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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. students at st. cloud high school ,h|will head back to class --as normal-- today....after being held for several hours after dismissal. police say a threat was posted on-line. the latest details on the investigation-- ahead. plus this-- a orlando taxi driver now speaking
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terrifying ordeal in his cab. he says a woman robbed him at gunpoint! coming up-- more on how you can help find the suspect. and-- republican candidate --donald trump -- on the attack-- after the pope says trump is not a christian. coming up... why trump says the pope should "pray" that he is elected president
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developing now-- students and staff at st. cloud high school will head back to class today... after a threat was posted on social media. police were forced to keep students for hours after dismissal yesterday. fox 35's david williams has the
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where some human remains were found. survey crew found a human skull on "red john drive" and "92" in daytona
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looking into whether it could be the remains of a homeless man who disappeared in 20-14. today investigators will keep looking for more bones, and any evidence that can identify the remains. also developing now-- the suspects in a deadly nightclub shooting in orlando are expected to be in court this morning. .shooting at the glitz ultra lounge last month killed two people... and injured eight. police arrested 21 year old luis gadiel cruz nazario yesterday. he's facing several charges... including first degree murder. detectives also re- arrested 23 year old jose bull lopez. he was originally arrested last week and charged with gun at the club. he's now facing several additional charges... including ... being a felon in possession of a gun. detectives are still trying to figure out if the shooting is gang-related. a crime alert-- an orlando cab driver is now speaking out-- after a woman robbed him at gunpoint inside his cab. orlando police say the woman-- in this picture --robbed cabbie --john lee --on
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lee says he picked the woman up -- off of rockingham circle-- but later found out the address she gave him was fake. lee says the woman --who went by the name of "devine"-- told him to pull over.. pulled out a gun.. and demanded cash and his phone. according to police-- lee did not report the incident immediately because he was too scared. officers say the woman is around 5- foot- 6 to 5-foot- 8 .. with brownish blonde hair. she was wearing a purple outfit. anyone with information is asked to call the orlando police department. in brevard county-- the trial for a man accused of murdering his neighbors is put on hold. william woodward's trial was supposed to start monday. woodward has admitted to shooting three neighbors after an argument in 20-12. two of those
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judge decided that the death penalty is no longer an option...following the u-s supreme court's decision that florida's death penalty is unconstitutional. in orange county-- eight students are recovering this morning after a bus crashed at universal studios. it happened last night around 6-45. a spokesperson with universal says a shuttle bus from a private school was in one of the park's garages. the driver took a wrong turn and went ended up going the wrong way in the garage. workers tried to stop the bus... but the driver kept going and hit and overhead beam. 8 of the 13 teens on board were taken to the hospital no one else in the garage was hurt. a news alert now-- an investigation is underway into a tourism helicopter crash in pearl harbor -- which left five people injured. video captured the incident-- as the chopper crashed right in the water. fox's patricia stark has the latest
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donald trump is not christian... after hearing his plans to build a wall at the mexican border. despite the fact that catholics have picked the winner in the last four presidential elections... trump says he has no plans to reach out to the vatican. the republican front-runner also says the pope
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gets elected this november... because he is the only candidate capable of protecting the vatican from isis attacks. countdown to the green flag-- we are just two days away from the "daytona 500." there are two rounds of practice today. the drivers hit the track last night, in the "can-am duels." dale earnhardt junior won the first race. and kyle busch won the second one. we'll have more details on those races... later on in this newscast. lots of people are getting hyped about the big race. racers are celebrating their place on the pole... and the outcome of the "can-am duels." share your daytona 500 tweets with us this weekend... using the hashtag "g-d-o." and keep it here for good day orlando at 7-- when we go live
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coming up next-- health officials confirming 2 more cases in the state of florida. they are also adding travel alerts to 2 more countries. the latest coming up. plus-- a florida bill --to bring mandatory recess to schools-- is one step closer to dying. more on the uphill
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a fox 35 health alert-- 2 news cases of the zika virus have been confired in miami- dade county. that brings the total number of cases in florida to 24. all of the cases are travel-related. meanwhile-- u.s. health officials have added two more caribbean islands to a zika virus travel alert for pregnant women: aruba and bonaire. there are about 30 destinations with zika outbreaks, mostly in the
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developing at this hour-- final preparations are underway, for supreme court antonin scalia" to lay in repose, in the u-s supreme court building today. president obama --and the first lady-- will pay their respects today. but obama will not go to his funeral tomorrow. \tdline for jared fogle's lawyers to file an appeal. the former subway pitchman faces more than 15 years in prison. he pleaded guilty to having child porn, and paying for sex with underage girls. a bill --that would make recess mandatory in schools-- has passed in the house... but it may not make it past the senate. the bill passed with an overwhelming majority.. but still faces an uphill battle. it would require at least 20 minutes of recess each day. recess could also not be taken away for disciplinary or academic reasons. despite the house vote... it appears the
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consider the legislation. we are getting an exclusive look at "wahlburgers" restaurant in orlando. and-- we are hearing brothers. still ahead-- why they believe their wi
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disney hotel rooms. that story kicks off the morning rush. deputies arrested 19-year-old "minoska guillen" .. and 25- year-old "jake blair." disney security says they saw the couple looking into rooms at the "saratoga springs resort" last month. they detained them-- and found i-pads and an i-phone, -- that had been reported stolen from rooms at several resorts. there is still no sign of a missing orlando baby. orlando police have been flushing the sewer system near the apartments where they believe baby willow was born. the mother... susan richardson... remains behind bars. she's still not offering an information about her daughter. this altamonte springs man faces
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michael becker-- on 10 counts of possession. officers searched his home-- after learning his computer was being used to share the material online.
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looking for a good
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wahlburgers in downtown orlando? the burger chain --owned by the "wahlberg" brothers-- held a v- i-p event at the new location last night. all three brothers--mark, paul and donny were there for the grand opening. people waited in line for the food.. and the stars. on the menu? burgers, sandwiches, salads..... and also a full bar. mark wahlberg says he hopes to attract more movies to be
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he also says--his wife is from lakeland -- and they enjoy visiting florida. turning to sports-- drivers will hit the track this afternoon in daytona. there are two practice sessions for sunday's big race the field for the "500" is all set, after last night's "can am duels." chase elliot started first in "duel number one." he already qualified for the top spot in sunday's race. so he is not racing for the win. everyone else is though, including dale earnhardt junior. he gets in front with six laps to go, and takes the checkered flag. it is his fifth career "duel" win, which is the most among active drivers. "junior" qualifies third for the
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matt kenseth, the driver who qualified second for the daytona 500, got in a crash in the final lap of the "second duel" last night. he says he will likely have to use a backup car, which means he will have to start in the back of the field. kyle bush won the second duel. he qualifies fourth for the daytona 500. the orlando magic are back home tonight -- after the all star break. orlando is hosting dallas. dirk nowitzki and n7re in sixth place in the west. @p the magic are in 11th, three and a half games out of eighth. tipoff is set for seven o clock. coming up next-- a driver steals a van -- and crashes into a subdivision-- causing some serious damage. but what is even more shocking... is the driver's age!
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county man is back in jail... accused of setting a officer's home on fire! why the sheriff says... the man actually wanted to
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making headlines around florida. in pinellas county-- a 13-year-old girl is facing serious charges... ...after deputies say she crashed a van into a subdivision! on wednesday night... deputies say jade miller stole the van out of pasco
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not long after officers tried stopping her... miller crashed through @h@a@a the brick subdivision wall of one neighborhood. the crash sent x bricks flying... one woman saying... the @ sheer impact made the front of her house look like a warzone. miller is being charged as an adult... she is facing charges of grand theft auto. a pasco county man is back in jail-- accused of setting a deputy's house on fire... because he wanted to go back to jail! according to the sheriff's office-- daniel hall left his house yesterday morning-- and went to the home of deputy ryan lennox. that is where deputies say he set some lawn furniture on fire. the deputy-- and his two dogs-- were able to get out safely. hall stayed at the scene... and waited for authorities to arrive. neighbors say hall has a history of mental illness-- and probably wanted to get help. yesterday, we told you about how some tampa police officers are refusing to work security at beyonce's up-coming concert. it's all in response to her new music video "formation,"-- which highlights
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police union says they have voted to boycott the concert altogether. but does the video actually put all police in a negative light? aisha durham is a culture studies scholar. she says-- everything about "formation" simply shows african- americans... that they can overcome all hardships in life. as of yesterday-- no officers signed up to work at that april concert. despite the debate, the department says they will work to fill the list... because not doing so would be a huge security risk. new in entertainment-- there's quite a variety of films coming to the box office this weekend. fox's will carr takes a look at what's new in
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lllll@?llllo`` will go back to class today... after a
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on social media. we are live with the latest on the investigation. and new at 5-- we are learning some new details about the sinking of the cargo ship "el faro." the ship went down in a hurricane. coming up-- more on why the captain decided to sail--even though he knew
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