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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  February 19, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> it's 8:00 a.m. from fox 35. this is "good day orlando." >> john: drivers, start your engines! the 58th daytona 500 is here, an experience like never before. >> a lot of history. super glad to be back down. >> john: the world's first motor sports stadium welcomes the sellout crowd. >> we have big screens and you
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as we are! to the danger zone... >> amy: your all-access pass to racing's biggest event. "good day orlando" live from daytona international speedway. starts right now. >> john: welcome to "good day orlando"! it is 8 o'clock, we are live at daytona international speedway, as we are each and every year on this friday before the 500. and, there is the look at $400 million worth of renovation. >> amy: wow. it is beautiful. >> john: pretty amazing, i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us for the daytona 500 weekend special. we are live. gdo at the track and enjoying temperatures 30 degrees warmer than last year. and we are not complaining. >> john: one place i go each and every year, where it is nice and warm is this hollywood hotel which is behind me. where the big stars get this hang out. i'm leaving the set in a second
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live with jeff gordon and darrell waltrip. talking about the race and how he feels about the first daytona 500. behind the desk instead of the wheel. >> and, he has been having fun talking to jeff about this changes and ucf researchers taking a look at pit crews, how to improve the process and find out how their suggestions helped a crew to pull off a big win. >> john: something new, they've gone digital and looking at the digital dashboard, what it means for drivers. first, david martin out here at the track as well. good morning. >> reporter: john, you put me in the infield again, this year the daytona international speedway. beautiful rvs and the sun is up. it is time to party and we'll do it live with these guys on the 8 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando"! >> reporter: woo-hoo! >> amy: what happened! okay. i said -- it is still cold.
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>> i love the infield, doesn't matter how cold it is. the infield creatures are out and out early! >> amy: wow. >> jayme: in full force. good morning. at lake lloyd now and the foundation is getting ready to give the wilshire presentation to a local, trying to time it out with the live broadcast. you know how live tv goes, the sun is out and pounding me in the face. and, temperatures on the cool side, let's jump in and update you as to what is going on. again we have your temperatures straight up through those 40s, 50s and 60s. of all morning long, has been the case, certainly the hour-by-hour forecast, 73 by 2:00, 69 by 5:00. in regard to the images with the satellite, we've had pockets of clouds move through, i'm not concerned about any rain at all here, trackside through the duration of the raceweekend. it has been stellar all week and you know, central florida
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temperatures, that will be this case this weekend, our 7-day forecast illustrates, highs approaching those mid numbers, 70s by sunday and looks like trackside we'll be around 75. race time at 1:00 on sunday and as we get closer to tuesday, rain chances come back up. we'll check back with you life and talk to the wheelchair recipient and, the fishing shortly. on gorgeous lake lloyd the middle of the track. back to you, over to you. >> gina: happy friday. i have a couple of crashes. the first one here on silver star and pine hills road. causing significant delays. no word of a road block but be aware if you are driving through there. down in osceola, a crash at osceola parkway at victory pay. no word of roadblocks but be aware. looking now at your drive times. i-4 eastbound slow now, from john young parkway to downtown, 7 minutes.
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fairbanks, 8 minutes and 408 westbound to rouse road, downtown will take you 12 minutes. that's it for your live drive traffic. back to you. >> luanne: thank you. 8:05. developing right now, the suspects in the deadly nightclub shooting in orlando are expected to be in court this morning. >> ryan: one of the suspects facing more charges. live to andrea jackson. outside the club now with an update on these new charges. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the shooting happened at the glitz nightclub off of universal boulevard. two people died and several others were injured. two men have been arrested in connection with that shooting at the nightclub. they are 21-year-old luis luis nazario, facing several charges including attempted first degree murder and detectives rearrested jose lopez, originally arrested last week and charged with carrying a gun at the club and they are trying to figure out if the
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gunning related and both men face a judge, one at 9:00 a.m., one at 1:00 p.m andrea jackson. fox 35 news. >> ryan: still ahead we'll be live with racing legends. >> coming up after the break we're talking live to jeff gordon and darrell waltrip.
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he's hanging out with the fans >> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." we are live at the track, it is 8:09 on a beautiful friday morning. a little bit of a chill in the air but it will be a gorgeous day out here. you are looking live at the grandstands. $400 million. in renovations. to the track. and when you come out here and take a look at phase one of the project you will be amazed. it is absolutely beautiful inside an outside. and look how cool the grandstands look. it looks like there are people in the seats. that is one of the most fascinating things about daytona international speedway. it looks like people are sitting up there but sunday when the
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race is sold out. and it is going to be a fun one. we can't wait! live all morning again here at daytona international speedway. and we are going to be here with you, not only today but again on sunday morning. from 8:00 to 10:00. we have big name guests coming out to sit down with us. great drivers. who have had a lot of fun talking to track president joie chitwood and we will have a good time out higher. you don't want to miss it. live track coverage from daytona international speedway. there have been already a big night last night. had kyle busch and dale earnhardt, jr. taking the races, one at 7:00 and one at 9:00 and dale earnhardt, jr. getting the big win last night and it happened to be on the anniversary of the death of his father, 15 years ago. it was a momentous occasion for him. bittersweet and he said there was no better way to honor his dad than to win the race last night. we'll send it back to the studio. where ryan and luanne are
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headlines. >> luanne: good morning. thank you. police in miami are now boycotting beyonce. >> ryan: in response to her music video formation and highlights police brutality and yesterday we told you about police officers didn't want to work the extra work to do security at the upcoming concert and now in miami, they've voted to boycott the concert altogether but the video put all police in a negative light, police say yes. and a cultural studies scholar says no. >> it is not necessarily a confrontation. what some people have suggested. but it is a way to say that even without institutional power that you as one person are powerful. >> ryan: as of yesterday not a single tampa police officer signed up to work at the april concert. and the dep said they will work to fill it, not to do so would
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to john with jeff gordon and darrell waltrip. >> john: every year a crash their fancy broadcast studio and you saw the tents out there this morning? >> and guys, good to see you, each and every year. like a ritual, you guys, spring break for you and what are your thoughts on the changes? have you had a chance to look around? >> my gosh. one of this most fantastic views i've seen, driving down speedway boulevard in front of the racetrack at night and what they've done to the grandstand, call it a stadium now and truly is like going to a mall. they call the entrances -- not entrances anymore they are injectors! you get injected into the action. sight lines are great and you can see around the racetrack. they've done a fantastic job. for the fans to make the experience a lot better. >> john: and today if i'm not mistaken, 27 years ago today you won the race. >> yeah, i won and down on victory circle doing the celebrating!
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transition from racing to being behind this broadcast desk now. >> definitely a lot to learn. dw has taught me a lot in the booth. he's a veteran but i'm enjoying it. there is an adrenaline rush that comes to being up there, the booth from that perspective. seeing the race, calling the race. yeah, i'll miss being out there in the car at times. but now i'm really enjoying the challenge. and being up there with these guys. >> and, i tell him, you will say, those guys are crazy! and then you were one of 'em. >> i look down and see the cars all over the place and i said there is no way i was doing that! >> what i love is something will happen, and those guys will make an adjustment and he has to learn about the magic of television! >> that's right. >> a lot of mistakes. >> john: i'm curious, we have a lot of former pro athletes in orlando and within thing you find interesting, they have no idea what goes on with the fans.
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super bowls and retire from the nfl and never knew what a tailgate party it was, it is awesome. i know you are busy, do you experience what the fans live through. >> our fans tailgate like nobody else. it is unbelievable the experience. i've actually had friends over the years come and didn't want to hang out with me and wanted to go into the infield and tailgate but for the drivers, competitors, even now, the broadcaster. we live in the infield most of races and can hear them out there. having fun and partying. but we're not right next to it but we drove through the other night after dinner and they were having a great time. it was crazy. >> john, when you drive a car, that comes natural and is easy to do and don't go to your coach and study and you know when you get into the car you know what to do and when you do tv you have to do homework and doesn't come natural and takes a little transition.
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and make it all flow like it is supposed to. >> john: great to have you here and great to see you. thanks for letting me come here. and, darrell, jeff gordon, good to see you, appreciate it and one guy who is cold, the fishing tournament. jayme king is over on lake lloyd. >> jayme: i guess we're live here and of course we're live on lake lloyd, i have the one and only darrell gwinn. how are you. >> wonderful. a great day ahead of us here. the sun is shining. of a lot better than last year. this is our annual hot rods and reels@ fishing tournament and sponsored by bass pro and a bunch of drivers are fishing and you have interviewed a bunch already. we have a special presentation with matt and his family. a great day it. >> jayme: one great thing about your foundation, again provided folks that need motorized wheelchairs.
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this is your name sake, your organization. tell me about that. >> i appreciate that. of this is a very tangible donation. the drivers see it. our donors and participants see it. volunteers. see what we do with the money. it's very important for us, very important for the drivers to see what we do with the money. we are a big research facility but se same time realize we need to change people's lives in the meantime. and we are doing that with -- a great day with us. >> thank you so much. very important figure out here always, not only here for the races at the trackside and also daily life in general doing great things for our community and here, matt molina, recipient of the chair and jack -- >> how are you, buddy! going good? like the sunshine? he's speechless. that is how good the weather is. you are a cocoa beach local.
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where -- how did it. >> a year-and-a-half ago i went down a water slide and don't ever go head first done a water slide and, broke my neck and here i am. >> the wheelchair will be tremendous in your life. what does it mean to you to receive a piece of hardware like this? souped up and an awesome chair, can change your life. >> it will incredibly. with me and my family. there is limited mobility and access when you are a quadriplegic quadriplegic. and the great bo-sox at the changing. really cool. best. thank you so much. buddy. have a good one! he's mesmerized by the sunshine. the fishing tournament is underway and you can see the anglers all over the lake and i hope to see large mouth bass come into the weigh station and
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our 7 day, how do you say, might fine and looks so darned nice. i'll say it twice and by sunday, race day, we're looking good, solid 70s and bright central florida sunshine, another great weekend here in paradise. back to gina for live drive traffic. >> gina: happy friday. a look at your traffic right now. there we go. we have a couple of crashes i want to tell you about, the first one an earlier crash, obt at central florida parkway, still partially blocked, it has been going on two hours and still causing hang-ups and if you are driving there give yourself extra time this morning. a look at another new crash on dean a t 0 university. heading out to the ucf area be aware of that. drive times: everything looks okay. on i-4, westbound lake mary to colonial, 15 minutes. i-4 eastbound, attractions to downtown, 17 minutes. 408 westbound, 417 to downtown,
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time now your to your fox 35 pump patrol, as always saving you money! regular gas $1.57 at the speedway on 1792 and knot griffin drive -- north griffin drive in casselberry. get gas savings tips on our web site. go to and click on traffic. >> ryan: 52 hours away for scoring at home the daytona 500 kicking off sunday. the racing is great and i love the festivities. >> luanne: the fans have camped out all week getting ready for the race and david martin is with them this morning! infield. it appears some have been partaking in adult beverageses already, huh? -- beverages already, huh? >> reporter: that is dedication. the big d in the infield. notice i have four new friends
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we'll tell their story cominpp|`|xpx|xpxx||xxxxxxxxxx||xxxxxxxxxxxxx >> what a great scene, sold over 100,000 tickets. it is great tor tv because it looks like there^ are fans there, all brand new seats and a $400 million facelift right there.
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be headlining the pre-race show and, some of you may know kelly from ormond beach, his father served as mayor of ormond beach going back to 2010. and he'll be back out a little later and john and amy are out there a little later and we'll check in live with them. the daytona 500 is sunday. and what would the race be without fans to fill those stands. >> luanne: nothing, absolutely nothing! and, some of these guise have been camped out all week long and they are really partying it up and today, david martin is getting his party on with them. good morning, david! >> reporter: hi, a year ago this morning, 20 degrees below zero, standing out here with not as many rvs, oh, boy, fast forward a year, and the place is packed. tons more fans and we are glad they are out here. having a good time with these four from long island. say hello to -- >> ryan. >> reporter: what do you haved
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>> wood floors. >> reporter: you install them. >> yes. >> reporter: and you are. >> sean. >> reporter: what do you do? >> construction. >> reporter: rj -- >> dj, i'm in the merchant marine. >> reporter: good, all right, terrific! and, josh. what do you do, sir. >> a general contractor. >> reporter: all four have breakfast in your hand. >> budweiser. >> reporter: breakfast of champions. you drove down on the highway, from long island, all four of you and how was the drive down. >> awesome. i drive the entire way and he drove for an hour and decided he was tired and i picked it back up. >> reporter: and, this trailer caught our attention, it is beautifully painted. into took us a while to paint it and we brought it for a cheap price. gut the interior and no bathroom, just sleeping quarters, that's it. somewhere to pass out. >> reporter: and two more guys coming from fort lauderdale and will have six dudes sleeping in here.
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i'll see if i can get in here. paolo, sneak the camera in. >> i think we have a light. turn the light on. you gut the thing and it is just a couple of -- >> plywood and 2 x 4s and a burning bed and hopefully nobody is touching each other. few tons here. and did it high end! >> and right up there a picture with jimmie johnson. >> and you are a winner of... >> the coca-cola 600, in charlotte. we won camper decorating contest. >> reporter: i'll give you the award for fox 35. come out here. and, round 2 of breakfast, i see! >> still hungry! >> reporter: all right, i want to let you know we'll show the game later on in the "good day
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bat and more beer. right about that? >> yes. a little dizzy bat. >> reporter: we'll play together. >> who will win the race. >> dale, jr. >> kevin harvick. >> jimmie johnson. >> live on "good day orlando," thank you, gentlemen. back to you guys in the studio. >> luanne: usually they are playing -- what is the other game. >> i like the brick design. corn hole. >> that's right. >> ryan: an interesting group of guys. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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>> welcome back to "good day orlando." we'll get kicked out eventually. i mean -- it is inevitable. it is the pace car. remember, two years ago we came out and got to ride the pace car. one of the most frightening experiences in my skwlief and, bret bodine... we didn't know who we were riding with and, you look familiar and, he said, yeah! and it was funny. >> amy: wow. a real racecar driver. >> john: we went 110. >> amy: we almost lost our doughnuts and austin came over and brought us the doughnuts, from sanford, maple covered and bacon covered doughnuts and might be the most amazing we've ever had. >> john: i love the daytona 500. we'll eat a foot long hot dog
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>> and mac and cheese! and doritos. >> john: once a year! it is okay! and -- >> best job ever. >> john: there is a hospital nearby if it doesn't turn out well and jayme king is at the lake, big fishing tournament. how is it going over there? >> jayme: good to hear your voice, friday morning with you live near lake lloyd and the boats are all over lake lloyd now and what they are doing is trying to find the honey hole and make the connection with the elusive large mouth bass. this body of water is loaded with large mouth bass, a host of other fresh water species. these guys load up the wells on their boats with live shiners, a small bait fish and fish them underneath floats and bobbers and hopefully the bobber gets submerged with a fish on as we like to say. not seeing a lot of action yet. we have the weigh-in in 45 minutes with hopefully some
8:33 am
has been fantastic. a cool start, warming things up now and i want to update you on your live local temperatures. as we are moving and grooving through the 50s and 60s down in brevard county. the hour-by-hour forecast showing us that we are going to be around 73 by 2:00. again, 69 in the 5:00 and 8:00, 63. our sat-rad, infrared satellite showing us we have atlantic based cloud cover pushing on shore and will be the case until sunday. we should see less clouds and warmer temperatures but for the most part the entire weekend here at trackside and the interior west of this area, volusia county, we will have again 70s for highs and next 7 days, showing just that. the rain chance up and up by tuesday and we'll talk about that more in your physical detailed forecast straight here live on gdo from lake lloyd. back to the studios. good morning. >> gina: a look at live drive traffic. i'll give you have a live look,
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we have a crash at the exit. off to the shoulder. on the ramp. but just be aware there's a lot of backup and people on the roads this morning, definitely use caution if you are traveling through there. i want to bring you to the roadblock, on alafaya at north hampton avenue, a crash and partial roadblock. bringing you back out to central florida parkway an obt we've had the crash there quite a while. still causing delays. drive times, i-4 eastbound from john young parkway to downtown, 5 minutes and i-4 westbound and 408 look good. that's it for your live drive traffic. back to you. >> luanne: developing now the suspects in a deadly nightclub shooting in orlando are expected to be in court later this morning. >> ryan: when hey get to court will face extra charges, the shooting at glitz lounge killed 2 and injured 8.
8:35 am
and, facing charges and jose bull lopez, was charged with carrying a gun last week and now faces additional charges including being a felon in possession of a gun. detectives are trying to figure out if the shooting was gang related. police will continue searching for a missing newborn girl they say was discarded by her mother. >> luanne: yesterday police were flushing sewers trying to find baby willow. the baby's mother, susan richardson, is still in jail. police think she gave birth to the child in the willow bend apartments complex in the parking lot along silver star road a few days ago. officers say richardson seems to show no remorse. or will to help them find the baby. richardson is charged with child neglect and unlawful desertion of a child. >> ryan: a duo is under arrest accused of stealing electronics from disney hotel rules, security saw the two looking into rooms last month and
8:36 am
with items that had been reported stolen from the sarasota springs resort and key west resort on disney property. >> luanne: a mixed bag for a bill that could make recess mandatory in all public schools in the state of florida. the measure would mandate at least 20 minutes of recess each and every day. it passed with an overwhelming majority in the house but the senate will not even consider the legislation, it appears. time to head to the daytona international speedway. for a look at the daytona 500 coming up on sunday. >> ryan: a look at what it means to be a racecar driver. good morning, guys! >> john: i hope you can hear us. they started a woodchipper! on the other side of the fence here. of good timing! >> amy: you know, we're not the only people out here. >> john: had to take a few trees down during the break! it is tough. talking to jeff gordon about how
8:37 am
you think it is just driving but it's not at all. it is tough work. >> amy: look at the numbers, a racecar driver is indeed an athlete. a typical race is comparable to a three hour workout and, looked at danica patrick and she focuses on upper body strength and neck muscles and stays up right during the hard turns and controlling the steering wheel is like holding a medicine ball for two hours. straight. can you imagine? a medicine ball two hours straight. and, 150 degrees inside the cars and many add a body suit and drivers can sweat off 7 pounds in one race. did you see danica doing the yoga class the other day? that is how they stay physically fit and the pit crew works out hard. >> john: andrea jackson talked with one ucf professor who helped one race team go all the way. >> nascar pit crews change huge tires and gas up cars in a
8:38 am
>> what theyp do, the pit crew, i don't think they get enough credit. what they do all week long. >> dr. jeff stout is a ucf professor of sports and exercise science and helped dale jarrett win the winston cup after and exercise and nutrition program specifically for the pit crew. >> the transformation was amazing and morep importantly, their pit times went down by about two seconds. . and i was told that for every second you save in the pit you gain 400 meters on the track. >> the doctor broke down the routine down to the slightest movements of changing the 75 pound tire and designed a plan to build their speed and power. when it comes to being part of the pit crew, size and body type matters. >> the body type is similar to a navy s.e.a.l. not too pp big.
8:39 am
you have to have fast -- be fast and lean and have endurance, mental and physical endurance. >> reporter: mind and body must be at peak performance to endure long hours at the track and focus on the precision of the sport. >> and i have never been a nascar fan but i am now! >> reporter: andrea jackson, fox 35 news. >> john: it is hard work and you don't think about it. >> amy: it is. and the other thing, it is not easy. >> still ahead the cars in the daytona 500 will have something a little different than what they've had in the past. they had digital -- have digital dash boards, a look at the new additions and what it means for the drivers. it is 8:39. live at daytona international speedway on your friday morning, watching good day on the road on
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misleading advertising. how to fight it, today at 5:00. the low rider is a little higher >> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." live at the track. and a nice view this morning. and there is a bit of a breeze but man alive, talk about a difference a year makes and one year ago, it was in the 20s out here and we could not -- there weren't enough layers in the e world to make it work last year. >> could you imagine race time and talking mid 70s, it is perfect. couldn't get any better in central florida and over 100 million people came to florida for vacation and this is what they experience. >> amy: and we've seen a lot of amenities, too. it is beautiful. >> the car the racers drive at the daytona 500 may look plain on the outside, right, just a shell but on the inside there's a lot of technology.
8:44 am
place they lagged behind. a lot of the cars we drive and our farce were fancier and now that changed. tom johnson shows you nascar's brand new digital dashboard. >> nascar is changing the way drivers monitor pretty much everything on board their cars. this is what the dash boards used to look like before the season. but these dash boards have taken a technological leap forward. it is a leap that catches up with the text a ch you have in your cars. casey mears, number 13 chevy, and the fancy ltv video screen, the leap. >> the avenue for drivers and cars. >> and, pat works for casey mears racing competition ford performance and says the digital dash boards are about making sure the drivers and teams have quick and easy access to info. >> you want a fuel saving mode
8:45 am
flag mode. it lets them customize and switch between screens to keep track of what is going on. >> and eventually, it will feed some of that info to you, the fans. in the future it will allow the fans to engage more with the data. as the data becomes available. >> now, it gives drivers an easier, more tech-current way to do their jobs. >> this is the next step of nascar. cool. i want one of those. how much do they cost? i can't afford them. >> thank you. >> i can't afford it, either. >> amy: in the front know of eliott. >> john: a young guy. 20-year-old, and, in college, maybe starting the guy and this guy is on top of the world, at just 20 becomes the youngest
8:46 am
the daytona 500. and more impressive does it as a rookie making his first ever lap around the daytona in a car and if it sound familiar because it should be. his dad is legend bill eliott. mom and dad were on hand when chase won the pole on sunday. >> amy: and, we love this. look at the photo. this is chase as a toddler sitting in the lap of dale earnhardt, jr. he's the son of bill eliott, one of earnhardt's racing rivals. earnhardt died 15 years ago yesterday. right here at the daytona 500 and he was 49 when he died and, that has left an indelible mark on racing. 15 years later and dale earnhardt, jr. said he's amazed how many people miss his dad and they held a vigil in north carolina for his dad and people talked about it and tweeted
8:47 am
and the picture has a lot of emotion. >> john: and with nascar, i spoke with darrell waltrip. 20 years since he won the daytona 500 and they are about numbers and dale earnhardt, jr. last night talking about, day dreaming, dreaming of winning the race last night on the anniversary of his father's death. and, the picture coming out, on the anniversary of -- a lot of things stirred people up yesterday. >> amy: it was beautiful. he said he could feel his dad's presence yesterday as he was racing and he said he didn't want to get distracted by it and had to concentrate on driving because we could feel his dad's presence yesterday. >> john: a lot of fun. it was cold. i was here last night and brought the kids out there, where is john c -- he's not here. we're going home, it is cold. we didn't stay long and jayme king. >> jayme: a little breezy today and, paving the way for a perfect weekend.
8:48 am
not nice stuff before the sweet pot of honey and race time, it will be paradise, sliding up week long. let's jump into your current weather now and live local temperatures, and it has been a great morning, slowly but surely, up and out of 50s and sun is shining and weather sweet and we look good. the satellite now you see a lot of clouds over the atlantic, slowly but surely coming our way and will be suddenly at times, passing cloud cover and ultimately the sun will dominate the weather roost all weekend long and we're looking good. our hour by hour forecast suggesting just that. 73 by 2:00 and 69 by 5:00. and 8 o'clock temps around 63. the racers forecast now as we get into the day saturday and sunday. the ramp-up straight up through the 70s and when we talk about the nation as a whole, the national satellite/weather
8:49 am
this side of the earth but look out west. pretty big storm now and, packing a punch. a bit of juice once it gets near us and could drink up the rain chances getting into early and mid next week. our 7-day forecast, highlighting again ample sunshine for the weekend. when we get to monday, 78, 79 tuesday. there is this rain chance at 50%, 71 wednesday and thursday, 69. looks like wednesday and thursday will be windy on the back side of departing low pressure and cold front combo and again from the weather changes, more there as we get past the mid-week peak and overall nice and about time, we froze our cans off last year and feeling good at this time. again we'll check back with you live at lake lloyd, over to gina benitez, my good friend. live drive traffic. >> gina: good morning a weather baby. this is baby clay and looking so cute! in the little bow tie there!
8:50 am
baby, your weather baby, go to and send in your pictures. time now for your live drive traffic. i do have this, a live look i-4 eastbound at lee road. we still have a crash at the exit. off to the shoulder there. still causing significant delays, be aware if you are driving there this morning. i also want to take you up to a new crash, a partial roadblock, chickasaw trail partially blocked at valencia college lane, be aware of that. looking at your drive times, everything looks nice on i-4 westbound, lake mary to colonial, 14 minutes, i-4 eastbound isn't looking bad, either, the attractions-downtown take you 21 minutes and 408, westbound 417 to downtown, takes you 13 minutes, that's it for live drive traffic. back to you. >> john: i usually don't predict traffic jams but 48 hours from now i-4 east will be a parking lot.
8:51 am
>> ryan: and speaking of daytona 500, many changes at the daytona international speedway. >> luanne: we'll show you what is going on outside of the seed way as well. first, it is time for our pet of the day on this friday morning. . how cute is mia! good morning, if you want your pet to be featured go to our web site and click on our facebook
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>> have you heard the story of the hot rod race... >> john: welcome back, live at
8:55 am
we begin with really cool look at at the track this morning and you can see there a couple of cars. and it will be coming out here. notice the grounds building, and, out here, watching trials and racing all day. >> a lot of fun. >> cars we'll see, xfinity tomorrow night on fox, and you don't want to miss it. set your dvr or at least a reminder -- >> or come out and we talk to the pilots, earlier today with the fire jets and they'll be
8:56 am
daytona rising and included five entrances with three levels and added extra social areas, wider, holders. and twice as many restrooms and concessions. but the speedway is not the only area getting a makeover. the land outside is growing. >> john: fox 35's andrea jackson has a look at the one daytona project and how it will next. >> reporter: working directly across from speedway in nearly 200 acres behind me getting prepped and ready for all the brand new home of one daytona. construction crews start your engines! one daytona a multimillion-dollar live, work, play, stay complex getting the green light after being in the works the last decade. nearly 200 acres will be developed starting with movie theatres and major retailer, hotel rooms an apartments and renderings include phase one of the $800 million project including 300,000 square feet of retail, dining and entertainment space and will go directly
8:57 am
daytona international speedway and center on the daytona international speedway corporate offices. anchor tenants, bass pro spots and 12 screen movie complex and two hotels and 300 apartments. the grand opening is scheduled for 2017. in daytona, andrea jackson, fox 35 news. >> john: that's going to transform things, for people who maybe are somewhat into the races or really want to come here and experience that. you will have the great project across the street and now if they can only finish up i-4 between orlando -- be careful when driving over if you hatch driven. >> amy: it is tight. all the barriers are up and lanes are tight. dangerous, you have to be super careful. >> john: you should see the car that pulled up. >> amy: did you see that? >> cool. >> amy: pushing it -- theness is not working and had to push it. >> john: it will be ready! ready outside. behind-the-scenes stuff, fun to
8:58 am
>> coming up we'll talk to driver number 59, he is mitch driver, talking about michael mcdowell. >> john: a lot of function a lot more coming up on "good day orlando" live at daytona international speedway. of and i think we're checking in with david martin right now. he has been hanging out with the infield freaks! david? i say that in a -- >> reporter: if you are concerned about me drinking beer before breakfast. don't worry. john from maryland, making us a real breakfast! what is cooking on the griddle. >> hash browns. with deer. deer and hash browns! >> chipped deer! chipped deer and hash browns!
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