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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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break at 4:57 am. good morning! it's chilly outside. ben doesn't think so. look at the temperature . >> it's 46. >> excuse me. >> it's 46. >> excuse me. >> it's the little pollen nights. they are falling everywhere.mike tells us how much we will see as far as the warming up close. >> a platform collapses for subway riders who use the number five. he will tell you about the station closings coming up .
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front-runner is very clear. some are doing better than will see people nipping at their heels. >> you will hear what said last night. >> the head of the order of elections apologizes for all of those vanishing voters. it took a while, indeed! juliet: i am juliet holly . ben: i am ben simmoneau . it's 5:00. is it a common morning for you? >> your shower did not explode on you. everything is fine.>> the neighbors are not too pleased . juliet: there is one neighbor who is not pleased at all . >> you should take her a cake . juliet: you know what? if i did not like her i would bakery cake but i'm not giving out any energy because it was not my fault
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>> there was gasps and the traffic center.>> you need to do the apple bread. it was incredible! what is this? mike: now we get to day old chocolate chip cookies? >> okay! >> you might want to get back in the kitchen. >> in a you have them in a little thing and you will . mike: don't bring me anything rotten! robert moses made a pistachio cake . ben: i haven't seen that . mike: you are a little bit slow. we have pretty cool temperatures coming at us. the average high this time of the year is around 650. we are all below normal
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the seven day stretch. highs in the upper 50s and low 60s and that's all we manage at this point in time. we have had slightly warmer month but now we start to go into a cooler trend. it's not ridiculously cold but it's colder for this time of year. winds coming in from the northeast at 5 mph and you see 50 now and 32 in buffalo. it's freezing there. we could see some freezing temperatures around parts of the tri-state tonight. we had into tomorrow morning and it's time to think about protecting the plants. we have the colder air working its way down to the south and it's still a decent amount of cloud cover around the area but it should be thinning out as the day goes the stormy weather goes, we had to deal with yesterday but today not so much. the frontal boundary is down to the south and that's where the frontal will be. the big stuff is happening in the heartland.
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severe weather there before us, we miss out on the action. more sunny afternoon with 620 for your high. as we go through the next seven days, shower chances are trying to make a comeback later thursday and early friday. over the weekend, temperatures will be a little bit below normal. they are also trying to make a comeback sunday and monday. it's not a lot of rain but it is a little bit. let's go over to ines and see what's going on with the roads. >> it's been a quiet week with spring break going on. the commute is off to a good start. you are fine on the lie in the southern state parkway with new jersey and no issues on 280. let's go to the fdr drive can you see construction set up with the left lane open to 60 first street. it's a delay with only one
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his little slow down there. as for the five train, a little problem this morning. teresa was either the full story. no service in either direction. there is problems with this structure. your shuttle service provided. the rest of the trains are running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect . >> there are problems for writers using number five train . >> let's go out to teresa. she is live in the east station with the latest on a platform collapses . >> good morning, everyone. we turn our attention to the buses. they take people to hundred and 80th street. it's part of the plan of the mta . as you can see, people are showing up and boarding those buses. the reason why? i will turn your attention
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there is a train that's helping them do the work they need to do to prepare the platform up there. it's not a computer train. there is not a commuter train running from east chester dyer all the way to east 180th street. the reason being is that there is a massive platform collapse here late last night. they had been working tonight in order to repair it in time for the morning commute and it doesn't look like things will be up and running . from what we are told , a massive piece of concrete 30 feet wide, sank about 1 foot. no one was injured but as a result , they've had to shut down the train stop and close off the next five stops. take a listen to the fdny. >> i believe it was due to the weight from the construction.
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of instigating what causes it to come down. they are working to correct the situation. >> this is one way to get around and the other way is to take the to train. they are doing research on this . 5000 writers at the stop alone. if you count all the different stops, we are looking at 21,000 people to take the train that could be effect and by this. that's the latest from eastchester and i some things back to both of you . >> you have to wonder the delays down the line. >> you would think.>> is very busy. >> teresa. although thank you very much. >> 5:07 am. ted cruz is now counting on voters in indiana to stop donald trump. he won all five last night.
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when do they say , obviously he is the choice of the party ? >> i think that's a what a lot of people are saying. hillary clinton big night for her to. >> in fact, to your point donald trump: ted kasich and john kasich to drop out.the two are on a collision course to battle it out in the general election. >> this is bigger than we expected all five . [cheering] >> he won resounding victories in pennsylvania, connecticut, maryland, delaware and long island. the victory margins were at least 29 points. in long island and delaware, he won by 40 points.
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policy speech and tonight he appears in indianapolis with the coach of the indiana hoosiers , bobby knight . >> the general election fight looks increasingly likely . >> if hillary clinton were a man , i don't think she get 5% of the vote . the only thing she has going is the one card and the beautiful thing is, women don't like her! >> game on. >> mister trump accused me of playing the woman card. >> is fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman's card , the only end! >> trump and clinton had successful nights. >> she won four out of five states. >> will unify the party to win the election. >> bernie sanders one enron rhode island.>> if the democratic party is to look at which kennedy is the one to defeat donald trump or
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we see on national polls is us 15/20 points ahead of donald trump far more than secretary clinton. >> ted cruz held a gathering in indiana. he tried to frame the night in the most positive terms possible. >> the media has told us candidates in this race the republican and democrats are both going to be in your group liberals. i have good news for you. this campaign, tonight, moves back to more favorable terrain . >> the favorable terrain he is mentioning is indiana. he hopes to stop the truck train. let's talk targets. clinton has 90% of the delegates that she needs. trump is 77% of the way there. that means he needs more than half of the remaining delegates left to lock up
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convention. thank you, robert. 5:10 am. one week after they plagued the primary, the board of elections says he is sorry. during the weekly meeting , michael ryan says he wanted to apologize in public for any actions that might have been taken by the staff that caused any amount of public trust in new york city to the road. he apology for the mysterious disappearance for hundred and 26,000 voters from the role in brooklyn. he also promised that every vote cast would be counted. >> mayor diblasio has received his budget proposal at more spending for snow removal. a lot of people in queens are happy about that. ambulances with $100 million higher than last year including money for repair work on the east river bridges. >> the budget has to be
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of value and priority . i think you'll see it throughout this presentation . our goal is to lift up the communities all over the boroughs and you will see it in many of the choices that we have made in this budget . the mayor is asking for 5.5 million to treat opioid addiction and 9 million for mental health improvements . >> police have arrested a man accused of a deadly stabbing on the subway. julio velasquez is facing murder and weapons possession charges. back on march 16, the victim, herbert urges was selling metro cards at the 116th station. he punched a woman in the face . she called velasquez for help.her father showed up and stabbed him, killing him. he was also arrested three years ago on weapons charges. >> a lot more still to
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you think you are showing some love to find out dog hates when you hug him or her. >> what you mean about hugging? putting your arms around or maybe titling them . >> mike, good morning?>> 470 in its prequel out there. it will be colder tomorrow. 47 in newark. it's in belmar and it looks like it will be a chilly day out there. altogether, we see temperatures in the 40s. looks like we will see a mix of clouds and sun. the ny weather app in the apple itunes store by downloading
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thunderstorms are creating intense moments. about to take off in an airplane with hair like
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the sky like baseball! >> is stretched from north texas to nebraska and no one was killed. four people hospitalized in north texas after their cars were caught in a late night was scary. >> you never see it coming. >> more severe weather is expected tomorrow and friday across oklahoma. >> i lived in missouri and we saw hale like that often. >> i never saw one but we had to go downstairs and all that . >> tornado alley! >> the town where my parents lived , 20 years ago, tornado in the middle of the night took out a subdivision and killed a family. no one knew . there was no one wanting. >> it scary stuff but at that time of the year. mike: spring is the most common time. have to keep an eye out. we have dodged the bullet so far. we have stronger storms
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and in the afternoon. things are much more quiet. here's a look at what we have out there temperature wise. 62 is your forecast high in the normal high is 65. the record high for today is 920. it's 47 right now at central park. 420 in bridgeport and a slip and 42 in poughkeepsie. not too bad but it's a drop in temperature from what we had . 40 cooler in central park and 70 cooler in newark. it's a partly cloudy sky. the temperature stay there today. we see the focal point for showers or at least it will be a little bit closer to that frontal boundary. they are just clear of that and we will bring back of the son as the day goes on and it will be a little bit cooler with temperatures getting into the city . it's mostly clear and chilly. we have frost advisories
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outlining the city.keep that in mind. some of us will drop down below 32 3-point. tomorrow we see 590 for a high. shower chances due to . we have a break on saturday but sunday and monday shower chances are there once again. doesn't look like a ton of rainfall with any of these storms. >> let's get over to ines with an date on the train situation. hopefully we got good news. we needed it! >> we have a change in the situation in the bronx. southbound service has resume but you do have delays. the northbound continues between hundred and eighth street and chester dyer. you are facing some structural problems with the platform. let's go to the roads. we look at the lie with traffic moving fine in both for the bqe, let's go to the map . problems at the bridge is bound with an accident
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expect some delays.the commute to new jersey is looking pretty good on 287 or 78. >> teresa just tweeted out that it looks like service will be restored on the five train. looks like in both directions. >> i went with the end ta website . ben: thank you, ines. wrapping your arms around your pooch makes you feel great. juliet: and make sure dog feel that same love? carrie drew? ben: are we ? juliet: we are . carrie, do this seriously. a lot of us are hugging and holding our dogs and we think they're happy about it. >> breaking news! the dog doesn't like the house. the latest research show dog heat being held .
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your dog. we have an article written on psychology today with 250 images of people embracing their four-legged friends. the majority of the dogs show signs of anxiety like their ears flopping down in the whites of their eyes showing or their heads turning away. they asked doctor rick goldstein for his take . >> there are signs of nervousness. the dog is not sure what will happen next and his or her surroundings. a dog is getting ready to bolt . >> we flipped through some pictures of staffers with their dogs and the dogs look cranky and their heirs are down. , it's not too happy. >> hugs don't hurt your dogs but they have been linked to bites. >> maybe you're holding the dog in a certain way.
5:22 am
comfortable. you need to hug them the right way. >> gomez has no problem with me hugging him . i can't believe we are talking about this. >> you have to analyze some pictures of yourself with gomez. >> oh, i will. >> let's try to produce that in the next hour as we update this story. >> there might be some new research by them. >> two minutes of our life that we won't get back. >> i like this story. i think it's good . we are very interested. we talked about it. >> i like it! we have a lot coming up including in order to take . we have an older detecting app
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we are back. comcast has talks for $3 billion. that's according to the wall street journal. jeffrey has been there for a while and animation side. it was off in 2004 with some of the biggest hits including madagascar, strike and kung fu panda. no comment from either company >> greek yogurt makers chobani is giving employers
5:26 am
each of the workers will get shares based on the role and how long they've been with the company. they say all the stock combined will represent 10% of the companies future value. the offering is not a gift. it's a mutual promise to work together with a shared purpose of responsibility. >> here is her favorite story. >> i don't like the stories. >> you can do it . >> just put deodorant on the old-fashioned way. they have come up with a new smart phone application but why is this geared men? it works with a cover that you place over your phone to detect smells. >> how is that possible?
5:27 am
and send it to the phone. i can tell if i have body odor. >> no word on if they will sell it or bundle it with skincare products. >> i don't appreciate the fact that it's geared only towards men. >> i think they are trying to be offensive.
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ba da ba ba ba from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up". ben: temperatures only getting into the low 60s today. mike woods has the complete forecast coming up. >> trouble on the tracks. last night, the platform collapsed . ines is watching this for us. she is getting all the updates. >> donald trump calls the
5:31 am
he says he set his sights indiana. >> the national report card shows less than half of the seniors are already ready for college, and reading. >> hello ben. >> hears something like that what is it do to you? >> you have to work harder. chilly. >> it is chilly outside. >> it won't be too bad. >> hello woody! >> you are not here last time day. >> i was not. >> does woody travel with you? every once in a while. if ricks people out but he comes sometimes. >> you never know.
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>> 470 and it's the same thing in newark. allentown at 51 and bridgeport with a slip in montauk. this pretty cool. temperature changes are 400 cooler. 700 cooler. here is where we have the frost advisory going into effect. this is tonight and it goes from 3:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m.. it's basically all the areas outside the metro. that's what you have the frost advisory going up. if you do the early spring planting, you can protect them because you might end up with frosty temperatures doing damage if not killing them. no one wants to deal with that.
5:33 am
here with showers not a problem. the rainfall is taking a break as the front goes to the south and here is where the big storm will be. right in the heartland. we are in the clear and we see highs up to 620. the hike is down to 59 tomorrow and we do have rain that we are dealing with late on thursday and early friday. >> let's get over to ines. >> let's start out in the roads. eastbound have an accident blocking so you can see it slowing things down. let's look at the cameras at the staten island expressway. it's over by victory boulevard. here's the latest. structural problems with teresa telling you more about the situation. how is it affecting the commute ? the five train service resumed and no service from
5:34 am
chester dyer. we do have shuttle service available. the metro-north and the new jersey transit is running on or close. street cleaning rules are in effect. >> as you just mentioned, some commuters who run the number five train might need more time to get around. >> this happened in the bronx. let's go to teresa . she is live at the east chester dryer station. >> there is a bit of confusion on behalf of the commuters. that's because they are being told that service has resumed southbound so they are upstairs waiting to take a train. they are also running buses and not running on time. there is a little bit of confusion for people to make their way southbound.
5:35 am
you could see was happening. buses are still in place and this is part of the mta. you can see what's going on above ground on the elevated platform. one train on the track and its at about 525 carrying passengers. talking to the mta this parcel platform collapsed happened around 830 p.m. and it's a massive piece of concrete 30 feet wide sink 1 foot creating a gaping hole. it rendered the northbound side of the platform unusable . what has happened is that overnight , their five stops from east chester dyer and east 180th street were pretty much off-limits while they attempted to troubleshoot. they were hoping to have everything up and running in time for the morning commute and we hear now that southbound service has reduced.
5:36 am
expect it to be running on normal schedule. it won't happen. you are going to have to wait. you will have the opportunity to take the bus and also , if you don't want to wait for the five, you will get yourself to to train and it will get you two point south. that's the latest. >> teresa, thank you. >> at 5:36 am. donald trump is proclaiming himself the nominee after sweeping all five . >> hillary clinton is edging closer to the democratic nomination after taking four out of five states. robert moses has more on what happens now . maybe there is a call out there for the other candidates to wrap it up . >> after the primary ended,
5:37 am
cryptic statement saying that when he goes to the convention, he wants to be a progressive voice on leading people to believe it doesn't sound like words from a guy who is still in the race. he says he is staying in it . if these five primaries show us anything it's that dumb trumpet and hillary clinton are more likely headed for the general election. clinton one in delaware and maryland. bernie sanders took long island. it's a significant thing because she will make a engagement to the city of brotherly love where she nominee. trump had the best night of all. he won all five states and by a landslide! in some cases by 40 points. last night at trump tower he said he considers himself the presumptive nominee. he called on ted cruz and john casey to buy out .
5:38 am
it's over! >> i use the analogy of the boxer. when he knocks out the other one , you don't wait around for a decision. >> we will come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention. will have the most votes in the most pledged delegates. >> it's an important day for donald trump with a foreign policy speech this afternoon in washington. a lot of people will watch that. then he heads onto indiana for a rally with the famed former coach of the indiana hoosiers , bobby knight. he has come out and endorsed donald trump. he is 77% of the way and clinton is 90. they are well on their way to locking up with just a few more states left.
5:39 am
away from talking about john casey and ted cruz and he is focusing on hillary clinton. >> there is a chance we could see donald trump in court . the judge has ruled in attorney general fraud case going to trial. the gop front-runner might be called to testify. the university is accused of using bait and switch tactics to get students to take seminars. the state also says the school was not licensed and trump denies any wrongdoing. the trial date has not yet been set. >> dennis has trouble find out today if yes to spend the time behind bars. the federal judge will sentence him any case that centered around sexual abuse. the 74-year-old pled guilty to breaking a banking long
5:40 am
keep accusations quiet. for students are accusing him of coaching high school wrestling. statutes ran out. they call for him to receive anything from probation six months in jail overpayment loss. the judge can impose a harsher sentence. >> it's still mind-boggling. the mighty have fallen!>> some thunderstorms yesterday. we had this for about one hour, actually, when i bake the cookies. >> the best part is taking
5:41 am
>> i just eat the cookie dough. >> 470. cloudy skies producing rain and we are catching a break there. it's dry at 420. 44 in white plains and in new rochelle. 46 and dobbs ferry with a partly cloudy sky throughout the tri-state region. looking for showers on the radar and we go down to the south. it's going down to the south. we see all the showers today . we see more today with high temperatures at 62 and showers make a comeback as the front pushes and tomorrow and early friday. saturday looks dry and sunday might have a few showers on the backside. the fox five weather app is all set up for you so download it for free on the itunes store.
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ines rosales to get another update. ines: it's actually not too bad. there is a crash blocking two lanes there on eastbound.there is a delay around there. as for putnam county, no issues on the iconic. let's look at the lie in queens. traffic is moving fine. no problems westbound . on the eastbound side, you are for the george washington bridge you are fine in the upper levels. just a little bit of a delay there . southbound service has resumed. there is structural
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checking out your headlines. the mta is investigating why construction equipment caused a platform to collapse. this happened at the five train station in the bronx. the train service was restored just before 45 minutes ago. there is no northbound service between 180th street .
5:46 am
man accused of a deadly stabbing. julio velasquez is facing murder possessions. herbert burgess was killed . >> one week after problems playing the primary, the head of the board of elections says he is sorry . the apology follows the mysterious disappearance of hundred 26,000 votes. >> sorry. >> he is sorry. >> 37% of high school seniors are prepared for college level math and reading. that's according to the test scores. it's also known as the nation's report card. they show high school seniors are showing no improvement in reading and math. math performance has dropped since 2013. >> we have some exciting things happening. >> they are giving these
5:47 am
fans. it's this coming saturday. that are known is the most popular thing. >> what is he holding? >> he is holding the hammer. >> where you put it? >> it's a popular item ! >> . [laughter] i knew where this was going. >> we begin with news. on the 15 day , again, a strained rotator cup . he says he is optimistic and he will be back soon. they were at city field and it's in the seventh. the mets are trailing at 3/0. he comes off the bench and it's sixth of the year with the game tied at three.
5:48 am
they take the 43 lead. 12/7. you need a new car? do you have an extra 375,000 laying around? in your post say he is selling his firebreathing lamborghini . he takes the bids online opening up a 280,000. the winner gets to tickets to a mets game. it cost him $480,000 back and the allen taylor racer with 16.5 seconds. 217 miles per hour. >> last night in texas severino with everyone expecting big things. he was off to a rough start in the third inning. mitch moore with a two runs scored. it's not good. the next batter with severino having great stuff.expect big things
5:49 am
struggle. desmond scores and severino had the rangers winning big. severino is at 0/ tonight with the new york islanders doing something they have not done. islanders held the finals date yesterday before heading down to tampa. the lightning with the islanders playing two double-overtime spoilers. lightning will have the momentum. >> the rangers cleaned out the rocker. dan boyle said it might be his last season in the nhl. the hockey writer knows exactly how he feels about it. >> no one respects you . just so you know. i leave here with the respect of my teammates.
5:50 am
someone . i don't want you here. i want you to get out . i have no respect for you. >> dan boyle is not happy. i've seen athletes and reporters go at it before and he did not have a great season. they are critical of him this year. you know things happen. >> sometimes i feel like we're all guilty of doing it.we attack people and celebrities and people in the media because it's so easy. growing up in this before i criticize someone i remember i've seen guys as much as they say they don't pay attention to what the media says, they do! >> you know what's worse? and here it secondhand. hey, did you hear what
5:51 am
. guys are playing the game that we would like to play in making's not just athletes. >> social media has made it easy for people to just go on the attack . >> they do it anonymously. >> duke there you go. >> think you so much ! 5:51 am. >> he deserves it! >> i have no qualms about that ! >> . [laughter] let's show you what's happening out there. it will be a little bit cooler. tonight will be chilly and we have a frost advisory for parts of the tri-state. it's most of the outlying suburbs. temperatures are below normal and not only today but through the weekend and
5:52 am
it's a little bit of cool stuff making a comeback. 470 is your temperature. the temperatures have dropped down between four 90 cooler than it was. we do have a part lead sunny sky but the general trend will be for them to break up as the day goes on. here's where the showers are now. it's a little bit closer to the frontal boundary that's pushing down to the south. future casts as you will see clouds making a comeback and showers coming through with primarily rain. we do have some wet weather to deal with on friday. trees are still a problem as far as the allergy report is concerned. there is no help from mother nature with the rain pulling it out. 590 tomorrow and showers are late tomorrow and friday. there's another shot at rain coming sunday and monday.
5:53 am
and hourly forecast in the google store and it cost you nothing. let's go into ines to see where the headaches are. >> they are going to get better. the bqe accident is cleared away. all liens are open. traffic is moving a little bit slow. connecticut with no problems in the mid- parkway. let's take a look at the commute. route 78 with no problem westbound or eastbound. crossbars on the alexander hamilton. no issues . the train service has resumed in both directions. people in the bronx will be happy about that. there is some delays with the trains running on hundred and 49th street. the transit is running on or close. >> think you ines. 553. >> that's including a
5:54 am
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>> this includes at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. p flonase is the first and only
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and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. time now for entertainment. rinses revolution band is paying tribute to the singer >> we have decided after spending three or free four days together that we would like to do some shows and let you know that we will be there soon. thank you.
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>> it's very cool! they made the announcement of the video posted online. the revolution will serve as their backing band beginning of his can career. no schedule has been announced yet. >> celebrities named the top 100 most influential people of the year. >> the black-tie gala to honor the lucky recipients featured on six different covers. julia and ariana conde. >> the olsen twins finally hosted a picture on social media. there is now an alternative . >> that's what we have all been waiting for. >> whatever . >> a pop-up museum exhibit featuring paintings of the siblings will be elsewhere what else? williamsburg. it's a chicago-based artist
5:58 am
you don't even see their faces you to see a big bottle of hair . >> . [laughter] i am not going
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6:00 am
ba da ba ba ba >> welcome back everybody. look at that sun. going to be peeking out. i hope, a little bit. what is peeking out, woody. should share the love with little woody love hear from him in just a moment. how warm it's going to get -- >> all right front runners in presidential race are beginning in the so-called primaries. donald trump hold five. hillary clinton won four for the in democrats and a lost only rhode island. >> dennis set to be sentenced


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