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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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later on tuesday the medical examiner's office found he suffered injuries far more serious than someone who just fell. and so an investigation is now underway. this a picture of don't willbanks taken to the hospital monday morning, but later on that day he died. on tuesday, the medical examiner concluded the melbourne man's injuries were far more serious, and since police have no leads in this case, they need help. detectives did not have an opportunity to secure a crime scene. investigators are now searching for anyone who is out in downtown melbourne during the super bowl or afterwards who may have talked or seen him, who he was with. >> someone maybe had a drink with him and we're looking for anything we can to resolve this and either continue with a unattended death and if the m.e.
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of a case. >> possibly a homicide. >> could be but we cannot make that determination at this time. >> reporter: initially police were asking the public to help find this man who they believed was a witness in the area around the time willbanks was found in the parking lot but they did find him and unfortunately he did not have any information that could help officers. willbanks' family is here so police are asking if anybody has any information to please give them a call. in melbourne, fox 35 news. >> developing tonight. we have learned that the man who shot and killed two maryland sheriff deputies has a criminal history right here in central florida. we're talking about 6 -year-old david evans -- 68-year-old david evans, accused of killing two sheriff deputies, one in a restaurant and the other in a shootout. evans was al killed in the
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last year evans was accused of assaulting a police officer and driving with a stolen license tag on a suspended license. we're learning more about a central florida grandmother accused of dealing heroin. >> reporter: the dea tells us this home is one of three distribution points where heroin was being sold. as a result, almost a year-long investigation led to the arrest of ten members of a drug trafficking organization, including 74-year-old right lopez, she is wheelchair-bound. >> doesn't matter how old our how long. any of that is out the window. i've arrested anybody in my career from neurosurgeons to sanitation workers. >> today we went by the home in east orlando. neighbors say it's a quiet neighborhood that houses older people. perez-lopez was arrested at a
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>> selling heroin? [inaudible] >> the dea says otherwise. >> right lopez is one of the main distributors in the organization. she'sed in the main house. she was wheelchair bound and it's very unsettling. >> want to take you out to i-4. we have an accident. this is from the department of transportation cameras. this is some sort of accident, it's blocking the westbound lanes here at i-4. altamont, the unfinished building right there it's 436. by the altamont mall. i-4, an accident. no word on the injury situation but you can see they've got the i-4 westbound lanes blocked off. tonight, the search for a missing woman has taken a sad turn. authority says they no longer
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brim is alive and they're now focused on recovering her body. authorities are working with multiple agencies trying to assist in the search, including using reobvious brevard county. >> it's disheartingen when the evidence indicates the individual is no longer with us. our focus is holding the person responsible for this accountable, but also bringing closure to the family as quickly as possible. that's where we're focus evidence right now. >> brim was last seen january 19th. last known person to see her is 28-year-old nelson armas. they were seen riding in a car together. armas remains a person of interest and has been investigation. he is in the jail on an charge. >> new at 5:00, could help be on the way for florida schools? the governor is proposing more money for education, about that money would come because you
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mike synan is in the news room to explain how the senate wants to send more state money to schools. >> good evening. in the governor's budget the whole increase in spending comes from higher local taxes because your home is worth more. senators are calling that a tax hike, and they want to lower your property tacks. >> the governor wants to spend an extra $427 million on schools. the senate wants even more than that. >> that would require north of $500 million increase in local property taxes. >> a new plan the senate is considering would force the state, not locals, to pay for at least half of any increase in school funding. >> we have partnership with our local school boards and local property taxpayers and the funding of education, and if we do nothing, the state of florida this year would be a minority partner in the partnership. >> each year the state tells school districts how much the must charge in property taxes, called the required local
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>> you can call it a tax cut because it was reduction in a tax burden. >> many school districts charge more and have local sales tacks to help with school construction. the senate committee said yes to the proposal but not how to pay for it. >> 0 both the governor and the florida house say they don't want this formula for funding schools to change so the bill has a real uphill battle. the governor says it's good with a growing economy. that means your property values are up and therefore it's okay if your taxes increase a little. in the satellite center, fox 35 news. >> a car slams into an apartment complex. daytona beach police looking for a man who would into the townhomes on south palmetto dry. the car ran the stop signty intersection and slammed into the wall of the unit. people were home at the time but no one was hurt. police say the suspect then took off on foot.
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and her daughter are under arrest, charged with prostitution and child neglect. agents worked undercover and locate an ad they posed online. agents made arrange. s to meet the women at a residence and that's when the mother-daughter pair solicited them for six. the discovered cocaine and other drug pair fer naila, three children between theisms five and ten were found in the home. the kids have been placed in the custody of relatives. seminole county sheriff's office releasing video of a pursuit. deputies day the suspect took off after they say they tried to make a traffic stop. the suspect then pulled into a driveway and took off on foot. tried to hide inside another vehicle. the deputies found a loaded handgun, cocaine, marijuana, illegal prescription pills and more inside his vehicle. >> you decide.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking the stage in milwaukee. clinton hoping to shine after a narrow victory in iowa and hand dillly defeat in new hampshire. safe to say the gloves are off? we have basically split the last two primaries. as far as the issues, does hillary clinton -- she has to sort of walk a tightrope here. can't come at him and say you want this for free and health care and coverage and raise minimum wage, these are pie in the sky promises. if she says that she alienates the people she wants to win over. >> absolutely. she has to be the grownup, the bad guy, without being the actual bad guy and doing it very carefully. pulling up to the audience, senator sanders, how are you going to pay for a those programs and make college understandable and expand these
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she has to be delicate and gentle to make her sound more credible. >> how does the win people over? she has lost some of their more stalwart supporters. african-americans. now you're seeing it in her speeches now that she is going after african-americans. she lost women, losing young people. how does she win these people back? >> has to be' a philosophic change for her. people think she is too inauthentic and she needs to portray the story how she got where she is, her story involving her mom is water warming and she kneaded to add more hereto because she knows more than bernie sanders but people don't trust her and think she is an authentic person. >> some questions for bernie sanders, how does it play when
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, almost a -- new hampshire. >> everything is looking at the poll numbers. how can he bring over more of the establishment democrats, these people that are such hard core hillary clinton supporters, hey can convince the democratic party he can win the election with his policies as hard as they may sound to achieve. >> frank torres on twitter. follow him. >> we'll check in with our political analyst tonight after the democratic debate in our 11:00 newscast. we'll find out, well, who won the debate. always sort of a subjective thing. but who won the debate and what is in sore for both candidates. you can find all the political headlines on our web site, 24/7. >> a central florida family fuming tonight after their loved
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transportation official says a worker moved it. the damage left behind when a car slams into a medical office in brevard county. brooks? >> much less wind across central florida today and with the sunshine that let us warm up. look at tallahassee, 20 degrees
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the wa back tout 0 breaks news on i-4. a lousy time for this to go on. i-4, westbound lanes at altamonte, the mall-436 area. the lanes are closed with some sort of accident. not sure of what happened or the extent of any injuries. right now they're working to get
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you see eastbound lanes moving slowly as lookie lous close it down. >> just in orlando police arrested two suspected shoplifters caught on surveillance video. one man pulled a knife on security guards at a walmart on kirkman road last week. both suspects are juveniles. >> tonight at 5:00, families fuming. flagler county family members saying state workers removed their loved one's roadside memorials. >> reporter: in july, trial tracy was driving north in his truck on u.s. 1 here when witnesses say he was cut off, his truck flipped and crashed here. a day later his family set up this memorial. tyler tracy was just 21 when he died. he and his wife, brianna, had tied the knot just a few weeks before the accident. >> we had our honeymoon planned and we didn't go on, just a family trip. >> brianne in helped create the memorial.
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two-year-old daughter here so she can believe a balloon for -- leave a balloon for her daddy. >> we put it under a rock and then we let one balloon go and she writes on it. >> yesterday she got a call from the friend saying most of the memorial was gone. renee also got a call. >> i was devastated yesterday. absolutely devastated. >> her son memorial was picked apart heavily was killed while riding a motorcycle in 2012. >> my son rode motocross, and we made a memorial, a sprocket, and had it up here and that's what they took down. >> it was the florida department of transportation official who was driving in the area and had five roadside memorials in the area taken unall except the metal signs. we to a spokesperson. >> we understand people want to memorialize their life and we try to be very respectful of that's.
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hi families who want the roadside memorial. they said declarations ornaments are not allowed. while this families got back most of the things taken, they tell us they intend to fight this and get their own memorials put back. >> this is a place of grieving and they rip it down, and without any warning. >> kelly joyce, fox 35 news. >> chaos in brevard county when a vehicle crashes into a medical office. derrol nail has the latest. >> reporter: two expecters scheduled to be here at the medical and dental center and one would have a in a cheer just like this, point it out the window. fortunately both of them cancelled. one of them would have been in this office. you can see the collapsed shelf over to the side. even worse, though work have been the second one. this is right here at this chair. you can see where the car came in. and look at the cinderblock sitting in the middle of a chair
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>> the car was on top of the chair. >> dr. sosa was stunned at the wreckage caused by a patient, a 69-year-old cocoa woman. this morning she crashed through the building after accidently hitting the gas according to florida highway patrol. >> we had a cancellation this morning. >> if that patient had been in that choir. >> that patient would have been in that chair, and is -- it's awful to think about. >> reporter: her employee, hailey mulligan, was equally disturbed. she was inside preparing the room when she was called to the front desk by her coworker to taken a phone call. >> i went over to her and talked on the phone and then there's a car crashing through. >> a few seconds earlier and you might have been right there. >> possibly. >> grateful your weren't. >> yes, thank god. >> a wrecker pulled the car out
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the driver and patient charged with careless driving, but the dentist and owner says she wasn't dropping her patient because of it. instead she is filled with forgiveness and gratitude. >> i feel very, very grateful. someone was watching out for us. >> the den it tilt -- dentist estimates the damage is in excess of $50,000. fortunately all parties are insured and no one was hurt. fox 35 news. >> we have a fox alert tonight. dozens of people dead after a riot and a fire inside of a mexicoian prison. >> 52 people reported dead, 12 people injured? what is called the deadliest prison melee in years. no escapes were reported, so the fighting began around midnight. prisoners setting fire to a storage area, sending flames into the sky. rescue workers seen carrying
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burns, from the facility. >> a north dakota police officer is not expected to survive after being shot several times last night in fargo. authorities say the officer was responding to a report of domestic violence. upon the officer's arrival, several shots from inside the home hit him. a s.w.a.t. team and an armored vehicle retrieved the injured hospital, and took him to a hospital. unfortunately too late. the suspect was killed. officials say it wasn't clear if the suspect killed himself or died from police gunfire. >> a wicked winter storm hitting ohio, causing massive problems on the interstate. 16 people injured, dozens of collisions and cars and trucks. some vehicles were off the road and trapped under other vehicles. nobody was killed in the pileup. ohio, a place where they're good at driving in the snow. >> winter lasts five or six months up there. down here, active last couple of nights. nothing on the winter weather map behind us, and so that means
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chilly, but temperatures will stay above freezing and that that's good news overnight. take a live look outside, and just a minute. give you all those details. a high of 66 degrees. here's the interesting thing. average highs, low 70s the whole month of february, we have had no high temperatures in the 70s this month. good evening, i hope you're having a good thursday. temperatures unofficially 61 in melbourne, this evening, here's your forecast. dry skies, good star gazing. low temperatures in the i-4 corridor down into the mid-40s overnight. so another cool start tomorrow morning but we won't see widespread frost like we saw this morning. seasonal temperatures prevail. everybody should see temperatures within five or ten degrees of the low 70s for highs. the weekend looks sunny and mild. rain likely coming into play
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there's the live picture. this is our visit orlando tower cam. from the hyatt regency orlando, looking at the "orlando eye" and points all around the tourist district of central florida. the last few days, man, we have had gale force winds. tonight, not so bad. even a sea breeze right now in brevard county keeping temperatures cooler than everybody else. 60 in melbourne, mid-to-upper 60s inland and look at these. much warmer than this time yesterday except for brevard county. where you're the same with the sea breeze but ten degrees warmer in seminole. 14 degrees warmer in leesburg. right now, mild conditions prevailing. we'll ski a system dip down here saturday might but it will be dry and i think you'll like what is on the backside of the forecast. overnight tonight, lows in the 40s. again, about ten degrees warmer,
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friday, high of 74 degrees. saturday and sunday, sunny and mild. high temperatures mid-to-upper 60s. wouldn't surprise me to see some 70-degree readings. then next week, right where we should be. highs in the 70s and a good shot of showers monday and tuesday. >> protecting your identity. >> skimming is becoming a big problem in central florida and around the country. tell you what you can do to protect your cash. >> how the widow of a financial
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to help the family families >> activity on the i-4 crash we toldout about at altamont that blocked the web site lanes. this car is flipped over and looks like the crews are trying to right the car. flip it back over. and then get it out of there right now the westbound lines of i-4 -- this is a bad time of day to have westbound lanes blocked -- they're not going anywhere on i-4 westbound right now at altamont. we're watching the crews with sky fox as they're attaching some pulley system to -- guess they're going to back up the truck and try to pull the car over on its side. no word on injuries but has to be fairly significant wreck if
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we'll keep sky fox over the scene. some interesting video to see here. >> a health alert two new cases of the zika virus found in florida tonight. both in south florida. bringing the total number of cases in our state to 18. all of these are travel-related. two pregnant women in the u.s. who got the virus out of the country reportedly suffered miscarriages, federal officials had not previously reported miscarriages in u.s. travelers however there have been miscarriages reported in brazil. >> researchers found a new type of gene in women makes you more likely to gain weight. women from lower income families who had this gene were more likely to be overweight. however women with better social status with the same gene, less likely to be overnight. doctors say healthy diet and lifestyle plays a big role in your weight.
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protect yourself from skim. >> law enforcement discovering dozens of cases recently. ryan has how you can present yourself before the bad guys empty out your bank account. >> the age of convince made it easier for thieves to target you. >> most of the ones we have seen recently are placed very, very well, and even some of the clerks that do the gas pump inspections, they have not caught them. >> with one swipe of your card you could unknowingly become a victim in the past year, florida officials discovered close to 200 credit card skimming devices praised -- placed on gas pumps, last week, now kissimmee officials say the professional wings come from south florida but this map of the sweep shows it is a growing problem in central florida. six skimmers were found in brevard and orange county. five in osceola and three in volusia and lake counties, and
5:28 pm
you consider the state estimates $1,000 is taken from each victim of a skimmer and technology is making their job easier. >> we have seen blue tooth skimmers where they don't have to come back to retrieve them. they can just download the information from the bluetooth and they have the whole list of credit card numbers and don't need retrieve the skimmer. >> simple steps including paying inside and using pumps nearest the cashier. one big hurdle that faces law enforcement is many gas station does notes have cameras that capture faces or the video quality is poor. there's currently a bill making its way through the florida legislature hoping to change that. it would require gas stations to improve security measures and also increase penalties for offenders. many newer gas stations are already put something of those safeguards in place. look for the secure access key which makes it more difficult
5:29 pm
the state also estimates that each skimming device represents a $100,000 threat to the state of florida and its consumers. fox 35. >> a man accused of slamming his car into a home in central florida hauled into court. >> the new information that we just learn about a separate
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say he was involved february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt. $6 footlongs are a big deal. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling
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i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each... all february, at subway. |||` new at 5:00, it's been two years since orange county deputy scott pine was shot and killed on the job. >> now his widow is making sure that others who lose a loved one in the line of duty are taken care of. dana jay is live with why she is speaking with her tonight. >> reporter: hi, bob. families, friends, deputies gathering here where scott pine
5:32 pm
the same time his wife, bridget, and orange county lawmakers are working to change the law so that the families of fallen first responders get better benefits after they're killed. on this anniversary i spoke to bridget pine about the progress they're making. >> orange county deputy scott pine was given a heroes burial. after he was shot and killed, investigating a report of car burglaries. >> today is very hard. today marks the two-year anniversary of my husband's death, and me and my family are struggling. >> but bridget pipe and her family are also fighting to pass the scott pine law. these photos are from yesterday. she and her kids, meeting with the president of the florida senate, after lawmakers in that chamber passed the bill. >> it was amazing to watch the
5:33 pm
they did, and it unanimously, was amazing. >> bridget learned shortly after scott was buried that because he had chosen an investment plan instead of a pension plan, when he became a deputy in 2011, they would only get a one-time death benefit. the scott pine law would ensure the surviving spouse of a first responder who is killed in the line of duty, 50% of the first responder's pay for the rest of the spouse's life. >> these law enforcement officers that are out there protecting us and when we call them, they're there for us. they should have that sense of knowing that their families will be okay if something happens to them. >> so the deputy scott pine law
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it was lost there in the legislative shuffle last session so bridget pine tells me she is hopeful but also nervous this bill will actually become a law. reporting live, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> now that royal carribean's anthem of the seas ship is safely back at port the company is making a royal apology. the ship set sale -- sail last week from new jersey into a major stone in the atlantic. passengers were left to remain in their rooms while the ship was tossed around. some said waves up to 30 feet hire the president of royal caribbean says the cruise lining making changes. >> couldn't be are so 'er what happened on this anthem of the seas and the last cruise. our guested went through a terrible experience and something that shouldn't happen. they came to us for a dream vacation and instead got a
5:35 pm
that shouldn't happen. we don't want it to happen again and we're so sorry to them. >> officials say four passengers were minorly hurt. while the ship did also have damage. the passengers will get full refunds. >> we're learning more about the man who slammed into a central florida home forcing those people out. there's a separate hit-and-run crash he was arrest for. >> this islift of the house after 27-year-old clarence mcclendon crashed his car into it. he had his first appearance this morning. >> mr. mcclendon you're charged with fleeing and eluding. >> police say mcclendon was involved in a hit-and-run near colonial and i-4 were crashing his car into this house near downtown orlando. one witness we spoke to saw the house right after the crash. >> i was like, oh, my god, i hope there's nobody hurt in there no one was sitting in the
5:36 pm
>> no one was inside the room when the car crashed through the wall and no one living there was hurt. >> $7,500 on the bond, sir. >> emergency crews have deemed this house unsafe so the family who lives here will have to find another place to stay until it can be repaired. fox 35 news. >> valentine's day ushering in wedding season in central florida. >> we'll show you the biggest and hottest trends for tying the knot. >> huge scientific break through that's already changing how we see the universe. i've got the details coming up. >> that looks interesting. around here, all quiet weather-wise, guardian live weather radar, can't find any rain good news. we'll have the full forecast coming up. >> saving you money at the pump in the pump patrol.
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so you can stream confidently all around your home. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month for 12 months. breaking news, i-4 and at mont springs, the westbound side.
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a shot earlier show the car involved had flipped on its roof. the delays are already becoming a real, real mess out there. i-4, westbound, altamont springs, an accident partially blocking lanes, and we'll let you know -- actually completely closed. so expect major, major backups in the area of altamont springs, the westbound side. >> bun of those drivers like to go back in time and take 1792 on their way home. speaking of. >> speaking of which. >> an all-star international team of astro physicists, including some at the university of florida, making a huge discovery that einstein predicted 100 years ago. >> he was smart man. a huge step forward that scientist are likening to the mon landing. julie banderas has more. >> reporter: a game-changing
5:41 pm
einstein a century ago. scientist confirming the existence of gravitational waves. >> we did it. >> it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. the waves are ripples in the fabric of space time, the fourth dimension that combines time with the physical world. in this case, two black holes collided, sending out strong waves when they mercked. those waves were then detect bid the laser gravitational wave observatory. the most precise measuring instrument ever belt. >> exactly what you expect, what einstein's theory of general relativity would predict for two big massive objects like black holes, in spiraling and merging. >> experts day the discovery is a huge step forward in our understand hogue the universe works, because gravitational waves carry information about
5:42 pm
them will allow researchers to study distant features of the universe in new york, fox news. >> i totally understand everything in that. >> you were taking notes. >> i had to see enter stellar three or four times. but they talked about that. gravitational waves and traveling back in time. i have to watch it again. a lot of people tie the knot -- thinking about tying the knot. >> very romantic time. >> why the producers of the new "star wars" movie are now facing
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movie wa >> we have had some progress i-4 westbound. you can see back open here. they cleared the car that was flipped over, i-4 westbound right by the altamont mall. no word on injuries. had to be fairly significant to flip the car over but got the car filmed on its side and out of the way so traffic can continue. and it is, and everyone is anxious to get home on this thursday night.
5:46 pm
opera singers. new trend. >> david martin hit the exhibit under in orange county to get the scoop. >> let's have a party. >> but first let's check in with the experts on entertainment trends forked withings in 2016. straight from the exhibition floor of this special event. >> >> why not hire some opera singers to roam the cometail party. put some 6-0 pole people. >> you might put this in the kosher of the room. >> very good for registration or the beginning. people know it will be a great party. >> you can talk to surge, runs a local company who specializes in
5:47 pm
>> i'm the original living statue. i'm the one that invented the interactive statue in '94 so then i get to go to disney world for a trophy and then they love me so much they want me year-around so ask me to create a conroy and train people. >> if i want to hire a living statue for the wedding could i do that? >> you could, if you're rich enough. >> okay. perhaps you should spend your money on something a little more animated, like a flutter-fetti machine. >> if i rent that it what >> wow. people will be standing there saw. incredible. that's the statement you'll be making. >> that's part of the entertainment value and aing we people won't forget. >> i got it. you got it. let's shoot it. three, two, one. woo! >> then there's the game show.
5:48 pm
named after a president. >> washington. >> washington is absolutely correct. one point. >> the game show connection would turn any wedding reception into a fun one. >> has been a growing trend for many years and for weddings we do a bride's family against the groom's family and ask questions about the bridegroom. >> maybe the winner gets to join the honeymoon. that's creepy. in orlando, fox 35 news. >> i think i neat a flutter-fetti machine for the weather segment. that would be cool. thank you for joining us. what a difference a day makes. a couple of days. we have been so windy across florida, really kept the temperatures feeling chilly. today, less wind, more sun, highs into the 60s and that's where we stay right now.
5:49 pm
the next seven days for the most part. highs still within five or ten degrees, low to mid-7s so. lows within five or ten degrees of the throw mid-50s. the weekend looks sunny and mild, rain likely monday and tuesday. until then you don't need the umbrella. looks like a fantastic next few days. outside right now, 65 degrees, looking live from the visit orlando tower cam with the hyatt regency. sea breeze in brevard county, and everywhere else light and variable winds near the is. a-1-a, inland, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s. 70 tuesday to the west. bourbon street and houston that warm is going spread east. tonight, 40s, and then tomorrow, southwest winds bring the warm. tomorrow and saturday, winds northerly. this is a very weak front.
5:50 pm
temperatures for highs back down into the 60s for the mos part this weekend, but i don't see any true real cold air and then we see some rain coming as we head towards monday and tuesday. overnight tonight, great star gazing. clear skies, mid-40s. tomorrow, 74 degrees to end out the work and school week. warming nicely with plenty of sunshine. maybe just a jacket is all you'll need, and then monday and tuesday, come around, highs back into the 70s with good chances of rain. >> the produce opens the new "star wars" movie are facing
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
>> all connected to an early >> the stories hot online right now. christian charges filed in the extent that injured harrison ford during the making of "star wars: the force awakens." british authorities issued criminal charges against the producers. ford was hit by a hydraulic door on the set of the millenam falcon. crew members are charged with four breeches of workplace health and safety laws. a hearing is set for may. >> what to sail the tie tappic part 2? a replica of the ship is set to launch in 2018. the updated version, the safe
5:54 pm
australian billionaire, fully modernized, nine stores, 2400 passengers and 900 crew members. >> i hear it's unsinkable. >> i heard that once before. >> wait a minute. a central florida family hitting the road for an almost excellent adventure. >> we caught up with the couple and their eight children hours before they hit the road to some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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a local family on the road for an epic adventure. they're take their six children for a year-long trip in their rv. >> eight total. >> we caught up with them this morning. >> what if they get a pet. >> we're going to head happy to pap handle and have a place to camp there probably just for a few days. we're in no rush. we'll take our time and really just slow hi head out west, we know it's cold out there, and just kind of go around to
5:57 pm
around the top, and then make our way around through the center states. >> now, you and your hubby sleep in the master bedroom. this converts into a bed. >> the girls sleep here in the bed and then the couch folds out and that's where the three boys sleep, and then the baby sleeps in her pack n play. >> that is pack n play. it's packed in here but you have resources allocated appropriately. >> we do. we saved for a couple of years so we have money in reserve and also have jobs line up in some states we're traveling to. so it's nice and we have more people outpouring to us of future jobs coming up in different states. so we can play a little bit, work a little bit, play a little bit. it's going to be really good for our family. >> and they're going to see every state park and national park. you decided leesburg is not home. you want to leave and maybe set up camp, a home somewhere else and that's the mission of the trip to maybe find a new location for your growing family. >> exactly.
5:58 pm
find a state with land that we say -- just feel like, this is home, where we are supposed to build a simple home, as a family. we can live in our rv while we're building a home, and that will be where we end up. we're not sure where that will be yet. >> i know, i'm making my prediction right here. montana. >> maybe. that would be awesome. we'll find out. >> we'll follow them and you can, too. >> just go to www.simple and. >> it is a simple life and they're heard are huge. you have been wonderful sharing your time. good luck. we're counseling on all of you to report back to us and give us some good news. >> absolutely. thank you. >> thank you. >> like a try it before you buy it for the united states. >> pretty cool. >> that is nice. >> we wish them the best of luck. >> up next, a new resort could be coming.
5:59 pm
plus, nascar legend carl edwards plus, nascar legend carl edwards heads to the space coast and we're with him as he sees the space shuttle for the first time. >> an update on the dancing dogs. ginger rogers. we'll tell you where cocomeme i intnto o ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke f foror hahandnd-d-dipippeped d mimilklkshshakakeses.. bebetttterer y yetet,, cocomeme i intnto o ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke f foror hahandnd-d-dipippeped d mimilklkshshakakeses rr rr atat h halalf-f-prpricice e duduriringng rr hahalflf-p-priricece h hapappipierer h houour,r, weweekekdadaysys, , nonow w twtwo o toto f fivive e atat s steteakak ' 'n n shshakake.e. ththe e fofourur d dolollalar r memenunu atat s steteakak ' 'n n shshakake.e.
6:00 pm
ststeaeakbkbururgegersrs,, alall-l-bebeefef f fooootltlonongsgs a andnd f frereshsh guguacacamamolole e mamadede f frorom m scscraratctch.h. ththe e fofourur d dolollalar r memenunu, , whwherere e alall memealals s arare e unundeder r fofourur d dolollalarsrs,, atat s steteakak ' 'n n shshakake.e. >> want to start right here. the news out of altamont springs and seminole county. traffic is moving again.


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