there. bring in ines and a quick look at the commute that has issues out there. which will you pick? >> if you're driving into city hudson river crossings standard delays. 20 minute gwb. lincoln 45. who'll lands 20 each. an accident on if belt parkway by bay parkway cameras here now a problem to belt parkway here. this is westbound heading towards belt merge accident involving two vehicles blocking right lane so this is backing things up there. back to hamilton avenue. eastbound side facing normal delay. duke is hoar with a look at sports. ling big one at barclays center. islanders florida panthers yes game four of the serious. >> wrestling superstar china who
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>> checking headlines for you on a thursday morning police looking for two men responsible for robbing 14 cabbies in queens. cops say in each instance they approach cabbies as they got out of their carries and threatened them with a give up. they got away with 1,000. affected of being staten island ninja burglar expected to plead guilty in court today. it sounds kind of, you know, opinionny. but what he did was not funny. 46-year-old robert faces three burglary charges but prosecutors
6:44 am
over past decade and face up to 1kwr50ers in prison. >> harriet tubman will replace andrew jackson on the $o 20 bill. a former slave and during 1800s helped slaves escape from freedom and become first on u.s. paper money and first woman to be depicted on currency in 100 years. >> very cool. let's get over to duke for a check of sports. >> a lot of hockey by the way adam graves join us at u 11:40. former rangeer, and game four of the first round playoff series. pinghoo even up at two game a piece. last nooght barclays center, no score, and yager getting it done. steps up -- and the shot finds back of the knelt.
6:45 am
top shelf deep game td at one. me score in theired. alex high fly -- 2-1 the final. game five tomorrow night in florida. baseball now nets and philly looking for the three game sweep against phils. up 4-3 in the seventh lines the bat with reid and that will score a run and gain nine. and extra igsinhilly upn the 11th bottom, run at third. begun at the plate speedy beats out the throw 37 what a great fo . but winning run comes into score. freddynd phillies win it 5-4 final score mets drop to 7-7. yankees took stadmiu to face a's
6:46 am
curtis only t guys swinggin bat the lineup. gardner had to be scratched. e ad 5-2 but close as hay get. ninth to close it out. he gets gregorious to end swinging. 5-2 they're 5-8 now on the season. d news to pass along duane washington passed away yesterday at the age of 52 due to brain cancer. washington grew up in the section of brooklyn and made his namen o the playground to end at boys and girls high school. washington was a play making poinguart bece one of the greatest college pls ever in syracuse part of glory dayof the big east. i love watching them play. i mean, washington also a first round pick of the new new jersey nets in 19 86, 13th pick overall
6:47 am
september 11th jersey in the new york area. wore the jersey in first game after terror attacks of 2011. you remember that it was ten days laughter, and it was really the first sporting event in new york. the famous dramatic 8th inning to put them up 3-2 they of win the game and upset scwh jersey went up fur auction. the mets sold it to a private collector roughly threer yews ago. but a passionate purchased it from auction house for $365,000 avoiding auction altogether. >> do we know how much somebody >> four. these are wealthy mets. >> tony former of golden sachs and jim mccann 1-800-flowers, and yeah dp. >> one of the buyers too anthony
6:48 am
partner of sky bridge capitol. the other entire wants to remain anonymous but anthony joined me yesterday, the host of wall street week on fox business channel. >> all right d.a. is to have this jersey on public display and felt stroppingly it should stay in new york. you have hall of fame so it will be here in new york city certainly at citi field in mets museum where it will get a lot of fan observation. so we're just superexcited to be a part of it we didn't want that jersey getting out of the public domain or internationally bought or something like that it is on rotation permanent between the 9/11 memorial museum city fold and coopsers town. >> i like that a lot. amazing. anthony came in yesterday you know what i think you're gong to enjoy this interview.
6:49 am
it is i remember that game. mikes last year. >> watching that video he was emotional still talking about it. so finally kiss keam. you know it's at arenas around stadiums and this happened in atlanta. couple really -- you know cussing and look behind them if this stage ised or real? two poses of pizza. doubling it up on pizza. tenge it promotes their sponsor -- come on domino -- hearthard to tell. all over social media. getting a lot of press. [laughter] >> we're talking about it. duke thanks very much for that. let's which can the weather forecast. >> hello mikey.
6:50 am
friday. 50 degreeses central park. 44 in newark. and 66 in montauk and clear sky for everyone. winds light from the southwest 3 to 6 miles per hour. not a big deal at all but a mainly clear sky and plenty of sunshine out there today. high lads to west of us are breaking up as we speak and that won't be a problem for a while bus eventual lis they work their way in. high pressure iin ctrol request a nice clear, fair sky. but we have that area of low essure this is going to slowly work its way to the tristate region bring many warm front and cold front and kick up showers but not happening until tomorrow opinion reour allergy alert, forecast here let you know what's happening there. trees there at a decent high level. uv iexnd to 7 air quality is in good shape, though, so allergy sufferers not a few issues but could be worse anyhow
6:51 am
72 later this amp. sunny skies. 76 your high tomorrow with clouds and showers in the area. maybe a quick shower or o storm and another shower chance tuesday this weekend is looking pretty good pep mob cool. but on clear side, bee fox 5 weather at the apple itunes an google play store with daily and hourly forecast is available for free so check it out it's reside to go. all right juliet and ben over to you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. we have entertainment news coming up >> celebrating queens not juliet, queens first day. 90th birthday. happy birthday. what they're doing to honor the occasion. 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, layered with frosting, or topped with sprinkles.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs odunkin'. >> good morning. problems with the 2 and five train because fire department activity. live pictures over fire department activity of freeman street affected it you have service suspended both directions between 180th street and 14 9th street and because
6:55 am
s let's tell you what we have going on with roads. train poon as for your commute well couple of issues. overturned food cart here by bay parkway blocking a lane. staten island expressway slow to verrazano bridge but gowanus a camera shot on that one. cameras traffic slow because of belt merge blocking right lan so you have traffic backed up to brooklyn battery tunnel. westbound, normal stop and go traffi rng thank you very much ines. sad news to start with today unfortunately best known ofessional wrestler. chip a starn 1990s. yesterday a friend went to che on her because she hasn't answered phone and china found dead inside her redondo beach, california, prmt that's south of l.a. the tall muscular wrestler called herself 9th wonder of the world. a native of rochester no word on
6:56 am
china was 46 years old. >> oh. >> part one of britain queens elizabeth cond milestone birthday celebration kobtsescontinues. tore off shackles years ago. a wonderful day this slive from windsor. speaking negatively about the town. >> it's actually just an okay place. >> you said it was a dirty place. pledgets it is old andun d rn. >> windsor castle, ben. >> i wouldn't want to liv there -- >> i would. >> i'maken by you know i would love him to marry off. but that's another story. buckingham palace released pictures a queen with her grandchildren. this with her daughter and this is with the grandson.
6:57 am
great grandchildren, and corgis, great grandchildren, with they are lock at this picture on social media but little george. prince gorming that kid is so cute. >> all right they didn't officially celebrate her birthday until june so weather isnicer.
6:58 am
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your breathing or causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. r using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin p may use low blood sugar. to reducehe risk, your doctor may p prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about
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the five okay. how are we? rosanna: enjoy the sun. tomorrow, a little rain is going to fall. you are never going to believe who is back with us. mike woods. he has reappeared. greg: mike woods back from coaster rica.


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