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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". >> cloudy skies are back and so are the showers but it will pass through the area pretty quickly. mike will tell us how the weekend is looking. ben: we are remembering prince, the music legend died at his home in minnesota, he was young, just 57. juliet: the investigation that keeps growing, bill diblasio answering tough questions about his connection to the horse carriage industry and who pushed
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ben: the board of elections in the wake of tuesday's big voting problems, we will tell you who has been suspended without pay. juliet: good to have you with us. ben: it is 6:00, friday morning, april 22nd. the rain is headed our way. >> meteorologist: we have been above normal with the temperatures. some good-looking stuff as far as temperatures go, gray outside and rain we will be dealing with, your temperature has dropped to 63 at central park, 62 in new work, 53 in sussex, the skies are brightening, 54 in bridgeport, 50 in montauk, not much happening with the rain, temperatures are warmer than 24 hours ago, 20
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hours ago, 18 in newark, 16 in allentown. let's see what the winds are doing. have they changed much? not really. from the southwest every to 6 miles an hour a lot of places with reporting winds calm at this hour but we expect the southwesterly flow to continue and when you see southwesterly winds we see warmer temperatures being pulled into the tri-state region even if they are not that strong, cloudy skies help the temperatures hang in the same range. and on the milder side, low-pressure over the great lakes and one right here through the front coming through and moisture too, enough going on to give us scattered showers. that is what we will see for a good part of the day especially the latter half of the day. there are showers closer to the warm front and a better chance of more rain action during the morning commute but everyone
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the afternoon as this rotates through. by 2:00 in the morning it is done for everyone and skies clear quickly as we make our way through saturday into sunday. both of those days for the most part are looking sunny. we will see mostly cloudy skies and showers popping up, 77 , high temperature close to 80, high of 69 tomorrow, high of 62 sunday. may feel cool but that is where it should be this time of year. let's get you to christina stop oh, we have some interesting things this morning. ines: christina: the vanwyk expressway as you approach the grand central gets heavy. we have a crash, the ramp will be blocked off, lots of
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that spot, on the east downside, we have a crash involving an overturned truck taking out one lane, express lanes are affected here so something to keep in mind as it gets heavy, a lot of emergency activity moving into the area. let's go to the lie, the westbound side is a live picture what is going on in this area, the lie westbound, emergency activity on the scene dealing with a crash on the shoulder and even though it is not blocking travel lanes we see rubbernecking, everyone needs to slow down, some delays on the westbound side of the lie, and the next picture will be the tappan zee bridge which isn't looking terrible, rockland county bound, starting to see slow-moving traffic, trains running on or close to schedule and alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. ben: this morning prince is being remembered as a prodigy and game changer in popular
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suddenly at the age of 56. kerry: people are remembering with tribute. robert moses joins us outside the apollo theater in harlem. >> reporter: the marquee has been illuminated, ever since word came down that he passed away, people have been stopping by to sing and dance and pay tribute and cry. you can see the tribute, sometimes we overuse the word genius. in this case it most certainly applies. >> reporter: hundreds took to the stage to honor the man who saying purple rain. on this purpose -- picture-perfect night there was no rain, just purple. the moves, memories all flow freely.
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>> an incredible inspiration for me, has been since i was a could come helped me to understand myself better and my place in the world. >> you feel you lost a friend because he has been a part of our lives. >> police found prince unresponsive at his compound outside minneapolis yesterday morning. emergency medical workers attempted to revive him but they couldn't. no official cause of death has been released but tmv is reporting prince had recently been treated for a drug overdose. >> we now know that when he made that emergency landing last friday after his atlanta concert we are told from multiple sources that he was being treated for a drug overdose. >> reporter: as news of the death spread purple tributes arose across the country. the superdome in new orleans
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pay tribute too with a rainbow over prince's home. prince's sister came out to thank mourners who had gathered there. from 1999 to when doves cry. >> reporter: purple rain. >> reporter: prince knew how to sing a hit. he was an expert guitar player, he only stood 5 feet two inches tall but he towered over the music industry. he released 39 albums during his career and won seven grammys. in 1999 appropriately enough he was asked by larry king on cnn how he would classify his music. >> the only thing i could think of was inspirational. music from the heart falls into that category. people really feel -- ultimately
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inspirational and that is why it is so important to let your gift to be guided by something more clear. >> reporter: earlier this month prince had to cancel some concerts in atlanta but on april 16th he held a dance party at his home as if to show people that he was fine and people at the dance party say he looked just fine. less then a week later, prince was gone. that is the latest from harlem at the apollo. kerry: thanks so much. in the 80s when prince rose to superstardom there was no one like him. ben: matt king show this prince has his own unique style and influenced a whole generation. >> there were days i spent with
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changes when he didn't have a show. >> reporter: he interviewed prince many time during their two careers both on and off the record but not once while he researched his book let's go crazy prince and the making of purple rain. >> he would pursue whatever direction he needed at that moment. he was not concerned with what anyone was expecting from him or what they had seen from him before. >> reporter: reflecting on the before, released albums in five decades and somehow belonged to no past or present moment. only some distant future one to which the rest of us might or might not ever arrive. >> if there is a single most important thing about prince it was his absolute sense of independence and bravery and risktaking and not falling under any umbrella or categories. >> reporter: prince asked listeners am i black or white? and i straight or gay?
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he changed his name, his style. >> reporter: christopher farley recalled the symbol with which the artist formerly known as prince changed his name. the outfits he wore, some elizabethan, some androgynous and some his own, album covers that recall no other era in which any other plane of existence prince called home. >> he set the trends. >> what comes to mind when they hear the name prince? they recall his style and music. >> sweet cotton candy or something. >> he was just himself. >> to wear what he did and didn't care what you thought. >> reporter: all this constant change, prince scripted with a goal in mind, never breaking character, never sacrificing a style unlike any we had ever seen before. >> we will never fully know the
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glimpses we got were a far more down to earth than the smoke and mirrors around it. >> reporter: matt king, fox 5 news. ben: stay with us all morning for much more on prince's life and passing. other news this morning, the fallout has become from voter problems in tuesday's new york primary. kerry: the board of elections has suspended brooklyn chief clerk without pay until it figures out what took place following reports of issues including thousands of names missing from voter rolls. according to the post, it only oversees republican voter rolls, democrat betty oversees the democratic roles where most of the problems were found. when elected official saying she is being scapegoated. the attorney general and city controller are investigating. ben: republican front-runner donald trump calling on ted cruz and john kasich to drop out, ted cruz is out with a new ad saying he is the only one who can win in november. have a look.
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how do we stop ted cruz? >> i don't think we can. ben: supposed to be hillary clinton, the republican party hosted its annual spring meeting in florida and the main issue is what could happen at an open convention. voters are turning out for trump but party officials and opponents are not convinced. ted cruz is vowing to stop him from getting the magic number of delegates, that is reince priebus, to clinch the nomination. on the democratic side bernie sanders took a break from the campaign trail to spend time at home in vermont after hillary clinton's big win in new york and insurmountable lead in delegates. the question is how long will the democratic contest last? will he stay in? the math is working in clinton's favor. kerry: the latest on what bill diblasio is saying about the horse carriage investigation
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ben: mike is checking the forecast, rain on the way. >> meteorologist: we have warm temperatures to go with it, warm temperature 63 , we expect showers later on, if you end to the north is all we are looking at with a cloudy sky and warm day out there but the weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store with live interactive is, if it is in your neighborhood or coming away, download for free today, we will be back in a little bit. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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>> meteorologist: welcome back, we have a little change in the the area bringing with them more showers, a quick thundershowers as well, showers will be coming to a close later tonight and the weekend is looking pretty good for us, cooler temperatures making a come back as we get into the weekend, all sunshine and roses out there, 63 central bridgeport and islip with a cloudy sky over the majority of the tri-state, breaks in the cloud cover, you will get peaks
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satellite, if you later showers over the northern tier of the tri-state. we have a lot more to the west of us that have to come through, we are saying be prepared for showers to come by, you want to bring one of the umbrellas you can tuck away. you won't needed the entire day but occasionally. the warm front and cold one, this area of low pressure will work their way through the northeast and bring us scattered showers, future cast with computer models indicating not all that impressive, cloudy sky today with a few spots of showers that pop up to the northwest as we get into the afternoon and it drags through the tri-state into this evening and overnight hours, it won't be producing a lot of rainfall, but if you patty rain showers here and there. we will see a cloudy sky today, high temperature 77 in the city, showers keep going this evening
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days a high of 77 today, 69 tomorrow, quite a drop, cooler on sunday and look at that low, 46 sunday morning. we start to warm up, next shower chance after this one is tuesday. let's break in christina who is in for ines keeping an eye on dry out there. christina: we have accidents coming and going quickly but we are looking at a lingering issue and 78 and life pictures from sky fox hd of what is going on with this situation. 78 on the e. downside expressway, you see the flipped over truck and looks like two tow trucks with a small crane, they are trying to upright that truck and only one lane is open passing this area eastbound 78 in the express lanes, traffic is extremely slow moving into this area. they make their way by this,
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time as you make your way into that spot. if you are going to be traveling towards the area of the tappan zee bridge, things are not looking so bad at this time, the palisades, the parkway, everything is running up to speed, we are getting word of slow moving cars if you are traveling up in westchester county but other than that things are moving okay in that area and alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. kerry: the investigation into bill diblasio and the horse carriage industry continues to expand. ben: that is growing out of the corruption probe involving nypd officers. teresa priolo has the latest, the mayor had to say some things about them yesterday. the question is did he get political contributions from the group of people who wanted him to ban horse carriages with any favors exchanged? kerry: when the mayor was campaigning and when he took office this is one of the major issues he was going to see
6:20 am
>> reporter: there are reports the us attorney's office handed out subpoenas to donors connected to the horse carriage industry, the same people who also doled out a large amount of cash to the mayor's nonprofit. the allegation that city hall accepted donations in exchange for influence. >> everything we have done legally. fully cooperate. >> reporter: the center of bill diblasio's mayoral bid. the horse carriage industry he promised to ban during his first week on the job. two years later bill diblasio forced to answer tough questions about his connection to that industry and why he pushed so hard for the ponies to be removed from city streets. >> made it very clear and that is all there is to it. >> reporter: at this morning, the crew pushing the carriage ban has revealed it has been subpoenaed by the us attorney's office as part of the widening
6:21 am
records show two night class donors donated more than numb $100,000 to the mayor's nonprofit, campaign for one new york. the question whether the nonprofit was used as a backdoor approach to evade election law and as a way of exchanging cash for favors. when asked if he ever used city hall as a way to solicit funds the mayor said -- >> city hall i talked about how we get horse carriages off the streets of our cities. not those meetings. >> reporter: a spokesperson said the group intends to answer any and all questions. shortly after taking up the horse carriage issue the plan fell apart and despite repeated attempts at reviving it the mayor found little support both in public and in the city council. the horse carriage connection widening the probe into corruption citywide. it began with allegations of four nypd officers getting
6:22 am
the mayor's big donors. it has now ballooned to include tween 9 officers and the mayor's fundraising efforts. they have not been accused of any wrongdoing. we will see where this goes from here. two weeks ago it was just the nypd. now it is growing and growing. ben: much more still to come this friday morning. we may have a scientific answer why you don't get a first good night sleep the first time you sleep in a new place. kerry: it is 6:22 this friday
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s allergies with just one dose, all day and all night. kerry: in today's healthwatch when you go on vacation it is hard to fall asleep the first night it is not that you are excited, it is the way your brain evolved. researchers from brown university say when you are in new surroundings one hemisphere of the brain stapler to guard against potential dangers. it comes to the conclusion after testing students at a sleep lab and playing sound in each year 80% were woken up by found on the first night but only half woke up the second night. the study appears in the journal current biology. ben: the hubble space telescope has a birthday this sunday but
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bubble nebula, a mix of dust and gas that looks like soap and water, it is 8000 ly away from us, so huge it stretches 10 ly across. nasa and the european space agency have released this photo to celebrate the 26th anniversary of hubble's lunch. ben: that is cool. top stories when we return. kerry: we are remembering prints and seeing how people all over the world are paying tribute,
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thirty-two disc syrup cooking today. it is expected through the area
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will the to go through a peer during this morning. he died yesterday at his home in minnesota. so to me or do you feel forced to answer some tough questions. will the. ben: new yorkers urged to leave the car at home. so to or freeze. ben: good morning. i am ben simmoneau. it is going to be a decent morning. the rain moves in. thirty-seven. this will pull up. it really is one of those days where it is just here and there.
6:31 am
throw it to the side. you should go right today. temperature starting off in the 50s and 60s. fifty-three@trooper. ten pictures are really filed. ten-20 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago. we have the sequelae sky around the tri-state region. a few showers line. a little flavoring this morning. everyone reporting that christ died. high pressure was in control. these two areas of pressure will work their way through and bring our chances of showers of. a few quick isolated storm. high temperature goes up to 727 degrees. we are religious use of a sky.
6:32 am
let's get over to christina stoffo. she has been kept pretty busy here. christina: the 78. a new things on the lincoln. a couple things going on. good morning, everyone. right by without one and nine. dealing with this truck. the use first place of 78 eastbound. expect to see a ton of traffic. know if it is in this area. as always. on the cross bronx. i will ping you to the l.i.e.
6:33 am
we do have is old garbage truck here. alternate side of the street for singles are in effect today. kerry: christina, thank you so much. this morning, princes. wordperfect as a fraud should eat. he died yesterday at the age of 57. per good morning. this is a gathering spot for those that love music. you can see the lyrics, purple rain, affair. nothing compares to you. perfect words for prints. they have been singing and dancing and remembering this man
6:34 am
>> reporter: hundreds took to the streets last night. a dance party to honor the man that saying purple rain. there was no rain, just purple. the hits, the moves moved >> he is an incredible inspiration for me. he has been since i was a kid. >> you really feel like you have lost a friend. he has been a part of our lives. >> reporter: police found him unresponsive yesterday morning. workers attempted to revive him, but they couldn't. tmz is reporting that friends had recently been treated for
6:35 am
>> we now know that when we made that emergency landing and only last friday, we are told from multiple sources, he was being treated for a drug overdose. >> reporter: purple curfews arose all across the country. the superdome in new orleans turned purple. so to purchase in minneapolis. this is sister came out to think warners that have gathered there. from 19992 when doves cry. to perform brain. prince knew how to sing the hits. he was also an expert guitar center. he towered over the music industry.
6:36 am
his career. he was asked by larry king on cnn about how he was classifying his music. >> the only thing i can think of this inspirational. people really feel what it is that they are doing. ultimately, all music is or can be in for a show. that is why it is so important to let your gift be guided by something more clear. >> reporter: the autopsy of prince's body is scheduled for today. dad at the age of 57. ben: groper, thank you for that. fox means business.
6:37 am
said that he. ben: sales skyrocketed. >> reporter: if you are cocoa (fooled most of his music room streaming sites. title treats its artists better. pays higher world youth, etc. trying to find what they can. if you look at itunes sales, the top songs are all prints songs. , let's go crazy all hoping the charts here. if his career, 40 years, he sold more than 100 million households
6:38 am
the value of what is the state maybe? >> reporter: the compound? [laughter] ben: if not tens of millions, hundreds of those in the dollars. ben: lord submitted eight. of the news this morning. the mayor is cooperating with a probe to his fundraising efforts. kerry: if it is that by the u.s. attorney's office. record show two daughters giving more than $100,000 to the campaign. that prophet has. this candid. the real question is whether it was used as a part door approach. the mayor says no. specific everything we have done
6:39 am
is said says the group to to answer any and all questions. these begin with allegations of four nypd officers giving preferential treatment to two of the five donors. new yorkers being urged to go car free today take the train, so i and plus if you can there is a street art exhibit made out of furniture. they are remaking times square. one that was dominated by cars to card for you pedestrians.
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sam agreed that about 15 missions kendall. the company has not said how much it will pay for it over or when the program will start. it is expected to cost the company billions to resolve. ben: hurricane pays really well. especially if the fpi has he wants to go. it is well worth it and he will make during his tenure as director. so figured out that you hate have paid the hackers at least $1.3 billion. do not do it illegally.
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time now is 6:40 a.m. it looks like a nice weekend the south. ben: just a few showers. we have areas of low pressure that will come through answer the pot. showers will come to a close tonight. the weekend is looking pretty good for us here. high temperatures of in the 60s. today is the day. overall, the fill pattern at all. let's bring you over to christina and see what is happening. a few pro- some 78. >> that is right. good morning, everyone. we are seeing this overturned truck. only one lane is open for you to get by this area.
6:42 am
in mind. southbound side of the road
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smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. fuel was checked the headlines for you. prince died yesterday at his compound outside of minneapolis. he released $39.17 grammys.
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to panning horse carriages. all prejudice profound to their two palacios from freezing. the costume characters in times square. specific phones were futile. performed and also for tips. speak to tonight in florida. game five. the series is tied two-two. rangers and was out the garden. pittsburgh scored unanswered. five. henrik lundquist after the fourth one.
6:46 am
their only hope left is history. baseball. ugly game. >> game tied at two. next batter up, another one. making it four-two oakland. that is to it yet again. they get their first sweep at yankee stadium in a decade. a second no-hitter. a surprised gas was there to celebrate with them. >> is a moment, you will see
6:47 am
him. no words on the fate. >> some fans do not need to leave their seat to have a good time. get this. a couple seconds later, he had to yet another foul ball. footer the author of that happening, by the way. it was a huge night for fox5. mike woods and audrey puente. ben: the storefront was a very successive success rate. the event featured live music.
6:48 am
school, but she is a defendant, businessman and native new yorker. >> very cool. mike, did you get any dancing in? greg: she was the physician. she was the singer there. my alarm clock was that 2:00 o'clock. greg: congratulations. they are doing great things in the bronx as well. keep going and great job. here is what we have with the weather this learning. it is warm outside. you do not have to put a whole lot on. a few folks up in the northern
6:49 am
that is not all that impressive. there are more showers and of state new york. we will have a better chance of scattered showers rolling through the tri-state region. it is only a few spots of rain here and there. here is that allergy alert. the air quality is good shape. over all today, we will see cloudy skies and storms coming in. mostly in the afternoon and even name. it starts off with just a few clouds looked over from the storm moving by right now.
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a high of only 62 on sunday. borchard chances are back again. the weather out has greater on i will show you what is happening in your neighborhood kerry: the latest entertainment news is coming up next. ben: remembering the life of prince. good days, my fact. don' t let dust and allergies get between you and life' s beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1p
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>> good morning, everyone. it overturned truck. kidding by this area. we are also dealing with some trouble that jackie robinson west. it takes out at least one lane of traffic. just a typical volume for this type of warning. ben: thank you very much for
6:54 am
time now four entertainment. the music awards will return to new york city this morning. this year show is set for august to late. >> fsa super later. kerry: i have my bills paid and my money made. promoting mfa five. pulling him off his upcoming fight because he refused to promote the event. he quickly retired. now he is unreturned and is telling the usc he is ready to fight. ben: someone called his bluff and he is speaking out, it sounds like.
6:55 am
long heartfelt. instagram. more than a once-in-a-lifetime artist. just a once and forever artist. it would be silly to say he has inspired our music. it is beyond that. kerry: john mayer posting he inspired a generation of musicians. his fame was always fused with his talent. that talent was his freedom. his constant reason. ben: madonna posted a picture of her with prince. kerry: carmen electra who dated within the '90s posted this picture. i feel so sad and confused right now. i am in shock. i love you, prince. i hope you are comfortable and peaceful. the color purple.
6:56 am
ben: have a look. kerry: unbelievable. ben: the oscar winner said prince will live through his music. we want to keep him alive today. that is it for us on this friday morning. thanks for filling in. kerry: "good day new york" with greg and rosanna is covering my fact. make today smile with
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greg: the weather today should be pretty decent. rosanna: .. how about the yankee game tonight. we will have the full forecast. greg: friends. death at the age of 57. rosanna: we do not know looks ugly what happened to him. all we know is that he was found dead in his elevator at his home. was it drugs? a few days before this, he had some kind of overdose.


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