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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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gary for temperatures near 80. with that warmth comes the rain. we will see showers out there. mike has the details coming up. up. >> it's a celebration of life and a music legend. people are still shocked at the death of friends. >> mayor did tell diblasio plans to and the horse carriages. he will say what we will
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>> they are urging new yorkers to leave their cars at home.good morning. great to have you with us. >> i am in seminole. it's 5:00 friday morning april 22. it's a day. happy friday to you. it's pretty warm out there. 650 but usually it comes with some rain. >> is the trade-off . >> it's been a spectacular week. >> if you complain about this you have a problem. >> it finally feels like we have left winter behind. >> here's the thing the average high for today is only 63. >> we are ahead of the game right's too warm outside . you could complain. >> high temperatures yesterday. 730 so we are 100 warmer than what we normally see. that's what we had in central park.
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warm temperatures. that's part of the reason we have the one temperatures this morning. mild , we could call it.65 right now and 60 in poughkeepsie.55 and marcello and 56 in bridgeport. we have just a few patchy showers and right now the radar is only picking up on a little bit well to the north of the city. eventually we will all be at risk for more showers and storms. right now it's cloudy but we see breaks in the cloud cover so once it comes up, we will see peaks of sunshine here or there. it will be a murky day there with fronts moving their way through the tri-state region. bring us a solid day of rain? no. we will not get much to rain out of there but there will be patchy showers as
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take a look at the future class. it's not impressed with the rainfall. it says, you go throughout the day without much happening at all. there is some patchy showers there as you head into the overnight hours. we had to:00 a.m. and we see showers get going here into the evening. isolated storms but that's all we get . we don't see significant rain coming our way. 720 by midday with a high temperature at 77. there is still the possibility that you could get an isolated downpour but for the most part, looks like one of the days will be just a little bit of rain here or there. it will be out of here by the time the folks get up and running tomorrow. temperatures will cool down over the weekend quite a bit . >> let's get you over to christina and get a look at what's happening on friday morning in the very early morning commute .
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>> let's take a look around town. if you are traveling on the van wyck it's not too bad on the cross island parkway. everything is running up to speed. if you are going to be traveling on 84 in the area of the beacon bridge, it's not too bad here. the freeway is not too bad. so far so good with everything running up to speed. let's go to the next life shot. i will bring it to the lie and area of the westbound side coming towards me. the next life shot is going to be of your train. the metro-north and the new jersey transit awning or close to schedule. the li wr will be running extra service out of penn station for the start of passover and alternate sides
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>> thank you christina. >> the big story with an autopsy scheduled to be performed yesterday or today on prince. >> the singer died yesterday in los angeles. they are questioning his death as to what caused it . robert moses joins us live from outside the theater in harlem. the most reading reason is in 2010. people are coming here all night long and celebrating his music and his you can see, the mark either pays tribute to him this morning. this is what it sounds like windows and millions of fans cry. >> tonight within a party like it's 1999. >> hundreds took to the streets for a dance party that spike lee organized to honor the man host saying purple rain.on this night, there was no rain. just purple.
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memories, they offload freely. >> he is a legend. this is an awesome way to honor him! he is an incredible inspiration and he has been since i was a kid. help me understand myself better in my place in the world better. >> he has been a part of our lives . >> police found him unresponsive at his compound known as paisley park outside of minneapolis yesterday morning. a merger that emergency medical workers attempted to revive him but they couldn't. no official cause of death is really spit dmz reports that prince had been recently treated for a drug overdose. >> we now know that when he made that emergency landing last friday after his atlanta concert , we are told from multiple sources that he was being treated for a drug overdose.
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spread, purple tributes arose all across the country. the superdome in new orleans turned purple and so did bridges and mark minneapolis. mother nature paid tribute with a rainbow over france's home. >> 'ssister came out to think maurice who had gathered their. >> from 1999 when doves cry purple rain. prince knew how to sing a hit . he was an expert guitar player. the singer only stood 5'2" tall but he towered over the music industry. he released 39 albums during his career and won seven grammys. back in 1999, appropriately enough, he was asked by larry king about how he would classify his music. >> the only day i could think of is inspirational. i think music from the heart falls into that category.people feel what it is that they are doing.
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, all music is and can be inspirational. that's why it's important to let your gift be guided by something more clear. >> you could hear people dancing outside the apollo. this is the same all night long. >> as you heard, prince had to cancel some concerts earlier this month in atlanta that he did perform in atlanta eventually on april 14. on the sixth tea and he came home and held a dance party. people said he looked just fine. live from the apollo, back to you. robert, thank you. >> there is a bunch of hit songs that you may not know what written by him.
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you baby was sometimes hard. >> nothing compared to you was performed by sinead o'connor but prince wrote it for his funk band. it was never released until she sang it. >> the bangles released manic monday. friends wrote it but offered it to the bangles. we like the groups rhythm of the guitarist. >> stanback sung by stevie next. she says she was inspired by his little red corvette. she gave him a call. >> such an impact on the music industry. how his style influence the
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>> the investigation into the fundraising efforts. any possible connections in his attempt to ban horse carriages. >> teresa is here with the latest. >> good morning. >> this is the probe that just keeps on growing. there are reports that the us attorney's office has handed over asus peanut to the horse carriage industry. the same people who doled out a large amount of cash to the mayor's non-for profit. the allegations are city hall accepting donations in exchange for influence. >> everything we have done is legally and appropriately. >> it's one of the issues at the center of his mayoral bid. the horse carriage industry that he promised to ban during his first week on the job. two years later, mayor deblasio was forced to answer tough questions about his connection to the industry.
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hard for the ponies to be removed from city streets. >> made it very clear that we need to make a change. this morning, the book the group pushing the ban has announced that its fundraising efforts. records show two donors went in to donate $100,000 to the mayor's non-for profit is to evade election lot and a way of exchanging cash for favors. when asked if he ever used city hall as a way to solicit the funds, the mayor said i talked about city hall how to get them off of the street . >> a spokesperson says the group intends on answering any and all questions. the plan fell apart. this bite repeated attempts, the mayor found
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and in the city council. the horse carriage connection into the connection citywide. it began with four nypd officers giving preferential treatment to two of the mayor's big donors. the donor with jeremy). it's plan to include four officers in the mayor's fundraising efforts. he and the mayor have not been charged with all the crime so they are accused of any wrongdoing. >> back to you. >> think you very much. >> march still to come. mike is keeping track of the weekend forecast. >> we had a little bit of rain in the future. there's warm temperatures out there. 650 is the temperature as
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we are expecting cloudy skies with warm temperatures throughout the day.temperatures are into the upper 70s and showers and storms are possible out there. we don't think we will get too much rain. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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welcome back. let's take a look at the almanac.
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47 and the average low. our load today is at 650. so far, the low is warmer than the average high. nothing in the rain. the sunrise time is 606. skies brighten up but it will still be one of those grayer days. it 65 in islip and in bridgeport. 55 in monticello. temperatures are a lot warmer than they were yesterday. look at the changes that we have from 24 hours ago. 160 and a jump at central park. 420 and 240 warmer in poughkeepsie. temperatures are going up here but why is it happening? more of a southerly flow over the tri-state region bringing in the warmer temperatures. it's a cloud cover outside as the ground-level escape into the atmosphere.
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here in the tri-state on the radar. it's not producing a lot at this point in time. that's associated with the warm front sliding by to the north of us. the cold front with an area of light pressure there working their way through the eastern seaboard. it spring has a chance of showers. how much do we get? that's the question. according to the future cast it doesn't look so bad. cloudy skies with a few pops of showers coming to this afternoon. dries out for us and it dries out later tonight. tomorrow you will make it up to 69 for a hyperion light stuff up to the north. >> it's really not affecting the roadways too much. that's good news. >> it's a pretty decent
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route 80 now and all the roadways will be running to the garden state parkway. they seem to be running okay in both directions. in the merritt parkway not looking bad with some earlier construction cleared. other than that, these roadways are looking pretty good. we will get outside and bring you into the lie. it's in the area of south oyster bay road. it's looking crowded as you had in the westbound direction. it's running at a steady pace. the george washington bridge is in decent shape making your weight and brown. gwb is looking good . the lincoln tunnel is pretty dark but you can see traffic moving towards the lincoln tunnel. holland time is running up or close to speed. then, back to you. >> this could make your job easier. car free today. new yorkers are urged. city officials held a rally
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their cars at home. they will push the efforts for a car free being on several spots including times square where there is a street art exhibit made out of furniture. as part of birthday efforts, they are giving free rides today. give your name and email addresses. you can get a one time code redeemed at any citibank location in the city. >> fallout has become for a voter problem. the city board has suspended brooklyn chief diane rihanna without pay . that's until they figure out what happened. it's hundred and 25,000 missing from the voter rolls. according to the pose he only oversees republican voter rolls while democrats
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rules. now to the race for the white house with donald trump calling on ted cruz and john casey to drop out. chris is out with a new ad saying is the only one who could win in november. how do we stop ted cruz? how do we stop ted cruz? >> i don't think we can. >> it's a bit dramatic. >> hillary clinton with some ominous music. >> the republican party is hosting its annual meeting in florida.the main issue is , what could happen at an open convention. voters are turning out for trump . the party officials are not convinced. cruz is vowing to stop him from getting to the magic number of delegates needed
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>> i will not reach 1237 and donald trump will not reach 1237. >> the point is, if it takes one ballot work five, it's going to be the person that gets the majority of the delegates on the floor of the convention or sooner . >> bernie sanders took a break from the campaign trail to spend time at home.this is after hillary clinton's big win with an insurmountable lead of delegates. the question becomes, how long will contest last. they work in clinton's favor. >> now back to remembering prints in the 80s. he rose to superstardom and there was no one like him. >> prince also had his own unique style that influenced a generation. >> they were days i spent with friends that he did three costume changes on a day that he did not have a show. >> interviewed friends many times.that's on and off the record.
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researched his book , let's go crazy. >> prince and the way of purple rain.>> he would pursue whatever direction he needed at that moment. he was not concerned about what anyone expected from him. >> the artist released five albums and somehow the past or present moment always just may or may not have ever arrived. it was a perception that serves him no purpose. >> if there is a single most important thing about prince it was his absolute sense of independence. it's of not falling under any umbrella or category. >> prince asked listeners, and my black or white ? am i straight or gay? >> he didn't like being defiant. he would change his name and his style . wall street journal recalled the lollipop symbol to which the artist
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all of his outfits , the album covers that were called northern air and prince called home. >> he set the trend. >> book comes to mind when you hear the name prince? from sweet cotton candy or something.>> he was just himself despite all the stereotypes. >> he did not care what you thought. >> he says prince scripted the golden mild never breaking character, never sacrificing his style, unlike any we've never seen before. >> will never fully know is the guy behind not what the little glimpse that you got was far more down to earth then all of the smoke and mirrors. >> we have much more still to come.
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the centers for services recently asked patients to rate the 3.500 hospitals. t received 5 stars. among them was cancer
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america in philadelphia. slash eastern. we are back at 5:26 am. generous gift at $100 million from entertainment mobile , david back in. he says the museum has played an important role in his life since he was a young boy to growing up in
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it will use the money to expand the space with three new floors added named the david wang. >> news of princes passing has plans talking to itunes. >> purple rain, purple rain. several of his albums jumping to the best of the best. prince has a total of over 100 million records in his 40 year career in music . >> i only want to see you
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. from print to , this is "good day wake up".>> it will rain today but it will be close to 800. shorts and rain boots?
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the weekend is looking pretty nice. a full bit chillier but sunny.liquids will have that for you coming up. >> all over the world people are shocked and morning following the death of music legend, prince. we will have the latest on that. >> the death has turned into a celebration of life as people across the country to to the streets. >> we bought the ticket back in september for a wednesday matinee we managed to find face value but they still ran close to
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it's friday morning april 22. >> i am in for juliet . try to do something to help contribute to saving the planet. mike woods is here. we will get rain. we actually do need it . >> we do need the rainfall out there. they say things like using public transportation and things like that. >> i don't have a current home. >> happy earth day. >> will show you what's going on at 650. that's the current temperature at central park and 56 in sussex and 57 in monticello. same thing in allentown. clouds are around, showers are to the north and they are not so common right now. northern showers are just to the northwest and upstate new york. mostly cloudy skies are
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there is a slight southerly flow with a when bringing up the temperatures with the southeastern states. they are working its way through the cold front and they are foisting the moisture by and we won't have to deal with some showers but it doesn't look like a ton of rainfalls. don't get too worked up with a good deal of rain coming through. it's a few scattered showers and that's it. most of it is an isolated storm popping in with a high temperature at 770. it's close to 80 in a few spots around the tri-state. we are coming up shy here in the city. we will see some showers around this morning and the very early hours. we are talking after midnight. most of the week will be sunny and cool with another rain shot coming on tuesday. so far it sounds a fairly easy job. >> it's pretty quiet for the most part we have one instant that popped up on
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it's on eastbound side in the area of 109 dealing with a crash. one lane is blocked off here and you'll start to see the contraction. at 78 e. and moving into the area of route 109. things are pretty quiet if you are traveling on the lie. the southern state highway is looking good in both directions. we continue to keep you up to date on that. the fdr drive isn't looking terrible in either direction. in the area of 90th street so not too much going on. the next will be of the brooklyn bridge. >> the scan is not looking terrible if you open into manhattan. the bqe will be congested moving into the area but as you get onto it , things should run close . >> people all over the world continue to mourn the loss of prints.
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>> let's go to robert moses outside the apollo theater. >> ben and carrie there are many people who could trigger an all day dance party like we have seen it here. prince managed to do it. he has quieted down significantly the people of, all night long. not only to sing and dance but also to pay tribute to this man. people here party like it's 1999 to only forget the tears. >> hundreds took to the streets last night for a dance party that spike lee organized to honor the man who sang purple rain. on this night, there was no rain , just purple.>> hits and the moves and the memories all flowed freely. >> he is a legend. this is an awesome way to
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>> he has helped me to understand myself better in my place in the world better. >> you really feel like you have lost a friend . he has been a part of our lives . >> they found him unresponsive at his compound outside minneapolis yesterday. emergency medical workers attempted to revive him but they couldn't. no official cause of death has been released for tmc is reporting that they treated him for a drug overdose. >> we now know that when he made that emergency landing in illinois last friday after his atlantic concert, we are told from multiple sources that he was being treated for a drug overdose. >> purple rain tributes rose all over the country. >> mother nature pay
5:37 am
over princes home. >> princes sister came out to thank mourners who gather their. >> from 1999 windows cry , purple rain prince knew how to sing a hit . he was an expert guitar player. the singer only stood 5 feet to but he towered over the music industry.he released 39 albums during his career and he won seven grammys. back in 1999, appropriately enough, he was asked by larry king about how he would classify his music . >> the only thing i could think of is inspirational. music from the heart falls into the category and people feel what they are doing.
5:38 am
inspirational. it's so important to let your gift be guided by something more clear . >> here's another live look at the marquis at the apollo. people continued to step by and purple.chris performed your 1993 and in 2010. we have not heard a word on arrangements but many people are hoping to pay tribute in their own way . >> robert, thank you for that. ben: the color of next week's new yorker will be drenched in purple rain drops. it will be a tribute to the performer as well as a series of remembrance from the writers. >> will have more of a life
5:39 am
throughout the show . in a few minutes we will have celebrity reaction to his passing. >> bill de blasio says he is cooperating for a corruption probe into his fundraising efforts in his attempt to ban horse-drawn carriages. teresa is here with the latest. >> it just keeps going and getting bigger and bigger. let's rewind. it's the beginning of his mayoral term. he promised it would be something he would do away with. he made the promise and said it would be gone by his first day on the job. now they are asking about his connection to the industry. they have revealed a subpoena as part of a corruption probe into mayor to baggio's fundraising efforts. records show to donors donated more than hundred thousand dollars to the
5:40 am
the question is whether it was used for the backdoor approach to exchange cash for favors. >> everything we have done we have done legally and appropriately and will fully cooperate. >> the spokesperson says the group intends to answer any and all questions. the widening probe began with allegations of four nypd officers getting preferential treatment to two of the big donors. the men , they have now ballooned to include nine police officers and all the fundraising efforts. the daily news reports that they were being investigated by the pi for donations that it received from two donors close to the mayoral race. he has not been accused of any wrongdoing. >> is now official.
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roam free. where they can perform in hustle for tips. the rest would be off-limits. the new law is expected to go into effect by the summer. >> seems like a relic in the 80s. part of a competition with or by making drivers seem friendlier. removing the partition also means better tips for drivers. it will be easier for them to have a conversation. cabbies who move the partitions will have to install a security camera in their place. >> i've seen cabs do this. >> what if you don't want
5:42 am
>> you get the point across and in the conversation. >> you take a cab in the morning. as july. at 3:30 a.m. don't really know but they insist sometimes. >> they are generally friendly. >> anyway. we will see some folks trying to hail the cabs because we have showers coming through and it's not an all day rain but there is patchy showers moving through here or there. they are hard to timeout. we have 650 at central park and 56 in sussex. only a few showers along the northern tier of the tri-state but i do expect that we will see more picking up throughout the day with some thundershowers. we have a couple of areas of low pressure with a cold front sliding through the
5:43 am
that will keep dings unsettled today. that's especially for the second half. the morning commute should be okay with some sprinkles. we are going to see a one day and it will be a little bit breezy up to 770 with shower chances picking up in the afternoon. 50 60% but it's not a problem as you will get rain. it's out of here by very early tomorrow morning. it's a dry saturday coming up with a high temperature of 69. 62 on sunday and 71 on monday with another shower chance coming through on
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the daily and friday morning , checking the headlines . music icon prints died in his compound outside minneapolis. during his long career, he released 35 albums and 17 grammys. no cause of death has been released. just 57 years old. >> sheldon solar has
5:47 am
that's according to his wife rosa who revealed the news on a letter to the judge pleading for leniency. his lawyers say the cancer is in remission that he faces side effects from treatment. he will be sentenced next month. >> new york city have a rat problem. the calls to complain about rats are skyrocketing jumping 39% in the first quarter. that's according to the same period. the system log more than 15,000 complaints from 10,000 in 2012. >> hit musical hamilton could jump $2000. the premium seat was $249. the surprise wedding show is sold out for months and the demand is so high the producers are thinking about raising the price to $900 but not after the show wins a tony. it's been winning a lot . the spokesman says no decision has been made as of yet . >> series is tied to/2.
5:48 am
the garden with a lot of words to describe the game. none of them we can use on television. five unanswered goals . pulled after the fourth and the penguins push them to the brink of elimination three games to one. game five comes up on saturday. here is the thing the rangers came back from a similar deficit to beat the penguins. we will see if they can repeat history.on the top of the seventh game is tied with's chris davis to make it 3/2. the next batter is coco crisp. it's another one with a back-to-back, and making it 4/2 oakland. we go to the top of the eighth. they do it again. chris coughlin goes on to win 7/3. they get their first sweep
5:49 am
decade. jake does it again. it's a second no-hitter. a surprise guest is here to celebrate. >> area yesterday with a final outcome. it's a 16/0 victory. they crowd around him and someone is in a white jersey showing up. it's an overzealous fan. you could see them there. fans have done that in the past and they have faced arrest. >> some don't need to leave their seats to have a good time. angels and white socks. he takes the foul ball and the fan catches it. kid. in the very same , just a couple of minutes ago, he has another foul ball in the same fan catches it again. what are the chances? young fan. that.
5:50 am
but a memorable event at that game.>> that i was over my age limit for bringing my baseball glove to a game. >> i say if you are past 20, leave the baseball glove at home. >> i got a lot of flak for that so people say do agreed with me and he is a sports guy. >> you know, let the kids take the gloves. >> anyway . >> is a big night for mike woods and aubrey. it's the 50th anniversary gala. it's on the upper east side. it's part of the non-for profit with an impressive success rate at 95% of the minority students going on to regulate. they honored elsie vanderbilt. not only did she start the school that she was there with cornelius vanderbilt . >> mike, you look sharp last night. >> very
5:51 am
>> have you been there ? >> fantastic. it looks awesome. it was a great event out there. 50 years that's pretty amazing for people who donated.they are now in the south bronx two and they love it out there. awesome ! tanks for having us. >> here is what we have on almanac. 63 for the average high and 47 with the average low. really drop it down to 65 which is where we are now. it will be a warm day. will be hit 80? not there in the city. is a 600 jump in temperatures. 190 warmer than it was and 23 warmer in poughkeepsie.
5:52 am
the tri-state. shower chances are out there but it looks like it will be on the northern tier. some of us might not even be making it to the ground but we are expecting showers to pass with the funds and areas of low pressure driving through. you could see around 3:00 with only a few spots of rain popping up on the future cost. that's what indicates now. we will not see a huge widespread event. isolated showers and a storm coming up here in the latter half of the day. to 77. that's on the warm side. cloudy and wet with a high of 69. it starts going right back up to 71 on monday. 68 on tuesday. let's bring in christina to
5:53 am
>> that's right. it starts to complicated. we see instances out there on the roadways. let's take a look and it will be the eastbound side of route 78. we are still dealing with an accident involving an overturned truck taking out one lean and we are seeing delays on the westbound side of the lie moving into the route 1067. it's an accident we are seeing emergency t.v. . we have a camera shot of the lie and let's move away from the camera shot going to the alexander hamilton. it's moving well coming off of the gwb. not too bad. lincoln and holland looking pretty good. metro-north li double r at the new jersey transit running on or close to schedule. the alternate site is on or
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>> in entertainment news, so many people posting memories of prints.>> a lot of them are musicians talking about how they influence their art. >> justin timberlake wrote this post on instagram. more than a once-in-a-lifetime artist just a once and forever artist . he has inspired our music and it's beyond that. he is somewhere within every song i've ever written. >> john mayer says he inspired a generation of
5:57 am
greatness. with the constant reason. that's what an actor is. >> her and friends had a caption of we change the world. it's a true visionary. what a loss! this is not a love song! carmen electra posted this picture said , i feel so sad and confused. i am in shock. i love you.i hope you are comfortable and peaceful now. play on, my love. play on. >> the video awards say they will return this summer. >> they are in berkeley center in brooklyn. miley cyrus was doing all that working . >> that's what we're talking about here.this year's show is set for august 28. >> before then, no one said the words work. >> it was the summer of 2013. >> time flies.
5:58 am
away. >> much more, still to come. >>
5:59 am
[music] take any day, and squeeze some
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". >> cloudy skies are back and so are the showers but it will pass through the area pretty quickly. mike will tell us how the weekend is looking. ben: we are remembering prince, the music legend died at his home in minnesota, he was young, just 57. juliet: the investigation that keeps growing, bill diblasio answering tough questions about his connection to the horse carriage industry and who pushed


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