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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ruling helps peo breaking news tonight, police say that a mother has shot and killed her own son. >> tonight that mother isf chargedf with premeditatedf murder. this happened at theff oak harborf subdivision. and that'sf
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boyd live with the details here. valerie? >> reporter: hey, there. police now have their search warrant or actually in the house looking for evidence. you can see the home right behind me where the tape is across the front door. earlier today they forced their way inside trying to check on the well-being of a person. officers say virginia ortega lived with her son blake howard at this home. they went to the home after a relative called concerned about blake's safety. but when officers arrived, they say no one answered, so they forced their way in and that's when they found a mother with a gun and a son dead. they say he was murdered in the shower. >> where virginia ortega confronted one of the officers with a handgun in hand. she was ordered to drop that firearm which she complied with officers. miss ortega planned the murder of her son blake howard, and again shot him multiple times while he was in the shower. >> reporter: and 29-year-old
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college. they released a statement saying, we are deeply saddened to hear of this tragedy. our thoughts and sympathies are with his family and friends. the college's office visiting and canceling will make counselors available to students seeking support.x ortega is beingh held in a seminole county jail. fox 35 news. >> thanks. breaking news right now. skyfox over an area where a controlled burn has turned into a brushfire. this is near the lake ashley cove community. the fire did briefly jump the fire line before they got it back under control again. we'll keep you posted if the situation changes. the teenager accused of running over an orange county deputy faced a judge today. >> not only that. but the deputy that he allegedly injured was also in court. fox 35's holly bristol is live in orange county to tell us what happened. >> reporter: jancarlos or 'tis will be staying in jail -- ortiz
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next 30 days, that's nmtion state prosecutors decide -- that's unless state prosecutors decide to try him as an adult. he had a goofy look on his face. deputies say ortiz steered the stolen car he was driving right at sergeant marcy pearce when she showed up at his house to arrest him on four burglary-related charges last week. investigators say ortiz left sergeant pearce with an injured wrist and foot and several cuts and bruises still visible on her face and head. >> state your name for the record. >> jancarlos or 'tis. >> reporter: he made his first -- ortiz. >> reporter: he mace his first down -- made his first appearance today. the judge ruled that ortiz will remain in custody for the next 30 days, during that time state prosecutors will decide whether the 15-year-old will be tried as an adult. seeing ortiz proved difficult for sergeant pearce. she wiped tears from her eyes as
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the hearing. >> he tried to kill me. >> reporter: sergeant pearce told fox 35 she's still in a lot of pain but doing her best to stay positive. how do you feel about all the support you've got from the deputies surrounding you? >> i love my guys. my agency. my friends, my family. and my community's support is incredible. i'm so honored to have all these people aion round me. -- around me. thank you. everybody. >> reporter: but when i asked her about the teen who's accused of trying to kill her? if you could say anything -- >> no, no, ma'am. i can't. >> reporter: obviously a very emotional day for this sergeant. as for ortiz, as things stand now, he's scheduled to go before a judge again on march 17th. reporting live at juvenile justice center, hol byes troll, fox 35 -- holly bristol, fox 30
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two students arrested, accused of bringing a gun on to campus. the lake county sheriff's office was tipped off that a boy at the school had a gun and deputies then confronted him. he admitted that he had gotten the gun from another student. the gun did not work and there was no ammunition. the teens told deputies that they waned to give that gun to another student to fix it. a millionaire convicted of killing his wife in 2011 is getting a new trial. they say his original defense the attorneys peernl apparently used. he was convicted in the death of diane ward and given a 30-year sentence. no word on when this new trial would start. a woman in seizures condition after being hit by -- in serious condition after being
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the trailer hit the woman and the driver did initially stop. but when emergency crews got there, then left. if you know anything about this incident, you're bean urged to call flood -- being earned to call florida highway patrol. a man given bond today in orange county in a hit-and-run case today. accused of running a red light and causing a four-car crash yesterday which ended in the death of one person. this happened on orange blossom trail. troopers found the suspect passed out behind the wheel at a nearby apartment complex. troopers say cc's does not have a license. the zika virus is now in seminole county. the florida department of health report that is one case has been cone firmed in sim noel. that's 2 -- seminole. that's 29 cases in the area. friends and loved ones of a brevard county teenager are gathering to remember the girl that less than 48 hours she was found dead inside her home.
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to anyone who wanted to celebrate their life. we have the story. >> it makes me emotional. >> reporter: 11-year-old lillia has great memories of her friend amannia, whose bedroom very visited many times. but today's visit was the most difficult one. >> i just wish i could just say bye one last time. >> reporter: anan ja and her father were found dead inside this home on indian street late sunday night. the father's death ruled a suicide, but the sixth grader still not determined. lilia says her friend was a smart girl, always happy. and she gave freely. >> she was really generous and she was always willing to do something even if it didn't like -- if she had to give something up to help someone, she would always do it. >> that's her dad right this. >> reporter: this afternoon friends, family members, and neighbors visited the home to
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they also celebrated their love love ones' lives t. tragic story of their loss in this bedroom causing them incredible pain and sadness, but one they shared without hesitation. >> this is the very room where the young girl was found. she was there in the corner. her father found hanging from the fan, committed suicide. the thai people are very open with the tragedy that happened here because they're seeking forgiveness from people who knew them as well as hoping to pray for their spirits that they may escape this room and the tragedy that happened here. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: thai tradition calls for a monk to spread water over ceremonial food while offering a prayer. it was shared openly, which a family friend says gave the mother and sister of the deceased great comfort. >> i'm sure there's a lot of grief going on of course. but it's a comfort and support going on right now.
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>> reporter: fox 35 news. last week a apparently of judges ruled -- a panel of judges ruled that the tickets procedure -- red light ticketing procedure is unlawful. but they're not going to be taken down. jeff t red light cameras. they say? the way you happened out tickets based on the cameras, it doesn't really work. you can't hand out tickets. but the city says we're not going take the cameras down. what are they going to do use the cameras for? like some state of the city blooper reel at the end of the year? >> they say they're going to keep using them what they've been using them for. despite this court ruling, which basically said the city has been issuing tickets illegally, the city says they think the ruling is wrong and they may appeal it. but regardless, this ruling and basically only had the effect of changing this one case, which was involved a lawyer who got a red light ticket. decided to fight it. and basically she feels that she proved that should city was --
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the issue is whether the city is outsourcing the ticket enforcement to its private contractor based in arizona. the city says all the ticket decisions are being made inhouses. this ruling helps you if you want to fight your ticket. you might have a better chance of invalidating it now, but people continue to get these tickets into the future -- >> and just pay it. >> yeah, pay -- right. most people just pay them. >> most people just pay it. but if one lawyer can go out and prove her case, doesn't that just down the line prove the case for everybody else? because they handle it exactly the same way. we just happen to have one lawyer who knows how to use the system and joe blow like me, i have to hire that person now to go fight my traffic ticket, not that i've been running red lights. >> that could be true. the city says that basically they've made a slight change to their procedure. in between the time when this woman got her ticket and when her case was won, and basically they think that they've resolved
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ticket tomorrow, brought the same argument to the court, that they might be successful the second time around. but you know, it remains to be seen whether or not that theory will be tested because like you said, so few people challenge those tickets. most people just -- >> pay them. >> wind up paying them. and until you challenge it, there's nothing stopping the city from issuing the tickets. so even though they lost this case, they don't have to take the cameras down. they're not gonna. >> gotcha. all right, jeff, good to talk to you, my friend. >> thanks for having me. two symbols of american pride on the mend tonight. >> the young bald eagles are being treated after their talons got stuck in a cell phone tower. >> i was having a fit because i wanted someone to get up there and get the baby. >> how this eagle-eyed, if you will, bird watcher helped bring the young bird to safety. >> and president obama lays out a plan to close guantanamo bay. the catch that has lawmakers here in the u.s. very concerned, coming up. >> forecast right now, central
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moving away. next batch, rain and storms for tomorrow.
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we'll talk about the ti for a bird watcher, it was a scary moment. of eagles that she found. she found an eaglet hanging upside down. >> we spoke to the woman who helped rescue the baby eagles. >> reporter: for months kathy has kept her eye on this eagle's nest. >> they're just fascinating animals. they're beautiful. >> she noticed something wrong with her eagle family t. nest which houses two babies was empty. one was hanging upside down on
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its claw caught in a clamp. the other just watched. >> reporter: he had to be stressed, worn out, exhausted, and hurting. >> reporter: nobody knows how long it was stuck in the clump, -- clamp, but it continued to injure himself. >> its wings would move around, i would just gasp. i was having a fit because i wanted someone to get up there and get the baby. >> reporter: kathy quickly called for help. >> getting somebody up there, especially with darkness and bad weather coming in, was going to be a challenge. >> reporter: luckily the cell tower company sent two employees out. they geared and up began a climb nearly 200 feet up. >> there were times where it was stressful. you know, we were on the ground looking up at this poor bird hanging up there. >> reporter: with the mother and father watching with concern, as they circled above, rescuers were able to free the trapped bird but the second eaglet still too young to fly got frightened and tried to fly off. only to crash-land about half a
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it did not suffer any injuries injuries, but it had a broken bone and cuts from being stuck on the tower. they're both being treated and will be be released and even reunited with their parents who are waiting on them. >> hopefully they'll be okay. >> reporter: fox 35 news. >> we have learned that the eaglet that was hanging upside down is going to undergo surgery at busch gardens. the other will be taking to the bird of prey center in maitland. president obama has outlined his plan for closing the controversial gabriella guantanamo bay detention facility. today he delivered on the -- delivered the plan to congress. it calls for allowing the pentagon to move gitmo's remaining detainees to the united states. a new facility would be built at the cost of almost a half billion dollars. >> we'll continue to securely and responsibly transfer to other countries the 35 detainees
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been approved for transfer. >> those who support the plan say operating get go has gotten -- gitmo has gotten very suspected and holding terrorists without a trial paints america in a bad light. officials have spoken out against the idea, saying that housing terror suspects in the u.s. is a tremendous security risk. the nevada gop caucus is happening right now. donald trump is expected to win his third consecutive state, but the race for second is also worth keeping an eye on. we're going to have a full recap of today's nevada caucus on fox 39 news at 10:00 and 11:00. our team of experts will break down the results. >> break it down. >> breakdown. >> some changes in the forecast. >> looks like we're going to go from the sunshine and warmth to looking at temperatures struggling to get into the 60s. >> no kidding. >> big changes. clouds have been thickening on and off throughout the area. we've seen a few showers. here's a live picture right now as the camera kind of moves on
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looking to the northeast over -- over towards the east. the showers have moved offshore. we're in good shape. not expecting anything additional other than maybe a sprinkle across osceola county. moisture from the south moving up in your direction. up to the north, ocala, up to gainesville, another rain shower sitting just to the west of the interstate. also moving to the northeast. very little if any rain expected for this evening. overnight tonight, we look good. during the day tomorrow we're expecting based on the computer model to pick up about .5 to.9 inches of rain. not overly heavy but it is going to come through in a short amount of time. so in the few locations you will get burst of heavier rainfall. 73 in stanford. 77 out in clair mont. our winds -- claremont. our winds are coming up from the south. it was rather windy this morning and still breezy for this evening.
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downtown. 74 degrees. that is our visit orlando towercam on top of the hyatt reregency. 75 our early morning. and our normal high temperature. 75 degrees. 81 the high for this afternoon. it was warm today. evening showers will continue to move offshore. yet a round of additional rain is on the way for tomorrow. it will start to move in late morning, up to the north. and then eventually work its way through metro orlando as we go through the afternoon. and early evening. 74 in tampa. 69 out towards pensacola. first wave of showers, good-bye. and here comes the next batch. this is the low pressure center. this thing is not moving this way. it is moving that way. so by the time the cold front gets over us, the low that it's connected to will be up somewhere around pennsylvania or up into new york state. so that greatly reduces the risk of severe weather. but we do have a slight risk. this is tomorrow. 10:30 in the morning. look at ocala.
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with some gusty winds. there is a slight risk for a tornado. around the ocala, leesburg area. notice it begins to ease up quite a bit and in the afternoon, moves over to the coast and really starts to fall apart. so a weakening trend with the storms tomorrow, but a slight risk for some severe weather. mainly west and northwest of orlando. 81 for tomorrow. 65 on thursday. and we'll stay cool and sunny through the weekend. >> thanks. a former florida gator turns jacksonville jaguars could be looking at some serious trouble. >> all because of a fight that he for lack of a better term officiated. we're going to look at that coming up. first we're trying to save you some gas.
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some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots. its free for 30 days. dante fowler, superstar defensive lineman with the
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went third overtowel jaguars, but tonight -- overall with the jaguars, but tonight -- a fight fan. usually girls are fighting over you, you go, ladies, ladies, please, there's plenty of me to go around, something like that. but that's not what dante did in this case, did he? >> no, dante refereed the fight. between his baby mama and his girlfriend. they obviously have some beef going on. and tmz sports got footage of the incident and instead of separating them, dancee got in the middle and -- dante got in the middle and said let's get it on. they did. they were brutal. eventually he did step in and separated once the incident was over. but it was pretty crazy now. the nfl is now investigating it. the jaguars are investigating it. dante has apologized for it. but it's pretty brutal. so we're actually -- you can check out the whole video on tmz sports and fox sports one at
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>> only a few seconds here, but any bad injuries in that? because there were some serious punches thrown? >> probably just pride. >> okay. >> and i don't think anybody went to the hospital. >> all right. we'll check out the whole thing on tm strks. thank you, my friend. >> looks good overnight tonight but through the day tomorrow, showers and storms begin to build. >> very good.
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up we're back! funniest thing-- stella fell in love with this dog on our walk, just stared at it lovingly. turned out to be her reflection in a hubcap. i got an "a" on my history exam, by the way. really, you're competing with the dog? don't let it bother you, girl. jay, we need to talk. i went to an allergist today, and he thinks that joe's rash is an allergy. what a surprise-- an allergist found an allergy. he thinks he might be allergic to stella. the only reaction this dog gives people is the giggles. i mean, when she tried to lick her own [laughing] face... in my village, if a goat acted that dumb, we wouldn't even eat it. this allergy thing is very serious.


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