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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> it's 10:00 p.m.. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10. antwan: was there with breaking breaking news a scare at trump tower's police was going to call about a suspicious white powder found at the building. dari: no word on what it is just as several people who came into contact with there being evaluated. sharon crowley set the scene. what do you know? hazardous materials came to the fire department fdny and nypd all here responding to trump towers. let me take a step of seeking to it's going on bbc the trucks on fifth avenue between west 37th in with 56. three people who were exposed to a powder that was in an envelope and that envelope was addressed to the fifth floor of trump tower. they have been isolated and they are being a value weighted by
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now that we took a short time ago. all this started unfolding at 8:00 this evening when police got the call that powder in an envelope that appear to be suspicious had people here concerned so they rushed and and are evaluating whatever's in the envelope. three people are rounded exposed to that are being evaluated now by medical personnel and they are in an isolated area. the building itself has not been evacuated but as you can see emergency responders are here and it kept the media pack and are trying to figure out exactly what happened. donald trump of course republican presidential candidate is not here. he's campaigning in california but this building behind me does have his campaign headquarters. we don't have any response from him at the moment. we did reach out to them. this incident comes surely after last month, another suspicious
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trump's junior's apartment in a different building. that turned out to be nothing but certainly you can see why there would be a lot of concern about this here tonight. as i said just three people being evaluated. we don't know much more than that just that they are isolated and emergency medical personnel are looking into what happened and of course we don't know what kind of powder was found in that envelope. that is being tested right now as well. if we get any new information certainly we will bring it to you. for now i will send it back to you. steve thank you sharon. they usually do turn out to be nothing and hope we that's a case. chaos outside of the tv station in baltimore after man in a panda suit threatens to blow the whole place up. police shot and wounded the man when he refused to their demands. dari: well it turns out he did not have any road explosives on him investigators are trying to figure out what was behind this bizarre threat.
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station in baltimore fox 45 newspapers afternoon a man dressed in an animal costume threatened to blow up a building the news team there spent the evening broadcasting live from there on parking lot. the station is still very much a crime scene. >> the man is walking out. reporter: distressed and a panda like one cc'ed hiding a device that looked like explosives. the folks with affiliated baltimore wbff forced into an unfamiliar position the subject of its own evening news. >> from an is manager stan point it's challenging for you on so many levels. here is the front entrance, and entrance that is blocked off to us now. reporter: the 25 real man told a security guard at a flash drive with government conspiracies and threatened to blow up the building.
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an aluminum foil, something out of a circuit board. s.w.a.t. teams called in arrived in as the man exited the building on live television he was shot by a sniper after refusing to take his hands out of his pockets. >> e. a surgical mask on and a counter cybershot the suspect. the suspect is not the seas. reporter: the device strapped to his chest discovered to be chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil. his father told wbff he is mentally unstable. >> probably what happened was -- you realize how much you care about the people you work with. reporter: the suspect was transported to hospital and is expected to survive. this point has not been identified. he's 25 years old from howard county maryland 20 miles outside of baltimore.
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specific station. steve: thank you dan. dari: three people behind the san bernardino shootings are facing marriage fraud charges tonight. prosecutors say a sham marriage to obtain immigration benefits and the other two lied under oath. none of the charges in connection with those actual shootings. steve: we are learning more about the investigation into prince's death and law enforcement appears to be focusing on an overdose is the cause. report any details tonight the sociopath speaking to a law enforcement official who says investigators are looking into possible overdose in prince's death and whether they doctor was prescribing in the drug prior to his passing. prescription drugs are
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the music icon was found dead in his paisley park complex. >> who reported the prince went to walgreens near his home four times the 70s before he died. reporter: investigators have not said what exactly was that they found the prince's compound. >> we are being told this is a broad search for all sorts of including medication and pharmacies names drugs and correspondence prescriptions. reporter: today accorded minnesota issued an order to seal all findings because it could compromise the investigation and cause other searches to become unsuccessful. >> everything we have seen is they are on the trail of percocet prescriptions and they don't want doctors and pharmacies tampering with or taking evidence out of the various places of business. they want to make sure it stays away it is. a law enforcement official who spoke to the "associated press" said among the things on the radar of doctor was on the star's private jet when he made
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died. an air traffic controller reporting captured some of those moments. >> with the nature of the emergency? >> and unresponsive passenger. autopsy results are still pending. meanwhile that's not all that happened today. tmz reporting that prince's sister went ballistic -- it's that she stormed out of the room , the reason money. she believes she's entitled to more. steve: there will be a mess without a will. thank you very much jessica. state and federal prosecutors continue to investigate whether the palazio administration broke campaign finance laws to the mayor's office. this closest allies have been
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mayor has not been served and he insists that no laws were broke in. >> as eyes have said many times do hold ourselves to the highest integrity in everything we have done from the beginning is legal and appropriate. steve: his administration is cooperated fully with multiple investigations. dari: a dozen students come according to the state department of health eight cases have been confirmed. there are another nine probable ones. there's also an outbreak at the university last two months. 41 students have contracted the infection. the school is worried it could impact graduation ceremonies next month. united airlines flight from newark to amman nebraska had to make an emergency landing tonight in cleveland to the officials say the plane was having engine problems. their 10014 passengers and crewmembers on board. fortunately nobody was hurt. steve: are not keep your uber
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next in the company cracking down on slackers who take too long to get to the car. reporter: time is money. they are piloting to new policies encouraging passengers to -- time for the race. uber's web site reads anywhere freaked -- anywhere anytime but today their message seems to be who we are willing to go anywhere but you'd better be on time. the ride sharing company encouraging punctuality from their passengers. once you you get the north occasion your driver has arrived two minutes later the meter goes on. the second shortening the cancellation window from five minutes down to two minutes. please put uber drivers who were happy with the news. >> go herr is trying to make it
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some riders received an alert about the new policies warning them to only request when they are ready to the passengers we talk to are split on the issue. >> any time spent waiting on you is money out of their pocket. >> you know when they are going to be there so it's all about being responsible. >> i would be more inclined to take a -- a >> i would be more inclined to take a -- and they won't charge you. uber is testing a program in four areas new york new jersey dallas and phoenix. now the company that calls itself every once private driver just got little pricier for procrastinators. "fox 5 news." steve: it certainly go living waiting for everyone to show up. how much is too much to pay for his speech? dari: is a local battle brewing on long beach but both sides drawn the line. steve: new yorkers bring their
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carried away. no local apartment building is putting its foot down and feeling the backlash. dari: think about this there are soap sanitizers and disinfectants so y. b. could be
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health. dari: neck it turns out last january's blizzard was the biggest snowstorm in the city's history to the national weather service finished a three-month review of snow totals from the storm and the numbers for central park were revised upward. officials know total is now 27.5 inches, smashing the previous record that was set in 2000. steve: that was the greatest biggest storm ever. it was fun. forget winter most of us can't wait for summer but you may find it more expensive this year to visit one of the areas most popular beaches. dari: mac king has more on the battle over peach passes in long
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reporter:summer is coming right for those planning to visit the beach in the city of long beach in the months ahead this season could bring with it this the most expensive beach pass in the city's history. long beach proposes to raise the cost of its residents pass from 65 to $80. and a visitors pass from 12 to $16. >> as residents have to pay the taxes the leave us alone. >> not all in long beach support giving the burden to visitors. armando lopez owns a restaurant and worries customers must pay $16 for one day the beach in addition to train ticket gas money lunch and ice cream they
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>> they are looking for a cheaper place. >> about -- a lot of people will be coming for lunch early dinner. reporter: he relies on seasonal business from tourist to remain in business. >> we have our own beaches. where we go is quiet. reporter: long beach's proximity to a long island railroad helped to collect $3.8 million last season could the city which declined to comment on the proposal before the city council discusses this as it uses money to pay lifeguards police officer's sanitation department and the defense counsel second cleanest beach looking pristine. if approved the price increase would provide long beach next $1.5 million.
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tax. >> a lot of people come from the city. >> i don't know how long since they breathe. >> reporter: is city council plans to meet to discuss the proposed price hike at a meeting tuesday night. the long beach mac king "fox 5 news." steve: tourist not everyone flocking long beach. amazing video local person captured of a whale is spotted in the waters earlier this week. it's a majestic sight always and probably won't be the last one we see this summer. dari: dog owners living in one manhattan apartment complex say they are being treated like dogs. why they have to use the back entrance when it's time to take the doggie for a walk. >> reporter: dog discrimination
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facing after new policy went >> where not allowed in the lobby any more. they set up -- at the lobby entrance. joe kramer at dog owner who lives here says dogs can now only go in and out the buildings back service door. he along with several other fellows dog owner neighbors doggie door because of the trash that piles up on garbage days. >> hundreds of bags pressed against the wall. >> i totally understand the concept behind the policy police have it where we can take them out in a certain location. residents on me they believe the issue wasn't really about the dogs being in the lobby or the elevator. has more to do with the fact that as soon as some dogs stepped outside there did their business over the sidewalk and
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back entrance plenty of business here. some residents are so upset they signed to edition protesting the new policy. however at dog lover herself doesn't see what it's all about. how do you feel about the new policy? >> i feel fine. i don't like going to lobby. >> reporter: they told they love dogs and tried to strike a balance. as for joe he says is dogs days are now numbered here. once the lease is over. >> i'm deftly moving. reporter: lidia curanaj "fox 5 news." steve: this is a story near and dear to my heart rate hot summer nights everyone sweating in a comfortable. all was well with the world when he heard the sound.
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truck jingle. kids could hear from miles away. they run out in the streets. the man who wrote the catchy jingle just died to les waas was an advertising guy who's responsible for more than a thousand jingles during his lifetime. he didn't write a word -- the creamiest dreamiest soft ice cream you get from mr. softee. dari: what was shifting? >> the banana chocolate ones. dari: i like the chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. steve: the guy he wrote the song was 94 years old and clearly he lived a good life something you for that. dari: apparently it goes back to
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landmark restaurant in the area famous. there's a social justice type theme to the whole thing. dari: how a private company could pete nasa today --. >> fox 5 has a tremendous legacy but we are updating it for the time. look at some the people we have
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>> approachability. that's very much a part of it. we are allowed to be authentic. i don't worry, i know.
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steve: the three martini lunch, the power lines would every think of as a madman air texting. dari: that changed when every
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the right to dine out and this was in the 1800's believe it or not. alison moore shows us a landmark restaurant and made it all happen. >> new york is a city of opportunity so there are a lot of first having to do with women's history that happened right here. reporter: one of those who first celebrated at delmonico's. the first restaurant in america to serve women independent of man in april of 1868. >> in the 1860s women can be out and about unchaperoned. chatrand were thought to be prostitutes and generally they were. it was very groundbreaking for delmonico's to open a separate room for women to dine alone. reporter:served when women refused an all-male lunch. >> women wanted to attend and the press club said no you are a woman and you are not allowed to
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club was actually a woman. she was very upset about that. she encouraged them and ask them what they be willing to host a separate luncheon club just for women. reporter: that was april 20, 1868. 148 years later to monaco's is serving the same dishes it out for that day. >> it was a trout which pickled cucumber salad on top and roasted asparagus with hollandaise and shaved black truffles. reporter: today delmonico's considers itself a lunch and dinnertime destination for host. >> jody foster researcher at the movie. we have had amy schumer recently and we had whoopi goldberg dine with us.
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home to a long list of first. >> where opposite of first restaurant -- we would host restaurants to have a wine list. we also are the first place inventing the delmonico's state. lots of first it happened here. reporter:delmonico's is like dining in a museum. another upcoming first this is the new york historical society. the stories about to become the director of a new women's center the first of its kind in the country set to open in march of 2017. in the newsroom alison moore "fox 5 news." dari: more women are assuming combat roles in the military. steve: should teenage girls have to register for the draft? washington may be making an historic change.
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dari: we have been talking about this for a while. more and more 3 dari: we have been talking about this for a while. more and more women are
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missions. steve: men are required to register for the selective service while women are not. here are sharon crowley. >> men and women are the same then why should they discriminate? report dup against women registering for a draft? outside a military recruiting center in times square i talked to men and women about whether young women when they turn 18 should be required to register for the draft. >> a good idea. reporter: do you have granddaughters her daughter's? how would you feel if they had to register for the draft? >> it wouldn't bother me. >> i wouldn't want to see my debtors do it. reporter: women would have to register with the select disservice to be eligible for the draft under a provision narrowly by house panel wednesday.
10:32 pm
to give involuntary service until last draft ended in 1973. retired u.s. army major mike lion spotted in operation desert storm. >> drawing potential draftees should a nation need them is a requirement and putting women into the fold makes sense. reporter: she just and listed in the air force. >> nobody should be forced to do anything they want to do. >> reporter: men between ages of 18 and 26 arpa-e lower required to register for the draft. defense department leaders have backed the idea of adding women to the draft. the idea has a long way to go before it could be required. sharon crowley "fox 5 news." dari: donald trump said the caitlyn jenner could use any bathroom she wanted to at any of
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up on it. >> you heard that. that was in reference to comments made by senator ted cruz who backs north carolina's bathroom gender lawn doesn't want trans-genders sharing the same bathroom as children. steve: spacex, the company hopes the senate unmanned craft to the red planet as early as 2018 and that's a program known as red dragon. dari: lawmakers in albany are considering putting a new tool in the hands of police offers that could curb distracted driving critics call the text allies are and it's only in concept but the ideas like the breathalyzer. officers would carry a device
10:34 pm
phone to see if they were texting or making a call during an accident. it could give police too much power they say to take away people's cell phones every time they -- steve: that is a scary idea. first birthdays are obviously a big deal. dari: this one is seriously special. one little girl in westchester has a huge reason to celebrate. lidia curanaj shows us how she's been eating -- beating the odds ever since she's been born. reporter: she is clearly happy and healthy. there's a really good reason why she's celebrating her first birthday at the children's hospital in valhalla. her mother diana periera feared this would never comment. >> shoot a 20% chance of living
10:35 pm
>> reporter: she is one of the the -- babies to survive. she was born four months early and spent six months in the neonatal intensive care unit. the director of the newborn intensive care unit here. >> she was 265 grams when she was born which is 9.6 ounces and she literally gained a times her weight at the time she left the hospital. >> by the time she left the hospital she weighed eight pounds. doctors say high-tech technology saved her life with something as simple as breast milk. her mother was able to so the hospital used donated milk areas >> she was breastmilk fed from birth which improves immune function. reporter: not only is the maya on target for age but doctors say she may be advancing will likely grow up to be a a healthy
10:36 pm
isn't she the most adorable baby you have ever seen? to give you some perspective on how tiny she was when she was born, she was nine ounces prevents the weight of two iphones just like this one. in the newsroom lidia curanaj "fox 5 news." steve: amazing. it's america. dari: is it possible to be too plain? steve: new evidence there are major health threats in sanitizing everything. steve lacey i'm on this platform two. dari: the incredible number of
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reporter: be careful what you post on line because it could cost you your job. going to survey six out of 10 companies using social media sites to check out potential leads and if you have a job you might want to watch up his 25% of bosses have reprimanded or fired workers over social media posts. it looks like shoppers are not shopping or buying. businesses aren't spending. the economy is barely growing in the first three months of the
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the week is showing we have seen in two years. amazon delivering amazing numbers for. the on line retailers profits and sales for the previous three months going past atomistic estimates for the company says its -- as it did during the same year last year. the iconic peer company sam adams is launching its 20th amateur beer makers can enter their special concoctions. the winning says will be part of a variety pack of beer going on sale next spring so bottoms-up. i'm neil cavuto. steve: 10 million videos are viewed on snapshot every day more than double the amount of more than the recent numbers reported by facebook. facebook's numbers likely hire now with the addiction of
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one word. dari: dunkin' donuts has a new plan to take on starbucks and unveiled a new mobile phone after the one starbucks launched last year that starting next month new yorkers will be able to use it to prepay for coffee and donuts so you can skip the line at the store if. they're planning to offer curbside delivery and more specific -- espresso drinks in the future. i enjoyed the walk. steve: soap since sanitizers and antibacterial gels. dari: are we to clean these days? while the things we do to fight germs may be backfiring. steve: people try to cash in on
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ba da ba ba ba steve: ever since we were children we were told to keep our hands clean so we don't get sick. dari: apparently we may be
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good. while that's groping in sanitizing may be making us ill. reporter:for years we been sanitizing ourselves and our surroundings. new research says cleansing or environment could make us prone to disease. how clean is to clean? would you consider yourself a germaphobe? why not? >> my daughter is a germaphobe. reporter: turns out exposure to some bacteria could be a good thing. a new study by harvard m.i.t. researchers find being exposed to certain microbes could be armed against conditions including allergies and diabetes compared to their counterparts raised a more sterile conditions. >> dirt is good for you.
10:46 pm
reporter: a specialist at lenox price -- hospital agrees. >> you're not near the elements in your body is not learning to respond whether it's allergies or infection. if your body does not how to fight infection than when he faced infection you can't fight it. reporter: dr. josephson says oliver findings are right. >> wash your hands but don't take your kid out of school if you think your kid is going to get sick. that will actually help your kid. baruch shemtov "fox 5 news." steve: you cannot win. during flu season where like wash your hands and don't touch
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dari: nick:nick nick that was very popular. dari: i'm kind of a germaphobe. nick: you probably won't like the weather over the next couple of days. today was 59 for the hide. we told you we'd be in the 50s and that was the case. we should be around 66. emily: going to be up around 66 until tuesday so the kitchen idea this cool stretch of weather for the weekend. 20 below four this morning and cooler tomorrow. you might get a glimpse of it tomorrow but right now 50 pretty dried 2.33 with rain showers in the area. cloudy skies with winds out of the southwest. you can see on "fox 5 sky guardian" we have that area of rainfall scattered about in
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just off the south shore sussex county east. not a lot tomorrow more clouds anything else. call it a shower threat in the afternoon and tomorrow night. upper 50's most of area today at belmont at 5462 poughkeepsie and readings in the upper 40s i slipped towards montauk raid 48 network, 43 in belmar and 15 the city because the wind is coming off the ocean. "fox 5 sky guardian 3-d" showing us what the brain to the north. westchester county are next on the hit parade but not much south and west of there. temperatures cool through the northeast basically 40s albany to buffalo and 40s as you get to washington d.c.. the bigger picture storm center in ohio valley south anise were so tomorrow we stay with them on
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40s in the morning clouds and drizzle spotty probably clouds more than anything else. 62 lunch line -- lunchtime and into the nighttime areas of possible rain. not much going on in the middle of the day. saturday the best chance to see some over the weekend. not a lot as we are fighting off the clouds. sunday we get back to rain and that will probably last into monday. clouds and drizzle. rain not a lot tonight 56 tomorrow. the rain and drizzle late in the day tomorrow night. the rain is back sunday and only 55 the showers monday at 59. tuesday wednesday middle to upper 60s. showers by thursday. steve: thank you nick raid updating breaking news still no word on what the white powder was was found in trump tower earlier tonight. three people came in contact
10:50 pm
evaluated as a precaution. the powder was reportedly mailed to trump's campaign office located in trump tower. back in march and non-hazardous substance was mailed to trump's son eric. dari: russ is here up next with sports. >> i'm ines rosales for the toyota traffic tracker. construction going on tomorrow between 174th and fremont avenue from 9:00 a.m. until
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tune into russ: how3 russ: how are you doing everyone? after months and months of talk of high speculation and countless drafts the real deal is finally here. the nfl draft taking place in chicago tonight so without further ado rated. >> the first pick in the 2016
10:54 pm
select jarrod goff. russ: that right there is what everybody expected nfl commissioner roger goodell and reducing california quarterback jared go as the number one pick overall by the los angeles rams. if the rams moving from st. louis to l.a. picking a california homeboy is rated sky-high is a perfect fit for the rams. all go has to do is live up to all those high expectations. as for the second overall pick in the draft draft to when it's expected the eagles drafted north dakota state quarterback carson wentz. now what do you say we get to what most fans around these parts registered and are vocal teams pics. our local teams pics period the
10:55 pm
giants select eli apfel. russ: i wouldn't call this a shock because he wasn't mentioned as one of their first choices but the giants is a bit of a surprise grabbing the quarterback from ohio state. nobody expected to go this high but good quarterbacks don't grow on trees. if eli works that everybody will be saying the apple owns the big apple. if not it's looking like a bad apple run to the court. let's hope it's the former and not the latter. meanwhile the 20th pick overall the jets grasping outside linebackers darren lee from ohio state. the giants grab a book i knit first round. how good will this kid be? in the nfl that remains to be seen but i've got to tell you
10:56 pm
the ohio state luck guys i came away very impressed so we will see. and according to sources quarterback ryan fitzpatrick says he would rather not repeat not play football and play for the jets and what they are offering him which is somewhere between seven and $8 million per season. the guy with the harvard -- it's a pretty thing for ryan to say if it's true. steve: thank you russ. dari: apparently people would do anything to cash in on prince's death. steve: minnesota people trying to sell rainwater collected from outside of prince's e minnesota people trying to sell rainwater collected from outside of prince's estate the day he died. one fellow was asking 100 bucks for a jar calling it unpredictably "purple rain." there is no way to tell if it's the sacred "purple rain" from the paisley park complex.
10:57 pm
were -- because the tap water. dari: it would be amazing if somehow -- steve: i thought it was going to be a leftover bottle of water from a concert or something. "fox 5 news" isn't over. you want want to connect to great stories people that engage "fox 5's" tweeted in youtube pages go to fox 5 in for
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