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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  February 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back, happy ground hog day. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> amy: i'm john brown, here's a look at what is coming up on today's 9 o'clock show. first up surprises in iowa. ted cruz wins over republican
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democrats now have a winner vote. and doing coin flips. can you believe they do that to determine winners? >> amy: and, the super bowl, too. and children standing in school instead of sitting. the fox medical team will weigh in on the new trend and then... >> an early spring is forecast. >> john: a big deal up north, the ground hog makes the annual prediction, winter is almost over, he says. okay. but we have our own version of it here in central florida. we have ground dog day! a dachshund that will be here and he'll tell us how much more of the horrible chilly weather we'll be expecting here. >> amy: the poor dog has no idea what he's about to get himself into. but he'll get treats. >> john: wait until you see how we decide the forecast. jayme king and you will be part of this. >> jayme: can't wait. good television. accu-weather.
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we hope. a fog advisory until 10:00 a.m., everybody in the fox 35 viewing area, all the way into the bottom of the state, toward far south florida. we continue with dense found ground fog and the map is red, i'm over the fog! we should get better, about the next hour or hour-and-a-half. and temps are looking okay. warm down south and decent here with 60s and pockets of 50s as you go to north central florida. here's the day ahead, sun and clouds, isolated p.m. shower risk, ten or 20%, not much higher. our next storm system drawing closer, near to central florida. big doings in the rain department for us, as we get toward thursday, rain chances 70%, more in my full forecast coming up in 10 minutes. over to you. >> amy: thank you, you decide 2016, a big surprise in iowa for republicans with ted cruz coming out on top. >> john: after a long night,
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sanders it appears hillary clinton as he merged as the winner for the democrats. and ryan has more. coin flips? >> six precincts, had a coin flip to switch which way voters would go, hard to believe that is the way things are done there. no way bernie sanders could winner, what hillary clinton's camp says and his campaign says he'll challenge the result and the state delegate equivalents and, bernie sanders, almost a wash here and clinton, once full ahead by more than 40 points and this result a huge win for bernie sanders and candidates thanking iowa voters for what they perceive as a successful nightful.
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message to the political establishment. to the economic establishment, and, by the way, to the media establishment. [cheers and applause]. >> it is rare, it is rar that we have the opportunity we do now. to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for, and what we want the future of our country to look like if we do our part to build it. i am a progressive. we'll get things done. >> ryan: martin o'malley cancelling and dropped out of the race last night and the republican side, a bit of a surprise. not one poll had ted cruz winning and he bet donald trump and the billionaire and g.o.p. front-runner. and marco rubio showed up big and came in third, one trump.
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here's reaction from the candidates. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa. and all across this great nation. >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i am just honored. really honored. and i want to congratulate ted. >> the people of this great state sent a very clear message, after 7 years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. marco rubio, was third in a number of the states coming up and interesting to see how it changes the momentum. mike huckabee dropped out of the race, and won iowa 8 years ago last night and dropped out and former florida governor jeb bush came in 6th behind rand paul and if you think he's done, bush is 4th in new hampshire and 4th in south carolina and polling double digits in both states. not a good night in iowa. >> amy: the candidates are very
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>> john: let's talk to an associate producer, monitoring your tweets all morning long to see what the candidates are saying. >> it has been busy, busy since iowa last night. look here you can see ted cruz tweeted a couple moments ago and he says thank you, iowa, this is our time. and his supporter are tweeting, retweeting back and you can see dana and chelsea retweeted what he said. congratulating him. >> john: and they pointed out with ted cruz, he was active on grassroots and also using social media and you see somebody like this who controls social media. >> he uses social media to his advantage, this entire campaign time. but, donald trump, he's usually active, has been quiet and has not tweeted the last 13 hours. >> john: and he tweeted about everything. >> oh, yeah. from beginning to last night he was really active. i'm really surprised. hillary clinton as well, she has
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i'm surprised by that. >> john: and she tweeted in spanish. >> she's going bilingual. which is impressive to me. but, if you go over to jeb bush he's active as well. tweeting less than an hour ago and, if you look here 45 minutes ago, he'll be on "fox and friends." if you want to tune into that you can hear him, hear what he says about iowa last night. >> john: tweet and do the #fox 35 or #gdo. over to amy, thanks, keep it here. for your complete coverage of election 2016. brevard county this morning, grief counselors on hand at rockledge high school after a teacher was killed. 54-year-old sandra cook was killed in what melbourne police are calling a murder-suicide. dana jay has more on the story. >> reporter: the principal called sandra cook one of the finest people ever to walk the
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conversations we had yesterday, it will be another tough day for both students and staff. sandra cook, 54 years old, the long time employee here in the brevard county school system. she had been at rockledge since 2013. and taught math and led the gifted program here. we spoke to a student who told us she touched a lot of people and the news yesterday as you would expect was sad and shocking. >> she was a great teacher, always cared about her students and put her students first and made sure they were okay. and were in a great environment to learn. >> reporter: cook and her estranged husband, ricky wayne cook, were found dead yesterday in a home on chapperel drive in melbourne, police don't believe anyone else was involved in their deaths. grief counselors on hand for student and the school district is encouraging parents to give them or the high school a call if you think your kids need to spend time with the counselors.
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jay, fox 35 news. >> john: in lake county daycare workers now behind bars accused of beating a child. >> amy: we have learned it isn't the first time she has been in truly with the law. the law. the children's place learning center in clare mon and shows the daycare director, kimberly reed hitting a four-year-old with stuffed animals and throwing the child down onto a cot. the video was actually taken by another daycare worker. who was concerned and told police this is not the first time and she was rough with the children for three weeks. she was on probation after pleading guilty to charges of grand theft, welfare fraud and organized fraud in orange county and is due back in court friday on charges that she violated her probation. osceola county the hunt is on for a man accused of trying to sexually assault a woman. kissimmee police released the sketch of them. saturday morning near bible baptist church on vine street. police say the man lured the victim into his car and threatened to stab her if she
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the victim was able to get away and the suspect was driving a small red car with a loud exhaust. health officials taking action, a global health emergency is now declared. >> john: because of the mosquito borne zika virus. luanne has the latest details. >> luanne: good morning, month keats control workers in orange county are busy trying to here. workers are going door-to-door looking for containers that have mosquito larva and dumping the water out. zika is believed to cause birth defects in babies. the virus is spread by two different kind of mosquitoes. but mosquito control says we don't have many of those types of mosquitoes in central florida. but they still want people to take precautions. >> be very aware of the items in their yards, make sure they dump out any containers at all possible that are holding water. and talk to the neighbors, too. when in doubt, dump it out.
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or if you can wear long pants and long shirts. to try to minimize contact with the mosquitoes. >> luanne: the only way to know for sure if you have been infected is to be tested. 31 cases have been confirmed here in the u.s. florida. amy, john, back to you. >> amy: coming up a new way to keep kids from squirming in their seats. >> john: the new desks scientists say keep them healthier. >> reporter: live at the oviedo mall, a place where you can maker own jewelry and bath salts an soap and candles. follow the red arrow to angels life foundation. a terrific store, we'll take you
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>> amy: welcome back. 9:15. health watch this morning, today state lawmakers will talk about making recess mandatory in schools. >> john: research shows the standing desk could be the answer to keeping our kids fit. and the fox medical team's dr. mike is here to explain. i like the idea and i know someone who walks on a treadmill
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>> amy: slowly, right. >> do you like the idea of standing desks? >> i think it is fabulous. i think it is a no-brainer. it doesn't cost much to install desks that you can pull up and then put down. my nutritiousist in my office, john, actually has a stand-up desk because it burns calories and gets young people going in terms of reducing their risk of obesity, and exercise. now, i didn't know that recess went out the window in florida. >> amy: the problem is that it is up to each individual principal to decide and some of them at the elementary level reduced it to once or twice a week and has been an ongoing issue here. >> big issue. >> amy: yeah. >> the last time i heard sunlight and exercise and being
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so, that maybe -- i wish i could stand up and give my two cents on that one, but, anyway. stand up desks are a no brainer and it is really great to get our young people interested in health. so they can get excited and take care of themselves before they need a cardiac catheterization or something big test people like me have to do to them later in life because they have a heart attack. it is about starting early and these kids will do better in school as well. >> john: we had a doctor on one time here on our show who said it is funny, what we say we want for our kids, exercise and better foods, yet we act the opposite and take away recess and, give them processed foods. our schools seem to be off base with what we want for our children. they seem diametrically opposed. >> they'll spin much debate
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you are what you eat and i said that with you and amy, many, many times. we need to get our kids in the habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. teach them so done the road they are not causing tremendous amounts of health care dollars in terms of having diabetes and those things. you need to get the kids going and, you know, where it starts? with this parents. because the parents, if you are eating fast-food every night are not giving a good example to those kids. >> amy: absolutely. gotta set a good example in every aspect of our lives. that is our job. great to see you! >> i love you both, john, amy. you're the best! >> amy: love you, too, doc, see you later. >> john: here's jayme king. the kids have no excuse not to go outside and play! >> and we can see the atlantic
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cape canaveral and, i tell you, slowly improving, the foggy layer, especially in the coastal areas, not the case over the interior, and we continue with a dense fog advisory, until 10:00 this morning as the grids are just really socked in now. zero for the visibility orlando and makes sense we get the advisory going strong until late morning. now the 50s up north, and, 60s down south and 73, brevard county and melbourne and palm bay and mix of sun and clouds after this foggy mess this morning and an isolated shower chance, 10 to 20% of us might see main drops and the beachfront and to the east of i-95. the east-southeast wind flow developing today compliments of high pressure east of our shores and can grab atlantic moisture and sling it on top, raising the rain rusk a hair. but this is massive and
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all the snowfall, streaks and strong stores, and, enhanced risk of severe weather. from the southern edge of illinois to the gulf south and st. louis included and we'll get ours as the system pushes eastbound. we begin to see rain chances arise and, nice, we'll look at it twice. and, the southeast flow and the bigger weather news setting up as we go through tomorrow. clouds gathering. a front right there. by wednesday, the evening, gainesville and ocala, and i'll be in the weather center updating you on this. i don't think we see severe weather but we could see burst of heavy rainfall with this front as it moves in. let's talk about the day ahead. 81 gainesville and 84 clermont and winter haven and polk county, 82, 80 melbourne and tonight, heading down to the 60s these are mid and upper 60s and shows you the southerly wind
9:20 am
pushes highs closer to the mid 80s and we drop things down and rain chances come up. and by friday we clear it out. high of 64. morning lows, by that time, may be low down to the mid an upper 40s and we'll have more coming up at 9:30 on thing in chaing weather situation. guys? >> coming up next, shopping for a good cause. >> david martin found a woman, with quite a story and great place to do valentine's day shopping. hi, david. >> reporter: exactly. good morning from angels life. fund-raising for cystic fibrosis, come here and everything you buy or make goes to helping fight the cystic fibrosis, bath salts and candles and soaps and terrific gift ideas and they are pushing classes. you can do it yourself. this month, stained glass wood
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friend, the founder, we'll make >> john: shopping for a good cause, the angels life foundation sells hand crafted candles. >> amy: and proceeds go to cystic fibrosis research. fox 35's david martin is joining us live. he's there at the store in oviedo mall to tell us about it. for a great cause, hi, david. >> and prices are outrageous, so too affordable. no excuse not to come down and visit them and make them. what my friends will do. >> janet. >> reporter: janet, this
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how to make the beautiful stained glass window. >> a stained glass mosaic with the valentine's theme and they'll make the glass and frame and take it home with them saturday morning, 10:00. >> reporter: and you offer glasses where they can -- >> jewelry, thursday night, february 18th at 6:00. and you make 3 techniques of fused jewelry. >> reporter: $30 a person. >> yes. >> great and, 80% of the $30 goes to a very important cause, my friend, the founder of angels life. what is that. >> a nonprofit, we raise funds an awareness for local patients with cystic fibrosis. >> and you are personally connected . >> my daughter who is 15 has cystic fibrosis. >> reporter: and still rides horses. >> she rides horses, and competitive and loves with it and deals with it every day. >> reporter: and wouldn't be on tv because she's a teenager. i'm not doing this, mom. >> she's in school.
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your body with these, i said and you can't. that would be soap. we're making personalized candles. >> right now we're making a lavender one and vanilla and chili pepper. >> reporter: lavender? >> amy. >> reporter: amy gets the lavender and vanilla for john. >> and we'll add, here i'm adding ground vanilla to it. our candles, we add herbs and spices. >> right now she's pouring the sweet orange chili pepper and where we melt our wax, professional grade melter and she'll pour 16 ounces in that and will stir it so the oil and wax get in corp parade and will pour it inside here and it will take 20 minutes to dry and we'll package it up and you can take it with you. >> what a neat idea for a birthday party.
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regular glasses and sunday at 4:00, a candle making glass and you can come and -- you leave with either two tinz or one mason jar glass and we have classeser glasses throughout the week, and bath bombs and soaps and jewelry making classes and go to the calendars on the westbound page. >> reporter: purely run by volunteers on the weekends. everything, they can use your here. >> and this is our fund-raiser and doing it from -- up to february 9th, made by one of our cystic fibrosis moms, it is phenomenal, you can order at jovanna@anything gels >> reporter: the web site.
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>> announcer: you're watching "good day orlando" on fox 35. >> amy: we're back, 9:30, ground hog day morning. we have lots to come. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown, let's get you caught up on the headlines. we're learning more about a good samaritan who was hit and killed while trying to help a motorcycle crash victim. 33-year-old tina martin was a mother of three, investigators say he was trying to save a motorcyclist who crashed on u.s. 1 in volusia county. it happened sunday morning and that is when a driver hit both of them. martin's brother says he is not someone else. >> she was always good like that, without thinking would jump out and help someone. and, that is who she was. i love her and miss her. >> john: a go fund me page is set up for her funeral expenses. >> amy: a gas station clerk in mims was fighting off a man with a gun.
9:28 am
snatched the gun away from the would be robber and it turned out to be an air gun and the suspect left and drove away, disputes are looking for him -- deputies are looking for him. >> john: today the trial continues for a former couple who were locked in a legal battle over winning lottery tickets. howard browning is suing his ex-girlfriend for half of her $1 million prize that she won in 2007. he says they had a deal more than ten years, if either won they'd share the winnings and instead she simply walked away from relationship. >> amy: the orion spacecraft closer to launch. this is cool. nasa' super guppy aircraft. being delivered to kennedy space center, there now and inside is the shell of the o'brien spacecraft. soon high-tech computers and hardware will be installed and an unmanned flight is scheduled in 2018.
9:29 am
isn't it cool looking! >> john: what was the character will ferrell played with the big brain. >> amy: mega mind. it looks like a beluga whale. it is cool. 9:32. time for your morning business headlines, right to lauren simonetti live from new york city. good to see you. >> amy! good morning! good morning! >> amy: i haven't had a baby update in a while. is she good. >> i'll post a picture. >> amy: i want to see. >> four months in, on the 5th. three days. >> amy: precious! i can't wait to see it. how are the markets looking? >> not good. dow is down 190, oil selling off, by 5%. on top of 6% yesterday, $30 and change now, exxonmobil reporting profits, huge decline, because
9:30 am
stock is down and 2nd day of february, sell, sell, sell. >> amy: that is not good. google, parent alphabet is wow. a big change. >> checking the latest numbers for you now, a huge deal, google stock, google is owned by alphabet and the company is broken into the big money making search business, google everything and crazy projects google works on, why they are both under the umbrella called alphabet. and the stock is surge ing 3%, a market value bigger than apple for the first time in four years. it is human, google is essentially the world's most valuable company after reporting last night honestly, a blowout earnings report and tech stocks continue to do well, facebook, google and the list will go on as we get more reports. >> john: and last, snacks are coming back to the airlines, i'm excited! what kind of snacks?
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please tell me you know what a biscoff cookie is. >> amy: yes. >> you can get free cookies, free! got that? pretzels, too. >> amy: what about peanuts? >> so many allergies, the peanut thing -- >> right. >> three snacks at three airlines, if they aren't offering them they will be shortly, united, delta and american. oil prices, we talked about it. jet fuel, super low and profits souper high and they have been nickelling and diming us for years. >> amy: nice to have them. hears a cookie! -- here's a cookie. $10 to use the bathroom but you get a free cookie. >> and if you are nice, you get two! >> amy: i'm always super nice to the flight attendants.
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all right, good stuff, i love it. more cookies, everybody will be happier now! maybe that will quell the anger people -- like the guy who tried to jump off the plane. all right, love you, see you later. thanks. >> bye. >> amy: bye, 9:35. and, if you want to see her, you can find her on fbn-a.m., 5:00 a.m., if you aren't sure where to go, go to finder. >> jayme: love you, amy, good to see you. let's talk temperatures and they have been fairly static. not a lot of movement. we're seeing some, brevard county, 70 at titusville and close to that, melbourne and continue with very, very low visibilities. dense fog advisory continues now. until 10:00 this morning. we'll see if they peel it back. official confirmation, coming from three of the national seth service forecast offices, tampa, jacksonville and the space coast area.
9:33 am
issuing us that advisory. and we'll continue to keep tabs on that. 74 by 11:00 a.m back to the '80s, and isolated rain risk. 10 to 20% and that is all, we'll draw the line there. i'll raise the rain stakes in the forecast, by late tomorrow night and thursday. all tied to this. streaks of aggressive storminess over the gulf south. and as ittens counters the flow of moisture, the colder air, the upper mid west we continue with tremendous snows, behind me, another look showing all of that snow. a thousand miles in the canopy of dense white snow affecting a lot of people. 7-day, windy, cooler weather and first trend wetter and we'll tell you about that and our full forecast in 9 minutes, see you then. over to you. >> back, talking steals and deals with our savings angel. is tuesday! glad you are here.
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>> yes, talking super bowl deals. because of the game. we want to be sure we have all the supplies. >> amy: who are you picking? >> same as everybody. north carolina, please! i had a conversation with my 16-year-old. i'm not up on who i should be rooting for. >> amy: that's all right. >> not even close. >> amy: i think they will probably win,. >> so lets start off here. and i know super bowl snacks really, really well. we'll start off with this, a hearty snack and the calorie counts and fat -- >> they are so good. >> marie callender, and a bygo, and, check out 51, which i'm a huge fan of and the final price, $1.52, normally $3.53 apiece and you have great party snacks.
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need to try them, then you can get mazola oil, a bogo and your final price, 85 cents for a big bottle of canola oil. i'm excited about this. a product i love. instant oatmeal and i get -- if you want the flavored or plain, i get this plain. this is great, publix, buy one get one free and great coupons and use a target coupon at publix. >> amy: you can do that. >> and use $1, and the manufacturing coupon you get them for as little as 85 cents a box, ten servings. >> amy: and stock up. >> 8.5 cents, breakfast done and now, super bowl deals at cvs they have a great deal, if you buy $15 worth of food they give you $5 back, right off the top
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with the great deals on planter's peanuts, normally $4.99, on sale for $2.50. >> amy: a really good deal. >> bring in the coupon, $1.16 for a big container. can of peanuts. great deal, c hechlt hex mix, 66 cents and amy's favorite. >> amy: my favorite. i love these. >> m&m. >> luanne: i'll leaf a bag with amy. see how long they last. >> amy: okay. >> normally $4 and you get them for as little as $1.66. at that price, stock up. >> amy: and these are fun. >> and you get a big bag. >> amy: awesome. >> not just peanut m&ms. >> amy: all the flavors. josh, how can viewers find you. >> you want 100 deals like this,
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we do it every week. save money. >> amy: thanks for helping us save. back to studio a. >> john: stubborn child may be tough to raise but could pay off done the road. hour your child's stubbornness may make them more successful and adele versus trump, the message she has for him and any other candidates who want to use
9:38 am
(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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>> john: time to wake up and win, we are giving away a family of four tickets for the harlem globetrotter globetrotter, go to the fox 35 facebook page and enter to win, you be enter once each and every day through sunday and we'll pick one lucky winner next monday. >> amy: and luanne saw them and we had a ball. all new at 9:00, if you are having a stubborn child that actually may not be such a bad thing.
9:40 am
a study says stubborn kids are more likely to be successful later in life. luanne joins us to talk about it. how does it work? >> luanne: interesting. according to the american psychological association, fussy kids are more likely to have success especially in their future jobs. researchers followed the lives of 700 children, from the ages of 9 all the way up until they were 40. and the kids who were more stubborn had positive traits like competitiveness and experts found those kids were more likely to demand better salaries and even promotions when they became adults. and, if this is true, can i tell you, preston, my ten-year-old, he is going to be super-successful. because everything he negotiates. time for bed. well... >> amy: is he going to be a lawyer? >> i think so. are your kids that way? >> amy: yes! kate is especially.
9:41 am
>> john: one of ours. we have always said she's going to be a lawyer. i mean, it is everything and the same with you guys, eat your vegetables. how about if they... no. no. eat your vegetables. it is not a negotiation. >> luanne: you think, because if you are always wanting your way you are more successful than kids who say, whatever, whatever. >> amy: true. >> john: i think you -- thanks, much. here's jayme king. >> jayme: next stop, the unpleasant tris. the dense fog across this region. getting a little better now, look up toward flagler county, palm coast now, sporting a visibility of 7 miles. certainly a lot better than what we have south of that point now. zero at orlando. leesburg and gainesville and space coast and areas south. and we're warm now, dade, broward, palm beach county, mid
9:42 am
50s in gainesville and 66 pensacola, state capitol with the tally 61 degrees and fog in place and a lot of those mentioned spots. now, 70 titusville and melbourne, 70 and outside of that, it has been an interesting morning, 50s up here and 60s out of there and everybody today seeing the sun and clouds, type of sky condition. after the fog begins to diminish. i'm going with a chance of isolated rain, not everyone sees it obviously in a 10 or 20% chance, areas east of i-95, in particular. volusia county and brf evard counties. uv index, a blend of sun and clouds, getting there to around a 5, the high to moderate range and look here. big area of dense snowfall, south of that, severe weather and some of this energy gets here by late wednesday night into our thursday. severe weather, i don't think so. beneficial rains take shape. uptick tomorrow, 30% for the
9:43 am
day long, on thursday. we'll have our distinct breaks in the action but looks like a pronounced area. window of rain opportunity opening big and wide for a lot of us to see raindrops. big chances setting up for you thursday. overall, the chance gradually creeping up, slowly but surely as we go into tomorrow and obviously thursday, rockin' and rollin' pretty good. the next days, modeling showing us what is ahead. isolate showers kicking through. as we advance to the 7-day store. as we get into your friday, saturday, and sunday. never too early to look ahead to weekend. here's the numbers. friday, 64. as the front blows through and dries us out, friday's rain chance zero. that's your forecast. let's talk a little weather baby. i don't know if this is a daniel with a j, misspelled, good looking kid. look add these guys.
9:44 am
anderson, a good looking kid. two of 0 our great weather babies. love to see your kids. log onto the web site for more. over to you now. >> time to check out what is hot in hollywood. >> adele telling donald trump to stop rolling in the deep. the singer is making it clear to trump and the other candidates her songs are off limits for their campaign. her announcement comes after trump used her song at an event in iowa on sunday. >> a famous mom standing up for moms everywhere. christina aguilera speaking about pressure society puts on moms in the march issue of women's health magazine, the mom of two wants moms to realize that you don't have to be everyone's everything. she says the secret to moms keeping their sanity is making themselves a priority every once in a while. >> john: coming up -- >> nothing to say? >> john: no. i don't take my advice from pop stars. >> amy: talking about helping
9:45 am
coming up we have our own version of punxsutawney phil. a cute dog, his name is rubio. i have to ask if he's name after marco. if winter is over or not. what do you think. >> as we said, it could be the worst tv in history, could be the best.
9:46 am
ground hog, get it righ >> more than a trend? her chance this winter, has come to an end. [cheers and applause]. >> there is no shadow to be cast! an early spring is my forecast! >> you saw that here this morning and punxsutawney phil making his prognostication. but we don't care. >> it is sunny now, and i don't think -- the rest doesn't count. >> john: we'll try something like we said all morning long, either stupid or great t.v.
9:47 am
we were on the phone last night. >> amy: john thought the dog was name after marco rubio and, it is name after my grandma, ruby. >> you actually worked with groups that rescue these, right? >> i work with dachshund adoption and rescue and we're here to rescue dogs and here to educate people about spaying and neutering their dogs. >> amy: ruby is adorable and is a rescue dog. >> there we go. okay, here's what we'll do, right? everybody told me it is a stupid idea, this is the year. we'll do ground dog day. and ellen, we'll have you hold -- and here's ally's prognostication and it won't be
9:48 am
>> amy: what are you supposed to do? okay. okay. and we'll see who -- >> right. >> amy: all right -- >> you think he'll come to either one of us or no? >> ready? >> here we go. all right. come on, come on, treats! >> amy: come here, ruby! come here, ruby! >> john: a win for amy! >> amy: hi, ruby! you are so cute. >> john: how did you get a good friend there? >> likes me... ruby, hello, ruby. >> and, i'm busy -- >> open the envelope here. how much more winter we have here. >> ruby chose... da, da, da... one more day of winter. one more day! what do you think, jayme? >> john: high tomorrow of 84. >> john: would have chosen me. let's see what the option would have been.
9:49 am
>> john: winter is over. one more day. >> we hope, last year at datona beach at the international speedway it was this coldest day of the year. freezing. >> hopefully the one day of winter -- >> she's precious! >> all right, enjoy fun, the dachshund. >> amy: thank you very much. we love you, ruby! >> tv magic? tv magic? all right. thank you. >> let's check in with jayme king. see if spring has sprung. >> jayme: on our way, guys. looks like 84, tomorrow, we dropped down some friday, probably 64. saturday, sunday, 70ish and the overnight lows, morning lows coming back up. and looks like rain chances
9:50 am
20%, saturday, sunday 40%. again, looks like the big burst of rain arriving as we head toward late tomorrow night and thursday. let's call it beneficial. and i don't think we see severe weather playing out. perhaps a few burst of heavier rain but thunder and lightning, damaging winds, all that jazz, i don't know, not all that energetic right now. we'll keep you updated. of course a warm one, 82. 84 tomorrow. looks a little springy to me. you have been watching "good day orlando" at fox 35. catch us tomorrow morning,
9:51 am
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