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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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take time. but surveillance cameras may help. >> a number of things have to be done. there's an examination of any vehicles involved. that's a mechanical examination. that takes a while. there's an interview of any witnesses involved, including people involved as passengers, operators in the incident. >> reporter: now, also some are laying blame as a result of the incident, but there isn't the evidence to do that. as you heard, investigators are still trying to find out if they want to find out about the health condition of the bus driver who was killed, whether or not he might have suffered a heart attack, which in some cases we've seen can be the cause of this type of incident. arthur chi'en, fox 5. back to you. steve: thanks, arthur. developing news in florida where the cdc expanded a travel warning to including south beach. alison: jessica is live at kennedy airport where travelers are reacting. >> reporter: a new yorker who
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those infected with the zika virus. as you can imagine, passengers here at the airport are concerned. as you know, south beach is a destination for many of us. >> it's concerning. i have a feeling it's going to keep spreading. especially throughout the gulf coast. that's getting closer to where i am in san antonio. >> reporter: there are five more confirmed cases of locally transmitted zika in miami-dade county. >> we have two small areas in miami-dade county where we believe local occurring. after aggressive testing in the windwood area, we cleared three additional blocks of the northeastern area of wynnewood because we're seeing no evidence of active transmission. >> reporter: three men and two women are among those infected with the virus. scott says three people traveled to miami beach from new york, texas and taiwan. the other two are locals. with south beach being a big vacation spot for new yorkers, this has many travelers on edge,
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will vacation next. >> next time i'm going to miami, i should probably do my research to see how to prevent it or how to be protected or immune about it and see how it goes. >> i've actually been planning my honeymoon and not going anywhere in the caribbean or along the gulf coast because of that reason. >> reporter: the outbreak brings the number of cases in florida to 36. earlier this month another infected person was identified. miami-dade county officials have been planes in the area, but they can't do the same in miami beach because planes can't fly low enough due to the high-rises and strong winds. while the concern grows, some new yorkers say they're not worried. >> we've been to costa rica and everywhere else. wear your protection from your deet and you'll be fine. >> reporter: new york health officials are warning pregnant women and their partners not to
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if you have been there and you are pregnant, contact your doctor to determine if you need to be tested. we're live at jfk airport, i'm jes jessica formoso, fox 5 news. alison: donald trump's campaign manager stepping down as trump steps down in a disaster zone. steve: dan bowens with the latest. >> reporter: another day, another big change. the resignation of paul manafort, the latest shakeup inside the team completel the campaign. he was brought in to help the gop nominee appeal to a larger audience but he's been dogged by a scandal, this as donald trump was plane was taking off for the bayou. donald trump, flanked by mike pence, briefly joining volunteer efforts in flood stricken louisiana. >> they need a lot of help. what's happened here i incredible. nobody has a sense of how bad it is. it's incredible.
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touring the hardist hit areas, meeting with homeowners. the bayou visit a break from the campaign trail as controversial campaign chairman paul manafort handed in his resignation. the senior aide quitting after reports of secret documents showing he received more than $12 million, money partially intended to influence u.s. policy decisions from the ousted pro russian government in ukraine. >> the trump campaign, others in the campaign, feeling that he >> reporter: the departure two days of trump added two top level staff members to his team, stephen bannon and pollster kellyanne conway. trump is possibly showing a new strategy, taking a softer approach during a rally thursday in charlotte. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't
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say the wrong thing. i have done that. >> reporter: with the clock ticking, 81 days before the election, political insiders say it could be the only choice. >> she said donald trump is the underdog. you have to embrace your role if you're going to change it. >> reporter: and hillary clinton today saying she's called louisiana governor john edwards to talk about the relief effo is welcome, but only if it's not just for a photo op. he has said he'd prefer president obama didn't visit until next week because of the logistics involved in a presidential visit. steve: interesting. thank you. the latest pew research poll shows hillary clinton over donald trump. there is a large gender gap. clinton leads by 20 percent with
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are white. clintons numbers are evenly balanced along racial lines. alison: a new twist in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. a new report says clinton told the fbi that former secretary of state colin powell advised her to use her personal e-mail server. powell says he sent a memo to clinton about his use of a personal e-mail for nonclassified information. he says all other communications were done through official state department servers. steve: donald trump released the first general election tv ad. it will rebuild his support in battleground areas. joe will take a look at the impact of political advertising at 5:40. alison: an update on the civil war in syria. the ambassador to the u.n. says russia must support cease-fire to let humanitarian aid in aleppo. dozens have been killed in the past two weeks. the u.n. says more than 250,000 people have died in the nearly
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steve: the fdny says children playing with matches triggered the massive alarm on staten island that damaged several homes and injured two dozen people. two boys ages six and eight set papers on fire and through them on the porch. the fire quickly spread to two adjacent homes while damaging four others. 23 people were hurt, including 20 firefighters. more than 40 people now left homeless. they're being helped cr cross. alison: on the 25th anniversary of the crown heights service, a memorial prayer service for one of the victims. in 1991, riots erupted in crown heights after a rabbi's motorcade hit and killed a seven years. then a few hours later he was stabbed to death. tensions between african-americans and jews did not start the violence.
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intellectual dishonesty. it was a bunch of anti-semites. >> the past 25 years show how people can live, work and prosper together. steve: a college student facing murder charges in a bizarre face biting attack in florida, the 19-year-old student being charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the stabbing north palm beach monday night. he's charged with attempted murder of a neighbor who tried to intervene. when police arrived, he was biting one of the victims faces and officers had to pull the teen off the victim. alison: a wildfire causing big problems in parts of southern california for a fourth straight day. the fire is threatening mountain homes 60 miles east of los angeles. right now it's only 26 percent contained with more than a thousand firefighters working on
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homes. steve: nypd divers posing proudly for these pictures with a dog they rescued from graves end bay in brooklyn. the german shepherd was struggling earlier today. they dove in and saved him. steve: ryan lochte finally fessed up. alison: how he's apologizing for lying. steve: and a beetle invasion. how the from the inside out. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord?
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steve: a tiny parasite positive he ises a big threat to trees on long island. alison: where the killer beetles came from. >> the asian longhorn beetle is back on the damage, holes like these as they eat and kill trees from the inside out. >> the most recent infestation is around here. >> reporter: matthew rofp with the department of agriculture says they're black and white with blue feet and an inch leg. females lay eggs and they burrow an exit hole and fly away.
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>> the beetle was spotted on long island in the '90s. they were brought in through packing wood. ray lives in lindenhurst and lost one of his trees. >> it was a matter of two years. after the first year, you notice the different in the tree. the second year the leaves were gone. >> the beetle has destroyed more than 23,000 trees in new york state. august is said to be tree check warm weather. >> there's multiple insects in the tree. it could kill it within a year. >> this certified arborist says tree removal has prevented a larger infestation. >> it can work up into vermont and new hampshire and it could decimate the entire maple sugar industry. >> the beetle isn't a strong flier but moving wood can move the beetle to other areas. >> once the trees are identified
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longhorn beetle infested, the trees are cut down, chipped on site and sent to the incinerator. >> report sightings to the department of agriculture. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. alison: two new reasons to pay a visit to the bronx zoo. a pair of california sea lion pups made their debut. one is a male. they're not sure about the other yet. neither has a name. they have different mothers but the same dad. and playful. steve: we're at the point in the heat wave thing, i can't remember was today more comfortable? less? alison: today was good. i had to think. today was good. steve: is that the deal? honestly -- nick: today was less comfortable than yesterday. the humidity is higher. we'll have a consolation prize for you. thanks for playing. it was a warmer and more humid day. we climbed into the upper 80s. the last two days we've been in
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today the dew point is up and you can feel it if you step outside. it's going to stay humid through the weekend. 83, 68 the average. record high 94 was 2002. in 1924 it was as cool as 55. right now, 86. dew point mid 60s. we're in the uncomfortable level with the humidity at 48 percent and east winds and clouds. pressure 29.99 and steady. there have been one or two isolated showers in the area th a not much left on fox 5 sky guardian. this is a bit of false return. these are bugs across central new jersey. those are showers offshore. i don't expect any issue as we go through the evening and not through tomorrow. sunday afternoon into sunday night, that's going to be our trouble time with an approaching cold front coming our way. 88 belmar to the city. again, even warm right to the shore today. good beach day. 87 poughkeepsie. 84 at sussex. mid 80s on long island.
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current temperatures are there still. 82 at bridgeport. 79 on the east end. back to 86 in the hudson valley. 86 at newark. allentown, 87. and still mid 80s down towards belmar. dew points have touched the 65 to 70 degree mark. a dew point of 70 at islip. that's pretty uncomfortable. monticello has escaped this for the moment. their dew point at 55. not as uncomfortable as far as humidity is concer wind is all over the place. going to continue out of the east tonight and the wind will be more east to southeasterly tomorrow. you can see on the radar movie loop, a couple of showers in southern connecticut. that will go away. we see clouds from time to time tonight as we go through the forecast. the humidity will stay a bit uncomfortable. showers and storms continue to the south. these aren't the ones we're worried about.
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sunday afternoon into sunday night with locally heavy rainfall coming with the storms. tomorrow, sun, clouds. 70s out the door. 81 at lunchtime. 86 tomorrow afternoon. some clouds may build up, but the odds of a shower a low tomorrow. there's futurecast. we'll find the front approaching from the west for sunday. a bit of sunshine in the morning. then the showers and storms really get going as we head into the mid-afternoon and beyond. they'll take us into sunday night as we. as planning your evening nighttime plans on sunday. next week we'll be setting up for nice weather. clouds tonight, mild and humid and down to 74 in the city. 60s off to the north and west. lower 60s in the northern cooler valleys. suns and clouds tomorrow. 86 will be the high. slightly cooler at the shore. looking for low 80s at the shore tomorrow. and on the seven day, a humid day sunday with 85 degrees for
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thunderstorm threat is real. some could be nasty. then we've got a great stretch of weather. look how comfortable it gets. monday, tuesday, 64. that will feel nice. 84 wednesday. warms up by the end of next week. alison: maybe it will feel nice and we'll remember. nick: i hope so. steve: that will puncture us. we'll remember for sure. these drops. nick: there's medication for that. steve: looking into it. no more endless anticipation for frank ocean fans ? ? steve: apple music dropped the latest project. they tweeted a link to the music video endless by the grammy award winner. the 45 minute visual album is available to subscribers of the music streaming service. this is ocean's first album in four years. alison: a week before kicking off his north american tour, kanye west opened 21 pablo pop-up shops around the world,
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around the block. at 6:00, baruch shemtov will be live from the pop-up store with yeezy fans who waited hours to buy clothes. steve: a remake of ben hur will hit theatres this weekend. it will be hard to match the original which won 11 academy awards in 1959. the blockbuster has gotten poor reviews with many saying it will be a bomb. the produce behind the mini series "the bible." they believe it will successful. >> 50 years is -- >> i think the stories, they have the ability to stand the test of time. people don't change that drastically. >> should have stayed away. steve: despite the confidence, early projections show the film barely grossed $15 million the opening weekend. alison: it's tough taking on
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unfortunately. alison: still to come, a puzzling race against time. steve: the new attraction is literally a breakout hit. alison: one of the top schools of the performing arts made famous in the movie fame but is
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alison: escape room is a fun thing to do if you're looking for adventure. steve: there's a new one that takes it to the next level. simone is here to tell us about it after checking it out. this is not the first time you've done this. >> yeah. the cool thing is there are multiple rooms. it's not escape one room. you have to get from one room to another. perfect post or pre-dinner activity in the city. they immerse participants in a surreal mysterious world inspired by one through the after life. i endured the test and we talked about this puzzling cinematic attra attraction. >> the moment you arrive at the undisclosed location, you have no idea what's happening. everyone gets a clue before you get started. i'm not sure what to make of this. when asked why are you here, say
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beatrice. >> you have 52 minutes. >> we don't like to give too much away. we do liken it to being in a james bond movie. >> reporter: we have to get out of the room. found something. okay. we've got a letter. found something. all right, guys. this is crazy. >> the experience takes about an hour from the time you get and the time you leave. not everybody gets out. >> reporter: okay. there's a lot to look for in here. probably not supposed to do
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okay. where does the key go? [inaudible] >> we have about 30 percent success rate of people that are actually solving all the puz puzzles. >> whoo! >> reporter: well, as you can see, i'm proud to report we did make it through there. my teammates did a lot of the work while i was working. tickets start it's open wednesday through sun. it's pretty affordable. i'm always looking for something new and out of the box to do on the weekends. 40 bucks, the night is taken care of. alison: looks hard. was really challenging. >> reporter: it was. it made you think. it makes you get honest about yourself surprisingly. steve: i hate that. i don't want to do it. >> reporter: pretty psychological. steve: cool. thank you. >> it's been weird but the u.s.
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coming to an end. alison: the apology and what it means. steve: and twitter is cutting off extremists hoping to recruit through social media. coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'.
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for lying about being robbed in rio. alison: sharon crowley joins us to tell us how he came clean and the punishment they'll face. >> came clean on social media. he says he is sorry and he hopes to put a rest to an international controversy that frankly he started and has dominated headlines instead of the athletes' accomplishments. gold medallist olympic swimmer ryan lochte posted an apology on social media for his behavior while in brazil olympians were robbed while returning to the america village after a party. >> a guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it, put it to my forehead and said get down. i was like -- i put my hands up. i was like whatever. he took our money, my wallet. >> reporter: authorities investigated and surveillance video they say showed the story was a lie. lochte and his teammates were actually vandalizing a gas
5:30 pm
intoxicated and were confronted by armed security guards before paying for damages and leaving. >> there was no robbery in the way that it was reported by the athletes. >> reporter: today lochte posted, quote, i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning and for my role in taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling their dreams of participating in the olympics. bentz returned to the u.s. after being pulled off a plane in brazil to be questioned by authorities. they were not charged. swimmer james feigen's lawyer reached an agreement which will avoid criminal prosecution. >> brazilian law disease in -- concedes reaching an agreement. he will donate $10,000 to an
5:31 pm
rsolved. >> officials don't believe the incident will mar the history of the games. >> i think the brazilian population, we will accept his apology and we want to put the matter to an end. i don't think despite the movement of the last couple of days, i don't see this as being a fact that will mar the games. >> reporter: olympic officials have people for the distraction caused by the u.s. athletes. lochte and the other swimmers could face sanctions from u.s. swimming. the group as well as officials pub publicly express disappointment. i'm glad it's over. steve: i think so, too. alison: thank you. former met darrel strawberry is
5:32 pm
celebration of the '96 world series has struggled with addiction. strawberry, who has overcome addictions, said this: >> i know addiction and my fear is people that doesn't change, don't change, they die. they die this way. and i just hope -- i hope the light comes on soon before it's too la. his reps said i wasn't coming but didn't say why. steve: twitter has taken down hundreds of thousands of accounts thought to have ties to extremists. alison: linda schmidt tells us about the steps twitter is taking to hunt down suspected terrorists. >> reporter: twitter is answering the government's call to crack down on terrorism. since june of last year, the social media site has suspended 360,000 accounts for promoting terrorism.
5:33 pm
henry casey is with tom's guide and laptop magazine. >> the scary thing is that's probably not the complete number of all people that are nefarious, let's say, on twitter. but it shows that they're casting a big net. >> reporter: isis and isis supporters are fluid on social media, which has become a recruitment tool. twitter had been criticized for not doing enough to prevent users from promoting terrorism. in the past year, the world has been terrorist attacks, including older -- orlando, france and germany. >> it realizes it needs to be responsible. the company hasn't had great things happen. their numbers aren't good about active users. if they can get good pr and do some good, that's a net win for them. >> reporter: twitter has been adding new tools to help detect suspicious accounts. it is hiring people who are fluent in different languages
5:34 pm
made progress in disrupting the ability of those suspended to immediately return to the platform. however, there isn't any foolproof method that they can flag every account that promotes terrorist activity. >> anybody can generate a code. everybody has a sheet of paper with a translation guide. two people could be talking about britney spears and miley cyrus. who about? >> reporter: it was also earlier this year that senior national security officials met with senior executives from tech companies to talk about ways to use technology to disrupt the terrorists' ability to be able to talk to one another on social media. back to you. alison: all right. thanks so much. eddie bauer the latest retailer to get hacked saying malware turned up in their point of sale
5:35 pm
they're offering free identity protection to customers who made purchases during that time. steve: alumni at laguardia high school fear new state education standards are forcing them to put academics before talent. the upper west side high school is the premier school for the arts and the story told in the classic early '80s movie fame. artistic talents. > our goal is for the artistic aspects of the education at laguardia to be as important as the academics. steve: since the arrival of the principal, laguardia's admission process has been altered in favor of academic scores. alison: two neglected parks in manhattan getting the attention they need. city officials broke ground at the playground on east broadway
5:36 pm
streets. for the first time in 20 years. these are the first parks to be fixed up. steve: thinking about spending a night at the waldorf? don't wait too long. a spokesperson says it will stop taking reservations at the end of february of next year and final checkout will be march 1st. earlier this summer, the waldorf's owner announced plans to convert 1,000 rooms into luxury condos. the renovations will take alison: an about face from donald trump after spending no money at all on political ads. steve: trump's strategy in his first wave of spots and a look back at some of the most memorable ads. alison: the endless search for work-life balance. what happens when men are the bread-winners. steve: first here's tonight's new york minute. broadway came to the bronx
5:37 pm
organized by the mayor's office to expose more people to what broadway has to offer. >> it's about access and using local parks where people are congregating as well as those we've invited as well as broadway fans to come and be together and have access to talking with the cast members. it's very much interactive and engag engaging. >> nice. >> reporter: a dozen ninth graders ventured into the woods for team building. the goal, to get these roosevelt students out of the comfort zones and learn to see the world differently. >> these kids are outside of their homes, outside of their comfort zones and they've come out here to the wilderness and they're experiencing something they've never experienced before. steve: that's your new york
5:38 pm
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5:40 pm
alison: after months on the campaign trail, donald trump finally stopping his advertising black out. steve: joe is here with a look at the potential impact of the ads. >> presidential campaign ads are a necessary evil we have to deal with every four years. up until this point in the general election, the trump campaign hasn't spent a single
5:41 pm
bragging why about he didn't need them. that's changed. donald trump is taking to the air waves. for the first time in the general election, the republican nominee is airing a contrast ad against hillary clinton in four swing states. >> change that makes america safe again. donald trump for president. >> i'm donald trump and i approved this message. >> reporter: up until this point, critics charged team trump of running an unserious campaign after being outspent by clinton on ads $61 million t >> i don't remember. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. >> reporter: the billionaire has doubted effectiveness of political ads, saying his giant social media presence and news media coverage are enough. >> it can make the difference not with most voters, but with a thin slice of voters who are genuinely undecided. and look at a situation like 2 thousand -- 2000 in florida.
5:42 pm
presidency. >> reporter: political ads are a mainstay every election cycle. they can have a huge impact. there's the willie horton add that cost dukakis the election. and 1964's daisy ad run by johnson against goldwater that featured a young girl picking daisy petals followed by a countdown and a nuclear explosion. >> we must either love each other or november 3rd. the stakes are too high for you to stay home. >> it never mentioned barry goldwater by name but it implied that the republican standard bearer was trigger happy with nuclear weapons. it only aired once, but it galvanized people's fears about goldwater. >> reporter: as the assault gets underway, the republican nominee helping the commercials can help him close the gap against hillary clinton.
5:43 pm
ads. the campaign says the one we showed you and more will be airing over 10 days in four swing states. this ad release cements a strong week for them and they're hoping this plus the staff shakeup gets things back on track. steve: interesting. thank you. well, challenging gender stereotypes when it comes to bringing home the bacon. alison: how many women react differently to providing for their families. steve: and debunking an old myth. why cracking your knuckles may be good this is good for me.
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steve: in fox 5 health news, the cdc confirms several cases of local zika transmission in miami beach. alison: joining us, dr. devi. thank you so much for joining us. it seems like almost every day we hear something new and >> the spread in south beach is concerning. the difference is we knew there was zika in florida and in new york. but we didn't know about the local spread within south beach. the way they found that is they tested people who should test negative for zika, who haven't traveled to latin american areas where it's spreading, who haven't had sex with someone that traveled there. those folks are testing positive and now the cdc is warning people to stay away.
5:47 pm
becoming pregnant or trying should be careful. steve: it gets further and further in our direction. >> exactly. they are expecting cases to spread in other areas, maybe because of the mosquitos traveling with the weather patterns. for people at home right now, let's say you're in new york. i don't think you need to worry. if you have traveled to south beach since july 15th, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. if you're pregnant, it's better to get tested for zika or talk to the docto if you're not pregnant but thinking about getting pregnant, then, you know, talk to the doctor. you may want to wait eight weeks if there's a good chance that you've been infected with zika. it's thought that in a woman's body, the zika may stay around for eight weeks whereas for a man, it can stay in the body for six months. so let's say that you're pregnant but your partner traveled to south beach and got bitten by mosquitos and developed symptoms of zika, like
5:48 pm
months. steve: a lot to keep in mind. alison: it's a lot to think about. should you be scared about going there, not making plans to go to south beach? >> if you're not pregnant or making plans, it's safe to go. and on a positive note, there's some progress being made on the zika front. they figured out which cells carry zika across the placenta, which is a big deal. they can develop drugs to target the cells without damaging other the fetus. and there's progress on the vaccine front as well. alison: the next one is a big one for us. we do this. can cracking your knuckles be good for you? it feels like a relief. steve: i've done it since elementary school. everybody is like stop it. >> i do it, too. i think it's fascinating. patients ask me about this all the time, especially being in pain management or sports
5:49 pm
this is funny. radiologistists want to find out what causes you to make that sound when you crack your knuckles. they used ultrasound to look at the knuckles while people are doing it. it's like shaking a soda bottle. there are gas in the fluids that lubricate the joint and the gasses form bubbles when you do the cracking motion. the smaller bubbles form a bigger bubble. they pop and that's what cau it doesn't cause any damage. it might make you feel more flexible at the time. it doesn't seem -- steve: my mom was you're going to give yourself arthritis. knock it off. >> there's no evidence of that. in older studies, they found it is protective. maybe you might get more flexible. until now, nobody knew what was causing it. radiologists looked on the screen from a different perspective. steve: a dirty habit.
5:50 pm
steve: good news. i can't stop if i wanted to. dr. devi, thank you. >> weather-wise, nick, the humidity went back up. nick: so did the temperature. we're in the high 80s, 90 in philly. it was 88 in the city. 88 -- 86 at williamsport. mid 80s to albany. 81 for boston. 91 in washington, d.c. it will stay warm and humid through the weekend. it will be middle to upper 80s. cooler at the shore. tomorrow will be the better of the forecast for the shore points and mountains in a second. nothing of concern on fox 5 sky guardian. that might be bugs or birds going on. you can see scattered isolated storms offshore. no big issues tonight. just patchy clouds that will be around. the showers and storms are off to the west and none will threaten the region until sunday afternoon. 86 now in the city. the same coming in from poughkeepsie and newark. 84 at the jersey shore.
5:51 pm
towards bridgeport. 79 in montauk. pretty typical august afternoon, early evening. nice to take it outside for the friday evening plans that you may have. winds variable. mostly east to southeasterly. it will be an east to southeast wind as we head into tomorrow. scattered afternoon showers and storms doing their thing across the southeastern states. no surprise there. this is the next weather front coming our way, a cold front. notice the disturbance moving along it. that's the front tt here sunday threatening the area with thunderstorms into sunday night. some of the storms could be strong. after the front passes, we'll set up with nice weather early next week. humidity drops and temperature gets more comfortable, something you'll like. look at tomorrow's high. you can see where the front is. 80s for the city. mid to upper 80s. 89 atlanta. chicago, 79. 68 in minneapolis. mid 60s kansas city back to denver tomorrow. 90 to the gulf coast. 102 in phoenix tomorrow.
5:52 pm
the west coast. seattle, another hot one tomorrow. they're in the 90s today. 95 tomorrow. here's your futurecast. some clouds around tonight. no big deal. some clouds tomorrow. and there's a smattering of showers on the computer model like yesterday. i don't think we'll see that much. sunday, different story. look what's coming from the west. showers and storms will slide in across the area and may produce local heavy rainfall, particularly late afternoon into the evening. that's reflected at the jersey shore. 82 there tomorrow. 85 sunday. the storms will mid to late afternoon and longer for long island. a nice beach day for each use. connecticut, same day. 83 for the shore. afternoon showers and storms sunday and 82. poconos, 80 tomorrow. storms sunday afternoon at 79. same at the catskills. 81 there. 78 on sunday. afternoon storms.
5:53 pm
two to three foot seas. water 73 to 75. uvi an 8. watch out for rip currents. 74 in the city tonight. it's 60s in the cooler suburbs north and west but humid. 86 tomorrow with sun and clouds. afternoon and nighttime showers and storms sunday. some could be nasty. then look at this. monday, tuesday, wednesday, more comfortable days. low 80s. 60s at night in the city. 86 on thursday and 88 on steve: two american astronauts ventured out in space today. the gateway was delivered by the spacex spacecraft. this is the second docking ring to be installed. the first was destroyed in a spacex launch accident last summer. another spacewalk is scheduled for early september. for men, being the sole bread winner isn't all it's cracked up to be. there's a new study that makes a
5:54 pm
men strive to be the bread winner in the family. >> men are expected to be bread winners. women are not. >> reporter: according to new research from the university of connecticut, when men make more money than their spouses, their self-recorded psychological well-being and health go down while their anxiety goes up. >> what does it mean? it's individual. for some it means a certain amount of money. not just money. a certain amount. if you're not leading up to that, you're not anxiety. >> reporter: dr. cooper-lawrence explains the research profiled 3,000 men, many expressing a certain sense of uncontrollable pressure knowing the family's livelihood weighs on their shoulder. >> when you talk about anxiety, it's something that men will experience and internalize and they'll use it to fuel them and work harder and work more. that only adds to more anxiety. >> reporter: in a role reverse situation, women react
5:55 pm
anxious, will turn to other women and talk it out. >> reporter: according to the research, in 1967, 49 percent of married mothers were stay at home wives. that has dropped to 20 percent today. >> i'm sure there's more anxiety and it can cause less happiness and a lot of problems. if men are unhappy, they'll be unhappy in the household >> reporter: what should you do? >> depressed and anxious. men don't like to admit that. the minute you do and talk about it, you feel better because you open up and share with your partner. steve: very interesting. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. here's alison morris with what's coming up at 6:00. alison: thanks, steve. we're coming right back to wrap up our international food week with a trip to the bronx and a taste of everything from italy to latin america. and we see what kanye west's
5:56 pm
meet a man who turned his life around through boxing.
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5:59 pm
dan bowens has more on what's going on today. >> reporter: we're talking about paul manafort. his resignation is not unexpected after big changes to the campaign earlier this week. it came hours after a new scathing report from the associated press. that report showed the now former trump advisor has ties to the ukraine and a pro-russian government that may be deeper than initially suspected. controversial campaign chairman paul manafort is out, handing in his resignation to donald trump after reports of secret documents showing man fort received more than 12 million dollars, money intended to influence u.s. policy decisions from the ousted pro-russian government in ukraine. >> i think my father didn't want to be distracted by whatever things paul was dealing with. >> reporter: he took over the campaign in june, tasked with helping the gop nominee pivot toward the general election.
6:00 pm
personality, which took a toll on his numbers. the new york billionaire taking a break from the campaign trail, touring louisiana today. he also appears to be taking a softer tone, even expressing regret over his controversial remarks at a recent rally. >> he can't go back and forth. he wobbles a bit in terms of the image he's projecting. but i thought that was a good thing to say. and it's a good pivot if he sticks to >> reporter: rival hillary clinton isn't buying it, saying a recent apology from trump is a well written phrase until he tells us which of his many offensive, bullying and divisive comments he regrets and changes his tune altogether. the democratic nominee looking to do damage control after reports the clinton foundation may have accepted foreign donations from other countries during her time as secretary of state. >> the majority of them don't trust her.


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