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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. >> this was the largest takedown in new york history speak to about 100 gang members arrested and now behind bars. the drug gangs were responsible for bringing a reign of terror to at least two bronx housing complexes. it's be among the suspects hauled off to court. dan bowens has more on this historic operation. reporter: that's right, from guns and drugs to bank fraud and multiple murders, this law
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massive and historic. reporter: an unprecedented takedown. giving a look at the intensity of the early-morning raids. reporter: the federal indictments are identifying 120 people suspects from two rival street gangs called the young runners and the big-money bosses >> the messages one. unless you like jail or death, don't do it. reporter: the officials say that a turf war has wreaked havoc on several public housing communities in the north bronx for years including here. >> we have extracted from individuals those that have yielded violence in these vibrant communities in the north bronx.
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multiple murders including 92-year-old sadie mitchell who was killed in her own home by a gang members stray bullet. >> in this instance, handcuffs are just what we needed. because of some in our society do not get it? 700 officers say the operation spans multiple agencies including the dea, atf and the u.s. marshals. >> today was a very good day for law enforcement. it was a really bad day for gang members. and i believe it was a great day for our communities. reporter: officials cite social media is a big tool on how they built this case against the gangs. investigators have warrants on 100 instagram, facebook and twitter accounts. dari: officials say that a major drug pipeline was cut off to long island.
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making a dangerous opiate that is 50 times more powerful than heroin and selling it on the streets. >> there were 17 overdoses that we can contribute to that particular drug ring over there. five of them were fatal overdoses. dari: the d.a. says that this was part of a task force must. investigators have made nearly 1100 arrests. steve: a day in court for a jetblue pilot who is accused of flying from. we have more at the look of the sobering statistics. reporter: that's right. the last thing that you would want to think about is your pilot having too much to drink when you board a plane. these are the allegations against one former jetblue employee. >> did you put 270 passengers at risk?
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an explanation. the pilot is charged with flying when intoxicated after failing to random blood-alcohol tests last year. his copilot said that he was drinking an unknown beverage from a cup before injuring his flights to and from orlando, florida. murphy stated that the results must have been caused by the gum that he was chewing. between 2010 and 2015, 64 pilot violated alcohol and drug provisions. another pilot was arrested in detroit last month after airport officials say that he also failed his writing test. >> everything to your probably no more danger than the pilot that had a medical problem. reporter: is professor of aviation says that it's something that the airlines take seriously. the people we spoke to said that pilots should always be sober.
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have to make sure that they're okay. >> i don't think you should be drinking within 24 hours of your flight time. reporter: if convicted he could face a maximum of 52 years behind bars. jody goldberg reporting live. dari: service back to normal after you train got stuck -- struck a car, actually, in bedford hills earlier today. they are saying that the green line crossing at about 3:30 p.m. cause lengthy delays during the evening commute. officials say that since the driver got stuck he got out of the car before the collision. fortunately no one was hurt. steve: dangerous levels of lead found at another new jersey school district. five schools say that the sample
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federal limit. two elementary schools have been shut off and bottled water is being brought in for students. some parents are saying that they are not taking any chances. >> we are hoping for the best. steve: they are working to find a permanent solution. dari: the race for the white house. donald trump and hillary clinton winning big. steve: opponents are vowing to stay in the race. one even picked up a running mate. sharon crowley has more from the campaign trail. reporter: frontrunners hillary clinton and donald trump seem to be pivoting toward the general election. donald trump laid out his foreign policy strategy today and the candidate that saw big losses last night were scrambling just to try to get some last-minute momentum. >> an extraordinary leader, my friend and the next vice
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carly fiorina. reporter: ted cruz picked former rival carly fiorina should he win the party nomination. it comes after he suffered a crushing defeat in last night's east coast primary. >> today what he is doing is an insider political move to distract the electorate from his disastrous night last night. reporter: donald trump is fresh off his sweeping primary victory today outlined his foreign policy strategy. describing one different from barack obama and george w. bush? one that replaces randomness with purpose, ideology with strategy and chaos with these. reporter: democrat hillary clinton placed first in for a five state primaries last night. >> what a great night. i want to thank everyone.
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democrat bernie sanders says that he plans to stay in the race until the bitter end. if for nothing else than to push his progressive platform. >> this campaign is listening to ordinary americans and not just wealthy campaign contributors. reporter: and he still has the money to stay in the race. fox news has confirmed that his campaign laos staffers. the next a contest is in indiana for democrats and republicans which is on may 3. dari: thank you. "the wall street journal" is reporting that federal and state investigators have subpoenaed documents from a number of close allies to mayor bill de blasio. part of their probe into the mayor's fund-raising activities including the chief political aide and the top fundraiser. he has denied any wrongdoing, say saying that he and his allies have followed all laws.
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republican in the house, a judge handing him a 15 month sentence after he was found guilty of making federal banking rules in a scheme to pay hush money to keep sex abuse allegations a secret. the 74-year-old accused of sexually abusing four students decades ago when he was a wrestling coach at an illinois high school. dari: robert are sentenced to seven years in prison. the 72-year-old was arrested in march last year for illegally possessing a handgun. he has been behind bars ever since the arrest. however, he will be transferred to a minimum security federal prison outside of los angeles. the new york state real estate heir still faces murder charges and the death of his longtime friend, susan berman in california. dari: facebook has a financial news to share. the social media site raked in 77 cents per share, much higher than the 62 cents expected. experts say the reason for the
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users and more mobile advertising. it will allow mark zuckerberg to retain control. steve: week sales for iphone continue to take a bite out of apple stop racist. dropping 8% that translates to a loss of about $48 billion in market capital, all in a matter of minutes. the analysts say that there could be more bad news. the new iphone isn't due until the fall which leaves room for another potentially bad earnings report this summer. steve: there is no air to prince's empire. dari: inside the nasty legal fight that gets to keep the pop stars fortune. steve: and the first look at the coney island amphitheater scheduled to open this summer. dari: it could be the best deal
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are definitely expe steve: tmv reporting new developments in the investigation into the death of prince. he he was dealing with a percocet addiction for years. benson family say that he got hooked after having problems in 2009. they also claim that he was in such bad shape that is plain made an emergency landing six days before his death that his bodyguard had to carry him off the jet. an incident report shows that he was given a scene shot for the overdose right at the airport. dari: that's so sad. he performed right after that. today a judge made it official, saying that prince did not have a will. that leaves lots of westerns about what happens to his music
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reporter: appointing a corporate company to oversee this is state. court documents show that they were appointed as special administrator. >> i would assume that there would be some kind of information about who the heirs are. and also i would think that there would be some kind of accountable situation as to what is there. reporter: this woman worked on a couple of litigation matters including one over his symbol shaped guitar? one individual said that they created it and dropped it off at one of his concerts. reporter: it is said that he mainly kept to himself. >> he was so protected with his
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and he was very reserved. how can something like that happen? >> it seems odd because all through his career he was very careful about his work and how it was treated. he did go after people like counterfeiters. reporter: inside his compound is said to be involved with unpublished music. the question is what is inside the vault and what will happen to it to . >> when it goes to court there will have to be decisions made and it will be up to the family how they will treat the music. reporter: is the siblings become joined owners, there is no agreement among them and each of them has the right to exploit the music but not destroy it. >> they can license it, but they must account back to the other joint owners. >> how long will it take for an administrator to have assets to be distributed?
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potentially years. dari: back in the recording studio is kesha, and the fans could not be happier. single marco. dari: she is teaming up to release a new song called true colors when she performed at coachella it will be released on friday. at. steve: coney island wants to be the place to be this summer. a new amphitheater is expected to be open in time for the fourth of july weekend. some top-notch entertainment. stacey delikat brings us inside. >> we are looking at the future amphitheater at coney island. reporter: in two months as construction project is going to
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entertainment venue. reporter: they will officially kick things off on july 3. >> we are now getting calls from artists and we never dreamed that this would be the venue that everyone would want to play at an obviously we are on the boardwalk and the beach. this is going to be an exciting place for everyone to play. reporter: the summer lineup also includes counting crows and boston. just 5000 seeds are here. the vibe is part each party and part old coney island time. >> part of what we are doing is trying to revitalize coney island. this project is supposed to be a transformative project for double neighborhood. reporter: the original details
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plenty of modern touches. >> we are acoustically enclosed, we have fabric that protects the neighborhood. however the oceanside is open and we will have readers and we will be able to look out and see what is going on and to feel like you are outdoors where you are going to be shielded from rain. reporter: the company will be operating want to hire people from the neighborhood. the job is going on until thursday afternoon, looking to fill about 200 jobs here at the venue. stacey delikat for "fox 5 news". steve: he is a rising star with a new album. dari: making his way to be huge.
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steve: the latest up-and-coming rapper. dari: although he got a late
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brink of making it big. reporter: with his release of his second studio album he has a lot to be excited about. so how does this native link up with celebrities and become a rising star? if you asked him, it is destiny. >> i was dj and all of the after parties and my manager used to manage the basketball. >> as a dj he was always a student of music.
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later in life. reporter: with the help of j. cole, his dream became a reality. >> we started playing local basketball together, we were trying to form a lot of friendships playing basketball. >> how did it go from hanging out with your friends to eventually getting a deal?
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>> well, when he had my music, he said that you are really good. you have your own style. i can't wait to see how you develop in the next two years. from that time on he started bringing me out on the road. reporter: over the years he became a tremendous artist. he is gearing up for a tour. reporter: they all have jobs at
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together. heroin. dari: some are calling it an epidemic. we have the story next.
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the new biopic picture steve: heroin. in new york city there is more than ever before according to the men and women on the front lines of the drug war. dari: it is dangerous and deadly and the focus of this week's street soldiers. lisa evers has more. reporter: you don't see them dying on the streets and you don't see them dealing in the open. the investigation reveals that we are in the worst drug crisis the new york city has ever seen no matter how you cut it.
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another in recent weeks. the police allegedly selling everything from pills of crack and heroin. including the largest ever gain raid. they went to the head at of the new york dea for answers. reporter: showing a small fraction of the heroin that has been confiscated may be destroyed and burned. >> heroin has been cheaper than it's ever been and it's potent. reporter: they tell me that the majority is smuggled across the
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animals, shoes, clothing, even candy. then it's driven to the city just like it is fruit or furniture. reporter: once packaged, the individual envelopes are stamped with brand names. reporter: i also spoke with
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biggest drug cases. reporter: the city health department says the drug overdose deaths increase increased in 2015 with a 15 to 24 years old the most affected showing a 33% increase. what can be done? that is what we are discussing on the next episode of street soldiers, including an undercover narcotics officer and a medical doctor. that is saturday at 10:30 p.m. right after the news at 10:00 p.m. steve: thank you, lisa. two-man shop when the gun accidentally went off inside the doctor's office in long island. the police say that a retired nypd officer was showing a doctor whose license weapon when the doctor was struck in the foot and leg. we are told that their non-life-threatening injuries. dari: director oliver stone is
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his new film about edwards noted was released today. >> we are looking at everything that we can. >> that is going to be very interesting. edward snowden is a former cia employee that leaked classified information from the nsa revealing hundreds of global surveillance programs. he is promising to leave no stone unturned when coming to determining whether he's a hero or a traitor and the movie will be in theaters coming up. a. steve: coming up next. something that has fitness buffs pumped up with anger. dari: paying for their term fix. steve: and what is really in those chicken mcnuggets?
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recipe to help make them healthier. dari: but first, here's tonight's new york minute. reporter: to see in the air and space museum got a new addition. it has been used to train astronauts and air force personnel. >> you can fly upside down, you can do acrobatics. can break the sound barrier. it is great training? you can learn more at intrepid and activism today in bryant park. which college students transcribed on vintage typewriters. >> they're dealing with a lot of
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including the challenge of finding work after they graduate. this is a way for their voices to be heard. reporter: and that is your new
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>> a big ruling against america's british online retailer. amazon must give a refund for the virtual stuff that kids bought with real money while playing on amazon apps. they have put more parental controls on. now the court needs to decide how much of a relief parents will get. that should come later. and the tech giant reporting quarterly profits that blew away estimates. and ford recalling more than
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separate issues. right now mcdonald's trying out a new recipe with her chicken mcnuggets. if all goes well it could end up at a mcdonald's near you. that is business and i am david asman. steve: sales decreasing by 30%, causing a net loss of $26 million, mostly because chipotle give away millions of food items in a desperate attempt to get people back after several food illness outbreaks.
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of another good price it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself,
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it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. dari: staying in shape does not come cheap.
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people ready to jump ship. reporter: in the flatiron district, district, more than a thousand different customers pay to take classes. looking to attract what they described as mainstream customers, he listed his studio offering members a limited number of classes. >> we have a larger demographic than what we did previously. >> on wednesday they announced that they doubled the price and unveiled to lesser plants. the company's ceo said they are creating long-term sustainability with both members on the market. >> i think it's pretty excessive areas i am in grad school and so really pushes it out of my price point and i don't think it's worth it. >> usually when they lose
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reporter: it doesn't explain why these boutique exercise studios charge so much money in the first place. >> especially if one chooses to work out and stay healthy at one of the 900 studios that except last pass. but they worry if the class passed price increase increases. steve: i have to start going to
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and now it is below average. >> that's right. i'm telling you in advance to next few days will be in the upper 50s, 56 or 57 on friday. sixty-two and 46, we should be in the middle 60s and average low around 48. and coming around to the northwest, a few scattered high clouds, taking a look at oxide sky guardian. by midafternoon tomorrow showers will arrived. we will have a little bit of
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take a look, only 52 today, same thing on my island is good towards bridgeport, everyone in the 50s and even 40s. forty-six in monticello, back to 46 at delmar. light winds, mainly southwesterly. we do have a frost advisory area in northwest jersey and it expands towards rockland. parts of sussex county as well. fifty at boston, 40s back west towards buffalo. clouds again moving away for now. you can see that they are increasing and that is the rest of the system that is spiraling
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come our way. it will bring in the cloud cover as he was the after some morning sunshine and mild. then showers could appear, notice the high temperature stops at 58 degrees. there are the showers that are going to be around tomorrow night. western is what happens on friday. there will be an onshore flow that could be occasional spots of light rain and drizzle. only in the middle to upper 50s for friday's high temperatures. more than west, lower to middle 30s, sun and clouds tomorrow. then showers tomorrow. a bit of light rain or drizzle and only 56. saturday will be a nice recovery.
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raining and that will last until monday. exeunt sunday, 56 on monday, 63 tuesday and then showers in the morning. and then the high on wednesday. >> now we are talking. not much difference between the lows and highs. nick: not really everything we want. dari: thank you. "good day new york" helped anchor a great event tonight. they were the masters of ceremony at this board of directors dinner. as the 6 million dollar man was honored for spirituality and commitment to making a difference. it is a temporary shelter helping men fight addiction and
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flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase.
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russ: how are you doing, everyone? after two thrilling doubletime victories, the islanders down in tampa tonight. facing off against the lightning in their second cup series opener. on the money. the islanders have the lead. and get a load of this. closing seconds, it is the same combo striking again. 2.1 left to make it three to one for the islanders beating the lightning and the fans in shock. and then it turns into utter
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the striking again with the bull's-eye. and then we have 4-1 right after that. from behind after getting hit with it, taking over and i'm sure that the final scoring made him feel better by a score of 5-3. as for the extent of his injury him and he returned with roughly two minutes left. and on to the diamond we go. this newcomer making his presence felt. he unloads to the ninth of the month. the rising star rising again and
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double driving it home. that was your final, winning his second. deep down in the heart of texas tonight, alex rodriguez delivers his third bomb of the season. moving to right center. getting past carlos beltran what would be a run-scoring triple crossing the plate to make it 3-2 for the rangers. interviewed for the job and we will see what happens with that.
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missing the boat. >> apparently that man has a kid on the boat and she is not on there. dari: what a nightmare. dari: a passenger took this. mom is on the, she's on the pier. we are told that the captain did wait an additional half-hour before taking off her the good news is that the kid was not completely alone. the uncle was on board and the family was reunited days later.
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is definitely a big difference. nick: my parents miss the boat once. they were taking students to greece on the boat and the boat
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