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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  February 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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female customers. what a start to the day.
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>> wow. gorgeous. so glad you're here. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> i'm john brown. >> reporter: i'm out here here tremble park where a search continues for a missing boater. if donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he would do as president. >> john: the g.o.p. candidates trying to take down donald trump. but if trump wins super tuesday, do they even have a chance. >> amy: your morning brew may be packed with sugar. how much sugar is hiding in your favorite coffee. >> john: i think that's why i like it so much. that would be way too much cotton candy. >> amy: one pink and one green. >> john: if you need something warm to drink this morning anyway, it's chilly. >> jayme: yes, it is. welcome to the show.
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south and leaving us with perfect weather. i know, it's a little cool to kick things off. by tomorrow at this time, even cooler. and 40s are slowly performing a mutiny here. 46 at ocala. and 50s in orlando metro. winds freshingen up. it'll be a windy day. cranking up to the west, northwest, 10 to 20. and repeated gusts at 25 to 30 with general sustained winds to the west by the early afternoon. westerly at 20. and sunny, breezy, and cool. and enjoy. you deserve it after yesterday's clouds and gloomy weather. for the weekend, 70s, and ample sunshine and no chance for rain. >> kristin: i-4 is accident free. amazing. we love that. this is a shot at fairbanks avenue. traffic flowing beautiful in
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sky fox is headed over i-4. they are showing us a beautiful image here approaching maitland boulevard there. everything looking great on i-4. we have a small crash here on the 426. it looks like it just got cleared up, but some yellow is still lingering. if you are heading on aloma near oak reserve lane. if you are heading eastbound from the attractions to downtown, 12 minutes. and on the 408 heading westbound, from 417 to downtown, that will take you 10 minutes. >> amy: new this morning, orange county deputies are looking for gunman who car jacked a couple. >> john: the victims picked up a woman and drove to the circle k. the victims got out of the car to pump gas and a silver dodge
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a man with a gun attacked the victims. and the woman in the couple's car drove into the seat and drove off too. they are trying to determine if she was working with the gunman. >> amy: a man went fishing yesterday and did not come home. west of highway 441. on the orange and lake county line. fox 35's gina benitez has the latest. >> reporter: we have orange county deputies out here, lake county deputies. florida fish and wildlife is also out here. i talked to the orange county sheriff's office who tells me they'll start the search shortly after sunrise. it should be really any minute now. take a look at the video we have from yesterday. it all started yesterday morning
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came here at 7:30. he took off on his boat. his family got worried when he didn't return right away. they called 911. three hours later the officials spotted his boat going around and around in circles. theyen able to get to the boat but found no one on board. they searched the area by helicopter. and were unable to find mr. roble. crews are out here ready to search any minute. i will keep you updated on any developments. this park opens at 8:00 a.m., and we hope to give you a better view. >> john: two people found shot inside a home. orlando police are trying to figure out what happened. at kingco boulevard around 11:15. both people are in the hospital but expected to survive. no word on possible suspects at
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>> john: developing right now. a deadly accident involving a construction worker along i-4. today they'll be reviewing safety procedures. >> amy: a dump truck ran over the the construction worker. the 34-year-old man died as the truck backed up over him. the truck was trying to make a delivery. it happened east of maitland. he worked with sgl contractors. the project manager said that work has been put on hold now as officials review safety procedures. we're going to have an update on this for you in about 20 minutes or so. >> amy: demolition wrapping upen at the airport toll plaza. the aging plaza is being removed. tolls will be collected at four
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you will pay the toll at a different, more convenient location, a lot of people would say. >> amy: parts of florida under states of emergency after storms caused damage. >> reporter: governor rick scott declared a state of emergency up in the panhandle for escambia and santa rosa counties. no deeghts have -- no deaths have been reported but three people are recovering from minor injuries. they are assessing the damage. emergency crews are working to help those in need. governor rick scott toured the area yesterday. >> we believe there are 70 plus homes damaged. we have about 2700 homes without power. >> reporter: now the storm that hit florida is the same system that claimed six lives i virginia, louisiana, and mississippi. amy? over to you. >> amy: you decide. 2016. republican candidate gearing up. >> john: the race for the white house heating up in last night's
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the event was hosted by fox news, and once again donald trump was not there. his opponents took advantage of that. >> the question right now is, how do we prevent nominating a candidate who loses the general election or for that matter if donald ones the general election, who the heck knows what he would do as president? >> we are not going to allow the movement to be defined by a nominee not a conservative. needs to be thoughtful, serious, and important way, given the threat the country faces. >> john: what are you looking for on the debate tonight. not as many people. >> it should be interesting. not as many people. ted cruz and marco rubio, looking to see who takes the initiative to be the number two guy. they have tried to gang up on trump before but it's not worked. the
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will be in the big winner. >> john: if trump runs the table and wins the states on super tuesday. is the race over if he wins that many on tuesday? >> i don't think the race is over, not quite yet. a good super tuesday, no doubt the momentum will be on his side. think there's a good chance for some of the candidates to make leeway. john kasich believes that he can win ohio. he believes that's enough to keep him in the race. and marco rubio should have the edge in florida. even though poll numbers are saying the opposite. but it'll either make the trump campaign or break all the others. >> john: talk about governor scott when they said that trump is considering him for a
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>> governor scott has been here a lot. can we really see him as a vice presidential candidate? i think trump @ needs an extra element not there already. i think rick scott maying eyeing a senate run in a couple of years. as a vp candidate, i don't think he fills the need that donald trump would need from the bottom of the ticket. >> john: how can people follow you? . >> orlando >> john: we'll talk to you soon. spacex will try to launch the falcon 9 rocket from the cape. >> it was supposed to lawmple last night. they stopped the count in abundance of caution. they wanted to make sure that the liquid fool on board was cool enough. it's carrying a european satellite. and spacex will tempt to land a segment of a rocket on a barge.
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so far 10 good on the weather, we'll have to wait and see. >> the only way we know would be to write a piece of software we view as the software equivalent of cancer. >> amy: coming up why he said so much is at stake. plus, what the tech company is reportedly doing now to make sure that no one can ever, ever, hack into an iphone. >> jayme: the weather has moved out, and cold front moved in. texas. what does that mean for the forecast? we'll have that, coming up.
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is betting on snazzy >> john: 7:34 here on good day. on the business watch. melbourne is not a planned destination for all aboards florida, but this week city council members identified three potential stops they'll discuss next monday. miami, fort lauderdale, west
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the first phase starts to chug along in 2017. get ready to see a lot of spring breakers. orlando is the number one spring break destination this year. beat out cancun and vegas, and tampa, fort myers, and miami in the top 10. visitors to the hard rock ca150e7bo in tampa. the caseenee casino will have men serving drinks. they look to add 50 guys to the wait staff. here's are look at the uniforms that amy has been raving about. they want to appeal to woman women who make up to half of the visitors. >> amy: is that what the ladies like? >> john: apparently they did research and the survey says ... >> amy: it's more of a romper, jayme said.
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>> amy: time for a consumerrish. apple ceo tim cook is talking >> reporter: this is the first time we heard from tim cook on the court order to break into the iphone of one of the san bernardino attackers. he said if apple went along with the order, it would make other customers vulnerable. >> the only way to know is write a piece of soft war that you view as the software equivalent to cancer. bad news to write, we have never written it, and that's what is at stake here. >> reporter: according to the nurk times -- new york times, apple is working with an iphone that's harder to ahack that they have now. new security measures that would make it impossible, they say, for the government to break into a locked device.
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jayme king, it's a little warmer, but really breezy out there. >> jayme: yeah, ryan. the coming several mornings, a cool crisp morning, and then maybe up to 70 by saturday and sunday. get the out door plans in order now. just posted a gorgeous picture on our main facebook page. we're asking, what are you doing this weekend? weather will be fantastic. water vapor loop shows the front moving to the south and the east. high pressure like a big ole bowling ball. past houston, texas, and moving in our general direction. we're paving the weather forecast with good looking weather. 40s and 50s. a lot cooler than this time yesterday. gusty winds alive and well. blowing all over the place
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breezy to locally windy at times. 65, and 63 by 5 , and 56 bier 8:00 p.m. and moonlit skies. clear, colder weather overall. 48 by 5:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. temp, friday, yes, the weekend has arrived, looking pretty good. and the launch tonight at 6:49. the falcon 9 rocket, as of now, things are looking okay oval. a little gusty on the winds. and temperatures will be in the upper 50s if not 60 at the mark heading towards launch time. and big robust high pressure filling in. creating a good looking run of weather. and as we go county bier by county. and lake mary to altamonte springs. and looking pretty good overall. bright central florida sunshine.
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wispy clouds. and goldenrod, 66. christmas, 67. back end western portion of the county in the mid-to-upper 60s. and brevard county, up north, down south, east, west, through the i-95 corridor, no problem at all. enjoy the run of weather. looking again near 70 for the weekend. no rain chance. lows down into the 40s and 50s. good morning, kristin. >> kristin: good morning, jayme. it's been a pretty quiet morning on the roads this morning. a little slow on i-4 westbound on 434 heading west. give yourself extra time heading in the area. it's a typical spot to see traffic slowing down. at orange blossom and americana boulevard, there was a accident. it's cleared up but you see oranges and yellows there. give yourself extra time if you
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taking a look at drive times. heading east from john young to downtown, 4 minutes. westbound, 13 minutes. and on the 408 heading west from rouse to downtown orlando, that'll take you just 10 minutes. amy, back to you. oh, just kidding. we have a pump patrol. we love to save you money here on fox 35. regular gas is just $1.56 at the quik mart on south bumby and ileana street in orlando. you can always look on line. see gas saving tips any time at now, amy, john, back to you. >> john: we'll take it. >> amy: caffeine is not the only swroalt. >> john: the shocking amount of sugar in your favorite brew. it looks really, really nice out there.
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52 degrees. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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>> amy: one innocent looking latte may have two or three times of the amount of sugar you find in a soda. >> john: that's why we like it. >> amy: sorry. here to take the fun out of it is the fox medical team's deena centofanti. >> reporter: debby downer signing up. >> amy: you are deena downer. >> reporter: that's right. i had a pumpkin spice latte with my daughter. i thought this tastes like pumpkin pie. when we show you how much sugars are in these examples. we're not picking on particular chains, it's everywhere. the average women should get about 6 piece teaspoons of sugar. and the guys 9. >> amy: that's not fair. >> reporter: i know. that's a whole other issue. i know. i am going to start with
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a white chocolate mocha. i am going to show you how much sugar this is. we'll show you the sugar equivalent of the white chocolate mocha. see all of that sugar? >> amy: john likes it. [clapping]. >> reporter: he just wants to drink the sugar. doesn't need the coffee. 16 16-teaspoons. there's no label on if. unless you go on the website and being diligent, you have no idea. this is a starbucks ven different, the 20-ounce. chai tea latte. sounds healthy. but this one is 13-teaspoons of sugar. >> amy: you're kidding? >> reporter: that's what you are drinking in your chai tea. >> amy: my gosh.
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dunkin, the large mocha.d out of this batch up here is the best choice. but it's 11.5-teaspoons of sugar. >> amy: 6 for women and 9 for men per day? you are almost doubling that. >> reporter: per day. you have already blown it with one of these drinks. not to mention, it's not good for your body to have this influx of sugar in many ways. obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, all of those things. what you need to do instead. you know what you need to do. order coffee black. put maybe one teaspoon in if you want it sweet. >> amy: one packet of sugar is equal to a teaspoon. that's how you with gauge. >> reporter: yeah. then you are in control. you can put a little cream in there too but you can control. you are not caught off guard. burning off this many calories, forget about it. >> amy: it's not worth it.
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one drink and that's it. >> reporter: yeah. that's the one beverage. >> amy: we still love you. thanks, deena. >> reporter: sorry. >> amy: john is crying a little bit, but that's okay. >> john: a new gun law and rules for people who like to shoot own their own property.
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the best team possibly in nba >> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." a chilly start to the day compared to the last couple of days. just 52 degrees. you will want to grab a jacket. it'll be cooler here for the weekend but jayme said it'll be nice. >> amy: we start and jackie orozco. >> reporter: the i-4 ultimate project is put on hold after a construction worker is killed on the job.
7:31 am
for that project. >> john: many americans don't have a rainy day fund because they are too busy paying off debt. which is better. saving or paying off the debt. >> amy: showing a baby's gender. busting open a whole new the controversy over designing your own baby. how are things looking outside for us? >> john: here's jayme king. a little cool. >> jayme: it is a little cool. and by the time tomorrow morning we're looking cooler overall. well down into the 40s. let us talk about it. look at this. 40s and 50s. what a ditches just a day has made. what a difference just a day has made. east of the carolinas now and moving up towards canada here. crossing over the u.s. canadian border.
7:32 am
yesterday, the low, the main drivers for all of the severe weather we had over the gulf south, and the eastern seaboard. virginia got hammered yesterday with heavy rain and tornadoes. for us today, none of the above. just a little bit breezy. temperatures have taken a tumble but they'll be back today. only a recovery to the mid-60s by 2 and the drive home, 5:00 p.m., roll down the windows and enjoy the pleasantries. 63. and 56 by 8:00 p.m. and a ramp up into the weekend. nothing but sunshine into wednesday. the next storm system makes an approach during that time. i'll talk about that and the rest of the extended forecast here on gdo. >> kristin: things are moving a little slow right now on i-4 in seminole. we have reports of a disabled
7:33 am
you see all of the red there. traffic is moving very slow right now. give yourself extra time. if you can, avoid i-4 in that area. avoid. if you are heading eastbound from the attractions to downtown, 21 minutes. heading on the 408 westbound, from 417 to downtown, that will take just 13 minutes. >> amy: developing this morning, hold after || || || troopers said that a dump || truck ran over the man near maitland. >> reporter: this morning grief counselors will be on duty to help the workers get through the loss. it was right here when the construction worker was killed yesterday. the i-4 ultimate project is suspended until safety procedures are reviewed again.
7:34 am
placed on hold until further notice. after a construction worker, 34-year-old marvin franklin, was killed on wednesday morning. a dump truck backed over him while making a delivery in a work zone. >> it was a tragic loss for us today. we're deeply sandenned by this. >> reporter: a nurse who was driving by stopped by to see if she could help, but it was too late. franklin was fro pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: franklin worked for sgl constructers, the lead contractor of the multibillion dollars i-4 project. the project manager said that work has been put on hold as officials are reviewing safety procedures. >> we felt it was extremely important that we spend the time to stop the work, review plans,
7:35 am
our access -- and review protocols. >> reporter: there are 650 workers and supervisors working on the i-4 ultimate project. managers do not want them back on the job until they have enough time to deal with yesterday's loss. reporting along i-4, jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> amy: daytona beach police are on the hunt for a man wanted in multiple po shootings. >> john: that story kicks off the morning rush. the `? most recent shooting happened tuesday night. they said that the suspect shot four people including two teenagers outside of a home on sheridan road. and they said eats the -- he's the main suspect in the murder . >> amy: a victim was walking behind a steak and shake yesterday evening when he was grabbed by men.
7:36 am
the suspects drove off smashing into cars as police chased them. they crashed into an office complex. police arrested one of the suspects at the scene. three others are on the run. >> john: a mother accused of killing her own son before trying to kill her own son is being held without bond. she is accused of shooting and killing her son while he was taking a shower. they said that she tried to kill her 1e6 1e6 1e6 he have 1e6 -- herself as police broke into her home. she's under suicide watch. >> john: three pregnant women from florida have been infected by the zika virus. the health department said all people who caught the virus were infected elsewhere when traveling abroad. the cdc is not saying where the women live and their names in order to protect their
7:37 am
32 confirmed cases of zika here in florida. >> john: a new gun bill in the law. >> reporter: the senate will vote on a bill that would require law enforcement agencies to set policies for body cameras. the proposal crossed its last hurdle yesterday. it creates a uniform standard on the use of body cameras as well as who has access to the footage and where the data will be stored. the senate will vote today. a house version will be heard by the full chamber. governor scott signed the back yard gun bill. you can not fire a gun in neighborhoods where there are one or more homes per acre of land. a push to encourage students to learn computer coding. to let high schoolers take computer classes to satisfy two
7:38 am
some are saying that computers are important but so is foreign language. >> john: names you need to know. >> amy: scott kelly and christy tegen. considering the republican governor of nevada as a possible nominee for the supreme court. if the president nominates a republican, it could break the tbop block that they proposed. senate republicans said they would not consider a nominee chosen by the current president. >> john: scott kelly. the countdown is now on for the nasa astronaut to touch down. he is set to touch down on march 1. marking the completion of 340 day mission. he is expected to give a final conference from the international space station. >> amy: christy tegen said that she and her husband john legend
7:39 am
through their invitro process. they have had issues getting pregnant. they're doing invitro, allowing couples to choose which gender of the baby they want. i wasn't aware that you could do that through invitro. that's new to me. i don't think most people do it that way with invitro. >> john: i don't think so. >> amy: americans paying off debt rather than contributing to a rainy day fund.
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who is welcome back to "good day orlando." take a look live at the attractions area this morning.
7:43 am
can see there at the dead center of the screen. a great day to be at the park. overall great weather out there. >> john: unemployment at an eight year low. and salaries up, but americans still are not saving. fewer americans had a rainy day fund than before. why aren't americans saving? now is a good time. certified wealth analyst cat amalia. more people with jobs, job numbers going up. what's the problem? >> people are paying down credit card debt which is make a good thing. taking the money versus putting it in the rainy day fund. >> john: but you had need that. otherwise you are back on the credit card. >> what we do is we tell people.
7:44 am
biweekly or monthly. take 10% of that. carve it out. one-third in 401-k. you want to save for retirement. split that between college and 401-k. third, put it in the rainy day fund. emergency fund. and a third pay down the credit card. you want to pay off your credit card, but you don't want too say, i'm going to use that for emergencies. you have to have a cash account. when you have an emergency, you don't know what type it will be. you might need cash. you don't want to pull cash from is higher. >> john: and people just don't have any cash. nothing on hand. >> and credit cards are maxed. >> john: then you are in a difficult position if something happens. you put yourself in a worst position and may somewhere to get a loan. >> interest rate 12 to 24%. you want to pay off. and you know the rainy day fund
7:45 am
market earning a less thran a half%. from a financial standpoint, you think you want to pay off the credit card off first. but take the dollars that you is a and carve it out three ways. >> john: i will put you on the spot. a lot of people will be getting back a tax refund. and they may have credit card debt. they may have no emergency fund. where do you put that money? if it was you. >> i would split it in half. pay down the credit card with half of. i i would take the half of it and put it in the rainy day fund. >> john: just be sure you have something aside. >> you have to do it that. if you have an emergency, you need to get cash. and you don't want to pull 2 from the credit card. and split it in half. carve out $100 and take your spouse to dinner. >> john: what should people do with finances? >> as far as this is concerned. take the extra money that you have.
7:46 am
put in an emergency fund been don't forget your college fund. if you have kids, you need to carve out a little bit for a college fund. $25 a month. if you dollars for 401 and ira. doing it on a monthly basis, you're not thinking in april, oh, my gosh, i need $5,500 for the ira contribution. you may not have it. be systematic in the process of taking x number of dollars and splitting four ways. if you can do that, it'll build up really quick. financial advisory >> amy: new at 7:00, some beaches in south florida not looking so good as we get closer to spring break time. a report showed that polluted fresh water is flowing out of
7:47 am
stuart and fort myers. turning the water along the coast brown and murky. the pollutants have led to algae blooms. that's not good at all. we have to get that fixed. 7:46 to jayme king for a look at the forecast. >> jayme: that story there, ongoing issues with the big o, lake okeechobee and the discharge of the nasty water. i hope they get that in line because a lots of beaches at stake. 50s at this hour. a cool start no doubt about it. in the wake of yesterday's front. and here comes the sunshine and high pressure. around texas that will draw on in here com getting into the weekend. and it'll take a position off the eastern shores by sunday. keeping us tramping which will. cool, crisp. and sun filled afternoons.
7:48 am
each day for the weekend. 60s for highs today. we'll factor in the winds. a little breezy. mostly sunny conditions. and peak sun time 1:00 p.m. and epcot is over the distance. you can see the image right there. 52 degrees. 23406r9 winds blowing around the camera at 10 to 20. those northwest winds. and repeated gusts in the mid to upper 20s. gusts over 30 may not shock a lot of us getting into the afternoon. windy and breezy day. and by 2:00 p.m., 65. and we're looking good. if you have ambition at the local golf courses today, good luck nap wind will be driving that ball all over the place. when your bud dis-are ragging on you, that was a great shot, blame the wind.
7:49 am
and a cool spell that we're going to endure. and tonight we go down to the temperatures bottoming out somewhere in the 40s. colder over north central florida. clear and colder overall. breezy at the cape as we look forward to the launch tonight of the falcon 9 rocket. 57 to 60. no chance of rain as we send a communications satellite high into the heavens. another look showing high pressure and good looking air on top. all of the dry air piling on top of that. north of that, a few spots in the upper midwest with snowflakes and chilly temps. but we're breed again heading into a good looking weekend. we're blessed. and clear, cool, crisp.
7:50 am
highs near 70 and lows in the mid-40s. that's your forecast. let's do a little snap the sun. a nice looking pic from lily. we love to see your pictures. #snapthesun. we'll feature you and your photography here on our show. our weather baby. skyla. a beautiful little princess in the making. i know. when i got the aws from the female persuasion here in the studio. i am a dad. i know kids. and this is a good looker here. hop on our website at question make it -- we make it so darn easy. get your pictures in and we'll feature them on the show. >> kristin: good morning. i love her head band and tutu, so cute. we're tracking a bad crash in casselberry.
7:51 am
vehicle. lots of red on 17-92. a partially blocked lane. and south street. definitely give yourself extra time. traffic is starting to go a little bit better on i-4, in seminole county, right where we had the 434 incident. we had a vehicle that was disabled. eastbound on i-4 from john young parkway to downtown, it'll take you 8 minutes. westbound on itch 4 from -- on i-4 from 434 to fairbanks. heading westbound from rouse road to downtown orlando, 20 minutes. >> john: it is 7:51 here on "good day orlando." >> amy: jet blue offering more than 100 passengers a free round trip ticket. >> john: but there's a catch. what the airline made the passengers do for it.
7:52 am
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>> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." it is 7:55 on this thursday morning. looking live out at the citrus bowl. it's going to start getting busy again as orlando city starts to prepare their season. >> john: they're looking good right now. >> amy: they are. it should be fun. >> amy: not only democrats and republicans debating. >> john: jet blue passengers. >> reporter: a bit of a social experiment. the company gave a plane full of
7:56 am
tickets but a big catch. they all had to agree on the destination. can you imagine? well, the passengers were told they would go to 1 of 20 destinations. the only way they could go is if recall 120 could agree on the destination. the flight attendants read off the destinations. and they had red and blue signs that looked likes hands. and coasta reeka was the winner. and the goal of the experiment was to show what is possible when we all work together. i don't think the three of us could agree on a destination, right? but they got all 150 people to agree. >> amy: let's all go to hawaii. can we all agree? >> john: it's a long flight. >> reporter: i am in. >> john: turks and turks and caicos. >> reporter: that was the second choice for the passengers. >> john: but some like the
7:57 am
some like adventure. and costa rica you have everything there. >> reporter: it's funny, they agreed they would not go to michigan. they all 2k3wred they didn't want to go. >> john: check that off in the bat. >> amy: in the summertime. >> reporter: but the beach is always good. >> amy: i love it. thanks, lu. coming up at 8:00. more doctors prescribing smart phone apps to trang track your health. there are some the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk,
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share.


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