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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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wearing the badge are coming to a close and he'll be going to the private sector, a global consulting firm, and he will be joining their company. he emphasized the accomplishments in crime reduction, counterterrorism and rebuilding community trust. >> we can be the change. it's a proven concept, policing. we have to fill that mandate to keep crime low, historic lows. >> reporter: he says the nypd's work. a key member of his staff will take over as his replacement. james o'neill, the current chief of departments. >> most of the people i know in law enforcement took this job for the same reason i did, to lead lives of significance. they wanted to make a difference in the world. they wanted to help make this a better city and help all new yorkers achieve a quality of life we can be proud of. >> reporter: james o'neill is one of the architects of the new
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precincts but will be expanded citywide this year. other key members of the team are planning to stay on for now. i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. back to you. alison: a big day for the nypd. joining me now, peter moreno, a former nypd captain. thanks for joining us. first off, we kind of knew this was coming at some point. was it a surprise that it was today? >> it was a bit of a surprise it was today for me. but there were hints, as you said, and there all in all, i wasn't shocked. >> reporter: let's do two things. first, look back. what do you think bill bratton's legacy will be with the nypd, good things and bad? what will he be most remembered for? >> i think people have to understand that the quality of life that we enjoy today in new york city is in large part due to him. many people may not know that. i certainly recall when i was a young sergeant in '94 when he
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because of him. it became a proactive department rather than a reactive department which it had been for many years. his legacy in my mind is we can enjoy a different city because of him. alison: this is a difficult time not only between communities and police in new york but across the country. what do you think is key for the commissioner to do in new york? >> i think he has to continue having -- instilling morale and trust, which he has. he's a he's a cop's cop. he has just to continue on with the policies that work and put his own thumbprint on it. >> he really talked today about just how long he's been in office, starting in '83 as a transit cop. he's spent his life in the nypd. >> he loves the job. he spoke about how proud he is to wear the uniform. i understand every word he said. so i believe him and i trust him and i think the city is going to
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asking do you think any controversy played into commissioner bratton's decision to step down? he denied it. the mayor denied it. do you think any investigations played any role? >> it's impossible to know. i would doubt very much. usually if something of that nature were to cause a police commissioner to step down, it would have been done promptly, quickly and swiftly. i dn't believe that's the case. i think that -- i doubt highly that any going to turn up anything we don't already know. alison: a big day for the nypd and interesting days ahead to see how it goes. thank you for joining us. have a great night. in other news, governor cuomo and the state health department unveiling a new zika prevention plan including getting rid of standing water in subway tunnels and on state properties like parks, which can be major breeding grounds for mosquitos. the health department making larvacide available free of
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donald trump stirring up more controversy on the campaign trail as more and more people are denouncing his attack on late army captain khan's parents. this morning, richard hanna said he's going to vote for hillary clinton while president obama weighed in from the white house. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week. and he keeps more republicans to withdraw their support. >> and massachusetts passing a ground-breaking new law to end the gender pay gap. it forces companies to provide salary information up front and makes it illegal to ask about past income. that will take effect in a year. i have a confession to make. nick: oh. please do. alison: i have not been outside all day. i put my full trust in you.
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we had a fair amount of clouds. we stopped at 79 degrees today. very comfortable. alison: you did promise improvement through the week. nick: it will be a beautiful couple of days. you'll like that as the humidity stays low and the sunshine will stay up there. good news there. look at today. 79 for the high when we should be around 84. so maybe some people, it's like a hint of fall in the air. not quite. i might be pushing that a bit. 84, average. the record low, 58. sunrise, 5:55. down at 8:10. currently we're very comfortable. we have cloud cover, little breaks of sun. 74. humidity, 64 percent, wind northeast, pressure 30.11 and falling. temperatures today did hit 80 at newark and just above that at allentown. mid 70s at the jersey shore. 78 poughkeepsie. 71 on the east end.
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74 in the city. 76 poughkeepsie. lower 70s on the east end. back to 72 at belmar. newark checking in with 77. a nice northeast wind will persist. northeast, occasionally southeast, going back and forth. as that happens, it won't allow it to get very, very warm. tomorrow, another day of 80. pretty comfortable weather. but that northeast wind is causing the potential for a bit of coastal flooding this evening. minor coastal flooding. the evening high tide cycle through midnight. that's shore. on radar, nothing nearby on fox 5 sky guardian. we have had a couple of showers scattered in eastern pennsylvania. very few and far between. you see on the satellite loop they're moving. not coming our way. this is spiralling east of cape cod. we won't worry about that. we have high pressure building down. it will sit in our neighborhood for the next few days and keep sunshine around. a couple of fair weather clouds and temperatures will stay comfortable, right about 80
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thursday. on our day planner tomorrow, look how nice coming out the door in the city. 67 in the morning. upper 50s to 60s in the northern and western suburbs. 75 lunchtime. nice day. up to 80 for tomorrow. there's your futurecast. the high pressure is in control. we're in good shape tomorrow. good shape for thursday with more sunshine. eventually as the high does slide offshore, we'll see a return of south-southwesterly airflow. it will bring the humidity back by the second half the first half of the upcoming weekend. tonight, patchy clouds and i'll use the word mild. 67 in the city. 60 in the suburbs. tomorrow, there's another word i haven't used in a while, comfortable. we'll talk about sun to clouds. i'm going deep into the vocabulary, folks. 80 in the city. upper 70s out in the suburbs away from town. nice thursday. 82. a little more humid by friday. about 84. a nice day. definitely warm and quite warm
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afternoon and evening scattered thunderstorms. we'll get back to nice weather sunday at 87. monday and tuesday, we stay in the middle 80s with lots of sunshine. that's where it should be. good summer weather ahead. alison: you brought up mild, comfortable, nice, spring and fall words. nick: words we don't use in august but there they are. alison: a beer and burger, an age old combination. if you're a millennial, you want to know if the beer is locally and how the beef was raised. up next, a look at trends that are hot with
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alison: welcome back. every generation put their stamps. huge generation x trends cult -- cutting it with millennials. >> reporter: this 26-year-old is a beer guy, a craft beer guy. >> i'm a local boy from staten island, new york. flagship brewery, a local brewery company, they make excellent india pale ales. >> many prefer craft beer over over beverages. they're influence is getting
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part of the appeal is products with stories behind them. >> they're more attracted to foods and beverages with stronger flavors. when you look at some of the late beers, the big beer brands, they might not have the strong flavors they're interested in. craft beers tend to be more experimental, have more of a story. they feel like more of an experience. >> reporter: if it's craft beer for the guys, popular with females, food in >> 13 to 33-year-olds are more interested in healthy food trends. you see not just salad, but quinoa porridges and fruit bowls. >> reporter: she believes the marriage of millennials and food is driven by social media, sites like pinterest and instagram where pictures of what was eaten can be found. it's mostly the millennials doing the posting. >> i am guilty of posting pictures of my food on social
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facebook. not so much twitter. >> reporter: some admit to trying a restaurant because of a picture she saw. what was the last food you saw that was trending as you went to get? >> the truffle mac and cheese at sons of essex. it was really good. the best i've ever had. >> i go to the jamaican spot in brooklyn. real tasty. real good food. no. 1 in br pics. tese pics of homemade dishes look tasty, cooked and photographed and posted not by a millennial at all. but yours truly. antwan lewis, fox 5 news. alison: our honorary millennial. this is rachel. we're talking about the craft beers and bowls. that's like the tip of the iceberg. what are the other really hot things? >> we should say millennials are
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generation out there. they've surpassed the baby boomers. what they have going on, people will pay attention to. big food trends with millennials include a social concept of eating. they're eating out more than any other group. alison: this is amazing. >> total foodies. less likely to cook at home. mre likely to be living at home. they want to get out of the house and have the social interaction with their friends. on social media. so they want to be interacting with different people, talking about what they're eating, taking pictures of what they're eating. that food better look good. alison: it has to be visually pleasing. what other things are they into food-wise? tey seem like a generation that's looking for things that are healthier, but you were explaining that healthier but in a different way than generations past. >> exactly. some of the buzz words that millennials are concerned about
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is it less processed? can they know where it's coming from? very farm to table, organic type foods. less apt to check the calorie discounts or looking for something low in sodium or sugar or carbohydrates. alison: they're engaged with the food companies or supermarkets. they're reaching out and talking with them? >> right. so this comes back to the sia they're on their twitter feeds. on their facebook. looking at what's going on with whole foods or trader joe's. these companies are responding because this group, millennials, are spending almost 100 billion annually on food. alison: my god. they're living at home, saving money and spending a ton on food. >> exactly. they're eating out more than any other group. they're not necessarily spending more money at the restaurant. they have less disposable
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more often. so they're putting a value on getting bang for their buck. they want food that's a good value. alison: seems like they have discerning tastes. >> it has to do with adventure. they're less likely to order the same menu item more than once. i can't wrap my head around this. something i like, i'm going to get it more than once at a restaurant. this is what some of the research has so that's a big piece of it. they're adventurous with what they're choosing. alison: further proof we're not millennials. rachel, thank you for coming in to talk about this. this is great. thank you so much. >> thank you. alison: instagram out with a new feature that may look familiar. the snapchat update that has people buzzing on this trending
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trending today. simone is here to talk about trending tuesday. what has instagram done. >> reporter: people think they're ripping off snapchat because they are. the fastest growing age on snapchat is under 12. alison: that blows my mind. >> instagram and facebook are threatened by this. they want a piece of the pie. they've copied snapchat's story feature which organizes your photos and videos in chronological order and they disappear in 24 hours. alison: that's like the snapchat's big things. >> they get 10 billion views a day using this feature. instagram has made something that's similar to it. it doesn't have the features that snapchat has yet but i'm sure they'll try to implement that. alison: this isn't a surprise. on the business side of things, facebook tried to buy snapchat for $3 billion and they said no. everyone was like big mistake. huge. it's now worth 20 billion.
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put two and two together, facebook is thinking we won't buy you now. we'll try to copy you. can't beat them, join them. >> reporter: i was just about to say. and if you can't join them, copy them. alison: do you think that people will say i can do what i do on snapchat on instagram and leave? >> that's what they're trying to do by getting celebrities on board like nick jonas, demi lo feature. people like snapchat because you have more fun on there than instagram. for the people with a big instagram following and not snapchat, this is an effective feature. alison: is it something you would try or are you into snapchat? >> if you give me that filter, i
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until you step up your filter game, snapchat all the way. alison: you'll see a shiny piece of technology at the u.s. open later this month. we'll show it to you first right after the break. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, [ inhales ] all stop & shop produce is triple checked. farm, crate, you don't have to guess.
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something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. alison: players take the court at the u.s. open at the end of the month. you'll see something new this year. a retractible roof over arthur ashe stadium. jen lahmers has an inside look. >> reporter: i remember being out here a couple of years. the retractible roof was only partially built. they had to remove the scaffolding to make room for the fans. now 27 days out from the big event and the roof is finished
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open. tennis legend billie jean king did the honors today, opening the roof. after a couple of false starts. >> let there be light. please. >> reporter: as the usta unveiled the fully operational retractible roof over arthur ashe stadium. a brand new site. >> a lot of bold thinking, hard work and strategic problem solving went into getti >> you have to figure out how to put a roof on the largest tennis stadium in the world when it wasn't built to hold a roof on the worst land conditions imaginable. and you had to do it in a way that was economically feasible. >> reporter: this time lapse video captured construction on the $150 million project that took two years and will give fans a lot to look forward to by
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29th. if the skies open up, the roof closes in seven minutes. >> a fantastic view. a ball where most of the people will be in the shade a fair amount of the time and incredible view of the stadium. >> reporter: the roof is only one of the features fans will be able to see once they get out here. there's a new grandstand stadium along with an expanded southern campus. back to you. alison: all right. sounds pretty good. i remember very, very hot days at t a little shade will be a great thing. that's it for now. thank you so much for joining us. i'm alison morris. for all of us in studio 5 and up in the control room, have a terrific night and we will see
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> god help anyone who tries to intermeddle with vanilla ice when he's in a fight with delta air lines. >> they did not call his flight and he missed it and the guy behind him goes, you have to watch the monitor, man. harvey: how improbable was it delta never called the flight? they will say first class now ready for boarding. that though. [laughter] >> donald trump, he was flying in virginia and he posted this photo of him eating k.f.c. and he's eating it with a knife and fork. it's so weird. >> it's because those small hands can't hold a chicken wing. [laughter] >> jojo fletcher, the bachelorette, she picked jordan rodgers. >> how are you feeling? >> so good!


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