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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. this is "fox 5 news" on "good day early call". >> if you are going to say the primaries, it should cover all the states, don't you think? >> is a little bit misleading. we will tell you about it . >> police will release information from a road rage incident.>> it's an unusual police chase.
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streets of california. >> this will not be as much news anywhere else but southern california. >> helicopter? >> a bear running the neighborhood? >> sure. >> one of my first stories in television in harrisburg was a bear it was like routine. >> it wasn't like the spectacle of los angeles. >> there were a bunch of people
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gathering around. you not supposed to film the bear. bears climb trees and they shut it with a tranquilizer gun. >> what about those shows about the amish kids? you do the spring thing but they are shooting their faces . >> i think a lot of that is fake . >> think the people who are on camera they could be mennonite. don't confuse the two. >> you could be right . >> i am confused. [laughter] let's hear the thunder and the lightning.
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folks will sleep right through it but it's coming through with thunderstorms across the region this morning. they are now heading through the central and eastern section of connecticut and long island. there are strong storms out there with a round coming through now with more storms rolling out later in the day. it will be an interesting day weatherwise. it will bring the rain total of for the month in the year. 540 in newark and it's like a tale of two cities. you can see the strongest going through and thus especially as you head into the eastern section with parts of connecticut. there is a small break in between.
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commute . there will be another round going. there will be more severe weather at that time. today, this is what we are looking at. a mixed day out there. a small break in between the temperatures making it back up to 670. warmer to the west" to the east. things are going on all over and that depends on where you're going. thursday looks to be light showers that pop through and is not like what we have out there today. let's bring in ines. the wet weather is sure to be a player . >> the lie in the bq is moving fine.
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we have a little bit here and that's just because of overnight construction. it will reopen soon. let's look at 80. it's a big problem here and it is been westbound with the trains in the metro-north running on or close. >> think you ines. you look lovely in red. his primary day for some areas in the north east. hillary clinton and donald trump are supposed to sweep all the seats today. >> robert moses has the latest. robert: voters in connecticut , delaware and long island had two poles. donald heads up in denies
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trump hammered away at the men that he called lying ted and one 38 kasich . trump held up the attacks and the rhode island. >> they colluded and i was happy because it shows how weak they are. john kasich steps aside so crews can repeat . crew steps aside in oregon and new mexico so kasich can pick up delegates there.>> donald trump will scream and yell and wine some and that's been his pattern. >> is packed with cruises about meeting and in return , using hillary clinton. >> and to be able to go to
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areas resources most effectively. what's the big deal? >> clinton is hoping for a bidet. she enjoys a commanding lead in pennsylvania. the big prizes where she held a rally yesterday the election is really one with high-stakes. there are different visions about what needs to happen in america. >> bernie sanders rallies in hartford. >> now is the time to not allow the donald trump's of this world and the other demagogues who are trying to divide us up . >> 20 million offered to the city for elections if it cleans up its act. mary baggio promising the cash in exchange for change to hire a consultant and
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training. 100,000 voters mysteriously removed from the voting lists were found in logical. that's major . the city comptroller and state attorneys general are investigating. >> the mayor bill de blasio speaking out over allegations over misusing campaign funds. >> take the word angry. we could underline that for emphasis. the mayor denies any wrongdoing. it's nothing more than an attempt to undermine him. >> where the baggio is back after new allegations emerging for circumventing
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order to set the state of the legislators who helped him push his progressive agenda.>> a lot of very good people have their names dragged through the mud . a lot of people that i respect lately and have worked with for years. it's not right and is not fair. the issue came to light . she says teamed baggio had flagrant violations of the election law that one criminal prosecution. >> he explains how. >> he and his people have large contributions sent through a secondary committee . that is a legal loophole where he runs into trouble is that , if there was direct communication between the donors and the campaigns . >> he referred to the
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he confirms he is looking into it. the mayor never denies explaining loophole but he claims is the way politics works and he says it's nothing more than a political hit job . >> there's a? around that memo. questions about motivation and huge questions about accuracy in terms of the law . >> in addition to his denials, his lawyer happens to be a specialist in campaign-finance law. the lawyer says she has a shocking lack of understanding or a complete disregard of the most fundamental aspect of the states election laws. that's the latest, fox 5. >> . ben: police have released surveillance video about a
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you about. it's a pilot stabbing where two drivers got into a fight on saturday night on east 61st street. it's not a video, unfortunately. the attackers stabbed the victim 11 times and drove away. police are searching for the other driver and if you have information, call crime stoppers at one 800 577 tips. the man say this man tried to sexually assault a woman on the lower east side. police say the man followed a 24-year-old woman into an elevator and began to grouper. he followed her to her apartment and ran off with another guy came to the door. the suspect is described as 16/20 and 5 foot three. he had 130 pounds. if you have any information, please call crime stoppers. >> and intends few minutes in the lower east side. a cherry picker crashed into the sixth floor apartment window.
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street. the equipment lost hydraulic power causing it to crash into the building and luckily it doesn't appear that anyone was hurt. the cherry picker doesn't have any structural damage. >> a police chase in los angeles. instead of a car, they went after a bear . it was still spotted at mission college. students and teachers were asked to take shelter and it made its way into a backyard in the film our neighborhood. it's a rural neighborhood but has more trees and neighborhood streets than some areas. it's much to the dismay of the television was eventually not out with
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you have beautiful lightning across the area. >> mike has the forecast. a warning when it comes to bed others. make sure your sheets are not a certain color. >> i think unless you are a porn star, you probably
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welcome back. we have some rock 'n roll coming through the tri-state region with thunderstorms waking people up early this morning. parts of connecticut including fairfield and new haven and new london county with some storms rolling through. it's not as intense as working through earlier. at 3:00 am, we had thunderstorm counts in the neighborhood of 160 and now it's back down to 60 80. there's more back to the
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through here eventually. temperatures are pretty mild and wind are all over the place. they are coming through at around three three 14 miles per hour. another batch of storms are to the west and this one looks to be a little bit stronger and it could touch off with isolated storms later on in the day. it looks like more shower siding into the tri-state region but it looks like a lot of rain . scattered storms with a high going up to 670. 62 is your high tomorrow with skinny sunny skies back again. the weekend still looks
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few showers coming on the backside of sunday. the foxfire weather app has daily and hourly forecast. put it to work with fox 5 ny weather app. >> we haven't heard anything about flooding. the commute is doing pretty good. speed restrictions are in place and we have the bridge going 35 mph so just be careful. no problems with the lincoln or the holland. >> thank you ines. >> monitors are marking 30 years since the worst civil nuclear disaster in history. hundreds gathered in ukraine to memory these big times. it's a series of explosions
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leading to 31 deaths and releasing nuclear fallout. dozens of other deaths have been named on the disaster. as many as 4000 might be connected to the tragedy. ukraine belarus and others have seen this due to the fallout. ben: if you want to sleep tight to avoid the bedbugs , get rid of your red sheets . >> that's what poor people have? >> who has red sheets?>> who has red sheets?i do. >> they are as hard attracted to darker colors. they mistake those shades for fellow bedbugs. you can drive them away by going green. they also avoid white , yellow and other bright colors. >> i did not know that red sheets were really a thing. >> you know it for the porno people . >>
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juliet: how did you know about the red sheets? ben: for me it's white . juliet: it's going to get me into trouble. this is one of those things where i will get in trouble. duke is coming in. the man crush brings down the hammer. i can't even wait to get in
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he will be right back. welcome back. today looks like it will be more active with severe storms possible. we might have had them come through with early storms that you've already witnessed. the rain will enforce later on tonight so we have to deal with it during the day. in the afternoon commute , we're still dealing with showers and storms in the area.tomorrow is clear but it does get cooler as we finish up the workweek .
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some big stuff happening there is just a break there because there is more storms to the west. it's coming through so just be prepared for the wet weather and some storms out there with a high temperature at catch a break tomorrow. >> then, over to you. >> phil and wendy they are catching on. >> i think you need to do a yeah for your boy. >> you should do it because you got excited. >> he doesn't play our reindeer games. >> it's not like i was getting a little bit claustrophobic.>> 10 minutes. >> we know the time. >> did doesn't stand still . duke: i have a lot of trouble. no, i don't i might
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slightly add . the sweep down atlanta taking on the reds. michael love the new spot in the lineup . he smacks the solo home run in its game tied at one apiece. he no longer has a high leg kick. it's a little bit lower with the fourth run of the year. 3/1 minutes in the bottom of the seventh. there is no one hotter in baseball.
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two-run homer.the mets go on to win 5/3 for the final score. the yankees have alex rodriguez one day after exiting because of stiffness in his right side. no word on if you will be there. >> third inning with no scorpion it's a solo home run. the yankees are up 1/0. three batters later, mark shara hits one deep. it will bounce off the wall here. he will come into score in the yankees are up 2/0. the story is this one with nathan. having a great game maybe it's the best as a yankee. terrific last night. it took a no-hitter into the seventh. he gave up just two hits with yankees winning 3/1. >> the federal appeals court has ruled that the
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deflate gate suspension. what this means is it's a four-game suspension. he will appeal this. he's got too much estate . it could go as high as the supreme court. >> it could! >> it doesn't take the supreme court to realize that they cheated. >> regardless, it will fuel a debate . it's what role if any that brady used to get the uninflated football. >> if this does go to the supreme court we have better things to do with our time and our taxpayers money. >> i think it goes back to worshiping heroes. >> site we cut you off
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>> thank you for getting
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we p?p?o?gv look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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oh boy! what a day! it's 5:00 and there's been a lot of drama. ben: you had some drama. >> had some house drama at 2:30 am. duke was stuck in an elevator elevator . >> is understanding. >> bring your umbrella. i don't even know where mine is. we are looking at a cloudy and rainy day. mike has the details in the forecast. hillary clinton and donald trump are on the attack when they get ready for today's primary. she doesn't like that term because it covers the rest


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