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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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which one shot was discarded, discharged by the officer's service weapon. this was a chose quarters encounter. there's a wall broken. they fought at one point near the rear of the apartment. the male was struck one time in the groin area. the suspect fled the area and was chased by the officers and apprehended about a block away in backyards. >> all i hear is get down or -- it's like get down and freeze. the lady is going at the door and yelling a name. or pet. she runs for the house, grabs the pet and comes back. as soon as she leaves the house, a gunshot goes off. she's leaving with her dog and screams and runs down the block. a second later after she's screaming, the man who is a suspect runs out the house and doesn't seem injured. kerry: that was lidia curanaj reporting in queens. another top story, the spread of the zika virus in florida prompted a new warning from the
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the latest efforts to contain the outbreak. it's frightening. >> now it's homegrown not just in the caribbean and mexico. i'm talking about miami. they have discovered ten more people who have been infected by local mosquitos with the zika virus. florida governor rick scott says the new zika cases brings the total in the state to 14. the new cases are clustered in the sam community just outside of downtown miami. >> we've tested 2300 individuals around the state and that one geographic area we have tested about 200 individuals. that's how we found the additional cases. >> reporter: the 10 new cases are homegrown. that means people were infected by mosquitos in miami. at the request of the governor, the cdc is sending an emergency response team to florida.
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a warning to pregnant women. >> avoid travel to this area and pregnant women who live or work in this area and their partners to make every effort to avoid mosquito bites and to prevent sexual transmission of zika. >> reporter: the cdc is advising women who have traveled to miami since june 15th to wait at least eight weeks before trying to conceive. men should wait up to six months because the virus lingers in sperm for months. dr. wu is an ob-gyn and she says there are precautions men should take if their partner is already pregnant. >> for men, we are advising them not to try for pregnancy within six months of travel to areas with zika. if their partners are pregnant, to abstain or to use barrier methods such as condoms for the rest of the pregnancy. >> reporter: as for the concern of the virus spreading to the new york area -- >> it's more prevalent in the
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states. they have more swampy areas and a longer hot season. >> reporter: we got word the new york city health department has issued an advisory also advising pregnant women not to go to this area in miami. it's confined to a one square mile area north of -- it's in miami, but north of the downtown area. again, the new york city health department advising pregnant women just to stay away from miami. also, in addition, symptoms of the zika virus are rash, pink again, as we were talking about, this is continuing to evolve. they're learning more and more about the zika virus. they don't know everything about it. dari: we'll learn more as time goes on. thank you. critics of donald trump in an uproar taking a stand against the republican presidential candidate and his controversial comments. kerry: joe was there as activists rallied outside trump tower. >> outside trump tower?
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tearing the fabric of our society apart. >> reporter: a group of organizations speaking out against the man who lives upstairs. >> we tell donald trump today start running on a platform and stop running on hate. >> as trump is facing backlash for insulting the parents of khan. after his father criticized trump, he hit back questioning why only >> his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: a series of back and forth between the family and trump, khan's mother saying here's my answer to donald trump. without saying a thing, all the world, all america felt my pain. i am a gold star mother.
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>> the way -- this says it all. >> reporter: this morning, trump kept it up saying mr. khan attacked me from the stage of the dnc and is all over tv doing the same. nice. senator mccain, a war hero whose record was belittled by trump, issued a stinging rebuke of his comments saying he can't emphasize how deeply he disagrees with trump and add him the nomination, it is not an unfettered license to diefame those who are best among us. >> reporter: this after comments he made suggesting russia hadn't invaded ukraine when they have. news cycles can change on a dime. the trump campaign is hoping this goes away sooner rather than later. dari: thank you. hillary clinton campaigning in
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minutes, the democratic nominee will take the stage at a high school in omaha. she's expected to talk about building an economy that will work for everyone. meantime, clinton's running mate, tim kaine, hit the campaign trail in virginia. he greeted supporters in richmond this morning. he told voters that clinton's experience makes her a great candidate. he also railed against donald trump for his proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. >> that would be a major of a fundamental value in this nation. if we sell out on that, we would have sold out on the most important values the nation has. dari: his homecoming is following a three-day job theme bus tour across pennsylvania and ohio. kerry: tense moments at laguardia airport when a delta airlines flight had a rough landing. the flight was landing at laguardia at 3:30 when officials say one of the tires blew out.
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a maintainans crew changed the tire. dari: the pilot of the hot air balloon crash in texas was once arrested for dwi. a police officer in missouri tells the associated press that the pilot was arrested there in 2000. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor two years later. the ntsb has not confirmed the report. all 16 people aboard, including the pilot, were saturday when their balloon crashed in a field that was 30 miles south of austin. the ntsb is trying to figure out the cause of the crash but says the pilot was federally certified to fly balloons. kerry: it is legal for licensed gun owners in texas to carry concealed weapons on to public college campuses. this allows guns in school buildings, classrooms and dorms.
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there have been passionate views on both sides of the issue. >> the council were very involved in the development of the policies. clearly we had to follow the law and many students, i would say most students and most faculty, did not support it. kerry: today is the 50th anniversary of a mass shooting at university of texas that killed nearly 20. dari: reopen as a memorial to the 49 people who were killed there. the owner is making that announcement on the one pulse foundation social media account. the owners did not give any details about when the site will reopen. in june, a gunman opened fire at the gay nightclub in orlando. he killed 49 patrons and injured 53. he was then killed in a shootout
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against the nypd claiming he was roughed up at a community event over the weekend. michael blake says an officer lifted him up and pinned him to a gate. it happened when he tried to diffuse a heated situation between police and several people at the morris houses on saturday. >> the only reason this situation did not escalate and get worse is because i was a recognizable elected official and fortunately at that moment, two other officers recognized who i was. your name and title should not be the determination of fairness in our community. >> the nypd says the officer apologized after he mistook him as a possible threat because blake placed his hand on the sergeant's shoulder without first identifying himself. dari: city hall being slammed again over the sale of a former nursing home located on the lower east side. >> melissa shows us how one official says the sale could have been stopped. >> reporter: it is a back and forth between the mayor and city leaders. >> i didn't know about it.
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>> reporter: how did 45 rivington, a property protected by two deeds, become a site for luxury condos. >> the only winners are the purchasers who walked away with a $72 million profit. >> reporter: a handful of independent investigations into how the deeds were listed have been conducted. new york city comptroller scott stringer conducted his own investigation. >> in 1992, new york city sold 45 non-profit healthcare facility. the city imposed two deed restrictions to insure it would always be used for that purpose. >> reporter: in october of 2014, that all changed when village care agreed to sell the property to joe landau. springer says he played the system. >> city hall was told the deed restrictions would not need to be lifted because he said he
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rivington as a non-profit nursing home. >> reporter: mr. landau purchased the rivington house for $16 million. he turned around and sold it to a real estate developer for $116 million. >> landau said he needed one of the restrictions removed to save jobs at rivington. of course, there are no jobs today at rivington house. >> reporter: an iconic building soon to be a place for luxury >> the job of elected officials is to make sure that the bad actors don't game the system. and there was a failure of that. dari: a staten island man's charity is on a roll. >> how he's gotten dozens of bikes for needy kids. dari: and tracking visitors around disney world. how the theme park could someday
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?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventis the world's coolest indoor wate. learn how to make their summer unforgettable at dari: generous new yorkers filled a staten island backyard with old bicycles. kerry: here's the labor of love that's getting the bikes back on the streets. >> reporter: here in find, these aren't your typical bicycle spokes. for the kids in this community,
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>> that's perfect. >> reporter: this seven-year-old grew out of her training bicycle last summer. but her mom says it's just too much of a financial burden to keep buying a new bike as her daughter grows. >> kids grow crazy. so, you know, you buy a bike when they're four or five. by six or seven, they hit a growth spurt and a bike is 100, 120 each time. it's >> reporter: that's where sean came in. he came up with the idea to create spokes of hope. it started as a facebook page where he'd ask people to dounat unused bicycles. his yard is filled with bicycles of all colors, shapes and sizes. he's given bikes to 40 kids. >> i like riding a bike because
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hair and i like feeling free. >> it's awesome. makes me feel wonderful. to see them smile and know i had something to do with that makes it worth it. i have plenty of time to do it. >> sean is a really, really modest guy. he has a son. he works full-time as a tattoo artist, yet he makes time to help the community. but he says that the bikes are quickly disappearing fromis hearing about what he's doing and if you are interested in picking up a bike and donating a bike, the information is on our web site at kerry: what a cute story. love it. great. dari: very sweet. kerry: welcome to fox 5. >> i'm so excited to be here. dari: where are you from? >> news 12 brooklyn for 5-1/2 years. i've been here in new york. born and raised.
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covering a different area and spreading out my work. dari: you know where you are. you're a new yorker. welcome to the family. >> thanks for having me. kerry: time to check in with nick for a look at the forecast. not the best weekend. we're hoping the sun makes a return. nick: a lot of the week will be okay. we've had the rain over the weekend. good news though. we needed the rain so badly. the bad news is it collided with the weekend and mine, about better weather coming ahead. showers and storms might be in the area. 80 and 69 today. 100 for the record high. that was 1993 and 59 on this date in 1964. 78 with humidity still high. winds out of the northeast at 12. we have a fair amount of clouds over the city. the pressure is 30.01 holding
5:18 pm
we're seeing them in eastern pennsylvania on fox 5 sky guardian. there's more to the north. we'll see how these impact the area over the next six to 10 hours. there's the potential for localized flash flooding if you get under one of the storms. 78 in the city today. a big difference from what we're used to. 75 sussex. mid 70s down to belmar. 79 at newark. 77 coming in from islip and 78 from bridgeport. right now the current temperatures not far fro n numbers. 78 in the city. 78 newark. mid 70s sussex. monticello, 66. they've had some rain up there. you can see the dew point numbers in the mid and upper 60s. anything over 65 is the uncomfortable level. so we're feeling it now. winds light out of the south and east. it will be east tonight and northeasterly tomorrow. here's the flash flood watch area covering putnam and orange
5:19 pm
pennsylvania. that will go through late tonight into early tomorrow morning. you can see the showers and storms on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d trying to meander here from the west, generally aiming south-southeastward. those are off to the north. they will drift towards the tri-state area as time goes along for the first part of the night. can't rule out the shower and thunderstorm. the issue is a front that's going to be stalled just off to the south of us down. when it does take place, we'll see better weather as we get from wednesday and beyond. tomorrow, showers in the morning. 70 around the city. 76 at lunchtime. and sun and clouds into the afternoon. i don't think we'll get quite to 80 tomorrow. there's the frontal boundary off to the south. here comes high pressure. that will build down. it gives us great weather wednesday, thursday and friday. humidity low. by the end of the week, as the
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the return of more warmth and humid conditions. shower and thunderstorms overnight. it will be pretty humid. 70 in the city. 64 as you get to the cooler spots north and west. early shower tomorrow. sun and clouds and generally in the upper 70s which is below average for this time of year. beautiful wednesday, sunny, 82 on thursday. those days will low humidity. enjoy. humidity comes back during friday at 86. we may have a shower and thunderstorm on saturday and sunday evening. nice sunday and monday. all in all, not bad. no 90s at the moment to be coming back. dari: thank you, nick. kerry: thank you. disney world is going high tech to keep track of theme park visitors. right now it can track guests using bands, hotel keys, fast passes and credit cards. a report in the sentinel says it may begin using foot recognition technology. sensors would capture a foot
5:21 pm
track movements around the park. the company says it has no immediate plans to use this new technology. >> next, shining a spotlight on the women of wall street. dari: the new thriller challenging the boys club mentality in the world of finance. ? ? kerry: meet the craft people behind the chords. the music company that specializes in strings. my experience
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dari: critics say a new movie about wall street is making a powerful statement about feminism. kerry: simone boyce is here to tell us how women were calling the shots on and off screen. >> reporter: you know, women make up about half of the workforce in the financial industry, but the narratives white collar crime rarely reflect that. the all female team behind "equity" wants to change that. >> i like money. i do. >> reporter: that confession arrives early on in the financial thriller "equity." for many it's a startling admission to hear from a woman as it was for the director. >> i think it's one thing to see gordon gekko say greed is good, but it's another thing to see a
5:25 pm
ambitious and interesting woman at the heart of the story saying she loves money. >> reporter: it examines the pressure on women on wall street with accuracy because it was written by, produced by and stars women. anna gunn plays naomi bishop, a banker with a lot to prove. >> i think she saw something that related to where she's at. someone who's reached a certain level of suc navigating that tricky ground to maintain it. >> alicia rhiner is federal prosecutor. >> we wanted to make these three really complex women who are not necessarily the hero. >> reporter: she teamed up with tomas to write the story. she's second in command to bishop. >> i've been undercompensated two years. >> i told you i'll make a push
5:26 pm
>> reporter: "equity"'s characters celebrates strength while learning it can be used against them. >> i think it's more heightened in an environment like wall street. >> real women working in private equity inspired the film and invested in it. >> most women that work on wall street that have seen the movie come up to us and say what anna goes through, is so true to how they've experienced the kind of injustice in that environment. >> reporter: "equity" challenges the stereotypes of the financial thriller genre with blunt precision. it will be fulfilling for male and female theatre goers. dari: i really want to see it. kerry: i love it. written by women, directed by women and female investors. girl power all the way.
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next, growing crops without sun or soil. dari: technology that will make ne new york home to the world's largest vertical farm. kerry: and the latest scam that
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your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like
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kerry: a local engineering firm is accused of cheating superstorm sandy victims out of insurance money. dari: sharon crowley shows us how dozens got allegedly shortchanged. >> matthew did not talk to reporters as he left the nassau county criminal courthouse in mineola, long island today. he has pled not guilty to fraud, forgery and practicing engineering he was a project manager at geb high-rise engineering, a firm hired by insurance companies to evaluate damage caused by superstorm sandy. >> he was completely innocent. he did not defraud anybody. he looks forward to being vindicated in court. >> the firm is also named in the criminal indictment. >> we're disappointed that the attorney general's determined to bring the allegations.
5:31 pm
we maintain there was never any intent to defraud any homeowner. >> reporter: home damage inspection reports were illegally changed to make it look like the structural damage to a home was not caused by sandy. it meant homeowners could not get fema money for repairs. this investigation, which started two years ago by the new york attorney general after lawyers for hundreds of new york and new jersey homeowners filed civil lawsuits claiming that changed engineering reports led them to getting less insurance money than they deserved. high-rise engineering was one of several companies working for insurance companies that did come under scrutiny. the investigation is continuing. dari: thank you, sharon. one long island lawmaker is making a push to cut through the red tape so residents whose homes were flooded during superstorm sandy, remember that,
5:32 pm
the town supervisor introduced a new law today that would streamline the process for hundreds of homeowners in fema flood zones. >> wearing the variance requirement for home elevations will offer financial savings and reduce the time needed to secure the permits. >> the town supervisor says that the plan could save each homeowner about $1,000 or more. kerry: police, prosecutors and local leaders are working together to get dari: lisa evers live in the bronx to tell us how police are trying to get people to give up their guns. >> reporter: gun violence is still a big fear in this community despite the fact that citywide, shootings are down. the bronx d.a., police and clergy are coming together to buy guns right after the streets. >> if i'm walking with my kids
5:33 pm
we get desperate. you don't know if you're running to the bullet. >> reporter: it won't be a prayer service at this church this saturday. instead, it will be a gun buyback event. anyone who brings in a handgun or assault rifle will get a $200 gift card no questions asked. 25 for rifles, shotguns and air guns. the district attorney says it's a good deal when you consider the alternative of getting arrested. if you are caught with an unlicensed gun, you c of a weapon, a class c violent felony. you face a trial and if convicted, serve a mandatory minimum sentence of 3-1/2 years in prison, a maximum of 15 years in prison. >> reporter: the nypd tells us seizures of illegal guns are up this year. buybacks are another method of getting them off the streets. this will be the first one in the bronx since 2014.
5:34 pm
kelly in 2008. commissioner bratton says the results speak for themselves. >> a total of 9819 guns or air rifles have been recovered including 5937 handguns, to include 3629 resolvers and 2308 pistols. >> reporter: while some question effectiveness of the program, the people who live here welcome anything that will make the community safer. >> i t our communities are so filled with guns and you have these young people getting killed nowadays. >> the kids trying to ride their bikes or play ball say avoiding gunfire is on their minds. do you ever hear gunshots? >> yes. >> reporter: how often? >> twice, once a month. >> reporter: is it something you think about every time you go outside? >> yes.
5:35 pm
i don't want to worry about losing any life. >> reporter: i asked if anyone would be arrested for turning in an illegal gun. he said that has never happened and there are questions asked. there's a second church participating saturday. that's the fellowship tabernacle church in the north bronx. i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. back to you. kerry: lisa evers live for us, thank you. still to come, new jersey is not called the garden state for nothing. dari: the turn an old warehouse in newark, new jersey, into the world's biggest vertical farm. ? ? kerry: we'll tell you about the long island business that's been strumming along with musicians for more than 40 years. dari: first, here's tonight's
5:36 pm
to help fans win prizes in the flat iron plaza today. it's part of the delta dug out. go to the mets or dugout to enter for prizes of your own. [applause] >> a special nypd promotion ceremony today in addition to all of the officers getting promoted, some who life-threatening injuries were recognized because they wanted to continue working somehow. >> their injuries, their commitment to duty, remind us of what is the best of our profession, their commitment to serve, that commitment despite all odds, despite life-threatening injuries, life changing injuries. they continue to serve. we want to honor them.
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easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to dari: a successful operation is growing up. kerry: baruch shemtov shows us the plans for the world's biggest indoor farm. >> reporter: in this laser tag facility in newark lies an oasis. >> it's a vertical farming company. >> reporter: with layer after layer stacked in towering greens at the eighth facility, they're changing the farming process without any soil or sun.
5:40 pm
under the fabric, the roots dangle. we mist nutrition to the root structure. above the fabric, we have a system of led lights. it provides spectrum and the spectrum they want. >> reporter: that means a efficient production process and an improved environmental footprint. >> we're able to produce 75 times more product per square foot versus a field farmer. approximately 95 percent less water, 50 percent less fertilizers, zero pesticides or herbicides. >> reporter: and the crowd has been going wild. >> people applaud our taste, our textures, the culinary experience, as well as the vitamin density. ing. >> >> reporter: including here where they serve the greens.
5:41 pm
got that nutty bitter flavor you expect to find. absolutely fantastic. and i was -- they won me over right away. >> reporter: the company says they're already cash flow positive and have been making an effort to develop a strong relationship with the community including hiring local employees. they're about to open their ninth facility in newark which will be the largest vertical farm in th that, on global expansion. i'm baruch shemtov. back to you. dari: we like it. kerry: very cool. dari: hiring people. healthy food. thank you for bringing it up. >> a long island business is kerry: we'll tell you about a company that's making music one
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i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. kerry: scientists say they have found new includes to battle depression. they have identified 15 locations on our dna that are associated with the disorder, including ones that can relate to fear and anxiety. the huge study examined data provided by the genetic testing company called 23 and me. experts say the new information could be used to develop better medications and to help identify
5:45 pm
dari: and more and more cases of lyme disease being reported on staten island. the new york city health department says this is due because of the large deer population in the borough which we've been talking about all winter. it's been exploding for the last few years. joining us is dr. devi. good to see you. this is tough news for staten island folks. >> sure. they saw the number of cases rising and it was hard to tell why are the numbers getting infected somewhere else? they figured out just based on the samplings of ticks in the park and the deer, the deer population might be responsible. in terms of what they're going to try to do, some studies looked at performing vasectomies for some of the deer to control the deer population as a method but the most important thing is for people to protect themselves. if you're going into wooded
5:46 pm
colors, white if possible, so you can see the ticks. try to cover up. in this heat, it is difficult. i would say if you can use insect repellent, use that. if you can take a shower, do that. you might be able to wash away ticks, your clothes, keep them on high heat when you dry them. exactly. but then the other thing to think about are if you have symptoms, even if it's a vague symptom because most are vague, whether it's fever, headaches or general malaise. you'll feel muscle pain or joint pain. general viral symptoms. it could be a sign of lyme disease if you've been in a wooded area over the weekend. have a low threshold to get checked out. in the worst-case scenario, you've spent some time seeing your doctor. or maybe you've started antibiotics you might not have needed, which is a problem in general, but it's safer than potentially leaving lyme disease
5:47 pm
proteins like nuts and lentils could help you live longer. there's a study that finds this diet can be beneficial, even if you have an unhealthy life-style. if you're a meat eater, the plants are good to incorporate into your diet. >> this was a huge study. they put together data from 170,000 people. this is much larger in the scope. what's more interesting was the other way around. they found if you are a meat eater, you could negate your risk or fight against that if you had a healthy life-style. so if you're not a smoker, if you didn't drink heavily, you controlled your weight, you're not overweight or underweight, if you controlled those factors, you could eat red meat and other animal proteins, whether high
5:48 pm
other people. that was interesting. they found other things, too. they found generally unprocessed meats are better than processed meats, which is not a surprise. they found that if you're going to eat meat, you're better off with fish and chicken than red meat. dari: a lot of people wonder and worry about whether or not plant-based proteins are as effective a protein source as meat proteins. >> they seem to be effective as a source. you h what happens with people, they might have some beans or something here and there, but they might not be consistent about measuring how much protein they're getting. if you have questions, we can look at b 12, get the levels checked or take supplements. this is beyond even the benefit of the supplements. this is that the plant-based proteins are keeping you alive longer. dari: sounds like a nice thing to follow.
5:49 pm
kerry: incorporate more plant-based meals. dari: the humidity has been really, really debilitating. it's cooler but very humid. nick: exactly. you feel the humidity just as much. you'll see a humid night with showers and storms. the humidity will decrease. a lot of the week will be not bad. by temperature standards for august, i think you'll like wha 78 in new york city for the high. that's a change. boston at 74. 80 at philly. 92 in washington, d.c. as we look at the radar on fox 5 sky guardian, showers and storms west and south of scranton. they're drifting southeastward. some of the shower activity is making it back into northwest jersey into sussex county. we'll see a couple more showers and storms move in as time goes along. look at the other radar in motion. you can see storms building in central new york state and
5:50 pm
we have to be on the lookout for showers and stormsover night. the potential will be for localized heavy downpours. the flash flood watch is extending into the early part of tomorrow. really right through late tonight. here's the flash flood watch as you get north and west of the city. you extend from monmouth through sussex, new jersey, and orange and rockland and putnam counties into new york. new york, upper 70s inhe 77 at poughkeepsie. monticello has had rain. 73 in the jersey shore. and 70s across long island. fairly uniform temperatures. the dew point numbers are 60s, middle and upper 60s. pretty humid there. not as bad as you move across long island. we'll watch the humidity go down the next couple of days. a light easterly wind will keep
5:51 pm
there's a frontal boundary that is hanging off here. see how it's arcing here? this area of showers and storms will slide through. right up in here, a big area of high pressure, that's going to drop down and give us nicer weather starting middle of the week wednesday, thursday and friday should be fine. lower humidity on those days. it will creep back towards the end of the week as the temperature will rise at that point. tomorrow, we stop shy of 80. it's 86 in chicago. a heat through the plains states. 90s through florida. 103 in vegas. back to 68 in seattle. here's the futurecast. we'll find scattered showers and storms as we watch our time stamp. they'll roll through the area during the overnight period. we may start with a couple of showers. notice 7 a.m. here they are. we'll have a combination of sun and clouds for the rest of the
5:52 pm
a threat of a shower after that. we head towards wednesday and much nicer day. lots of sunshine. humidity is down. we're going to be around 80. boaters northeast winds 10, gusting over 20. three foot waves. uvi an 8 tomorrow. careful if you're going swimming. there's a moderate risk for rip currents. 70s in the city. 60s away from town. tomorrow, 79, sun returns after morning showers. 80 on wednesday. 82 thursday. good-looking thunderstorms saturday afternoon, 88, and better sunday and monday. dari: thank you. singer songwriter jay sean is taking over the charts. he performed make my love go on "good day". ? ? ? dari: it features sean paul just hit radio stations and the music
5:53 pm
views on youtube. this is the second collaboration by the two. they released "do you remember" back in 2009. kerry: employees of a long island company are proud to be the men and women behind the music. dari: jodi goldberg tells us about a family business that's striking a chord here and abroad. it's tonight's made on long island. ? ? >> reporter: it's not just the guitar player who makes the music. sound actually starts. what goes into crafting them? it's an intricate process the ceo will tell you. he's been manufacturing guitar strings and music accessories for over 40 years. >> in 1973, we decided to do it on long island. and we started and moved to
5:54 pm
>> rosa has helped make the strings for more than half that time. >> it's a no. 1 priority nowadays. you can't get by without a job. >> reporter: she's one of a thousand employees and credits her job as the reason why she can afford to stay on long island. >> -- i started as a machine operator. they provided me training. now i'm a manager and oversee 300, 400 >> reporter: they work out of this 110,000 square foot warehouse, producing over 7,000 strings per day. the wire mill is where it begins. high carbon steel is drawn into different sizes. each machine makes up to a thousand feet of musical wire a minute. it's moved here to the factory floor where it's made and packaged into guitar strings. >> 70 percent of what we make
5:55 pm
brand name. it's inventoried in our warehouse and orders get fulfilled from the new york warehouse. >> reporter: from new york to china, global exporting is more than half the business. the company that is projecting to do $175 million in sales this year sells to 4,000 retailers in the united states. >> reporter: a set of guitar strings is a simple six string set would range from 4.50 to >> reporter: they cut cost by designing and building machines. government funding is available if you do your research. >> there's lots of opportunity to get help so you remain competitive and have the advantage to tap into culturally the center of the world. >> reporter: striking a chord for success. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news.
5:56 pm
guitar. i thought about it last week. i was like i'm going to get one. kerry: take lessons and play. dari: i'm ready. kerry: very cool. dari: we'll see you back here at 10:00. kerry: here's alison morris is what's coming up at 6:00. >> reporter: thanks. tonight we'll be joined by a senate senator who's on the verge of going from undocumented immigrant to the first dominican elected to u.s. congress. and the vcr is dead, but there are businesses in new york that still cater
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
5:59 pm
alison: good evening. i'm alison morris. ernie is off tonight. we're going to start with a developing story that's been unfolding in queens for a few hours. a police-involved shooting. two people now in the hospital. let's get out to >> reporter: we're here on 66th street and borgen avenue. this happened around 2:00 this afternoon but it's a very active scene behind me. the man you mentioned that was shot, police tell us he was attempting to burglarize a home. let me show you the scene. this is only part of the scene. the scene actually spans several blocks. i spoke to an eyewitness who captured part of the incident on
6:00 pm
let's look at the video. it was shot by a neighbor who lives across the street through his window. in the cell phone video, a woman is seen leaving with her dog in her arms. the suspect, who was burglarizing the home, runs out and you hear gunshots. another neighbor told me that the woman seen in the video called 911 while she was at work because she saw via her home security camera a nanny cam a burglar near her child's bedroom. while police searched for the home, that's when the woman came home to retrieve her dog. as she's leaving the home, you hear the gunshots, you hear her scream. the burglar, you see him running out. he has been shot by police while struggling with an officer inside the home. we spoke to the witness who shot the cell phone video. police held a press conference a short time ago. take a listen. >> all i hear is get down or -- get down and freeze. the lady is at the door and she's yelling a name.


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