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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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pc@ p >> and our top story tonight, a man accused of killing two sheriff deputies in maryland has
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and holly bristow joining us live from the studio with the details here. holly? >> reporter: their officers noted a car parked in the back part of a parking lot behind a business that was closed at the time when officers approached, they found a man that had been sleeping in the car and when the officer started asking questions mate pland -- maitland police said that they took off. >> they have their minds and their hearts on what happened in maryland yesterday. >> pretty frightening. >> reporter: one deputy walks up to a disshelved looking man sitting in a -- to ask what he was doing when a suspect who was identified as david evans pulled out a gun and shot the deputy in the hand -- >> he was -- he was pat bailey, senior, deputy and patrick veteran. >> after flying the scene, deputies found him sitting in the parking lot of a retirement
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deputy was shot and killed. >> a second deputy that was lost yesterday and mark wahlston. >> evans had a warrant out sfor his arrest there in maryland and one here in orange county, florida. >> it's our belief that because he knew there was a warrant out for his arrest and what the ultimate outcome of that encounter would be would be of his arrest and that's why he took the action of a police officer. >> according to this report from maitland pd, one of his officers approached a car that was parked for the night. they asked him what he was doing there and evan said he had worked there and had arrived early and was napping. >> he was very nervous, jittery, giving every different information when he was asked questions about where he worked. >> then he says his officer was calling his tack number into discatch and evans abruptly
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>> evans fled the scene and drove erratically. >> the maitland officer pursued him for a short distance. >> i believe he's wreckless, erratic, all over the roadway and whatever he could a do to get away from the scene. >> he had just appeared as though evans had driven a stolen car, the officer turned off his lights and sirens and ended his pursuit after positively identifying him, they put out a pd for his arrest. >> the lieutenant is heart broke ten to hear that they responded to his brothers in uniform with deadly force yesterday. >> big tragedy for law enforcement altogether. we just don't know what they're going to encounter. >> so far this year, there have been ten law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and i'm told that the officers remind themselves that they always have to be on guard regardless of where they are. holly bristow, fox 35 news. hall 55, thanks. the fox 35 weather authority is nearly over and -- at least for a few days.
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things will get a little bit warmer and we have no weather advisories to report tonight. last night, a couple of frost advisorys but a couple of different stories. >> by the way, we're going to be back in the 70s, so quit our griping, okay. hey, brooks? >> reporter: good evening, you can see behind me, the last few nights, we've had freeze warnings, frost advisories, and even some hard -- advisories to the north and temperatures, as a matter of fact, predominantly low 50s and even some upper 40s and starting off in the 40s for tomorrow morning but then look, plenty of sunshine and warm west winds and high temperatures back. we'll have the full forecast coming up. >> there you can track the weather 24-7 by down loading our free weather app or go to the google play store and you can also just text to android or iphone at --
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saved by the bell, a bell to make student recess mandatory in schools in the state of florida and it's in trouble. tiffany teasley is from the satellite center with more on this. tiffany? >> reporter: since the bill was introduced in december, it's moved fairly quickly to the house but on the senate side it's now reached a bit of a road block. >> we need to do something about this now and i long overdue and these kids have been given a break. >> across the state of florida, these so-called recess moms are passionate about making sure their kids are given an adequate recess during the school day. >> they focused and they retain information better and behavioral issues go down, not to mention that on the play ground where is they learn social skills. >> we all have that benefit of children and i think that children today still deserve that. >> last year they pushed for recess policy in orange county schools. when that didn't work, they went
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>> as far as the house is concerned, we've moved through very quickly and we were put on agendas pretty fast and then each consecutive week we were put on the additional following agenda. >> until now, the bill which would mandate 20 consecutive minutes of recess in florida public elementary schools has reached a road block in the senate. since it hasn't been put on the agenda by senator john lew. we spoke with the sponsor of the bill, senator darren soto over the phone and i heard -- reached out to -- and to voice your support and our kids obviously need more time to be able to play and exercise and make sure to relax their minds a little bit through the stay of -- learning. >> soto says it is still possible for the bill to move forward through an alternative route and they say that they'll continue to push for play time.
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fight, even harder, and work harder to the bind the other avenue. >> we have all thought of really long roads and we're not giving up now. >> and we did try to reach out to the senator for comment but we did not hear back. tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. >> developing tonight, the search for a missing woman has unfortunately taken a grim the term. -- turn. authorities believe that she's no longer alive so they're now searching for her body. she was last seen 20 weeks ago. armas was believed to be the last person to see her alive and he's also in the county jail on an unrelated charge. >> in brevard county; people got quite the scare this morning when an suv pulled right into an office and right into the exam room. officials say a 69-year-old woman and a patient of the office is to blame saying that she actually hit the gas pedal,
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thankfully, no one got hurt and the woman has been charged with careless driving. the lawmakers in the house approved a nearly $1 billion-tax cut package. the republican controlled house approved cuts that include a one year sales exemption on college text books and holiday on back to school and a one day tax package. it would help to grow the state's economy while critics say that money could be used in other ways. >> always when you lower taxes, you get more -- we're useing taxes alms creates more jobs. >> it's pretty sad that this -- house passed a tax back and giving a lot of money back to people that in my view don't need it and leaving a lot of people behind to pay important bills. >> the senate hasn't said how
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these tax cuts but both chambers would need to compromise on the overall package. we'll keep you posted. >> a fat anniversary for deputies today. he was shot and killed on the job. the deputy lost his life while he was investigating a report of car burglaries and tonight his family and fellow deputies gathered to remember the life that was takeen too soon. dana jay reports. >> the first of the candles to honor scott pine lit by his daughter haley. she's the oldest of of the three children and she found her voice tonight to remember her daddy. >> in heaven, he was a cool dad -- my dad is watching us from heaven. i love him. >> reporter: he was killed two years ago in the line of duty at this park where officers from across orange county gather to remember him. i spoke to scott's wife bridget a few hours before the gathering about why this night is so important to her.
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and celebrate his life again. >> there's one way the pine family is honoring scott and another is by fighting for the deputy scott pine, which has changed his retirement system for first responders killed in the line of duty. >> before he was a deputy, scott pine was an investment banker. bridget learned shortly after scott died that because he chose an invest. plan, rather than a pension plan, when he joined the a state's retirement system, they would only get a one-time life benefit. it's a financial hardship that some lawmakers to want fix. yesterday, flat senate passed a bill called the scott pine law. >> it was amazing to watch the senate honor my husband the way they did, and to pass it unanimously with amazing -- was amazing. >> the bill would guarantee that
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first responder who was killed in the line of duty gets 100% of that first respond issue's -- responder's pay for the rest of the life. >> and those who are out there protecting us and when we called them, they're there for us, and they should have that sense of knowing that their families will be okay if something happened to them. >> the bill now goes to the house where it got caught up in political wranglings last year. the -- he urged the lawmakers not to let that happen again. >> in the house -- >>. >> there's still negotiation, if you will, that is going on on the backs of thesis law enforcement officers who paid the ultimate sack raw fils and they're now looking at overall opinion and much reform. >> the law could mean his legacy of helping otherslize on --
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n.or lan 2c0e, dana 1y5i, fox 35 news. coming up, he's still on top of the polls right now, and billion airport donald trump is now making his way to florida before the big primary in south carolina this weekend. we have a live report on the big rally happening in tampa. and there's a way to get cash -- for all of that clutter inside your house. we'll show you how to use a new app and 3 d printers, saving the
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we'll show you how they're using the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> florida's 99 delegates. at the university of south
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and hey --. >> reporter: hey, bob. donnell trump is certainly thinking about that big prize. he knows that a win here in florida would be a big fire wall against jeb bush and marco rubio, and tonight, marco rubio made clear that he also knows what the stakes are. he's studying for the biggest show in republican politics -- >> i can't wait till he sees the guys that i'm going to be voting for president. >> he's prepping to protest. >> i do not agree with the statements and that i am, and for everybody that he's attacking. >> the trump show, it's very much in town. >> someone that walks just by and they're not trump supporters but they're going to their side. >> trump held a rally in louisiana thursday night and even though more than a dozen other states will vote before our primary on march glaevnth, florida is the first win or take
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jeb bush or marco rubio. trump is already ahead in state- wide polls. >> that's where he's trying to build momentum early before rubio are -- >> but rubio tried out a new one liner in south carolina today which he may or may not use again. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience -- >> it's not foreign policy experience. >> so will trump respond to that friday. fox 13 political editor says trump may bring a new version of himself, one not shy to respond but forms with cleaner language. >> he may try to scale back the colorful language if not the course language because evangelical voters will be turned off by it. >> reporter: he lickeds trump because he started out as the anti-politician.
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a lifetime. >> there are more tickets than seats, bob, so that could mean there are plenty of people who are out here whowide wind of disappointed because this is first come, first serve. >> and an actual bank -- adam, we appreciate it very much, by the way, we went to catch up with some of the other republican candidates, former florida governor -- thank you. and slammed first runner donald trump in front of voters in florence, south carolina, today. >> and the question for people in south carolina, who do you want sitting behind the big did desk when that happens? do you want an entertainer in chief? someone who will say whatever he wants to -- you know, to make it all about him? or does he want someone who has been tested? because if you do, i'm your man.
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you. >> mr. bush went on to say that we need a serious person who has proven leadership. >> john kasich had an interesting moment in myrtle beach. someone asked him if he'd be willing to serve as vice president. >> no, no, no, listen, in this business of politics, the time you start thinking ahead of yourself, you've really lost it. >> the republican candidates had another debate and evan said in south carolina on saturday, the g.o.p. primary in south carolina february the 20th, the democratic primary would be a week later. stay tuned to fox 26 news. we'll have the very latest. >> a medical break through in 3 d. local researchers are using 3 d printers to help a baby's -- put babies' broken hearts back together. they walked through the amazing research that happened right in
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>>. >> everything is great -- >> and the doctor came in and specialist -- >> the specialist confirmed -- >> i just lost it. he had a heart defect and. >> they're wrong; they don't know what they're talking about. >> he's one in every 100 way bees born. he had a heart defect. within hours of birth, he was there for a 14-hour surgery. we didn't see him go back, and touched his arm and legs and walked away and went to the waiting room. >> this is 3 d printed hope for babies like reason un. it's a recreation -- ronan. it's a recreation that she helped make in a university of florida research lab.
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>> patients specific -- you. >> doctor the doctor runs the project at ucf -- >> it completely fits the -- and fits into the -- where disease is happening. >> the idea gives surgeons a real word look at a patient's heart with one of these before they have to open up that patient. >> we're learning stuff all the time. >> it's a pediatrician surgeon at arnold palmer children's hospital and he actually delivered little ronam mckay and he -- >> any step we can eliminate so that we can get right down to the repair negotiation in and know exactly how we're going to connect a to b, and b to c.
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>> to know they have a broken smart and that's how i could fix it, and i could -- he could live a pretty normal life, that's the miracle. >> these 3 d hearts offer hope those miracles until crease. >> 3 d printing has taken to us an entirely new level. >> -- >> it's pretty incredible. >> fox 35 news. >> still ahead, he wants to decriminalize pot. and an orange county commissioner is raise something eyebrows. >> clear skies overnight tonight and also, we'll be seeing some interesting weather in the next 48 hours. your accuweather forecast is coming up. >> and we'll show you how to
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house >> david martin is doing the same thing, universal, and they got the big mardi gras thing going -- >> and oh, my goodness, you get on some of those floats and you were checking the -- >> and high temperatures in the upper 60s and it'll feel more like you're in the 70s and this is interesting. >> believe it or not we've not
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the first four days of the month we were in 80s and since then, we've had highs in the 50s and 60's just like today. and tomorrow we'll be in the 70s. upper 30's and low -- 40s and low 50s. we're going to continue to see seasonal temperatures talking about normal to mid-february and maybe a little warmer and maybe a little cooler but no severe cold like we've seen in the last four or five days. the weekend, sunny and mild and it looks like we will be seeing some rain coming into play and late monday into tuesday of next week, but let's just worry about that then outside right now, then, what a nice evening we have going on right now. the few from the amway center, 52 degrees, and southwest winds at six and still have the heaters on the amway center and cool spots, interesting, 48 in melbourne, and we expect it in one of the cool spots, 48 degrees there and mild in the i-
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the mid-50s and even 52 degrees right now had gainesville but right now, much normal than it was last night and even 13 degrees warmer in gainesville and 18 degrees warmer and -- this time last night. now around the southeast, a couple of things going on and here in the deep south, mild air back towards texas and louisiana is going to work its way tomorrow. highs in the 70s, and extreme cold, it looks like it's going to stay in the northeast and they could be seeing some long- time records being broke then weekend with some very cold air. tomorrow, southwest wins glor gloereous temperatures in the 70s and over the weekends, we do start to see the north winds come into play but the good news the cold air stays to the north as well and high temperatures will be in the 60s and then, again, we'll keep an eye out for some rain -- >> and school week. >> clear, chilly, clear stargazing, lows in the 40s and
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the first time for the musn't of february. highs back into the 60s, and high temperatures back into the 70s to start next week with some rain as well. >> thank you, sir. authorities say that an ordinary that grocery store in orlando was actually -- for something illegal. >> found out how a massive operation was busted wide open.
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1792 and east -- in castle bury >> actually it was a frame for something illegal. >> thousands of dollars were won in luck inside that holden avenue -- >> and it looks like a business on the outside. but inside, agents say it was a gambling house and slot machines and several customers had no idea. >> i didn't know anything. >> we talked to nba director about the alleged gambling situation and he said an undercover agent and went placed bets -- >> -- bets.
10:32 pm
>> and if you want to get paid off -- >> franklin trinidad rodriguez and they're charged with racketeering, maintaining a place for gambling and book making and they say a fourth suspect charlie trinidad is still on the run. >> and they went into the store to get their side of the story but no one wanted to comment. >> and it doesn't sfris me, though, and -- very nice, anything like that. >> he says it's important that gaming is regulated or someone could take advantage of a person. >> as long as he could be rigged there and he goes into a regulated legal casino -- and those machines are checked because they're such danger -- there's such danger in gambling for laundering money, for taking van of pee that you feel that is regulated. >> agencies and computer gaming equipment hoping to find out how much money was betted on and how many people participated.
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news. >> fox 35 health alert tonight. there are now 18 cases of the zika virus in florida and got a map showing you exactly the seven counties that are affected santa rosa, miami dade, and st. john's. flat department of health says all 18 cases are travel related. we knew that the people who caught the muss keatee -- mosquito borne virus then travelled back to florida. the zika virus can cause mild fevers, skin rash, con jung five -- con jung i have ities, and -- conjunctivitis, and none of the confirmed cases that we've seen so far in florida involve pregnant women. this afternoon, the centers for disease control and prevention held a conference call with the florida hospital workers discuss the spread of the zika virus. >> developing tonight, the race for orange count a commission on the east side. it's heating up with new candidates and a new idea.
10:34 pm
people when they're caught with just marijuana. fox 35 mike synan has the details. >> the new candidate is tim mckinney a long time advocate for the homeless. >> i've been discouraged to see residents throughout east orange county, chlorine drive, university area and even in downtown with the chronic homeless issue just being completely involved with the current county commissioner. >> the new comes with property manager greg eisenberg and he wants to stop arresting people -- >> your first time, that's going to be under $250 and your second time, that's going to be a little bit higher. that's going to be $500 and if you get to that third time, then you're -- you're obviously a multiple atender and something more drastic that needs to get done. >>@ eisenberg takes it -- >> it happened ten years ago, and -- >> his new opponent agrees that
10:35 pm
if the sheriff is on board. >> in several areas, the juvenile justice, this issue is -- we should look at several citations as an alternative u.both men looking at people with 20 grams of pot citations would save the county and the taxpayers time and money. >> when they're taking their time in making arrests, that takes more of their time, more of their focus and when i think there are bigger issues that are brave men in blue and brave women in blue, they could be -- >> he's the man that already holds the seat, he declined comment on the story and his new opponent. >> mike sign an, fox 26 news. >> it does go pretty hard, and today those two worlds collided. >> and he takes a special tour. that's kennedy space center. >> and coming up on fox 35 news
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with presidential hopefuls -- >> just read them. >> and this time of year, manatees are always searching for food in places to stay warm. we're going to tell you where you can see manatees like this one poking his head out of the
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we'll b
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federal investigators are launching a second search of el faro. a from it ship sank near the bahamas last october. the authorities with the national transportation safety board are still hoping to recover the black -- black box to figure out what happened in the first place. it's after losing engine power and getting caught. all 33 people on board died. that two-week long expedition set to begin in april. two flagler county families upset with the florida department of transportation after they say those officials removed roadside memorial meant for those families dah sats deceased. >> the florida department of transportation took down part of their memorial flights and now when they were memorializing their loved ones. according to the florida department of transportation,
10:40 pm
that basically says you can have the metal marker there that says drive safely and letting people know that you have a loved one that died there but when you add somebody else, they feel for these families but it's something they have to keep up. if you could have this kind of stuff that's not on the right of way and it's back further on property, then you might be okay but at this point, they say the families will not be allowed to put their stuff back. >> and osceola county, a mother and daughter arrested, charged with prostitution and child neglect, among other things. >> osceola narcotics agents say they work undercover and located an ad that this duo posted on line. they made arrangements to meet a woman in her residence and that's when the mother and daughter got the pair, allegedly solicited them for sex. they found drugs and drug pair fair nail yeah. the kids -- paraphernalia. >> he used to speak around the
10:41 pm
end carl edwards played tourist at kennedy space center. our adam shadoff was there. >> and get a real taste of speed. >>. >> to be here and be able to speak to him, this this is cool -- >> maybe equally cool for an astronaut like jerry ross who has flown seven space shuttle missions making them the record holder for most space flights to meet a driver like edwards in a store he has a lot of respect for. >> for carl edwards, that begins friday for practice for the spring cup unlimited. >> if you'd like more stories, check out our website fox 35 and maybe some clutter laying around your house right 2340u7. and we're going to tell about
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to take pictures of all that cluter and then post it on line for cash. brooks? >> interesting. looking outside our weather window, it's a fine evening
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th some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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>> i -- >> and brand new -- >> and tony foster is cleaning on the. >> and look at what i found in the garage. >> and hoping to cash in. >> this is just taking up space. >> after dozens of donations to charity, this lifestyle blogger is starting the new year -- >> this is 120 -- >> with a due project -- >> i am an empty nester at this point, and kind of have like a lot of stuff and kind of willing to part with. >> a whole clean-up. at this time, she's doing it digitally.
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>> he's with five mile, the app designed for community commerce. >> you're actually buying and selling from a neighbor. >> reporter: while you can expand your search reel, five miles is what you might need. it's free with no transaction fees. >> leave lots of details to minimize questions and start selling. tanya did and -- >> i did great. i sold a lot of stuff. i made 165 in cash. >> two weeks later, had more cash and less clutter. >> to me, the fishing rod was the first thing that went. >> she said be flexible. >> kind of a bartering system and find something with $50 and they made me a comment that would say hey, and i would like my item. i got rid of it quickly and i got great money. i got cash in hand. >> and the details. >> so, for example, if you have a handbag, go ahead and measure the handbag and say it's 12 inches tall by 11 inches wide, and it's a great color, perfect for fall.
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doesn't sell -- >> surprisingly the sunglasses didn't sell. >> you may rediscover why you fell in love -- >> i pulled them back out and i started wearing them. >>. >> reporter: in the first place. the five miles app is free for both ios and android, a link to it and tanya's lifestyle blog there. i'm steve noviello, that's my two cents. spend it wisely. if you like more details on the app, go to five miles app. that's the number finally a warm-up and we complain when we get the cold and we complain when it's too hot, not we, maybe, but as floridians, you know. we have a hard time adjusting to this chilly weather >>what they're going to be seeing this weekends in places like boston, new york, even down to washington, we're going to be seeing some long-time cold weather records broken for us --
10:48 pm
40s and 50s and last night, we were talking about windchills, and not too bad at all and look at these 24-hour temperature changes. tallahassee, jacksonville, pensacola and double digits warmer than where we were 24 hours, temperature-wise and the cool spot in the state, 48 degrees right now, and melburne, brevard county and good evening, everybody, thanks for joining us this evening and seasonal temperatures will prevail and weekends looks sunny and mild and rain will be likely monday and tuesday until we hit the brand new working -- i think we can leave the umbrellas at home and we can leave the winter homes for the most part and still need a jacket. 52 declarations and from our tower cam and showing the tourist district, and again, the last few days, we've had gusty west winds, right now -- and lights winds and when we do have a couple of breezes, southwest and that's going to help warm us up all the way through tomorrow
10:49 pm
tomorrow and the first time we're in the 70s in the months of february, and it's kind of interesting, and cool spots right now in brevard county and what we do expect it and bsh -- right now kissimmee and look at that, in houston, new orleans and this warm air it's going to overspread florida as we go through date tomorrow, and highs in the 70s. the very frigid air stays to the north and as a matter of fact, even strengthens over the weekend and it could be seen -- seeing temperatures staying below freezing for spots in new england and mid-atlantic for about three consecutive days. thankfully not us, just clear skies today and clear skies tonight and same thing tomorrow over the weekend and maybe just a couple of clouds and it's going to be delightful. okay, overnight tonight, lows about ten degrees warmer than where we were last night, mid- 40s and then tomorrow, after a
10:50 pm
plenty full sunshine, 74 degrees, and the high tomorrow. >> over the week saturday and sunday, both days some sun, and mild conditions. highs in the 50s and then next week, highs back into the 70s and seasonal conditions with rain chances monday and tuesday. and we'll be right back. >> gina here with a look at your i 4 forecast and it is the end of the week. there are a lot of projects do that wrap up. the first one i want to tell you about on i-4 west and we've had one lane closed all week long until 5:00 am and this work wraps up tomorrow morning and some good news here, and we've had work from the 4:36 all the way to the -- and we've had two left lanes and this actually continues until the end of the month so just be aware if you're travel through this area, and remember, you can actually check out traffic and construction on
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to download the fox 35 weather app, check out android the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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-- >> number three -- >> a fox 35 follow-up on an adorable dog we brought you last night. the family has now stepped forward to adopt ginger roger, from orange county animal services in orlando. this talented sweetheart can dance on its two behind legs. talk about a happy dance. >> number two -- [ music ] the pop groups performs tomorrow. the concert starts at 7:00 pm in the walt disney theater. >> number one -- >> and authorities will buy your unwanted guns tomorrow in orlando. no questions asked.
10:55 pm
pm at the orange blossom trail development board. anyone turning in a real firearm gets a 50-dollar gift card. again, no questions asked and no id required. and that's tonight, old town countdown. >> the planned demolition of a parking garage in texas didn't go quite as planned. check out this video. >> you can see it coming down, crashing down, almost on top of the excavator doing the work. crews says that the parking gra you know came down much faster than expected and all though -- although the demolition was botched. the excavator walked away without being hurt. >> plans have been pushed back a bit.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> turning tonight on social media, there is -- there is a new sail date for the titanic ii. it will set sail in 2018. australian billionaire is behind this project to recognize that stairway. it's actually renderings from the titanic ii blue star line website. it will be ably to carry 2,000 passengers and yes, there will be life boards on -- life boats on board. it san okay its madeen voyage
10:59 pm
fate, he will take a different route entirely from china to die due by. a in man in jail accused of trying to blackmail underage girls into sending him inappropriate details coming up. >> two deputies shot and killed in maryland. the suspects with ties to central florida. more on the run-in that he had with local police and a mandatory recess bill nearing its final bell. we're going to find out why time is running on it to get it through the state senate and hundreds of manatees leaving leaving the government for warmer waters. a viral video that shows one of the massive animals grabing a quick bite. . an accused cop killer connected to central florida and the man had run-in with a local officer less than a year before wednesday's deadly -- in florida. and now in the studio with more on what happened during that orange county interaction.
11:00 pm
police say that one of their officers saw a par every car suspiciously killed when an officer approached, he found the man sleeping inside and when that officer started asking questions, david evans took off. >> like police departments across the country, maitland police have their arms and their -- >> pretty frightening. >> investigators say one deputy walks up to a disshelved looking man sitting in a panera to ask what he was doing when the suspect who has been identified as 67-year-old david evans pulled out a gun and shot the deputy in the head. >> it was lost yesterday, and pat bailey, senior -- deputy, and patrick daily, and he's a 30 -year veteran. >> after fleeing the scene, did ups found evans sitting in his car, in the parking lot of a retirement home and that's when another deputy was shot and killed. >> the second deputy that was lost yesterday work the senior deputy -- >> investigators say that evans


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