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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. we're waking up to another very chilly morning on this friday eve! some temperatures dropping into the 20s and 30s! kristin giannas will have the details in your full forcast. plus-- a brevard county corrections officer is out of jail this morning... after being arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with an inmate! more on what he's accused of. and... a man is behind $fter deputies say he crashed into a
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learning... he was wanted for a seperate hit and run crash. the details coming up.
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h,h|right now-- a major road in orange county will remain closed... following a water main break in eatonville. a boil water order is also in effect until saturday. ujain break happened tuesday night-- along kennedy avenue-- between college avenue and johnson street. the city says the pipe has been fixed... but kennedy remains closed in both directions for re- paving. officials hope to have the road re- opened by tonight's rush hour. new this morning-- a decorated brevard county deputy.. is out of jail on bond.. sed of having an inappropriate relationship with a female inmate. hnuof
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he was honored as "deputy of the year" for helping arrest a violent shoplifter back in 2013. according to the brevard county sheriff's office-- other inmates alerted a jail supervisor about the relationship. the sheriff's office says taylor-- and the inmate -- had sex on multiple occasions-- while she was under his watch. sheriff wayne ivey says taylor was arrested and immediately fired. taylor was released from jail overnight-- after he posted 5- thousand dollars bond. he is charged with sexual misconduct. in orange county-- a suspect in a hit- and-run crash is ]5ay he slammed into an orlando home. f-h-p says the 27- yesterday-- in connection for that hit and run crash. they have not
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troopers say for some reason-- he lost control and crashed into a home in the 19-hundred block of rio grande avenue. no one inside that home was injured. in lake county-- a police officer is fighting for his life --after he was badly burned in an accident. clermont police officer-- kris kruse-- is in the i-c-u after he became engulfed in flames sunday night-- when a gas can exploded during a bonfire. over 60 percent of his body was burned. doctors say he has a 50-50 chance of surviving. his dad-- jack-- also works for the police department. he says it was his dream to work with his son. kris is currently in stable condition. his parents say he needs to be
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before he can begin getting skin grafts. a crime alert now-- orlando police are on the hunt for a man... who stole lottery tickets on multiple occasions. officers say he targeted three different convenience stores. fox 35's valerie boey has the details. orlando police say they're looking for the suspect who's been stealing lottery tickets by simply snatching
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we are learning about a central florida connection to a shooting in maryland-- that killed two deputies. david evans was wanted in orange county, florida for assault on a police officer. yesterday-- deputies say evans opened fire on deputies-- near baltimore. witnesses say one deputy-- who tried to calm evans during a disturbance-- was shot in the head. the second deputy was wounded nearby in a shoot-out. evans was killed in a gun battle nearby. happening today-- f-w-c will meet with city officials in "indian harbour beach"-- to discuss fixing the coyote problem there. the city and f-w-c is holding a meeting for the public-- to give information and answer questions.
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attacks on family in brevard county. wildlife experts say this is a growing problem, because the animals are extremely adaptable. tonight's meeting will be held at the gleason park community center... it starts at 6:30. also happening tonight-- a community in orange county will gather for a candlelight vigil... in remeberance of deputy jonathan scott pine. today marks 2 years since deputy pine was shot and killed in the line of duty. on this day in 20-14... deputy pine was responding to a call about car break- ins... when he was shot and killed by a suspect. tonight's vigil will be held at westminster abby boulevard & horse ferry road in orlando... near the area where pine was gunned down. it starts at 5-45 this evening. coming up next-- after a very rough time at sea... cruise passengers are starting to head home this morning. more on the nightmare they experienced. plus-- the water crisis in flint michigan is u5ing more heated-- especially among lawmakers! straight ahead-- why democrats are
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right now. welcome back-- cruise passengers are back in new
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hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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get back home this morning-- after a nightmare at sea. their ship-- royal carribean's anthem of the seas-- ran into hurricane force winds as they headed to port canaveral. many weary faces walked-off the cruise last night... but some are still on the ship-- because they did not expect to be back so early. passengers will get a full refund --and a certificate for 50 percent off a future cruise. a news alert now-- the flint water crisis is heating up again .... as protesters head to
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capitol. democrats in congress are demanding immediate action on the crisis. fox's jackie ibanez
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hillary clinton will be squaring-off tonight... following sanders' landslide win in new hampshire. both are heading to wisconsin for what's being called a "pivotal" showdown... while clinton admitted she needed to do more to win over young voters
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wednesday night... sanders met with reverend al sharpton in new york yesterday. african-americans overwhelmingly vote for democrats by an 80 to 11 ratio according to the "pew research center"... and their votes are considered critical to winning the presidential race in november. the next caucus for democrats is a little more than a week away... in nevada on the 20th. meanwhile... republican candidates have taken their campaigns to south carolina... ahead of its primary on the same day. b bush is hoping his momentum carries-over from new hampshire... where he finished in fourth... after a disappointing sixth- place finish in iowa. bush continued calling out donald trump during a rally yesterday... while repeating that he is the only candidate
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accountable. former president george w. bush --is expected to campaign for his brother-- ahead of south carolina's primary, florida sentaor-- marco rubio-- had the exact opposite outcome in new hampshire... dropping from third in iowa... to fifth. rubio continues to blame his poor showing in last saturday's debate... and pledges to do better-- when the remaining candidates go head-to-head this coming saturday. donald trump will be making his way to the sunshine state tomorrow... with a visit to tampa. but right now-- he's joining his
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south carolina... while also calling out both of the democratic candidates. trump's rally is set for tomorrow at 7- p-m... at the u-s-f sun dome. still ahead-- the next time you head to "universal"-- it will cost you more to get in. coming up-- find out how much ticket prices are raising and why. plus this-- a couple is desperately pleading to help finding their missing service dog. straight ahead-- where you should keep an eye out for this little guy.
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a couple in orlando is desperately looking for their it is that time of year again. "universal orlando"
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it is that time of year again. 1*:l orlando" has bumped-up ticket prices... for its two theme parks. a one-park ticket now costs 105- dollars. that is up 3-dollars. a park-to-park ticket that lets you go between "universal studios" and "islands b]u'u now costs 155-dollars... that's up 8-dollars. now people are g to see if disney will also raise their prices this year. developing now-- a couple in orlando is desperately looking for their service dog-- that they believe-- may have been stolen. jackie brazell says she has p-t-s-d after witnessing a shooting. her dog-- named desmond-- is trained to help with her severe anxiety. back on january 31st...brazell's husband took desmond when he went to work on the couple's boat trailer on willoughby lane in . desmond was playing with two other dogs when they all ran away... but only the other dogs came back. brazell even had someone bring a blood hound in... but desmond's scent disappeared in the
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brazell says for now she spends every day avoiding a situation that could j-t-s-d.. and spending every night searching for desmond.
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turning now to sports-- the orlando magic taking on one of the best teams in the n- b-a... the san antonio spurs. it was close one... but it just wasn't enough. here's fox sports florida with the highlights. ing up next-- harry potter fans have more to be excited about.
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the details on a new book-- that will go
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plus-- st. pete police need your help identifying the man in this surveillance video... after an expensive vase is stolen from an art gallery. why they say this man could be the key to finding the person who stole it. you're watching fox 35 good day orlando.
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p returning to bookstores this summer! j-k rowling is releasing the script for her up-coming play "harry potter and the cursed child", which is set to premiere at the end of july. the story follows potter's adult life as an overworked employee of the ministry of magic and the father of three children. the "cursed child" is set to be in stores on july thirty-first. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. "mpa-area teen is under arrest... after deputies say he was caught with a gun on a school bus. authorities say the 18-year old was arrested-- after another student jeu seeing him load the handgun on the bus. hillborough county deputies say the student texted a relative about seeing the gun and jwcalled 9-1-1. deputies found a 9 millimeter pistol, 12 rounds of ammo, and a black ski mask in his backpack. the student is being charged with
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marijuana possesion. st. pete police are king to identify a man in some illance video... that could have information about a stolen piece of artwork. the man standing by the limousine is being called "limo man"-- police say another man walked up to him, and spoke to him for a few minutes. police say that other man was the one who swiped a glass vase from a gallery. the vase was found in a box the next day, about a half-mile away from where it was stolen. police say they just want "limo man" to come forward-- so he can help identify the suspect. hundreds of sailors --from all over the world-- are sailing from miami to havana, cuba for the very first time. the inaugural race started yesterday. sailors will go down to the keys -- then cross over to havana. 46 boats and more than 2-hundred people are sailing about 2-hundred miles in the race. the last official race from the u-s to
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it's officially the coldest day on record! some of the temps dropping into the 30s-- even the 20s! me king will have the details in your full forecast. plus-- a family is waking up with a huge hole in their home. troopers say a hit- and-run suspect... slammed his car into their home! we've live with the
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