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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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was shot in the head. >> somehow one of the 18 year olds knew there was a gun, unsecured gun, got ahold of the gun, there was horse play and the gun went off striking the 13-year-old in the head. it was absolutely tragic. reporter: deputies they that gun belonged to an older man. he's bounded out of jail. he's a relative of the teen and that he had been charged with possession of a gun by a constricted felony because obviously he was a convicted felon. it's unclear if he will placed with charges. it's unclear if the teenager who discharged the gun will be charged at this point. sonni: we have more breaking news in apopka where authorities say a student brought a gun to a
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they found out through a tip. at about 2:30 the school was placed on lockdown. orange county deputies came in and found the gun. they arrested a 17-year-old and no one was hurt on campus. bob: a street fight involves into a scabbing, it all involves teenagers. sonni: kelly joyce joining us live with the details. reporter: one teenager is in the hospital, two other facing possible felony charges all over a turf war in daytona beach. last night after five a fight broke out, two teens were fighting, then a third teenager was stabbed in the face and abdomen. police say he was trying to stop a friend from getting into the fight. >> the victim tried to prevent him from joining the fight. this is when the victim was stabbed several times. police say it started with a group of of kids that live in the area. at one point police say a
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school jumped out and pulled out the knife. a 17-year-old tried to break up the fight, but ended up getting stabbed. >> we haven't been able to interview the victim as of probably an hour ago. reporter: while they wait for the teenager to robbery at the hospital they have been able to put together what led up to the fight. some of the kids toll police it had been an ongoing turf war between kids who live in the pine haven apartments. police are not calling this an organized gang, if a gang at all. one officer called this a case of bullying that turned criminal. >> it was a scary incident because he was stabbed multiple times. there were serious injuries to the young man. he has a long road for recovery. reporter: we are told the victim is at halifax hospital in stable condition. he's expected to be okay. live in daytona beach, kelly
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sonni: the whale that captured everyone's attention in brevard county are headed back into the open ocean in the atlantic to be able to. the mother and calf drew quite a crowd at their short stay at sebastian inlet. we join derrol nail. the two whales are exactly where they belong in the open seas ot atlantic ocean. for more than two hours the whales appeared they were boxed into the sebastian inlet and might never figure the way out. every time they would surface hundreds of onlookers would snap pictures and gaze with amazement. >> it was excitement to be able to witness it because it's such an unusual event. reporter: the two endangered white whales did countless what
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were spotted in the opening at noon yesterday. the whale's dilemma attracted a crowd including sharon and their fellow church members who moved their prayer meeting to the inlet. >> and witness this great gift from god, really, and pray for the whale to be able to go out where it belongs. reporter: blocked by the shallow indian river lagoon to the west and jetties to the south, the bridge was the only way back to the sea. each time they approached the opening the mother would turn-around and her calf would follow. >> no, not that way. >> it's the first time i have seen it happen in 28 years. reporter: florida fish and wildlife in an attempt to assist the massive whale's exist shot down the inlet to boaters. >> everybody would be cheering them on, stomping, moving,
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very sound oriented. they can hear that sound going through the water. reporter: concern that noise from the crowd was scaring the whales from going under the water they ordered the entire cat walk on the bridge be cleared out of all people. two hours later the mother led her calf under the bridge. eventually the whale named flipper, flipped around and headed out to sea, leaving those to watch with a whale sized tale. >> when it went, it went. that's just awesome. reporter: florida fish and wildlife officer admitted to me that they were working on a plan to get those whales outfitted would have stuck rand for three or four days. they say they would have used
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noises in an attempt to herd the two whales through the opening. in the end they are glad the whales also found their way out. on the coast in brevard county, derrol nail, fox 35 news. bob: this week the senate criminal justice committee unanimously approved a measure that will overhaul the state's death penalty sentencing structure. the proposal would give more power to injuries juries. it has to be a unanimous decision by jurors. right now the jurors can give a death penalty recommendation, but it's up to the judge to carry that out. a bill that would protect gaze and lesbians from discrimination is being reconsidered in tallahassee. yesterday the committee was dead
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they are to review it again. the civil rights act would add protections for the lbgt community. the presidential race hits the granite state, candidates going door to door stumping for every vote, but not everyone has made up their mind. >> rubio or trump. we are undecided. >> it's just now we are starting to look at the candidates. >> phone calls at least five or six every night. >> big winners from iowa trying to stay on top in new hampshire. >> we will keep working. >> commit to come out on tuesday and vote for me. if we stand together, we will win. sonni: voters in new hampshire hitting the polls today. donald trump and bernie sanders are both expecting big wins. bob: the real focus though is who is going to come in second on the republican side.
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from manchester, new hampshire. reporter: the hype is over finally and the voting is are staying on the stump until the very last ballots are cast. of republican candidates governor chris christie and john kasich and jeb bush all looked for a strong second place showing staying on the take a against donald trump and marco rubio. >> we cannot hijack our party. our party will not win if we are the recreation party. >> at least i have a record. reporter: meanwhile rubio is hoping to put distance between himself and the governors further solidifying his position as the establishment candidate. on the democratic side hillary clinton says she will be campaigning at this moment the end despite polls showing the
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>> we will keep working literally till the last vote is cast and counted and go from there. reporter: new hampshire voters are notorious for making up their minds at the last minute meaning the big wins for bernie sanders and trump are not a foregone conclusion. >> i think these are people that say they want tabuck the establishment and buck what is going on overall in both parties. reporter: the new hampshire secretary of state says they are expecting record voter turn out, 550,000 people expected to show up at the polling sites which about 20,000 more people than the previous record in 2008. bob: the sounds echoing across the quadgave me an idea for a question, for whom will the bell toll after today. if they don't like do well in this primary, who may be dropping out. you know, a handful of candidates.
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john kasich is one of them. the reports are ready that ben carson has taken off to south carolina. he did that in iowa and left prematurely. we know the hubbub with theties cruise campaign saying he was leaving. this is an important primary and new hampshire has been a very, very good predictor since 1952, 14 of the 17 gop nominees have been correctly picked here in the state and they only missed six out of 66 years on the democratic side. so some people's campaigns could be in jeopardy if they don't like perform here tonight, another one orange is chris christie. bob: we will be following the results closely as i know you will as well. thank you, sir. reporter: thank you. sonni: this woman in the brevard county jail accused of attacking an 80-year-old with a mop. cocoa police are charging mary moore with battery.
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her in the shoulder with the stick of the mop, the ham. someone trying to stop the attack was also scratched. climb alert from the university of florida campus someone is going around exposing himself to students. reporter: university police are on the hunt for a serial flasher. it's happened nearly 1 dozen times, both on and off campus. >> he is just exposing himself to these women. he's not made any threats to them. he's not talked to them or touched them. reporter: ten times total they university police, six times off campus and four on campus. three of those happened in the stairwell of this parking garage right across from sorority row. it began in january till last friday. >> i think it's pretty disgusting. reporter: u pd says the women all reported the same thing a
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himself to female students as they pass by. they call police and he runs away. >> we are doing everything in power and working with the gainesville police department to put a stop to this. reporter: if you see this guy, call police immediately. reporting in gainesville, david williams fox 35 news. bob: still ahead he took a bullet in the line of duty. sonni: tonight this brave law enforcement officer is being honored. one other note the officer has four legs. >> he did what he was supposed to do. he caught the guy. sonni: the special ceremony for endo the k9 coming up. bob: police show you what to look for at the pumps. glenn: forecast for central,
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te >> fox 35 news is brought to you in part by lexus of orlando. sonni: a furry member of the volusia county sheriff's office got a big award today. bob: k9 endo honored by the sheriff himself. kelly joyce explains. endo is now the most highly decorated k9 in the volusia county sheriff's office. >> this dog did exactly what he was supposed to do. reporter: a medal of honor and purple heart. he was shot in the neck whileding to a domestic disturbance three months. a woman called 911 saying she was afraid of boyfriend marlin mccry. >> he's back and i don't know what he might do. if nobody don't get here now i don't know.
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with 911 you hear a shot and the woman scream. >> help me! help me. reporter: as deputies showed up they say mccray shot through the window of the woman's car hitting her in the arm and abdomen. they say mccray ran into woods across the street. k9 endo followed. mccray shot endo in the neck and took his own life. the doctors and nurses were there today and awarded with an outstanding citizenship award. endo did lives and did everything he was trained to do. >> he was sent to apprehend them. he did just as he was supposed to do. he caught the guy and did physically apprehend the guy. that's when he was shot. >> he definitely saved lives. reporter: kelly joyce, fox 35 news.
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tallahassee tonight a bill aimed as protecting clergy from being perform sake sex marriages is heading to the house for a vote. the bill doubled the pastor protection act has to pass two more senate committees. sonni: kissimmee police are doing a safety sweep at gas stations looked for swimmers. last week they found four of those devices reforms police here in kissimmee doing a citywide sweep of all the gas pumps checking for credit card skimmers. >> they take this cable off and put the other were in online and plug it back in and they are in business kissimmee police department teeming up with the florida agricultural during that time. an inspector found this sophisticated blue tooth skimmer at the pump last thursday.
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allows the suspect to be able to pull up to the pump activate whatever device they are using and can download data directly from this chip without opening the pump or gaining access to the chip shelf. reporter: during this morning's security sweep only the racetrack didn't require checks because of its new system. >> the key is pried open and will shut the entire pump down. reporter: inspectors advise use pumps most visible to the cashier. >> most times you find them on the outside pumps. they park a truck here and somebody will go inside and talk to the clerk to keep them busy while the peeping r people on the outside are swapping it out. it only takes a minute or two. reporter: police tell me this will be something they will continue to do throughout the year.
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bob: it's one of those days... it looks bright and sunny, but you walk out the door and chilly. glenn: a wind chill advisory in the pink right there includes pretty much the entire area. also farther up to the north we have a freeze warning in effect up towards the ocala and gainesville area. putnam and toward same time augustine. colder tonight compared to what we had last night. right now winds are strong across the state blowing anywhere from 15 to 25 miles-per-hour, mainly out of the west and northwest. that's good. it will be cold, but it could get colder if we had a due north wind right now. 35 degrees tonight in daytona, i am forecasting 40 unkissimmee,
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ocala and gainesville. how around marion county 8:00 in the morning, still cold, temperatures in the 30s and 40s, wind chills will be down to about freezing even at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. out towards the villages you will still be in the upper 30s and 40s degrees appear 8, 8:15. cocoa beach mid 40s and low 40s inland. again, a cold night and yes, it stays chilly all day. temperature right now 56 in daytona, 57 in bushinal. here's my seven-day forecast, 57 for the high tomorrow after temperatures starting out in the 30s and wind chill in the upper 20. thursday high of 61, do it again, lows mid 30s, warm it up for friday and saturday.
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sonni: it's cold, 30s. higher theme park prices and a thing called star wars disney earnings are reaching record highs. bob: not everything is coming up up green, coming up the major chunk of the empire that's dragging things down a little bit. still doing well. sonni: google is stepping up
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>> fox 35 news is brought to you in part by the nation law firm. bob: fox business disney set to tell us about their latest earnings. everyone expects huge numbers. one part of the disney empire is dragging things down. let's check in with jerry willis with the fox business. there's one aspect of the company that's falling behind as new earnings reports are about to come out. reporter: that's right they are expected to have a big gain on their earnings report, on the bottom lineup about 14%, revenue is higher as well. everybody is watching the details and what they really looking at is espn. everybody is focused on espn. why? because they have been losing millions of subscribers. they are reporting this
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this isn't something i am making up. this is really happening. the other thing people were worried about with the sports cable business is how much is disney paying for some of these sporting events? is it too much money? this whole arena is under siege because people are downloading real-time video of these events and not necessarily going to the big cable operators. bob: for the most i recall disney is making money because the star wars franchise is doing fantastic even though the frozen franchise was doing gang busters business as well. how a company can do it year after year after year is pretty impressive. reporter: that's been a real juggernot for them. that's one of the stories for the studios they can do story lines that go on and on in perpetuity and keep extending it and keep extending the franchise itself so they can make more
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the parks and resorts for disney and their biggest business by dollar value is actually their cable business. some of these lines are pretty old-fashioned and dated. the question that investors and analysts will be asking as they get the numbers tonight will be is disney's era over? is disney aging? how is disney doing and how will they keep the momentum going. bob: thanks. reporter: thank you. sonni: gas prices are under a dollar a gallon. it could be happening soon eight states already have gas for $1.25 or less. the cheapest currently is oklahoma city. google is joining the fight against isis. the search engine giant says when people search for terrorism related topics, google will show them anti radicalization links instead.
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official facing an audit tonight. sonni: he says he's done nothing wrong. coming up the high priced expenses that raise said eyebrows. bob: cancer treatment is taking a toll on a very smart young
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see how a ucf >> right now on fox 35 news... . sonni: the property appraiser in orange county is under fire after an audit. but he says he's done nothing wrong. thanks for staying with us i am son son. bob: i am bob frier. fox 35 political reporter mike synan has been pouring over that report. reporter: everything in this report is perfectly legal and within policy guidelines, but the public may shake their head at some of those expenditures. the property appraiser's office clears him.
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accountable to the taxpayers. reporter: the tax came from a motivated orange county.... >> the timing of this was important. i had a political challenger. interesting. reporter: the report does question spending like $1100 for employee lurch. improve. those were all necessary as the audit concluded. they were lawful. reporter: more than $1,000 for a three-legged plane ticket to a saxrimento conference when this employees flew for half the money. >> this particular flight was booked. i had to meet with the appraiser before the conference. i believe i had to fly back to orange county on an emergency. reporter: changes with the appraiser's office, maybe? >> we are always looking to improve and will take their
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and see if it fits in the best practice of our office. reporter: political strike back calling for the commissioners and mayor to have their finances odded the same way we did. we tried to get reaction from the commissioners, but this report wasn't made public till after they started meeting this afternoon. sonni: the race for the white house, round two, so long iowa, the focus is now on new hampshire. the first gop win just after midnight goes to john kasich. >> i saw trump by the way, and said i khrushcheved you. he said yeah, you killed me. sonni: bernie sanders is getting it done in the granite state as well. >> if there's one issue out there... [indiscernible] sonni: our political power panel in-house to talk more about new hampshire. bernie sanders is going in with
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he did well last night. are we expecting this trend to continue? >> it looks pretty clear bernie sanders will win new hampshire today. the question is by how much? early polls showed him as much as 20 or 30 points ahead. i don't think it will end up being that much of a margin. i think hillary clinton's campaign will be happy if she gets single digits. sonni: on the republican side of things we heard a lot of good press from marco rubio who emerged as this moderate star and getting the headlines element. what does he have to do to position himself to continue to do well especially against someone like trump who continues to pull way ahead. >> we know trump is expected to win here. he's so far ahead in the polls. what we don't like know the recent debate participates by marco rubio, the on message versus robot issue, what impact
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one he's a come back kid or two he could be a fallen star that really affected people. that would give jeb bush a red light. sonni: the chemistry and ups and downs of these early primaries can impact a candidate's ego. how much does, new hampshire really impact what's to come especially in the southern states where things are so different? >> you are right. the southern states have different demographic ands different voters. i think new hampshire will be especially important on the republican side because we are going to see where that bunching occurs in the second, third fbi place, whoever gets second will use that as much as they possibly can to propel them into south carolina. sonni: you brought up jeb bush. he needs a wind in moment. >> he has a shot here. isunique.
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some alternate to rubio that emerges. of the three governors he's the only one that could win in the south. he's emerging as an attractive alternative. we will see. sonni: what about christie who made strides as well? >> christie is in the position like kasich, he has to do well. you won't get any more moderate than new hampshire, one of those two will emerge, one isn't. it will also hurt their fundraising. sonni: thank you so much. >> thank you. sonni: fox 35 will have continuing coverage all night of the new hampshire primary. we will have the russell as they come in as well as the latest analysis. bob: new tonight at five nasa administrator charles bowlen optimistic about the space agency's future. he and other officials met at hampen, virginia discussing the
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president obama is giving the space agency $19 billion to carry out its ambitious plans for exploration and discovery. >> because nasa's study of the cosmos and robotic exploration of the solar system is unlocking plays like pluto and khyber belt and judgment saturn and moons and mars, the state of nasa is strong. bob: nasa officials hope to send american astronauts to mars in the 2030s. they expect to announce a new generation of astronauts for space exploration. it will be an exciting time to be working in this market. sonni: much more exciting than normal. bob: if it seals like you heard us reporting on more shocker attacks than normal last year, it's true.
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are shark attacks. will talk about a world renowned expert the reason so many sharks are coming face to face with swimmers these days. bob: you will hear about the university of florida class where those words have been banned. sonni: pump patrol is finding cheaper gas prices around town. $1.59 a gallon. $1.62 is the price at the speedway and vineland and polynesian boulevard in
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sonni: you can blame it on el nino or crowded beaches or really whatever you want. but 2015 did see the most shark bites in one year ever. bob: david williams talks with a shark expert to find out what's going on. reporter: can you imagine being bitten by one of these? george is the university of florida is florida's shark expert. he says more people were attacked by sharks in 2015 than ever before. >> this year was an all time high. reporter: 98 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide according to
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30 of those attacks happened in florida alone. the big question, why? >> warmer water temperatures because of el nino on top of warmer temperatures because of global climate change, means that sharks have been able to move farther north and move faster. reporter: george burgess is one of the most well known shark attack experts in the world. he says the warmer waters also tra more people. he says six people were killed by a shark in 2015, one of those in hawaii. that is not an increase. >> i think it's probably reasonable to assume that next year we will move downwards again and go back to the continuing trend, which will still be upward, but not as high as what we had this year. reporter: to reduce your shark attack or bite chances, don't
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people are fishing or seaboards are feeding. don't like wear your shiny jewelry in the water. if you attacked by a shark hit the shark in the nose. don't like be afraid. get in the water if you want to. your odds of being bitten by a shark really are not that good. reporting in gainesville, david williams, fox 35 news. bob: make of this what you will, students in one university of florida course have been banned from using words that are not inclusive, that means things like boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, husband, wife. those words are not allowed. jennifer lee the professor of the creativity and context class says students that don't use more general terms like family or partner will be penalized. sonni: coming up next a great story about a boy who saw his grades dropped because of cancer. >> gracen went from really
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graduated interest again in math. bob: you will see the new way of thinking that's helping kids like gracen. glenn: we have clouds across the area, but no rain on radar. we have some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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bob: tech this out, robots helping sick kids feel more like themselves. sonni: spending weeks and months in the hospital can take its toll both physically and mentally. a ucf researcher found a little way to help patients get back on track. reporter: gracen and twin sister avery light up with meghan nickels shows up each week. she's a doctor at central florida researcher. >> programmable robots that are charming. he has a personality. >> i can copy and paste. reporter: but the lessons are for a very special group of churn like greatness. you can't tell now but not too long ago this 10-year-old was very sick. february 2015 gracen was on his way to play baseball. >> comes up to my wife michelle
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here. he has a mass about the size of a golf ball. reporter: within a day lymphoma diagnose and surgy. before cancer gracen was an a' b student but month of treatment took a toll there. >> i think when he went through radiation and treatment it put him back. reporter: enter dr. nickels and those little robots. since 2013 she began using them to teach math to critically and terminally ill children in illinois. >> the need was immediate and apparent that these kids were not being given access to meaningful education. >> math is awesome. reporter: like her students at the university of central florida, the children have to solve math problems. >> what are the angles in an equal latical triangle. reporter: in order to program
5:40 pm
>> in order to get dogs to draw a pentagonal pattern on the floor, you have to figure out the external angle. reporter: she found using the watts the children are able to learn math and able to enjoy it. she also says the process may help kids fight through the mental fog many say come with cancer treatment and it helps children like graysen, who is now in remission, catch back up. >> gracen went from struggling really elevated interest in math. tom johnson, fox 35 news. sonni: if you would like to learn more about this, we have links for you on our website. click glenn: forecast here in central florida looking pretty good. live radar is picking up on clouds. no rain to be had. temperatures quite cold.
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the entire zone will be picking up wind chills first thing tomorrow morning around 28 to 30 degrees. farther north and into the palm coast area and up towards st. augustine expecting temperatures down to around 30 to 32 degrees. expecting 38 in sanford, 40 in melbourne, 40 in winter haven and 37 toward leesburg and wind chills down in the upper20s at 6 to 7:00 a.m. temperature warmed up to the upper 50s. temperature right now is 56 in daytona, 55 in ocala and the culprit for the wind chill advisory is the wind. winds are strong blowing around 15 to 20 miles-per-hour. dewpoints are low. because the air is so dry i do not expect much if any frost for tonight, but always the wins will be up, so come combination of drier air and wind is hard to
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59 degrees, that will change tomorrow night. 59 degrees in downtown orlando. our planner for tonight, dropping into the 40s this evening, upper 30s. this is for the city. by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow it will try to warm up. it will be around 40 degrees. if this big spinning low was a bit farther to the east, we would have a wind flow coming over out of northwest over land. it's snowing, flurries coming down in atlanta. because this sprawling low is further towards the west obour wind flow is primarily coming in from the gulf of mexico. that gives the air a bit of an opportunity to warm up. it brings ashore enough moisture that we will have a few clouds tonight. here's a look at our forecast for tomorrow afternoon, breeze out of the west-northwest. another windy day expected for
5:43 pm
i expect to see frost across the area. thursday at one in the afternoon pretty good, temperatures start to warm. we are back up to about 70 for the end of the week, but another cold front drops this way. the front won't be as strong, but reinforce the cool weather. temperatures as we go through the weekend will remain cooler than normal. 57 for tomorrow... cooling back down again by saturday. sonni: thanks. still ahead a man rolled up to to drive-thru to place his order, but something extra for the cashier. bob: how about a three feet alligator. sonni: john lennon has been gone for more than 35 years, diehard
5:44 pm
piece of the hisical icon sonni: a look at what's trending tonight, pandas playing in trees because it's could they. bob: because they can. sonni: cameras caught the smithsonian zoo trying his best to climb a tree. he needed help. after a couple of tries he finally makes it up, but to come down he stills needs mama's
5:45 pm
bob: also tonight john lennon's hair. place your bets early because the price is already in the five figure range. past lennon memorabilia has sold for millions. sonni: this guy behind bars is accused of throwing annaligator through a drive-thru window. he pulled up to a wendy's in palm beach in october got a drink and then tossed the gator into the window. the alligator was released back into the wild. bob: with a caffeine addiction already. break out the beads, it's time for mardi gras at universal orlando. >> got a cajun style chicken sandwich, it's a really great sandwich. sonni: that looks incredible.
5:46 pm
sonni: universal's mardi gras celebration is in full swing. this weekend you can see two concerts with diana ross and the bear naked ladies. bob: so much more to see out there, it's good time. david martin shows us. reporter: you will see them perform live throughout the weekend. we got the guitar player and accordion and washboard. we got the dancing jesters, boy, they are good. cool this morning, half the clothes are missing, that's okay. how are you doing this morning? >> i am really good. reporter: you are bundled up in ap scarf. >> they are troopers. reporter: new floats this year? >> we got four brand new floats, october fest... r they are so colorful and nice. if you get down here for the parade, you get a ton of beads thrown off of them. >> love the beads and we love to
5:47 pm
reporter: you know what else we love is food. >> yes, we do. >> got great jambalaya here. you got big pot of gumbo going on over here with shrimp and all those great vegetables simmered together. great ondewy sausages on a bun. we added a couple of other things. this year we wanted to do another handheld item, we did a cajun style chicken sandwich. it's a really great sandwich. we want today put sweet on the street, we have french crepes and filled with pastry cream and topped with cherries or banana foster or apple and raisin. you don't have mode gray without ben yeas. great food and tents out there by the parade route.
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bob: got to throw beads. sonni: got to do the parade this year. bob: it will happen. sonni: coming up next at six a school superintendent cleared of wrongdoing, but her school board still wants her out.
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