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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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[music] yes! the clouds roll in and we are looking at sporadic showers today. mike has the complete forecast. >> alleys of bill de blasio get the subpoena. get the subpoena. we will have the investigation into the mayor's fundraising. it's an interesting day for dean and his son. the former state leader he does not want any jail time. it's understandable. that is not even close to what the prosecutor is asking for.
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will be on repeat all least she is breaking out into song after he named her as his running mate . >> she has a sweet charm to her. she is a very pretty voice. >> i am carrie drew and for ben. >> at 5:00 on april 28. thank you for being with us. >> unfortunately it's going to be a lousy day. mike: not the prettiest of days. we'll see a lot of gray skies . at least it's not here in the morning commute . will show you what the temperatures are doing for you this morning. at 490 in central park and 48 in newark. 360 in monticello. same in poughkeepsie and 47 and islip. we have a partly cloudy sky here in the area with clear skies to the north and
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have to deal with clouds and showers rolling into the picture. a couple of areas of low pressure riding along this complex system forcing the moisture to bring out the rainfall and the majority will focus to the southwest and stall out the frontal boundary that transforming and lifting up into our area bringing us in a chance of showers. it does not look like organize rainfall but there is patchy light showers coming in as we head towards the evening commute. we will keep sporadic rain in the picture later tonight and into tomorrow. tomorrow, pulls over and that's where we get our best shot of showers. it's coming up tomorrow evening and it starts to shut down as we get beyond midnight. things are looking okay. >> clouds they can and they get going as we go through the next seven days. 580 today and 57 tomorrow.
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saturday. sunday they tried to make it come back later in the day. >> let's get over to ines. let's see what's going on. >> good morning ines. >> recruiting roles are suspended for religious observances. the commute is off to a good start. new jersey looks good at 287. let's go to the cameras and take a look at the bridge. they are approaching the bears, and traffic is moving fine with a trailer on the upper level. the bqe is heading towards the brooklyn bridge and looking good. no issues there. with the tappan zee bridge, it's running on are close to schedule. carrie and juliet back to you. >> investigations into the fundraising practices appear to be intensifying.
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have been subpoenaed. let's go to teresa joining us live at city hall with more details on all this. teresa, good morning. >> good morning. the hawks seem to be circling city hall. investigators are serving the subpoenas to top aides. they are interested in very big checks that were written by some very big donors. whether or not the mayor had anything to do with it . this is according to some experts in it could boil down to the minutia and the state law. >> when the mayor wakes up , this is what he will see. >> the new york daily news suggesting the scandal involving mayor deblasio are creating an element of fear and glam at city hall. the post is not mincing words with , you've got server! three advisors were served with subpoenas in the
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the mayor's fundraising practices. in the city and around the state . emma wolf is the mayor's director of the intergovernmental affairs. russ is a top campaign fundraiser serving for the main non-for profit . they are reports that the consulting firm work on the political campaign and the city's teachers union were also served. the subpoena came from the us attorney's office and the manhattan da. investigators are looking into allegations of him attempting to circulate campaign donation limits to stack the statehouse with legislators that would help him push the progressive agenda. reports say they were directly involved in discussions with these political donors. the mayor's attorney responded to the reports with , city hall has been subpoenaed and we are fully cooperating with the investigation. the mayor has not been personally served. >> it's an interesting
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one of the senders is on the same team that also prosecuted the former state majority leader. >> were sending things back to you. >> thank you, teresa. will check back with you in a little bit. the republican leader and his son will be sentenced today. he was found guilty of strong-arming several companies with business before the state legislator into giving him and his son no-show jobs which means he did not have to really do anything. his son adam was found guilty of bribery and extortion. prosecutors are asking the judge to lock up both for more than one decade. they want the politician to pay 350,000 in fines. the lawyers for he and his son say they don't want to
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the longest-serving republican speaker of the house in us history is going to jail. he was sentenced to 15 months behind bars.he admitted to sexually abusing former wrestlers when he was a couch coach . he is not going to jail for that. the statute of limitations expired . he is found guilty of violating bank reporting rules. they were used as hush money in an effort to cover up what he did. >> let's talk about the race for the white house. it has been weird and wacky and is getting worse. ted cruz has done something that no one has ever done before. he is named a running mate and he is mathematically making it not possible at this point. >> for the democrats, layoffs hit the campaign. robert moses is here now with all the latest.
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i will try. good morning to you. explain the unexplainable. ted cruz and bernie sanders are underdogs taking very different approaches to the status. sanders is acknowledging it with the layoffs that we mentioned in cruises not . he is forging ahead as if he is the front-runner. >> the next vice president of the united states , carly fiorina! >> he did not sound like a candidate with no mathematical chance. he began the first candidate since ronald reagan 40 years ago to announce his running mate before securing the nomination. donald trump has struggled to appeal to women and it's likely that cruised sensed an opportunity. >> cruises announcement is an attempt to interject some relevance. >> i am prepared to stand by his side and give this
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restore this and defeat donald trump and hillary clinton! [cheering] we will take our country back smart . >> trump was not impressed. >> bernie sanders has little chance for securing the nomination. he took a much different approach.there is the layoffs of hundreds of workers. sanders insists that he will stay in the race for the california primary in june. >> was alongside legendary coach of the losers , bobby knight. trump delivered a foreign policy speech. it's far from the freewheeling results in trump red from a
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>> it's american security. >> lindsey graham tweeted that ronald reagan must be rolling over in his grave. >> theory not announced that we did not show you. at one point, fearing a burst into song in honor of ted cruz's two young daughters. >> i know two girls that i just adore. [laughter] i am so happy that i can see them more. we travel on the bus all day and we get to play . we get to play. i won't bore you with any more of the song carolina and catherine i love you girls. >> it's a lullaby break. who knew? you never knew which was to return it will take.
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it might have look like an unscripted moment but it's probably very scripted. it's an attempt to put this campaign with some life. ted cruz is known as a robotic candidate so that song may have helped get rid of that reputation. >> may have? >> that's the operative term. >> she has a nice voice. >> the secret service wants to step up security at the white house after a series of fence jumping instances. agency has proposed raising the fence by 5 feet to just over 11 feet. it would get a new concrete foundation and spikes on the top. >> you think it would already have that. >> secret service officials say the current fence is simply not adequate for the modern era. work likely won't start for another two years.
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can already fight on the front lines but they may have to register for the draft . the committee approves a measure for a 32/20 vote. the finally mean voted against it. the california republican says he only offered it to open all combat jobs to women that fairly considered the draft. some women said it should apply to them as well as the quality. they will be included in the bill that will host them pretty soon. >> we have a lot more still to come. a jetblue pilot is in trouble for flying under the influence. mike is watching the forecast. >> we have changes coming out us. more clouds in the tri-state region today. the rain is still holding up. it's good news but we will expect showers later . it's not a lot cooler. looks like we will have a decent looking day coming
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>> the dream day turned into a nightmare for some beachgoers. this was a video shop a tourist on the beach on monday afternoon. it's a dust devil sending people running. that is a little bit scary. >> it's a small tornado with winds kicking up the umbrellas and sending them flying through the air. 40 feet high! that's despite the chaos. luckily no one was hurt. >> pretty scary. >> which way should you run? you don't know which way it's going. >> that could impel someone. >> it's time for mike . >> might the weather is just okay today. >> i remember seeing a big giant dustup like that when i was a kid and i ran into it . that tells you why i am the way i am. >> . [laughter] was anything around ? >> it was just debris.
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>> there was no umbrella. i am sure there are quite a few of us like this. >> there is no rain no rain out there yet . some folks have to head out to school. 490 now and at central park with a mainly clear sky was went from the northeast at 7 miles per hour. looks like another cool spring day coming at you. let's check the regional temperatures heading out into long island in the valley. we have 370 with a cloudy sky. 440 in tarrytown and
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at 460. the sun comes up in about 45 minutes or so. here is what we see with the radar and satellite. there is nothing as far as the radar but there is a decent amount of cloud cover with parts to the hudson valley. we are going to see a couple of areas of pressure along the frontal boundary transforming to a warm front and we will see clouds thickening as the day goes on. shower chances will pick up today. look at the future caspian you could roll forward and by 5:00, the first of the shower start popping and are getting close to tri-state. looks like new jersey gets it first and they are hanging around the rest of the tri-state tomorrow morning with spotty showers here throughout the day. an area of low pressure comes through and that's where more solid rainfall comes from. it's late on friday and it dries up saturday. might not be a completely cool day but it will be
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>> and mostly parties by without developing and up to 500. 57 as the high tomorrow but there are showers scattered throughout the day.more shower chances are coming back . let's bring in ines. we will see what we have. street cleaning rules are in effect because of that meters are still in effect . putnam county is doing fine but no issues at 684. smooth sailing with a commute in the box. the major as well as the bronx river parkway. no issues eastbound. time at 5:19 pm. a jetblue pilot is said to
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>> 270 people did you put them at risk? >> murphy posted a $50,000 bond. he convicted 15 years behind bars. one man died during yesterday's police raid. the post reports a 21-year-old , giovanni martin, fell from the sixth floor ledge trying to escape please cracking down on to gangs. police say the gangs were responsible for bringing a rain of terror to the housing complexes. the new video shows the intensity of the historic
5:21 am
morning. it's ongoing turf war. they hope to send a message. rosanna scotto and greg kelly helped anchor a great event. they were the masters of ceremony at the board of directors center in midtown. it's a temporary shelter helping them fight
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i'm sure you'll hear about that later on this morning. >> we have a lot more coming up. mcdonald's is looking to change they say that in life, we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component... is an integral part of what makes the 2016 c-class one of our most sophisticated cars ever. because when you're setting a new benchmark for refinement, it is the small stuff... that makes the biggest impression. the 2016 c-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers
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it's 5:24 am. while you are posting pictures, facebook is making a lot of money. the social media giant reported revenue of 5-point three 8 billion . that's a be . it's 77 persons per share. it's higher than analysts had predicted. they also reported the
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climbing to 1.65 billion. that's equivalent to four out of every 10 on the planet . >> verizon into labor unions are in contract negotiations with talks picking up at 1230 this afternoon in new york and philadelphia. it will end more than a week of silence between the sides. the union communication workers of america and international brotherhood both walked off the job 15 days ago. >> they have been without a contract since august 1. they want them to contribute more to help aphids. the union wants limits on the job transfers to keep the jobs in the united states and keep tension increases. >> the donald is testing a new preservative free version of its iconic chicken nugget . >> my mom used to say that. she would go and she enunciates things it's so weird. >> they are testing the new recipe and on on and they
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they say parents can feel good about it. maybe it will be less of a saturated fat . >> no word on when it would launch but this is the latest move by company working to turn around the business. >> they have been doing a lot of different things. >> there is a new app and it wants you to stop swiping and start diving. >> the app is called dying. they fill out profiles and they get three restaurants or bars where they would like to go on a date. it shows potential matches. you could send the date request. you are shown to five every day. more if you buy a premium plan. the owners say half resume 14 days. >> lori moto >>
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[laughter] we had your top stories, coming back. stay with us. >> maxx life in store and online.
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hello everyone. it's a beautiful shot. >> is gorgeous. what would you use to describe that? >> it's a tough one. >> beautiful. >> hopefully you will keep that image back into your mind because it sounds like it's a professor. >> presidential candidates ted cruz is naming carly fiorina as a vice presidential running mate. we will show you what she did at the rally that a lot of people talking. >> huber is so popular that people love it and however, you might want to not love it as much when you find
5:31 am
your reservations. hollywood actor chris chambord is flexing some muscle. >> he is so cute! i think he is one of the best looking guys in hollywood. he has a adorable accent. >> know? without the beard? >> i love beards. >> mike is saying are you jealous? >> i was enthralled by the video. >> carrie, good to have you here. >> how long have you worked here? >> four years? >> you came to the same time i did? >> around the same time in 2012. >> i love carrie drew.>>
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>> we love you too. >> there is a lot of love going on. >> ines has been here for 20 years. >> how long have you been here? >> i predate her . >> join the club! >> good morning. let's show you what's happening. amateurs this morning are not that bad. 490 at central park and it could be colder with a frost advisory in the northwestern section. looks like we will barely get there. 370 in albany and 49 in williamsport. we will see a mixed sky as you saw from the camera shot earlier. the sky looks pretty clear but the clouds are rolling back in. they will be thickening up as time goes on. we will have to deal with some showers eventually but
5:33 am
you step out the door. you can see the mess here sliding along the frontal boundary and wiggling through to the south. they are bringing in some inclement weather with showers going and it takes a little while for that to happen. high temperatures get up to 580 later on and shower start picking up into this evening. shower chances come around and we get a break on saturday with a partly cloudy sky. sunday, more clouds roll in and more chances come into sunday and monday. let's bring in ines . a very knowledgeable ines rosales. >> there you go. >> it's such a nice gift. >> let's talk about the commute. street cleaning roles are suspended today and smile. meters are in effect . let's look out for the stall at the bridge blocking elaine with the
5:34 am
island parkway. new jersey looks good .>> let's go to the cameras and check on the fdr drive. traffic jam because of construction on 79th street south down. we tried to clear it away and we look at the slowdown. no problems on the north downside. on the train with the metro-north and the past trains running on or close. >> several reports with federal and state subpoenas for close allies with bill de blasio. >> is getting sticky. it's part of their probe into the fundraiser activities. >> lets go to teresa. good morning teresa. >> the mayor's attorney is saying city hall has been subpoenaed. good morning to both of you. good morning everyone.
5:35 am
to good news here. city hall surrounds the scandal creating a fear in side of city hall. he puts it simply you that served! three top advisers to the mayor served with subpoenas in an ongoing campaign finance election probe. these are three people who are a part of his inner circle. they served on the campaign and help to operate his non-for profit. one person is an actual employee at city hall. she was the director of intergovernmental affairs. these are people who helped him coordinate his efforts to break big money from downstate and help them influence of state elections. these subpoenas are from the us attorney's office as well as the manhattan da. one of the probes seems to be centered around if the
5:36 am
the donation limits in order to stack the statehouse with legislators helping to push the progressive agenda.the mayor's office released a statement saying , city hall has been subpoenaed. we are fully cooperating with the investigation and the mayor has not been personally served. this is a side note and a lot of people are saying that the mayor was in line with city law. the question here is, the minutia? did he circumvent things? did he go through back channels to the the limits? does he really push the agenda? >> we will see . we'll see it time and again. we've not seen the end of this and it proves true. that is the latest from city hall. back to both of you in the studio. >> incorporated you, teresa x is just one after
5:37 am
>> this one just when used incorporated you have seen it all. you have not . >> robert moses joins us now with the latest twist and turns for uncontroversial moments. >> awkward? >> maybe in some people's minds. >> slightly bizarre and slightly and expect it. >> slightly typical. basically another day on the campaign trail. >> ted cruz has no mathematical chance of winning his party's nomination. he will admit that . that did not stop him from naming carly fiorina as his running mate . he became the first candidate to name a running mate before securing the nomination since ronald reagan did it back in 1976. this appears to be hesitant to inject some life into his candidacy.with donald trump struggling to appeal to women, cruz sensed an opportunity. the race is no less than a
5:38 am
the republican party. >> i am prepared to stand by his side and give it everything i have to restore the party and defeat donald trump! to defeat hillary clinton! to take our country back! >> it's very early. >> there was a strange moment at the announcement. fearing a burst into the singing of a lullaby in honor of cruises two young daughters. >> take a listen. >> i know two girls i just adore. i'm so happy i can see them more. >> as we travel on the bus all day, we get to play we get to play . [music] i won't bore you with any more of the song. >> it might have seen like
5:39 am
moment but it was probably very intentional. we tried to humanize crews just a bit because he is known to be robotic. >> we will look at other aspects. >> i just want to keep playing that . >> think you robert! >> let's check back in. no more seeing for her? just one little thing. >> just that! it was probably just it. >> she should have probably stopped at the second adore . >> she has a beautiful voice. >> let's move on.
5:40 am
seriously and many of us cancel our trip at the last minute but it's about to get more expensive. the ridesharing company used to give you five minutes to change your mind and you do your order and five minutes later you decide you don't want to go there something you cancel it but that was free and now you will get charged if you do it . if you cancel over two minutes after , it will cost you $10. where officials told the post a five minute window was too generous and they say it was taking money away from the drivers. drivers will charge you an extra fee if you keep them waiting for more than two minutes. the better way outside . >> here is the problem. you have to sit and watch and wait for them to show up. little off. >> it might take you two
5:41 am
corner.>> i don't know. >> huber finally has to operate at liberty airport. it will pay them $3 million upfront as part of a 10 year $10 million deal. the pickup and drop off the passengers at the airport but prohibits them from waiting in designated taxi areas. they must also have liability insurance to pay a fee for operating at the airport. >> a lot of goober news. >> let's get over to mike . >> are you a neighbor guy? >> every once in a while. i have had one cancel on me. >> usually, it's in busy rush-hour times. >> i have been in the car when i've seen them cancel on others. >> we don't like that.>> anyway, we have the weather headlines today with clouds thickening up .
5:42 am
and it starts off looking pretty but later on they develop . to get going this evening. the weekend looks so-so. it's not perfect. below normal temperatures they are going on for a little's a little bit cooler for your taste and it will hang out for a while. we have a mixed sky with clouds to the west and clear skies to the east over connecticut . we will see more coming as the area of low pressure is right along the frontal boundary to the south. it will force its way through and bring us some shower chances. i temperatures up to 580 today and rain chances come at you. you have a break on saturday with more chances coming monday and tuesday.
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5:05 am. the former republican majority leader sentence today. the corruption was back in december. it's more than a decade. >> one man died with a
5:46 am
gianni martin fell from a ledge while trying to escape police. he is trying to crack down on to raids. they led the rest of 120 people. >> the pilot has been charged with flying drunk. jenna dennis murphy junior failed to alcohol tests. murphy says the results were charged by the gun he was using. >> i think it was a .11. >> if can make it, he faces 15 years behind bars. >> you may never have an excuse not to exercise again. as much positive health than if it's as moderate exercise. just one minute? i think i could get on board with that.>> 27 sedentary men practice one of two exercise programs over the course of 12 weeks. the other group did 45 minutes of continuous the end, the
5:47 am
increase by the same amount in both groups. >> the findings appear in the journal if you want to take a look for yourself. >> good morning. >> a little bit of hockey there. game one in the second round of the playoffs. the islanders in the lightning. the game is tied at one and they take over with the past. it's in the first of two goals. to /1 islanders. >> they are down and no one plays better hockey than him. he fires it up in the top . islanders are taking a puck to the face right there. islanders head coach hitting off of his nose. he would return 10 minutes later. under one minute left .
5:48 am
the talk there. that does it! game 15/3. it just caught me at the tip of the nose. nothing really serious. >> i thought it would be way worse than it was. he needs to make a helmet . >> the mets are behind matt harvey sweeping the reds in your . for the first time, i thought harvey look like him. how about neil walker. harvey is reaching 97.
5:49 am
the season-high is 7/9.he scored a number three spot . he keeps the shoulder going. it's 5/2 with the mets winning 11 straight times. i guess each we did on sunday tying at 4/2. andrews gets this pitch and rips the offering to the gap there in texas is up 3/2. he rounds it out to end the game in the rangers when . he is a hero to a lot of mets fans. he took the nickname to heart. tori manhattan at 6 foot six with long blonde hair. it's
5:50 am
>> 100 miles per hour striking fear into the opposing team. >> why didn't you just say and i love you and get it over with. >> i just told you guys i think i am prophetic . i think he will be the best picture . i think he will be the best. >> any other costume is a good fit. >> think you, do . >> and tamara is a little bit worse. >> way worse! antoine was out with us. he showed up and he were the t-shirt and it was painted on his body. he
5:51 am
>> he doesn't eat much waxy works out! >> i don't know if he can breathe. >> the poor guy is not in here to defend himself. >> the average is around 650. it will be pretty close on those numbers. a little bit shy on the average high with 490 in the central parkway. the clouds are trying to make a comeback and we have clear skies at this point in connecticut and down into the hudson valley. they will be making a come back here soon. eventually, showers due to and when do they get going? area of low pressure comes along the frontal boundary working into the tri-state region . one comes in at 5:00 and the shower set up a new jersey . i don't think it makes
5:52 am
the tri-state region. the next area of low pressure has more promise. they rest rainfall getting out as we had through the night. on saturday, it looks dry and sunday makes a come back again. mostly cloudy with amateurs coming in between 56 60. 570 is her high was shower chances out there. rain chances come through sunday and monday and tuesday. don't forget the weather app with the itunes and google play story. here comes ines. >> pretty good thursday morning. it's quiet out there. with a truck blocking two issues on the lie. let's go to the cameras. construction cleared on the
5:53 am
all clear on the northbound side and it looks good in the lincoln tunnel. we start to see some build up and is just a minor delay at the toll plaza. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella. spread the happy! at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science.
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watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains
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welcome back. 5:55 am.
5:56 am
circulating that he may have overdosed on drugs and tmc is exclusively reporting that he was addicted to percocet and the feds are investigating >> the website says in 2009, he suffered from hip problems. multiple sources say doctors prescribed the powerful painkiller after 2010. tmc says from them , he was addicted. they are trying to find out who wrote them the prescriptions and where they were filled . >> fans of beyonci can relax. it's all good between her and jay-z. take a listen. >> i believe last night , she did make some comments about her husband. she kicked off her world tour in miami . it was four days ago. she was buzzing after she released her lemonade cd filled with songs about infidelity.
5:57 am
at the end of last night show, she thanked her beautiful husband. sounds like everything was just fine. >> a lot of publicity for the album. >> fans of chris hemsworth including carrie drew . serious guns. >> . [indiscernable] mike is saying is fake. how do you know? >> they are not in a new
5:58 am
>> i will sit there and watch them do that all day. >> he could do whatever he
5:59 am
>> you could love more the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. (vo) beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the
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it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. learn more at >> good morning. it looks look it's going to be a nice day. that looks can be deceiving kerry drew. yeah we're going to have some morning sun. beautiful there. but increasing clouds today unfortunately. it's going to be upper 50s or so a built cool for this time of year frankly. mike has your complete forecast. >> a big story this morning three top advisories to mayor de blasio have been subpoenaed in probe into his fundraising activities. fundraiser attorney say city hall is fully cooperating with investigators. >> big day for dean skelos of new york not a good day.


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