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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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greg: the weather today should be pretty decent. rosanna: .. how about the yankee game tonight. we will have the full forecast. greg: friends. death at the age of 57. rosanna: we do not know looks ugly what happened to him. all we know is that he was found dead in his elevator at his home. was it drugs? a few days before this, he had some kind of overdose.
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dead at the age of 57. rosanna: prosecutors are commanding documents. greg: you often have a plastic partition between you and the driver. they could be going away. soon. rosanna: that is good. i can't see out the window. i need to look forward. greg: sometimes the drivers need safety and privacy. i am not sure why they are getting rid of them. rosanna: the u.s. army is trying to figure out what went wrong in an airborne drop in germany. the vehicle flipped from the rigging that was attached to their parachutes and fell to the ground.
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rosanna: that is amazing. greg: it is tricky jumping out of the airplane. not my favorite thing to do. prince. really a surprise. fifty-seven years old. rosanna: i think a lot of us feel like he is part of our family. certain songs identify with periods of our lives. greg: he burst onto the screen in the early '80s. we have never really seen anything quite like him. it is still bothered. rosanna: just a genius. it is terribly sad. mysterious. he was a private individual. we will be fitted with some people that knew him and
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couple of hours. carmen electra. he has had some interesting women in his life. greg: we are sorry to report this news. he died in minneapolis. home to him for a long time. rosanna: we will provide for him. let's get started. mike woods. mike: right now it does not look that bad. we do have some brains on its way. it does not look like a ton of it at this point in time. we have at least something coming this way. still quite mild. sixty-three added central park. fifty-five in bridgeport. this is a lot warmer than it was yesterday.
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that you will notice. radar and satellite, you see that over the tri-state. that has pretty much been that for the time being. we need these funds to 55. areas of low pressure their and there. we still have the risk of showers have the storms. even though the future cost does not look that impressive at all. we will keep it cloudy. only picking up on a few little spots of showers. mainly to the northwest of the city at this point in time. i'm thinking there will a few more prospect of press we headed to the evening. it looks like it turns out for you prior to borrow morning. their temperatures will be
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today, it is still quite warm up there. a little but from time to time. as he go to the next seven days, showers are out of here early to go. let's bring in christina stoffo. we have one major accident that has been a problem. we are getting well into the new. good morning, everyone. this person was exiting off. now all of the side of the road.
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it is causing a very heavy delay moving into that spot. metropolitan avenue, that is a crush with one they blocked. this is in the express lanes. a truck flipped over. a lot of emergency activity. trying to get that cleared up. the staten island expressway. it is congested. eastbound side will be the direction coming towards me. we will also see the grand central parkway belt looking terrible. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. rosanna: we are still trying to digest what happened with prince yesterday. white house soon?
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rosanna: some of the greatest france. just a genius. tributes coming in from all over the world. greg: what about those places in harlem. robert moses have the latest. >> reporter: painter. to prince since his death was announced. you can see the barracks to purple rain up there. people have been self-employed. they have been thinking. they have been dancing. they have a crime. sometimes, it seems like they have only done it to forget their tears. hundreds took to the streets of
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party that likely organize to honor the man that thing purple rain. there was no rain. just purple. the hip, the moves the feelings just flowed freely. >> he is an incredible inspiration for me. he has been since i was a kid. >> you really feel like you have lost a friend. he has. a part of our lives. emergency medical workers attempted to revive him, but they couldn't. tmz is reporting that prince had recently been treated for a drug overdose. >> we now know that when he made that emergency landing him only last friday, we are told from
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being treated for a drug overdose. >> purple tributes arose all over the country. mother nature played trip you with a rainbow over princes hold. from 19992 when doves cry, to purple rain, prince knew how to sing a hit. he was also an excellent guitar player. he released 39 downloads during his career. back in 1999, he was off by larry king how we would classify his music.
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of is inspirational. people really feel what it is that they are doing. ultimately, all music is or can be informational to that his wife is so important to let your kids be guided by something more clear. >> reporter: a place that prince knew very well. the first in 1993. the most recent back in 2010. an autopsy is scheduled to be performed today. that is the latest. back to you. greg: reaction from the white house. president obama put out a
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one of the most gifted and prolific musicians of our time, prince dated all. rosanna: there are so many hit songs that you may not have known were greeted by prince. never released as a single until she saying it. remember this? rosanna: the bengals released tannic monday in the 80s. >> he wrote it for another group. anyway. apparently, he likes his rhythm guitar. sounds like stevie nicks made it
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he was inspired by his little red corvette. some of these are great, great songs. do you have a favorite? greg: little red corvette and i want to be your lover. rosanna: what about his? greg: he was something else. he was actually a city winery. years ago. very small surprise pop up conserve. he wanted everyone to follow what he called purple rule. no cell phones. rosanna: interesting. you should not live in the past and not live in the future. much more on his lifetime and the people who knew him coming
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>> the person who called him the artist. he is the one who called him the artist. that is when prince took on that name. greg: very interesting. unusual for a boxer of that magnitude. rosanna: it was just a symbol. greg: all right. much more on personal little bit. the investigation continues to expand. greg: foot spring and teresa priolo with more. >> reporter: the focus is certainly narrowing. how they raise money and live. handing out subpoenas connected to donors connected to the horse carriage industry. the same people that also handed
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the nonprofit. promising to ban during his first week on the job. forcing to answer some tough questions about his connect to to that industry. >> i believe would you make a change. i made it very clear. >> it has been subpoenaed by the u.s. attorney's office. part of the widening corruption probe. record show to donors donated more than $100,000 to the mayors nonprofit. the question whether the nonprofit was used as a fact your approach.
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hall, the mayor said -- >> city hall. i talked to them about how to get horse carriages off the street. the plan fell apart. the mayor ultimately found little support. both the public and the city council. if you can with preferential treatment. it has now ballooned to include the right officers in the mayor's fundraising efforts. documents dating back to 23rd team. the union man by deblasio's
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within days, duplicate checks. they have not been accused of any wrongdoing. >> we thank you. remember to stay. some weird voting patterns. very controversial. the city comptroller has promised an investigation. she is suspended without pay place. this follows reports of thousands of names missing from voter rolls. however, this woman only
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when elected official told the post that she is being scape coded. greg: today's earth day. we celebrate the planet earth. this is the only picture, rosanna, of the entire earth. rosanna: they are encouraging all of us to ditch the car. for a rally in times square calling for all of us to leave
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including a street exhibit. greg: rosanna and i, if you ride one, you are brave. rosanna: can i ride one with high heels on? rosanna: no. i am concerned. there's a lot of traffic on the roads. greg: i am doing the five borough bike to her next week. you have to get out there and practice. you need some cooperative weather. at least it is warm outside.
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46 degrees. fifty-six in allentown. 54 degrees. pretty mild temperature. partly to mostly cloudy skies. most of the rain that we will deal with is just to the west of us. working through the tri-state region. some scattered showers. maybe an isolated storm.
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we will. out. most of your saturday and sunday. you will see a cloudy sky with some showers out there. that is with the rain is out of fear. just keep that in mind. congratulations to some piles. we hope you have a happy engagement. there you go. how are we doing?
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that has been cleared away. at least one lane is blocked up in this area. your average flow will be at least 10 miles an hour. moving into the accident scene. we are also seeing that only a light eve. let's take a look at the staten island expressway. moving towards the verrazano bridge. stuff and go on the eastbound side. you just have to be prepared for that. seeing delays up to 15-20 minutes. this is that gwb.
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back to you. having all kinds of events celebrating earth day. greg: capetown goes crazy. above ground. listening to a little prince. go crazy. that is from prince.
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greg: donald ... this promising that is going to face a presidential that it will make your head spin and put you to sleep. here he is. >> at some point i will be so presidential that you people will be so bored. i welcome back as a presidential person. i will have about 150 people. he really looks presidential. [laughter] greg: that was in pennsylvania. the pressure is on bernie to win pennsylvania. rosanna: the mac continues to work in mrs. clinton's favor. coming up on "good day new york." one of them was so close to
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him the name the artist. greg: formerly known as prince. this guy was involved in that whole sleep handing. rosanna: prince really embraced it.
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the local greg: 57 years old. rosanna: i know. i know. we heard about him earlier in the week. having some sort of medical emergencies. really enjoyed his music. greg: jim, a little bit down to your left. there is this really small river.
7:31 am
look at that thing. it has a little antenna on it. an island in the middle of the east river. it is a bird sanctuary. a little oasis. rosanna: no kidding. greg: it is not exactly in the middle of nowhere. show us one more time. it has two names. former secretary-general of the un. someone tries to take it over and call it a country. [laughter] rosanna: welcome to "good day new york." how is the game looking tonight
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>> it does not look too bad. i think that they will get it in. it is going to be warm outside, to. i think that we will be all right. looking at clouds and sun. there will be some showers coming through. i think that they will be few and far between. temperature wise, we're fine in central park. 59 degrees in poughkeepsie. another very mild day out there. temperatures are quite a bit warmer than it was 24 hours ago. a jump up from poughkeepsie. 70 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago. 16 degrees warmer belmar. when does not doing a whole heck of a lot.
7:33 am
a cold front approaching the tri-state region. not particularly strong cold front. only a few showers to go through. there it early this morning. a for the past five this morning. there is warm front. this is what will be triggering most of our showers. they will be coming through presenting a little bit of rain. a small umbrella is probably all you are going to need. they will be in and out fairly quickly. very early morning showers tomorrow. a dryer skies for you. even more so on sunday. look at those temperatures there. no big storms out there altogether.
7:34 am
christina: good morning, mike. a couple of things going on around town. one lane is blocked off. still seeing this crash on a lady. definitely very, very congested for you moving into that spot. route one, an accident. we're dealing with this crash. really causing bumper-to-bumper traffic. now we will go outside to the bqe in the area of union street. eastbound coming towards me. typical volume for this time of day. the new jersey turnpike really is not looking too bad for us. things are moving well. crossing, 20-35 minutes. alternate side of the street
7:35 am
back to you. greg: thank you very much. still observing the news that prince died yesterday at the age of 57. let me let's meet two people that knew him quite well. anthony decurtis. blondel mcmillan. an attorney who spoke to princess recently as sunday. sir, we are very sorry for your loss. welcome to both of you. rosanna: thank you both for being here. how was is your conversation with prince on sunday. >> everything was fine. as we know, everything was not fine. hopefully, he is that a perfect
7:36 am
very sad. rosanna: they had to basically make an emergency landing. tmc is reporting that it was a drug overdose. to juneau with prince had any drug issues over the years? >> par from anyone who took drugs or fell from drugs in that way. he was very much a health nut. there is level. very clear. very focused. i know that tmc and other media so what they felt. we will see what happens when the reports come by. greg: when you talk to him on sunday, he said he was perfect. for you concerned that he was not telling you everything? >> many people when they have a
7:37 am
going through things, they are not always as forthcoming about the. medical illness that he was discussing with you? >> when his plane had to make an emergency landing, that was obviously signaling that something was not right. states. what was he like as a person? >> he was really interesting. he had a complicated relationship with media. someone who is very concerned represented. he would not let me record him. i had to negotiate taking notes. he initially did not want me taking notes. i told him i had to have something. he was very entertaining. very smart.
7:38 am
there would always be a point where, if you know, let's go down to the studio. let me play you some tracks i am working on. i really feel like that is how he really wanted to express himself. >> we have a clip of him actually talking about you and how you coined the phrase. this was actually taken a few years ago. >> he did it because he was always became for all of us. doing negotiations or whatever it try to get people. rosanna: he talks about emancipated.
7:39 am
label for years. he was just a great friend. we changed a lot. in the music industry. we changed a lot in terms of artists feeling empowered to express themselves. his freedom and his creative control and his ability to represent himself and stand up for what he felt was right. he felt that the music industry was a rigged system back then. he challenged them. he was an innovator. he had done so much. we now look back and look up part of the business model. that was really what we were doing. we were pushing the industry.
7:40 am
greg: how did you meet him? >> his warner bros. contract. greg: play basketball for fun. to pull off steam. >> a great basketball player. and even better lawyer. >> you got the chance to meet him several times. to me, it seemed like he was always such a disciplined person. >> he was always watching what he ate. he would always lecture you on what you are eating. a great deal of consciousness about it. i think you believe that you could live forever. there was like a feeling of, you know, a very spiritual person.
7:41 am
connecting to a world beyond. he tweeted, save your prayers for another five days from now. do not pray right now. what do you think you assigned to say is that sweet? >> i think that he was saying, i am fine. i believe that he thought that he was fine. greg: he was married at least once. >> twice. greg: he had a child -- rosanna: what happened? >> the baby did not survive. that was something that was a heartbreak with his wife at the time. rosanna: what a shame. i think it comes in two parts.
7:42 am
self. i think that he believed it was truly something inspirational. he believed in it like a child believes in something. i think that that is one. inspiring artists. they may make very different they want that freedom of what he represented. >> performing at concert halls pick and small. powerful rules. he did not want people living there are fats and iphones during his concert. he wanted people to experience it firsthand with this concert. >> he wanted to deprogram so many of the social norms. connect people in different ways through the music.
7:43 am
he loved conversation. >> his home is that deficit. >> a ball. >> it is a series of studio rooms. beautifully decorated. you were there. >> where prince would live. you love art.
7:44 am
completely comfortable. he had a number of funding given these happening at paisley park. greg: thank you very much. rosanna: thank you for sharing your memories. good day is going to take a quick break.
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mike: welcome back, everyone. we have some rain on the way. we will end up quite a bit warmer. clouds are spilling in. they will thicken up. up to the north of the tri-state. we have the main thing coming through here. do not worry about this for the time being. here is your allergy report it things are looking on the high side. the air quality is a good shape for you. high temperature goes up to 77 degrees. more shower chances come back to you on tuesday. the fox5 weather app has been interact if radar.
7:48 am
set to go. happy 14th birthday, caleb. as well as this guy. happy birthday to you too, pal. let's bring in christine know. christina: we have some issues. thank you. thank you very much. we're going to advance the map so we can show you what is going on around town. westbound side. dealing with an accident. we're definitely seeing a ton of traffic moving into this spot. this accident is ongoing. now we will go outside to the garden state parkway. looking good in both directions. a really nice shot. no delay. that is great news. the 59th street birch will be our next picture.
7:49 am
into town, a little bit congested. just be mindful. you will be hitting your break since you make your way across the span here. running on or close to schedule. alternate side is in effect today. back to both of you. greg: taxicabs. rosanna: i need to look forward. i cannot see what is going on. greg: you do not have to. rosanna: no, i have to. greg: it is up to the drivers now. they can move these partitions if they want to. people were robbing cab drivers left and right in the 70s. you do not see that anymore.
7:50 am
friendlier. will that change her mind about takes 800 that. greg: i wonder how the drivers feel about it? greg: here's a compromise. that is actually a sliding plastic door that you can open and shut. it is your option. what else? rosanna: the u.s. army is investigating how three humvees fell to their surmise within and drop going wrong. greg: the parachute does not work. that is a big homer. rosanna: how much do those things go for? >> at least $100,000. the parachute were not rigged correctly.
7:51 am
rosanna: 150 supply bundles were also affect did. greg: i do not like it. rosanna: you live to tell the story, by the way. duke is not here. the new york rangers on the brink. they lost to pittsburgh. five nothing at the garden last night. they face elimination in game five tomorrow. greg: all right. well done, rosanna. game five tonight in florida. rosanna: we're going to take a uni. we're going to talk about your experience of jumping out of planes. i want to know more.
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7:55 am
prince was a cool dude. rob shuter joining us from naughty but nice. welcome back to you. rosanna: you are backstage. >> he knows absolutely everything. he is deeply upset about this. i mentioned this archive of songs. thousands of songs it to be released. greg: drugs may have been involved and let to his death.
7:56 am
rosanna: he did not rule it out, great. >> he was a healthy, healthy guy. what exactly went wrong? a week ago when that plane landed, everyone thought it was strange, a plane land just because you have the flu. then there was radio silence. the rumor is that he had a drug overdose. rosanna: opiates can cause a heart attack. rosanna: exactly. >> people have secret that even your closest friends do not know about.
7:57 am
radio silence. sometimes when you are silent, it is because you do not want to tell the truth. rosanna: rob, you are going to be with us this morning if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
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speaking it is friday. i am greg kelly. rosanna: i am rosanna scotto. it has been so gorgeous this week. mike wood says it looks like the yankee game will play tonight. how was the rest of the weekend looking? greg: prince had died at the age of 57. it was a shock. >> we will talk with nile rodgers coming out. prince actually interviewed now rogers for an magazine. very interesting guy.
8:01 am
donald trump is promising he will be so presidential with his behavior. he will just be a serious. we will find out what that is all about. do you think that there are more rats in the city? i do. i have had a few encounters myself. up 39% compared to the same time last year. the old rule of, has been somewhat evolved. can you complain about the ticket prices for hamilton? some people are. there are so many people that would pay that to see this musical.
8:02 am
back when the tickets were moderately affordable. it was worth every penny. all right, mike was, did you see rosanna: it was off-broadway for a little while. greg: any time. let's talk a little bit about prince. the age of 57. a big, big shock. >> some of the memories came from high school. i remember his visit really
8:03 am
greg: listen to it. >> absolutely. greg: his good friend wandel. rosanna: i think he played basketball since he was in high school and he really liked it. greg: all right. let's get to work here. we have someone other. mike: a little intriguing. there are some showers coming through the tri-state region. right now, it actually looks kind of benign out there.
8:04 am
we have 63 and 50. 57 degrees in monticello. some pretty mild temperatures around the tri-state. temperature changes from what we had 24 hours ago. it is a lot warmer in most locations. poughkeepsie. 15 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago. a mostly cloudy skies. there are some breaks in the cloud cover. heading over into connecticut. sometimes, that is not necessarily a good thing. it helps to fire up some of the showers that to get going out there. that may lead to a few extra thunderstorms coming onto the tri-state region. a couple of fronts off to the
8:05 am
i think that you are still pretty good. as he headed to the evening, that is when most of it will come through. high temperature of 277 degrees. cooler and drier for youth tomorrow. let's bring in christina stoffo right now. christina: we have a lot of stuff going on.
8:06 am
running along with an accident. trying to get this cleaned up as soon as possible. let's go outside to route 80. the next picture will be of that fdr drive and cleans. we did have a crash by 14th street. it has cleared. we are dealing with a lot of residual volume. path trains running on or close or schedule untrimmed. rosanna: trying to figure out what happened to prince. fifty-seven years old. way too young. trying to figure out the cause. we celebrate his music, and, of course, his life. greg: remember where you were when you heard the news that
8:07 am
the harlem theater. >> reporter: first performed here in 1993. most recently was in 2010. an amazing scene when we pulled up this morning. you could hear people singing and dancing. i will step out of the way. i want to show you how people have been coming here to pray and more and dancing and dance and pay tribute. this is what it sounds like when the doves and millions of fans cried. hundreds took to the street of fort greene last night.
8:08 am
on this picture-perfect night, there was no rain, just purple. >> he was a legend. this is an awesome way to honor him. >> help me understand the world. help me understand myself. >> he has been part of our lives. >> reporter: police found him at his compound yesterday morning. they attempted to revive him, but they could not hear it no official cause of death has been released. tmz reports that prince had recently been treated for a drug overdose. >> making that emergency landing in moline last friday, we are told from multiple sources that
8:09 am
overdose. peanut purple tributes arose all across the country. mother nature paid tribute, two. from 1999 to when doves cry. purple rain prince knew how to sing it. he towered over the music industry. he won seven grammys. he was asked by larry king on cnn about how he would classify his music. >> the only thing that i can think of is inspirational.
8:10 am
that they are doing. ultimately, all music is and can be inspirational. that is why it is so important to let your gift be guided by something more clear. greg: that gentleman that you see with his arm up, he has been singing purple rain. the purple headphones that he is wearing. as for prince, on april 15, he held a dance party outside his home. those who attended said that he looked as fine. it is hard to believe that less than a week later he is gone. a scheduled autopsy will be performed on this body.
8:11 am
greg: thanks a lot. prince. we were both fans. coming in from all over the universe. including the president of the united states. one of the most musicians of our time. prince did it all. we will be talking more about prince throughout our show this morning. we will talk with a musician that knew him really well. nile rodgers. a friend of "good day new york." prince actually interviewed nile rodgers for a magazine story. prince wanted to know how nile made his transition back into the world of music.
8:12 am
rage. greg: prince was a little bit of wolf. all right. i want to bring in someone that is a hard-core prince fan. chris wallace. host of fox news sunday. reportedly, you have seen prince perform live. >> yes. good morning. it is a sad day. that guy singing purple rain over and over again. that song has been going through my brain nonstop. last fall, prince had a pop-up concert here in washington. a concert at a fairly small venue here. i thought that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. i went. two hours.
8:13 am
on the states a whole time. how small he was. it was like a musical sprite or elf or something. it really was quite an astonishing performance. >> love me ask you something. usually when they do these powerful performances, they do it late at night. eight-1030. another starting at 11 until one in the morning or so. greg: chris, some folks forget did vice president al gore's wife, back when i was in the u.s. senate, she was on a
8:14 am
her opinion. one of her early targets was prince. the stuff he did in the 80s. still very relevant. this is actually what wanda being debated on capitol hill. >> yes. it is true. bromance. she was listening to prince. a little racy to me, only her experience with the parental warning on music. fighting back against it and saying this was censorship. the whole argument seems kind of quaint right now.
8:15 am
her daughter listening to. i do not know that we will do prince. we cannot do it as well as a lot of other people are to have veered i will probably have purple rain trickling in my head throughout the entire show. the new guy in charge. what seems to be a trial makeover. trying to make him maybe a little bit more disciplined. tone it down. talking to the chairman of the democratic party. while bernie sanders stay in the campaign? will he continue the very first untrimmed harsh versatile attacks. greg: this is donald trump's version of toning it down. we will play it for you. watch, everybody. >> at some point i will be so
8:16 am
will be so ordered and i welcome back a presidential person and a set of 10000 people, 150 people. greg: he is going to be up residential person and it is going to be amazing. he has already called hillary clinton a new neck named. 's emac line ted. it is going to be a battle. the new team wanted to read his victory statement. he rejected it. he said that that is not what i
8:17 am
chris wallace, thank you. tickets very hard to get. some of them, prices could almost jumped to $1000. that is crazy. right now, $550. the pullet surprise wedding show. sold out for months. the producers are taking a break from the site. just about every other show on broadway. i see him often analyze it useful. the crucibles. remember. greg: yes. yeah. nice kid.
8:18 am
crucibles. greg: anyway. let's go to mike woods. the reason they will not be here for too long, the weekend looks pretty good for us here. it will come along with cooler temperatures. this at least we will see some chat over the weekend. temperatures will not people of all we have succeeded in islip. support. mx chiron the transit agent. his parents on where you are.
8:19 am
the transit. a cold front that is approaching from the northwest. it looks like primarily light to moderate showers. there just will not be a whole lot putting this thing altogether. maybe a few isolated thunderstorms this is from pop five. the brain is out of fear. you are fine really over the weekend. high-temperature relleno to send this to the.
8:20 am
children down for two to three download the radar. it is free. i will show you factly with the showers are. let's bring you over to christina stoffo. see what is going on. ines: the usual stuff going on. the l.i.e.: the westbound side we still have a crush. on the northern state parkway and will be on the westbound side. clearview happening. this is a grand central. we also have an accident on 17. let's go outside. i will bring you to staten
8:21 am
night or us. unfortunately, the looking nice. it will take you lose 40 minutes get into the tunnel from the turbine on the ninth. a little bit better, but still very congested. greg: thanks a lot veered speaking of cars. how about big cars. that life stadium this weekend. big monster jam. rosanna: are they okay? >> i do remember. thank goodness we have for the slave that we will be right
8:22 am
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rosanna: winner per person rate now. to not give anything away. ernie is getting a big award along the length.
8:25 am
do not say anything else. rosanna: this is what is [laughter] greg: time for the business report. >> sears and kmart are closing their combined 78 stores across 27 states. in the process, they will really count. they are expensive to run it money. four stories are third it. 2 k parts poughkeepsie and rochester closing. somewhere around july, he'll do liquidation. the money that they are baking
8:26 am
rosanna: did you say king stan is one of those? >> no. rosanna: good. i used to go there all the time. that area really needs it. greg: they are off the list. don't worry about it. it was like a bible. greg: what else is going on? rosanna: celebrating prince's music here at nile rodgers. not too long ago, prince actually asked nile to do an interview for his magazine. staff at the age of 57.
8:27 am
more imprints coming turns out lemon juice doesn' t cure pink eye. hi. how are you doing today?
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rosanna: ever think prince did a cover to this song? greg: all right, we are celebrating new york city today. rosanna: and of course, prince, usually on fridays we celebrate all of new yorkers, but today we are taking a backseat and talking about prince, what a genius he was. maybe he wanted to be aing noer, well, no, he liked where he was from. >> he was dedicated to minnesota. a lot of people move away. he stayed. >> rosanna: what a pad there. greg: his home looked like a mall. it was a compound, really.
8:31 am
home and a bowling alley, he was an expert bowler. rosanna: yes, he had a number of things inside of the beautiful mansion. by the way, -- greg: this is in front of the harlem theatre in harlem. purple flowers in honor of the late great prince. wow. all right. everybody. rosanna: we are going to the weather, mike woods, it is friday, the weekend is here. mike: yes, i met prince one time. briefly. it was a party in harlem. there was a party for a small group of friends. rosanna: what time? mike: like 9:00. greg: what were the impressions? mike: shy.
8:32 am
it was with susan blond. around 2001-02. greg: we didn't take a lot of pictures back then. rosanna: we heard about the listens parties going on. i was invited a couple of years ago and he wouldn't go on until 12:00. mike: i was working on the weekends at that time. that was before coming to the morning show. and now look. greg: at this trajectory, mike, another 20 years. rosanna: there could be an opening at a 9:00 show, they are looking for a michael. mike: maybe i would fit the bill. rosanna: they wouldn't have to change a thing. mike: keep moving.
8:33 am
not in the room. rosanna: what's up? mike: it is looking okay. it is dry around the majority of the tristate. warm temps. the clouds are gathering around the tristate region. right now 65 at central park. 64 in newark. 57 degrees in sussex. we have a mixed sky. we had the showers earlier in the northern tier of the tristate and they have gone away. winds are coming in from the southwest at 3-7 miles per hour and yeah, that's going to bring in more of the warm area as we get into the day here. but, the sky, we have mostly cloudy skies and a few breaks here and there and the actual fronts that are going to cross by and kicking up the showers and storms, we have two areas of low pressure and the fronts come in. there is a chance of a few isolated showers at that time but not a lot happening, maybe a
8:34 am
you are seeing that on the futurecast, the showers are showing up. still mostly to northwest. but showers will be swinging by, but short term sort of thing. not a problem for the game tonight. the showers are coming and going rather quickly. by the time we get to saturday and sunday, it is sunny again and the temps will be coming down. the high up to 77 degrees. tomorrow high of 69. the showers are done early. high of 62 sunday. monday back up to the low 70s for highs again. all right, christina, what do you think about all of that? christina: as long as the sun is shining, you can't complain. good morning, we have a couple of things lingering out there on
8:35 am
have a lane blocked off and heavy delays. northern state parkway, west of deer park, a crash being worked on. a crash on the westbound l.i.e. by motor parkway. it is red, that means it is really, really heavy moving into that spot. my motor parkway by the l.i.e., a lane is blocked off. now to l.i.e., into the area of south oyster bay road. it is congested moving up to screen here. the westbound side with a minor accident. slow moving into that spot. 495 by the lincoln tunnel, going towards the lincoln tunnel it is heavy, coming out of manhattan, we are seeing a ton of traffic on 495 towards route 3 and new jersey turnpike. keep that in mind. the trains, you know, they are
8:36 am
they are running on or close to schedule at this time. >> thank you very much. well, prince, we all know died yesterday at the age of 57. a good friend of his nile rogers. he's had a number of hits, this one get lucky sound. rosanna: he's produced a number of albums for musicians and good friends with prince, and i think they have toured together. greg: heart breaking and beautiful tweet. i would like to wake up tomorrow find today is a bad dream. so many tears shed over the loss of a genius and friend, nile, condolences, my friend. rosanna: we are sad, but tell us
8:37 am
>> i have known him for years. we met in new york city when he played the academy of music on 14th street. i can't even remember what year that was. that was in the 80s. that was amazing. it was mind boggling. and ever since that night he and i became very, very good friends. we onlt saw each other in the recording studios when i was in l.a. doing the film scores. but what was really amazing when i started to work on the resort down in turks and he moved there too. >> you performed together too?
8:38 am
concert in new orleans the year before last, july 4th of 2014, and as part of my repertoire, you know, when doing the live shows, i played songs that i have written and produced with other artists and let's dance was one of the big ones and prince loved that song and he came out on stage with us. greg: we are hearing conflicting things, we heard from a good friend and he was a health nut, so meticulous about caring for himself. tmz is reporting that the death is probably drug related, there may have been an opiate addiction and did he struggled with substance abuse?
8:39 am
that at all. he seemed, you know, i never saw prince have an alcoholic drink. that is something i would have noticed because at the time when we would hang out in clubs, i drank quite a bit. i haven't had a drink in 22 years. we used to go out and see each other all the time back in the day. so you know, our recent relationship has been really wonderful and pure and it's been cool. i am the only artist that prince has ever interviewed. he interviewed me a couple of years ago, before doing the concert together on july 4th, and he would have brought up drugs, because he knew i was a
8:40 am
of stuff, we never went down that road. rosanna: so when you think back on prince and your relationship with prince, what's your favorite memory, like, what came to mind before you went to sleep last night? >> that is very easy. years ago i was in england and produszing duran and i was in london a number of times doing records and prince famously is known for doing after parties and performing, and i walked into a club and i have no idea how he could have spotted me, those were the days there was smoke in the night clubs and i walked into the club and he was on the stage and some other people were up on the stage and jamming and when i walked into the club he spied me and said,
8:41 am
rogers and stopped the band and stopped playing and he was playing the guitar at the time and invited me up to the stage and gave me a guitar and now this man has the funk and he sat down on the key boards and started to sing and play and i gave me his guitar and he started play james brown songs or something. rosanna: wow, what a giant moment. that is amazing. wow, nile, you have so much going on, you are coming to "good day new york" in may and honoring bono and president jimmy carter. are there tickets available? >> not many. you hosted that for us last year. it is packed. if people want to come and find
8:42 am
we'll always figure that out for you to get you in the room. greg: it is a privilege to speak to you this morning about the late great prince. thank you, sir, very much. >> thank you, guys. rosanna: see you in may on "good day new york." greg: we are going to the apollo theatre. prince performed there many times over the years. i think we see the purple flowers right outside on the sidewalk. look at this, rosanna. rosanna: it is a nice memorial "good day new york" is coming
8:43 am
8:44 am
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the snack world. whoa, whoa, whoa... ma' am, we can smell the bland snack all over you. but, it' s just a... whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...yeah. yeah. new hershey and reese' s snack mix, with chocolate, nuts and pretzels. it' s snack justice. rosanna: hah, remember memories of when we wept to monster jam. greg: we were on top of the mud pile. monster jam, half of the fun is the mud. rosanna: and hearing the loud roar of the cars, right. greg: we got to drive a monster truck, the awesome funny cars. remember when you were strapping in, you would second thoughts when the steering wheel popped off. rosanna: i was a little scared. hi, kerry. kerry: good morning, greg, rosanna, monster jam is kicking off tomorrow night and we are
8:46 am
and joining me is tom, one of the drivers tomorrow night and tom, thank you for being with us. what can the fans expect. >> family fun. it is not getting better than that. i'm going to pull off a perfect big stunt for the metlife stadium fans, jumping over the trucks. i give it my all. kerry: i am scared for that but excited. taublg about driving them, what type of skill goes into driving with them? >> drive with your heart, don't use the brain, do what you love. that is what the people want to see. >> you mentioned your stunt, you are jumping over six of these. we have one going now. talk about the other stunts for
8:47 am
>> we have 20 monster jam trucks. kerry: wow. that is cool. >> really cool. you know, monster jam is about the family fun. the biggest kids in the house are 85 years old. kerry: i love it. tell us beyond the stunts, i it is starting tomorrow night at 7:00 and there is a chance to meet you before that. >> come in at 1:30 and see the trucks, get the autographs and 5:00. the great thing about the monster jam, the fans get very involved. kerry: thank you, tom. you can get tickets starting at $10 for kids. greg: have them do it one more time for the monster truck.
8:48 am
greg: fire it up, baby. come on. kerry: greg is saying fire it up baby. greg: we were in that car. rosanna: you were good at it. greg: yeah. rosanna: that could be a second career, greg. greg: he's slowing down. rosanna: he's got to turn. oh! greg: sweet. thank you so much. that is a very difficult thing to drive. we tried it. rosanna: it is. speaking of the car racing, well, we are meeting the couple behind nascar. brian and amy france coming up. (church bell) (bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum,
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rosanna: we are remembering prince this morning and trying to figure what happened to him. 57 years old. years ago that was old, these
8:52 am
57 is young. greg: we are hearing from tmz, they have got pretty good sources and when his plane landed a couple of days ago in illinois, it wasn't for the flu as the prince team said, he was suffering from a sort of overdose, a drug overdose. rosanna: of opiates. we are not saying that is the cause, we are trying to figure out about more about opiate addictions. dr. raj is with us this morning. if you are an opiate user, it is hard to know they are taking it. >> yes, that is something like heroin or a prescription painkiller. there is a range of opiates and there is a rise in heroin abuse
8:53 am
abuse and there are serious consequences, sometimes death and slowing down the breathing, there is a drug antidote to it. it can be used to reverse the affects and according to tmz that is what happened. it is not confirmed. rosanna: they are saying when he got off the plane it was an overdose type of situation and gave him the shot. >> the reps are saying it is flu, it is unusual to have the flu and give a concert and dance party. that is not making a lot of sense. rosanna: opiate addictions, opiates, i have heard they play a number on your heart, they can stop your heart. >> absolutely. they are very strong medications that affect your breathing and heart rate and brain activity
8:54 am
body, dp you have too much, you can die from it, it is so dangerous and why even if given a prescription, you have to use it sparingly. >> no one knows for sure what happened. we have two close friends of prince in the past hour tell us he was a health nut, and my tick louse on what he put in his body. rosanna: well, i didn't realize he had hip issues. >> yes, sere issues with both of the hips and he was a candidate for the surgeries and he didn't want the surgery. if you have severe hip pain there could be pain prescription medications involved with that. we don't know that yet. greg: thank you, dr. raj.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
rosanna: one of my favorite songs. thank you for the instagram picture. greg: great make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting,
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flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. rosanna: all right, the apollo theatre remembering prince this morning. he played at the apollo a number of times. he had a number of popups around new york city. two years ago, a friend invited me to a popup that prince was doing and now i'm kicking myself


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