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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  April 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> air quality test results showed the air is safe. do you think that riders should be concerned as well? >> i do. i do. we bring that contamination up from track level. it gets on your boots, on your clothing, and you can bring it up to the track level. from there, someone else will walk out and carry it. >> fluid from old trains may be the source of the pcb's which were used to prevent electrical fires on trains. some think the massive closed dark labyrinth that is penn station brews bad conditions. this passenger is from portugal. >> the stations are outside, not inside. i think that helps for health and the air. >> here's the layout at penn station. there are 21 tracks. the contamination was on track 1 and 10. amtrak is testing all the rest of them.
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a couple of weeks. in the future, they hope the tests come before their workers are sent in. live at penn station, arthur chi'en, back to you. alison: thanks so much. mayor de blasio says the federal corruption probe won't keep him from running again. he said this morning he will be running for a second term next did nothing wrong. state and federal prosecutors are investigating whether his administration broke campaign finance laws. >> i think they should ask the question how a state board of elections official singled us out apparently not understanding how state election law works and then leaked their document to the media, which in and of itself may be a violation of the law. >> reporter: the mayor insists his administration is cooperating fully with several different investigations. nick is here now. nick, i've heard a lot of people complaining. i hate to say complaining, but about the weekend. they do that.
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that's one of the pitfalls of my business. alison: is it all going to be bad? nick: it is going to rain. not all weekend. tomorrow will be looking pretty decent. it's sunday that will be the problem. we'll have rain returning on sunday. at least a 50-50 week is better than a complete washout. we struggled with the temperature, in the upper 50s for the city. there are a few showers around. we expect a few this evening, but not a lot. 49 the low this morning. we should be around 66 for the average high this time of year. that's not happening anytime soon. maybe middle of next week. again, no real rain around the city so far today. we have it scattered in the area. 52 with the humidity matching at 52. it's kind of chilly with the northeast wind, a cloudy sky, pressure 30.08 and holding steady. we'll find cool readings, low
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islip 54. look at belmar, only at 50 today. 54 sussex. 58 poughkeepsie. now 40s have appeared again. upper 40s allentown to the shore. 47 on the east end. 52 back to the city. 58 in the hudson valley. back to 48 towards sullivan county. wind kind of all over the place east to southeast wind. it's going to be more east to northeast tonight and a northeast to southeast wind tomorrow. when you talk about the onshore wind, anytime it comes off the ocean this time of year, you can expect it to be on the cooler side. there are a few showers in the hudson valley up through fields in rockland county, extending northward to brewster. scattered rain towards northeastern pennsylvania and a few showers off the jersey shore. we'll put that in motion on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. you can see advancing to the east, but the wide view is going to show there's not much behind it. it's just basically dries out. showers, a few areas this evening.
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take a look at the satellite photograph. you'll see the clouds are going to be a factor for most of the night. the clouds go back towards western sections of pennsylvania. by tomorrow, a little wedge of dry air will come down. that will allow a return to nice weather in the forecast as high pressure tries to build in. these showers go away. a break for tomorrow, but look what's happening here. this is a rough evening here in oklahoma, down into texas, over to alabama. they're having severe weather there with tornados and thunderstorms producing hail. we won't get that. we're going to get the rain as the system approaches. not tomorrow. here's the day planner. 40s out the door. by 9:00 a.m., sunshine. 55 middle of the day. we'll stop at 60 tomorrow afternoon. that's six degrees below average for this time of year. you'll see on our futurecast how that area of nice weather just holds on for a little bit tomorrow. already the clouds come back tomorrow night. there's the rain for sunday. notice the warm front off to the south. that means the wind will be
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on sunday, 52 or 53 at that point and lingering rain into monday. generally in the middle 40s tonight. tomorrow, sun, clouds, pleasant day. about 60. check out the seven day. that's going to show the rain 53. 59 monday. morning rain. a cloudy day. sun tuesday. we'll stop in the middle 60s. rain by wednesday holding into the middle 60s. and showers at times thursday. again, middle 60s. a little better in temperatures. by friday, i'm hoping the trend will get better at that point. we shall see. alison: i don't know. at least we got saturday. let's be thankful for saturday. thanks, nick. >> pet adopt-a-thon gets started tomorrow. the north shore animal league on long island created the event 22 years ago and 2,000 groups around the world take part. we got to see some of the 700
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that will be up for adoption. look at those faces. this weekend at the headquarters in port washington. >> there's something for everybody. there's an animal for everybody to adopt. we're excited to get hopefully over 700 animals adopted this weekend. them. morning. the doors will remain open for 36 hours. the first 100 adoptions tomorrow will be free. we try to exercise, eat right and see the doctor regularly to stay healthy. could key information negate all of that? next, why your family medical history is so important.
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alison: our featured story looks at your health and a key piece of information your doctor needs to know. liz dahlem has more on the importance of your family's medical history. >> reporter: meaty lane -- meet elaine. she's 61. when her sister was faced with cancer, she was faced with a difficult decision. >> i had the gene and an
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i would have a preventive mastectomy. >> reporter: she knew she needed a great breast surgeon. she came here to mt. sinai beth israel and met the chief of breast surgery. >> the advantage of doing prophylactic surgery is you're reducing your risk greatly. you reduce your risk of developing breast cancer 90, 95 percent. it's the biggest risk reduction you can get. the disadvantage is you're removing your breast. >> just a few months later, her oldest daughter was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at 29. >> she had to undergo chemo, radiation radiation, mastectomies. that was a really tough, tough time. >> reporter: her sister decided to have genetic testing. she had the mutation.
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>> in a way, her decision was a bit more difficult because here it's completely prophylactic, completely voluntary. she does not have cancer. >> reporter: finally there was ben, the eldest of the three, also tested positive for the gene but has been cancer free. >> faith had different issues than dana. ben has very different issues. elaine, as the mom, has very different issues because she had to deal with the fact that she gave this to her kids. >> reporter: now the family can move forward knowing they've tried to mitigate some of the risks. >> if you have the choice and the ability to know, certain diseases like breast cancer, and you can be treated, then i think it's great to know and to have
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>> from union square, liz dahlem, fox 5 news. alison: dr. jessica shepherd history. thank you for coming in. >> absolutely. alison: what if people are thinking my family hasn't had this conversation at all. where do you begin? >> this is such an important conversation that i encourage all of my patients to have. most people have not had this. it goes back in history. we don't talk about our medical problems. we've come to a day and age where we need to sit down with our family members, old, young and have an engaging conversation and not make it sound like how are you sick and what are you sick with, but let's sit down and figure out what things we need to be cautious of, what things are important for family history to know medical-wise and some people who have passed, what they have passed from and is it something we need to worry about. alison: once you've had the conversation, are there a couple of things essential to tell your doctors or a few things that are top of the list? >> i think the three things, if i were to be limited to three
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hypertension, which is high blood pressure, diabetes and any cancers in the family. studies have shown those are linked to family history. if someone has it, there's a strong likelihood you may have that later in life. it's very important to know that. alison: one of the things that came up in the story, if you're a parent and you pass things on to your children, there's a sense of guilty about that. is there a way to approach a family conversation to get it going so it's less contentious, people don't feel defensive? >> yes. talking again about people who have passed in the history and say how do we make sure we have longevity, that we encourage longstanding history of health and wellness and make sure everyone is protected and getting the best care they need and making it kind of a conversation that's more fun than playing the blame game or saying someone is always causing something bad in the family.
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family stronger, happier and healthier. alison: what about someone who's adopted who doesn't know their family history? what can you do if you can't trace that back? >> adoption, that's a very big thing we see in offices when we ask about family history and we have patients who say they're adopted. i would say the key thing is if you're adopted, let your physician know. i think that is where the communication starts. as a physician, if i know you're adopted and you don't have any background on anything, i'm going to now think of a lot of different other things. when you come with a complaint, i know we don't have a basis of where this may come from. we need to know from the beginning so we can make sure we give you the best care for someone who's adopted. alison: thank you so much for coming. such an important conversation. thank you. all right. stay with us. we're back with sports and a special bye-bye, so long, farewell to our friend, russ salzberg. >> and join us all next week as we profile special people who are making a huge impact around the city.
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week here at 6:00. we will be right back. >> we are living in an incredible time in television. people are consuming news differently from various platforms. it's given us an opportunity to plant our flag in a new area. we're always experimenting, trying new things and do we always hit a home run? no. >> as far as the evolution of news, the big stream of media, it's not as linear. we've done a good job adjusting. >> one thing we've done is engage the audience. everything is kind of interconnected, part of fostering that relationship. people weigh in.
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which i think is great breaking the format, not falling into the predictable routine. it makes good news. >> one of the things, we take chances. you never know what you're going to see on the 10:00 news. you know you will have a bunch
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alison: time for sports with russ. this is a very special sports cast, your last at 6:00 p.m. but it's still sports. we're going to put you to work.
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movie the road to perdition where tom hanks is about to whack paul newman and he says i'm glad it's you. it's my last sportscast. i'm glad it's you. alison: i'm glad that's what you said. i thought i was going to get whacked. i'm glad, too. no surprise. california quarterback golf. he's going to the rams. the rams moving from st. louis to l.a. he's a california home boy. that works out good. no surprise. as far as the local teams, both local teams went with buckeyes from ohio state. the giants with apple. alison: a good new york name. russ: if eli does well, it will be big apple takes over the big apple. if not, rotten apple to the core. alison: the poor guy.
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as far as the jets go, they went with the 20th pick, with an ohio state outside linebacker, darren lee. you never know until a guy becomes a pro. the nfl is different. but every time i watched him play in an ohio state game, this guy was great. i think the giants and jets did well. again, unless you are a one or two -- and we see them flop. it's a bit of a crapshoot. we will see. alison: don't go anywhere. we have a little something special for you. stick around a little more? russ: i'm here. i'm glad it's you. alison: i'm glad it's you. you're not going to get whacked.
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alison: all right. welcome back. as many of you know, this is russ salzberg's last 6:00 sports with us. are. i don't know if they know what a good friend you are. and what a riot you are. russ: easy to be a good friend when you have a lot of good friends. you are one of them. i've been local for 28 years. the years here, the people here, are very special people, all of them. my dear, you're at the top of the list. alison: thank you so much. we love you very much. one of the things i love most about russ is his sense of humor.
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together to showcase that. >> when one is london, they say the proper thing to do is have a spot of tea in the afternoon. i said that's what i shall do. i was accompanied by a chap who happened to be a big footballer. >> the pinky out? >> the pinky out. >> it's one hand. the pinky out. one hand. >> you've got bigger hands. >> we can get you the child's cup. >> this is what's for super bowl 50 50. >> only ducks i know are huey, dewey and louie. >> this is like one of the three stooges. en garde.
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>> me and you, pal. >> russ salzberg! and russ salzberg in front. >> what are you going to do now? >> i'm going to secaucus. >> thanks. >> i'm looking for somebody named pierson. >> a first name would help. >> we think he's african, from ethiopian. >> we were told he has a great body. >> someone's yanking your chain. sounds like you're talking about pierson. alison: i like everything except for the last part. i'm worried you'll take my business shot. you made me nervous. russ: that was a lot of fun. like i say to everybody here, folks, i've had a great time, talking to you people. i'm still here. i'm not going anyplace. things are changing a little bit. these two people, the master, the leader, ernie isn't here, but these are two of my favorite
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alison: we got you something. we got you a cookie cake. a little something kosher for passover. russ: i'll have to wait until tomorrow. alison: we wrote out of thanks. we're not saying bye-bye. we're not saying so long. we're not saying farewell. thank you for being a friend. everyone will have the golden girls song in their head. thank you for being a friends. if someone told me one of my closest friends would have been you, i would have told them they were out of their minds. without a doubt, you're the very, very best. they broke the mold when they made you. i'm so proud and honored to call you friend and to be here on your last day. russ: right back at you. the feeling is mutual. nick: i can't replicate that comment. russ: thanks to everybody here. and most importantly, thanks to you the people for the past 28 years. it's been great. again, i'm looking for 28 more years. stay where you are. alison: we'll give russ the last word.
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russ: no bye-bye, so long, farewell.
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>> today on "tmz" -- find a bigger city. last night she ran into one of her exes. >> john mayer goes in. famously dated. she's obviously moved on with calvin harris. but there was somebody after john, right? >> there was a lot after john, mary. >> hey, hey, guys, don't slut shame her. >> we're not slut shaming. we're just documenting her many boyfriends. >> johnny manziel at a bar in columbus. >> fireball? >> yeah. >> it's garbage. you don't call that whiskey. harvey: is that not just the saddest thing you have ever done seen?


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