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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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points there's only one track. literally one track. and something happens on that one track, everything stops. >> loren silverman, former chair of the commuters council and mta watchdog says over the years there has been a measure improvement in the reliability. >> while things are going to go wrong from time to time, the fact is that it is one of the most complex and yet one of the most efficient means of transportaon >> silverman says there's always going to be delays, and some of them are caused by events that are beyond the railroad's control. mother nature has been to blame a number of times. he says that can be fixed, but the fix isn't short term, rather long term and costly. >> the signal system is very vulnerable to weather. so if there's a storm, whether it's a snowstorm or an electrical storm, the system and the signal system can go down. one of the things that's going
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future, hopefully, is east side access. with additional tracks, which the railroad's planning to install the governor announced, you're going to have the capacity to move equipment if there is a delay to another portion of the railroad. >> tom pender fast, chair and ceo of the mta, had to say when asked about the dissatisfaction of riders. >> the first half of this year the performance was relatively well,ing but in a relatively short period of time, five or six weeks, it's had a repetitive series of incidents. something that's held near and dear not only to the management, but to the customers as well. >> telling riders they are doing the best they can. >> we've got to redouble our efforts on those self-inflicted wounds, and for the ones caused by other parties or acts of god, we have got to mitigate and respond faster. >> we are working aggressively on the second and the third track which will then give us a redundancy that we don't know have. >> i'm jessica formosa, fox 5 news. >> jessica, thank you very much.
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rich barone is joining he right now, transportation specialist, regional plan association. rich, this is funny. just before we went on the air, you said, what, your mother's stuck on a train right now? >> yeah. power failure. >> oh, my goodness. >> yeah. >> what a subject, right? i hope you calmed her down a little bit. >> i tried. >> listen, we've been talking about this whole commuter challenge all week. what do you think is the most important problem right now facing the rails? what needs to be done? >> we have a very old system, and, you know, it needs to be modernized. we need to upgrade >> sure. >> we need to administer capacity to the system that we have. it's very strained. we're running with a lot of people, we need to administer trains, more cushion so that, quite frankly, when something dose wrong, everything doesn't fall apart. >> rich, it's a huge system. i mean, hundreds of thousands of people every day, think of the miles that we travel. >> yeah, yeah. no, it's tremendous. we have in long island alone we have 795 miles of track -- >> huge. >> and we have about 399
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so we have a lot of things to talk about. there are delays, you know, weather issues and electrical problems. >> yes. >> timeline. i though the governor's working on this. timeline, what are you hoping to accomplish and how soon? >> yeah, i mean, we want to, you know, there's certain things that take a long time. sometimes decades. right now there's a big project to add new capacity to grand central for long island railroad called east side access. >> that's big. >> it's a big project, a huge multibil roughly $10 billion right now. hopefully be open in 2020, but that'll be huge for long island railroad commuters. they'll save lots of time and allow for lots of additional capacity. >> that'll make a big difference. >> and also folks to the north, additional access into penn station, so we'll add administer trains to the folks from new haven. >> never enough money. we though that, right? >> yeah. >> what's happening funding
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>> yeah. i mean, compared to many other metropolitan areas around the world and even the united states, new york doesn't tax itself to the same extent. there are limited resources, so we're always, you know, trying to work on a relatively limited budget. >> sure. >> and so while we're, you know, very happy the governor got the capital plan passed, still that's a fraction of what you really these in the long haul. >> optimistic in the next 3-5 years we'll get some real progress here? >> well, no. happen in the early 2020s. i do feel we have to keep figuring out ways to get things done faster. >> sure. >> double tracking and third track and what not, we have to figure out how to do these things faster which might be more pain in the short term, but -- >> benefits down the road. >> rich, we thank you. give your mom a call, make sure she's all right. have a good weekend. [laughter] other stories we're talking about today, on the road to the white house, donald trump's team is meeting with republican party
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meeting as the campaign struggles with bad press and bad poll results. trump's team calls it a typical meeting. today the republican national committee chairman introduced the gop's nominee at a campaign rally this pennsylvania and tried to squash the rumors. >> and don't believe the garbage you read. let me tell you something, donald trump, the republican party, all of you, we're going to put him in the white house and save this country together! [cheers and applause] be. >> hillary clinton released her tax returns today. she and former president bill clinton paid an effective tax rate of about 34% on income of more than $10 million last year. trump says that he will release his returns after an audit. mayor de blasio handed out some big pay raises to his staff, and it's costing taxpayers about $2 million. a government watchdog group says some city hall salaries jumped as high as 142.
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generous because he these to retain a skilled staff. all right. on long island the village board voted to approve a suffolk otb casino plan allowing high-tech video lottery terminals inside the marriott hotel. the the village nows has five days to finalize the deal. that's what's going on in the news right now. you can bet on a lot of hot and sticky weather for the weekend. wow, this is going to continue all the way through? >> yes. you know, it's actually dangerous heat that we are ex values well over 100 degrees x it's going to stay that way for the next couple of days. the national weather service has expanded the excessive heat warning for the entire -- most of the entire tristate area. >> show us some of the information. >> let me show you that. let's talk about today first. the high temperatures definitely above average, 93 in central park today. even down the shore in belmar, no relief at the beach with a high temperature of 95 degrees,
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point. it was even hot in the hudson valley where poughkeepsie was at 93. pretty warm across the tristate area, still near 90 degrees in many locations, and if we can push that map forward, i show you that. temperatures, again, feeling very warm all due to the humidity even though we have 90s, it's dealing much warmer because of the dewpoints. that's a measure of moisture in the atmosphere, we've been talking about it a lot over the last uncomfortable factor across the area. the numbers are soaring through the 70s which is really measurable, and when we factor that in with the current temperatures, it's feeling like over 100 in new york city right now. the heat index at new york liberty airport is at 107. we're going to see numbers like these all weekend, and that's why the national weather service has expanded the excessive heat warning right through sunday. expected values in the 90s and 100 and better for your heat index. so with that said, you want to
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not just cool. that means that we have to limit our outdoor activities. not even, it's not even a good time to be outdoors whether it's morning or night. you want to stay indoors as much as possible. wear light-colored and loose-fitting clothing and, of course, keep hydrated by drinking water. avoid caffeine and alcohol, those are both dehydrating factors. thunderstorms are starting to fire up too, we're getting a couple of downpours across portions of new jersey and the hudson valley, and there will be a threat of popping up over the next several hours, and that'll die down let's say after 1:00 this morning. we're under the innuance of high pressure sitting over -- influence of high pressure sitting over bermuda that's been pumping up the humidity and now the heat across the eastern seaboard. temperatures will be soaring into the 90s, once again heat index values over 100 degrees across the tristate area and much of the northeast. but the big heat is going to be confined really to the eastern
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midwest, inner mountain west and across the west coast right now. as we go through the rest of the evening, there'll be a line of showers and storms rotating through the city after 8:00 tonight. tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds, and in the afternoon we'll have showers and storms firing up after about 2 or 3:00. that same type of weather pattern is going to stick with us into sunday and even into monday, so things are going to be unsettled it looks like for the next several days. so for tonight it's going to be very warm and muggy across the tristate area. shows developing now, they should be dying off let's say after about midnight tonight. and then tomorrow it'll be another hot day, temperatures going into the 90s in many locations, close to 100 degrees across interior new jersey, and as we look ahead to the next several days, realizings it looks like -- readings it looks like in the 90s across much of the tristate area. it's going to stay pretty humid across the region. >> as we said, we have to be very careful. heed the advice. thank you very much, audrey. okay, coming up, rain is
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the bronx for us. a-rod says good-bye to the yankees. we'll head there live for his last game in pinstripes for you. and join us for a mouth-watering week of shows an international competition, we're going all around the five boroughs highlighting the best international food around. you won't want to miss this one. every day next week here at six. we're back right after a short break here on fox 5. ? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go.
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>> well, here's a cute story. a few days ago a mom tweeted about her son's lost teddy bear saying that he had lost it at a rest stop in new jersey. she says that she thought that tweet was taking a long shot. she didn't know exa turnpike authority saw it, tracked the bear down, it is being hailed back to her as we -- mailed back to her as we speak. the woman is amazed it's been found, and the bear has been with her son for 12 years, so the bear's coming back. good story, we like that. all right, here we go right now, there's just one more game left to play in alex rodriguez' yankees career. it all ends tonight. erica is there live with more on
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hi, erica. >> hey, ernie. well, the fans have been lined up for hours. gates opened just about one hour ago, and everyone's still coming in all all for the chance to see a-rod play for that final game. everyone is hoping that rodriguez can bring some magic one final time. >> everyone's excited, i'm excited. you know, you never really prep for this day, but here it is. hopefully, i get to enjoy it. i know that i'm going >> the news came quick, but alex rodriguez are accepted the end end with grace. a-rod will take the field in a yankees uniform for the final time. >> today's thanking all the gaps, coaches, managers, people that gave me an opportunity. >> so on a very emotional night, how does a-rod hope to see the final time play out? >> if i can put the ball in play a couple times and chris archer takes it easy on the old man
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one of the most polarizing athletes to ever play in new york. from his 2009 world series championship to his connection with performance-enhancing drugs, rodriguez has certainly had his ups and downs. whether fans love him or hate him, the reality has hit them that this is the last time a-rod will be in pinstripes. >> he's one of the best baseball players to ever play the game. i don't really care what steroids have to do with it. a lot of players on steroids to. he's held his composure with everything, so i think it's a great >> feels great because he's my idol. i mean, he made only mistakes, but everybody deserves a second and third chance, and i think he's going to end up well. >> with all my screw-ups and how badly i acted, the fact that i'm walking out the door and hal wants me as part of the family, that's hitting 800 home runs for me. >> a-rod really hoping the make some contact and do well tonight. this one's a little bit interesting because the final game does come in the middle of the season, but the yankees are
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way. they will have a pregame ceremony for him beginning at i 650, and the game will air on fox. in for a great night, ernie. i'll send it back to you. >> all part of yap key history. erica, thank you very much for that. okay. there's more on this friday night. we're back with fashion friday and the next generation of online shopping. plus, i've got tonight's street question for you. do you think that 65 milesser hour is outdated, that they should revise it o answers in a minute. deep-fried twinkies, we'll tell you about that too right after the break. keep it right here. ?
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deep fried twinkies are a state fair staple around the country, but hostess is letting you make them at home. they're frying and they're freezing twinkies, putting them in the frozen section only at wal-mart, by the way. they should be there today, but they'll only be around for the next three months. you'll have to bake them in an on or toaster oven for about eight minutes. i could eat one right now. >> that sounds delicious to me. >> the weekend is almost here,
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friday. baruch shemtov is joining us with more. macy's closing about 100 of its stores, and and the focus is on online and mobile services. >> that's right. macy's is closing a hundred of its stores, and that's reflective of what we're seeing this the industry at large. we're seeing kohl's closing stores, sears, a lot of people having a tough time with those brick and mortar environments. macy's will be closing in order to focus on online shopping. >> >> that's right. and it's not just traditional online shopping the way we used to think about it, it's all about mobile. in fact, research has found people are shopping more on their phones than they are on their computers. >> right. i'm going to order something right now. >> and you very well could. >> 36 waist -- >> all right. the secret's out. >> i know, exactly. >> it's that easy. and here's the thing, our phones are an extension of who we are. they're so personal. >> they are. >> so when done well, these companies are really able to tap
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establish a relationship with the consumer. >> and some companies are doing it pretty well too. >> exactly. nordstrom, they're doing it great. they're about to open their first big store here this manhattan, but at the same time they're also focusing on eing-commerce. and their app has gotten great reviews because it really reflects the level of customer service you would get in a real nordstrom. it adapts to your behaviors, adapts to your preferences, makes recommendations, and most importantly, you can interact with an actual human being through the app. so people find it really question about it. this whole thing, virtual shopping, all kinds of ideas on the internet. what do you expect is going to happen in the next couple of years? >> we're seeing some companies like this one called bonobos doing a hybrid between brick and mortar and e-commerce. you go boo a store, try on the clothing, but you don't actually leave with anything at the end of the day. >> right. >> you order it all online. so they don't have any back stock, it's just a way to
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but here's the thing, there's a really big business opportunity here. mobile sales reportedly more than doubled between 2013 and 2015. >> huge. >> and a lot of companies are just getting started with their mobile strategies, so five, ten years from now the opportunity is limitless. >> i mean, it's amazing. you talk about, you know, how many stores will be around, and some of them are going to be turned into shipping centers. >> exactly. >> you don't buy anything anymore, you just order manager. >> that's right. that is the future. but at the same time it is in ultimately, we do want that personal connection. so the apps and eing-commerce environments that are most successful have the human touch with the convenience -- >> i meant the waist was 35 -- >> you've already gone on a shopping spree since we started. [laughter] >> thank you, baruch. are you hitting the road this weekend? is that 65 mile per or hour speed limit good or is it a bad idea? your answers coming up next right heren on fox 5. that was fun.
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>> thanks for watching the news at six. and now you can connect with me on facebook. go to check it out. and you can also answer my daily positive questions. go to ? ? >> what do you think about the 65 mile-per-hour slim? do you think it's okay or needs >> no, i think it's find. if you just follow the law and everybody follows the law accordingly, then everyone should be safe on the road. lot faster? >> i do. >> are you concerned about that? >> i am. but i can only worry about myself on the road and hopefully everybody will follow suit. >> nobody follows it. >> nobody follows 65. >> no, so you get a ticket was you're going 75 as usual. >> no, i think it's good. i think people don't really respect road, you've got more road rage. i just read in the news today that someone dies in a car accident every 30 seconds. >> you want to wring it down. >> i do. i think so.
6:26 pm
i drive a lot. >> a lot of people exceed that 65 miles per hour. >> they sure do. >> so you think 65 milesser hour is a good seedsome. >> it's a little high -- on the high side. >> you want to be more cautious. maybe bring it down. >> well, because people don't obey the other rules. they eat and whatever, tone and smoke. if they didn't do that, it'd be fine, but they don't. >> 65 is good. i think they should leave it right at 65. very safe do you drive a lot? >> i'm a professional driver, that's my job. >> so 65 you think is okay. >> it's great. it's good enough to get you there, right amount of time. >> uh-huh. okay, thanks so much. all right. drive carefully and don't forget your seat belt, okay? that's it for now. thank you for joining us here. i'm ernie anastos, from all of us here at studio 5, and our control room staff, good job up there. have a wonderful weekend, everybody, we'll see you again
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sticky weekend. >> yes. >> if you want to connect to great stories and people, engage fox 5's facebook, twitter or and youtube pages and go to page for news and stories you care about. ?
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: it looks like tyga now is not going to be arrested, so he celebrated by sneaking up on kylie from behind. >> he is right back behind her as she's bent over in her little red bathing suit. they're having a great time. he looks like he's about to snorkel up her butt. >> or get out of the water. >> her butt. [laughter] >> lots of rumors going around that jennifer lopez's pregnant the with casper smart's baby. does this look pregnant to you? harvey: my guess is, not pregnant. >> casper smart must be so disappointed right now. >> you think he wants her to be pregnant? >> yes. jennifer lopez could put something back up and turns back around to look at it, i would be in a tux. full tuxedo. >> killer mike at l.a.x. we talked to him about hillary


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