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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  February 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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blackberry farm foundation x in the panda pandemonium, there is cars, bodies, the officers can't make heads or tails of what's going on, and the shooter slipped away. >> complex situation tonight. investigators looking into a deadly triple shooting mere bethune-cookman university in daytona beach. fox 35 has live coverage of the shooting, the latest, one student dead, two others hurt after a shooting at an off
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>> we learned the suspect turned himself in. police say the suspect's name is corn bread. his real name, lamont postell. police tell he's not a student. >> the shooting took place at the indigo lakes golf club in daytona beach east of interstate 95. that's about four miles west of the university. tracy jason covering the investigation and spoke with the police chief. >> reporter: this was the scene at 1:00 this morning at the indy low lakes golf club, a big response after party with more than 200 people here turned deadly. >> my officers were on patrol last night in the subdivision and saw cars parked all over the place, and they did research and discovered that there was a frat party there. they held themselves out, tried to get the cars moved, and all of a sudden a fight comes flying out of the doors of the clubhouse, and within a matter of seconds three shots rang out. >> reporter: this is the man police issued an arrest for on first degree and attempted
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lamont postell. police say when that fight broke out, postell got a gun and started shooting. daytona beach police tell me the first victim donkevias donmar died at halifax medical center this morning. the other two victims, 21 year old tre williams listed in stable condition and a female justine cunningham listed in critical condition. police tell us all three victims attend school at bethune-cookman. we spoke to junior kerr kersten. >> it's schad, but i'm safe. that's all that matters. >> reporter: as members of the golf club arrived earlier today, many a expressed their shock that the shooting erupted at their club. police say the shooter is not a student at bethune-cookman. they believe he lives in miami. >> basically you got someone who is on the run.
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>> again, the suspect now in custody. fox 35's tiffany teasely continues live team coverage. she joins us from bethune-cookman with more on the victim. tiffany. >> reporter: obviously a very somber day here on the campus of bethune-cookman as students mourn the loss of sophomore student donkevias johnson who was face alley shot at that party early this morning. this is a photo of johnson in the bethune-cookman athletics web side on last season's football roster. he tried to walk on the team here at bethune-cookman. they say he was a sophomore psychology student with a 3.0 gpa from belle glade florida university officials say the school community is heartbroken. >> we're saddened. we're very saddened by this tragedy that hit our campus, and we're just in prayer, and we're praying for the family and praying for the community and
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in support of the families and their loss. >> reporter: we're told those other two victims who were also students who were here at bethune-cookman, tre williams and justine cunningham are still hospitalized. university officials say this was not a university sanctioned party. they also say they will be offering grief counselors for students. reporting live tonight from daytona beach, tiffany teasely, fox 35 news. thanks. home in the woman living there says this isn't even the first time it happened. the crash happened last night on candle wick drive and suntree. the car stopped in the woman's kitchen. the homeowner says she is grateful she wasn't there when it happened. but neighbors say they worry about this happening repeatedly. >> where that car went if you would have been home --
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been dead. >> the neighbors are great but this is intolerable. you can't sleep and rest well at night knowing that at any minute somebody could just come through the hedges and plow into the house. >> the homeowner says this is the fourth time something like this happened. right now it's not clear what caused the latest crash. brevard county officials say the driver was not hurt. this next one is only on fox, an update, exclusive photos of a family reunion. >> 3-year-old glander quigley in the care of his grandmother after police say his mother took off with him. i spoke with tammy who was providing us exclusive access to their first embrace. >> it was amazing. >> sharing these exclusive photos with fox 35. it's the moment she was reunited with her 3-year-old grandson, zander quigley, after a three
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his mother ran off with her son and convicted felon boyfriend, gathery gather gary bullock. tammy is the paternal grandmother. she drove 14 hours through a snowstorm to pick him up. >> i got him and he hugged me and i hugged him and it was like the best hug i ever had in my life. >> she is on her way back to pennsylvania where her son william will pick up zander. he is driving to meet her in pennsylvania. she says it's a comfort to know her family can rebuild. >> my son will, you know, have his son back. so that's a major part of it. >> the entire incident came out of left field, but now that she has zero grandson safe and sound she is ready to move forward. >> there was never any issues actually with our families, other than this happening. so it will be nice to have everything back to normal basically. >> the father, frank car, agrees.
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to move on and kind of work through and sort through the mess that we're in, and try to understand what happened and deal with it. >> now, xander doesn't understand what happened. she is just grateful to have him back. a news alert, an investigation underway after a deadly car crash in brevard county. the crash happened on us-1 north of kings highway. investigators say a car was driving northbound when it hit a person walking on the highway. state troopers say the pedestrian was found dead at the scene. troopers have not identified the victim. of course, we're gearing up for nascar racing tonight here on fox 35. we're live at daytona international speedway where cars are already on the track. adam. >> reporter: yeah, you might be able to hear them behind me right now, it's the lucas oil 200 going on on the track as we speak.
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separate sprint car cup practice sessions for the daytona 500. those went pretty well. your leader is the reigning champ, joey lagano. he got around in 145.933 miles per hour, right behind him, drafting situation was brad keselowski. so those were the fastest cars on the track. kyle busch was fifth in the final practice. as for dale earnhardt, jr. 193.823 miles per hour. he lead the morning session but he was 11th in the second, and final practice session in the afternoon. let's hear from joey logano. >> it was nice to be on top of the border leads, but depends on what's up for tomorrow. just a safety blanket nice to have. i think we're eighth or ninth on the board, so i feel comfortable with it.
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tricks in the bag to find -- i feel like there were some guys that were really fast. we'll see if we can catch up to them tomorrow. >> reporter: logano will be on the field tonight. just 25 cars on the track. again, that's a 8:00 start right here on fox 35. jimmie johnson is on the pole for that race. it was a random draw to determine the starting order for that race. should be fun tonight. it's not really terribly serious race, but it is for a lot of cash, so you know those guys are going to go pretty hard again on fox 35. we'll have highlights at 10:00. for now from daytona international speedway, fox 35 sports. >> feel for the track ahead of the big race coming in. the sheriff's office needs your help finding a missing man. deputies say william orett junior walked away from his assisted living facility yesterday afternoon. he was allowed to leave the facility but officers from
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anybody who sees him had please call 911 right away. the message habitat for humanity in orlando has for people for the build event. >> it's a four couples from across our area to come together with flowers and candy to help build a home for someone else in need. >> give them back on a beautiful day, it's a valentine's day. we love habitat for humanity, and get a chance to see a finished product at the end of the day is a beautiful thing. >> the volunteers worked today, part of the butler's preserve community on carter street in orlando. guess what, the florida primary is fast approaching and there is still no favorite on the republican side. >> coming up, find out why jeb bush and marco rubio may be short on time as they try to win over the voters. new regulations cut out a major impact.
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cause some businesses to
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>> that's a sign of strength? that's a sign of defense security. it's not strong to call john mccain a because he was a pow. john mccain is an american hero. >> jeb bush going after donald trump following low finishes in iowa.
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he's among two floridaes looking to make a push as the race moves to south carolina. >> the other is marco rubio, but as fox 35's tom johnson explains both men could be running out of time. >> donald trump continues his run away ride on top of the republican presidential polls. and while it looks as if he may be teflon tough, trump does still have some work to do and some votes to win inside the party. political analysts. >> there is a two front war me. he's fighting against cruz for what might be called the outsider portion of the party but still yet to convince a good number of the establishment part of the party. >> bush and marco rubio are the heart of that establishment side. the south carolina debate is critical. especially for rubio, who needs a top notch performance. >> he certainly has to. i think there isn't a matter of if for him, it's a matter of when and if he doesn't get it done we're going to see i think
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this campaign. >> reporter: south carolina's republican primary is a week away. florida's primary comes less than a month after that. the question now, will florida's remaining home grown candidates still be in the republican race then? this next debate could play a bill role in that. tom johnson, fox 35 news. >> going to be a busy, busy month ahead. monday marks one month from florida's primary, march 15th. be sure to watch the weekly political show. count down to the florida primary which airs saturday night after fox 35 news at 10:00. good insight. check it out. new tonight, george clooney meeting with syrian refugees. refugees future in germany, clooney met with german chancellor angela merkel to discuss what the film industry can do to help the growing refugee crisis. back at home, manatee
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that stream of income. >> fox's keeping tourists away from the animal that everybody loves could have a negative ripling effect. >> reporter: in the winter months, manatees do what humans do. head south to florida. several hundred manatees huddle in the natural springs of crystal river in 72-degree waters, making this the largest congregation of manatees in one spot in the entire world. and this week, record crowds are here, too, gawking at the giant sea cows and swimming alongside them. in 1973, on the verge of extension, the federal government put manatees on the endangered suppose s list but today they rebounded to 6,000 and will likely be downgraded threatened. but still, there is manatee controversy. because some times you get 100 people or more snorkeling right next to and overcrowding the manatees.
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looking to limit that access. >> this is their cave. they're in resting mode. so we're trying to protect them from anything that disturbs those patterns r. in a town that banks on the manatees and city hall, private tour guides worry if the feds bring in a heavy hand, restrict them and limit the number of swimmers allowed their businesses will go belly up. captain manitee fund private tours says he has already lost manatee profits. >> it's for the benefit of the manatee but the small guy will get squeezed out. and that's what's going to happen. you can't do it without hurting the little guy. >> reporter: tourism brings in $80 million a year to the local economy and until the u.s. fish and wildlife decides what new regulations to impose expect it this year, life here in manitee
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nice and slowly. in the heartland two earthquakes rattled oklahoma just minutes apart. 5.1 magnitude quake was reported in the northwest part of the state. it was felt across kansas, missouri, new mexico, and other neighbors states. the quick hitting north of the town of fair view, just after 11:00 this morning. minutes later a second quake with a smaller magnitude of 3.9 rumbled through the same area. that's like a big truck going through. that's not a big one. there were no reports of serious injuries. it's about to get worse over the course of this valentine's day weekend. this is video of a massive pile up in pennsylvania. officials say three people were killed in strong winds and poor visibility likely played a role in that crash. the national weather service issued a wind chill advisory for some parts of the northeast. we are so happy about the
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>> i know. really tough to get through. >> i'm going to show you some of the temperatures and wind chills in the northeast. might knock your socks off. let's talk about today. blue sky outside. today a little bit cooler than yesterday for most everybody. temperatures for the most part we stayed in the 60s. couple spots made it to 70 downtown orlando, kiss kissimmee, but high of 62 in daytona beach with the winds coming off of the atlantic ocean. good saturday everybody. hope you had a good saturday, the first day of the weekend temperatures predominantly everybody in the 60s. we're going to continue to see seasonal temperatures prevail. it's early to mid february. we should have highs in the low 70s, lows in the low 50s. we're going to be close to that. the one caveat will be tonight with lows down in the low to mid 40s. rain likely late monday into
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daytona looking good wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and yes, next sunday for the big one. outside, 68 degrees, looking live from the tower cam, on top of the hyatt regioncy orlando, what a nice scene. northwest winds at 11 miles an hour. you can see the winds out of the north, little bit northeast on the coast. again that's why temperatures flagler, volucia, brevard, 56 in palm coast, 59 in titusville. you go four miles in and we're in the mid 60s in deland. 69 downtown orlando. and still 70 in lakeland. now, around the east coast here is what's going on. that cold air is trying to come in to florida but it's being blocked and that's good news for us. because we're not going to see anything like what they're seeing up north. look at this. the current temperature in dc, 20. 15 in new york. 12 in boston. but wait, wait. let's go ahead and show you the
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look at the wind chills. current wind chills 19 below zero in rochester. three below zero in montreal. this time tomorrow morning, some folks will be seeing wind chills 20, 30, 40 below on the coast. pretty nasty stuff. for us everybody sees northeast winds tomorrow and that will bring in more clouds. temperatures about the same thing. monday, southerly winds, wormer temperatures. and late monday into early tuesday, seeing this little system come through with rain and maybe some thunderstorms, but it's going to clear us out for the rest of the week. so here we go. 69 tomorrow. after a chilly sunday morning start. 77 degrees monday. we stay in the 70s for monday through saturday and trust me, next sunday looks good, as well, with highs in the 70s for the big race at daytona. >> thanks. breaking news, u.s. supreme
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found dead at a resort in texas. someone from the resort went to the room and discovered his body. scalia was appointed to the court in 1986 by president reagan. right now scalia is believed to have died of a natural cause. we'll have much more on this story on and on fox 35 news at ten. back at home, zika virus raises concerns in flying. >> many countries are looking to stop the spread in its tracks. find out why your old tires could be contributing to the glow growing concerns. >> a four-day ride underway. we got the details on the ride
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the zika virus is spreading. >> counties are stepping it up, doing what they can to lower the risk of being affected by the outbreak. the zika virus is in eight florida counties. the health department says all 20 cases are travel related, meaning the people were infected with the mosquito borne virus outside of florida and then came back to florida. mosquitoes breed in standing water. one of the places that it's found is in your old tires. it gets in the areas and collects. that's why today hillsborough county held a free tire disposal event. >> out of an abundance caution and to be proactive we have gone ahead and called this event on. we're hoping to get a lot of waste tires out of the neighborhood here, out of the county actually in general. they have been proven to be
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to the fact they hold stagnant water. >> health officials advice people to drain water in all outside containers like the portable kiddie pools and make sure you empty and clean your birdbath and pet water bowls at least once a week. the month long python hunt wraps up this week. it's 17-foot long python. wildlife officials caught it a few weeks ago. hunters caught more than 100 snakes. the goal is to drop the python because they are not native to florida. they were turned over to scientists for research. a deadly shooting near central florida university, one student dead, two others injured. >> minutes ago the shooter turned himself in to the daytona beach police. coming up, we head out to the scene for the latest on the investigation. after losing her husband in the line of duty an orange county widow is hoping no one will have to deal with the same
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still ahead, why bridget says
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getting|| we continue to follow breaking news. deadly shooting near bethune-cookman university. one student dead, two injures. >> a suspect is in custody. this is the newest development. tiffany teasely has been following the story all day long
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latest development. >> reporter: that's right. detone a beach police say lamont postell turned himself in. daytona beach police had a warrant out for his arrest for first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder after officers say he opened fire during a fight at an off campus party earlier this morning. 3 bcu students were shot, one of them died. psychology student donkevias johnson, this is a photo of him from the bcu athletics website, the university says this was not a university sanctioned party. >> all of a sudden a fight comes flying out of the doors of the clubhouse, and within a matter of seconds three shots rang out. victim is shot in the head and killed almost instantly. a young lady who looks like she tried to run away is shot in the back of the head is in critical
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another victim is shot in the back. >> we're saddened, very saddened by this tragedy that hit our campus. and we're just in prayer, and we're praying for the families and praying for the community and coming together in support of the families. >> reporter: those two victims who were also bcu students, tre williams and justine cunningham are still hospitalized. the university says they are offering grief counselors for students. from volucia county, tiffany teasely, fox 35 news. breaking tonight a big story. u.s. supreme court justice and ton anyone scalia has been found dead at a resort in texas. when he didn't appear for breakfast someone from the resort went to the room and much
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scalia was appointed in 1986 by president reagan. he is believed to have died of natural causes, 79-years-old. we'll have more on the story on fox 35 news at 10:00 and on the implications for the future make up of the u.s. supreme court. and all the major rulings that will be made in the next couple years. this is a big story. gorgeous day outside today. a little cooler than yesterday. taking a live look outside, sunny skies, live look downtown from -- looking really nice and inviting. might need the jacket as you go out this evening because temperatures have been dropping into the 50s and overnight lows into the 40s before you know it. tonight will be the last cold night i think we have for a little while. and that's going to be nice. outside right now, temperatures everybody in the 60s, but much cooler than this time yesterday. not so much inland, only 5 degrees. look at melbourne, 12 degrees cooler.
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because the atlantic water temperatures, this is the coldest time of the year for the atlantic ocean. clear skies gives us great star gazing. it's going to be a chilly one, especially when the sun goes down. full 7-day forecast is coming up. news alert a jacksonville police officer on administrative leave after shooting an armed suspect during a chase. investigators say two officers were looking into reports -- as a passenger in the car jumped out and ran into a wooded area behind a home. one officer chased after the suspect and fired four shots. hitting the suspect once in the leg. right now it's not clear if the driver of the black car was arrested or what the conditions are of the two hurt people. new at 5:00 critics call it a flaw in the florida pension system. a state rule that hurts a family of police officers and deputies killed in the line of duty. >> the wife of an orange county
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work is fighting to help other families facing similar tragedies. the state senate passed a bill to fix the problem by a 40-0 vote but still there is no guarantee that change will become law. >> the news stunned central florida, orange county sheriff's deputy scott pine was slot to death two years ago, while responding to a call. his wife and children were left with an uncertain future. bridget pine is working with the florida fraternal order of police which represents 20,000 police officers and deputies in florida. >> we are working diligently with the florida senate and the florida house to get this fixed, to help bridget and her children and any other law enforcement spouse who goes through this. >> reporter: here is the pension problem. the law says if a first responder is enrolled in florida's retirement investment plan, his family gets zero percent of a salary. if he's killed in the line of duty.
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state's pension plan, his family gets 50% of his salary if he's killed in the line of duty. >> the officers are out there fighting and protecting us, should be able to receive 100% of the pension if they are killed in the line of duty for their surviving family. >> mrs. pine has been working to push this change through florida's legislature for 18 months, the state senate just passed senate bill 7012 unanimously. >> last year it did not pass, and this year we're hitting a roadblock with the house of representatives. >> police across florida asking state lawmakers to forget politics and to help families of fallen police. >> to fix this problem and help her after the sacrifice that she has gone through with the loss of her husband. >> and mrs. pine thanks the police officers across florida supporting her family as she fights for this change. a gun buyback program led by the orange county sheriff's office, people anonymously
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$50 gift card in urn are. deputies say they received 145 guns, four of which were previously reported stolen. deputies also say they were even given more than 30 air soft and bee he beguns. plea people are recovering from injuries tonight after a crash in titusville. the accident happened this morning on paris road at us-one. investigators say three people were involved, one of whom had to be extracted. all three people are hospitalized with injuries right now there is no details on what caused the crash. happening now, the ride for rose underway, a four-day, 265-mile bike ride in honor of victims of domestic abuse. especially at the hands of their children. the ride for rose was created in memory of one central florida woman. rosemary pate was murdered by her son almost three years ago, even though she had a court injunction against him designed to protect her.
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morning. the riders are expected to arrive wednesday. one week away from south carolina voters heading to the polls. >> which means republican candidates are running out of time to gather votes. coming up, we preview tonight's debate and find out which candidates have the momentum heading into the primary. it's one of the newest trend subscription boxes but if you're not careful you could be getting more than you bargained for. coming up, we explain how to use the service without getting burned. right now, your fox 35 pump patrol, not a typo. $1.56. sames club on south obt in orlando. and $1.58 looking good at the speedway on south u.s. 1792 and griffen drive. gas up, maybe buy yourself a
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fox 35 will be right back. bebefoforere c conontetempmplalatitingng ththe e mamanyny c chohoiciceses onon s steteakak ' 'n n shshakake'e's s $4$4 d dolollalar r memenunu,, onone e mumustst c calalm m ththe e mimindnd inin o ourur z zenen g garardeden.n. fofocucus.s. ththe e gagarlrlicic d dououblble e ststeaeakbkbururgeger r memealal.. rereflflecect.t. ththe e tatacoco s salaladad m meaeal.l. zezenn ththe e ororigigininalal d dououblble e 'n'n c cheheesese e ststeaeakbkbururgeger r memealal.. ohoh!! ththe e $4$4 m menenu.u. whwherere e alall l memealals s arare e unundeder r $4$4. .
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around the big mess. one week from today republican voters in south carolina head to the polls making tonight a big day for presidential hopefuls. >> could be make-or-break for some of these guys. the candidates take to the stage in greenville looking to win over voters. fox 35's john roberts tells us the republicans not the only ones duking it out. >> reporter: wagering that the american public is as sick of
5:40 pm
says he was, hillary clinton is campaigning in nevada ahead of that state's caucus. the state department is releasing 1,000 new pages of hillary clinton's e-mail from her time as secretary of state. of these more than 80 of the electronic communications from clinton's famous home server are deemed classified. most of them at the lowest level of sensitivity. none of the e-mails are top secret. the state department plans to finish releasing the rest of clinton's e-mails on february 29th, 1 day before primaries. bernie sanders is also getting down to business in nevada. >> and now, now we're -- [ cheering ] >> reporter: most of the republican candidates left
5:41 pm
tonight's critical debate. special attention will be focused on senator marco rubio to see if he can come back from his seemingly prerecorded answers at the last showdown. >> so that's on me, and that ain't never going to happen again. >> reporter: while rubio is promising to vary his answers donald trump is promising to clean up his act or at least his language. he says he will refrain from making off color remarks. >> i won't use foul language, i'm not going to do it. i'm not going to do it. they're all saying do it. >> reporter: donald trump the man who could be tweeter in chief released one saying he may sue ted cruz over whether cruz is able to assume the presidency because he was actually born in canada to an american mother. jeb bush is taking a lochia procedure much to debate preparation. he says he is spending the final hours before tonight's showdown hanging out with his four grandchildren. in greenville south carolina, john roberts, fox news.
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i hope you're ready. if you put it off until last minute, you're not alone. >> that's true. i got a dinner break coming up here guys. coming up, we got last minute tips for yours truly, the procrastinator in your relationship. >> good news for those hitting the road, why you won't have to empty your wallet to fill up the
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heads up if you're driving home on 1792 between maitland and winter park this weekend. plan for delays on the southbound lanes of 1792 between winter park and maitland. they will be back open monday morning. all right, speaking of hitting the roads, prices at the pump stay below the $2 mark nationally. according to gas the average price of gas is $1.69 a gallon. down 50 cents from this time last year. seeing gas in the $1.50s in central florida. in today's consumer corner
5:45 pm
hottest trends in online shopping. >> someone else picks up the products, puts them in a fancy box and delivers it to your front door. here is dana with what you need to know. >> reporter: something sweet, and something sassy. packed in pink and shipped just in time for valentine's day. >> we have five to seven products each month, and we ship country. >> reporter: this isn't just a holiday treat. these ladies are packing boxes. >> it's a monthly subscription box for girls of all ages. >> reporter: the surprises arrive in the mail over and over again. >> they can range from beauty products to fashion accessories and sometimes we throw in something that's just a fun item that we find that fits in with our theme.
5:46 pm
the business about a year ago. they think they fill a niche in a market that is exploding. >> pretty now you can get a subscription box for anything you are looking for. >> reporter: subscription boxes allow you to have just about anything delivered to your door for just about any price. from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. they deliver treats four your animals for 20 bucks a month. unwrap a glossy box of sample size cosmetics and hair products for about the same price. replenish your razors and other man scapeing goods for as little as $1 a month. >> i like not having to have to worry about getting to the store and running out of razors, and they're a good quality razor. >> reporter: he is a two subscription box kind of guy. >> peanuts, barbeque. >> reporter: razors and healthy snacks show up in his mailbox on
5:47 pm
>> it's not only the convenience but it's a nice surprise every month when you open your mailbox and you see hey, my box is here and i wonder what's going to be in there. >> reporter: the professor boils a subscription box trend down to this. >> it is a low risk, relatively low cost way to sample new things r. johnson says subscription boxes which are often filled with sample sized products help come companies get their goods in front of new buyers, whether gift for girls or beauty boxes for their moms. consumers need to think about this before they sign up. >> if variety and experimentation are high on their list of things then this is a great business model. if it's i want to find this particular product in the cheapest way then this model probably doesn't work. >> reporter: in the past year, the number of boxes shipping out more than tripled.
5:48 pm
a month. >> reporter: they hope the growing trend will keep them packing. >> this industry is so new it's difficult to say how many subscription services are out there or how much money people are spending on them, but if you use google searches as a measure you can see there was a huge spike in interest in 2015. the weather, a beautiful day, minus 33 brooks was saying, about the wind chill in montreal. no, do not say that ever. no, i can't. >> just thinking about that -- >> have to have something to do. taking you outside, man, heart attack there, keith. oh, man. gorgeous view outside. 5:48, 68 degrees. folks i hope you had a good week.
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last friday or saturday through thursday, seven of the coldest days we will have in central florida consecutively. now, yesterday we had a high into the mid 70s. today right at 70. that's in orlando. again, right on a 1 a, high temperatures in the low 60s with the sea breeze. we're going to continue with seasonal temperatures for the next seven, eight, nine days. the best chance of rain in the next week and a half comes late monday into tuesday. daytona right now, looking good. beginning wednesday and lasting all the way through the checkered flag next sunday afternoon. 68 degrees outside right now. this is our live view from the visit orlando tower cam on the hyatt regioncy. now, the winds today were different from yesterday. yesterday we had southwest winds bringing in warmer air. today northerly winds. that's why temperatures on the coast with the northerly component stayed in the low 60s.
5:50 pm
50s in flagler county. brevard county, little bit cooler towards alachua county. temperature right now 61. everywhere else in the mid 60s, upper 60s. and then off to the north that's the cold air that keith was talking about. now, already temperatures from dc all the way through the ohio valley into nebraska below freezing. but look at these temperatures. current temperatures right now 12 boston, 15 15 one rochester. wind chill 33 below in montreal right now. this batch of just arctic air is going to sit over new england in the northeast for the next 24 to 36 hours. man, that does not look good. for us, going to be a nice next few days. now, tomorrow a few more clouds. as the onshore winds prevail. monday, southerly winds, and that's when we warm up. this system comes through late monday into early tuesday. we'll keep an eye on it. definitely some rain chances.
5:51 pm
here is a forecast. chilly overnight tonight. look for lows in the 40s. 69 degrees the high for sunday. and then back up into the 70s for the next six, seven, eight days. the only fly in the ointment some rain late monday into tuesday. >> thanks, brooks. maybe you've been working on your taxes and working and getting the kids to day care, and cooking, and cleaning, and you know, stuff that married couples do all day long. and maybe you forgot valentine's day. >> if you're in that group you're not alone. there is still time to make the day special. according to recent survey nearly 30% of people in relationships don't think about plans until the actual day. that's why relationship experts are offering ideas. >> the tried and trued gifts
5:52 pm
people enjoy getting a greeting card. if you're willing to pinch and running out, a greeting card really can make your significant other very happy. flowers, candies and chocolates also top the list. and if you want to save on flowers, what you can do is order in advance and have them delivered a day ahead. >> experts say one big gift people like is going out to dinner. 52% of people say they prefer it as their gift. >> i do know what i'm doing for my wife, and i am going to go do that in about eight minutes. >> okay. >> time to take care of it. time for sports. we are heading out to the speedway. >> here is adam. >> reporter: we are approaching the end of the lucas oil 200, but we have sprint cup practice and the guy in the lead with the fastest car is pretty familiar with daytona.
5:53 pm
(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. >> reporter: hello, everyone. i'm at daytona international speedway. they're making their last few laps for the lucas oil 200. earlier today we had a pair of sprint cup practices. let's take a look at the video. how about this.
5:55 pm
car in practice, joey logano, lead the pack in the second of two practices, on day 195.933 miles per hour. brad course lou 60 right behind him. those two drafted their way around the track. top two cars in the second practice. kyle busch also ran well. he was fifth. dale earnhardt, jr. led the morning session but slipped in the afternoon. he was 11, 193 miles an hour. now, let's here from logano. >> feels nice to be on top of the board. that's cool. but just depends on weather and stuff for tomorrow. so nice to have a safety blanket. >> reporter: these guys very pleased to get time on the track. it all helps towards the daytona 500. meanwhile, tonight 8:00 on fox 35, it's the sprint unlimited race. it's an all-star race, a limited field, 25 cars on the track.
5:56 pm
caution about 25 laps in. should be a good race, all the big names in that one.
5:57 pm
for now from daytona fox 35 (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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>> have a good evening. cocomeme i intnto o ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke f foror hahandnd-d-dipippeped d mimilklkshshakakeses.. bebetttterer y yetet,, cocomeme i intnto o ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke f foror hahandnd-d-dipippeped d mimilklkshshakakeses rr rr atat h halalf-f-prpricice e duduriringng rr hahalflf-p-priricece h hapappipierer h houour,r, weweekekdadaysys, , nonow w twtwo o toto f fivive e atat s steteakak ' 'n n shshakake.e. ththe e fofourur d dolollalar r memenunu atat s steteakak ' 'n n shshakake.e. fefeatatururining g hahandndcrcrafaftetedd ststeaeakbkbururgegersrs,, alall-l-bebeefef f fooootltlonongsgs a andnd f frereshsh
6:00 pm
ththe e fofourur d dolollalar r memenunu, , whwherere e alalll memealals s arare e unundeder r fofourur d dolollalarsrs,, atat s steteakak ' 'n n shshakake.e. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: i got to say, you look at this and khloe and lamar look like it was six years ago. >> how are you doing, bro? good seeing you, man. >> lamar looks completely normal. he's interacting with the paparazzi. harvey: nobody would have thought we would see this. >> they have to get back together. harvey: it feels like they're back together. >> but you said repeatedly no, no, no, no. harvey: what do i know? >> taylor swift and kanye west. they're long-standing beef has now been resurrected.


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