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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> a police-involved shooting in queens. a burglary suspect with a long wrap sheet is shot after a long confrontation a police officer. this is the wild scene that unfolded this afternoon in maspeth, queens. >> theom intruder on the nanny cam while she was at work. lidia curanaj is live now. lidia? reporter: that is the best word to describe how this scene was this of why noon. there were dozens of police cars, i would say maybe even unhundreds of police officers? what a difference a few hours make. now we have yellow crime scene tape and a police officer and a suspect in
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video, search for a barring ry inside around her home. a gunshot and screams echo throughout the maspeth, queens, neighborhood as the suspect runs out of the front door. >> after gaining entry to the apartment, one officer encountered a male suspect in the rear room. a struggle ensued, which one shot was discarded or discharmed by the officers or the service weapon. this is a close quarters. reporter: police say she was at work around 1:30. neighbors say while watching a live feed via a nanny cam she noticed a man in her child's bedroom. no one was home at the time except for the dog. >> it is not something that i would want to hear again because if i, once i heard it. my heart jumped. 14-year-old michael recorded this cell phone video through the went doe. >> he live is a cross the street from where it
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i immediately looked at it it. he ran but didn't get far and arrested him a block away. >> i don't want a gunshot. i don't want anyone to get hurt. the suspect is in stable condition. he is in the hospital. he suffered a gunshot woun this was confusion to the scene this area of foon. initial reports said two people were shot in addition to the suspect. the woman shot hot in the head. the am wo was found in the driveway by police with a deep doubt her head. apparently it was an accident. that incident was unrelated to the shooting incident, that woman is also expected to be ok. live tonight, maspeth, queens, lidia curanaj, "fox 5 news." back to you.
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are working together to get guns off streets of one bronx community. this saturday the church will hold a gun buyback event. anyone who brings in assault rifle will get are 200 gift card, no questions asked. nypd tells us seizures are up this year. bybacks are another med method of getting thing off the streets. >> a total of 39819 guns have been recovered including revolvers, and 2308 pistols. >> the gun bybacks the first in the bronx since 2016. ray kelly started it in 2008. >> donald trump getting huge backlash after he assaulted the army cape tain. >> sharon crowley here now to tell us ho you the impact is. sharon? >> yeah.
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rival hillary clinton and president obama and of course the media. but he stayed silent about another controversy clouding the campaign. both parties condemning trump's tweet and comments take on the mother and father of the soldier killed in iraq in 2004. >> we have crooked hillary clinton left. she's the devil. reporter: republican presidential nominee, donald trump, campaigning in a rally in pennsylvania made no recent controversy surn aring the campaign. trump is facing bipartisan backlash for in sulking the parents of a decorated u.s. army captain killed in iraq in 2004. his father gave emotional speech as democratic national convention criticizing trump. today, a small group of religious and veteran's organizations protested outside of trump tower in midtown into. we tell donald trump today, start running on the platform, stop running on hate.
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arizona senator and vietnam war hero john mccain are siding with the kahn's saying in a statement, i cannot em size enough how deeply i disagree with mr. trump's statement. i hope americans understand the remarks do not represent the views of our republican party, its officers or candidates. prominent democrats are also pouncing on trump including hillary clinton's vice presidential running mate. >> just remember, whoever this is victim as we think of you next week, week, muslims this week, more mons next week, hillary clinton, like critical swing states and came out attacking the raval. >> for the life of me, i dop know why someone runs to be president of the united states, who thinks and says we never win any more. our country is full of losers. well, he could not be more wrong. reporter: both clinton and trump are seeing a
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but the race, especially sing about states, remains eventually deadlocked. >> well, even trump's running mate mike pence found himself on the defensive with military families at a rally tonight. he said, captain kahn is an american her reand we honor him and his family. he also added, that he spent a lot of time around donald trump and that donald trump, he said, does support veterans in the military. >> thank you, sharon. >> meanwhile, a new poll is showing what new yorkers think of the mayor. the new survey says 51% of voters disapprove of how he is running the stit de blasio does not serve to be reelected. 49% said they believe the mayor is honest and trustworthy. >> more zika cases have been uncovered in florida. innow the cdc has new warning for pregnant women. linda schmidt in the news room with the late owes in the fight.
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the cdc and the new york city health department are advising pregnant women tonight not travel to section of miami where the zika virus has been discovered. in fact, they are saying the people who have been infected were actually bitten by local mosquitoes. >> florida governor ric in a one mile community of winwood to downtown miami. this e tested 2300 around the state in that one area we now cases. the cdc are people infected by know disease in miami, not outside of this country. at the requests of the governor, the cdc kiss sinding emergency response team to florida to help control the outbreak. sense the virus can cause birth defects, pregnant women are once
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>> we advice pregnant women to avoid travel to this area, and pregnant women who live or work in this area or their partners to make every effort to avoid mosquito bites and to prevent sexual transmission of zika. the cdc is also advising women who traveled to the winward section of miami since june 15th to wait at least eight weeks before trying to conceive. men should wait longer. the experts say the virus can linger for up to six mons? fome them not to try for pregnancy within six months of travel to areas with zika. if t are partners are already flen, so abstain or use barrier methamphetamine odds such as condom force the rest of the pregnancy. >> the says the health community does not believe the virus will be widespread in the u.s., but there are vulnerable areas. >> it is mo morelent of the southern part of the united states. they have a longer hot
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areas. >> now symptoms of the rick? a virus are rash, pink eye, joint pain and fever. four out of five people with zic a don't have symptoms, that is why it is so important to see doctor if you have been in any of the zika zones. pretty scary stuff, guys. back upstair now. >> thank you, linda. >> a couple of wet days around here. >> it has not. it felt like it was threatening to do something all night. >> the threat is still we are watching showers and storms to sneak down. take a look at fox 5. for the most par, this evening, isolated here in eastern pennsylvania, trying to come drown the mid hudson valley region in central new york state. eventually, they will get through and scattered about the area. if you get underneath one of the cells, there is potential for very heavy rainfall as we arening? i. notice the cells coming toward northeastern pennsylvania aiming for north jersey, the more activity coming in
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there is a flash flood watch still in effect north and west of the city. this is basically going to run through the overnighttime frame that includes putnam, rockland, orange county and northern jersey and back to eastern pennsylvania. again be on the lookout for the kids for local heavy downpours. temperature-wise, middle 70's for most areas now. poughkeepsie to midtown. 72 as you get bellmawr at sussex as you november long island close to the 70-gree park. little 60 moderately humid. although, still humid. then watch the future cast. the showers and storms scattered about during glover night period. they you get out the door. could be a couple of showers around then a combination of sun and cloud force the day as high pressure ridges on down and dries things out. we have a couple of nice days after this. 70 in the low. the shower and thunderstorm around. isolated locally heavy round posser. a couple of shower in
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looing the afternoon. we get updros 80. >> thank you, nick. >> well, first calm the crown then the contors tro service. i the old tweet coming back to haunt the new miss usa. >> a fake traffic stop why the cop who ended could be facing serious consequence. >> is only august. many people already mourning the loss of
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just hours after being crowned the new miss teen usa is facing controversial. i it turns show it is learning the hard way that he stuff that you post on the interinnette never get gust away. here is jennifer lahmers. >> take beat before you tweet. that should the new platform of miss teen usa now that the internet unearthed rationally charged tweets she sent out from the account several years ago.
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weekend, she took the spotlight ape much different way on-line. twitter users screen shotting the tweets from the personal account in 2013 and 2014 where she used the n-word. that account has gone private with an pail gy. in it she admits to using the lan gag the past when she was going through personal struggles and she is proud to say she is a better person. when you post things on social media, you have because it will get reposted nationwide. >> that i may be a lesson we could learn. who has not posted something they look back ob and sti themselves, what was i thinking? >> well, we are not even thinking? you yeah. i totally want to get that out of my system then you put it up. you are like a couple of days later, oh. >> worse case scenario,
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a. >> digital strategists says fine delete rating away, the odds will be screen grabbed in crease the number followers you have. >> as many as you have. it is hitting that many feed sous can be assured that 10% of the people who are following you are are looking at the tweets livetime. >> as for miss teen usa, the miss universe organization which overseas the pageant says he supports the continued growth and she won't be losing her crown. jennifer lme >> jen, thanks. the founder of gawker, nick, has filed for personal bankruptcy after a florida jury aready with ad $100 million in a praif say case regarding a sex tape posted on the filing is meant to protect him from creditors and collectors. the gawker fonder says he owes $125 million to the former professional wrestler. he is appealing the jury's verdict. >> well, this is kind of
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supermodel will have a starring role in the opening ceremony of the 2016 olympic games in ry yes on friday night. people who say that they saw a rehearsal claim that the brazilian-born model will be assaulted and robbed by an actor. however, reports say that in the end, the act is a message of peace. sounds pretty bizarre me. >> meantime, the water around rio de janeiro is filthy. rio's waterways are sewage. the study shows athletes and tourists potentially serious health risks on the famous beaches. the most contaminated points are in the lagoon where olympic rowing wick taking place. the spokesperson says he can guarantee they will be able to compete safely. >> am my winehouse is giving hope to women battling alcohol and drug asix.
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winehouse suffered from a long battle of drug and alcohol addiction. it is a place for women who want to trapcision. the program includes relapse lapse and exercise groups and house up to 16 women between 18 and 30 years old. we have different personality traits that make us meek. there is one trait that leads to success. according to a new book the key to uk ses is conen cious. children how the hidden power of character. the author used data from economics to reach conclusion that those were conshen cious do best when it comes to completing a task and makes them more valuable the workplace. >> well, some officers may be in trouble for taking part in a varial video. they staged a traffic stop to help out a man pull off the surprise
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well, the bosses are not amused. >> my heart was pumping. reporter: on the face of it, it is cute. whether proposing in the jumbotron, the 22-year-old got pulled over by nypd cops. >> search for druggance weapons by three uniformed officers from the 101st presin to have the fee son say pop the trunk filled with balloons, plowers and a ring. he spoke with us? this is something that its, y am thankful for them, that i can have it. i can frame it. we will never forget this. that is for sure. >> the video went viral this is goal in social media. in the case, it touched on the nerve of a current nypd scandal. the fake stop in far rockaway came at the request of a member of the jewish security patrol when the feel good goes bad.
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being investigated? we don't have the results as of yet to determine what happened. what was the origin of it? we don't have that information at this time. it could face discipline that was found their behavior was inappropriate. they were trying to help him making the once in a lifetime moment more memorable. they genuinely wanted to be, to be kind to the community, they are there for. a source tells fox 5 that police headquarters is unhappy with the publicity in this case but the investigation has been referred to the local precinct which is their way of telling the cops to take care of this but probably include the words done let this happen again ever. arthur chi'en, "fox 5 news"? all right. so was it a mix-up or was he roughed up. >> a local assembly man with the nypd that has them filing a complainant then, slipping right to the
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film. the unlikely role channing tatum will
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>> a new movie about wall street is hoping to make powerful statement. >> the pof vis called "equity" not only does vit a female lead but written, directed and produced by women. we have more. report. >> i like money.
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>> reporter: there confession lies early on in the the financial thriller equity and for many a startling admission to hear from a woman as it was for tir reckor. >> think it is one thing to see grdton see michael douglas say greed is good but another thing to see a strong kind of driven, you know, i think, ambitious, interesting woman at the heart of the story saying she loves money. reporter: equity damaged the unique pressures facing women on wall street with compelling accuracy. largely because it was and stars women breaking bad actress anna gun plays my am naomi bishop with a i lot to prove. i think she softened the character related to where she is at in the career. someone who is reaching a certain level of success and kind of navigating that kind of tricky ground main taint. >> orange this is new black actor felicia rider stars as samantha. we want to make the
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the hero. >> they teamed up with thomas into craft the store rain stars in the film as ememorialing talent in the banking world, second in command to naomi bishop. a. >> have i told you i make a push for you. i will. it is the down year. >> equity tackled taboo issues head on. each character celebrates them as a strength while learning it cap be used against them. the work by silencing that is so hard to ac heightened and then in the environment like wall street. >> women working in private equity not only inspired the film but also finally invested in it. >> most women that had soon the movie that had no idea come up us to and say what nan goes through, of course, the film that the clacker goes through, be what ni amy goes through is so true to how they experience the ind could of injustice in that environment. >> equity challenges
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financial thriller genre with blunt precision and equally fulfilling for male theater goers in theaters now. simone boyce fox a moose. >> walt disney is looking to remain "splash" but the remake will a switch. the new version channing tatum is set to star as mermaid character and. ian bell will take on the role are played by tom hanks in the original movie. howard who produced the original film will return. this project j is still in willingly development. i mean, making a mermaid, it is kind of cool. >> especially with channing tatum. a i will watch anything with channing tatum. >> well, a local firm is accused of cheating superstorm sandy victims. >> collecting the in surance machine thy they were entitled to. thand -- >> breaking news just
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sweet birthday sur praise that brought this grand ma to tears. ? ? ? ? kill them with kindness ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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>> superstorm sandy victims cheated out federal aid they deserve ina local engineering firm altered claims to make it seem like homeowners did not qualify for any money from the federal flood insurance program. >> sharon crowley explain house the alleged fraud was uncovered. >> matthew did not talk to reporters as he left the nassau county criminal courthouse in mineola, long island today. he has plead not guilty to fraud forgery and practicing engineering with without a at geb high-rise engineering a firm hired by insurance companies to evaluate damage caused by superstorm sandy. >> that is completely innocent. he could not defraud anyone and looked forward to being in vated in court. >> the new york attorney general means the firm in the 50-count criminal indictment. >> we're disappointed the attorney general's office has determined to bring the allegation. nevertheless, we fully
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tain that there was never any intent to defraud homeowner. investigators say home damage inspection reports for illegally changed to make it look like the structural damage to a home was not caused by sandy. it meant homeowners could not get much needed fema money for repairs into. this investigation actually started two years ago when hundreds of homeowners in new jersey and new york filed civil lawsuits saying insurance coan deserved. sharon crowley, "fox 5 news." >> meanwhile, one long island lawmaker wants to cut through red tape to help residence. hempstead town supervisor and honey is proposeing a new law that would wave the requirep to elevate homes. he says that would help raise and rebuild homes faster and streamline the process for hundreds of homeowners in foo ma flood zones. the plan could save each
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filed accessive force complaint against the nypd but says he was roughed up boo ithe officer while traying to diffuse the situation on saturday. >> the only reason this situation did not escalate and get worse because i was a recognizable elected official and fortunately at that moment, two other officers recognized who i was. the name and the title should not be the determination of having fairness in our communit the assembly woman after he mistook him as possible threat and they say the assembly man approached the officer and grabbed the shower without identifies. >> well, city hall is being blamed again for the sale of the former nursing home. controller scott stringer leased his own awed git the decision to lift a deed restriction at the house in exchange for the $16 million payment.
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sale enabled the owner to effectively play the system by flipping it to a condo developer after year. >> the city hall was told the deed restrictions would not need to be lifted because landouts said he would continue to operate riffington as the nonprofit nursing home. >> stringer also says he did not find any evidence that mayor debuilds see yo was involved in discussions about the sale of that property. >> well, some good news for commuters who are "the new york times" is reporting the nta plan tons crease the capacity on the train to ease the crunch. trains will double in size from four to eight car whens the shutdown takes effect. the agency also planning to upgrade the court's stags by adding two new stairways to improve overall service and slow. the train is being shutdown for 18 mops to repair damage to the canarsie tunnelwhich was caused by superstorm
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the u.k. found a special way to make the grand mother feel loved on the berth day. take a look. >> break news just in. breaking news just in. >> goodings and his grandma were in the car when he played a fake radio situation the breaking birthday news announcement you heard there and much more. she sent birthday wishes before eventually break mooing tears of joy. that is sweet. >> i think 86 years old. >> happy birthday. well, the deadliest hot air balloon crash. we're telling you what we are learning tonight and disturbing details about the smooth are you already mourning the end of summer? you are not alone. why the start of august to mark the end of summer for so many people.
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>> the yankees in the guard of the mets teamed up. a dugout you can go to the mets or yankees delta dugout to enter for prizes of your own. a special nypd promotion ceremony today in the addition to all of the officers getting promoted suffered life-threatening injuries some singled out. they were recognized for wanting to continue working somehow despite injuries. a their injuries, their commitment to duty remind us of what is the best of our profession a. their commitments to serve and that commitment despite all odds despite life-threatening injuries life changing injuries and they ton serve. i want to honor them.
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>> the pilot up the deadly hot air balloon crash over the weekend had at least four dwi conviction and spent time bea hoop bars. >> according to the missouri court records all 16 people onboard including the pilot were killed on saturday when the pa loon crashed in a
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the ntsb says the investigation is now turning to three main factors the environment where thesh about a listen and the operators. >> the preliminary look that at examining the envelope, the balloon portion of the in loo, the preliminary on-site examination reveals no evidence of pre-existing failures and malfunctions or problems. the ntsb says the pilot was federally certified to fly balloons? a delta air lines balloons flight had a rough landing today. flight 2143 took up from tam and landing around 3:30 but official a says one of the plan's tors blew out. the plane was able to land safely ap thank ny no one was hurt. a maintenance crew changed the tire with the passenger still onboard. the plane was then towed? disney world is taking a
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to keeping track of theme park visitors right now it can track them with magic bans, hotel keys and credit cards bane report in the "orlando sentinel" it says the company may begin using foot recognition technology as well. sensors would capture a guest's foot shape and appearance to create a profile that could be used to track movements all around the park. >> the secret to leaving longer may be a plant-based diet in. this research general hotter in harvard medical school that shows people got more protein from plants like nuts instead of meat lowered the risk of death by 10% and the risk of a heart-related death was lowered by 12% people whole replaced three percent with plant protein lowered the risk of death by 34%. >> mcdonald a sea is speeding up plans to get artificial preservatives out of chicken nugget and egg products the
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to the more health conscious customers mcdonald's id sa it would remove high fructose from the beens and also announced that all of the chicken is now free of anti-buy ticks lamb year earlier than originally promised. >> so i guess people are getting demanding. >> yeah. >> they are. >> well, hard to believe but it is already august. a and that has so many people counting down the end of summer. why it seems to go so fast over >> and nothing but net. how this skydiver rooting here successfully jumped from a plane without a
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>> well, the garden state is living up to the name. the vertical farming company in the new jersey that gross herbance vegetables pest ty tides. they received nutrients to remit spray on to the radios. the company officials say they are growing creating faster harvest cycles with less impact on the environment. >> we're able to produce approximately 75 times more products per square foot ver sauce field farm mere. well, arrow farms is about to open the ninth
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very promising. yeah. now it is august. here is a question. how's the summer going well, the answer is great but too fast. are with a whole bunch of people. >> our baruch shemtov explains how y the start of august august seems to mark the beginning of the end of summerment is august 1st how does% that mack you feel? mostly sad the summer is am a inend. the winters are brutal here. am not looking forward to that. it >> after enjoying this jun and july the began august has way of making us conrent the inevitable of the end of summer. >> you can't have fun any more. everything is gloomy and cold. enjoy the summer as much. a trip or anything and it came like this. >> why are you sad that summer is almost over? >> mostly the end of summer fridays into. >> it is nice while it lasts. we want to go out and experience the city and
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it is a cycle of the season. what are we going to do? see you col le guests says the emotional shift is real. >> they are starting to feel the clock ticking toward school time and work time again. >> people do get anxious because they want to pack it all in before the of the summer and they put a lot of pressure on themselves to get the last hooray. so perhaps august would be the chance to squeeze in another bike ride, barb with you or day at the beach. before the leaves start to >> i think anxiety is not a food thing but for good cause because we really should party like it is 1999 before the summer is over. >> but before you panic, let's put this all into perspective. fall doesn't oi physically start until september 22nd so you have plenty of time to enjoy some fun in the sun. on the upper east side, baruch shemtov, fox 5 moose. >> be jo i the last several weeks of summers if. yeah. >> that is
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>> actually, i mean, the angle of the sun begins to fall begins september 22nd. it ends september 1st. we could do. >> i yeah. >> well, today, back to. tomorrow we'll barely get 80 but the high 0's later on in the week here. have no fear. there is still summer weather has coming. >> days are getting a little shorter. yeah. the daylight hours. >> a lot of va is as to pick. a. >> well, august, enjoy. >> you know what? no matter what. just life goes through quarterbacking lane take the time to smell the roses as much z as you can. 80 and 69 today. a little bit below average. a bit humid. i am we do threat of rain now. 159. well, different. well, record high and record low. 5:54. now 70. cloudy sky. humidity is not too bad. dewpoint of 63 and call it modulately humid as you get away from the coast. pressure is holing
10:48 pm
you well see off though north and west. again trying to come down here. again shall extending here now to the eastern pennsylvania. they will kind of drift down across the area as the overnating hours go along. if you get underneath one or two of those heavier showers there could can be good downpours and the flash flood watch still up in some places overnight. there is the 80-degree high. nobody else made it to 80 today. 78 poughkeepsie. 79 at newark. upper 70's to mid 70's jersey shore to the e town. low 70's bellmawr and 71 as you goette to islip. mid's still hanging at 66. been there most of the afternoon and the evening at that temperature. so you have a i way from the coast. du points then 6's. more humid then the lower 60's along the coast but still again. moderate levels during the overnight period. mostly early wind in the forecast at 5 to 10 miles per hour come to the northeast tomorrow. there is the flash flood watch again. it is parts of the lower
10:49 pm
central. again west and north of the city. does not include midtown connecticut does not include long island. so there do you. we do have though some shower on fox 5 sky guardian 3d trying to make it down here. we have to keep an eye on those. that is going across now. tem are toos in this he northeast basically around 70. boston albany to williamsport then back to upper 70's they we'll see those showers starting to move across the area tonight then is a cold front to the south and just stay down to this position here. then, high pressure going to ridge are in from the ohio valley and ares is a couple of nice days coming up starting wednesday, thursday afran day. upper 70's tomorrow. here in town, 80's to chicago still heat around. still summertime for that pat matter. 90's kansas city. 100 gre dee degree weather in dal also and vegas 103 back to 70. all right. here is our forecast. about 70 out the door in the city. a couple of showers
10:50 pm
a couple of showers around. 7:00 to take us to the afternoon with the high of 79 so you see this on the few dar cast. the high pressure that bill dollars the sky out with sunny wednesday coming up. mostly sunny. temperatures the 8's or kind of hover around there and warm up again. become a little more humid. winds out of the northeast. maybe 25 knots in this afternoon. seas in aring three feet. water lows 70. but moderate risk if you forking the area beaches. a couple of showers overnight. not again. everybody will see those. they will be throughout. 60's away from town. tomorrow, just early shower then it is clouds the rest of the day. don't think we'll make 80 tomorrow. be joy that because it will be around 80 with beautiful humidity on wednesday and thursday. a little more humid by friday afternoon at 6 so we are getting back to the am mer weather. 88 and humid day for you saturday with afternoon or evening thunderstorms and that will turn nice again sunday and monday.
10:51 pm
>> have no fear. >> thank you. >> still time to come. got it. >> not just yet. >> ok. well, generous new yorkers have filled the staten island backyard with old bile asks and now a decaded dad is getting us biked back events. last month shawn came up with the idea to create spokes of hope. he asked people to donate bile asks key give out to low-income kids and family in the area. so far he has given bikes to 40 local kids into. so nice. >> really nice. no problem. this is crazy. see the first-ever successful skydive without parachute. strou see this. >> i am here with the toyota traffic tracker am the northbound west shore express which on and off ramp to exit 13 will be closed. be sure to tune in every back day morning starting at 4:30 a.m.
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>> you may
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best athletes in the world are in rio now. some top runners are in london as well. they have gathered flor annual beer classic. are you ready,ic ? >> yeah. >> chug a 12-ounce ber and run a lap. the wenner set a world record finishing in four minute and 34 seconds. not too pad. >> a set of motivation there. >> yeah. >> a skydiver has become the first person to trump from a plane into a net on the ground. get this. without using a daredevil luke aikens fell for two minutes then landed perfectfully a 100 by 100-foot net in california. aikens practice and trained for two years and adds his whole life dedicated to skydive and pushing the boundary and he did that with this stunt. a wow. >> that is another racking. >> i can't. >> what if you were off a little. >> the wind.
10:57 pm
years? what this f the wind change and you practice for every scenario. >> probably. >> i would hope so. >> yeah. >> don't try that at home. >> no. >> see you tomorrow.
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?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventis the world's coolest indoor wate.
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