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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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ba da ba ba ba rosanna: what a gorgeous day, greg kelly. greg: what else, rosanna, late april 2016. rosanna: beach body. are you ready? greg: oh man, i show up to the pool and the beach with a t-shirt on. rosanna: i started to invest in the attire over the bathing suit. greg: going with the one piece. rosanna: and a dress over it. i got them all. greg: i understand.
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every day we have a positive attitude. out. hi, everybody. what's happening? did you see the newspapers, check out the internet over the weekend, mayor deblasio seems to be, seems to be in a great deal of political trouble. debacle yesterday in the new york post crime time for deblas. rosanna: well, there are investigations going on. greg: well, any way, pretty interesting letter leaked and published in the daily news from the board of elections and saying that the mayor and his team definitely skirted the campaign finance laws, in other words, broke the law, and the matter was referred to the district attorney. he seems to be on the case as well as the u.s. attorney. the memo is from january. but the mayor is you know in the spot light right now.
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number of entities. it is not looking good at this point. rosanna: federal investigations are going on, and we know when we talked to george, he worked for ed koch during the time the administration was being investigated. it is dichlt to conduct the business of the city when you have investigations swirling around you. the sharks are out in full force, greg. greg: yes, the post says blood in the water. there is a pushback from one of the lawyers associated with deblasio. i don't know. it is complicated. rosanna: in the meantime, friday, we had a lovely day, we went to nassau county. greg: yes, the council gets together and once a year has a beautiful lunch.
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and watching for fair and balance. rosanna: we gave awards and celebrated ernie and byron. there is lew there as well. greg: the boss of the station. it is our job to present to a couple of awards to the deserving superior nalists from long island. it was a banquet. we wanted to mix it up. we wrote something. we killed, rosanna. rosanna: well the jury is out on this one. greg: take a listen. greg: there is inside stuff there.
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rosanna: i was getting into the act. greg: bottom line, we rapped instead of reading the script. rosanna: it was fun, amusing. we had a lot of selfies after the awards. greg: one more time... all right. it rhymed. a lot of inside jokes. one more time here... man scape rhymes with land scape. maybe you had to be there. rosanna: now listening to it again, you had to be there. any way, it was in good fun and we have a few more things. ernie was incredulous.
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byron did a beautiful introduction. >> it was a beautiful introduction. one other thing, rosanna, i want to talk about, boy oh boy the word trade center. rosanna: not this again. greg: the structure is beautiful. the memorial. the museum, they got it right. i love the memorial. it is perfect in my opinion. the observatory, however, at the top of the world trade center, rosanna, it is down to this, they need to stop hustling you when you are to the top of the building to rent the ipad for 15 bucks. it is like going to the aquarium, you get to the aquarium instead of seeing the fish, you see a video of fish for 10-15 minutes. the windows are right there. you have to stop. mike woods, you were there. it is pricey.
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empire state building. 75 bucks for two people to get to the top. the thing to change, not have that guy hustle people in a holding room for five minutes and urging you to rent a $15 ipad and the most gorgeous view is just on the other side of the door. rosanna: you are not the typical person going up. greg, you are in the media. you know a lot about the area and the new york landscape. you are not the typical person going up there. greg: no, no. rosanna: i'm going to say it is comparable to going to the top of the rock, it is comparable to going up to the top of the empire state building. going to the museums, they ask
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you don't need a guided tour, you understand the landscape. greg: at the museum, there is a table, you are not in a holding room and they are trying to make a sale to you. i paid the admission price, i want to go to the top. you have to put in context, rosanna, at the top you are put in a room, you are not seeing outside, they basically lecture you to rent the ipad for $15 and rosanna, i wasn't the only one, people are frustrated and people were rolling their eyes. mike woods was up there with friends from out of town and they worked on you to rent this thing. this facility has come under fire before because of the
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commercialism. rosanna: it is anticipation of the view. mike: it is a build up. rosanna: yes, the experience. greg: no, no, you think it is part of the experience to rent the ipad. he goes on like that. rosanna: greg, they do the same thing at the empire state building. greg: they don't. rosanna: that is because you cut the line. greg: well, we cut the line at the bottom. you will find the same experience. this is part of it. greg: is that a good part of the experience, rosanna? rosanna: otherwise you are just looking out the window. greg: the observatory, that is what it is. you want to see the fish at the aquarium, no look at the media about the fish. mike, what was it like for you, what did you think about the push? mike: similar experience as you.
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when getting in the elevator you are seeing the process of the city developing over the years and thinking when they open the doors yes, but that didn't. rosanna: you are getting a lot for your 30 something dollars right. greg: we want to look out the window. rosanna, go and pay and go through the whole thing. it is a minor adjustment. my beef is the holding room routine and the guy is hustling the people to rent the ipad. we just want to see outside. mike, i will stop now. rosanna: thank you for stopping. [laughter] mike: to what is up out there. it is a mixed bag of a day. still, temps are not bad, 68 the high for the day. look at the record high.
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91 degrees. all right, this morning 57 degrees at central park. 58 newark. 56 in belmar. 54 in bridgeport. the temps are just a little milder than yesterday. the winds fair bl and light. coming through at 3-6 miles per hour. but we should start to see winds coming in from the south here as time goes on. we have a stalled out front boundary. we have possibility of a few sprinkles. no real rainfall coming in just yet. we have the area of low pressure coming in from the northern plains states and across the mitted western states and slighting in this direction and bringing in the opportunity for skalt scattered showers and quick thunderstorm but not until tonight and tomorrow. today is fine. more sub will be breaking out
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70. headed to tonight and tomorrow the showers are coming in. right now the futurecast wants to focus the showers to the east and northeast of the tristate region. not a ton of rainfall for everyone but scattered showers and storms and then shutting down after that and dwrie for you on wednesday. a lot of sunshine out there. the temps cooler too. today is warmer, headed up to 59 by 11:00 a.m. and high of 68 degrees later on today. so it is a warm up and yeah, it is going to be wet tomorrow. tomorrow it is wet, dry on wednesday. thursday more showers. headed to the upcoming weekend and bike tour and the a marathon on long island, the temperatures
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back to you. rosanna: all right. do you remember that face? greg: back in the days. the eyewitness news team, they were great back then. a house hold name in new york city city. how long were you there? >> oh, gosh, six years. >> and hosting your own show. >> yes. i did notice you. the new book called destiny lingers. a novel about a reporter in new york city named destiny. welcome, so nice to meet you. >> i can't believe you have all of that. >> do you love the music.
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it is wonderful to be back in new york. rosanna: you are a west costar now and returning to stomping grounds. >> yes, it is a joy. rosanna: what is it like being on the west coast. >> i had done the news and talk show and time to do new territory, and getting other ways to tell the stories. los angeles is lovely. it is not new york, but allowed me a way to tell the stories, writing a novel, producing, acting and doing other things. here. destiny lingers. tell us about it. >> it is a reporter in new york city who uncovered every story and not paying attention to her own life until she finds red hair across the pillow and unravelling a story of deceit and getting her head back
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exciting things going on in new york, she goes to an island in north carolina and meeting a police chief and he was the little boy she was in love with but couldn't be with because of segregation. what would i do with a second chance with a first love. times change, life is different. rosanna: what part is this from your real life and where does the literary license pick up? >> while it is a comp temporary series. you remember back in the day in news when they would have a crazy situation and the person
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anchor person and they would send you, somebody was holding a kid hostage and they wanted to talk to a reporter, john johnson was in the news room. they wanted john. so john wouldn't go. i went. the hostage situation ended peacefully, boy in the book, it is fun to write a novel; i would have won an emmy times for that one. it is fun to elaborate. >> where'd you grow up? >> in north carolina. >> the big break, channel 7, that was a big break?
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and wabc, inside edition and the rolonda show. >> you are from salem, ever go on a witch hunt? >> no, that is salem, massachusetts. >> i am from salem-winston. i spent summers on topsel island. my grandparents were among the ten black families that found the black beach front area in the state of north carolina so i grew up there and watching how things changed so much. this is ode to new york city and the ode to love and enduring time and hatred and the ode to the island. rosanna: that is so nice. you can meet rolonda. >> i in town for a few days and come out.
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harlem we are having a book signing and celebrating prince tonight. >> what are you doing? >> they are having a big free concert out there. we are jamming to prince. dancing with our purple on. >> that sounds like a lot of fun. so nice to meet you in person. >> so nice to meet you. i will be at your restaurant. >> fabulous. we love you. she's one of the good people. >> folks, stick around for this, there are all kinds of bald men out there, it is happening. rosanna: no, it is not. greg: well, men are encouraged to shave their head. rosanna: yes, for women we get crazy losing our hair. greg: it is challenging and nonspoken of, we meet some of the top hair stylists in town and with great tips for women.
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move free ultra. get your move on. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because
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treat damaged hair to nourishing repair. new whole blends by garnier honey treasures haircare. with the essence of royal jelly and propolis. nourishes deeply, for naturally beautiful, revived hair. new garnier whole blends honey treasures. smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. greg: all right, guys losing hair is a fact of life. a silver lining though, you can shave it and pull it off. rosanna: guys have embraced the bald.
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it is difficult for women losing hair. rosanna: it is traumatic. greg: the bald look doesn't work for the women. rosanna: now other products are done to help you save your hair or grow it. >> we have a dermatologist and dr. shaw. >> thank you. >> you have brought drugs with you? >> i have, goodies for hair loss. women can experience hair loss for a number of reasons and it is common in women. rosanna: like what? >> hereditary and stress, life events like giving birth or diseases. >> before we start, why more common for women to lose the hair? >> it is common in women also. roughly 50% of women develop hair loss in their lifetime. it is common.
9:22 am
products out there. >> sure. you know, we know rogaine has been around. it is working great. it helps regrow the hair and stabilizing the hair loss. >> for women too? >> yes. >> what about the side effects? >> iration of the scalp. rosanna: i notice a lot of people trying the vitamins. >> yes, there are vitamins and supplements on the market. >> do they work? >> well, i have patients that have seen the improvements using it. >> you have really great hair. thank you. >> nothing in my hair. i'm good for now. some of the newer devices are laser therapy and they have been around for a while, but newer
9:23 am
stimulating the hair growth and you have in offs procedures, plasma and hair transplant. >> and go get the extensions? >> yes. >> they are called salons now. >> this is paul. >> hello. >> nice to have you here. you are addressing this in the salons. >> yes. i address it monthly in the magazine. >> what do you do, do you have special products and massage? >> yes, we start with the products, we using the hops. it swells the hair up.
9:24 am
as somebody that wears make up, there is sa bio technology. this lovely foam that you put into the scalp. >> like a mouse? >> like rogaine? >> no. it has a complex and taking little hairs and we have been using it 3 months now and now the hairs are growing longer. it helps the strengthen them. >> we have a before picture of this beautiful lady here. take a look. >> wow, what an improvement. >> her hair is looking fuller? >> yes, that is what we are designed to do. >> she didn't have bald spots? >> there was skinness at the scalp.
9:25 am
rage through the hair, it is making each hair appearing to be thicker so you are not seeing the scalp as much. >> this is great stuff. any salon has cool music. hit the music. >> you have a great play list at the salon, i bet. >> if you want extensions go to anglo. he's doing the best extensions. is it about just, are you doing anything to regrow the hair or camouflage camouflage? >> we have treatments. the other thing is treatments in the salon.
9:26 am
same, thin, brittle, thinning hair, bald spots and we started in the salon with the treatments. we followed up with our hair detox. >> look at the difference. that is, wow, cover girl. you look amazing. how do you feel? >> fabulous. >> with everything that you have been through, when you looked in the mirror? >> devastating. >> just from the hair not being there? >> you don't see yourself. >> so your hair was part of the recovery process? >> yes, it was. in order for your spirit and body to return healthy again you have to feel good about going out there. >> anglo, you put in the extensions? >> yes. at one point the hair stopped
9:27 am
we designed hair extensions for her to fulfill the look. >> like what, how do you put them in? >> they are a tape type of form. allows her to get length and volume. we do hairpieces, wigs, extensions. >> so the bottom line, everybody, if a woman's hair is thinning, can you really regrow the hair, you can do the extensions and stuff like that, you can try to make it look thicker, can you regrow the hair? >> you can regrow hair, not in a bald spot. when you have hair left, we make it stronger, thicker and longer. >> yes, you can certainly regrow the hair, it is a good resource
9:28 am
it is a community of doctors and patients and you can learn more about the treatment available. >> if good enough for women, it works for the men. but except for the hair extensions. [overlapping speakers] >> seriously, we are not there yet, are we? all right. i will just accept this when it comes. so nice to meet you. >> thank you so much. we are meeting jennifer coming up. you know her from once upon a time, did you know she gets headaches. i can relate to that, i work next to greg kelly.
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greg: what's happening? rosanna: oh, it looks like it is cloudy out there, but the sun is going to come out. greg: when you go to the world trade center, tell them greg
9:32 am
interested in renting the ipad. once upon a time, sundays at 8:00. people love this show. rosanna: they do, it is a fairy tale in modern times. >> earlier in the career she played the mother of captain kirk. we are excited to have jennifer morston with us on the set. welcome. >> thank you so much. rosanna: things are getting good on the show. emma is so close to finding love. she's trying to help everyone else and there she is alone. >> yes, she's taking a big risk letting everyone come with her to the under world. she's dealing with feeling quilt and uncomfortable that people are sacrificing to help her find the love.
9:33 am
>> did you already tape it? >> yes, we finished season five and we are on a break and starting season six in july. >> where do you tape? >> in vancouver, canada. >> yes, because of the tax breaks. >> that is true. >> jennifer, you suffer from serious headaches from time to time. >> yes, i do. i am in new york to talk about the more to migraine campaign. you can find out more about the treatments and the things to ask your doctors about. i am a migraine suffer and i am paired up with them to help out with it. >> you don't know the triggers either. i have a friend with very, very bad migraines and is t a fragrance, stress, all of the
9:34 am
>> every instance is different. brieblth flashes of light set mine off. that is interesting on the set. >> what do you do when you get a migraine and how long do they laos? >> i lose vision first. >> you go blind? >> no, blurry, i know you are sitting here but i can't recognize you. i have to step away and try to recollect myself. greg: plus you have a pounding headache. >> yes, it turns into a headache. >> how long does that last? >> at times it is a night, sometimes 24 hours. it is different. everyone's situation is different. there's also sorts of treatments for the different situations.
9:35 am
completely missed out on something? >> a couple of times i had trouble. there was a play and there were strobing lights at the beginning of the play and i had to leave. there are definitely times where you know luckily it is not at work, yet, but times where you miss out on stuff. rosanna: it is good you are getting awareness out there, but no really cure for it? >> i'm not a doctor, i don't know about all of the details. for me, it is one thing, but it is another thing when you have kids and at a work place, people are up against a lot of things when facing the migraines. it is me and bringing awareness about it and talking to your
9:36 am
greg: thank you for that. let's talk star trek. for the fans a lot of fascination with spok's mother and finally kirk's mother, you are the mother in the franchise today? >> i think i'm the first actress to play captain kirk's mother. >> wow, you are right, during the series we met spok's mother. >> what is that guy like? >> super nice. if you are having a child, have a super hot child. >> why not. york? >> i do, i have a home here. >> i notice from twitter and instagram you go to theatre a
9:37 am
good friends with lynn manwell. >> well, i don't know about good friends. i'm a huge fan of everything he's done. as we all know, the world knows now, he's so gifted and amazing to watch the story telling and bringing it to life. when i saw hamilton no way it is going to live up to the hype, it surpassed the hype. greg: he's on to something. jennifer, thank you so much. we'll see you in the season six of once upon a time. rosanna: it is going on. >> we are still airing now. we have a few more episodes. >> when is the next star trek movie? >> i'm not in the next one. i don't have the details. rosanna: too bad. >> i'm there in spirit. >> that is your baby. thank you. rosanna: thank you so much. coming up on "good day new york."..
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crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable. >> i think it is a dream job,
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fashion photographer and great guy. you may know him from america's top model. you may have noticed he's got a heck of a physique. he's taking good care of himself. you can learn the techniques at the new gym, it is the dog pound gym in tribeca. he works out with hugh jackman. known to be the a very strong and fit man. >> thank you. >> how did you get that name? >> well, the funny thing, authentic story, hugh, myself and a bunch of guys are working out every morning, we get together, we brought our dogs with us, we tied up the dogs in
9:42 am
we called it the dog pound. it is a brotherhood that we created. >> so can you bring your dog? >> sure, dog, friends. we have a lot of fun. it is like an old garage. it is beautifully decorated. we have victorias secret models working out there too. it is full of women of all ages. it is not just for the young people. i'm 45. we have the people in the 50s and 60s coming to work out. >> hugh jackman getting up early to work out. i would think a movie star sleeps in. >> get it done. they have work to do.
9:43 am
care of it. our work out is high intensity and we get it done in 45 minutes. >> the dog pound gym. i am intrigued. what does it cost by the way to be a member? >> well, i'm not sure on the exact prices. there are different setups, you can go for months. you can pick a trainer or do the group classes. it is cheaper by the group. there are a number of ways to do it. >> well, you have a radio show. >> i do. >> theendelman's code. -- gentleman's code. >> it is on radio, on 1:00 on tuesday every week live. i wanted a show about fashion and style.
9:44 am
means to be a modern renaissance man. women talk about being a woman and what they are doing, but men don't. being a guy is one thing, being a resans man is something else. so guy talk, is it like -- >> it is a combination. i spent a lot of time in the barbershop every week. i go to barbershop at least once a week. in the barbershop they are talking about everything, hair, and grooming, and talk about sports, they talk about what they are cooking, for me -- >> girls? >> girls and guys. rosanna: the thing which i think is different for a guy, years ago, the hair didn't matter what you did with it or your body, now people are man scaping and making sure they have botox. >> yes, and they are talking about it.
9:45 am
the guys would come on. we have guys of all walks of life, super models to guys secret service and others. >> secret service are man scaping? >> you would be surprised. >> we made the news here. nothing wrong with that, if you want to do it. let's see the gym again, please. >> i want to see the exercises from there. >> the dog pound gym. go there and hang with nigel and model friends and a couple of fatties in the mix too, like me. >> let's meet the people you brought with you. >> we need to hear the music. music is vital. a bit of a workout. >> you are trainers at the dog pound? >> yes.
9:46 am
>> well, he's not the boss. >> i'm the angel. >> let's see the moves. nigel, this is one of the classes? >> yes, we have a boxing ring in the gym. >> that is cool. >> we have a world class boxes trainer. you use your body weight for training. it is a combination cross training. >> you missed bad a couple of times. >> what now, nigel? >> using your own body weight. this is leg throws. this is for the core. a lot of core. it is porpt to stay tight and strong.
9:47 am
i strengthened my core. doing the core exercises is vital. i feel like i'm 25. >> i know you talked to jennifer before you came out here, you suffer from migraines. >> yes, i have had them in the past. >> oh, my goodness. what are you doing with her? >> basically, if you don't have the weight -- >> oh my goodness. >> buy the dumbbells. >> can i? >> just do it. >> oh, no. this is where things go wrong. >> this is guy the guys love the dog pound. >> oh, no.
9:48 am
>> i will curl you. >> no pain no gain. >> look at this. wow. be careful. >> all right. >> do you want to come to the dog pound. >> i want you to be my dumbbell. i didn't mean anything by that. >> congratulations on the radio show and of course the new exercise place. thank you as well. >> we are eating sis sillian
9:49 am
it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate, can't sleep. before long it's all you can think about. you feel anxious and uncertain. until one day you realize, this could be it. you've done it, you've quit smoking for good. a little suffering now can save a lot of suffering later. stop before the real suffering starts. you can quit smoking.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> hi, everybody. last valentine's day day we had an epic night. rosanna: we celebrated together. greg: we went in a chopper and fly around and went to a restaurant. it is very odd. rosanna: yes, since i am married. >> greg: and we are co-workers. i tried to get cosy, you were having none of it. it happened at a great restaurant downtown. rosanna: yes, a great southern
9:52 am
we decided we didn't get a chance to taste everything and invited the chef to come on. >> this is paul. how are you doing? >> great, how are you? >> you have a great joint there. it is great. it is a great vibe. we have open all day. >> sicilian cooking, how do you describe it, how is it different from the northern cooking. >> it is more to do with a lot of fish based and vegetables and olive oils and fresh, not so heavy. no butter. well, some butt you are, but not a lot. >> you have some of the things from the restaurant. eggplant is a classic. >> it is gorgeous. >> we have a beautiful salad. >> the thing about the cheese,
9:53 am
on top. >> yes. >> that is unique? >> it is call add micro plane. >> this is a spinoff from a marinated sucinni. we slice it and grill it quickly. just to flash it. we dress it with a bunch of stuff. >>let >>let's do it chef. >> a bunch of stuff. >> this is a ricotta salted, dried and aged. >> nuts on top too? >> these are almonds. we toasted and crushed them. a vinaigrette red wine and olive oil.
9:54 am
we come back. >> keep doing i don't you are
9:55 am
9:56 am
i'm picking on the with ingredients like roasted the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella. spread the happy! rosanna: thank you for saying nice things about us on facebook. >> thank you so much.
9:57 am
check out the restaurant. beautiful vibe down there. especially i like the price. thank you so much. we didn't see a bill. rosanna: it is a great place. it is so pretty. thank you for watching us. we are going to facebook live in a few minutes. >> i am curling a human being. there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike glucosamine chondroitin, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra.
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live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> the kids have come to play today. >> i won't believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. no changes. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, here's wendy!


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