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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  April 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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responsibilities, and first of all, that should never have been put into the public domain. and second of all, when you look at how inconsistent it is with state law, it begs the question what was the underlying motivation >> reporter: the issue is in the hands of cy vance, who confirmed his office is investigating. a former spokesman for ed koch whose term was plagued with scandal discussed mayor de blasio today. >> is de blasio in serious trouble? >> i don't think so. i think that we should not jump to any conclusions. there's a lot of smoke. we don't know whether there's fire until the conclusion of the investigation. >> reporter: the mayor's event was to highlight savings on water bills for new york homeowners homeowners. he only took a handful of questions on the investigations. it lasted under eight minutes before quickly leaving. jen: thank you. special justice activists
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primaries went. some voters in the primary malfunctioning ballot machines and polling places opening late. others dealt with missing and purged voter rolls. >> the election has many tools. unfortunately, i think often utilized to repress voters as opposed to opening up avenues for voting. investigating. mayor de blasio is promising $20 million to the city board of elections to help pay for the reforms, including improving poll worker staffing. steve: ted cruz and john kasich publicly teaming up to stop donald trump. jen: sharon crowley is here to explain how they're working together to keep trump winning enough delegates to get the nomination. >> reporter: it ps 's just becoming more and more interesting.
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john kasich are joining forces john kasich are joining forces to try to stop donald trump. but critics say the strategy to try to deny trump the republican nomination and force a contested convention may come too late in the race. >> ladies and gentlemen, our new nominee is john kasich. he's won one state out of 50. and he's going to be -- how do you do that? >> reporter: billionaire real estate mogul donald trump is the only republican candidate who mathematically has a chance of getting the republican nomination. now in a late game play, republican rivals ted cruz and john kasich are hoping to deny trump the required 1237 delegates by splitting the votes in the remaining primary states, forcing an open convention. >> in the deal that was announced yesterday, ted cruz is going to have indiana to himself and in exchange, he will cede
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mexico. if both had stayed in the race in new mexico, indiana and oregon, they would have divided up the votes in such a way that donald trump would have been allowed to win more delegates. >> reporter: trump fired back on twitter calling the plan desperate, writing shows how weak and desperate lying ted is when he has to team up with a guy who openly can't stand him and is only one win and 38 losses. kasich was asked about the tweet on the campaign trail in maryland. >> i don't respond to donald trump. what, are you kidding me? >> is it collusion? >> what does that mean? i don't know -- does he know what that means? >> cruz continued to take shots at trump in indiana. >> a few months ago, he told all of us he could be the most politically correct person on earth. now he's showing us what that looks like. >> reporter: despite kasich and cruz teaming up, trump is expected to have a good day tomorrow.
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holding primaries and trump is ahead in all of them. political analysts say either way you look at this, it does not bode well for the republican party. they say this strategy had a much stronger chance of working a few months ago. steve: nobody wanted to get involved. thank you. on to the democrats. senator bernie sanders rallying supporters in connecticut before the primary. 2,000 people turned out to see him in downtown hartford. he was not holding back from criticizing hillary clinton. >> secretary clinton has chosen to raise her money a different way. she has a number of super pacs. last reporting period listed 25 million in special interests, 15 million from wall street. steve: sanders still vowing to stay in the race all the way to the democratic convention in july, no matter what happens in tomorrow's primaries. jen: hillary clinton headed to
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her rivals. she said america needs a practical plan for president. she went after donald trump, calling some of his comments dangerous. >> he says stop all muslims from coming into the united states. he makes the job harder to defeat isis. i know a little bit about -- jen: she has a rally planned in philadelphia where the democratic convention will be held this summer. steve: president obama says up to 250 troops are headed to syria to help in the fight against isis. the white house says none will participate in combat. they'll support and train local forces. the president urging leaders in germany, italy, great britain and france to ramp up their part in the fight. >> the united states has an extraordinary military, the best the world's ever known, but the nature of today's threats means we can't deal with these challenges by ourselves. steve: last week the administration announced the u.s. is deploying more than 200
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iraq. jen: the brussels subway station where 16 people were killed reopened today with increased security. the damaged station had been closed since the bombings march 22nd, which killed 16 people at a brussels airport. a remembrance wall has been set up where people can honor the victims. steve: cops say heroin ring operating from the bronx to long island is out of business. jen: how nassau county detectives got the drugs off the streets. >> reporter: 3,500 envelopes of heroin, three kilos of cocaine and $36,000 in cash seized by police as part of a two-month joint investigation with the drug enforcement agency and the nassau county district attorney. >> these aren't your low level street dealers. these are people high up in the organization that are pushing this poison out. >> reporter: a total of seven arrests where the ringleader could face life behind bars if convicted. brian is accused of supplying the drugs.
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would get them from pedro ramirez. there were a father and two sons, members of the latin kings, with a criminal history and responsible for dealing 10,000 envelopes of heroin a week. >> jones was supplying in the quantity of a thousand plus decks to a distribution network. >> reporter: these were the two cars recovered friday police. drugs were hidden inside the console of this toyota avalon. what they say is surprising is where the dealers lived. massapequa, long beach, middle class neighborhoods close to day cares and schools. >> there's no lines they won't cross. they'll deal wherever they end up. >> reporter: police recovered a kilo press, xanax, thc and packing materials. an estimated value of $750,000. officials are sending a clear message. >> it doesn't matter where
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if it ends up in our county and gets our kids addicted, they will be held accountable. >> reporter: they call it an epidemic that has taken the lives of more than 40 people in nassau county this year alone. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. jen: a fire raced through apartments this morning. firefighters from eight departments responded to the call just about 4:00 in the morning on long beach road and oceanside. officials say the fire began in a convenience store and spread to more than a dozen apartments. the red cross is helping more than 50 people relocate. luckily, nobody was injured. steve: the four game suspension for tom brady is on after a federal appeals court overturned the ruling that allowed him to play last season. that follows the decision by a manhattan judge that went against the nfl, letting him skip the suspension and play the season. this due to the whole deflategate scandal which goes back to the game in january of
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using underinflated footballs against league rules. at 6:00, russ salzberg is going to explain why the ruling is a big win for the nfl. jen: imagine just having five minutes' notice to make your debut at the metropolitan opera. that's what happened to and understudy in saturday's performance of othello. jen: he sprung into action when the lead actor began losing his voice in the final act. he ran from the green room to the legendary stage and threw a cape over his t-shirt and jeans. didn't have time to change. lending his voice for the remainder of the show to applause and a standing ovation. >> people were surprised maybe. i don't know. a big surprise for me. i'm very happy. jen: the 54-year-old says he
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it's his job to be ready at a moment's notice. steve: crazy. you have to be ready. you don't think it's going to happen like that. a brooklyn nun specializes in a particular kind of redemption. >> last year we were able to reach almost 10 million. jen: how she's helping the needy.
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how it hopes to be the uber o jennifer: charter communications is about to become the country's no. 2 home internet provider now that the justice department approved its bid to buy time warner cable. however, the fcc and california's utility regulator need to give permission. steve: a brooklyn couple spent so much time cleaning their place, they decided to create an on demand housekeeping app. jennifer: alison morris is here to show us how their little start-up is making a big name for itself. >> reporter: i love these guys. who doesn't want someone who can show up and clean at a moment's notice. this is heaven. it's wonderful. as you mentioned, they only just launched the house cleaning app last month. but the concept is catching on fast. say your girlfriend is moving in today.
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they handle last minute cleaning services all the time. these are genie mates. they're high school sweethearts and founders of an on demand cleaning service that can get to your home or office in no time. >> we can assure it's because an algorithm. algorithm. >> reporter: download the app and they'll send a genie your way. you can call them directly, too. the idea for genie mates came from their own struggle to work, take care of their three sons and keep their house in order. >> we wanted to free up our time. >> it's important. we like to play basketball. we play with our sons. we're very active. we work out. we're not the type that want to stay in cleaning for three hours.
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shoestring budget, less than $500, and kept it hyper local, testing their cleaning service and algorithm on family and friends in the brooklyn area, doing a lot of the work themselves. they now use independent contractors in the five boroughs and nassau county. scrubbing bathrooms on demand and offering competitive pricing. >> our basic cleaning is a minimum of two hours and $40 an hour for the service. that service is basic dusting, wiping, cleaning, mopping, what's already expected in your normal cleaning. >> reporter: need extra elbow grease? not a problem. >> you want time to live and go out. this service is giving a lot of families back their time, busy professionals back your time. >> reporter: they're running a special promotion. order two hours cleaning. they'll bring along a bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers. not a bad idea. as for the future of the business, they're currently in the process of bringing in the first round of outside funding
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becoming the uber of cleaning. everyone wants to be the next -- jennifer: definitely. >> reporter: they'll find a cleaner within five miles. they can get there fast. jennifer: think how many times you have to do something last minute. >> reporter: people coming over. the house is a mess. it's a fight over cleaning the place or call them. steve: lining up the cleaner is the hard part. >> we call our cleaners. we can't come that way. steve: saves a lot of legwork. let's talk about the weather. nick, it's amazing. we are so apriled out this month. this was early april. it's nice and comfortable but it's been so consistent. nick: we like consistency in weather. makes my job easier. absolutely. today just a little above average but a decent day. we had some high clouds. they'll thicken up overnight.
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65, 48 is where we should be. and tomorrow, sunrise 6:00. down at 7:45 and don't expect to see a lot of sun tomorrow. maybe very little. may break through at some point during the morning. i don't think we'll see much of that. 67 right now. humidity is at 40 percent. high clouds are out there. the pressure 29.89 and it is falling a bit. no rain yet as you look at fox 5 sky guardian. we're all dry. we'll stay that way through past the midnight hour. it's when we get towards the wee hours of tuesday, some scattered showers will start to appear. could be an isolated thunderstorm. most of the action will be tomorrow morning into tomorrow night. we won't be seeing a lot of rain. highs today, nice, seasonal, upper 60s, hitting 70 at belmar. 73 at allentown. we had 60 at bridgeport and lower 60s out for most of long island until you got towards the eastern end where they were in the upper 50s. 54 at montauk. 58 bridgeport.
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valley by poughkeepsie. 69. upper 60s around the city. 74 at allentown. the wind all over the place. it's mainly going to be a south-southeasterly wind as the night goes along as we head into tomorrow waiting for a system off to the west. you can see clouds around. high clouds really. and showers way off to the north. so that's why i say if you're going out this evening, no problem. shouldn't worry about any showers. it's going to be during the overnight period when the next chance of showers will roll through. the system is off to the west here and a warm front will try to get across the area. it will be a close battle to see whether that does happen. in our day planner, i'll throw in the risk of a couple of showers in the morning. 60 at lunchtime. then the better chance of showers, even an isolated thunderstorm, comes in into the afternoon and if we get close to or beyond that warm front, we may pop into the middle 60s and upper 50s tomorrow. that's what we're seeing on the
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up in morning new england, some snow there as we move into the end of april and scattered showers going back into the ohio valley. the front will sag south wednesday. wednesday is a good day, but it south. this moisture will start backing up and bring the threat of showers thursday afternoon into thursday night. tonight, lots of clouds and maybe a shower or thunderstorm past midnight. 54 in the city. 50 most suburbs. showers and a thunderstorm tomorrow, mostly in the afternoon, into the first part your morning probably not too big of a deal. a fair amount of clouds. 63. lots of sun on wednesday, 62. notice the forecast temps at or below average. thursday, 59, with afternoon and nighttime showers and sun returns friday, 61. saturday, nice, 63. clouds gather sunday. the showers may hold off until nighttime at 64. i think there'll be showers on monday and right in the middle 60s where we should be. no big surprises.
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of consistency for april. jennifer: he can complain about anything. steve: i can complain about anything. very true. nick: thank you very much. we'll take your consistency and like it. jennifer: returning cans and bottles for deposit can add up. steve: that's right. stacey delikat shows house a non-profit is helping extreme redeemers get their money's worth. worth. >> reporter: people like this make up the fabric of new york city life. many are often ignored. when they roll into this massive recycling center, they get more than their five cents a can. >> the name itself expresses the reality that, yes, we can pick up cans, bottles from the street without any shame. so it gave a place and atmosphere where they feel at home. they feel this is their community.
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nun who opened sure we can in 2007. eugene, her cofounder, brought the real life experience. >> the king of cans. >> reporter: that's what they call you, the king of cans? >> yeah. >> reporter: he spent 30 years working the streets for cans and bottle. the work is not easy and pays five cents a pop. >> picking them up, sorting them, turning it in, it took about 16 hours a day. >> reporter: to put a day's work into perspective, this is one worker's haul. there are about a thousand bottles and cans here. that equals $50. they pass on what they've learned to newer canners like angel, who stumble into the work as a last resort. >> i lost my job. i didn't know what to do. one day one of my friends said you want to make some money? >> sure we can is the only non-profit redemption center in the city. while the function is collecting
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to distributors, they create and sell compost, grow vegetables and bring in local students to learn about the environment. they offer support to the 400 canners who come here, whether through practical tips or advice on how to deal with police or landlords. >> it's just the work with people. trying to face the reality they're facing. >> reporter: while canning may be a different form of redemption than you learn about in church, it feeds the spirit all the same. i'm stacey delikat, fox 5 news. steve: beyonce's new album creating lots of buzz. jennifer: that name. it's not the beats everyone is
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lyrics that i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! i didn't know your home wifi could stream so many devices at the same time. dad, it's time warner cable.
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this place. cool! possible. get 50 meg internet with unlimited data for $39.99 per month. and ask about free installation.
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steve: beyonce dropped a new album out of nowhere over the weekend. jennifer: some of the lyrics, fans think she's been thinking about this one for a while. simone boyce is here to explain. we're obsessed with the story. >> reporter: such a conversation starter in the newsroom and all over the world, all over the internet. beyonce explored radical new musical styles, collaborated with artists and featured mothers who have lost their sons
5:26 pm
that's not what everyone is talking about today. instead the conversation is all about becky. seemingly out of nowhere, beyonce drops her album lemonade and those seeking answers. did jay z cheat and with whom? >> she's talking about political stuff she never touched before and she's telling us really deep secrets about her life. >> reporter: the hour long visual album released saturday night on hbo illustrates a journey through black womanhood. the old and new political themes that accompany it as well as raw insight into fury, jealousy and infidelity. >> on the album, there are several songs about cheating, several songs about being hurt. there's a lyric that i'm pear paraphrasing that says i was waiting for you and nights like that i wish i hadn't put a ring
5:27 pm
>> reporter: the other name, becky. it's from a lyric in the song sorry. good hair >> did rachel roy outers ers ers ers out herself as becky? >> she went on social media and day. now because of her actions, we believe it to be rachel. >> a deluge of emojis prompted roy to make her profile private. she tweeted: >> rachel would like to be that girl. she'd loving us talking about her. >> reporter: this isn't the first time she had been mentioned in connection with the carters marriage. her sister yelled at roy at a 2014 afterparty. moments later, she attacked jay z in this elevator. rachel roy got her start working
5:28 pm
married his former business partner. >> she loves publicity. >> reporter: another famous rachel is feeling the beehive sting. that's talk show host rachel ray. >> beyonce fans got confused. they thought it was rachel ray. >> reporter: she was just trying to make you a 30-minute meal. due to a personal emergency, rachel roy cancelled a new york appearance adding fuel to the fire that she was the woman called out. the album has been released on itunes. soon amazon in addition to tidal. jennifer: the running joke of it is jay z allegedly cheats on his wife and gets money for it. that's what everyone has been talking about. >> seems like bizarre business arrangements. jennifer: strange relationship. steve: all of it. every six months there's a new
5:29 pm
ew product launch. >> reporter: you're hooked on this. steve: i'm outvoted. thank you. picking up the pieces of prince's music empire. we'll talk to tmz about the
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icon's business jennifer: music legend prince didn't write a will before his death. now lawmakers are scrambling to figure out what to do with his music empire. steve: tmz executive producer harvey levin with the struggle to sort out his affairs. everything about the past week, regarding what we're learning about prince, seems so contrary to how he was viewed prior to his death. >> yes, but, i mean, there are a lot of very famous, brilliant musicians who are not good businessmen. and prince is among them, for sure. and i'll start with the fact that we are told even though people advised him that you need a will, we are told as far as anybody knows, he doesn't have one. we've talked to professionals who worked with him through 2014. there was no evidence of a will. no will has come forward.
5:33 pm
siblings. under minnesota law, each would be entitled to 1/8 of his estate. two died. presumably the six would be the ones to share. it doesn't matter whether they're full or half siblings. under minnesota law, they're considered the same. it would go to them. steve: it's interesting how hard he fought to get properly compensated for his music, his battle are the record label -- jennifer: it's so smart. but personally -- steve: to not tie up the loose ends is surprising to me. >> well, i was told -- i mean, look, a lot of people, they loved his music and loved his brilliance. what i was told by various professionals we spoke with is he was a terrible businessman. he was very impulsive. even with concerts where he made most of his money. he would decide on the spur of the moment to do a concert and he could have made way more
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it and, in some cases, he hemorrhaged money because it didn't work out. he didn't plan his concerts well in terms of the music where he could have licensed his music or sold music for television, commercials and what not, he didn't do it. he refused to do it. there was a lot on the table that he just left. in terms of what he could have done, a lot of people said he mismanaged it because he wasn't a good businessman. that wasn't his strength. his strength was music. steve: thanks, harvey. weird stuff. we'll be seeing a lot of his music licensed in the months and years to come. >> hot 97 keeping the legacy alive. jennifer: hosting a prince block party in harlem that starts soon. >> reporter: you are right on time. it actually just started. hundreds of people have been out here getting ready for this block party to start to celebrate the life of prince. i got a chance to talk to some of the people who put the block
5:35 pm
>> we're going to dance, celebrate. we've invited some of our elected officials, any artists that are hanging out to stop by. we'll have a big party like it's 1999. >> this is for the people. i'm looking at the people. it's going to be a great time. watch. >> love him. love him. i've been a fan since i was 15. saw him on saturday night live. i was hooked. >> everybody has their own opinion about him. to me, i put him up there with michael jackson. >> reporter: several politicians and celebrities have been invited to pay their tributes. we're going to rock out. we're going to go crazy. something else that's very interesting is they'll put a jumbotron up of old vhs tapes that they put together for this tribute. we're going to party on 125th in harlem. steve: cool.
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town when everything wasn't documented. kind of cool. thank you. jennifer: are your bed sheets attracting bedbugs? steve: the color you don't want on your bed if, like all of us, you're trying to keep bedbugs away. jennifer: and no excuses for not exercising. the space and time you need for a good workout. steve: first, tonight's new york minute. a new exhibit at the met showing the works of some of the earliest rulers of the middle east. >> throughout the galleries, we have the artists who were a nomadic group who moved into iran from central asia in the 11th century. steve: the art spans 300 years of progression through what's now turkey, syria, iran and iraq. >> the exhibition goes from the
5:37 pm
steve: dozens of school kids took off from spring vacations for a math workshop. the moody's mega math workshop helped kids see math from a new perspective. >> kids can be good at math but they're not sure why they're learning math. there could be a motivational gap between math and learning. one of the things we're doing is helping kids see why to be motivated.
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college whoa, that doesn'
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steve: busy schedules make it tough to fit in a trip to the gym. many people are squeezing in micro work outs. jennifer: i went to the new york sports club to get schooled on how to make every second count. going to the gym is great, but we work and we live in new york. sometimes that's not always possible. that's why especially here in the city, the micro workout has become very popular. today, we're going to work with a trainer to show us how it's done. everything comes at a premium in new york city, including time. while it's recommended we get the blood pumping for 150 minutes a week, most of us are stuck at an office all day. adam is a personal trainer at new york sports club. >> do more clients ask what they can do at home? >> that's happening more often
5:41 pm
people don't have time to come as often. jennifer: enter the micro workout, a simple way to burn calories and clear your heads. >> it can be extremely effective. you can use a micro workout to get the best of a workout program within a short period of time. jennifer: you need five to 10 minutes. adam showed me a circuit to do in a space the size of a studio apartment. >> you start off with a set of four exercises. do one of each. in the next set, you do the same exercises but two repetitions each and move on. pushup, sittup, sit-up lunges. with a circuit like this, you can burn up to 500 calories. whether it's to kick off a busy morning, shake off the stress or break up the afternoon, with the micro workout, you won't have to
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jennifer: i think the biggest lesson i learned was i do not know how to do a pushup. steve: got to work on the form. i like the excuses. you can do micro workouts. you should get out. jennifer: you can do it in the office. it's a spacing thing. steve: how about this? a hometown gospel star is sharing the power of prayer.
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of this year's i solemnly swear that my kfc $20 fill up will fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned!
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jennifer: look at this. a wild find on long island. a six foot long alligator was removed from a home over the weekend. the suffolk county spca received a call that the alligator was being kept illegally on the property as someone's pet. i don't know who would keep a pet like that. it was taken to a licensed wildlife sanctuary. the owner has been charged with illegal possession of an exotic animal. steve: in fox 5 health news, experts warn bedbugs flavor colors like red and they're becoming more resistant to insecticide. jennifer: joining us is fox 5 medical contributor dr. devi. i'm never wearing red again basically. steve: keep moving if you do. >> it probably won't affect us unless we have bedbugs. this is a creative study.
5:46 pm
lab. each dish had different tints of different colors. the bedbugs preferred the ones that were red or black. makes me wonder why would they care about color? there's a couple of reasons. when they're adults and they get filled with blood from sucking on human beings or animals, they might be able to camouflage themselves better in the colors. especially if you're trying to sheets. if your sheets are bright white, you'll notice them more easily than if they're dark. jennifer: lighter colors they stay away from. >> they tend to. the other thing is with white, perhaps it gets hotter when it's in the sunlight compared to black. for the smaller bugs, maybe it makes a difference. steve: getting more resilient, too. >> their shell is getting thicker, is is -- i wonder if this is super bugs where we use antibiotics and we have some
5:47 pm
in the same way, we're using more pesticides. maybe the bedbugs are learning to adapt. for the most part, we should be okay. but -- is jennifer: any information to outsmart them is good. and it's more important to focus on eating healthy than just limiting junk food, which is important. i think there's a lot of pressure there to stay away from the naughty foods. >> i agree. i think it's probably a little of both. in this study, they looked at thousands of people and they surveyed them to see what they were doing, what their healthy habits were. the ones who scored higher on their mediterranean diet, olive oil, maybe red wine, things like that, they tended to do better in terms of their heart attack risk. but it's a survey. we don't know what else people do or what other healthy habits they have. it goes along with a lot of the research that healthy habits protect you. red wine can protect from heart disease.
5:48 pm
cholesterol. unhealthy behavior is a matter, too. steve: seems like a lot of those rich indulgent foods might make you full. that's the hook of the mediterranean. makes sense. anything that's based on depriving yourself is bound to fail in the end. >> i think so. i think in moderation. the study did support that idea. if you have a little unhealthy food, it's your balance that tends to matter. jennifer: thank you, dr. devi. steve: let's talk about the weather. nick, april to the max today. nick: pretty much. a nice day out there. we had some high clouds in the afternoon. we'll see more of those overnight and a couple of showers will move in, but not a lot of rain tonight. most of it tomorrow will fall in the afternoon in the first part of tomorrow night. a little cooler to the north today. boston, 55. and much warmer to the south. washington, d.c., 77. and pittsburgh coming in at 79. we're going to have a wide range in temperatures around here tomorrow as a warm front splits
5:49 pm
we're watching on fox 5 sky guardian. nothing really to track. just a couple of false returns. it's overnight when showers may come in. right now, there is shower activity in upstate new york and going back to the upper great lakes region. that's as close as it is. you won't have to worry about any showers this evening. tomorrow morning, a few showers around. it's tomorrow afternoon that the bulk comes in. 68 now at poughkeepsie and 69 in sussex. 70s at allentown. windy, upper 60s in new york city down to belmar and around 60s around long island. wind all over the place. it's a southeast wind that's becoming more easterly. that will be the case as the night goes along. this is in advance of the warm front that's sneaking in from the west. you can see where our system is located right now. it's up in here. that front just sitting in about this fashion here with a cold
5:50 pm
it's this whole activity that has to slide further southward and move into our direction and cause the shower activity into tomorrow afternoon and the first part of tomorrow night. otherwise, not much else going on around the country. temperatures tomorrow kind of wide ranging. as you look at the northeast, we'll find upper 50s to 62, 63, something like that. 40s further north. but a lot of warm air off to the south. 80s kansas city all the way to atlanta, extending to the gulf coast and through florida. out west we find temperatures cool to the 50s and 60s from denver towards seattle. it's 74 in vegas tomorrow. same from los angeles. let's look at our futurecast. what we'll find is the clouds around tonight. it's not going to be a lot of rain. watch the time stamp. some showers roll through overnight, an isolated thunderstorm, but notice as we get into the afternoon, this line of shower and thunderstorm activity, that will be sliding southward.
5:51 pm
the thunderstorms into the first part of tomorrow night and wednesday we'll get back to better weather. sunshine and clouds. temperatures this week just a little below average. nothing dramatic on either side, either too warm or too cold. that's pretty decent, pretty quiet weather. thursday will feature showers by afternoon. 54 the low in the city tonight. 50 most suburbs. lots of clouds. can't rule out a couple of showers and an isolated thunderstorm. wind coming to the east. as we head into tomorrow, showers and a thunderstorm, mostly in the afternoon into the first part of tomorrow night. i'm going to a high of 63 depending when the warm front moves through. showers thursday, thursday night. 59. friday and saturday, staying in the lower 60s. clouds will start friday. saturday, 63. showers may come back by sunday night and monday as we hold in the middle 60s. steve: a solar powered plane landed in northern california after a two-day flight.
5:52 pm
and 62 hours later landed in mountainview, california. the plane was powered by solar panels. it was part of an around the world journey that began in abu dhabi. the flight is supposed to end back in abu dhabi late summer. jennifer: mcdonald's gospel fest is less than two weeks away. fox 5's alison morris introduces us to the gospel star who has been headlining the concert since the '80s. >> i am so excited. it's like i can't wait for it to get here. i'm grateful i'm grateful >> reporter: bishop hezekiah walker is a veteran of the mcdonald's gospel fest stage. year after year he takes part in the mega concert and he says this year the performances will be truly special.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: gospel music and the church has been a huge part of walker's life for decades. he's currently the senior pastor of the prominent love fellowship tabernacle church in brooklyn. >> how many -- >> reporter: he says preaching is in his blood. >> i see people's lives exchange. i see people get up and do better, feel better about themselves. the spiritual part of man is very important. that's the part that i tap into. this is my testimony. >> reporter: when it comes to the power of gospel music, walker says the sky is the limit. >> i tell people everywhere there's nothing that you go through as an individual and person that we can't find a gospel song that will meet you at that situation that you will not be encouraged by. sing hallelujah to our god
5:54 pm
year's gospel fest is honor thy mother, a message walker passes down to his family. >> are there things i teach my daughter. honor your parents. if you honor your mother and dear, god will make your days longer. >> reporter: walker is counting down the days. >> it's about coming back home. it's no feeling like coming back home and your home people say you belong to us. >> reporter: bishop hezekiah walker making the tri-state proud. alison morris, fox 5 news. concert. you can catch him at mcdonald's gospel fest saturday may 7th at the prudential center in newark. find ticket information for the big show on our web site, we'll see you back here at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> all right. thank you very much. coming up next.
5:55 pm
corruption probe surrounding mayor de blasio's fundraising. we have a live guest that will talk about that. and next for you, it's been almost a century since the united states entered world war i. tonight we'll take a look at new york's role in entering and winning the war. it's everything you need to know live and it's next at 6:00.
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ernie: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: it's the start of the week. good evening to you. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. we're on top of the news and we're talking about it. tonight we begin with the mayor. he is speaking out again on the investigation into his fundraising efforts. he's questioning the real motivation behind this corruption probe. joe was there today when the mayor addressed the situation. he's joining us live with more.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: on april 11th, a frustrated mayor de blasio told reporters would no longer speak about potential corruption investigations involving him or his campaign fundraising. two weeks later in the midst of allegations, he had to talk about it again. >> it's outrageous. again, i don't know what's motivating it. >> reporter: amid an ever widening corruption investigation, mayor de blasio adamant he did nothing wrong. >> i want all the facts out there. because i'm quite convinced the facts will show that everything was done legally and appropriately. >> reporter: at issue, a leaked report from sugarman's office, the state board of election's chief investigator who was appointed by governor cuomo. she claims the mayor and his fundraising team exploited loopholes and limit laws to funnel more money to three upstate democratic state senate candidates. the report says i have determined that reasonable cause exists to believe a violation warranting criminal prosecution has taken place, sugarman wrote.
6:00 pm
this investigation can be described as willful and flagrant. the mayor says he's suspicious the report may be politically motivated. >> when you see something done in this fashion, when you see an inappropriate leak, when you see the law being misconstrued in such an obvious fashion, it begs the question motivation. >> the issue is in the hands of cy vance who confirmed that his office is investigating, but denied to give any update. >> a lot of very good people are having their names dragged through the mud over the last few weeks. a lot of people i respect greatly and have worked with for years. that's not right. that's not fair. >> reporter: this is the latest in what appears to be multiple state and federal investigations into the mayor involving his non-profit, campaign for one new york, the horse carriage industry and more. through it all, the mayor maintains he's done nothing wrong. ernie: a lot going on. thank you for that. joining me right now, let's talk


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