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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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shsharare e yoyourur s stotoryry.. pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng isis a a p pleleasasurure.e. >> sonni: an orange county deputy out of the hospital after being nearly ran over. >> bob: deputies say jancarlos
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car and he is on the run now. valerie boy has the latest. >> reporter: hi, bob. the sergeant was released from had hospital. according to her husband, she is back at home and in pain. deputies are on the run for the >> i start nascar started early. >> reporter: it was with a sound neighbors on high street heard loud and clear but had no a deputy had been hit by a vehicle. cops are looking for the 15-year-old suspect jancarlos ortiz. >> he deliberately ran over her as she was approaching the vehicle. she ended up on the hood of the car. >> reporter: marcy pearce was in the process of trying to take ortiz in for previous charges when the teen was hit. >> she could hear the engine revving and he increased the speed and she knew she needed to
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>> it was like a car pinning out. >> reporter: ortiz is wanted for armed burglary, assault on a law enforcement officer and fleeing from an officer. he lives in this home where the sergeant was headed to. >> there is multiple people that live there. >> have you seen other cop cars there before? >> yeah, i have. >> reporter: the sheriff is grateful for the probation officer when the deputy for get getting help. >> she is in pain but has hire spirits. he needs to turn himself in. he is in serious trouble at this time. marcy pearce has been with our agency for approximately 22 years. she has a husband who works here
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and the two of them are great employees. >> reporter: meanwhile, fox35 caught up with sergeant pearce's husband at home. if you know are ortiz is call the crime line. >> sonni: more on the search for baby willow. crews searched in a pond near where the baby was born. >> reporter: this pond is next to a burger king drive-thru. we have been posted here all day and people are coming through asking if they found the baby. this case has captured the attention of the entire neighborhood all week long. people gathered at the waters edge next to the pond to keep an eye on the search. this pond is just a quick walk from where police believe the
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they have named her baby willow. an orange county sheriff's office crew and orlando crew spent the first part of the day walking the perimeter of the bond. when they came up empty handed divers went deeper but came up with nothing still. one woman said the silver lining in the unsuccessful search today is this: the baby she thinks could be alive somewhere still. >> we are hoping it is not in that water. it is unbelieveal able unbelievable. >> hope they find it but being alive i don't see it happening. >> reporter: investigators say susan richardson said she gave birth to a baby girl on monday nearby at a duplex but will not say where the baby s. they have been searching ever since and will continue over the weekend and said the next step is to drain this pond and look for the
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richardson remains in the orange county jail on child neglect charges. fox35 news. >> bob: deputies spent the morning searching for more human remains near the volusia county jail after they found a human skull. kelly joyce has more on the search. >> reporter: the original county sheriff's deputies wrapped up the search today where human remains were found yesterday. they found more bones today. they had to suspend the area because they need heavier equipment because the woods are so thick. volusia county sheriff's deputies don't know if is one person or more they found here. they do tell us they are looking into the possibility that the remains could belong to a homeless man who was in the volusia county jail and got out in 2014 and was seen going into the woods at one point. that is part of the investigation.
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>> sonni: a follow-up on a young clermont police officer who was injured critically by an ex exploding gas can. tracy jacem reports on the people coming out to support the officer. >> reporter: 60 people came out here to donate blood to one blood. the blood they are dot donating everyone mentioned chris cruz. the officer who was burned on super bowl sunday night. him and friends were sitting around the fire, noticed it and went to move it but it heated up already and exploded. this kid had such a bright future. i talked to his dad a short time ago. they are up in gainesville because he was airlifted yesterday. dad is very hopefully. take a listen.
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because he is a police officer. with the way things are going, him being a police officer, people are supporting him and i get texted with outpouring of love. >> reporter: one blood is going to be at clermont epic theaters saturday and sunday 2-7. they are hoping more people will come out and donate. it is an important cause. in clermont, tracy, fox35 news. >> bob: first up in the evening rush, the zika virus spreading in florida with two now cases confirmed and one is in orange county. orange county joins the areas under a public health emergency. there are 26 cases state-wide. all of them still travel related. also today the cdc is calling for the testing of healthy babies who were born to women who have traveled to zika virus infected areas within two weeks of delivery.
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with a deadly shooting at poplar orlando nightclub appeared in court. luis gadiel cruz nazario is being held on no bond for attempted first-degree murder and jose brull-lopez was granted bond and expected to bond out some time tonight. lopez originally arrested last week and rearrested yesterday. two people died in that shooting at the glitz ultra night lounge back on february 7th. several others were injured. investigators are looking into the shooting being gang related. toledo had to be forced into court and said he is taking back his motion for a speedy trial meaning it will not start for another month. he was scheduled to go in january but the trial was delayed after the supreme court in florida ruled the death penalty is unconstitutional. >> sonni: and changes are likely
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the state because of that ruling. lawmakers are working on a compromy that will allow for it. it will give juries the power to decide if the defendants live or die instead of the judges. argumented were heated during the debate with democrats and republicans divided on the issue. >> it uses the official power to kill by execution and that has never elevated a society. never brought back a life. >> at some point, we have to give them some measure of justice and say there is a line where it is so heinous that the only answer is the ultimate cost of their life. >> sonni: the jury has been able to recommend the death penalty
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states that don't require unanimous jury nominations. is a girl is surprised when her mom picks her up. take two seconds to sink in. that is 8-year-old su erinity running into her mother's arms who has been in afghanistan since last march. she said this isn't the first time she had to be apart from her family. >> this isn't my first deployment so we are used to. but she has grown more this time around. not just height wise because she was barely at my hip. >> my hairs grown, too. >> her hairs was to my ears when i left. >> kristen said the first thing she and serinity will do is get
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v because that makes her daughter feel so special. >> sonni: very sweet. >> bob: the countdown is on for the daytona 500. >> sonni: we are less than 48 hours from the green flag. we will head out to the track food. >> glenn: the forecast is yummy, too. lots of sunshine over the weekend but we will talk about the chance of rain coming up next week. >> bob: and drivers prepare for the biggest race of the year. time is running out for some. we will look at one crew hoping to get a new car ready hours before race day. looking at the closing numbers on wall street.
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nasdaq is the only one finis >> bob: daytona 500 weekend sapon us and you can feel the anxietym from here. >> sonni: we have team coverage of everything happening at the speedway. we start with darryl nail who is checking out the delicious eats at the track. you got the good gig today. >> reporter: indeed. when it comes to race fans and teams there is nothing sweeter than the taste of victory. but when the comes to the food, for the fans and teens, they live worlds apart. there are two things that move
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the stock cars, of course. just like a lot of concessions here, they serve up food in a hurry from the chicken fingers to the massive daytona dog. what do you have? >> something with fries. >> reporter: they came all the way from denmark where the race food is? >> it is bad. >> that is the food that i am looking for. >> reporter: as far as the track is concerned that is a whole different deal. the smell of fresh cooked bacon along with other delicious meats comes from the garage of 43. >> you can smell the bacon in there. >> reporter: his team and driver eat extremely well chef. one of only four teams and that makes other quite jealous. >> it is hard trying to get
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i think we are king of the garage when it comes to cooking. >> reporter: as for fans, the race food goes down fast but the love fades after a while. >> after everyone is ready to go home and eat real food. >> reporter: now, we get up close and personal with the chef for the 43 ford team and talked to him about whey they feel having their own personal chef gives the team an edge. that is tonight at 10:00. fox news. >> reporter: depending on how your weekend is the sprint cup practices were a conformation of things or a chance to turn the week around.
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crashed a lot of plans for drivers. a handful had to go to their backup cars. crews spent today working to get the secondary car ready. aj didn't show it but there is no question the situation adds to his stress. >> had to get our backup out and make sure everything was right. the cars had close to the same speed as the primary. my guys had to put the work in to make sure the chevys are fast. the car handles well. we don't have the outright speed. but in the unlimited and duals we got up front and had a chance and will try to do the same at the 500. >> reporter: because of his wrecks, aj has to start on ro row 15 meaning his day is not easy. the truck race is about to start. 7:30 tonight on fox sports one.
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that for you at 11 o'clock on fox35. live in daytona for now. >> bob: all of the guys in short sleeves and that is the case for the whole weekend probably? >> glenn: how good is that? the smell of exhaust and bacon. that is a good combination. forecast right now in central florida, kind of nice outside. lots of sunshine. see the clouds out in the distance? that is just a little moisture coming from the atlantic waters. no rain on the radar. we are in good shape through the evening and overnight. here is a look at the forecast at the speedway. sunday. the only thing you may want to watch out is a little fog in the morning hours if you are headed out there. 66 in deland, 67 in melbourne, 69 through lake county.
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coming off the ocean and that is making it cooler along the coast and producing clouds out there and 67. just a great friday night in central florida. 75 was the high today. 75 was the normal high. 51 was the early morning low. headlines in the forecast continue to warm it up through the weekend. great weather for the race. also that wave of rain still holding it off until about tuesday of next week. great weather across the state right now. here is the model showing the onshore breeze. a few clouds. this is tomorrow at 1-1:30. not a big deal. no rain. temperatures in the mid-70s. for the day on sunday, same thing. fog in the morning, clouds in the afternoon, overall great looking weather. forecast lows tonight 58 in melbourne, 55 in orlando and same in daytona. 75 for tomorrow in gainesville. a beautiful day. 76 in sanford. 73 in titusville. melbourne and rock ledge also
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so looking very, very nice. there is the east wind at 5-10. the winds are coming down so boating weather is improving as well. chance of storms on tuesday and wednesday with a storm coming from the gulf. >> bob: seems like paul mccartny is back on the mvp list in hollywood. >> sonni: the days of getting denied to after parties are behind him. we will tell you the a -list star he was caught dining up with after the break. >> bob: first the fox35 pump
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during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to
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and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month for 12 months. >> bob: paul mccartney may have been denied entrance into a grammy afterparty this week but he seemeded d ed to have no trouble
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seemed like mccartney had the last laugh. >> he went to a really nice italian restaurant in los angeles. he` went with jimmy fallon, lauren michaels, and another guest. they were single jingles. there are two trains of thought. one, they are working on a project together or maybe they are doing something for the oscars. he got in there with no problem. >> bob: i thought paul mccartney could write a slinging jingle if he put his mind to. might be just the thing he needs to turn the corner. >> absolutely. this will get his name out there and we will make some real money.
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that is a deserving guy there. >> sonni: he will earn his legend status. >> glenn: 77 tomorrow, 77 on sunday, and great weekend for racing. morning fog, and then next week warming into the low 80s as we go toward tuesday.
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>> sonni: modern family is look what someone left in our mailbox -- again. wait, that's like our fifth one, isn't it? it's getting kind of creepy. oh, relax -- it's probably just from victor, that flower-delivery guy i dated. who's victor? we never heard about him. oh, because i knew you'd never let me go out with an ex-con. hey, maybe it's dylan trying to win you back. mm. so, victor -- it's a closed door? maybe it's not a guy who's in love with haley. oh, thank you. maybe it's a guy who's obsessed with haley and is getting plastic surgery to look like her so he can replace her and live her life. luke. so they can only be for haley? of course not. haley isn't the only hottie living here. i washed the car in my cheer shorts the other day. i definitely felt eyes on me. has it ever occurred to you that


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