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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  April 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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christina: confidential documents may soon be released on whether or not saudi arabia it connection with 9/11 attackers, i am christina park. antwan: i am antwan lewis, they come from a congressional inquiry who september 11 terror attack. >> obama administration could release the documents in coming months, zachary is live at ground zero with reaction. reporter: i am outside of 9/11 memorial here in manhattan, 28 papers, a man said, he knows why
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there is a number of people who believe there is in. could within documents thatting is that sawed -- suggestion that saudi arabia government supported at least some of the terrorists in the 9/11 attacks. >> my son is going to walk back in the door, it is 15 years later, we have 28 pages that could release the truth. reporter: he lost his oldest son jimmy, on tower 1 on 9/11 he was just 29 years old. >> withholding this is a disservice to the america and to the 9/11 families. reporter: they search for the truth behind what happened on september 11, 2001. controversy surrounding the 28 pages goes back to george w.
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administration has followed suit and refused to declassify them, that could change. white house is considering releasing at least part of the documents within the next several weeks. according do democratic senator. >> the most important unanswered question of 9/11, go the -- did the 19 people conduct this ballot, alone? or were they supported. i think all evidence points to saudi arabia. reporter: graham thinks that u.s. has not released the pages until you to to avoid hurting its diplomatic relationship with saudi arabia. >> he was a hero before 9/11, and a herey hero after, we deserve to know what happened that i did, and they are responsible, they will be held aconcountible.
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supports the release of the documents, they say that speculation is unwarrantied. back to you. >> thank you. >> christina: what a day to spend outside, hopefully you took full advantage. antwan: central park with temps in 60s. christina: get to audrey puente with a look for the workweek. antwan: hello audrey. audrey: it was a day to be outside, to enjoy sunshine and dry weather. temperatures were slightly above average today, mostly in 60s across the region, 70 in newark. we're at 62 in islip, cooler to month take point, but high it at 65. 66 is current reading in sussex. central park dropped to 63,
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shore in belmar, and toward islip and montauk point, the winds are breezy, kicking in 10 miles an hour on average, current temperatures are cooler on the shore points from where they were 24 hours ago and warmer than inland. we had clear skies out there just a couple high thin clouds have passedded through from time to time, overnight, we could see more clouds coming in, but i think we'll go with partly cloudy skies for the evening. much of the northeast is quiet. there is a disturbance today the great lakes, but that is where it was remain. tomorrow, when you wake up there will be clouds in place, but the sun breakthrough from time to time, temperatures slightly cooler with highs in mid 60s, back to you. >> thank you. >> nypd is investigating what appears to be a road rage incident on upper east side, two
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night, witnesses say that one man got out of his vehicle, tried to pull the other driver out of his vehicle. one of men stabbed other several times before driving away, the victim tried to get to a hospital but crashed into a parked car, he is in stable condition, police are searching for the other driver who was in a blue ford with rhode island license plates. christina: a shooting at a prom in wisconsin leaves two people injured and the gunman dead, 18-year-old jacob wagner fired at two prom goers in an tigo. one victim was shot in the leg the other grazed by a bullet, a police officer, who was patrolling the parking lot, fatally shot wagner, who had graduated from the school. >> a connecticut man facing charges for allegedly
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trump rally, police arrested shawn morsky . a second tweet allegedly urged his friends and family to leave that rally, he faces a barrage of charges, he was released on bond. christina: to race for white house, republican candidates gear up for tuesday a primary, donald trump held a rally in maryland, some polls there have trump favored to sweep, pennsylvania, connecticut, delaware, and rhode island and maryland. >> ted ted cruz is in indiana, focusing on the indiana primary, that is held may 3. ohio governor john kasich did not have any events for today. antwan: hillary clinton and byrne byrne also spent the -- bernie sanders also spent the
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hillary clinton spoke in bridgeport, some polls show hillary clinton leading sanders in all 5 contests, bernie sanders vowing to continue his campaign for the white house. addressing more than 7,000 people in rhode island today. before attending a rally in connecticut. saying that u.s. government must once again become a government of the people, not the big donors. christina: president obama in germany today to meet with chancellor merkel. he hopes to push a the transatlantic trade deal. they will discuss other issues. >> tribute continue for prince following his sudden dead thursday, check out this one. bruce springsteen honoring
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show with his rendition of purple rain -- "purple rain," purple leads flooding the stage as well. christina: a push to provide funding to stop the spread of zika virus, new york senator schumer urges passes of president's merge funding request. that money would go toward mosquito controlling fors, testing for the disease, and research for the development of a vaccine, more than 800 americans in 40 states have been infected. the cdc confirmed a link between zeek apreg -- zika, pregnant woman and severe birth defects. antwan: tolls will collect using easy pass, it went into effect after midnight, could haves without easy pass will be billed later based on photographs of license plate and registration information. christina: a benefit concert is held at home to help the victims in ecuador.
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nightclub in woodside queens, all proceeds are going to unicef, the tri-state region is home to largest ecuador an community in u.s. >> warmer temperatures mean it time for street fares. christina: coming up, a foody fair with a unique spin on the annual festival. antwan: beyonce dropping a brand-new album. and judge jay-z may not be a big fan of it.
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police christina: i like that corn stuff. italian sausages and a variety of knickknacks. antwan: then there is one that lidia curanaj went on the upper west side. reporter: spring is here when streets are closed off, and street fares show up. but this is not your father's street fair. soothing melodies and delicious smells. you had your kettle popcorn. >> i'm going to be 10 poundeds heavier.
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don't judge me, i know i had a very tough assignment today. okay the flair at this fair was unlike any other chinese crepes, and growths to beneficial the impoverished. and art work setting you back 1200 dollars. and new york city t-shirts, and hot sauce from israel, south african sweet treat. >> people keep stopping there. saying it is like the old sausage market. reporter: you can get a sauce act sandwich but pair it with an all natural soda. >> organic sugar cane based syrup. >> they you don't get it in dc on the street like this. reporter: evan strives to make
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>> a residence of new york city, the city has been waiting for a transfer may be of street fares for quite some time. >> eating, playing, and dancing to burn those caleros off -- calories off. there are 30 more fares like this happening through october. reporting from upper west side, lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. >> it looks like queen b is back. christina: beyonce 6 album dropped on jay-z's title yesterday, there has been a lot of speculation that many of the songs allude to jay-z a alleged cheating, a mistreatment of beyonce's mother by her father, title said that album is based on every woman's journey of self knowledge and healing. antwan: ohio waitress serving up
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>> 9 cops were eating at red rob robin, she paid their $123 check, dunbar said she just wanted to do something nice for the men. >> i am a young mom, i am not anybody important. and all of them, you know, they thanked me, that was an awesome feeling it still is. antwan: that was awesome, dunbar's father is a retired police officer. sweet thing to do. christina: amazing. >> very good, audrey? christina: audrey? audrey: i hope you got out and enjoyed today. we'll have changes for the upcoming week. french is where we started this morning -- 47 is where we started this morning, 63 right
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humidity are comfortable at the moment, winds out of south at about 14 miles per hour, providing a bit of a breeze, dewpoints making things comfortable across the region. regions like these and 20s and 30s is dry air in place. we're mostly in 60s, 65, belmar cooler at 57, and across island, temperatures in 50s, like islip, and to montauk point, elsewhere, we're experiencing very nice temperatures from new england to midatlantic, in 50s to albany, 60s in philadelphia, and dc, 70 in williamsport and pittsburgh, bush low cooler -- buffalo is cooler. we have a couple high clouds working through right now. we'll stay try overnight, and wake up in the morning with mostly cloudy conditions, there
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lakes, a area of low pressure is sitting over the northern plains, this will one will head to our region. with clouds thickening unlate. am i interrupting you over there tomorrow's highs in 70s from great lakes down to gulf coast region, we have readings in 7s to 80s, 60 in new york city, warm, is down to gulf coast to west, we have readings cooler in upper 50s, to pacific north west to l.a., and look at future cast, clouds moving in tonight, tomorrow wake up with cloud cover, but don't be alarmed, sun breaking through from time to time, rain should hole off until tomorrow -- hold off until tomorrow night, tuesday, you should have your umbrella handy with a threat of scattered showers, in afternoon a line of rain moving through. tonight, dry, temperatures in 40, tomorrow's mix of sun, clouds, nice tomorrow with
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and low 70s further in upcoming week we have rain tuesday, a break wednesday, then rain returns to region thursday, temperatures cool down a little bit, we're going for high numbers where they should be this time of year, 60s until later to upper 50s, and we'll stay dry for now to next weekend, but you know that is always subject to change. >> okay sorry about that. invite me when you have a party going up. christina: live stream. antwan: duke with a look at sports. >> you are focused, right. duke: i was. mets and braves. mets going there are
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duke: mets down in atlanta again today, degrom on the mound for first time since starting the mets home opener. >> all right degrom pitched well striking out nick in the third, finished with 3 strike outs on the day. in the fifth, getting it done, getting freddie freeman. he went 5 and 2/3, giving up one earned run, mets win 3-2, they scene. >> yanks hosting the rays, a tough start for michael panetta.
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homer to right, 2--0 rays, steven souza, how about this happy birthday first of two of his home runs, rays led 5-0. rays win 8-1. >> a rod was in the lineup, injured his left o-- -- left the game awaiting an mri, more news tonight, with mets, and yankees and nfl draft. see you tonight, 10:30, "sports extra" presented by toyota. antwan: thank you. christina: talk about an out of this world experience. antwan: aboard international space station, show you how one ast nat astronaut ran efficient the
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sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing sfx: crowd chanting sfx: crowd cheering
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christina: how do you run a marathon in space? on treadmill, tied down, british astronaut tim peek, ran 26.2 miles himself on the treadmill aboard the international space station. he could see the real path with an ipad. he completed in 3 hours 35 minutes. antwan: a lot of people running outside as well. we watch it on a treadmill like in the gym, you run to time of first person that crosses for two hours, not 26.2 miles. that semifairathon running -- that is my marathon running. outside. today was day to do it, tomorrow you get a chance, tuesday there is rain coming in. it gets dryer on wednesday, rain thursday.
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action this week, we had a good week last week. we have sunshine for saturday, and sunday, temperatures in 60s to upper 50s, that closer to average for this time of year. >> a good time for a run. >> even on your treadmill. antwan: thank you, audrey, that is it for you at 6:00, thank you for watching i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park with audrey puente, and duke castiglione.
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>> death of a music legend. purple tributes are everywhere. even broadway. and ... kelly ripa drama. what regis philbin is saying. and a judge who recognized him from middle school. now, the big reunion. plus ... she's been eating ruffles potato chips every day for 20 years.


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