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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the average student will fail the park. >> reporter: parent beth fisher is with save our schools, among those who oppose the test. >> if you're not the -- right in the center of the box kid who just tests really well, you're going to end up like walking out of high school without a diploma. >> to protest, fisher is among thousands of parents who have opted out of their children the state department of education issued this statement saying in part that, quote, the most recent adoption of the new graduation assessment requirements was the culmination of our deliberative process to implement an effective assessment that has been validated by numerous educators and researchers. save our schools says it will continue to fight. they say new jersey will have a new governor in 2018 and they will put pressure on the
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education department's ruling. linda schmidt, fox 5 news. ernie: and, linda, thank you for that. joining me, the president, education reform now. thanks for being here. >> thank you. ernie: we saw this report that linda did on standardized testing in new jersey. it's controversial already. how do you see it? is it a seriou problem? >> it's a serious issue. we believe in better, fewer tests. there have been some issues with the roll we think it's critical for parents, educators and communities to know how young people are doing, so insure they're college ready from high school and so parents and educators can know where they have challenges and can provide the interventions they need tailored to their needs. ernie: getting ready for the real world? >> absolutely. ernie: you think -- some people are saying it's difficult. if they don't pass, they won't graduate. you're saying maybe it's not tough enough? >> these assessments are based
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diagnostics. the real world is a difficult world. we want to make sure they're ready for it. so the objective ought to be to make sure they're meeting the bar, not to lower the bar and cripple our young people for the global economy. ernie: could it happen that a lot of students who are bright but they don't test well, there are a lot of controversies about what happens with testing. i'm trying to get to the heart of it. how do you solve this? how do you make it good for the students so they are challenged and at the sa t testing? >> most things are balanced. we have to make sure we strike the right balance. we have to make sure that the steps align with what the people need to be successful in college and careers. we have to make sure we don't overtest or have teaching too much to the test. it's striking that right balance. we're very confident that with the right support systems at home and in our communities and schools, our young people can meet any benchmark. ernie: the teachers union is opposed to this? >> they've been opposed to
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evaluations. ernie: if someone wants to learn more, where do they go? >> come to our web site. education reform we work in this area day in and day out in new jersey and throughout the country. we're really committed to finding the right balance that works for parents, educators and our communities. ernie: are you optimistic it will work out? >> i am. i think this is what our kids need to be competitive in this global economy. i'm very confident we can do this in a way that teachers, families and educators that we love deeply. ernie: thank you so much for joining us. >> other stories to report. in the news for you tonight, police in rio say ryan lochte and three other u.s. olympic swimmers were not victims of a robbery like they claimed. brazilian authorities say the four athletes were drunk and rowdy when they broke down a door at a gas station early sunday following a night of partying. following a confrontation with armed security guards, they paid
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damages and they left. >> according to the reports, they offered to pay and they did pay. 100 and a $20 bill to compensate the establishment for the damages. ernie: under the swimming code of conduct, they could face probation, suspension, a fine or even expulsion. >> the chicago police superintendent is recommending the seven cops involved in the teen be fired. this comes after the inspector general found they filed false reports. the death was caught on video and contradicts their accounts that he was threatening officer van dyke. >> the justice department today announced it plans to end its relationship with privately run prisons. this follows an inspector general's report showing privately run prisons have a lot more problems than those run by the government. that's what's happening in the news right now.
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break with a group of voters, mostly ignored by politicians. we'll tell you about that. plus nick's here with that hot weather, right, nick? nick: it will be warming up again and the humidity is going to be coming back up. just a risk of a shower north and west of the city this evening.
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ernie: welcome back now. turning to the race for the white house, both hillary clinton and donald trump were back on the campaign trail today. clinton was here in new york meeting with nypd commissioner william bratton. she later spoke at the john jay school of criminal justice in manhattan. the topic, police relationships with the community that they baton rouge to milwaukee and across the country underscore how difficult and important the work is ahead of us. ernie: as for donald trump, he was in north carolina a day after announcing a major shakeup of his campaign team. north carolina's one of the many battleground states trump needs to win for the election. but the latest polls show that he trails in nearly all of them. >> well, one thing about voting that your income bracket doesn't
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tells us, the poor are all too often overlooked. >> you believe in the political process, that voting matters? >> of course. >> reporter: 27-year-old registered voter max cruz lives in the amsterdam houses. he grew up here. the projects are nestled in the middle of extreme wealth. what kind of opportunities are out here for young brothers? for cruz and others, it can feel like you're an outsider looking in in your neighborhood. when it comes to the presidential race, it feels the same way. >> donald trump says that he loves poorly educated people. when you hear that -- >> i believe it. i believe it. it's easier to manipulate us. >> i am so happy to be here. >> reporter: hillary says that she's the voice of the middle class. do you consider yourself middle class? >> no. i don't consider myself middle
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identify? >> we at the bottom, man. they got us at the bottom of the food chain. >> reporter: both candidates spent lots of time and money trying to appeal to middle class voters. for the poor, black, white, brown, from the big apple to the hills of appalachia, we aren't hearing much. >> what are you going to do for the poor people? how are we going to get help? >> reporter: according to a report, lower income voters showed up at the ballots at lower rates than the rest of the percent of voters deemed financially unstable cast a ballot last election. those who were financially stable were more than 60 percent to be likely voters. what do you think the consequences are if you don't vote? do you think there's consequences associated with that? >> kind of. it could be. because then the next person can win, the one that you don't want to win, and then he could -- like donald trump. he wins, man, it's over, bro.
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but his experience and struggle may represent the many. ernie: thank you very much. okay. we're moving on to the weather now. nick is here. it's improving. the humidity is a little lower. temperatures are not quite as high. nick: not too bad. middle 80s today. the humidity yesterday and today, we got a break. it will get more humid as we head into the weekend. ernie: we keep going through we had a cycle where it was hot and humid. we broke that for now. you'll notice the next few days it will get uncomfortable again. 85, 72 today. that's a bit above average. average high, 83. average low 68. no records are being threatened. the record high was a year ago at 95. we did have showers early this morning. we talked about those, that we'd have a couple of showers until
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of the day. we are running the risk of a shower north and west of the city this evening. 83 now. dew point up a touch. yesterday it was 62 or 63. it's now 65, 66, even pushing 70 near the jersey shore. i'll show you that in just a second. humidity will start increasing. a couple of clouds out there. pressure 29.91 and falling. here are the highs. warm spots in the middle to upper 80s. poughkeepsie, 87. low 80s across long island and 84 down to belmar. right lower 80s around town. 83 bridgeport. mid to upper 80s hudson valley. 86 at allentown. 81 at the jersey shore. here are the dew point numbers. we're climbing a little bit. dew point 69 montauk. that's uncomfortable. bridgeport, 68. dew point has hit 70 at belmar. as the numbers rise, you'll notice more humid conditions take over tomorrow, particularly as we go into the upcoming weekend forecast. wind is out of the southwest.
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we'll see that westerly wind tonight. it comes out of the north to start tomorrow and eventually onshore tomorrow afternoon. here are a few isolated showers to the north and west. i don't think they'll make it to the city at all. they'll probably fizzle out in the next one to two hours to the north and west. we can track them on radar. they're trying to move across sullivan and ulster counties into northeastern pennsylvania, but they fall apart before they get here. after we get past the sunset hour, those will go away. we'll have clouds coming in during the overnight period. these showers ones we'll watch for the second part of the week. there's a cold front there, but it will take two days, almost 33, to get towards us. the showers and storms will stay to the south. tomorrow, 70s in the city. 82 at lunchtime. cloud cover in the afternoon as we stop at 88. a more humid day as you'll see on the futurecast with a combination of sun and clouds. the front will be for sunday or so. we'll keep a good amount of sunshine around here on saturday with showers and storms arriving
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tomorrow if you're traveling in the upper part of the midwest. minneapolis to des moines down to denver, scattered down to houston, 87 des moines. 90 at houston. 91 charleston. warm in the northwest. helena, 65. tonight we'll call for clouds to be around. more humid. 73 in the city. mid 60s in the suburbs. temperatures a lot like last night into this morning. sun and clouds tomorrow. 88. stay at 87 on saturday. a good beach day. showers and storms mid sunday afternoon. ending day break monday. 80s then. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we get a nice break. 60s in the city at night. ernie: be sweater weather before you know it. not so early. thank you. >> next, are you getting hungry? we're going to take our five borough international food tour to staten island next for a taste of history. plus, here's tonight's question for you. skydive or bungee jump?
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ernie: all right. the u.s. women's 4 x 100 relay team made history in rio with a rare do-over. they're the gold medal favorites. they dropped the baton in a qualifying heat yesterday eliminating them from competition. they did appeal and won because it shows a runner was bumped during the handoff. 15 minutes ago, they ran the first ever do-over as a tim qualifying team by a full second and now they're back in the finals. good going. an exciting time. we've been getting excited in the olympic spirit all week long by tasting the cuisines of many of those countries involved. the best thing is you can find it all here in new york's five boroughs. today we head into staten island where baruch shemtov got a taste of authentic spanish and german dishes. here you go. >> reporter: the olympics may be
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plenty of international flavor. first up, a taste of germany at tillmeyer's. >> this is the oldest bar on staten island. it's been here since 1859. >> reporter: with a storied german history on staten island, the old bavaria inn is one of the last remaining spots serving classic german fare. >> it's hearty, meat and potatoes some are boiled. some are grilled. >> the wursts are the best. see what i did there? really good. >> reporter: wiener schnitzel with fried noodles. a marinated beef round. it's so soft. like a brisket. and let's not forget the restaurant's signature crispy
6:20 pm
watching. those give her a run for the money. with 28 draft lines, there's a wide array of beers to choose from. >> we have traditional german beers, munich breweries making beers since the '50s. >> reporter: next we're heating up with tapas the spanish cuisine will have you saying ole. if you're not sure what to order, you can't go wrong with one of 30 small dishes tcalled tapas. >> they can try more than they would than two entrees. >> reporter: i enjoyed delicious garlic shrimp, perfectly grilled baby lamb chops. they're so tender. and fried goat cheeseballs. so good.
6:21 pm
life. who needs main dishes. no meal would be complete without sangria. but this is a sangria martini. salud. >> salud. >> reporter: just like that, our taste buds took us on a tour of europe without ever leaving staten island. enjoy. baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. ernie: thank you. that's all here right in new york. one more stop on our cross culinary tour. we're going to wrap it up tomorrow in the bronx where we get a diverse mix from italian, latin american to gentleman make i make -- jamaican. would you rather jump out of a plane or bungee jump? your choices coming up next
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ernie: let me give you a choice. would you like to skydive or bungee jump? >> skydive. ernie: you said that fast. how come? >> done it before. i love it. ernie: have you tried it? >> uh-huh. ernie: what about you? >> skydive. yes. i've been doing it, too. >> neither. ernie: because? >> because i'm scared. >> skydiving. ernie: because? >> done before and it's thrilling and weird and spontaneous. bungee jumping is kind of lame, like early '90s, late '80s. ernie: you'd like to try skydiving. >> i would. >> i would skydive. ernie: why? >> because i feel like i'm flying. ernie: yeah. that would be a nice feeling. >> it would be very cool. ernie: would it depend on what you're looking at? >> the scenery would be important. i do. ernie: but not bungee jump? >> no.
6:26 pm
>> bungee jump. ernie: really? why? >> i don't like planes. ernie: so you'd rather bungee jump. ever tried it? >> no. ernie: what would you choose? >> skydive. ernie: tell me how you feel about that. >> i think it's cool to see the entire world, to look down. ernie: right. you been thinking about that? >> my cousin did it. ernie: did she like it? >> yes. ernie: think you'll do it next? >> yes. erni bye. i'm landing. that's it. i'm safe. that's it for now. thank you very much for joining us. i'm ernie anastos. from all of us in studio 5, our control room staff, great job. john k., give us a wave. thanks for being part of the broadcast. we'll see you tomorrow. you pilot. what would you choose? nick: neither. i'll fly. you can jump.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: nicole scherzinger has done something that has never gotten props in the 10 years, 11 years of "tmz." ? she was singing to her own song. >> as fine as she is in a bathing suit. >> it trumps it. >> and she doesn't feel like she's doing it for the cameras. >> no, with no cameras and leg up on a stool shaving, dude. >> they just released video of the alleged robbery that happened with ryan lochte. they go to a gas station. according to the gas station, they go in and it's locked, the door. so they start kicking and like damaging the door. harvey: these swimmers were drunk and defiant. either the security guard or the manager said you're paying for the door, and they said screw you. right.


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