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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm ryan elijah. we've been following the tornado warnings here in central florida for you all morning. they just expired at the top of the hour. so let's get right back to jayme king. morning. they just expired at the top of the hour.
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developing this
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county-- detectives are trying to figure out what happened after two bodies are found in a pine hills home. a woman and her teenage daughter were found dead yesterday afternoon in a house on sunniland and santa barbara road... that's just north of
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live at the orange county sheriff's office with the latest. good morning dana. we expect the sheriff's office to **se the names of those women today. we may also learn more about how the victims died...right now all investigators are saying is this is a double murder. ((from keith pkg "2- bodies in pine hills")) ((18:22:31-:41 "naturally. i'd be shocked becaus thisnoormally is a quiet neigbhorhood. we just don't expect nothing like that to happen.")) trt: oc: ecqofficials tells us e man who discovered the jcooperatinwh is ieition. lle following up with sheriff's office on is case today...when we have wnformation we ll pass it on to u. live athe orange unty sheriff's offedj, fox 35 ws. day is the last day to register for florida's primary next month. plus--donald trump is once again threatening to run as an independent.. and that's not all.
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next month. plus--donald trump is once again threatening to run as an independent.. and that's not all. trump could soon be slapping ted cruz with a lawsuit. find out what it's all
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chance to register for florida's primary. but right now... candidates are focusing on voters in other states. donald trump held a news conference in south carolina yesterday... where he announced plans
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trump says the lawsuit can be avoided if cruz (.latest round of attack ads against him. trump also announced that he may run as an independent if he's not selected as the g-o-p's presidential nominee... despite promises not to. trump says the republican national committee isn't holding up their pledge "to treat him with respect"... so he doesn't have to honor his. bud hedinger of "good morning orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it. a new "public policy polling" shows donald trump appears to be running away with the race. is there anything that may shake thing's up before
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you can listen to bud --on his show "good morning orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m.
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legal in almost half of the country...
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why the social media network is taking down dispensary's pages. cqseaworld has an exciting announcment today. we'll tell you what
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good news for all of you thrill seekers-- seaworld orlando is revealing a piece of its new "mako" roller coaster. the theme park will be showing the e's train... which is the part you actually sit in. the new ride is named after one of the fastest sharks in the ocean. the ride will be orlando's tallest... fastest... and
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"mako" is scheduled to open this summer. on the business watch-- many marijuana dispensaries are getting their facebook pages taken down. h|facebook says-- about marijuana... violates its "community standards." but many of these pages are for legal businesses. plus-- medical . patients depend on the pages for updates. now some businesses who had their pages taken down... are appealing facebook's decision. coming up in our next half hour-- we're learning more about a person of interest in a deadly stabbing investigation in orange county. the details of his violent past--straight ahead. plus-- we are continuing to stay on top of the storms. jayme king has what you can
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welcome back... i'm amy kaufeldt. i'm ryan elijah. here are the stories we are working on this morning. storms are making their way out of central florida right now after a busy morning of rain and tornadoes! yme king has more on what you can exepct this mornig. plus-- passengers are getting ready to head back home this morning--after their plane caught on fire at o-i-a yesterday. this--as
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happened. plus-- could dwight howard be coming to the sunshine state. find out which florida team he's rumored to be traded to. but first, let's get
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the search continues this morning for a
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brevard county. that story kicks off the morning rush. family members says 38-year-old lloyd chamberlain ed his boat out of port canaveral on sunday morning. he hasn't been seen since. yesterday his fishing boat was found. the search is focused between %qbeach and patrick air force base.
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getting ready to g back home this morning--after their plane caught fire at o-i-a . it happened last night. the airport says 12 board that "silver airways" plane. emes were spotted before the plane took off-- and everyone was evacuated safely. silver wairways says it put the passengers up in hotels for the night. we are now learning a person of interest in a deadly stabbing investigation has a violent past. david buchan is a person of interest in the death of julian gresham. according to orange county deputies...buchan has been arrested three times for trying to stab a deputy. he was also charged with attempted 2nd degree murder for stabbing his mother 23 times in her bed. a judge found him not guilt by reason of insanity. on sunday, both buchan and the victim's daughter tessie gresham were baker acted for mental health evaluations. as of right now-- the pair has not been arrested. 'us of ents and staff at rockledge high school came out last night--- to remember
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teacher "sandra moore." cook was found dead in her brevard county home earlier this month... after an apparent murder--suicide. people who knew "cook" well say she was an incredible person. many people tried to move away from tears-- and focus on celebrating "cook's" life. during the memorial--- dozens of students and staff shared their personal stories about "cook." the 54-year old teacher was a finalist for brevard county's "teacher of the year." the school has been #t9g grief counselors to help the students and staff. in seminole county-- teachers will gather at tonight's school board meeting... to push j pay raise. teachers say they want a real solution from the board. it's about getting compensation for the growing demands they have to meet in- and out of the classroom. teachers say-- now more than ever, it's a
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their salary... considering how much work they do. teachers recently got a 2-point-4 percent pay increase... but they say that's not enough. the district says-- it will do whatever it takes to resolve the issue. tonight's board meeting is at 5 p-m. dwight howard trade rumors with miami... are heating up once again. with the trade deadling coming up on thursday... multiple reports suggest that the houston rockets are interested in swapping howard with miami's hassan whiteside. but given the giant difference in salaries... the heat would need to get rid of more than just whiteside to lock-up this deal. right now udonis haslem... chris andersen... and luol deng are all being considered as part of the trade. it's the daytona 500's 58th anniversary this year... and one central florida man has been to nearly all of them. "ralph brown" first went to the race with his dad in 19-67... and fell in love. this year will mark
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and the tampa native says he already has a new goal in mind. you can watch the daytona 500 right here on fox 35 this sunday... at 1 p-m. coming up-- police in daytona beach are increasing their patrols for the big race this weekend... after several cars are broken into near the speedway. plus-- scammers are targeting you pretending to the be the i-r-s. straight ahead-- what you need to
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annual grammy awards last night. the biggest talker was lady gaga's tribute to david bowie. lots of people are also happy for british pop star ed sheeran-- who took home his first two grammys. taylor swift managed to snag three awards. we want to know what you thought about the grammys. tweet us this morning with the hashtag g-d-o. a crime alert-- scammers are trying to trick you out of your money.. by pretending to be the i-r-s. law enforcement in several central florida counties are sending out a warning... to keep you from falling victim. the scheme is being reported in marion, volusia and flager counties. the scammers call claiming to be the i- r-s and say you owe thousands of dollars. that's exactly what happened to 72- year-old gary
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the scheme.. instead he started conning them right back. medcalf didn't fall prey...but many people have. so remember... the i-r-s will not demand immediate payment. they will not call if you owe taxes without sending you a bill in the mail. they will not demand you pay in a certain way... and they will not ask for your debit or credit card number over the phone. in volusia county-- police say they will be doing more patrols after cars are broken into near the speedway... just days before the big daytona 500 weekend. it happened at the holiday inn on atlantic avenue near the speedway. members of nascar driver jamie mcmurray's crew had their cars broken into over the weekend. 16 cars were broken into... money, valuables, electronic and even
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police are also warning people to be on the lookout and keep their car doors locked. new at five-- the "anthem of the seas" is expected to dock in port canaveral this morning. the cruise ship gained national attention last week... after it was hit by hurricane strength winds off the coast of the carolinas. e ship had to turn around and head back to new jersey. four people were injured.. and the ship was damaged. the ship was repaired... and is expected to dock at port canaveral at 6- 30 this morning.
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toss to john at the wall your first headline comes from "fox news." it reads-- "disgraced missouri professor seen yelling
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new video." this bodycam video is from a protest back in october at the university of missouri... but it was just released over the weekend. the woman in the video is "melissa click"-- a professor at the college. she is yelling at the police officers who are trying to clear student activists off the road. "click" is currently suspended from teaching... after another video went viral. in that video... the professors had a confrontation with a student reporter... at a different protest. your next headline comes from " the new york daily news." s--- "massive $14 million, 404-carat diamond discovered in angola by australian mining company." miners found the giant diamond yesterday in angola.
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making it one of the largest diamonds ever found. it smashed the 2007 record... where the diamond was 217 carats. the company chairman that found the new diamond.. says it's worth about 14-million dollars. your last headline comes from "aol." it reads--- "town building public beer fountain." a town in slovenia has decided to create a beer t*gtain. the town voted on the idea... and they plan on spending about 400-thousand dollars on the fountain. the european country is known for it's beer. the little town hopes the beer uecome a popular tourist attraction. it won't be free though. a 10 ounce beer will cost about 7 bucks. the town has not announced when the fountain will be finished.
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driving trend that's happening on florida uds. police are calling it a freeway take over! take a look at this. cars doing donuts in the middle of traffic... and now social media is helping make
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welcome back- (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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rolling on star wars episode 8! the sequel to the blockbuster hit is also adding actors benicio del toro and laura dern to its cast. they will join returning cast members from episode 7: the force awakens.
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released december 2017. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. s county-- there's a new dangerous trend to watch out for. police say young drivers are doing donuts-- right in the **ffic! take a look at this: a woman took a video of a car... spinning rapidly on a 6-lane highway! pinellas park police are calling this trend a "free-way takeover." officers say more and more videos of this dangerous stunt are popping up all over social media. one case proved that theory. authorities say a 27-year-old driver went head on into a tree yesterday morning. f-h-p says evidence suggests the crash happened because of donut driving... or drag racing. he's currently in
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in miami-- a garbage truck driver is in serious condition-- after his truck falls from an exit ramp. this happened yesterday afternoon, along i- 95 near "little havana." police say the truck somehow went over the barricade-- and fell over onto the street in the downtown area. the truck fell about a hundred feet. no one on the street below was hurt. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. happening today-- the u-s coast guard is launching a new investigation... into the search for the wreckage from "el faro." officials will hold a public hearing to discuss the events leading up to the sinking of the frieght ship. el faro sank went down near the bahamas last october-- all crewmembers onboard were killed. we have a crew headed to that public meeting in jacksonville today...we'll let you know what happens. taking a look at what we're working on in our next hour of good day. we're tracking severe weather
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florida... after tornado warnings were issued overnight. jayme king breaks- down what we're up against... and when you'll be in the clear. plus... the search is on for whoever murdered a mother and her teen-daughter in pine hills! we're live with what investigators know so far. then all new: a-t-&-t is testing out a network that would allow users to surf the web up to 100-times faster than your current phone. and it's offering a sweet deal... to join-up. plus your weather and traffic updates. it is all coming up at 6 o'clock on good
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>> amy: happy tuesday. man alive, it's been a busy morning already-i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown. today's stop stories. >> amy: storms led to a tornado warning overnight. jayme will track all of the severe weather to keep everybody safe. >> john: a woman and teenage daughter found dead inside their home. we have the latest on this murder investigation. >> amy: what state leaders are trying to do to keep more case of zika virus from popping up. >> john: i didn't even know it was storming, and then i get here and i see this. >> jayme: what happened when the line came through, it got intense over eastern, southeastern orange, and os olequa, and brevard. and we had a full on tornado warning. that's been long canceled.
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