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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> it was my fault, i take full responsibility. christina: ryan lochte
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he is not in the clear just yet, more punishment could be on the way for him and his teammates, that is our top story tonight. antwan: storms are moving through the area. christina: audrey puente is here to tell us how long the rain will last. audrey: we have a lot of downpours across the tri-state area, much of the activity in maryland and southern new jersey. we'll see ifha south makes it to the coastline. elsewhere we have downpours in northern portions of new jersey. and up to hudson valley. it is hitting pretty hard today rockland that is moving eastward. light rainfall is found around the city, it is steady. this is all moving eastward,
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next couple of hours, the heaviest rainfall should be over around 8:00. we have a cold front working through. the second front will bring in drier air, you will feel the difference into tomorrow. we're muggy across our region, tonight's lows, we'll drop to 60s in the cities and 50s in suburbs. christina: we heard ryan lochte apologize but the full story is coming together. antwan: tina is here to break it down. this is a mess. reporter: it is, ryan lochte has been making his rounds on his apology tour. in a new interview with
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responsibility. >> something i did. i ripped this poster off the wall that is my fall. reporter: u.s. olympic swimmer, ryan lochte said, when he vandalized a gas station in a security guard pulled up a gun, demanding in a pay. >> you could extortioner pay damage for the poster, i can't say what it was, all i know is we were frightened. reporter: why did lochte make up such a story with fabricated details. >> i over exage vated the -- over exaggerated the story it was my -- >> why? >> i don't know, i just want the people of brazil to know how sorry i am, i am embarrassed for
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country. reporter: u.s. olympic committee ceo scott black man said that ryan lochte and the swimmers will face disciplinary action. black man said that the group quote, let down our athletes they let down americans, he lied. the story took over. but a lot of wonderful things happened in olympics today. antwan: police are looking for the killer of a 61-year-old shot dead in harlem. christina: zachary kiesch is live with details. reporter: or name is odessa simms, her death is a blow to this harlem community, the message, enough is enough, too many senseless deaths due to gun violence. people are hanging out here, much in the same way, they were last night.
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she was observing the game over my shoulder. we heard two shots. her blood splattered on my back. she just went to the ground. reporter: this is odessa simms, the mother of 5, she was 62, she was a beloved member of this harlem community, saturday she did what was usual. >> something have to, in our own community, fear sitting out on a bench, playing cards or checkers or chess so on a nice summer night, we have to worry about young people playing with guns. reporter: lead by community leader and other antiviolent advocates, and faith based leaders they met here this afternoon. there were a number of shootings
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odessa simms. we had two young people shot on 141th street, and shotted fired in 139th street, and shotted fired in the savoie. for safety. reporter: people here last night describe a situation that included a lot of young people, with very little supervision, activists look to each other and the community for >> when the police come out, and shoot someone of us, it is thousand of us, now we're killing each other, come on now community, let's stop this violence, enough is enough. >> enough is enough. reporter: enough is enough, they say, they are not afraid to look at themselves, point at system themes for -- at themselves for answer, they are looking to the
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politician to pass some gun legislation. for now zachary kiesch, live in harlem. christina: thank you. antwan: a tragic accident on high on hits close to home are three people killed and 8 others injured in a crash, suffolk count police say 9:30 this morning, a subaru outback going east hit t median, airborne. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. christina: one of the men killed in the crash was a former aide to governor cuomo, he expressed hhis condolences. antwan: turkish officials say that the suicide bomber who attack a kurdish wedding
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years old. turkish news reports say that the bride and groom were injured. but not critically. early indicationi suggest that isis was behind this attack. christina: on the road to the white house, donald trump's third campaign manager hit the sunday talk show circuit. antwan: kellyann conway talking about a variety of issues, saying not decided whether to support t --undocumented immigrants in the u.s. >> he does not know -- he just this week look at what he talked about, he is bringing the case to communities of color in michigan, he is speaking to americans as he does, that he is challenging the democratic party. christina: the clinton campaign sticking to the script, and
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dollars to the bank of china, run by at chinese state. >> i think we need to evaluate boboth candidates, what is important to know that secretary clinton did you not draw salary from the foundation. christina: clinton is leading trump by 8% national crown heights rights -- riots separated a community. reporter: city leaders and members came together on 25 anniversary of the riots that ttore the neighborhood approve. they came together to make a pledge to make it better for future generations.
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track for what looked like any summer afternoon neighborhood festival, here in this park, orthodox jewish, and african-american, kids played together without the slightest sense of tension in the area. >> this is all about the kids now, it wonderful to see, joins and loving the lovely day. reporter: community leaders, officials and residents talked about how much it had changed for the better. including caramel cato. >> you like the legacy of your son to be?
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that's all. i appreciate all the good things all the different people are doing. you know, it's a great thing. reporter: gavin cato's death was follow a few hours later by the murder of h. >> student. now many here including cato and the rosenbaum family members have resources to putting if it in te past. >> day after day, i have friendly experiences, positive experiences. reporter: a lot people under the age of 25 are barely, wear of the tensions of the past, they
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forward, "fox 5 news." christina: those. antwan: we'll tell you what a new stew says about intelligence level of people who post them. christina: how this bag of new york city garbage wound up in a dorm room almost half way around the country, a great story
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internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. christina: a bag of new york
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room, in new jersey. she was staying in manhattan, right before drive back-to-school her mom got her, and they packed up her stuff, in garbage bags. >> i bring them all down, my mom is loading them, i'm half way down the block, she said, is this yours too, being a bratty college student, obviously, do you see any other garbage bags around, she throws it in. christina: they knew something during the road trip, they just didn't know it of garbage until they get to indiana and unpackedded it there. the story went viewer all this weekend -- viral this weekend after getting picked up by a news web site. antwan: we have those friends on our social media pages that post inspirational pages, the results are not flattering. reporter: we know people that
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a study conducted by researchers. refers to seemingly endless stream of motivation, and enlightenment, posted to social media. >> i am guilty, i am one of those people. >> if it since spiring to -- it is inspiring to them, it does not mean they >> you can quote old artists and authors, they were main quotes that were used. i don't know that is true. reporter: study found people who could not recognize quotes categorized as nonsense issue despite how meaningful they appear to be have a lower iquks. iq . >> probably the case that do not
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back and reflect. >> they must not have a strong opinion on them, maybe they are not spending a lot of time thinking about it. >> i don't post them all of the time, i guess i'm okay. reporter: you are safe. key the psychologist is not convinced. convince. that about the iq . >> i don't have a lower iq, so i don't believe? reporter: perhaps it as deepak chopra once said -- nothing is more real. see what i did there. baruch shemtov. "fox 5 news." antwan: wait a minute, now, i don't -- christina: what do you think? antwan: i don't post them, i
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aal -- inner inspirational stor. >> sounds like the people who did this study are not that fun to begin with. rain? we have it. audrey: across the tri-state area, nothing severe, but be aware if you are several hours across the tri-state area you could ebben counter from down -- encounter some downpours. we are slightly above average for this time of year in central park, we'll be closer and below across parts of the tri-state area tomorrow, it was the warm and muggy today with highs in 80s downs shore in belmar, 81 toward montauk point.
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muggy 83 islip. dry in month take, you are 77, new york experiencing rain. and city in sussex, and 70s out to monticello, still mugging with dewpoints into the 70ss issue but these will take a big drop overnight tonight. right now it is about rainfall, coming down steadily across northwestern new jersey, to eastward, lie lie you are getting into rain over next couple of hours. we have an area of low pressure sitting to the northwest, a cold front associated with it, but it really a start of a prefrontal trough that one that we're watching that will bring in drier air across the region overnight. look at we can experience. dry across the mid second of the
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for majority of the week. tonight it will be about rain for the first half of the night, tonight later drying weather, temperatures will drop to 50s north and west will be in 60s in city, tomorrow, sunshine. much drier, much more comfort comfortable, we'll have a gusty wind but it will be in 70s, lower humidity, it will make a big difre tri-state area, more of the same tuesday, gorgeous right new wednesday, thursday, a few more cloud, staying dry. actually thursday night we have we have out a -- squeeze out a shower, it is going to feel nice and dry. christina: all right. thank you. audrey: enjoy it.
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tina: yankees trying to complete
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to deep center field but else ey makes an amazing leap. but the angels beat yankees 2-0. >> real olympic games re almost complete, the closing ceremony is tonight, there are gold medals around the necks of basketball team. history belongs to carmelo anthony. new york knicks star wins a record third gold medal for men's basketball to go with bronze. he is most decorated male in olympic basketball history. he said this is his last olympic
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tonight, on "sports extra," i have great guests. antwan: we'll see. thank you, t . >> thank you. antwan: still to come, pokemon masters all over the globe, running to the rest coast. plan -- west coast. and jan can upload 120 photos. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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hi guys! got the birthday girl a drum set. drum set? oh you guys must have time warner cable. this is gonna be some party. yeah, their free home wifi lets us connect all our devices at the same time. and there's no data cap, so... the kids must love that, huh?! tarted! get more with time warner cable internet. like unlimited data and speeds up to ultra-fast 300 megs. uploading! honey, i'm goin viral! call now. get 50 megs for $39.99 a month. call now. christina: gotta, gotta, gotta
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competing in 2016 world pokemon championship in san francisco. >> competition was invite only, 6 winners the receive $500,000 worth of prizes that include schscholarships and travel. >> i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park with audrey puente and tina servante we'll see you back here
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>> supergranny. run over by her own car. can you believe she got right back up? >> it is nothing short of a miracle. >> then, to the rescue. what is inside the car that is making him so desperate break in? plus, the boy who swallowed a doggy toy. >> you can see how easy it is for a kid to swallow. >> then ... >> get over here! >> the hero mom who dragged her son off the streets during the baltimore riots. wait until you see what just happened to her. and ... >> don't mess with this kitty.


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